Colgems Album Discography
By David Edwards and Mike Callahan
Last update: June 21, 2011

Colgems was started in mid-1966 as an advantageous joint venture between Columbia Pictures (Screen Gems) and RCA; the former produced a show, the latter aired it on its NBC Television network. In the fall of 1966, Screen Gems started a television series called The Monkees, which was loosely based on the Beatles' movie A Hard Day's Night. Mickey Dolenz, Davy Jones, Michael Nesmith and Peter Tork were selected to be the Monkees when they answered an ad placed in Variety. Because of the musical nature of the show, the Colgems record label was launched. Columbia Pictures/Screen Gems (the former was used for movies, the latter for TV productions) also started an Atlantic-distributed label, SGC (for Screen Gems/Columbia) and owned Bell Records.

Most of the initial songs used in The Monkees show were actually the creation of Bobby Hart and Tommy Boyce, and initially studio musicians were used sometimes on the records, but eventually the Monkees did begin writing excellent songs (especially as Mike Nesmith matured as a songwriter), and make some decent records in the studio themselves. The Monkees were the mainstay of Colgems Records, with eleven albums issued on the label.

Colgems is also noted as the first label for country star Michael Martin Murphey, who was a staff writer for Columbia Pictures and made his LP recording debut with the Lewis and Clarke Expedition on Colgems COS-105.

Colgems was shut down in 1971, its catalog subsumed into Bell Records.

The Colgems label is red with black printing, at the top of the label is a white arc with the word "COLGEMS" in red, below the Colgems is "TM OF COLGEMS RECORDS" in black print. Later pressings omit this trademark. Issues 101 through 109 and 5001 through 5006 were issued in both monaural and stereo, the monaural issues have the prefix COM rather than COS.

We would appreciate any additions or corrections to this discography. Just send them to us via e-mail. Both Sides Now Publications is an information web page, and we have no association with Colgems Records. Should you be interested in acquiring albums listed in this discography (which are all out of print), we suggest you see our "Frequently Asked Questions" page and follow the instructions found there. This story and discography are copyright 1999,2005 by Mike Callahan.


Number - Title - Artist [Release Date] (Chart) Contents

100 Series:

COS-101 - The Monkees - Monkees [10/66] (10-66, #1) Originals of both the mono and stereo versions list the song as "Papa Jean's Blues" instead of "Papa Gene's Blues." This was apparently corrected some time later on the record label before it was corrected on the jacket. Reissue cover with RE after the catalog number correctly lists Papa Gene's Blues. (Theme from) The Monkees (S)/Saturday's Child (S)/I Wanna Be Free (S)/Tomorrow's Gonna Be Another Day (S)/Papa Jean's Blues (S)/Take A Giant Step (S)//Last Train To Clarksville (S)/This Just Doesn't Seem To Be My Day (S)/Let's Dance On (S)/I'll Be True To You (S)/Sweet Young Thing (S)/Gonna Buy Me A Dog (S)

COS-102 - More of the Monkees - Monkees [1/67] (2-67, #1) She (S)/When Loves Comes Knockin' (At Your Door) (S)/Mary Mary (S)/Hold On Girl (S)/Your Auntie Grizelda (S)/(I'm Not Your) Steppin' Stone (S)//Look Out (Here Comes Tomorrow) (S)/The Kind Of Girl I Could Love (S)/The Day We Fall In Love (S)/Sometime In The Morning (S)/Laugh (S)/I'm A Believer (S)

COS-103 - Headquarters - Monkees [6/67] (6-67, #1) On original covers, Mike, Peter and Mickey are shown clean shaven, on later covers they are pictured with beards. You Told Me (S)/I'll Spend My Life With You (S)/Forget That Girl (S)/Band 6 (S)/You Just May Be The One (S)/Shades Of Gray (S)/I Can't Get Her Off My Mind (S)//For Pete's Sake (S)/Mr. Webster (S)/Sunny Girlfriend (S)/Zilch (S)/No Time (S)/Early Morning Blues And Greens (S)/Randy Scouse Git (S)

COS-104 - Pisces, Aquarius, Capricorn And Jones - Monkees [11/67] (11-67, #1) Salesman (S)/She Hangs Out (S)/The Door Into Summer (S)/Love Is Only Sleeping (S)/Cuddly Toy (S)/Words (S)//Hard To Believe (S)/What Am I Doing Hangin' Round? (S)/Peter Percival Patterson's Pet Pig Porky (M)/Pleasant Valley Sunday (S)/Daily Nightly (S)/Don't Call On Me (S)/Star Collector (S)

COS-105 - The Lewis And Clarke Expedition - Lewis And Clarke Expedition [11/67] Travis Lewis was actually Michael (Martin) Murphey, who later had the hit "Wildfire" and made it big as a country star. "Boomer Clarke" is Owen (Boomer) Castleman, who had a hit with the song "Judy Mae." Windy Day (S)/Freedom Bird (S)/Spirit of Argyle High (S)/This Town Ain't The Same Anymore (S)/Everybody Loves A Fire (S)/House Of My Sorrow (S)/I Feel Good (I Feel Bad) (S)//(I Call Them) Lies (S)/Destination Unknown (S)/Chain Around The Flowers (S)/Blue Revelations (S)/Memorial To The American Indian: Legend Of The Creation-Send Me Rain-Red Cloud's Farewell To His Tribe-(The Lament of) The Cherokee Reservation Indian (S)

COS-106 - Star Of "The Flying Nun" - Sally Field [11/67] (12-67, #172) Stereo information not available. Who Needs Wings To Fly?/Felicidad/Count To Ten/Turn On The Sunshine/The Musicians/The Louder I Sing (The Braver I Get)/Follow The Star/Darkest Before Dawn/Optimize/I'm On My Way/Paint Me A Picture/Find Yourself A Rainbow/I'm So Glad I Can Fly/Who Needs Wings To Fly? (Reprise)

COS-107 - In Cold Blood (Soundtrack) - Quincy Jones [1967] Stereo information not available. In Cold Blood/Clutter Family Theme/Hangin' Paper/Down Clutter's Lane/Seduction/Perry's Theme/Lonely Bottles/No Witnesses/I'll Have To Kill You/Nina/Murder Scene/The Corner

COS-108 - Guess Who's Coming To Dinner? (Soundtrack) - Frank DeVol [1968] (4-68, #177) Stereo information not available. (Theme from) Guess Who's Coming To Dinner/Two's A Majority/Dear Old Dad/Drive In/Happy Child/Guess Who's Coming To Dinner (Vocal)/The Glory Of Love (Vocal)/Guess Who's Coming To Dinner (Instrumental)/Groovy Delivery Boy/Sentimental Suitcase/Sunset And Glory (End Title)

COS-109 - The Birds, The Bees and The Monkees - Monkees [4/68] (5-68, #3) Dream World (S)/Auntie's Municipal Court (S)/We Were Made For Each Other (S)/Tapioca Tundra (S)/Daydream Believer (S)/Writing Wrongs (S)//I'll Be Back Up On My Feet (S)/The Poster (S)/P.O. Box 9847 (S)/Magnolia Simms (E)/Valleri (S)/Zor And Zam (S)

COS-110 - Hammerhead (Soundtrack) - David Whitaker [1968] Stereo information not available. Chelsea Happening/Hammerhead's Apartment/Garage Fight/Hood Arrives in Portugal/Hood Explores the Yacht "Triton"/Cliff Climb and Approach to Villa/Villa Fight//Hammerhead (Title Song)(Vocal by Madeline Bell)/Sir Richard Departs/The Hearse Chase/Arrival of Delegates/Belem and Motor Cycle Sequence/Hammerhead Concerto (Piano: Martin Goldstein)

COS-111 -

COS-112 - Otley (Soundtrack) - Stanley Myers [1969] Stereo information not available. Homeless Bones (The Lament Of Gerald Arthur Otley) (Vocal: Don Partridge)/Mock-Baroque/Fuzz/Mock-Baroque-Rock/Persian-Version/Tell Her You Love Her (Instrumental)//Tell Her You Love Her (Vocal: Alex Keenan)/The Pete Murray Late Late Late Show (Voices: Pete Murray)/Music To Pass Your Driving Test To/Sauna-Corner (I've Just Got To Get A Massage To You)/The Good The Bad And The Simply Disgusting/The Return Of Gerald Arthur Otley (Reprise "Homeless Bones") (Vocal: Don Partridge)

COS-113 - Instant Replay - Monkees [2/69] (3-69, #32) Through the Looking Glass (S)/Don't Listen To Linda (S)/I Won't Be The Same Without Her (S)/Just A Game (S)/Me Without You (S)/Don't Wait For Me (S)//You And I (S)/While I Cry (S)/Tear Drop City (S)/The Girl I Left Behind Me (S)/A Man Without A Dream (S)/Shorty Blackwell (S)

COS-114 - Sajid - Sajid Khan [1969] A Song Inside (S)/Everything Is You (S)/Moon River (S)/I Love How You Love Me (S)/This Guy's In Love With You (S)/Dream (S)//Smile (S)/A Closed Heart Gathers No Love (S)/Someday (S)/I Started A Joke (S)/Ha Ham (Of Love And Peace) (S)/Getting To Know You (S)

COS-115 - The Monkees' Greatest Hits - Monkees [6/69] (6-69, #89) Daydream Believer (S)/Pleasant Valley Sunday (S)/Cuddly Toy (S)/Shades Of Gray (S)/Zor And Zam (S)/A Little Bit Me A Little Bit You (S)/She (S)//Randy Scouse Git (S)/I Wanna Be Free (S)/I'm A Believer (S)/Valleri (S)/Mary Mary (S)/(I'm Not Your) Steppin' Stone (S)/Last Train To Clarksville (S)

COS-116 - Film Festival (Soundtrack) - Various Artists [1969] Stereo information not available. Interlude/Plus Strings (from "Head")/Lonely Bottles/Theme From Guess Who's Coming To Dinner/Hammerhead's Apartment/Fuzz/The Road Back - End Title (from "The Professionals")/Love Theme From The Night Of The Generals//Overture (from "Oliver!")/Main Title (from "Lawrence of Arabia")/The Look Of Love/Prologue - Lord Jim Theme/Main Title (from "Behold A Pale Horse")/Main Title (from "The Victors")/Murderer's Row/The Train To Adventure (from "The Southern Star")

COS-117 - The Monkees Present Mickey, David, and Michael - Monkees [10/69] (11-69, #100) The Monkees as a trio. Little Girl (S)/Good Clean Fun (S)/If I Knew (S)/Bye Bye Baby Bye Bye (S)/Never Tell A Woman Yes (S)/Looking For The Good Times Ladies Aid Society (S)/Listen To The Band (E)/French Song (S)/Mommy And Daddy (S)/Oklahoma Backroom Dancer (S)/Pillow Time (S)

COS-118 - The New Establishment - New Establishment [4/29/70] Stereo information not available. Love Will Keep Us Going/Seattle/My Share Of The Sidewalk/(One Of These Days) Sunday's Gonna Come On Tuesday/Time To Move On/Baby The Rain Must Fall//If I Don't Find You There/I'll Build A Bridge/Let Me Stay With You/Roan Pony/One Hill At A Time

COS-119 - Changes - Monkees [5/70] Now just a duo, Mickey Dolenz and Davy Jones. Stereo information not available. Acapulco Sun/All Alone In The Dark/Do You Feel It Too/I Love You Better/I Never Thought It Peculiar/Midnight Train/99 Pounds/Oh My My/Tell Me Love/Ticket On A Ferry Ride/You're So Good To Me

1000 Series:

SCOS-1001 - A Barrel Full Of Monkees - Monkees [3/71] (2 LP set) Disc 1: I'm A Believer (S)/Cuddly Toy (S)/Star Collector (S)/What Am I Doing Hangin' 'Round? (S)/Pleasant Valley Sunday (S)//Last Train To Clarksville (S)/Valleri (S)/Randy Scouse Git (S)/I Wanna Be Free (S)/Listen To The Band (E); Disc 2: (Theme From) The Monkees (S)/She Hangs Out (S)/Gonna Buy Me A Dog (S)/She (S)/(I'm Not Your) Steppin' Stone (S)//Daydream Believer (S)/Your Auntie Grizelda (S)/A Little Bit Me A Little Bit You (S)/Mary Mary (S)/Shades Of Gray (S)

5000 Series:

COSO-5001 - The Professionals (Soundtrack) - Maurice Jarre [1966] Stereo information not available. Proposition For The Professionals - Main Title/Start Of The Quest/Dolworth's Word/Hacienda Intrigue/Rigging The Pass/Train And Raza/Hacienda Happenings//Chiquita's Dance/Hacienda Ole/The Escape And Storm/Maria And Intrepid Dolworth/Desert Sun And Ehrengard's Collapse/Chiquita's Demise/The Road Back - End Title

COSO-5002 - The Night of the Generals (Soundtrack) - Maurice Jarre [1967] Stereo information not available. March From The Night Of The Generals/Love Theme From The Night Of The Generals/In The Museum/On The Terrace At Versailles/On The Bridge/Exit Maxim's/Tanz At The Tavern//Lieutenant General Tanz/Love Theme Reprise/War And Madness/Drive Around Paris/Tanz Comes Back/Arrest

COSO-5003 - Murderer's Row (Soundtrack) - Lalo Schifrin [1967] Stereo information not available. Murderers' Row (Main Title)/The Pin/I'm Not The Marrying Kind/Suzie's Theme/Dual Controls/Solaris//The Pendulum/Iron Head/Double Feature/Frozen Dominique/No Dining Allowed/I'm Not The Marrying Kind (End Title)

COSO-5004 - Lawrence of Arabia (Soundtrack) - Maurice Jarre [1967] Stereo information not available. Overture/Main Title/Miracle/Nefud Mirage/Rescue of Gasim and Bringing Gasim Into Camp/Arrival at Auda's Camp/The Voice of the Guns/Continuation of the Miracle/Suns Anvil/Lawrence And Body Guard/That Is the Desert/End Title

COSO-5005 - Casino Royale (Soundtrack) - Burt Bacharach [4/67] (5-67, #22) Casino Royale Theme (Main Title) - Herb Alpert & Tijuana Brass (S)/The Look of Love - Dusty Springfield (S)/Money Penny Goes for Broke - Burt Bacharach (S)/Le Chiffre's Torture Of The Mind - Burt Bacharach (S)/Home James Don't Spare The Horses - Burt Bacharach (S)/Sir James' Trip To Find Mata - Burt Bacharach (S)//The Look of Love (instrumental) - Burt Bacharach (S)/Hi There Miss Goodthighs - Burt Bacharach (S)/Little French Boy - Burt Bacharach (S)/Flying Saucer-First Stop Berlin - Burt Bacharach (S)/The Venerable Sir James Bond - Burt Bacharach (S)/Dream On James You're Winning - Burt Bacharach (S)/The Big Cowboys And Indians Fight At Casino Royale-Casino Royale Theme (Reprise) - Herb Alpert & Tijuana Brass (S)

COSO-5006 - The Happening (Soundtrack) - Frank DeVol [1967] Stereo information not available. Let's Play Games/Early In The Morning (Vocal By Stephen Doyle Smith)/Escapism/The Airport Caper/Early In The Morning/The Fuzz//All I Know About You/The Happening/Fred Splits/Let's Play More Games/Turndown/More Airport Caper

COSO-5007 - Interlude (Soundtrack) - Georges Delerue [9/68] (10-68, #136) Stereo information not available. Interlude (Timi Yuro, vocal)/The Interlude Triangle/Bittersweet Interlude/Interlude (Instrumental)/Must It Happen Once to Everyone?/Royal Philharmonic Orchestra Excerpts From: Symphony No. 5-Finale (Beethoven), Symphony No. 3 (First Movement, Brahms), Symphony No. 1 (Second Movement, Tchaikovsky), Carnival Overture (Dvorak),. Symphony No. 2 (Third Movement, Rachmaninoff}

COSO-5008 - Head (Soundtrack) - Monkees [1968] Opening Ceremony (S)/Porpoise Song (Theme From Head) (S)/Ditty Diego-War Chant (S)/Circle Sky (S)/Supplicio (E)/Can You Dig It (S)/Gravy (S)//Superstitious (E)/As We Go Along (S)/Dandruff? (M)/Daddy's Song (S)/Poll (S)/Long Title: Do I Have To Do This All Over Again (S)/Swami-Plus Strings (S)

COSO-5009 - The Southern Star (Soundtrack) - Georges Garvarentz, with Matt Monro [1969] Stereo information not available. The Southern Star/Mademoiselle Erica/Fight In The Saloon/Danse Afrikaan/Ostrich Waltz/I Will Come Back//The Train To Adventure/The Hunt/Erica Takes A Bath/The End Of The Chase/Why The Ostrich Swallowed The Diamond

COSO-5010 - Getting Straight (Soundtrack) - Ronald Stein [1970] Getting Straight (Main Title) - P.K. Limited (S)/Feelings - P.K. Limited (S)/Ain't No Way - P.K. Limited (S)/Shdes Of Gray - P.K. Limited (S)/I'll Build A Bridge - New Establishment (S)/Party Scene (Jan)-I'll Build A Bridge - Elliott Gould, Candice Bergen & New Establishment (S)//Pigs Go Home - Ronald Stein (S)/Falling Bodies Ballet - Ronald Stein (S)/Greengrass (Sheila's Theme) - Elliott Gould & Candice Bergen (S)/Moon Rock Ad Talk - P.K. Limited (S)/Vandenberg (Up The Rebels) - Elliott Gould (S)/Getting Straight (End Title) - P.K. Limited (S)

5500 Series:

COSD-5501 - Oliver (Soundtrack) - Lionel Bart [11/68] (12-68, #20) Overture (S)/Food Glorious Food (S)/Oliver! (S)/Boy For Sale (S)/Where Is Love? (S)/Pick A Pocket Or Two (S)/Consider Yourself (S)/I'd Do Anything (S)/Be Back Soon (S)/As Long As He Needs Me (S)/Who Will Buy? (S)/It's A Fine Life (S)/Reviewing The Situation (S)/Oom-Pah-Pah (S)/Finale (Where Is Love?-Consider Yourself) (S)


PRS-329 - The Monkees' Golden Hits - Monkees [1/71] Stereo information not available. Special Products Release for General Foods. (Theme From) The Monkees/Valleri/Forget That Girl/I Wanna Be Free/Teardrop City/Last Train To Clarksville//Pleasant Valley Sunday/I'm A Believer/The Day We Fall In Love/Mary, Mary/Papa Gene's Blues/(I'm Not Your) Steppin' Stone


The following records were released in the mid-1970s to radio stations only. This kind of album occasionally was issued from a music publisher to get radio stations to play songs in their catalog, for writer's royalty purposes. The recorded songs themselves crossed many different labels, so the albums were not for sale to the general public. All had white promo labels.

CPL-711 - Solid Gold Programming - Various Artists [1975] All tracks are mono. Born Free - Roger Williams/Danke Schoen - Wayne Newton/Easy Come Easy Go - Bobby Sherman/I Love How You Love Me - Bobby Vinton/The Look Of Love - Sergio Mendes & Brasil '66/Spanish Eyes - Al Martino/Strangers In The Night - Frank Sinatra//I'm A Believer - Monkees/A Groovy Kind Of Love - Mindbenders/It Might As Well Rain Until September - Carole King/(You Make Me Feel Like) A Natural Woman - Aretha Franklin/On Broadway - Drifters/Different Drum - Stone Poneys/You've Lost That Lovin' Feelin' - Righteous Brothers

CPL-712 - Barry Mann and Cynthia Weil: Solid Gold - Various Artists [1975] All tracks are mono. Bless You - Tony Orlando/He's Sure The Boy I Love - Crystals/Hungry - Paul Revere & Raiders/I Just Can't Help Believing - B.J. Thomas/I'm Gonna Be Strong - Gene Pitney/Just A Little Lovin' - Dusty Springfield/Kicks - Paul Revere & Raiders//Magic Town - Vogues/Make Your Own Kind Of Music - Mama Cass/My Dad - Paul Petersen/Soul And Inspiration - Righteous Brothers/Uptown - Crystals/Walking In The Rain - Ronettes/We Gotta Get Out Of This Place - Animals

CPL-713 - Gerry Goffin and Carole King: Solid Gold - Various Artists [1975] All tracks are mono. Chains - Beatles/Don't Say Nothin' Bad - Cookies/Halfway To Paradise - Tony Orlando/Her Royal Majesty - James Darren/Hey Girl - Freddie Scott/Hi-De-Ho - Blood Sweat & Tears/I'm Into Something Good - Herman's Hermits//The Loco-Motion - Little Eva/Oh No Not My Baby - Maxine Brown/One Fine Day - Chiffons/Pleasant Valley Sunday - Monkees/Take Good Care Of My Baby - Bobby Vee/Up On The Roof - Drifters/Will You Love Me Tomorrow - Shirelles

CPL-714 - Solid Gold Songs Instrumentally - Various Artists [1975] Stereo information not available. Bless The Beasts And The Children - Original Soundtrack/Born Free - Lawrence Welk/Go Away Little Girl - Peter Nero/I Just Can't Help Believing - Floyd Cramer/I Love How You Love Me - Bert Kaempfert/I Think I Love You - Arthur Fiedler & Boston Pops Orchestra/If - Stu Phillips & Hollyridge Strings//It's Too Late - Ferrante & Teicher/Make It With You - Peter Nero/Spanish Eyes - Bert Kaempfert/Strangers In The Night - Bert Kaempfert/The Look Of Love - Burt Bacharach/You've Got A Friend - Ferrante & Teicher/You've Lost That Lovin' Feelin' - George Martin

CPL-715 - Solid Gold Programming - Various Artists [1975] Another Somebody Done Somebody Wrong Song - B.J. Thomas (S)/Baby Don't Get Hooked On Me - Mac Davis (S)/Cry Like A Baby - Box Tops (S)/Go Away Little Girl - Donny Osmond (M)/Hello It's Me - Todd Rundgren (S)/Hooked On A Feeling - Blue Swede (S)/I Believe In Music - Gallery (S)//I Think I Love You - Partridge Family (S)/I've Got To Use My Imagination - Gladys Knight & Pips (S)/It's Too Late - Carole King (S)/Joanne - Mike Nesmith (S)/Mandy - Barry Manilow (S)/The Way We Were - Barbra Streisand (S)/You've Got A Friend - James Taylor (S)


6081 - Re-Focus - Monkees [1972] Monkees' Theme (S)/Last Train To Clarksville (S)/She (S)/Daydream Believer (S)/Listen To The Band (E)/A Little Bit Me A Little Bit You (S)//I'm A Believer (S)/I Wanna Be Free (S)/Pleasant Valley Sunday (S)/(I'm Not Your) Steppin' Stone (S)/Shades Of Gray (S)

LH-8009/DPL-2-0188 - The Monkees - Monkees [1976] (2-LP set) (Theme From) The Monkees (S)/I'm A Believer (S)/Oh My My (S)/Good Clean Fun (S)/Porpoise Song (S)/Daydream Believer (S)/Valleri (S)/The Girl I Knew Somewhere (E)/Tapioca Tundra (S)/A Little Bit Me A Little Bit You (S)/Pleasant Valley Sunday (S)/Cuddly Toy (S)/D.W. Washburn (E)/Teardrop City (S)/Words (E)/Last Train To Clarksville (S)/Someday Man (S)/I'm Not Your Steppin Stone (S)/It's Nice To Be With You (E)/Listen To The Band (M)

AL 4089 - The Monkees Greatest Hits - Monkees [1976] Reissue of Bell 6081. Monkee's Theme (S)/Last Train To Clarksville (S)/She (S)/Daydream Believer (S)/Listen To The Band (E)/A Little Bit Me A Little Bit You (S)///I'm A Believer (S)/I Wanna Be Free (S)/Pleasant Valley Sunday (S)/(I'm Not Your) Steppin' Stone (S)/Shades Of Gray (S)

Thanks to Scott Canaan, Dennis Dioguardi, Bill Pitzonka, Sue Chantry, Joe Alterio, Philip Eimann, Steven H. Juarez, Randy Brown, Mark Topaz, Vince Oldham, Mark Lungo, Thomas Durkin, and Tom Daly.

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