Starday Album Discography, Part 4
SLP-400 to SLP-499 (1967-1974)

By David Edwards, Mike Callahan, Randy Watts and Patrice Eyries
Last update: December 22, 2009

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Number - Title - Artist - [Release Date] Contents

S-SLP-400 - Candy Kisses - George Morgan [4/67] Look At The Lonely Have Some Of Mine/You're The Only Good Thing/Almost/Please Don't Let Me Love You/Room Full Of Roses/Shiny Red Automobile/I Couldn't See/Sad Bird/Goin' Home To Mama/I'm In Love Again/Candy Kisses

S-SLP-401 - The George Jones Songbook and Picture Album - George Jones [1967] Color Of The Blues/Tall Tall Trees/Accidentally On Purpose/Maiden's Prayer/Gonna Come Get You/Don't Do This To Me//That's The Way I Feel/One Is A Lonely Number/You Gotta Be My Baby/Frozen Heart/Frankie And Johnny/Window Up Above

S-SLP-402 - Ten Nights in a Barroom - Johnny Bond [1967] Ten Nights In A Barroom/What A Tavern/Show Me The Way/White Lightning/Fuzzy Rovin' Gambler/Si Si Lito Lindo/I Only Had Four Bits/Crazy Mixed Up Hotel/I Wish I'd Bought Half A Pint

S-SLP-403 - "Bob" and Other Songs to Make the Jukebox Play - Willis Brothers [1967] Bob/Too Hot To Handle/End Of The Road/Goodbye New Orleans/Rosebuds And You/Drivin' In My Blood//Ring Of Fire/Weekend Willie/You Are The One/I Found My Girl In The USA/Stick Your Finger In A Glass Of Water/Miller's Cave

S-SLP-404 - The Man Behind the Wheel - Various Artists [1967] Shiny Red Automobile - George Morgan/The Hi Jacker - Johnny Bond/Drivin's In My Blood - Willis Brothers/What Is American - Minnie Pearl/Gear Shiftin' - Tommy Hill & Pete Drake/The Gearjammer And The Hobo - Red Sovine & Johnny Bond//Six Days On The Road - Dave Dudley/Big Joe & Phantom 309 - Red Sovine/The End Of The Road - Willis Brothers/Gears - Johnny Bond/Pay Load Daddy - Red Sovine/Man Behind The Wheel - George Morgan

S-SLP-405 - I Didn't Jump the Fence - Red Sovine [1967] I Didn't Jump The Fence/Big Joe...And Phantom 309/Rosebuds And You/Alabam [with Minnie Pearl]/Like All The Other Times/Old Shep//Walk Through This World With Me/Hitch Hiking Girl/Behind The Footlights/Nobody's Business [with Minnie Pearl]/Room Across The Hall/The Gear Jammer And The Hobo [with Johnny Bond]

S-SLP-406 - The Incredible Kenny Roberts - Kenny Roberts [1967] Anytime/Yodeling Guitar/Singin River/Things Have Changed A Lot/Once Again Baby/Jingle Yodeling Song//Sioux City Sue/No No No/Blue/I Was Born To Yodel/Jumping Kangaroo/Me Tarzan You Jane

S-SLP-407 - The Big Stars and the Big Hits of Country Music - Various Artists [1967] Bimbo - Sonny James/Last Day In The Mine - Dave Dudley/Nothing Can Stop My Love - George Jones/Down On The Corner Of Love - Buck Owens/Look At The Lonely - George Morgan/Bummin' Around - Jimmy Dean/Columbus Stockade - Boots Randolph with Jimmy Richardson/Archie's Little Black Book - Archie Campbell/The Tip Of My Fingers - Roger Miller/She's Got You - Dottie West/I Didn't Jump The Fence - Red Sovine/Bob - Willis Brothers

S-SLP-408 - Time Is Moving On - Lewis Family [1967] Time Is Moving On/Each Ring Of The Hammer/Don't Be Ashamed Of Jesus/We Will Have No Fear/I Want To Sing/Heaven Is Calling Me Home//I'll Soon Be Leaving/I Ask Not/Across The River From Here/I Know It Can't Be Far/Sitting Here Thinking/Hiding In The Rock

S-SLP 9-409 - The Country Music Hall of Fame, Volume 7 - Various Artists [1967] Two record set. Disc 1: Lovin' Land - George Riddle/I Wish I Could Fall In Love Today - Roger Miller/Columbus Stockade (Instr.) - Boots Randolph & Jimmy Richardson/Sad Bird - George Morgan/Dancing - Onie Wheeler/Giddyup Go - Red Sovine/Jole Blon - Moon Mullican/Hell's Angels - Johnny Bond//Waitin' - Pee Wee King & Redd Stewart/Sunset Years Of Life - T. Texas Tyler/Salty Dog - Lester Flatt & Earl Scruggs/Medley: Candy Kisses-Prison Without Walls-Show Me The Way Back To Your Heart - Roy Wiggins/Ruby Ann - Willis Brothers/Your Picture (Keeps Smiling Back To Me) - Melba Montgomery/So Lonesome And Blue - Del Reeves/Bummin' Around - Jimmy Dean; Disc 2: Country Guitar - Phil Baugh/Giddyup Go Answer - Minnie Pearl/Right After The Dance - Buck Owens/I Wish This Night Would Never End - Sonny James/That's The Way I Feel - George Jones/Archie's Little Black Book - Archie Campbell/Turn Me Loose - Stonemans/If I Lost - Carter Stanley//Alabam - Cowboy Copas/My Heart Keeps Getting In The Way - Justin Tubb/No Time Will I Ever - Dottie West/Last Day In The Mines - Dave Dudley/Just Out Of Reach - Patsy Cline/So Young So Unknowing - David Houston/Blue - Kenny Roberts/My Abilene - Pete Drake

S-SLP-410 - Country Hits By Candlelight - George Morgan [12/67] Misty Blue/All The Time/You Are The One/Window Up Above/One For You One For Me/One Has My Name (The Other Has My Heart)//This Cold War With You/Someday/Have I Told You Lately That I Love You/True Love Is The Greatest Thing/By The Way/Midnight In Heaven

S-SLP-411 - My Lord Keeps a Record - Carl Story [1968] My Lord Keeps A Record /Waiting For Me/Rock Of My Soul/He Paid The Penalty/Valley Of Tears/One Minute Till//Like The Prodigal Son/First Thousand Years/Almighty Hand /Royal Telephone/In The Shadow Of The Cross/From Heaven To A Lonely Dark Hill

S-SLP-412 - Traveling Shoes - Guy Mitchell [1967] Includes a couple of newly recorded versions of his 1950s hits for the Columbia label. Traveling Shoes/My Abilene/Before You Take Your Love From Me/Why baby Why/Good Morning Heartache/Irene Goodbye//Alabam/Every Night Is A Lifetime/Singing The Blues/Bubbles/Good-By Road, Hello Home/My Truly, Truly Fair

S-SLP-413 - Steal Away - George Morgan [1968] Steal Away/When They Ring Those Golden Bells/Where We'll Never Grow Old/Who At My Door Is Standing/He'll Understand And Say Well Done//Beautiful Isle Of Somewhere/Softly And Tenderly/Precious Memories/What A Friend We Have In Jesus/Beyond The Sunset

S-SLP-414 - Phantom 309 - Red Sovine [1967] Phantom 309/Good Enough For Nothing/Three Lovers Were Losers Today/Lifetime To Regret/That's Me/Anytime//In Your Heart/Satisfied Mind/A Good Life/Same Old Situation/Viet Nam Deck Of Cards/Bummin' Around

S-SLP-415 - The Guitars of Arthur "Guitar Boogie" Smith - Arthur "Guitar Boogie" Smith [1968] Yakety Axe/Licorice Stick/Maggie's Blues On Guitar/Daybreak/Frankie and Johnny Shuffle/Poor People Of Paris/Lynn's Gone/Lara's Theme/Nice and Easy/Raunchy/British Back Beat/Third Man Theme

S-SLP-416 - Drink Up and Go Home! - Johnny Bond [1968] Little Ole Wine Drinker Me/I Threw Away A Rose/My Bucket's Got A Hole In It/Bottle Let Me Down/Put Me To Bed/Here's To The Ladies//Swinging Doors/Don't Squeeze My Sharmon/Bottom Of The Bottle/Pop A Top/I Can't Even Do Wrong Rights/Drink Up And Go Home

S-SLP-417 - Barbara - George Morgan [1968] Accidentally On Purpose/You Mean The World To Me/Color Of The Blues/Man Behind The Wheel/Beyond The Sunset/Living//Invitation To The Blues/Turn The World Around/Rosebounds And You/Worst Of The Hurt Is Over/I'm Just A Place/Barbara

S-SLP 9-418 - Modern Country Hits of Today - Various Artists [1968] Two record set. There Goes My Everything - Red Sovine (S)/Ring Of Fire - Willis Brothers (S)/Cowboy Boots - Dave Dudley (E)/I Don't Wanna Play House - Lisa Favors (S)/The Other Woman - Red Sovine (S)/Misty Blue - George Morgan (S)/Bear With Me A Little Longer - Red Sovine (S)//You Mean The World To Me - George Morgan (S)/My Abiline - Guy Mitchell (S)/Bringing Mary Home - Red Sovine (S)/He'll Have To Go - Red Sovine (S)/If You Can't Bite, Don't Growl - Johnny Bond (S)/I'm The Man - Red Sovine (S)/Where Could I Go But To Her - Red Sovine (S)//Turn The World Around - George Morgan (S)/Girl On The Billboard - Red Sovine (S)/Accidentally On Purpose - Red Sovine (S)/Ruby Ann - Willis Brothers (S)/I Couldn't See - George Morgan (S)/Women Do Funny Things - Larry Kingston (S)/Alabam - Guy Mitchell (S)//Laura - Red Sovine (S)/All The Time - George Morgan (S)/Almost Persuaded - Betty Amos (S)/Six Days On The Road - Dave Dudley (E)/Yakety Axe - Arthur "Guitar Boogie" Smith (S)/Window Up Above - George Morgan (S)/What's He Doing In My World - Red Sovine (S)

S-SLP-419 - All Day Singing & Dinner on the Ground - Lewis Family [1968] Rank Strangers/Go Tell It On The Mountain/This Little Light Of Mine/That Is Where I Want To Go/I'll Be No Stranger/Old Brush Harbors//Tramp On The Street /Calvary/Nearer Home/I'm Marching Toward Gloryland/Just For Me/I Can Feel The Spirit Moving

S-SLP-420 - Tell Maude I Slipped - Red Sovine [1968] Tell Maude I Slipped/Laura/Bottle Bottle/What Locks The Door/Turn The World Around/If My Heart Had Windows//Not Like It Was With You/I Know You're Not An Angel/Reflex Reaction/Sparkling Wine/Loser Makin' Good/Anything Leaving Town Today

S-SLP-421 - Wynn Stewart and Jan Howard Sing Their Hits - Wynn Stewart & Jan Howard [1968] Side 1 (Wynn Stewart): Wishful Thinking/Above And Beyond (The Call Of Love)/Playboy/Big City/If You See My Baby/Searchin' For Another You; Side 2 (Jan Howard): The One You Slip Around With/I Wish I Could Fall In Love Again/Many Dreams Ago/I've Got My Pride/If Your Conscience Can't Stop You/Weeping Willow

S-SLP-422 - Golden Gospel Banjo - Lewis Family [1968] Home Sweet Home/Where The Soul Of Man Never Dies/Gospel Train/Happy Rhythm/Dry Bones/When They Ring Those Golden Bells//Lead Me/Battle Hymn Of The Republic/There Is Power In The Blood/Church In The Wildwood/Walking On The Water/Rainbow Of Love

S-SLP-423 - Songs and Sounds From the Bonnie & Clyde Era - Flatt & Scruggs [1968] Foggy Mountain Breakdown/Doin' My Time/A Picture From Life's Other Side/Salty Dog Rag/Bonnie And Clyde's Getaway//Story Of Bonnie And Clyde/Roll In My Sweet Baby's Arms/We'll Meet Again Sweetheart/If I Lose/Farewell Blues

S-SLP-424 - Country Soul - Glen Campbell [1968] Why Try To Lie/Smoky Blue Eyes/I'll Always Be Waiting/For The Love Of A Woman/Another Face Some Another Place//Where Do I Go From Here/Remind Me Of You/There's A Crowd/My Whole Life Through/Something To Remember

S-SLP-425 - Prayer Changes Things - Crossroads Quartet [1968] Just One More Mountain/Just A Closer Walk With Thee/Prayer Changes Things/Farther Along/Just A Rose Will Do/Surely Goodness And Mercy//Bye And Bye/Those Wasted Years/No Tears In Heaven/Middle-Ager's Prayer/Going Home/Shine On Me

S-SLP-426 - Nashville Now - Snooky Lanson [9/68] It Ain't Easy/Ever-Present Past/Take Your Time/Little Ole Wine Drinker Me/What Could I Do With Your Memory/Anytime//World Of Memories/Candy Kisses/What Locks The Door/Every Night Is A Lifetime/Woman Gone Bad/If My Heart Had Windows

S-SLP-427 - Sunday with Sovine - Red Sovine [12/68] Brighten The Corner/Wings Of A Dove/He's Got The Whole World In His Hands/Where Will I Shelter My Sheep/Crying In The Chapel/If Jesus Came To Your House//Beautiful Life/Bringing In The Sheaves/Just A Closer Walk With Thee/He'll Understand/I'm A Pilgrim/Lord's Prayer

S-SLP-428 - Hey, Mr. Truck Driver! - Willis Brothers [1968] Moonlight Ride In A Diesel/White Lines And Roadside Signs/Too Many Stops/Motorcycle Bill/Old Sleeper Cab/I'm Quitting While I'm Still Alive//Diesel Drivin' Donut Dunkin' Dan/Only Shoulder/Truck Driver Blues/Highway Patrol/Pineball Anonymous/Alcohol And No.2 Diesel

S-SLP-429 - Dolly Parton and George Jones - Dolly Parton/George Jones [1968] Side 1 (George Jones): Yearning/Nothing Can Stop My Love/Sweet Dreams/No No Never/Yes I Know Why/I'd Take The Chance; Side 2 (Dolly Parton): Release Me (And Let Me Love Again)/It Wasn't God Who Made Honky Tonk Angels/Little Blossom/Letter To Heaven/Two Little Orphans/Making Believe

S-SLP-9 430 - The Country Music Hall of Fame, Volume 8 - Various Artists [1968] Two record set. Disc 1: Smokey Blue Eyes - Glen Campbell/Wishful Thinking - Wynn Stewart/I Should Start Running - Dottie West/Night Life - Willie Nelson/Ode To Big Joe - Willis Brothers/Woman Gone Bad - Snooky Lanson/Day After Never - Eddie McDuff/Yakety Axe - Arthur "Guitar Boogie" Smith//Alabam - Guy Mitchell/Foggy Mountain Breakdown - Lester Flatt & Earl Scuggs/I Ain't Never - Roger Miller/Living - George Morgan/Release Me - Dolly Parton/Family Bible - Claude Gray/Stop The World (And Let Me Off)/Folsom Prison Blues - Johnny Cash; Disc 2: Setting My Tears To Music - Archie Campbell/I'm Gonna Raise Cain (While I'm Able) - Johnny Bond/I Wish I Could Fall In Love Again - Jan Howard/Sinking Of The Titanic - Pop Stoneman/Cowboy Boots - Dave Dudley/Ridin' The Sunshine Special - Johnny Horton/Story Of Bonnie & Clyde - Jimmie Skinner/Nothing Can Stop My Love - George Jones//Loser Makin' Good - Red Sovine/Y'all Come - Pete Drake/Orange Blossom Special - Stonemans/I've Loved You Forever It Seems - Webb Pierce/Hard Hearted - Jim & Jesse/Midnight In Heaven - Cowboy Copas/It Doesn't Show On Me - Buck Owens/Try To Live Some (While You're Here) - Minnie Pearl

S-SLP-431 - Country Music's Golden Boy - Billy Golden [1968] Loser Makin' Good/Gentle On My Mind/Born Loser/Satisfied Mind/Lean On Me/Tearstained Guitar//Wild Wild Thing/Walk Through This World With Me/Life's Little Pleasures/Born To Be In Love With You/Good Enough For You/It's Such A Pretty World Today

S-SLP-432 - Singin' Up a Storm - Guy Mitchell [1968] Frisco Line/Heartaches By The Number/Your Mind/Memory Number One/Get It Over/My Heart Cries For You//If You Could Cry Me My Tears/Just Wish You'd Maybe Change/It's A New World Every Day/I Was Born When You Kissed Me/Smokey Blue Eyes

S-SLP-433 - Did You Ever Go Sailing Down the River of Memories - Lewis Family [1969] Did You Ever Go Sailing/Walking With My Saviour/Storm/He's Building A Mansion For Me/My Lord Is Taking Me Away/Stand By Me//Lonesome Highway/Work For The Night Is Coming/Lord I'm Ready To Go/Sing/Christ Will Ride The Clouds Of Glory/Dreaming Of Heaven

S-SLP-434 - Country Music Singing Sensation - Kenny Roberts [1969] Cattle Call/Bottle Holds The Man/Seasons Of My Heart/Con Man/Fugitive Of Love/What Made Milwaukee Famous (Has Made A Loser Out Of Me)//Artificial Flowers/Gonna Whistle Me A Tune/There's A Bluebird On My Windsill/You Left Too Much/Memory Tree/Country Music Singing Sensation

S-SLP-435 - Sounds of Goodbye - George Morgan [1969] The Sounds Of Goodbye/Live And Let Live And Be Happy/I'll Sail My Ship Alone/Sweeter Than The Flowers/Frisco Line/Beautiful Isle Of Somewhere//Country's Gone/Scattered Roses/Ballad Of The Grand Ole Opry/Signed Sealed And Delievered/Three Hearts In A Tangle/Beyond The Sunset

S-SLP-436 - Classic Narrations - Red Sovine [1969] Little Rosa/Dream House For Sale/I Think I Can Sleep Tonight/A Dear John Letter/Vietnam Deck Of Cards//Giddy Up Go/Class Of '49/Twenty- One/What Would You Do If Jesus Come To Your House/Phantom 309

S-SLP-437 - Country Music Star No. 1 - Glen Campbell [1969] Gone/Ashes of Time/Groovin' Country/No Need/Talking To Myself/I'm a Fool/Why Did You Do Me/I Need You/Judge & Jury/One of These Days

S-SLP-438 - Daddy Sang Bass - Carl Story [1969] Light At The River/Highway To Glory/My Constant Companion/Around The Throne/Use The Little I Am/Going Home//Daddy Sang Bass/By The Hands Of God/What More Could I Do/Shine On Me/Near The Cross/Crying Holy Unto The Lord

S-SLP-439 - Golden Country Melodies - Tommy Hill & Nashville Cats [1969] Release Me (And Let Me Love Again)/Honey/Bummin' Around/Theme From Giddy Up Go/Y'all Come/Melody From Danny Boy//Gentle On My Mind/Send Me The Pillow That You Dream On/Blues Stay Away From Me/Alabam/Harper Valley PTA/Am I That Easy To Forget

S-SLP-440 - The Golden Country Hits of George Jones - George Jones [1969] Color Of The Blues/That's The Way I Feel/Yearning/Gonna Come Get You/Just One More/Why Baby Why//I'm Ragged But I'm Right/You Gotta Be My Baby/I Gotta Talk To Your Heart/What Am I Worth/Don't Do This To Me/Seasons Of My Heart

S-SLP-441 - Closing Time 'Til Dawn - Red Sovine [8/69] Whiskey Flavored Kisses/Father Of Judy Ann/Tear Stained Guitar/Old Faithful/Blues Stay Away From Me/Three Hearts In A Tangle//Normally Norma Loves Me/Fugitive Of Love/Livin'/Closing Time 'Til Dawn/I'll Sail My Ship Alone/Live And Let Live And Be Happy

S-SLP-442 - Bummin' Around with the Willis Brothers - Willis Brothers [1969] Gypsy Rose And Me/Hit In The Head With A Nite Club/Ramblin' Boy/There Goes The Farm/They Covered Up The Ole Swimmin' Hole/Bob/Bummin' Around/Nashville's Ace In The Hole/Be Glad/Blues Stay Away From Me/Cold North Wind/A Boy Named Sue

S-SLP-443 - Nashville Sensation - Bobby Harden [1969] Except For One/In The Ghetto/Invitation To The Blues/Get It Over/One Glimpse Of Heaven/You Gave Me A Mountain/Games People Play/Wild Ones/We Got Each Other/Holding To The Memories/Days Of Sand And Shovels

S-SLP-444 - The Best of Johnny Bond - Johnny Bond [1969] Sadie Was A Lady/I'm Gonna Raise Cain/I Wonder Where You Are Tonight/Glad Rags/Great Figure Eight Race/Cimarron//Ten Little Bottles/Sick Sober And Sorry/Let The Tears Begin/Three Sheets In The Wind/Man Who Comes Around/Hot Rod Lincoln

S-SLP-445 - Who Am I? - Red Sovine [11/69] Who Am I/Signed Sealed And Delivered/Take This Hammer/You're My Woman/Money Marbels And Chalk/I Love You Because//Ruby Don't Take Your Love To Town/Darling You Know I Wouldn't Lie/Three Loving Children/Why Don't You Haul Off And Love Me/Pledge Of Allegiance/All I Have To Offer You Is Me

S-SLP-446 - Sweethearts in Heaven - Various Artists [1969] Down On The Corner Of Love - Buck Owens/There Goes My Love - Buck Owens/Above And Beyond - Tommy Hill/The House Down The Block - Buck Owens/Under The Influence Of Love - Cowboy Copas/Mental Cruelty - Cowboy Copas & Dottie West//Sweethearts In Heaven - Buck Owens/It Don't Show On Me - Buck Owens/Foolin' Around - Eddie Wilson/Right After The Dance - Buck Owens/Excuse Me (I Think I've Got A Heartache) - Darrell McCall/Loose Talk - Cowboy Copas & Dottie West

S-SLP-447 - Precious Memories - Carl Story [1969] I've Got A Longin To Go/Won't That Be A Happy Day/Precious Memories/Home Coming/Live Right Every Day/John 3:16//God's Record Book Of Life/Someone Will Love Me In Heaven/My Mother's Bible/Family Altar/I'm Using My Bible For A Roadmap/Mansion In The Sky

S-SLP-448 - A Girl Named Sam - Lois Williams [1969] A Girl Named Sam/A Corner Of Your World/Why Don't You Haul Off And Love Me/Bottles Of Wine/He's The Man/What It Takes To Make A Big Girl Cry//You Low-Down Son Of A Gun/Castle Of Shame/We've Got Another Chance/I'm Looking For A Man, Boy/From Miss To Mistake

S-SLP 9-449 - Country Music Hall of Fame, Volume Nine - Various Artists [1969] Two record set. Disc 1: Country Music Sensation - Kenny Roberts/Sweethearts In Heaven - Buck Owens/Little Suzie - Stonemans/I Know You're Married But I Love You Still - Reno & Smiley/Nobody's Business - Minnie Pearl/Look On The Good Side - Jimmy Dean/Phantom 309 - Red Sovine//Lonesome 7- 7203 - Hawkshaw Hawkins/Signed Sealed And Delivered - Cowboy Copas/It Wasn't God Who Made Honky Tonk Angels - Dolly Parton/How Far To Little Rock - Stanley Brothers/All For The Love Of A Girl - Johnny Horton/Tip Of My Fingers - Roger Miller/Anytime - Snooky Lanson; Disc 2: Color Of My Blues - George Jones/I'll Sail My Ship Alone - George Morgan/Many Dreams Ago - Jan Howard/Making Believe - Johnny & Jonie Mosby/Miller's Cave - Willis Brothers/Room Across The Hall - Roy Drusky/Tennessee Waltz - Pee Wee King & Red Stewart//I Fall To Pieces - Dottie West/That's Good That's Bad - Archie Campbell/Doin' My Time - Flatt & Scruggs/Taxi Cab Driver - Dave Dudley/Lovesick Blues - Patsy Cline/Dear John Letter - June Stearns & Red Sovine/Place For Girls Like You - Faron Young

S-SLP-450 - The Golden Gospel Best - Lewis Family [1970] Rank Strangers To Me/Nearer Home/When The Morning Comes/One More River To Cross/Don't Be Ashamed Of Jesus/I've Found A Hiding Place//Walking My Lord Up Calvary's Hill/Picture On The Wall/Just For Me/Crossing The Bridge/Time Is Moving On/I'm Winging My Way Back Home

S-SLP-9 451 - Country Music Memorial - Various Artists [1970] Two record set. Narration by Grant Turner. I Dreamed Of A Hillbilly Heaven - Cowboy Copas/Blues Stay Away From Me - Delmore Brothers/Take It Away Lucky - Phil Sullivan/Shanty Street - Texas Ruby/Little Maggie - Stanley Brothers/Country Music Time - Lonzo & Oscar/I'll Sail My Ship Alone - Moon Mullican/All For The Love Of A Girl - Johnny Horton/Ace In The Hole - Dean Manuel/Old Fishin' Pole - Smiley Burnette/Sinking Of The Titanic - Pop Stoneman/Just Out Of Reach - Patsy Cline/Time Changes Everything - Tommy Duncan/Day After Never - Eddie McDuff/The Legend Of A. P. Carter - A. L. Phipps Family/Original Talking Blues - Robert Lunn/On Stage With Copas - Rod Brasfield/Pinball Machine - Lonnie Irving/Better Judgement - Adrian Roland/Life Of Hank Williams - Hawkshaw Hawkins/The Death Of Little Kathy Fiscus - Jimmy Osborne/Southern Hospitality - Lew Childress/Joe Lopez - Leon Payne/The Ballad Of Frank Clement - Cowboy Copas

S-SLP-452 - Country Music Laugh-Out - Various Artists [1969] Banjo Whiz (Theme) - Bill Emerson/Barnyard Banjo Pickin' - Stringbean/Mountain Dew/Why Baby, Why - George Jones/That's Good That's Bad - Archie Campbell//Banjo Whiz (Theme) - Bill Emerson/World's Biggest Whopper - Junior Samples/I'm Lost, You Win, I'm Leaving - Dottie West/Down On The Corner Of Love - Buck Owens/Uncle Nabob - Minnie Pearl

S-SLP-453 - Exciting Young J. David Sloan - J. David Sloan [1970] Scarlet Sister/Angeline/The Name Of The Game/Mama Lou/Color Of The Blues/Heaven Help My Soul//Love Can't Always Be The Way You Want It/She Even Woke Me Up To Say Goodbye/Tarnished Wedding Rings/Okie From Muskogee/Young Widow Brown/Something Ain't Right

S-SLP-454 - The Best of the Truck Driver Songs - Various Artists [1970] Truck Drivin' Man - Hylo Brown/Pinball Machine - Lonnie Irving/Truck Driver's Queen - Charlie Moore & Bill Napier/Phantom 309 - Red Sovine/Girl On The Billboard - Red Sovine/Truck Drivin' Son Of A Gun - Red Sovine//Radar Blues - Coleman Wilson/Diesel Smoke Dangerous Curves - Bobby Sykes/Six Days On The Road - Dave Dudley/Give Me Forty Acres (To Turn This Rig Around) - Willis Brothers/Giddy Up Go - Red Sovine/Giddy Up Go Answer - Minnie Pearl

S-SLP-455 - Best of Carl Story - Carl Story [1970] Light At The River/Daddy Sang Bass/Sweeter Than Flowers/Listen To Your Radio/others

S-SLP-456 - Something Old, New, Patriotic and Blue - Johnny Bond [1970] Girl Who Carries A Torch For Me/Tomorrow Never Comes/I Wonder Where Are You Tonight/Take Me Back To Tulsa/After Loving You//City Of Sin/How Do You Talk To A Baby/Remember The Alamo/Legend Of Lady Luck/It Only Hurts When I Cry

S-SLP-457 - Best of George Morgan - George Morgan [1970] Candy Kisses/Room Full Of Roses/Live And Let Live And Be Happy/You're The Only Good Thing/Steal Away/Almost/I'll Sail My Ship Alone/Barbara/Living/I'm In Love Again/Sounds Of Goodbye

S-SLP-458 - Best of Cowboy Copas - Cowboy Copas [1970] Alabam/Won't You Ride In My Little Red Wagon/Tragic Romance/Goodbye Kisses/Don't Shake Hands With The Devil/Cowboy's Deck Of Cards//Signed Sealed And Delivered/Sunny Tennessee/South Pacific Shore/Louisian/From The Manger To The Cross/Filipino Baby

S-SLP-459 - I Know You're Married, But I Love You Still - Red Sovine [1970] I Know You're Married (But I Love You Still)/It's Just A Matter Of Time/Chairman Of The Board/Why Don't You Haul Off And Love Me/Truck Driver's Prayer/That's When She Started To Stop Loving You//Fightin' Side Of Me/Six White Horses/Castle Of Shame (with Lois Williams)/I Was Sorta Wanderin'/Somebody's Bride/Mr. Sunday Sun

S-SLP-460 - Macon's-Here I Am - Major Ronnie Thompson [1970] Sittin' On The Dock Of The Bay/I Haven't Got The Heart To Say Goodbye/I Saw The Light/Workin' Man Blues/It Couldn't Happen Again (But Here I Am)/Jambalaya (On The Bayou)//Reconsider Me/Your Cheatin' Heart/Box Full Of Emptiness/Downtown Country Girl/Just A Closer Walk With Thee/I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry

S-SLP-461 - Wide World of Country Hits - International Strings & Nashville Cats [1971]

S-SLP-462 - Little Bit Late - Hank & Lewie Wickham [1970] Little Bit Late/I Started A Joke/Corrales/Rocky Raccoon/Keep On Keepin' On/Hippy Love Song/Brings Tears/How Come My Dog Don't Bark (When You Come 'Round)/Me and Bobby McGee/Endless Love Affair/I'm Gonna Miss You

S-SLP-463 - Rosie - Rose Maddox [1970] Faded Love/Bigger The Pride/Get It Over/I Still Believe In Tomorrow/Goodbye On Your Mind//Rocky Top/All I Have To Offer You Is Me/Key's In The Mailbox/I'm Happy Everyday I Live/Philadelphia Lawyer

S-SLP-464 - [not issued]

S-SLP-465 - The Best of the Lewis Family - Lewis Family [1970] Purple Robe/My Lord Is Taking Me Away/Sing/Joshua Fit The Battle Of Jericho/Go Tell It On The Mountain/Don't Be Ashamed Of Jesus//Climbing Jacob's Ladder/Where He Leads Me/Each Ring Of The Hammer/In The Garden/Down By The Riverside/Tramp On The Street

S-SLP-466 - The Best of the Willis Brothers - Willis Brothers [1971] Give Me Forty Acres (E)/Ring Of Fire (S)/Gonna Buy Me A Jukebox (S)/Somebody Knows My Dog (S)/Private Lee (S)/Bob (S)//There Goes My Farm (S)/Buying Popcorn (E)/Nashville's Ace In The Hole (S)/Six Foot Two By Four (S)/Ode To Big Joe (E)/Blues Stay Away From Me (S)

S-SLP-467 - [not issued]

SLP 9-468 - Country Music Hall of Fame Volume 10 - Various Artists [1970] Two record set. Faded Love - Rose Maddox/I Know You're Married, But I Still Love You - Red Sovine/My Cabin In Caroline - Flatt & Scruggs/Right After The Dance - Buck Owens/Hills Of Home (A Tribute To Carter Stanley) - Ralph Stanley/Talking Fiddle Blues - Stonemans/Heartaches By The Number - Guy Mitchell/Release Me - Dolly Parton/Signed, Sealed And Delivered - George Morgan/Are All The Children In - Minnie Pearl/I Don't Know Gee From Haw - Grandpa Jones/Doggin' In The U.S. Mail - Hal Willis/Cattle Call - Kenny Roberts/Today I Started Loving You Again - Arthur Prysock/You've Gotta Have A License - Tommy Collins/Blues Stay Away From Me - Willis Brothers/World's Biggest Whopper - Junior Samples/Country Girl - Roger Miller/Sing A Little Song Of Heartache - Dottie West/I Wish This Night Would Never End - Sonny James/Life To Legend (A Tribute To Bob Wills) - Gene Henslee/You Gotta Be My Baby - George Jones/Little Ole Wine Drinker Me - Snooky Lanson/Many Dreams Ago - Jan Howard/Wishful Thinking - Wynn Stewart/Who Does All The Work - Archie Campbell/Jimmy Caught The Dickens (Pushing Ernest In The Tub) - Reno & Smiley/Satisfied Mind - Roberta Sherwood

S-SLP-469 - The Bob Willis Story - Bob Willis [12/70]

S-SLP-470 - Jealous Heart - Kenny Roberts [12/70] Jealous Heart/Just A Little Lovin' (Will Go A Long Long Way)/Pretty Flowers/Pistol Packin' Mama/Peepin' Tom/Ding Dong Bells/Wondering/Best Part Of My Years/Green River/You're Standing In My Way/Mule Skinner Blues

S-SLP-471 - Stateside - Mel Tillis [1971]

S-SLP-472 - Here Come the Elephants - Johnny Bond [2/71] Here Come The Elephants/Big Old Town/Squaws Along The Yukon/Time Changes Everything/Ballad Of The Swinging Church//Day Drinkin' Again/Don't Let The Blues Make You Bad/My Conscience And I/Down To Your Last Fool/Giddy Up Hobo

S-SLP-473 - For the Good Times - Willis Brothers [1971] For The Good Times/John Told Back/Signed Sealed And Delivered/These Are My Kind Of People/Something/She's Living In Sin//You Make My Heart Want A Dip Of Snuff/I Still Do/Women's Liberation/Why Don't You Haul Off And Love Me/Eighty Horses Ago/I'll Sail My Ship Alone

S-SLP-474 - Callin' - Tommy Collins [1971] You Gotta Have A License/Cigarette Milner/Hot Rod Guitar/Roots Of My Risin'/I Could Sing All Night//Okie From Muskogee/Opal You Ask Me/Wildwood Flower/If You Ain't Lovin' (You Ain't Livin')/My Last Chance With You

S-SLP-475 - Here's Johnny Bush - Johnny Bush [10/71] Danny Boy/Bottle Bottle/Apartment No.9/Tonight We Steal Heaven Again/You Ought To Hear Me Cry/Lonely Street//Life Turned Her That Way/What A Way To Live/ I'll Warm By The Flame/Tonight I'm Going Home To An Angel/I'll Go To A Stranger/Wine Me Up

S-SLP-476 - Gospel Reunion - Bailes Brothers [1973] Jesus Hold My Hand/Remember Me/Dust On The Bible/Building On The Sand/Sweeter Than The Flowers/Last Night I Was Loved In By God//Ashamed To Own The Blessed Saviour/How Do You Talk To A Baby/He Will Set Your Fields On Fire/I Know It Was You/I Want To Be Loved/I Know Something Good About You

S-SLP-477 - Best of Truck Driver Songs Volume 2 - Various Artists [1972]

S-SLP-478 - Bluegrass Revue - Various Artists [1972]

S-SLP-479 - Big Merle - Merle Kilgore [1972]

S-SLP-480 - Ramblin' Bluegrass - Larry Sparks [1972] Dark Hollow/Memories And Dreams/Goodbye Little Darlin'/Too Much Mountain Dew/Kentucky Chimes/Just Loving You//Brand New Broken Heart/Long Journey Home/This Lonesome Old Feelin'/Faded Love/Life Of Sorrow/Kentucky Banjo

S-SLP-481 - Bluegrass On My Mind - Reno & Harrell [1973]

S-SLP-482 - Arrival of the New Grass Revival - New Grass Revival [1973] Great Balls Of Fire/Ginseng Sullivan/Body And Soul/Whisper My Name/Lonesome Fiddle Blues//Pennies In My Pocket/Cold Sailor/With Care From Someone/I Wish I Said I Love You One More Time /Prince Of Peace

S-SLP-483 - Back To the Hills - Jimmy Dempsey [1973] I Can See Clearly Now/Strawberry Wine/Easy Lovin' Dueling Banjos/others

S-SLP-484 - Tally Ho Charlie Monroe - Charlie Monroe [1973] Lazy Day/Penitentiary Blues/Find 'em Fool 'em Leave 'em Alone/Sweetheart I Love You Best/That's What I Like About You/Would You/Good Morning To You/Hard To Believe/Time Clock Of Life/I'm Gonna Away/Who's Calling You Sweetheart Tonight/Willow Garden

S-SLP-485 - Last Time Together - Don Reno & Red Smiley [1973] Are You Waiting Just For Me/Row My Boat/Dear Old Dixie/Sweetheart You Done Me Wrong/Ten Paces/Yes Sir That's My Baby/From The Manger To The Cross/Family Bible/Holiday Religion/Country Side Of Heaven (Where The Bluegrass Music Flows)/Christmas Time's A Coming/Little Red School House

S-SLP-486 - Carl Story [not issued?]

S-SLP-487 - Second Generation [not issued?]

S-SLP-488 - Carl Story - Carl Story [1973]

S-SLP-489 - J.D. Crowe and the New South - J.D. Crowe and the New South [1973] You Can Have Her/You Can Share My Blanket/Devil In Disguise/God's Own Singer/Ten Degrees And Getting Colder//How Come You Do Me/For Loving You/My Heart Talks To Me/Come On Down To My World/Leaves That Are Green

Thanks to Frank Frantik and Jeff Porterfield.
Cover scans courtesy of Bernd Kratochwil.

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