Scepter Citation Series Album Discography
By Mike Callahan and David Edwards
Last update: April 9, 2009

The Scepter Citation Series was started as a budget series in 1972 to reissue many of the hits from Scepter and Wand, and also to reissue masters leased from other labels. All covers in this series featured a photo of an RIAA gold record award, with the disc inside altered to correspond with the artist. Song titles were also listed within the frame. Many of the albums in this series were straight reissues of other albums, complete with the original matrix numbers in the dead wax. As is usual with budget albums, these were all called "The Best of..." but were short on hits and long on album filler.

The labels were various colors, including red, orange, or yellow with black print, or maroon or blue with silver print, etc. The label color often, but not always, corresponded with the color of the label pictured on the cover. All had the same design, which was minimalist, with "SCEPTER RECORDS" on one line at the top of the label and "CITATION SERIES" in smaller letters just beneath the label name. Reissues sometimes had the multicolor Scepter label.

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Number - Title - Artist - [Release Date] Contents

CTN-18001 - The Best of Dionne Warwicke - Dionne Warwicke [1972] Maroon label. Up, Up And Away/Raindrops Keep Falling On My Head/Always Something There To Remind Me/Going Out Of My Head/Wishin' And Hopin'/What The World Needs Now Is Love//We've Only Just Begun/Close To You/The Look Of Love/Something/Yesterday/A House Is Not A Home

CTN-18002 - The Best of the Kingsmen - Kingsmen [1972] Louie Louie/Hang On Sloopy/I Like It Like That/Poison Ivy/Walkin' The Dog/Wild Thing/Jolly Green Giant/Do You Love Me/Good Lovin'/Shake A Tail Feather/Shout/Tossin' & Turnin'

CTN-18003 - The Best of the Shirelles - Shirelles [1972] Yellow label. Boys/I Don't Want To Cry/Sha-La-La/Everybody Loves A Lover/Big John (Ain't You Gonna Marry Me)/What A Sweet Thing That Was/Dedicated To The One I Love/Baby It's You/After Midnight When The Boys Talk About The Girls/One Hundred Pounds Of Clay/Zip A Dee Doo Dah/Will You Love Me Tomorrow

CTN-18004 - The Best of the Beach Boys - Beach Boys/Surfin' Six [1972] Yellow label. Reissue of Wand WDS-688, with that matrix number still in the trailoff groove area, along with the Citation matrix number. Surfer Girl - Beach Boys (E, Hite Morgan version)/Barbee - Beach Boys (E)/Luau - Beach Boys (E)/Little Deuce Coupe - Surfin' Six (S, instrumental; misspelled as "Little Deuce Coop")/Surfin' - Beach Boys (E, Hite Morgan hit version from Candix label)//Surfin' Safari - Beach Boys (E, Hite Morgan version)/Judy - Beach Boys (E)/What Is A Young Girl Made Of - Beach Boys (S)/409 - Surfin' Six (S, instrumental)/Karate - Beach Boys (S)

CTN-18005 - The Best of the Isley Brothers - Isley Brothers [1972] Reissue of Scepter SPS-552. Twist And Shout (S)/I Say Love (S)/Right Now (S)/Hold On Baby (S)/Rubberleg Twist (S)/The Snake (S)//You Better Come Home (S)/Never Leave Me Baby (S)/Spanish Twist (S, an instrumental version of "Twist and Shout" using the same instrumental tracks as the hit, with a guitar overdub for melody. Some of the vocals for "Twist and Shout" leak through from time to time.)/Time After Time (S)/Let's Twist Again (S)/Don't You Feel (S)

CTN-18006 - The Best of Lloyd Price - Lloyd Price [1972] Blue label with silver print. Stagger Lee/Hooked On A Feeling/Lawdy Miss Clawdy/Natural Sinner/Me And You And A Dog Named Boo/Personality//Mr. & Mrs. Untrue/Confused People/Just Because/Marianne/I Love You/If You Really Love Him

CTN-18007 - The Best of the Groups - Various Artists [1972] Red label. Shakin' All Over - Guess Who (E)/Midnight Hour - Vanilla Fudge (S)/Boom Boom - Animals (E)/Like The Big Guys Do - Rocky Fellers (S)/Bullfrog Blues - Canned Heat (S)/I Who Have Nothing - Vanilla Fudge (S)//Killer Joe - Rocky Fellers (S)/Bo Diddley - Animals (E)/Tossin' And Turnin' - Guess Who (E)/Mustang Sally - Vanilla Fudge (S)/I'd Rather Be The Devil - Canned Heat (S)/Dust My Broom - Canned Heat (S)

CTN-18008 - The Best of B.J. Thomas - B.J. Thomas [1972] Bridge Over Troubled Water/He Ain't Heavy/Hurting Each Other/I'm Gonna Make You Love Me/Mr. Businessman/Rainy Night In Georgia/Brown Eyed Woman/Hey Girl/Light My Fire/Little Green Apples/O Me, O My/This Guy's In Love With You

CTN-18009 - The Best of Jerry Butler and the Impressions - Jerry Butler & Impressions [1972] Make It Easy On Yourself/Message To Martha/For Your Precious Love/Motherless Child/The Gift Of Love/Moon River/Need To Belong/Smile/Give Me Your Love/I Stand Accused/Senorita/I've Been Trying

CTN-18010 - The Best of Deep Purple - Deep Purple [1972] Issued with grey labels and also yellow or orange labels. Hush/I'm So Glad/One More Rainy Day/Faultline/Hey Joe/Lalena/Love Help Me/The Painter/Mandrake Root/Help

CTN-18011 - The Best of Flip Wilson - Flip Wilson [1972] The Smoker/The Audience/Equality/The President/The Army & Leroy Jenkins/The Cure/On The Subway/Questions And Answers/Ray Charles' Greatest Fan/Vital Statistics/How To Be A Matador/Where I Come From/George's Funeral/On The Train/The Drinker/The Expectant Father/At The Airport/The Old Woman/Black Bart/Lulu

CTN-18012 - The Best of Burt Bacharach - Various Artists [1972] Anyone Who Had A Heart - Dionne Warwicke (S)/Everybody's Out Of Town - B.J. Thomas (S)/I Just Don't Know What To Do With Myself - Tommy Hunt (S)/It's Love That Really Counts - Shirelles (S)/I Wake Up Crying - Chuck Jackson (E)/Make It Easy On Yourself - Dionne Warwicke (E)//Message To Michael - Dionne Warwicke (M)/Close To You - B.J. Thomas (S)/Any Day Now - Chuck Jackson (M)/Baby It's You - Shirelles (S, LP version)/Always Something There To Remind Me - Buddy Greco (S)/Walk On By - Dionne Warwicke (S)

CTN-18013 - The Best of Mel and Tim - Mel & Tim [1972] Reissue of Bamboo BMS- 8001. Good Guys Only Win In The Movies/Forget It, I've Got It/I've Got Puredee/Feeling Bad/Groovy Situation//Backfield In Motion/Caught In The Act/I Found That I Was Wrong/Mail Call Time/Ain't Love Wonderful

CTN-18014 - The Best of Sesame Street featuring Susan - Loretta Long [1973] Reissue of Scepter SPS-584. ABC Song/Children (Sister's Song And Brother's Song)/Counting Song (1-20)/Draw Me A Circle/Happiness/Happy Talk/Here Are Some Things That Belong Together/If You're Happy And You Know It (Clap Your Hands)/Right In The Middle Of My Face/Square Song/Three Of These Things Belong Together/What Are Little Children Made Of

CTN-18015 - The Best of Ray Charles - Ray Charles [1973] I'm Wonderin' And Wonderin'/I'm Giving Up/I Found My Baby There/Talkin 'Bout You/Sitting On Top Of The World/Going Down Slow/By Myself/Snowfall/All Night Long/Guitar Blues

CTN-18016 - The Best of Wilson Pickett - Wilson Pickett [1973] If You Need Me/I'm Gonna Love You/Baby Don't Weep/Peacebreaker/Down To My Last Heartbreak/Roberts Monkey Beat//I Can't Stop/I'll Never Be The Same/Baby Call On Me/Give Your Lovin' Right Now/It's Too Late

CTN-18017 - The Best of Canned Heat - Canned Heat [1973] Yellow label. Reissue of Wand WDS-693. Bullfrog Blues/Sweet Sixteen/I'd Rather Be The Devil/Dust My Broom/Wish You Would/When Things Go Wrong

CTN-18018 - The Best of Curtis Mayfield and the Impressions - Curtis Mayfield & Impressions [1973]

CTN-18019 - The Best of Joe Tex - Joe Tex [1973] Reissue of the 1965 album of the same name [Parrot PA 61002/PAS 71002]. Say Thank You/Old Time Lover/Meet Me In Church/I Had A Good Home (Parts 1 & 2)/Someone To Take Your Place//Hand Shakin' Love Makin' Girl Takin' Son-Of- A-Gun From Next Door/The Only Girl (I've Ever Loved)/I Let Her Get Away/What Should I Do/I Wanna Be Free/The Peck

CTN-18020 - The Best of Little Richard - Little Richard [1973] Yellow label. Live recordings. Good Golly Miss Molly/The Girl Can't Help It/Keep-A-Knockin'/Lucille/Long Tall Sally/Baby Face/Rip It Up/Tutti Frutti/She's Got It/Slippin' And Slidin'

CTN-18021 - The Best of the Guess Who - Guess Who [1973] Orange label. Reissue of Scepter SPS-533. Shakin' All Over (E)/Hey-Ho, What You Do To Me (S)/Tossin' And Turnin' (E)/I Should Have Realized (S)/Hurting Each Other (S)/I'll Keep Coming Back (S)//Could This Be Love (S)/Stop Teasing Me (S)/Till We Kissed (E)/Theme From A Music Box (S)/Don't Be Scared (S)/Goodnight, Goodnight (S)

CTN-18022 - The Best of Buddy Greco - Buddy Greco [1973] Reissue of Scepter SPS- 579. Let The Sunshine In-Everybody Gets To Go To The Moon/Yesterday, When I Was Young/Spinning Wheel/(There's) Always Something There To Remind Me/Like A Rolling Stone/From Atlanta To Goodbye/If You Must Leave My Life/You're My World/Love Is A Hurtin' Thing/Never Gonna Give You Up-Let The Sunshine In

CTN-18023 - The Best of Yoga - Madame Indira Devi [1973] This is an album of instruction on yoga techniques.

CTN-18024 - The Best of Middle East Music - Eddie "The Sheik" Kochak & Hakki Obadia Orchestra [1973] Reissue of Scepter/Mace SM-10011. Ya Ghezayil (Rites Before The East)/Nakheel (By The Oasis)/Ana Winta (You & I)/Hawanim (Dance Of The Wives)/Al Yooba (Arabic Barn Dance)/Ghali Ya Booy (You Are Dear To Me)//Ma Ali (He Didn't Tell Me Of His Love)/Ala Wihda Wa Niss (One And Half Tempo)/Bint Sham (Joyous Damascus)/Samra (The Dark One)/Jazaeer (Dance Of The Lovers)/Dinya Kek (Such Is The World)

CTN-18025 - The Best of Tommy James and the Shondells - Tommy James & Shondells [1973] Do Unto Me/One, Two, Three & I Fell/She/Out Of The Blue/Gotta Get Back To You/Can't Go Back To Denver/Mirage (LP version)/It's Only Love/Nothing To Hide/I Believe In People

CTN-18026 - The Best of the Animals featuring Eric Burdon - Animals [1973] Reissue of Wand WDS-690. Let It Rock (E)/Gotta Find My Baby (E)/Bo Diddley (E)//I'm Almost Grown (E)/Dimples (E)/Boom-Boom (E)/C Jam Blues (E)

CTN-18027 - The Best of King Curtis - King Curtis [1974] Everybody Loves A Lover/Mama Here Comes The Bride/Boys/Ooh Poop Pah Do/Mister Twister/I Still Want You/I've Got A Woman/Take The Last Train Home/New Orleans/Old Lady/Potato Chips/Beautiful Brown Eyes/The Work Song

CTN-18028 - The Best of Count Basie - Count Basie [1974] One O'Clock Jump/I Got A Woman Crazy For Me/She's Funny That Way/Fool's Rush In/Sweet Lorraine/Summertime/April In Paris/Poor Butterfly/Lullabye Of Birdland/One Note Samba/It Had To Be You/Broadway/Misty

CTN-18029 - The Best of Sarah Vaughan - Sarah Vaughan [1974] You've Changed/Star Eyes/When Your Lover Has Gone/I Remember You/I'm Scared/You Go To My Head//When Sunny Gets Blue/Garden In The Rain/Round Midnight/It Might As Well Be Spring/Midnight Sun/Stella By Starlight

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