Design Album Discography, Part 6:
Big Band and Oldies Series

By Mike Callahan, David Edwards, and Patrice Eyries
Last update: November 2, 2011

Design experimented with both a DLP-500 Big Band Series and a DLP/DLPS-700 Oldies Series. We know little about the DLP-500 Big Band Series, as we have found only one album listed for it.

The DLP-700 "Golden Oldies" Series was a series of various artists albums offering some legitimate late-1950s/early-1960s hits, with the albums padded out with four or five non-hits culled from the Pickwick empire of generic junk. Thus, along with Wilbert Harrison, the Five Satins, the Turbans, and Noble "Thin Man" Watts, we're subjected to Jackie McLean, the Fabulous Cyclones, T.N.T. Tribble, and Teacho Wiltshire (who?). Of course, these filler "hits" are conveniently listed where they don't easily catch the eye of the casual buyer.

All of the stereo issues of the DLPS-700 LPs use the gold "Stereo Spectrum" label with black print (no color). Mono issues had standard black Design labels with the color Design logo.

All of the recordings on these LPs (particularly those in true stereo) you've never heard on even esoteric oldies radio were licensed from a Washington, DC, record producer named Mrs. Lillian Claiborne. Her claim to fame was being the first to record and license tracks by Patsy Cline, including the first version of "Walkin' After Midnight." She probably produced the session that yielded the first version of Frankie Laine's "That's My Desire," (included on DLPS-706). Claiborne owned a number of DC-based labels (issuing only 78 and 45 rpm singles), concentrating on the gospel, r&b and country & western genres. Further information about Mrs. Claiborne may be found on the web.

In fact, in terms of eye-catching, the cover artwork on this series is reminiscent (no accident, for sure) of Roulette's then-popular Golden Goodies Series. Many of the "real" hits also are included in the Roulette series, but it is only courtesy of the folks at Pickwick that we can delight to the bogus filler hits from the Design catalog.

The DLP-700 Series used both the full color mono label and the black and white version of the label. They also used a generic album back.

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Number - Title - Artist - [Release Date] Contents

DLP-500 Series:

DLP-501 - Big Band Dance - Rod Aaberg

Design DLP-700 (mono)/Design Stereo Spectrum DLPS-700 (stereo) Golden Oldies Series:

DLP-701/DLPS-701 - Golden Oldies Original Hits, Volume 1 - Various Artists [1963]Kansas City - Wilbert Harrison (E)/To The Aisle - Five Satins (E)/The Things I Love - Solitaires (E)/Hard Times - Noble (Thin Man) Watts (E)/When You Dance - Turbans (E)//Strollin' With Soul - Jackie McLean (E)/Malibu Blues - Jackie McLean (E)/Dawn Of Love - Fabulous Cyclones (S)/On The Road - Fabulous Cyclones (S)/Big Pearl - Teacho Wiltshire (S)

DLP-702 - Golden Oldies Original Hits, Volume 2 - Various Artists [1963] Get A Job - Silhouettes (E)/Walking With Mr. Lee - Lee Allen (E)/Do-Re-Mi - Lee Dorsey (E)/A Thousand Stars - Riveleers (E)/Lonely Nights - Hearts (E)//Satellite - Fabulous Cyclones (S)/A String Of Blues - Fabulous Cyclones (S)/Roll And Shout - Jackie McLean (S)/Stop Light - Jackie McLean (S)/Rocking Chair Blues - Ray Charles (E)

DLP-703 - Golden Oldies Original Hits, Volume 3 - Various Artists [1963] Stay - Maurice Williams (E)/The Joker - Billy Miles (E)/(I'll Remember) In the Still Of The Night - Five Satins (E)/Ya Ya - Lee Dorsey (E)/In The Chapel - Ann Cole (E)//Haiti - Margie Anderson (S)/When The Saints Go Marching In - Ink Spots (S)/Down At The Shack - Jackie McLean (S)/Deep Love - Fabulous Cyclones (S)

DLP-704 - Golden Oldies Original Hits, Volume 4 - Various Artists [1963] Nut Rocker - B. Bumble & Stingers (E)/Caesar's Pad - Googie Rene (E)/Ernie's Tune - Ernie Fields (E)/Pretty Girls Everywhere - Eugene Church (E)/I'm Confessin' - Jesse Belvin (E)//Keep Your Head Up High - Angel Face (E)/Lovely Lips - Henry Curtis (E)/Revenue Man - Cap-Tans (E)/I Can't Put It Into Words - Veronnee (E)/Uh, Oh - Clyde Crawford (E)

DLP-705 - Golden Oldies Original Hits, Volume 5 - Various Artists [1963] Gee Whiz - Bobby Day (E)/Deep In My Heart - Jesse Belvin (E)/Alley-Oop - Dinosaurs (E)/Teen Flip - Ernie Fields (E)/Tonite, Tonite - Mello-Kings (E)//Baby Indeed I Do - Angel Face (E)/I Got The Blues So Bad - Henry Curtis (E)/It's You Sugar - T.N.T. Tribble (E)/Yea Let's Fly - Frank Motley (E)/ Looking Ahead - Cap-Tans (E)

DLP-706 - Golden Oldies Original Hits, Volume 6 - Various Artists [1963] Miami - Eugene Church (E)/Listen My Darling - Wilbert Harrison (E)/I Found Out Too Late - Starlites (E)/Tic Toc - Lee Allen (E)/Wheel of Fortune - Sunny Gale (E)//That's My Desire - Frankie Laine (E, earlier recording than Mercury hit version; dropouts at start)/Fortune Teller - Jackie Fontaine (E)/You're Telling Me Lies - Marilyn Maxwell (E)/Caribbean Cruise - Lloyd Schaeffer/High And Low - Frank Motley (E)

Thanks to Tom Daly.

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