Design Album Discography, Part 7:
DLP/SDLP-900 "Three of a Kind" Series

By Mike Callahan, Randy Watts, David Edwards, Patrice Eyries, and Doug Henkle
Last update: August 17, 2010

Design also put out a short series of about a dozen albums in 1964 called "Three of a Kind." Each album had three artists, loosely linked by some common theme. This was another effort by Pickwick to repackage old material. Each cover featured a large "3". Typically, these albums had nine tracks (sometimes ten), but they were not necessarily split evenly among the artists. One artist sometimes had only two songs, with the rest split between the remaining two artists.

The first pressings from 1964 used the black and white label with silver print (far left) for the mono DLP- series, while the stereo counterparts on the SDLP- series were issued on the Stereo Spectrum label with the usual gold Stereo Spectrum label (near left).
Occasionally, other labels were used, such as the black label with no graphics for mono (far left). In 1965, Design discontinued the Stereo Spectrum label and changed to a red label with black print (near left) for both mono and stereo. Therefore, red-label issues were repressings from 1965 or later.

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Number - Title - Artist - [Release Date] Contents

Design DLP-900 (mono)/Stereo Spectrum SDLP-900 (stereo) "Three of a Kind" Series:

DLP-901/SDLP-901 - Three of a Kind: 3 Top Stars of Romantic Mood Music - Percy Faith/David Rose/Russ Case [1964] All Through The Night - Percy Faith/Tia Juana - Percy Faith/Sweet Sue, Just You - Percy Faith/Bewitched - David Rose/Beautiful Dreamer - Russ Case//It Ain't Necessarily So - David Rose/Because - David Rose/Two Guitars - Russ Case/Gypsy Love Song - Russ Case

DLP-902/SDLP-902 - Three of a Kind: 3 Top Stars of Hawaiian Music - Johnny Pineapple/Johnny Poi/Lani McIntyre [1964] Aloha Oe E Kuu Lei - Johnny Pineapple/Hilo March - Johnny Pineapple/One, Two, Three Four - Johnny Poi/Tahu Wahu Wahi - Johnny Poi//Makalapua - Johnny Poi/Ua-Like-Noa-Like - Johnny Poi/Hula Chant - Lani McIntyre/Love Fire - Lani McIntyre/Aloha Oe - Lani McIntyre

DLP-903/SDLP-903 - Three of a Kind: 3 Top Stars of Folk Song - Leadbelly/Bill Broonzy/Josh White [1964] How Long - Leadbelly/John Henry - Leadbelly & Blind Sonny Terry/Don't Lie Buddy - Leadbelly & Josh White/Aren't You Glad - Leadbelly/Letter To My Baby - Bill Broonzy//St. James Infirmary Blues - Josh White/Lass With The Delicate Air - Josh White/When I Lay Down And Die Do Die - Josh White/Early Morning Blues - Josh White/Baby, Please Don't Go - Bill Broonzy

DLP-904/SDLP-904 - Three of a Kind: 3 Top Stars of Polkas - Frank Yankovic/Stosh & His Polka Tones/Vic Zambrowski [1964] Beer Barrel Polka - Stosh & His Polka Tones/Rolling Rock Polka - Frankie Yankovic/Tony's Polka - Frankie Yankovic/Gerald's Polka - Frankie Yankovic/Ely Polka - Frankie Yankovic//There's A Tavern In The Town - Stosh & His Polka Tones/Clarinet Polka - Stosh & His Polka Tones/Black Eyes Polka - Vic Zambrowski/My Mary Polka - Vic Zambrowski/Fireside Oberek - Vic Zambrowski

DLP-905/SDLP-905 - Three of a Kind: 3 Top Stars of Instrumental Groups - Page Cavanaugh/Art Van Damme/Les Paul [1964] Thou Swell - Art Van Damme/Early Autumn - Art Van Damme/Dark Eyes - Les Paul/I Surrender Dear - Les Paul/I Can't Believe That You're In Love With Me - Les Paul//Cherokee - Les Paul/My Ideal - Page Cavanaugh/Junior Hop - Page Cavanaugh/Something In The Air - Page Cavanaugh/Lazy Lover - Page Cavanaugh

DLP-906/SDLP-906 - Three of a Kind: 3 Top Stars of Big Bands - Lawrence Welk/Claude Thornhill/Donahue [1964] Kitten On The Keys - Lawrence Welk/Down Home Rag - Lawrence Welk/Sweet Sue, Just You - Al Donahue/High Society - Al Donahue/Evening Star - Al Donahue//Traumeri - Claude Thornhill/Humoresque - Claude Thornhill/Funiculi, Funicula - Claude Thornhill/Where Has My Little Dog Gone - Claude Thornhill/When The Saints Go Marching In - Al Donahue

DLP-907/SDLP-907 - Three of a Kind: 3 Top Stars of Jazz Dance Bands - Duke Ellington/Woody Herman/Bunny Berrigan [1964] Curbstone Shuffle - Woody Herman/Sultry Sunset - Duke Ellington/Tulip Or Turnip - Duke Ellington/Somebody Else Is Taking My Place - Bunny Berrigan/Magenta Haze - Duke Ellington//Blue Serge - Woody Herman/Skylark - Bunny Berrigan/My Little Cousin - Bunny Berrigan/Dimuendo In Blue - Duke Ellington

DLP-908/SDLP-908 - Three of a Kind: 3 Top Stars of Piano - Andre Previn/Teddy Wilson/Barclay Allan [1964] Oh, You Sweet Thing - Andre Previn/Fatstuff - Andre Previn/Stealin' Apples - Andre Previn/I Surrender, Dear - Teddy Wilson/Memories Of You - Teddy Wilson//After You've Gone - Teddy Wilson/Green Eyes - Barclay Allen/My Adobe Hacienda - Barclay Allen/Star Dust - Barclay Allen/Linda - Barclay Allen

DLP-909/SDLP-909 - Three of a Kind: 3 Top Stars of the Blues - Ray Charles/Ivory Joe Hunter/Jimmy Rushing [1964] You Always Miss The Water When The Well Runs Dry - Ray Charles/ How Long - Ray Charles/ If I Give You My Love - Ray Charles/Ain't It Lonesome - Jimmy Rushing/ Lotsa Poppa - Jimmy Rushing/ Fools Blues - Jimmy Rushing/Blues At Midnight - Ivory Joe Hunter/I Shouldn't Love You - Ivory Joe Hunter/ Please Come Back Home Baby - Ivory Joe Hunter/ Did You Mean It - Ivory Joe Hunter/The Cove - Ivory Joe Hunter

DLP-910/SDLP-910 - Three of a Kind: 3 Top Stars of Country & Western - Webb Pierce/T. Texas Tyler/Patsy Cline [1964] English Sweetheart - Webb Pierce/I Saw Your Face In The Moon - Webb Pierce/Jilted Love - Webb Pierce/A Boy And A Girl - T. Texas Tyler/Careless Love - T. Texas Tyler//Curly Headed Baby - T. Texas Tyler/In Care Of The Blues - Patsy Cline/Hungry For Love - Patsy Cline/I Don't Wanna - Patsy Cline

DLP-911/SDLP-911 - Three of a Kind: 3 Top Romantic Male Vocalists - John Gary/Gordon MacRae/Johnny Desmond [1964] It's The Talk Of The Town - Johnny Desmond/Tenderly - Johnny Desmond/My Happy Time - Johnny Desmond/How Many Teardrops - John Gary/How Many Times Must We Say Goodbye - John Gary//Pray Today - John Gary/Stars Fell On Alabama - Gordon MacRae/It's Anybody's Spring - Gordon MacRae/Talking Is A Woman - Gordon MacRae

DLP-912/SDLP-912 - Three of a Kind: 3 Stars of Romantic Mood Music - Lawrence Welk/Henry King/Freddy Martin [1964] Doll Dance - Lawrence Welk/Josephine - Lawrence Welk/Canadian Capers - Lawrence Welk/Fantasie Impromptu - Freddy Martin/Cornish Rhapsody - Freddy Martin//Anything Goes - Freddy Martin/I'm Getting Sentimental Over You - Henry King/Tico Tico - Henry King/Brazil - Henry King

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