Luniverse Album Discography
by David Edwards and Mike Callahan
Last update: November 1, 2003

Luniverse started life as "Universe," with the issue of the Buchanan and Goodman single "Flying Saucer" in 1956. Due to the prior existence of a label with that name, the name was quickly changed to "Luniverse" and and "L" crudely drawn in on the first pressings of the singles.

There was only one known album (a Del Vikings album) issued on the label. The album was recorded as a nine-song acappella demo tape by Pittsburgh deejay Barry Kaye in 1956, which eventually got them signed to the tiny Pittsburgh-based Fee Bee label. When "Come Go With Me" started selling in 1957, FeeBee leased the record to Dot and the group (who were constantly changing personnel due to military commitments) had a top-10 record. Kaye decided to cash in on his audition tape, and overdubbed instruments and gave the tape to Luniverse, who released it. Dot sued, and the record was withdrawn. Today, original copies (which have only eight tracks) are quite collectible, although some 1970s reproductions exist (with ten tracks) which are worth much less. The original albums also are constructed with a "slick" on the front cover, that is, a paste-on color sheet, while the reproductions do not.

The Luniverse label was yellow with black print.

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LP-1000 - Come Go with the Del Vikings - Del Vikings [7/57] (Note: The ten songs here are those on the reproductions. The original album only had eight tracks.) Hey Senorita/Somewhere Over The Rainbow/Come Go With Me/Heaven In Paradise/Willette//(How Can I Find) True Love/Yours/I'll Remember (In the Still Of The Night)/White Cliffs Of Dover/Down By The Stream

Thanks to Bernd Kratochwil and Gary Del Carlo.

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