Nashville Album Discography
By David Edwards, Mike Callahan, and Patrice Eyries
Last update: May 17, 2002

The Nashville label was a Starday subsidiary. At first (1964-65), it tended to have the bluegrass and gospel artists, but by 1966 drifted into being a clone of Starday itself, with the artists appearing on both labels.

The Nashville label was orange with black printing, with the Nashville logo on top. Early labels had a logo consisting of box with "NASHVILLE" in block letters at the top, and "A PRODUCT OF STARDAY RECORDS" around the bottom of the label. This soon gave way to the better known Nashville logo, which was a black oval with a diagonal stripe with "NASHVILLE" in block letters, and five stars outside the stripe within the oval. Writing around the bottom of the label changed later to "A PRODUCT OF STARDAY RECORDING & PUB CO., INC., BOX 125, MADISON, TENNESSEE." After Starday bought King in 1968, the legend under the logo read 'A PRODUCT OF STARDAY-KING, BOX 8188, NASHVILLE, TENNESSEE 37207", and these did not have any writing around the bottom of the label. Many, if not all, issues were called "Special Collectors Editions," for reasons known only to the record company.

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Number - Title - Artist [Release Date] Contents

NLP-2001 - Bluegrass Special - Various Artists [1964] Lee Highway Ramble - Clark/Log Cabin In the Lane - Eanes/Celebration - Eanes/Nobody But You - Jim & Jesse/Have You Lost Your Love - Jim & Jesse/Be Kind To Mother - Story/Pal of Yesterday - Clifton/Are You Alone - Clifton/New Freedom Bell - Country Gentlemen/Hey Little Girl - Country Gentlemen/Dreaming - Kentucky Travelers/Reno - Harrell/In Heaven We'll never Grow Old - Stanley Brothers/Round Town Gals - Shenandoah Valley Boys

NLP-2002 - The Big 18 - Wayne Raney [1964] We Need a Lot More Jesus/Lilac Bouquet/When Heaven Comes Down/Don't You Think It's Time/Why Don't You Heed His Call/Jesus Has Saved My Soul/Going Down the Valley/Over the Rolling Sea/He is Both God & Man/The Family Circle/The Garden Where Mother Prayed/Wayward Drunkard/I Want to Know/I'll be Listening/Where the Soul of Man Never Dies/I Need the Prayers

NLP-2003 - Old Time Religion - Various Artists [1964] That Old Time Religion - Story/Shout & Shine - Story/Over Yonder By the Sea - Lewis Family/Sunshine Land - Lewis Family/Lilac Bouquet - Wayne Raney/We Need a Lot More Jesus - Wayne Raney/Destination In Glory - Jim & Jesse/You Can't Love Jesus More Than Me - Jim & Jesse/Who Do You Think - Miller/When You Kneel at Mother's Grave - Clifton/Crossroads - Moore/Gossip - Rev. Pierce/Doctor in the Sky - Acorn Sisters/Where We'll Never Die - Stanley Brothers/On the Cross - Margie Singleton/I Saw the Angels in Heaven - Williams & Ellis

NLP-2004 - Mountain Bluegrass Songs - Bill Clifton [1964] Walkin' In My Sleep/Mary Dear/Little White Washed Chimney/Groundhog/Walk Up Susan/Livin' The Right Life/Blue Ridge Mountain Blues/When Autumn Leaves/Begin to Fall/Dixie Mountain Express/Another Broken Heart/Flower Blooming In the Wildwood/You Go to Your Church

NLP-2005 - Peace in the Valley - Various Artists [1964] Satisfied - The Lewis Family/Old Gospel Ship - The Lewis Family/Lights In the Valley - The Lewis Family/Wait a Little Longer - The Lewis Family/Please Jesus - The Lewis Family/Got to Cross the Jordan - The Lewis Family/He Knew Just What to Do - The Lewis Family/Shout & Sing - Southland Trio/Insurance - Southland Trio/Angel Bond - Story/Who Will Sing For Me - Story/A Beautiful City - Story/Paul & Silas - Story/Church Back Home - Country Gentlemen

NLP-2006 - Country Express - Various Artists [1964] Orange Blossom Fiddle - Country Gentlemen/Banjo Waltz - Country Gentlemen/Travelin' Dobro - Country Gentlemen/Swing Fiddle Rag - Wimberley/Springfield Guitar Social - Wimberley/Thumbs Guitar Boogie - Wimberley/Dixie Hoedown - Jim & Jesse/Border Ride - Jim & Jesse/Mandolin Tango - Busby/Snowflake Breakdown - Traugutt/Merry Mountain Hoedown - Clark/Country Express - Raney/Station Break - Remington/Riddlin' Joe - Jackson/Dixie Rambler - Clifton/Banjo on the Mountain - Stanley Brothers

NLP-2007 - Rambling Mountaineers - Carl Story [1964] Life Boat/I'll Be a Friend/This Lonesome Road/Hide Me/The Circle Was Broken/I Heart My Mother Weeping/Gonna Take a Trip/Shout & Shine/Set Your House In Order/Old Country Baptizing/My Lord's Gonna Lead Me Out/Don't You Love Your Daddy Too

NLP-2008 - Country Music Sing Along - Sunshine Boys [1964] Reissue of Starday SLP- 166. Y'All Come/Comin' 'Round the Mountain/Red River Valley/Down In the Valley/Old Grey Mare/Little Brown Jug/River of Memories/In the Shade of the Old Apple Tree/In the Good Old Summertime/Home on the Range/Wings of a Dove/Goodnight Irene/Beautiful Brown Eyes/The Crawdad Song/Going Down the Road/Let the Rest of the World Go By/There's a Long, Long trail/A-Winding/Golden Wedding Day/Wait Till the Sun Shines Nellie/Till We Meet Again/I've Been Working on the Railroad

NLP-2009 - Nashville Saturday Night - Various Artists [1964] Reissue of Starday SLP-128. Cope's Wildflower - Cowboy Copas/Sunny Tennessee - Cowboy Copas/Seasons of My Heart - George Jones/Hobo - Martin/Nashville Waltz - Martin/Stringbean & Hes Banjo - Stringbean/Strictly Nuthin' - Miller/Family Reunion - Carl Story/Love Has Made You Beautiful - Merle Kilgore/One Is a Lonely Number - Red Sovine/Jody's Chimes - Cousin Jody/Eyes of Love - Margie Singleton/Get Along Mulie - Lonzo & Oscar/Over Yonder By the Sea - Oak Ridge Quartet/The Fox Chase - Raney

NLP-2010 - America's No. 1 Quartet - Sunshine Boys [1964]I'm Going Home/Searching For You/We Need a Lot More Jesus/From Got Alone/Ain't Got Long To Stay Here/Life's Evening Sun/A Package of Love/My Prayer/Jesus Is His Name/Lead Me Home/Satisfied Mind/God Is Real

NLP-2011 - Banjo In the Hills - Various Artists [1964] Banjo Breakdown - York & Hale/Don't Do It - York & Hale/Flowers From the Hillside - Clifton/Cedar Grove - Clifton/Little White Washed Chimney - Clifton/Take Back the Heart - Clifton/Hard Hearted - Jim & Jesse/Gonna Paint the Town - Stanley Brothers/That Happy Night - Stanley Brothers/Banjo In the Hills - Stanley Brothers/Blue Sunday - Eanes/Road Walked By Fools - Eanes/Life's Evening Sun - Story/Old Time Religion - Story/Orange Blossom Fiddle - Country Gentlemen/Old Kentucky Hills - Kentucky Travelers

NLP-2012 - The Stars and Hits of Country Music - Various Artists [1964] Alabam - Cowboy Copas/Knoxville Girl - Hylo Brown/Color of the Blues - Red Sovine/Sally's Bangs - Willis Brothers/Window Up Above - Donny Young/Old Bill Dollar - Jimmie Skinner//Family Man - June Stearns & Gene Martin/Seasons of My Heart - Merle Kilgore/Orange Blossom Special - Leon McAuliff/One Is a Lonely Number - George Jones/A Little South Of Memphis - Frankie Miller/Satisfied Mind - Blue Sky Boys

NLP-2013 - The Late & Great Cowboy Copas - Cowboy Copas [1964] South Pacific Shore/The Gypsy Girl/There'll Come a Time/A Satisfied Mind/Pickin' The Blues/Wings of the Great Speckled Bird/You Are the One/Mon & Dad's Affair/Sal/Cope's Wildwood Flower/A Thousand Miles of Ocean/Wherever He Leads I'll Go

NLP-2014 - Mountain Song Favorites - Stanley Brothers [1964]

NLP-2015 - Fiddlin' Country Style - Various Artists [1964] Round Town Gals - Eanes & Russell/Daisies - Hill With String Band/Fiddler's Love - Hill With String Band/Fiddler's Prayer - Hill With String Band/Twin Fiddle Waltz - Hill With String Band/Drag That Fiddle - Choates/Sparta Waltz - Martin/Mocking Bird Special - Cox/Snowflake - Traugott/Swing Fiddle Rag - Wimberly/Ramblers Ride - Clark & Anthony/Bluegrass Swing - Clark & Anthony/Chubby's Run - Clark & Anthony/Dine-E-O - Eanes & Shelton/Orange Blossom Fiddle - Country Gentlemen/Fiddlin' Joe - Jackson

NLP-2016 - Singing Time Down South - Lewis Family [1964]Dwelling In Beulah Land/At the End of My Journey/He'' Got The Whole World In His Hands/Carry On/Hide You In the Blood/You Can'' Go Wrong & Get By/Help Me Understand/To Get My Reward/I Shall Not Be Moved/A Beautiful City/I'm Not Alone/I Do Believe/Wait A Little Longer/Please Jesus/Just One Rose

NLP-2017 - Nashville Steel Guitar - Various Artists [1965]

NLP-2018 - Bluegrass in the American Tradition - Bill Clifton [1965]

NLP-2019 - Big Train Express - Various Artists [1965] Artists: Moon Mullican, Stanley Brothers, Benny Martin, Curly Fox, Lonesome Pine Fiddlers, Country Gentlemen, Wayne Raney, Bill Clifton, Howard Vokes and others.

NLP-2020 - Kentucky Bluegrass - Lonesome Pine Fiddlers [1965]

NLP-2021 - Country Guitar - Various Artists [1965] "14 instrumentals by America's foremost guitar stylists." Artists include: Arthur "Guitar Boogie" Smith, Tommy Hill, Jimmy Capps, Billy Byrd, Thumbs Carlisle, Hardrock Gunter, and others.

NLP-2022 - Swingin' Sound of Modern Music - Tommy Hill [1965]

NLP-2023 - Country Comedy - Lonnie "Pap" Wilson [1965]

NLP-2024 - Everybody Will Be Happ - Carl Story [1965]

NLP-2025 - Bluegrass Goes to College - Hylo Brown [1965]

NLP-2026 - Steel Guitar & Dobro Sounds - Shot Jackson With Emmons [1965]

NLP-2027 -

NLP-2028 - Country Music's Greatest Stars - Various Artists [1966] That's The Way I Feel - George Jones/I'd Be Lying - Dottie West/Where Do I Go From Here - Dave Dudley/Let It Be Me - Johnny Bond/Mumblin' To Myself - Roy Drusky/Color Of The Blues - Pete Drake & His Talking Steel Guitar//When I Come Driving Through - Willis Brothers/Down On The Corner Of Love - Buck Owens/I'm Not Mixed Up Anymore - Charlie Walker/My Pillow - Roger Miller/Country Comedy - Archie Campbell/Look On The Good Side - Jimmy Dean

NLP-2029 - Country Girl, Sing Me a Song! - Various Artists [1966]

NLP-2030 - Everyday I Have the Blues - Various Artists [1966]

NLP-2031 - Stars of the Grand Old Opry - Various Artists [1966]

NLP-2032 - Four Kings of Music - Various Artists [1966]

NLP-2033 - Giddy-Up Go - Red Sovine [1966] Giddy-Up Go/One Is A Lonely Number/Invitation To The Blues/She Can't Read My Writing/Hold Everything/No Money In This Deal/Long Time To Forget/Trucker's Ramble/others

NLP-2034 - Truck Drivin' Man - Various Artists [1966]

NLP-2035 - Why Baby Why - George Jones [1966]

NLP-2036 - Alabam - Cowboy Copas [1966]

NLP-2037 - Carter & Ralph - Stanley Borthers [1966]

NLP-2038 - You Can't Be True Dear - Bob Kames [1966]

NLP-2039 - Sick, Sober & Sorry - Johnny Bond [1967]

NLP-2040 - Travelin' & Truck Driver Hits - Willis Brothers [1967]

NLP-2041 - I Fall to Pieces - Dottie West [1967]

NLP-2042 - Tennessee Waltz & Slowpoke - Pee Wee King & Redd Stewart [1967]

NLP-2043 - Lookin' Fer a Feller - Minnie Pearl [1967] "Live - Direct from Nashville." Gossip From Grinder's Switch/The Tunnel Of Love/The Party Kissing Game/The Wedding/California Girls/Song: My Feller//How To Catch A Man/The Handsome Man From Nashville/Hawaii With Elvis/others

NLP-2044 - Dear John Letter - Red Sovine [1967]

NLP-2045 - The Lewis Family Takes You to a Gospel Sing-Out - Lewis Family [1967]

At about this point, albums began being issued in "compatible stereo" only.

NLP-2046 - Amazing Roger Miller - Roger Miller [1967]

NLP-2047 - There Stands the Glass - Red Sovine, Willis Brothers and Others [1967]

NLP-2048 - Top 10 - Various Artists [1967]

NLP-2049 - Back Street Affair - Various Artists [1967] "The Big Country Hits of Unfaithful Love and Honky Tonk Romance." Artists: George Jones, Buck Owens, Red Sovine, Bobby Sykes, and the Willis Brothers.

NLP-2050 - Signed, Sealed & Delivered - Cowboy Copas [1967]

NLP-2051 - Swingin' Instrumental Hits From Nashville - Various Artists [1967]

NLP-2052 - Truck Stop - Various Artists [1968] Artists: George Morgan, Willis Brothers, Johnny Bond, Red Sovine, others. Songs: Sleeper Cab Blues/Pinball Machines/Big Rig Guitar/Man Behind The Wheel/Hitch Hiking Girl/Wheels A Turning/others

NLP-2053 - Y'All Come/Satisfied Mind - Willis Brothers [1968] Private Lee From Tennessee/Waltzing With Sin/Gonna Buy Me A Jukebox/Pretty Diamonds/Nobody's Business/Who's Next On Your List/Good Girl Bad/Diesel Smoke On Danger Road/Y'All Come/A Satisfied Mind

NLP-2054 - 3 Sheets In the Wind - Johnny Bond [1968]

NLP-2055 - Steel Guitar Hall of Fame - Various Artists [1968]

NLP-2056 - Anytime - Red Sovine [1968]

NLP-2057 - 5 Queens of Music - Various Artists [1968]

NLP-2058 - The Country Side of Bonnie & Clyde - Various Artists [1969] Artists: Flatt & Scruggs, Stoneman Family, Stanley Brothers, Jim & Jesse, Joe Maphis, Cowboy Copas, and Curley Fox. Songs: Foggy Mountain Breakdown/Orange Blossom Special/Little Maggie/Fire On The Strings/Clyde's Getaway/Border Ride/A Picture From Life/Other Side/Shotgun Guitar/The Model T And The Train Race/Lonesome Jailhouse Blues

NLP-2059 - Folsom Prison Blues - Johnny Cash, Flatt and Scruggs [1969]

NLP-2060 - Guitar Boogie - Arthur "Guitar Boogie" Smith [1969]

NLP-2061 - Misty Blue - George Morgan [1969]

NLP-2062 - Gospel Singing Sensations From Dixie - Lewis Family [1969]

NLP-2063 - Stonemans! - Stonemans [1969]

NLP-2064 - Many Talents of Archie Campbell - Archie Campbell [1969]

NLP-2065 - Greatest Hits: Six Days on the Road - Dave Dudley [1969] Six Days On The Road/Cowboy Boots/Taxicab Driver/Last Day In The Mines/others

NLP-2066 - Truck & Country - Various Artists [1969]

NLP-2067 - I'll Still Write Your Name In the Sand - Flatt & Scruggs, Jim & Jesse, Stanley Brothers, Mac Wiseman [1969]

NLP-2068 - Release Me - Dolly Parton, Dottie West, Jan Howard, June Stearns [1969]

NLP-2069 - Mountain Dew - George Jones [1969]

NLP-2070 - Everlasting Hits - Hawkshaw Hawkins [1969]

NLP-2071 - Emotions - Reno & Smiley [1969]

NLP-2072 - Best of Homer & Jethro - Homer & Jethro [1969]

NLP-2073 - Peace in the Valley - Sunshine Boys [1969?]

NLP-2074 - Heartaches By the Number - Guy Mitchell [1970]

NLP-2075 - Truck Drivers Queen - Various Artists [1970]

NLP-2076 - Seasons of My Heart - George Jones [1970]

NLP-2077 - Filipino Baby - Cowboy Copas [1970]

NLP-2078 - Sweeter Than the Flowers - Stanley Brothers [1970

NLP-2079 - Gee From Haw - Various Artists [1970]

NLP-2080 - I'll Sail My Ship Alone - Moon Mullican [1970]

NLP-2081 - Honky Tonk Angels - Various Artists [1970]

NLP-2082 - Greatest Hits - Leroy Van Dyke [1970]

NLP-2083 - Ruby Don't Take Your Love to Town - Red Sovine [1970]

NLP-2084 - Haul Off & Love Me - Various Artists [1970] Three Sheets In The Wind - Johnny Bond (S)/Too Hot To Handle - Frankie Miller (S)/Bloodshot Eyes - Hank Penny (E)/Weekend Willie - Willis Brothers (S)/Why Don't You Haul Off And Love Me - Wayne Raney (E)//Little Old Wine Drinker Me - Johnny Bond (S)/Women Do Funny Things To Me - Larry Kingston (E)/Young Widow Brown - Frankie Miller (S)/Here I Am Drunk Again - Lattie Moore (E)/Why Baby Why - George Jones (E)

NLP-2085 - 4 Kings of Country Music Volume 2 - Various Artists [1970]

NLP-2086 -

NLP-2087 - Foggy Mountain Breakdown - Flatt & Scruggs [1970]

NLP-2088 - Four Kings of Country Music, Volume 3 - Various Artists [1970]

NLP-2089 - Country Hit Parade - Various Artists [1970]

NLP-2090 -

NLP-2091 - Nashville Guitars - Joe maphis & Jackie Phelps [1970?]

NLP-2092 - You're the Reason - Joe South with Royal Nash [1971]

NLP-2093 - Color of the Blues - George Jones [1971]

NLP-2094 - Room Full of Roses - George Morgan [1971]

NLP-2095 - I Never See Maggie Alone - Kenny Roberts [1971]

NLP-2096 - Truck Stop Favorites - Various Artists [1971]

NLP-2097 - 15 Cents Is All I Got - Grandpa Jones [1971]

NLP-2098 - Swingin' Doors - Various Artists [1972]

NLP-2099 - Almost Persuaded - Parton/Howard/Ames/West/Wright [1972]

NLP-2100 - Hee Haw Corn Shucker - Stringbean [1971]

NLP-2101 - Country Dynamite From Nashville - Various Artists [1971]

NLP-2102 -

NLP-2103 - The Window Up Above - George Jones

NLP-2104 - Nashville Wives - Various Artists

NLP-2105 - Little Rosa - Red Sovine

NLP-2106 - Remember Me - T. Texas Tyler

NLP-2107 - Whole Lotta Shakin' - Various Artists [1973]

NLP-2108 - I Walk the Line - Johnny Cash [1973]

NLP-2109 - Harper Valley PTA - Various Artists [1973]

NLP-2110 -

NLP-2111 -

NLP-2112 - Rank Strangers - Stanley Brothers [1973]

NLP-2113 - Stars & Hits of Bluegrass - Various Artyists [1973]

NLP-2114 -

NLP-2115 - Dueling Banjos - Various Artists [1973]

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