Starday Album Discography, Part 1
SLP-101 to SLP-199 (1956-1962)

By David Edwards, Mike Callahan, and Patrice Eyries
Last update: August 1, 2009

By the time Starday started issuing albums, it was a well-established label with a number of high-profile country artists. Many of these were performers in Nashville's Grand Ole Opry. Starday albums did not reflect the smooth uptown country music of, say, the Columbia artists, so much as the 1950s and 1960s extension of "hillbilly music". In retrospect, some of the best-remembered stars of the times are here: country stars such as George Jones, Buck Owens, Webb Pierce, Carl Story, Jim Glaser, Johnny Bond, Justin Tubb, Red Sovine, Archie Campbell, the Willis Brothers, Hank Locklin, Ferlin Husky, Jimmy Dean, Johnny Cash, Moon Mullican, and Cowboy Copas; bluegrass artists such as the Stanley Brothers, the Lonesome Pine Fiddlers, the Kentucky Travelers, and Jim & Jesse; country instrumental stars such as Flatt & Scruggs, Pete Drake, Leon McAuliff, Arthur "Guitar Boogie" Smith, and "Little" Roy Wiggins; country comedians such as Lonzo & Oscar and Smiley Burnette; and country gospel groups such as the Lewis Family, the Florida Boys, the Sunshine Boys, the Oak Ridge Quartet, and the Jordanaires.

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Number - Title - Artist - [Release Date] Contents

SLP-100 Main Series:

SLP-101 - Grand Ole Opry's New Star - George Jones [1956] Why Baby Why/Seasons Of My Heart/It's OK/Let Him Know/Play It Cool/Hold Everything/Boat Of Life//You Gotta Be My Baby/What Am I Worth/Your Heart/Ragged But Right/Yearning (Duet With Jeannette Hicks)/Still Hurtin'/Taggin' Along

SLP-102 - Hillbilly Hit Parade - Various Artists [1956] Why, Baby, Why - George Jones/Any Old Time - George Jones/Hold Everything - George Jones/Sweet Dreams - George Jones/You Gotta Be My Baby - George Jones/Yes I Know Why - George Jones/Heartbreak Hotel - George Jones/You Are The One - Leon Payne/Crazy Arms - Leon Payne/Blackboard Of My Heart - Leon Payne/Searching - Jeanette Hicks/Conscience I'm Guilty - Benny Barnes/I Walk The Line - Benny Barnes/Satisfied Mind - Joe "Red" Hayes/I Want You, I Need You, I Love You - Eddie Blank/I Take A Chance - George Jones & Jeanette Hicks

SLP-103 - International Polka and Waltz Favorites - Various Artists [11/56] Red Wing Polka/Under The Bridge Polka/Beer Barrel Polka/Rancho Grande Polka/Tinker Polka/Rock & Rye Polka/Eyes Of Texas Polka/Lovers' Waltz/Bachelor Girl's Waltz/Augustine Waltz/When We Parted Waltz/Put Your Little Foot Waltz/Glow Worm Waltz/Bohemian Festival Waltz

SLP-104 - Banjo in the Hills - Various Artists [8/59] Banjo In the Hills - Stanley Brothers/Gonna Paint The Town - Stanley Brothers/That Happy Night - Stanley Brothers/Road Walked by Fools - Jim Eanes/Blue Sunday - Jim Eanes/Don't Do It/Banjo Breakdown - York & Hale/Little White Washed Chimney - Bill Clifton/Take Back The Heart - Bill Clifton/Flowers From The Hillside - Bill Clifton/Cedar Grove - Bill Clifton/Orange Blossom Fiddle - Country Gentlemen/Old Kentucky Hills - Kentucky Travelers/Old Time Religion - Carl Story/Life's Evening Sun - Carl Story/Hard Hearted - Jim & Jesse

SLP-105 - Preachin' Prayin' Shoutin' & Singin' - Various Artists [1959] Beautiful City - Carl Story/Paul & Silas - Carl Story/Angel Band - Carl Story/Who Will Sing For Me - Carl Story/Lead Me - Sunshine Boys/Peace In The Valley - Sunshine Boys/Satisfied - Sunshine Boys/Wait a Little Longer - Lewis Family/Please Jesus/Got To Cross Jordan - Lewis Family/He Knew Just What To Do - Lewis Family/Old Gospel Ship - Lewis Family/Lights In The Family - Lewis Family/Insurance/Shout & Shine - Southland 3/Church Back Home - Country Gentlemen/Were You There - Charile Moore

SLP-106 - Mountain Song Favorites - Stanley Brothers & Clutch Mountain Boys [1959] Ridin' That Midnight Train/Another Night/Beneath The Maple/Ralph's Banjo Special/Trust Each Other/Gonna Paint The Town//Highway Of Regret/Choo Choo Comin'/Little At A Time/Holiday Pickin'/Carolina Mountain Home/That Happy Night

SLP-107 - America's Favorite Country Gospel Artist - Carl Story & His Rambling Mountaineers [1959] Life Boat/I'll Be A Friend/This Lonesome Road/Hide Me (Rock Of Ages)/The Circle Was Broken/I Heard My Mother Weeping//Old Gospel Ship/Shout And Shine/Set Your House In Order/Old Country Baptizing/My Lord's Gonna Lead Me Out/Don't You Love Your Daddy Too

SLP-108 - Songs of Faith and Inspiration - Kirby Buchanan with the Jordanaires [1959] Satisfied Mind/In Times Like These/Lead Me Home/Sittin' By the Creek/If You Know The Lord/Black Land Farmer/Wonderful Guest/Lord Keep Your Hand on Me/God Is Real/Isn't He Wonderful/Boat Of Life/Lost Son

SLP-109 - Country Express: 16 Rompin' Stompin' Country Instrumentals By All Star Artists - Various Artists [1959] Orange Blossom Fiddle - Country Gentlemen/Banjo Whiz - Country Gentlemen/Travelin' Dobro - Country Gentlemen/Swing Fiddle Rag - Bill Wimberly/Springfield Guitar Social - Bill Wimberly/Thumbs Guitar Boogie - Bill Wimberly/Banjo on the Mountain - Stanley Brothers/Dixie Hoedown - Jim & Jesse/Border Ride - Jim & Jesse/Snowflake Breakdown - Wally Traugott/Mandolin Tango - Buzz Busby/Merry Mountain Hoedown - Ken Clark/Country Express - Wayne Raney/Station Break - Herby Remington/Fiddlin' Joe - Shot Jackson/Dixie Ramble - Bill Clifton

SLP-110 - The Country Hit Parade: 16 Top Country Hits By All Star Artists - Various Artists [11/59] Country Girl/Jimmy Brown The Newsboy/Battle Of New Orleans/Soldiers Jow/Nothing But True Love/Partners/Poppin' Johnny/Igmoo/3 Bells/Under Your Spell Again/Old Moon/Family Man/I Ain't Never/Johnny Reb/I Got Stripes/Black Land Farmer/Tell Me Why/Who Shot Sam

SLP-111 - Mountain Folk Songs - Bill Clifton & His Dixie Mountain Boys [1960] Walkin' In My Sleep/Mary Dear/Little White Washed Chimney/Dixie Darling/Wake Up Susan/Livin' The Right Life//Blue Ridge Mountain Blues/When Autumn Leaves Begin To Fall/Dixie Mountain Express/Another Broken Heart/Flower Blooming In The Wildwood/You Go To Your Church (I'll Go To Mine)

SLP-112 - Wally Fowler's All Night Singing Gospel Concert - Wally Fowler & Various Artists [1960] The first four songs on side 2 are on one band. Amazing Grace - Wally Fowler & Audience/Happiness Is Just A Prayer Away - Wally Fowler & Oak Ridge Quartet/Closer Walk With Thee-Mansions Can't Be Bought In Heaven - Wally Fowler & Oak Ridge Quartet/Little Talk With Jesus - Wally Fowler & Oak Ridge Quartet/In The House Of The Lord - Johnson Sisters/God Made A Way - Florida Boys Quartet//Invocation - Eva Mae LeFevre/Turn Your Radio On - Wally Fowler & Audience/I See Jesus - Singing Speer Family/Heaven's Jubilee - Singing Speer Family/His Wonderful Love - Oak Ridge Quartet/Talking To The Lord-Farther Along - Oak Ridge Quartet [with Wally Fowler on first song]/Keep On The Firing Line - LeFevres/May The Lord Bless You Real Good (Finale) - Wally Fowler & Oak Ridge Quartet

SLP-113 - America's Number 1 Spiritual Quartet - Sunshine Boys [1960] Package of Love/My Prayer/Jesus Is His Name/Lead Me Home/Satisfied Mind/God Is Real/I'm Going Home/Searching for You/We Need a Lot More of Jesus/From God/Alone/Ain't Got Long To Stay Here/Life's Evening Sun

SLP-114 - Rosin on the Bow and Here We Go!: Fiddlin' Country Style - Ken Clark and Don Anthony [1959] Round Town Gals/Daisies/Drag That Fiddle/Sparta Waltz/Mocking Bird Special/Snowflake/Swing Fiddle Rag/Ramblers Ride/Fiddler's Love/Dine-E-O/Bluegrass Swing/Orange Blossom Fiddle/Fiddlin' Joe/Twin Fiddle Waltz/Chubby's Run

SLP-115 - The Bluegrass Special - Various Artists [1960] Celebration - Jim Eanes/Log Cabin In The Lane - Jim Eanes/Are You Alone - Bill Clifton/Pal Of Yesterday - Bill Clifton/Eatin' Out Of Your Hand - Bill Harrell/In Heaven We'll Never Grow Old - Stanley Brothers/Have You Lost Your Love - Jim & Jesse/Nobody But You - Jim & Jesse//Hey, Little Girl - Country Gentlemen/New Freedom Bell - Country Gentlemen/Round Town Gals - Jim Eanes/Lee Highway Ramble - Ken Clark/Be Kind to Mother - Carl Story/Dreaming - Kentucky Travelers/Reno Bound - Buzz Busby

SLP-116 - Old Time Religion, Country Style - Various Artists [1961] That Old Time Religion - Carl Story & Rambling Mountaineers/Shout & Shine - Carl Story & Rambling Mountaineers/Over Yonder By the Sea - Lewis Family/Sunshine Land - Lewis Family/Lilac Bouquet- Wayne Raney/We Need A Lot More Of Jesus & A Lot Less Rock & Roll - Wayne Raney/Destination In Glory - Jim & Jesse/You Can't Love Jesus More Than Me - Jim & Jesse/Who Do You Think - Frankie Miller/When You Kneel At Mother's Grave - Bill Clifton/Crossroads - Charlie Moore/Gossip - Webb Pierce/Doctor In The Sky - Acorn Sisters/Where We'll Never Die - Stanley Brothers/On the Cross - Margie Singleton/I Saw The Angels In Heaven - Williams & Ellis

SLP-117 - Country Music Spectacular: The Golden Country Hits of the Fifties - Various Artists [1960] Two record set. Disc 1: A Satisfied Mind - Kirby Buchanan/Family Man - Frankie Miller/Country Girl - Tommy Hill/Tupelo County Jail - James O'Gwynn/Gonna Find Me a Bluebird - Jimmy Blakely/There's a Big Wheel - Tommy Hill/Who Shot Sam - Tommy Hill/Conscience I'm Guilty - Benny Barnes/Wasted Words - George Jones//Searching - Jeanette Hicks/I Walk the Line - Sleepy LaBeef/Battle Of New Orleans - Buddy Starcher/Invitation To The Blues - Eddie Noack/Why Baby Why George Jones/Geisha Girl - Johnny Mathis/Mary Don't You Weep - Tommy Hill/Black Cloud Raisin' - Cowboy Copas/Sweet Dreams - George Jones; Disc 2: You Are the One - Leon Payne/A Woman's Intuition - Tommy Hill/City Lights - Eddie Noack/Same Old Me - Tommy Hill/Fraulein - Jimmy Blakely/Timbrook - Kirby Buchanan/Johnny Reb - Howard Crockett/I'll Take The Chance - George Jones/Under Your Spell Again - Tommy Hill//You All Come - Arlene Duff/Black Land Farmer - Frankie Miller/I've Got a New Heartache - Tommy Hill/Squaws Along The Yukon - Eddie Noack/Oh Lonesome Me - Eddie Noack/I Can't Stop Loving You - Patsy Timmons/Crazy Arms - Leon Payne/Hold Everything - George Jones/Blackboard Of My Heart - Leon Payne

SLP-118 - All Time Country Music Great - Cowboy Copas [1960] Alabam/Pretty Diamonds/I'm a Slave To You/I Can/Black Cloud Risin'/Wings of the Great Speckled Bird//South Pacific Shore/Waltzing With Sin/Dreaming [with Cathy Copas]/Pickin' the Blues (instrumental)/Mom And Dad's Affair/The Purple Robe

SLP-119 - America's Greatest Country Comedians - Lonzo and Oscar [1960] I'm My Own Grandpa/I've Had It/Have a Little Faith in Me/Bare Faced Bird Brain/Blue Love/Hills of East Tennessee/I Lost An Angel/Trouble Along the Cable/Get Along Mulie/Deep Thinking/Thing Look Silly/Little Talk With Jesus

SLP-120 - Sacred Memories Volume 1 - Marshall Pack [1960] Is There Anything Worse Than Loneliness/My Precious Old Dad/I Hear Him Weeping/Great Counselor/I'll Greet Familiar Faces/One By One/6 Feet of earth/When I Talked to Jesus/Face to Face/Uncle Bud/There Is Merit in the Smile/Welcome Home/My Son/And So the Saviour Passed On By/Mail Order From Heaven

SLP-121 - Singin' Time Down South - Lewis Family [1960] Carry On/You Can't Do Wrong/Help Me Understand/Jesus Is My King/I Do Believe/A Beautiful City/Wait A Little Longer Please Jesus/At The End Of My Journey//Just One Rose/He's Got The Whole World In His Hands/Hide You In The Blood/I'm Not Alone/I Shall Not Be Moved/I See Jesus/My Closest Kin/To Get My Reward

SLP-122 - Sacred Songs From the Hills - Stanley Brothers [1960] The Master's Bouquet (Gathering Flowers)/In Heaven We'll Never Grow Old/Praise The Lord/Where We'll Never Die/The Darkest Hour/Let Me Hide Myself In Thee//Let the Church Roll On/Rank Stranger/I'm Ready to Go/Mother No Longer Awaits Me/A Few More Seasons/What A Friend (We Have In Jesus)

SLP-123 - Y'All Come/Have a Country Christmas - Various Artists [11/60] Y'All Come - Arlie Duff/Christmas Every Day - Leon Payne/White Christmas-Jingle Bells-I'll Be Home For Christmas - Trailblazers/Christmas Love Story - Leon Payne/Blue Christmas - Trailblazers/The Night Before Christmas - (Unnamed Artist)//Christmas Doll - Jim Eanes/Christmas Can't Be Far Away - Earl Aycock/Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer-Frosty The Snowman-Santa Claus Is Coming To Town - Trailblazers/Christmas Is Near - Stanley Brothers/It Won't Seem Like Christmas - Jim Eanes/Santa's Message - Santa Himself

SLP-124 - 16 Radio Gospel Favorites - Wayne Raney & the Rainey Family [1960] We Need a Lot More of Jesus/Lilac Bouquet/When Heaven Comes Down/Don't You Think It's Time/Why Don't You Heed His Call/Jesus Has Saved My Soul/Shadow Of The Cross/Wrath of God/We Are Going Down The Valley/Over The Rolling Seas/He Is Both God & Man/Family Circle/Garden Where Mother Prayed/Wayward Drunkard/I Want To Know/I'll Be Listening/Where The Soul Of Man Never Dies/I Need The Prayers

SLP-125 - The Crown Prince of Country Music - George Jones [1961] First cover. One Is a Lonely Number/Maybe Little Baby/Run Boy/One Woman Man/Settle Down/Heartbroken Me/Rain, Rain/Frozen Heart/I've Got $5.00 & It's Saturday Night/Cause I Love You/You're In My Heart/You All Goodnight

SLP-125 - The Crown Prince of Country Music - George Jones [1962] Second cover. One Is a Lonely Number/Maybe Little Baby/Run Boy/One Woman Man/Settle Down/Heartbroken Me/Rain, Rain/Frozen Heart/I've Got $5.00 & It's Saturday Night/Cause I Love You/You're In My Heart/You All Goodnight

SLP-126 - Sweet With a Beat: Hammond Organ Melodies from Dixie - Jimmy Richardson [1960] Bill Bailey/Tennessee Walking Horse/Lazy River/Mona Lisa/Waltz Medley/You & Me/South/Peanut Vendor/Dream Time/Make Believe/Battle of New Orleans/Slipping Around/This Ole House/My Blue Heaven/Birth of the Blues/Rockin' Rollin' Ocean/Indian Love Call/I've Found a New Baby

SLP-127 - Gospel Revival - Carl Story & His Rambling Mountaineers [1961] Light At the River/I Heard My Name On The Radio/If I Could Hear My Mother Pray Again/When Jesus Spoke To Me/Be Kind To Mother/For My Lord/Angel Band//Family Reunion/Ship That's Sailing Down/I Didn't Hear Nobody Pray/Someone's Last Day/Sweeter Than The Flowers/Somebody Touched Me/Life's Evening Sun

SLP-128 - Nashville Saturday Night - Various Artists [1961] Sunny Tennessee - Cowboy Copas/Cope's Wildflower - Cowboy Copas/Seasons of My Heart - George Jones/One Is a Lonely Number - Red Sovine/Strictly Nuthin' - Frankie Miller/Stringbean & His Banjo - Lonzo & Oscar/Get Along Mulie - Lonzo & Oscar/Jody's Chimes - Cousin Jody/Little Talk With Jesus - Oak Ridge Quartet/Fox Chase - Wayne Raney/Love Has Made You Beautiful - Merle Kilgore/Eyes of Love Margie Singleton/Family Reunion Carl Story

SLP-129 - Golden Melodies - Sunshine Boys [1961] His Hand Was on My Shoulder/Wings of a Dove/River of Memories/On the Cross/Precious Memories/Little Pine/Log Cabin/Satisfied/Join the Band/Rock of Ages/Those Golden Bells/I Want to Go There/God Dipped His Love/Jesus Is a Friend to Me/Peace in the Valley

SLP-130 - Master Showmen of Song - Oak Ridge Quartet [1961] Over Yonder By the Seat/Do Unto Others/One Step Towards Jesus/Since I Found the Lord/Jesus Watches Over Me/Search Me Lord/Get Down On Your Knees & Pray/My Home/When I See My Saviour/Born of the Spirit/Satisfied Mind/As I Walk Thru the Valley

SLP-131 - Country Music's Sensational Entertainer - Benny Martin [1961] Me & My Fiddle/Her Baby Girl/Hobo/Carry Me Home/Fiddler's Waltz/I've Got a Reason/Big Tiger Special/Pretty Girl/Dimes Worth of Dreams/You Are the One/No One But You/Clouds Without Water/Outcast/Tennessee Rag

SLP-132 - The One and Only Red Sovine - Red Sovine [1961] No Money In This Deal/One Is A Lonely Number/Invitation To The Blues/If I Could Come Back/Brand New Low/Hold Everything/Little Rosa/Why Baby Why/Color Of The Blues/Heart Of A Man/Long Time To Forget/More From Habit Than Desire

SLP-133 - Inspirational Songs By Cowboy Copas - Cowboy Copas [1961] Wings of a Dove/Hem of His Garment/From the Manger to the Cross I Have A Friend/A Satisfied Mind/How Big Is Man//Don't Shake Hands With the Devil/We Need a Lot More of Jesus/Remember Man Thou Art Dust/We'll Walk Along Together/Almost Home/Wherever He Leads Me

SLP-134 - Country Music's Great New Star - Frankie Miller [1961] Richest Poor Boy/Blackland Farmer/Out Of Bounds/Reunion/I'll Write To You/If I'd Known Then/Just For You/Young Widow Brown/Family Again/Strictly Nuthin'/Two Lips Away

SLP-135 - Playin' and Singin' - Moon Mullican: The King of the Hillbilly Piano Players [1961] Louisian/Sweeter Than the Flowers/I'll Sail My Ship Alone/Moonshine/Ragged But Right/Bottom of the Glass//Jole Blon-2/Magnolia Rag/Mona Lisa/Cabaret/The Wabash Cannonball/Farewell

SLP-136 - Banjo Jamboree Spectacular - Various Artists [1961] Two record set. Disc 1: Little Maggie - Stanley Brothers/I Wouldn't Change You (If I Could) - Jim Eanes/Home Is Where the Heart Is - Connie & Joe/Bending The Strings - Allen Shelton/Stringbean & His Banjo - Stringbean/Me & The Juke Box - Buzz Busby/Living My Life In Vain - Kentucky Travelers/Poor Ellen Smith - Country Gentlemen//Country Strings - Bill Browning/There'll Come A Time - Jim Eanes/Lonesome Wind - Buzz Busby/Rollin' Stone - Country Gentlemen/Give Me Back My Five Dollars - Stringbean/Bury Me Beneath The Willow - Bill Clifton/Will There Be A Rainbow - Kentucky Travelers/Talking Banjo - Buzz Busby; Disc 2: Lonesome Road - Buzz Busby/When You're Out Of My Arms - Kentucky Travelers/One Track Mind - Bill Harrell/Hand On The Glass - Jim Eanes/Toil, Tears & Troubles - Connie & Joe/Going Home - Buzz Busby/Darling Allalee - Country Gentlemen/Where Will This End - Buzz Busby//Banjo Whiz - Bill Emerson/High Lonesome - Country Gentlemen/I'll Never See You Anymore - Bill Harrell/Budded Roses - Jim Eanes/Big Man - Ken Clark/Tragic Highway - Bill Harrell/The Hills & Home - Country Gentlemen/Pinball Machine - Lonnie Irving

SLP-137 - Everybody Will Be Happy - Carl Story & His Rambling Mountaineers [1961] Nearer My God To Thee/Were You There/I've Got A Home/Cabin In Glory/Long Ago/Hiding Place//He Set Me Free/Tramp On The Street/Hear Jerusalem Moan/If We Never Meet Again/What A Wonderful Saviour/Everybody Will Be Happy

SLP-138 - Nashville Steel Guitar - Various Artists [1961] Star Gazing - Pete Drake/Pushin' Pedals - Jimmie Day/For Pete's Sake - Pete Drake/Big News - Don Helms/Station Break - Herbie Remington/Wired For Sound - Dick Stubbs/Steel Guitar Wobble - Al Petty//Ting A Ling - Little Roy Wiggins/Liberty Drive - Jimmy Day/Southern Sunday - Pete Drake/Wiggin' Wiggle - Little Roy Wiggins/Theme Time - Don Helms/Steel After Hours - Pete Drake/Steel Guitar Special - Al Petty

SLP-139 - The A.L. Phipps Family Sings the Most Requested Sacred Songs of the Carter Family - A.L. Phipps Family [1961] Keep on the Sunny Side/Lonesome Valley/Cyclone At Rycone/No Telephone In Heaven/River of Jordan/Little Log Cabin By the Sea/I Can't Feel at Home/On the Rock Where Moses Stood/Motherless children/Anchored In Love Divine/Little Poplar Log House/Diamonds In the Rough/Distant Land to Roam/Where Shall I Be

SLP-140 - More Country Music Spectacular - Various Artists [1961] Two record set. Alabam/Wings of a Dove/Please Help Me I'm Falling/North to Alaska/Anymore/Excuse Me/I'm Getting Better/Above & Beyond/Heart to Heart Talk/Miller's Cave/I Wish I Could Fall In Love Today/I'm Falling Too/Your Old Used To be/Baby Rocked Her Dolly/Smilin' Bill McCall/Settin' Flat On Ready/Lonely River Rhine/It's Not Wrong/Midnight In Heaven/She's Just a Whole Lot Like You/Seasons of My Heart/No Money In This Deal/One Eyed Red/Little Footprints In the Snow/Pinball Machine/One Is a Lonely Number/New Jole Blon/Second Honeymoon/Accidentally on Purpose/Hobo/Y'all Come/Color of the Blues/Love Has Made You Beautiful/Long Time To Forget/Eyes of Love/Rain Keeps a-Fallin'

SLP-141 - A Little Close Harmony from Dixie - Old Hickory Singers [1961] Bill Bailey/Sweet Bunch of Daisies/On the Banks of the Wabash/Ace in the Hole/Rockin' Alone/Sweet Sixteen/Molly Darling/Bird in the Guilded Cage/Dear Old Girl/She's More to Be Pitied/Just Tell Them That You Saw Me/Beautiful Isle of Somewhere/Little Close Harmony/Dixie Harmony Medley

SLP-142 - Old Time Banjo Pickin' and Singin' - Stringbean: The Kentucky Wonder and His 5- String Banjo [1962] Barnyard Banjo Pickin' Stringbean & His Banjo/20 Cent Cotton & 90 Cent Meat/Herding Cattle/Kentucky & Tennessee/Wake Up Little Betty/Polly/Give Me Back My Five Dollars/Georgia Rose/Keep My Skillet Good & Greasy/Birdie/Don't Bob Your Hair/Girls/Forgetting to Forget You/Working On a Building

SLP-143 - Country Music Samplers - Various Artists [1962] Special sampler priced at $1.98, two dollars less than regular price for monaural albums of the time. Pretty Diamonds - Cowboy Copas/Wabash Cannonball - Moon Mullican/Ting A Ling - Little Roy Wiggins/You're In My heart - George Jones/I've had It - Lonzo & Oscar/Hold Everything - Red Sovine/Lonesome Valley - Phipps Family//If I'd Known Then - Frankie Miller/Springfield Guitar Social - Bill Wimberley/Carry Me Home - Benny Martin/Come Home Bill Bailey - Old Hickory Singers/Daisies - Tommy Hill's String Band/We'll Walk Along Together - Cowboy Copas

SLP-144 - Songs That Made Him Famous - Cowboy Copas [1961] Also available in stereo as S-SLP-144. Flat Top/Signed, Sealed & Delivered/True Love/Filipino Baby/Midnight In Heaven/Tragic Romance/Old Man's Story/Settin' Flat on Ready/Rainbow & the Rose/Cope's Wildflower/Beginning & the End/Sunny Tennessee

SLP-145 - Jimmy Richardson and His Swinging Hammond Organ - Jimmy Richardson [1961] Who's Sorry Now/Drive/Jambalya/Send Me the Pillow That You Dream On/Stockdale Roll/Sweet Dreams/You Win Again/Coffee Expresso/Invitation to the Blues/Freeway/Wedding Bells/He'll Have to Go

SLP-146 - Carter Family Memorial Album - Bill Clifton and His Dixie Mountain Boys [1961] March Winds/I'll Be All Smiles Tonight/Cannonball Blues/Give Me Your Love/Bring Back My Blue Eyed Boy To Me/Are You Lonesome Tonight//My Clinch Mountain Home/Stern Old Bachelor/Little Joe/Green Fields of Virginia/Old Cottage Home/No Hiding Place Down Here

SLP-147 - That Wild, Wicked, But Wonderful West - Johnny Bond [1962] High Noon/Deadwood Stage/Dusty Skies/Fool's Paradise/Sadie Was a Lady/Conversation With a Gun/Pass/Carry Me Back To the Lone Prairie/Bell Starr/Bully/At Dawn I Die/Empty Saddles/Long Tall Shadow/Wanderers of the Wasteland

SLP-148 - Button Shoes, Belly Laughs & Monkey Business: For Adults Only - Duke of Paducah [1961] Comedy album.

SLP-149 - Old Time Christmas Singing - Jim Glaser Singers [1961] Away In A Manger/We Three Kings/Angels We Have Heard On High/Silent Night/The Christmas Song/Frosty The Snowman//Hark The Herald Angels Sing/Oh Come All Ye Faithful/Deck The Halls/O Little Town Of Bethlehem/Jingle Bells/I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus

SLP-150 - George Jones Sings His Greatest Hits - George Jones [1962] Why Baby Why/Seasons Of My Heart/Yearning/Hold Everything/Still Hurtin'/It's O.K./Boat Of Life//You Gotta Be My Baby/Ragged But Right/What Am I Worth/Taggin' Along/Let Him Know/Play It Cool/Your Heart

SLP-151 - The Fabulous Country Music Sound of George Jones - George Jones [1962] Window Up Above/Sweet Dreams/Rain Keeps a-Fallin'/Accidentally On Purpose/Who Shot Sam/Yes I Know Why/Wasted words/I'd Take the Chance/Any Old Time/Heartbreak Hotel/Go away With Me/No Money In This Deal

SLP-152 - Get Religion - Carl Story & His Rambling Mountaineers [1962] Why Don't You Haul Off And Get Religion/Gloryland Way/You Can't Believe Everything You Hear/Give Me the Roses/Just One Way to the Gate/New Jerusalem Way//Lord Lead On/Empty Mansion/I Feel Like Traveling On/We Shall Meet Someday/I Can Tell You the Time/The Unclouded Day

SLP-153 - Old Time Get-Together with Lew Childre - Lew Childre [1962] With Cowboy Copas, Uncle Josh, and Junior Huskey. Alabamy Bound/This Train/Everybody's Fishin'/Strawberry Roan/When They Baptized Sister Lucy Lee/Alabama Home/Wreck of the Old 97/Hog Callin' Blues/Rock My Little Baby To Sleep/Lew's Theme/Southern Hospitality/George Colum/Hang Out the Front Door Key/Blue Ridge Mountain Blues/Little Joe the Wrangler/Moonshine Blues/Martins & the Coys/My Dream of the USA

SLP-154 - Tennessee Fiddler Country with the Rainbow Ranch Boys - Chubby Wise [1962] Orange Blossom Fiddle/Smoky Mountain Waltz/Tennessee Blues/Cacklin' Hen/Georgiana Moon/Whistlin' Rufus/Opry Fiddler's Blues/Peacock Rag/New Sidewalk Waltz/Memphis Blues/Shenandoah Waltz/Rainbow Breakdown

SLP-155 - 14 Mountain Songs Featuring 5-String Banjo - Lonesome Pine Fiddlers [1962] Windy Mountain/Lonesome Pine/Two Kinds Of Blues/Why Do You Treat Me The Way You Do/Eatin' Out Of Your Hand/Kentucky Hill Special/Two Timin' Baby//I'm All Alone/What Can I Tell My Heart/Lost In This World/Lonesome Pine Ramble/Pretty Little Indian/He Showed Me The Way/He Won't Accept Excuses

SLP-156 - Golden Gospel Million Sellers - Sunshine Boys [1962] It Is No Secret/This Old House/How Great Thou Art/I Believe/When the Saints Go Marching In/Crying In the Chapel/3 Bells/His Hands/I Am a Pilgrim/He/Satisfied/Open Up Your Heart

SLP-157 - Opry Star Spotlight on Cowboy Copas - Cowboy Copas [1962] Sixteen Fathoms/Now That You're Gone/Sweet Lips/Mental Cruelty [with Dottie West]/Wings of a Dove/Flat Top Pickin'//The Rebel-Johnny Yuma/That's All I Can Remember/Loose Talk [with Dottie West]/Sleepy Eyed John/The Twenty-Fourth Hour/A Satisfied Mind

SLP-158 - Just Looking For a Home - Jim Glaser & Americana Folk Trio [1962] Midnight Special/Boil Weevil/Poor Boy/Tom Dooley/Careless Love/Dark As a Dungeon/Worried Man Blues/Riddle Song/Bill Bailey/Dying Hobo/Erie Canal/Frozen Logger

SLP-159 - The Bluegrass Sound of Bill Clifton - Bill Clifton [1962] I'm Rollin' On/Lonely Heart Blues/Bed On The Floor/Corey/Springhill Disaster/Pal Of Yesterday//You Don't Think About Me (When I'm Gone)/Cedar Grove/Gathering Flowers (From The Hillside)/Are You Alone/The Girl I Left In Sunny Tennessee/All The Good Times Are Passed And Gone

SLP-160 - Star of the Grand Ole Opry - Justin Tubb [1962] I'd Know You Anywhere/One For You-One For Me/Looking Back To see/Women/5 Minutes of the Latest Blues/I've Gotta Go Get My Baby/One Eyed Red/How the Other Half Lives/That's Allright/How's It Feel/Your Side of the Story/If You Don't Want Me

SLP-161 - Anniversary Celebration - Lewis Family [1962] Matthew 24/Wings of a Dove/Are You Ashamed/World's Greatest Story/Some Sweet Happy Day/Child of the King/In Heaven/Out in the Country/Talking With Death/Stay On Top With Jesus/Are You Ready For Heaven/Somebody Loves Me/Dwelling in Beulah Land/Heavenly Plan

SLP-162 - Make Friends with Archie Campbell - Archie Campbell [1962] Grab a Little Sunshine/Sgt. York/Woman's Work Is Never Done/Green Stamps/Trouble In the Amen Corner/My Get Up & Go/Sidewalk Waltz/Drifting Back to Dreamland/Love Always Has It's Way/Setting My Tears To Music/There's a Place For Me Somewhere

SLP-163 - The Willis Brothers In Action - Willis Brothers [1962] Y'All Come/Everlovin' Dixieland/It's the Miles/Little Footprints In the Snow/Tattooed Lady/Blood On the Saddle/Billy the Kid/Old Chisholm Trail/Roving Gambler/Big Daddy/Jack O'Diamonds/Patonia/Pretty Diamonds/Black Jack David

SLP-164 - The Country Music Hall of Fame: The Greatest Collection of Country Hits Ever Assembled in One Album - Various Artists [1962] Two record set. Disc 1: Hillbilly Heaven - Cowboy Copas/Blues Stay Away From Me - Delmore Bros./Southern Hospitality - Lew Childre/New Panhandle Rag - Webb Pierce/Blood On The Saddle - Willis Bros./You Are The One - Benny Martin/Philadelphia Lawyer - Rose Maddox/Mumbling To Myself - Roy Drusky/One For You One For Me - Justin Tubb//Country Music Time - Lonzo & Oscar/Remember Me - T. Texas Tyler/Muleskinner Blues - James O'Gwynn/My Cabin In Caroline - Lester Flatt & Earl Scruggs/New Filipino Baby - Cowboy Copas/High Noon - Johnny Bond/Johnson's Old Grey Mule - Shelton Bros./Ragged But Right - Moon Mullican/The Original Wildwood Flower - Buddy Starcher; Disc 2: Blackland Farmer - Frankie Miller/Little Rosa - Red Sovine/Little White Washed Chimney - Bill Clifton/Down On The Corner Of Love - Buck Owens/Goodnight Irene-Beautiful Brown Eyes - Sunshine Boys/Mountain Dew - Grandpa Jones/Wabash Cannonball - Moon Mullican/Crying Heart Blues - Ferlin Husky/Family Reunion - Carl Story//Let Me Be The One - Hank Locklin/Orange Blossom Fiddle - Rainbow Ranch Boys/Little Maggie - Stanley Bros./Why Don't You Haul Off And Love Me - Wayne Raney/Lonesome Pine - Lonesome Pine Fiddlers/Seasons Of My Heart - George Jones/The Original Jole Blon - Harry Choates/Two By Four - Leon Payne/Sergeant York - Archie Campbell

SLP-165 - Holy Cry From the Hills - Jimmie Williams, Red Ellis & Acorn Sisters [1962] Rank Stranger/There Ain't No Grave Gonna Hold My Body Down/I Heard the Cry From the Cross/You Can't Hide From God/Going To Meet Jesus/Prayer of Salvation/Holy Ghost Building/These Men of God/Grandad's Prayer/Higher Power/Sinners Dream/Backslider/Open Window/Down At the Cross/Walking In Jerusalem/Where Will I Shelter My Sheep

SLP-166 - More Country Music Sing Along with the Fabulous Sunshine Boys - Sunshine Boys [1962] Y'All Come/She'll Be Coming 'Round The Mountain/Red River Valley/Old Grey Mare/Little Brown Jug/River Of Memories/In The Shade Of The Old Apple Tree/In The Good Old Summer Time/West/Nest & You/Home On The Range/Wings Of A Dove/Goodnight Irene/Beautiful Brown Eyes/Crawdad Song/Going Down The Road/Let The Rest Of The World Go By/There's A Long, Long Trail A-Winding/Golden Wedding Day/Wait Till The Sun Shines, Nellie/Till We Meet Again/I've Been Working On The Railroad

SLP-167 - Bedtime Stories For Adults - Archie Campbell [1962] Comedy record.

SLP-168 - Tragic Songs of Death and Sorrow - Various Artists [1962] Tragic Romance - Cowboy Copas/Sweeter Than The Flowers - Moon Mullican/I'll Never Marry - Country Gentlemen/Little Rosa - Red Sovine/Just Before The Battle Mother - A.L. Phipps Family/Springhill Disaster - Bill Clifton/The Little Paper Boy - Red Ellis/Oh, Death - Reedy//Mary Dear - Bill Clifton/Come All You Tenderhearted - Stanley Brothers/An Old Man's Story - Cowboy Copas/Kentucky School Bus - Hobo Jack Adkins/Trouble In The Amen Corner - Archie Campbell/A Rose From Mother's Wreath - Jimmie Williams & Red Ellis/Mommy Will My Doggie Understand - Frankie Miller/Pinball Machine - Lonnie Irving

SLP-169 - More Banjo In the Hills - Various Artists [1962] If I Lose - Stanley Brothers/Two Kinds Of Blues - Lonesome Pine Fiddlers/Barnyard Banjo Pickin' - Stringbean/Red Rockin' Chair - Country Gentlemen/I'll Wander Back Someday - Bill Clifton/The Banjo And The Butterfly - Miller & Casey/Sweeter Than The Flowers - Carl Story/Mary Was A Little Lamb - Jim Eanes & Shenandoah Valley Boys//Wishing - Kentucky Travelers/Cabin On A Mountain - Vern & Ray/Picture At St Helene - Wayne Raney/Cold And Windy Night - Buzz Busby/We'll Meet Again Sweetheart - Flatt & Scruggs/Pardon Me - Jim & Jesse/1000 Miles of Ocean - Ken Clark/Why I Love You - Varney

SLP-170 - All Aboard! For the Railroad Special - Various Artists [1962] Casey Jones - Jim Glaser/Midnight Special - Jim Glaser/Dying Hobo - Jim Glaser/Railroadin' On the Great Divide - Bill Clifton/Cannonball Blues - Bill Clifton/Orange Blossom Fiddle - Rainbow Ranch Boys/Eastbound Train - Williams & Ellis/Hobo - Benny Martin/Wreck on the L & N Railroad - Phipps Family/Choo Choo Comin' - Stanley Brothers/Ridin' That Midnite Train - Stanley Brothers/Country Express - Wayne Raney/Train In the Hollow - Country Gentlemen/Wreck of the Old 97 - Lew Childre/Wabash Cannonball - Moon Mullican/Kentucky Hill Special - Lonesome Pine Fiddlers

SLP-171 - Mister Western Swing - Leon McAuliff [1962] Orange Blossom Fiddle/Cimarron Roll On/The Three Bears/Steel Guitar Rag/Blue Man's Blues/Panhandle Rag//Water Baby Boogie/Steel Guitar Chimes/Bear Creek Hop/Boogie On Strings/Perdido/Cimarron Rag

SLP-172 - The Fabulous Country Music Sound of Buck Owens - Buck Owens [1962] Sweethearts In Heaven/Down On the Corner of Love/It Don't Show on Me/There Goes My Love/Right After the Dance/House Down the Block/Above & Beyond/Foolin' Around/Excuse Me/Mental Cruelty/Under the Influence of Love/Loose Talk

SLP-173 - Mister Guitar - Arthur "Guitar Boogie" Smith & His Crackerjacks [1962] Guitar Boogie/Blue Boogie/South/Pickin' The Blues/The Double Eagle/Fingers On Fire//Heartaches/Little Widow/Rubber Doll Rag/Napoleon's Retreat/Pickin' & Playin' (Ragged But Right)/Crackerjack

SLP-174 - Bluegrass at Carnegie Hall - John Duffey & Charlie Waller and the Country Gentlemen [1962] I'll Never Marry/A Letter To Tom/Red Rockin' Chair/New Freedom Bell/Willy Roy-The Crippled Boy/Silence Or Tears/Sunrise/Two Little Boys/I Know I've Lost You/Nobody's Business/Down Where The Still Waters Flow/Country Concert/These Men Of God/Church Back Home

SLP-175 - Mister Country Music - Cowboy Copas [1962] Sal/1000 Miles of Ocean/Black Eyed Susan/Soft Rain/Louisian/I Dreamed of a Hill-Billy Heaven/How Do You Talk To a Baby/7 Seas From You/First Things First/Penny For Your Thoughts/You Are the One/There'll Come a Time/Someday (with Cathy Copas)

SLP-176 - Tennessee Guitar - Various Artists [1962] Bee Byrd Bounce - Billy Byrd & Jimmy Capps/The Natchez Trace - Jimmy Capps/Blue Guitar - Hardrock Gunter/Country Boogie - Eddie Eddings/Gibson Girl - Billy Byrd/Memphis - Hardrock Gunter/Springfield Guitar Social - Thumbs Carlisle//Sugarfoot - Arthur "Guitar Boogie" Smith/Nashville Shuffle - Jimmy Capps/Raggin' The Guitar - Hardrock Gunter/Chattanoogie Bound - Jimmy Capps/Teen Age Blues - Billy Byrd/Skip Along - Tommy Hill/After Hours Guitar - Hardrock Gunter

SLP-177 - Opry Time In Tennessee - Various Artists [1962] Barn Dance Jubilee - Benny Martin/Fiddlin' Home - Benny Martin/Strike Up the Bow - Benny Martin/Flat Top - Cowboy Copas/Black Eyed Susan Brown - Cowboy Copas/Your Side of the Story - Justin Tubb/Cacklin' Hen - Rainbow Ranch Boys/Molly Darling - Old Hickory Singers/Good Times Gonna Roll Again - Moon Mullican/When They Baptized Sister Lucy Lee - Lew Childre/One Is a Lonely Number - George Jones/Kentucky & Tennessee - Stringbean/For Pete's Sake - Pete Drake/That's Good-That's Bad (Comedy) - Archie Campbell/Grab a Little Sunshine - Archie Campbell/Everlovin' Dixieland - Willis Brothers/Salty Dog Blues - Flatt & Scruggs/Hound Dog Ramble - Uncle Josh/More Habit Than Desire - Red Sovine/Country Music Time - Lonzo & Oscar

SLP-178 - More Country Music Samplers - Various Artists [1962] Special sampler priced at $1.98, two dollars less than regular price for monaural albums of the time. That's Alright - Justin Tubb/Love Always Has Its Way - Archie Campbell/Black Jack David - Willis Brothers/Galaxie - Drake & Wiggins/Rainbow & the Rose - Cowboy Copas/Moonshine Blues - Lew Childre/In the Shade of the Old Apple Tree - Sunshine Boys/In the Good Old Summertime - Sunshine Boys/There'll Coma a Time Someday - Cowboy & Cathy Copas/Sugarfoot - Arthur Smith/Little Joe - Bill Clifton/Let Him Know - George Jones/Tennessee Blues - Chubby Wise/Tom Dooley - Jim Glaser/That's Good-That's Bad (Comedy) - Campbell & Emery

SLP-179 - More of That Rare Old Time Banjo Pickin' and Singin' - Stringbean [1962] Opry Time In Tennessee/Stringbean's A-Fishin'/Chewing Gum/Suicide Blues/Here Rattler Here/Train Special 500//String's Mountain Dew/Run Rabbit Run/Goodbye Sweet Thing/Lord I'm Coming Home/Wanda/Pluckin' The Bird/Sinner Man Where You Gonna Hide/I Intend To Make Heaven My Home

SLP-180 - Fabulous Steel Guitar Sound - Pete Drake [1962] For Pete's Sake/Pleading/Oriental Twist/After Hours/Southern Sunday/Loves I've Known/Spook/Till Tomorrow/Kick Off/Star Gazing/Tearing Down the Tee Pee/Galaxie (with Wiggins)

SLP-181 - The Bluegrass Hall of Fame - Various Artists [1962] Foggy Mountain Breakdown - Flatt & Scruggs/Rank Stranger - Stanley Brothers/Home Sweet Home - Don Reno & Red Smiley/Hills of Georgia - Hylo Brown/Walking In My Sleep - Bill Clifton/Old Rattler - Grandpa Jones/Windy Mountain - Lonesome Pine Fiddlers/Run Mountain - J.E. Mainer's Mountaineers/String's Mountain Dew - Stringbean/Tramp on the Street - Carl Story/Beautiful Blue Eyes - Red Allen/Let Me Whisper - Jim & Jesse McReynolds/The Moon Saw Me Crying - Kentucky Travelers/Mark Of Cain - Jim Eanes/Sunrise - Country Gentlemen

SLP-182 - Opry Old Timers - Sam & Kirk McGee/Crook Brothers [1962] Roll On Buddy - Sam & Kirk McGee/Hung Down My Head & Cried - Sam & Kirk McGee/Freight Train Blues - Sam & Kirk McGee/Roll Along Jordan - Sam & Kirk McGee/My Gal's a High Born Lady - Sam & Kirk McGee/Coming From the Ball - Sam & Kirk McGee/Chittlin' Cookin' Time in Cheatham County - Sam & Kirk McGee/John Henry - Crook Brothers/Black Mountain Rag - Crook Brothers/Soldier's Joy - Crook Brothers/Ragtime Annie - Crook Brothers/Lost John - Crook Brothers/Liberty - Crook Brothers/Will the Circle Be Unbroken - Crook Brothers

SLP-183 - Bluegrass Samplers - Various Artists [1962] Eatin' Out Of Your Hand - Lonesome Pine Fiddlers/Come All You Tenderhearted - Stanley Brothers & Clinch Mountain Boys/Hills Of Georgia - Hylo Brown/Talking Banjo - Buzz Busby/Why Don't You Haul Off & Get Religion - Carl Story & His Rambling Mountaineers/Mary Was A Little Lamb - Jim Eanes/Walking In Jerusalem - Red Ellis//The Girl I Left In Sunny Tennessee - Bill Clifton & His Dixie Mountain Boys/A Few More Seasons - Stanley Brothers & Clinch Mountain Boys/Down Where The Still Water's Flow - Country Gentlemen/Stringbean's A-Fishin' - Stringbean & His Banjo/Ralph's Banjo Special - Stanley Brothers & Clinch Mountain Boys/Dreaming - Kentucky Travelers/Somebody Loves Me - Lewis Family

SLP-184 - The Hit Parade of American Country Music - Various Artists [1962] Two record set. Walk on By - Jackson/How Can I Believe In You - Wells/Must It Be Me - Roy Drusky/Flowing Water & Shifting Sands - Anderson/Words Come Easy - Tompall & Glaser Brothers/Just One More Night - Newman/It Happened When I Really Needed You - Justin Tubb/Lovin' In Vain - Patsy Cline/Thinking About You - Monroe/Love Problems - Johnny & Jack/Living on Love - Billy Grammer/Which One Will It Be - Wilburn Brothers/I Like Mountain Music - Roy Acuff & Smokey Mountain Boys/Fiddler's Dream - Shot Jackson

SLP-185 - Bluegrass Balladeer - Hylo Brown [1962] Cabin On the Hill/Picture In the Wallet/Take a Look/Prisoner's Song/Rose of Love/Girl In the Blue Velvet Band/My Darling Is a Statue/Treasures From the Past/Time/Hills of Georgia/Busy Busy Man/My Saviour Is Calling

SLP-186 - Arthur Smith and the Crossroads Quartet - Arthur Smith and the Crossroads Quartet [1962] 4th Man/Description of Jesus/What a Friend We Have In Jesus/I Feel Mighty Close to Heaven On My Knees/I Can't Explain/Acres of Diamonds/Old Rugged Cross/Wake Up Lazarus/Echoes From the Garden/Grave couldn't Hold Him/I Love To Sing the Songs about Jesus/In the Garden

SLP-187 - Live It Up and Laugh It Up with Johnny Bond and His Friends on Stage - Johnny Bond [1962] "A live, on the spot performance from Nashville, Tennessee." Songs: Oklahoma Hills/Ten Little Bottles/I'm A-Rollin'/Family Man/They Got Me/Alabam/Thinkin' Tonight/Tumbling Tumbleweeds/Down Yonder/You Are My Sunshine/Of Horseradish And Cactus/Mountain Dew/Corina/Eleven More Months & Ten More Days/San Antonio Rose/Flapjack. Special guests: Cowboy Copas, Archie Campbell, Justin Tubb, Cathy Copas, and "Little" Roy Wiggins.

SLP-188 - Mister Steel Guitar Salutes Eddy Arnold - 'Little' Roy Wiggins [1962] Rise & Shine/Love Theme/Chained To a Memory/Molly Darling/Bouquet of Roses/Ting a Ling/Crying Steel Guitar/Weasel/Flapjack/Thru the Night/Wigg'n Wiggle/Starburst/Any Time/Heart Full of Love/Just a Little Lovin'/South Seas

SLP-189 - Bluegrass Banjo Ballads - Kentucky Travelers [1963] Wishing/Beyond a Doubt/Old Kentucky Hills/you're Mine In My Dreams/My Empty Arms/That Old Moon/Living My Life In Vain/Kissin' & Huggin'/Till I Met You/Dreaming/When You're Out of My Arms/Will There Be a Rainbow/Moon Saw Me Crying/I Want to Get Right With My Lord

SLP -190 - Country Music Hall of Fame, Volume 2 - Various Artists [1962] Two record set. Freight Train Blues - Jimmy Dean/Cabin On The Hill - Hylo Brown/Under The Double Eagle - Arthur "Guitar Boogie" Smith/Let's Say Goodbye - Jimmie Skinner/Good Times Gonna Roll Again - Moon Mullican/Strawberry Roan - Lew Childre/She Can't Read My Writing - Red Sovine/Nine-Pound Hammer - Blue Sky Boys/On Stage - Rod Brasfield & Cowboy Copas/Folsom Prison Blues - Johnny Cash/There Goes My Love - Buck Owens/I Found My Girl In the U.S.A. - Justin Tubb/Eddy Arnold Favorites-Anytime, Heart Full of Love, Just a Little Lovin' - "Little" Roy Wiggins/Sally's Bangs - Willis Brothers/Have I Told You Lately - Lulu Belle & Scotty/John Henry - Crook Brothers/Such a Fool - Roy Drusky/Great Speckled Bird - Lonesome Pine Fiddlers/Alabam - Johnny Bond & Cowboy Copas/You Belong To Me - Sue Thompson/Foggy Mountain Breakdown - Flatt & Scruggs/Old Fishin' Pole - Smiley Burnette/Chewin' Chewin' Gum - Stringbean/What Do You Know About Heartaches - James O'Gwynn/Texas Star - Bill Boyd/Columbus Stockade Blues - Bashful Brother Oswald/I'll Be Satisfied - A.P. Carter & Carter Family/All For The Love Of A Girl - Johnny Horton/Steel Guitar Rag - Leon McAuliff/Sinking Of The Titanic - Ernest V. Stoneman & Family/Poppin' Johnny - Frankie Miller/Louise - Fiddlin' Arthur Smith/Poor Little John - Roger Miller/Good Old Bible - George Jones/Roll On Buddy - Sam & Kirk McGee/Three Little Pigs - Archie Campbell

SLP-191 - Ole Frog - Smiley Burnette [1962] Smiley Burnette was the comic sidekick of both Gene Autry and Roy Rogers in 170 of their movies and TV shows. Side two of this record was recorded at a live stage show. It's My Lazy Day/Lilac Lane/Broomstick Buckaroo/Old Fishin' Pole/I Lied Blues/Catfish, Take a Look At That Worm //Introduction-Comedy/Everybody Makes Me Feel At Home/Swiss Boy/That's All, Brother, That's All/Lil' Indian/Way Down Low

SLP-192 - Celebrating 25 Years with Roy Acuff and the Smoky Mountain Boys on the Grand Ole Opry - Bashful Brother Oswald [1962] Southern Moon/Weary, Weary Blues/Island March/Mountain Dew/Rabbit In the Log/Late Last Night/Sunday In the Mountains/I Like Mountain Music/Columbus Stockade Blues/Beneath the Willow/Why Not Confess/Black Smoke/Oswald's Dobro Chimes/Lonesome Valley

SLP-193 - Gospel Special - Lewis Family [1962] Jesus In the Rock/God's Great Stratosphere/Ain't No Room In the Church For Liars/Mother's Only Sleeping/I've Started Out To Find a Better Home/Empty Cross/When God's Chariot Comes/No One But Thee/Dreaming of a Little Cabin/When I Walk Along the Streets of Gold/Take This Whole World/From the Manger To the Cross/My Lord's Gonna Move This Wicked Race/Honey In the Rock

SLP-194 - Bluegrass! - Lonesome Pine Fiddlers [1962] Blue Moon of Kentucky/Mountain Flower/Little Glass of Wine/Uncle Pen/Little Girl & the Dreadful Snake/Kentucky Waltz/Dirty Dishes Blues/Great speckled Bird/Lonesome Pine Hill/I Walked To the River/Up the Country/Pickin' the Banjo/Fly on the Baby's Nose/Drinking Black Coffee

SLP-195 - Old Time Mountain Pickin' & Singin - A.L. Phipps Family [1962] I Like To Sing the Old Songs/Death's Black Train/Engineer's Last Ride/When He Blessed My Soul/Death of Abraham Lincoln/Little Old Country Home/Kentucky Mine Explosion/Great Reunion Bye & Bye/Poor Orphan Child/Wreck on the L & N Railroad/Plenty of Room/Just Before the Battle Mother/Miner's Fate/Soul Winner For Jesus/Yellow Tomb/Son That Went Away

SLP-196 - Town and Country Piano - Dean Manuel [1962] Last Date/Side By Side/Faded Love/Wooden Heart March/Ida/Ace In the Hole/Glow Worm/My Gal Sal/Meet Me Tonight In Dreamland/When You Are Gone/Waltz You Saved For Me/Lonesome Feeling/Town & Country Rag/When You & I Were Young

SLP-197 - The Golden Country Ballads of the '60s - Red Sovine [1962] Tender Years/A Wound Time Can't Erase/Losing Your Love/If a Woman Answers/Hello Fool/She Can't Read My Writing/There's Always One/East of West Berlin/Willow Tree/Tears Broke Out On Me/Thanks For Nothing/Rose Of Love

SLP-198 - The Modern Country Music Sound of Justin Tubb - Justin Tubb [1962] Walking The Floor Over You/Accidentally On Purpose/You Nearly Lose Your Mind/Misery Loves Company/Charlie's Shoes/Mountain Dew//I Found My Girl In The U.S.A./Aching Breaking Heart/I've Tried The Shoe On (And It Fits)/My Heart Keeps Getting In My Way/They Painted A Picture For Me/Three Days

SLP-199 - The True Country Style of Frankie Miller - Frankie Miller [1962] True Blue/Rain, Rain/Faded Bible/Prison Grey/It's Not Easy/Poppin' Johnny/Little Bit's Better/Big Talk of the Town/Money Side of Life/Cat & the Mouse/Picture At St. Helene/Lookin' Around Downtown/Maybe You Could Love Me Then/Gotta Win My Baby Back Again

Thanks to Jerry Kendall, Frank Frantik and Jeff Porterfield.
Cover scans courtesy of Bernd Kratochwil.

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