Stax Album Discography, Part 4: The Fantasy Years
by David Edwards and Mike Callahan
Last update: October 20, 1999

Fantasy Records bought the assets of Stax out of bankruptcy sometime after July, 1976. What Fantasy bought was all the post-Atlantic material, and also the material recorded during the Atlantic period that had not been previously released. Fantasy started with a 4100 series, and later moved to an 8500 series for the issues. The 8500 series here runs to 1995, some years after LPs had been discontinued. Fantasy is still issuing Stax CDs.

We would appreciate any additions or corrections to this discography. Just send them to us via e-mail. Both Sides Now Publications is an information web page. We are not a catalog, nor can we provide the records listed below. We have no association with Stax Records or associated labels. Stax is currently owned by Fantasy Records. Should you want to contact Fantasy, or should you be interested in acquiring albums listed in this discography (which are all out of print), we suggest you see our Frequently Asked Questions page and follow the instructions found there. This story and discography are copyright 1997, 1999 by Mike Callahan.


Number - Title - Artist [Release Date] Contents

4100 series:

STX-4100 - Sunshine - Emotions [1977] (12-77, #88) Shouting Out Love/Gee Whiz (Look At His Eyes)/I Really Miss You/Ain't No Sunshine/Runnin' Back (And Forth)/Any Way You Look At It/Baby I'm Through/Innocent/Put A Little Love Away.

STX-4101 - The Blues Don't Change - Albert King [1977] The Blues Don't Change/I'm Doing Fine/Nice To Be Nice (Ain't That Nice)/Oh Pretty Woman/King Of Kings/Feel The Need/Firing Line (I Don't Play With Your Woman You Don't Play With Mine)/The Pinch Paid Off, Parts 1 & 2/I Can't Stand The Rain/Ain't It Beautiful

STX-4102 - Hotbed - Isaac Hayes [1978] Use Me/I'm Gonna Have to Tell Her/The Ten Commandments of Love/Feel Like Makin' Love/Hobosac and Me

STX-4103 - Off the Wall - Fat Larry's Band [1977] Sparkle/Peaceful Journey/Castle of Joy/Passing Time/Easy/Don't You Worry About Tomorrow/Time/I Love You So/In the Pocket

STX-4104 - Free Ride - Booker T. (Jones) and the MG's [3/78]

STX-4105 - Open Door Policy - Soul Children [1978] Stir Up the Boogie Part 2/Who You Used To Be/Strangers/Summer in the Shade//Can't Give Up a Good Thing/Butt La Rose/Hard Living With a Man/Believing

STX-4106 - Money Talks - Bar-Kays [1978] Holy Ghost/Feelin' Alright/Monster/Money Talks/Mean Mistreater/Holy Ghost (Reborn)

STX-4107 - From the Gut to the Butt - Sho-Nuff

STX-4108 - Escape Hatch - Circle O'Fire [1978]

STX-4109 - Straight from the Heart - Rance Allen Group [1978] Joy/Security/California Gold (Keeps Calling Me)/I Belong To You/You Can Take My Music (But You Can't Take My Song)/I Found A Friend/The Wheel Of Life

STX-4110 - So I Can Love You - Emotions [1978?] Reissue of Volt VOS-6008.

STX-4111 - Whatcha See Is Whatcha Get - Dramatics [1978?] Reissue of Volt VOS- 6018.

STX-4112 - Untouched - Emotions [11/78] Reissue of Volt VOS-6015.

STX-4113 - Soul Limbo - Booker T & MG's [1978?] Reissue of Stax STS-2001. CD version released 1991.

STX-4114 - Hot Buttered Soul - Isaac Hayes [1978?] Reissue of Enterprise ENS-1001.

STX-4115 - Who's Making Love? - Johnnie Taylor [1978?] Reissue of Stax STS-2005.

STX-4116 - Bealtitude: Respect Yourself - Staple Singers [1978?] Reissue of Stax STS- 3002.

STX-4117 - Waiting for Little Milton - Little Milton [1978?] Reissue of Stax STS-3012.

STX-4118 - Mavis Staples - Mavis Staples [1978] Reissue of Volt VOS-6007.

STX-4119 - Chronicle - Staple Singers [1979] Heavy Makes You Happy (Sha Na Boom Boom)/Love Is Plentiful/You've Got To Earn It/Respect Yourself/I'll Take You There/This World/Oh La De Da/Be What You Are/If You're Ready (Come Go With Me)/Touch A Hand (Make A Friend)/City In The Sky/My Main Man

STX-4120 - Chronicle - Soul Children [1979] Give 'Em Love/I'll Understand/Tighten Up My Thang/The Sweeter He Is/Hold On I'm Coming/Hearsay/Don't Take My Kindness For Weakness/It Ain't Always What You Do (It's Who You Let See You Do It)/Love Is A Hurtin' Thing/I'll Be The Other Woman/Love Makes It Right/Can't Give Up A Good Thing

STX-4121 - Chronicle - Emotions [1979] So I Can Love You/The Best Part Of A Love Affair/Stealin' Love/When Tomorrow Comes/Heart Assoiciation/You Make Me Want To Love You/Show Me How/My Honey And Me/I Could Never Be Happy/From Toys To Boys/Runnin' Back (And Forth)/Put A Little Love Away/Baby I'm Through/Shouting Out Love

STX-4122 - Chronicle - Eddie Floyd [1979] Knock On Wood/Raise Your Hand/Love Is A Doggone Good Thing/On A Saturday Night/I've Never Found A Girl (To Love Me Like You Do)/Bring It On Home To Me/I've Got To Have Your Love/Don't Tell Your Mama/Why Is The Wine Sweeter (On The Other Side)/California Girl/My Girl/The Best Years Of My Life/Blood Is Thicker Than Water/Yum Yum Yum (I Want Some)/Check Me Out/Soul Street

STX-4123 - Chronicle - Albert King/Little Milton [1979] Can't You See What You're Doing To Me - Albert King/Everybody Wants To Go To Heaven - Albert King/Angel Of Mercy - Albert King/I'll Play The Blues For You - Albert King/Breakin' Up Somebody's Home - Albert King/That's What The Blues Is All About - Albert King//If That Ain't A Reason (For Your Woman To Leave You) - Little Milton/That's What Love Will Make You Do - Little Milton/What It Is - Little Milton/Tin Pan Alley - Little Milton/Behind Closed Doors - Little Milton/Let Me Back In - Little Milton/If You Talk In Your Sleep - Little Milton

STX-4124 - Chronicle: Their Greatest Stax Hits - Rufus & Carla Thomas [1979] Do The Funky Chicken - Rufus Thomas (S)/Sixty Minute Man - Rufus Thomas (S)/The Preacher And The Bear - Rufus Thomas (S)/(Do The) Push And Pull, Part 1 - Rufus Thomas (S)/The World Is Round - Rufus Thomas (S)/The Breakdown, Part 1 - Rufus Thomas (S)/Do The Funky Penguin - Rufus Thomas (S)/Where Do I Go - Carla Thomas (S)/I've Fallen In Love - Carla Thomas (S)/I Like What You're Doing (To Me) - Carla Thomas (S)/Guide Me Well - Carla Thomas (S)/You've Got A Cushion To Fall On - Carla Thomas (S). CD version (rel 1991) has bonus tracks: (Do The) Push And Pull, Part 2 - Rufus Thomas (S)/The Breakdown, Part 2 - Rufus Thomas (S)/Sugar - Carla Thomas (S)

STX-4125 - Kilo - Kilo [1979]

STX-4126 - For the Real Feeling - Shirley Brown [1979]

STX-4127 - Smile - Rance Allen [1979]

STX-4128 - Live Wire/Blues Power - Albert King [1979] Reissue of Stax STS-2003.

STX-4129 - The Isaac Hayes Movement - Isaac Hayes [1979] Reissue of Enterprise ENS-1010.

STX-4130 - Gotta Groove - Bar-Kays [1980?] Reissue of Volt VOS-6004.

STX-4131 - A Dramatic Experience - Dramatics [1980?] Reissue of Volt VOS-6019.

STX-4132 - Montreux Festival - Albert King, Chico Hamilton & Little Milton [1980?] Reissue of Stax STS-5520.

STX-4133 - ...To Be Continued - Isaac Hayes [1980?] Reissue of Enterprise ENS-1014.

STX-4134 - That's Where It's At! - John Lee Hooker [1980?] Reissue of Stax STS-2013.

STX-4135 - Woman to Woman - Shirley Brown [1980?] Reissue of Truth TRS-4206.

STX-4136 - I Feel Like Going On - Rance Allen Group [1980] Where Did I Go Wrong/Some People/I'm Coming Back To You/Can't Get Enough/God Can Do The Impossible/I Will Forever Lean On You/Believe In Yourself/I Feel Like Going On

8500 series:

MPS-8501 - Stax: 15 Original Big Hits, Volume 1 - Various Artists [1981] In The Rain - Dramatics/Woman To Woman - Shirley Brown/Soul Limbo - Booker T & MG's/I Forgot To Be Your Lover - William Bell/So I Can Love You - Emotions/I Never Found A Girl - Eddie Floyd/Holy Ghost - Bar-Kays/Who's Making Love - Johnnie Taylor/Mr. Big Stuff - Jeanne Knight/Never Can Say Goodbye - Isaac Hayes/I've Been Lonely For So Long - Frederick Knight/I'll Take You There - Staple Singers/others

MPS-8502 - Stax: 15 Original Big Hits, Volume 2 - Various Artists [1981] Time Is Tight - Booker T. & MG's (S)/Shoutin' Out Love - Emotions (S)/I'll Play The Blues For You - Albert King (S)/I Like What You're Doin' - Carla Thomas (S)/Cheaper To Keep Her - Johnnie Taylor (S)/Private Number - Judy Clay & William Bell (S)/Dedicated To The One I Love - Temprees (S)//Shaft - Isaac Hayes (S)/Son Of Shaft - Bar-Kays (S)/Respect Yourself - Staple Singers (S)/Whatcha See Is Whatcha Get - Dramatics (S)/Do The Push And Pull - Rufus Thomas (S)/Ain't No Need Of Cryin' - Rance Allen Group (S)/Too Many Lovers - Shack (S)/Pin The Tail -Newcomers (S)

MPS-8503 - The Best of Wattstax - Various Artists [1981] O La De Da - Staples Singers (S, live)/Son Of Shaft - Bar-Kays (S, live)/I Can't Turn You Loose - Bar-Kays (S, live)/Gee Whiz - Carla Thomas (S, live)/Knock On Wood - Eddie Floyd (S, live)/Ain't No Sunshine - Isaac Hayes (S, live)//Breakdown - Rufus Thomas (S, live)/Killing Floor - Albert King (S, live)/Angel Of Mercy - Albert King (S, live)/So I Can Love You - Emotions (S, live)/Walkin' The backstreets - Little Milton (S, live)

MPS-8504 - Blues for Elvis - Albert King [1981] Reissue of Stax STS-2015.

MPS-8505 - Greatest Hits - Booker T. & MG's [1981] Reissue of Stax STS-2033.

MPS-8506 - High on the Blues - Jimmy McCracklin [1981] Reissue of Stax STS-2047.

MPS-8507 - A Soulful Experience - Rance Allen [1981] Ring My Bell/Ain't No Need Of Crying/What A Day/The Painter/Talk That Talk, Parts 1 & 2/Just Found Me/I Give My All To You/Harlem Heaven

MPS-8508 - Raw Blues - Johnnie Taylor [1981] Reissue of Stax STS-2008.

MPS-8509 - Excerpts From Black Moses - Isaac Hayes [1981]

MPS-8510 - Coldblooded - Bar-Kays [1981] Reissue of Volt VOS-6023/VOS-9504.

MPS-8511 - This Time Around - Staple Singers [1981] Live In Love/This Time Around/Trippin' On Your Love/A Child's Life//I Got To Be Myself/People Come Out Of Your Shell/When It Rains It Pours/If It Wasn't For A Woman

MPS-8512 - Check It Out - Randy Brown [1981] Reissue of Stax STS-8512.

MPS-8513 - I'll Play the Blues for You - Albert King [1981] Reissue of Stax STS-3009.

MPS-8514 - Walkin' the Back Streets - Little Milton [1981] Walking The Back Streets And Crying/Before The Honeymoon/Somebody's Tears/Blue Monday/Married Woman/Eight Men And Four Women/Open The Door To Your Heart/Letter Full Of Tears/Bet You I'll Win

MPS-8515 - Greatest Hit Singles - Isaac Hayes [1982] By The Time I Get To Phoenix/Walk On By/I Stand Accused/The Look Of Love/Never Can Say Goodbye/Theme From Shaft/Do Your Thing/Let's Stay Together/Theme From The Men/(If Loving You Is Wrong) I Don't Want To Be Right/Joy, Part 1/Ain't That Loving You (For More Reasons Than One) [with David Porter]

MPS-8516 - Stax: 15 Original Big Hits, Volume 3 - Various Artists [1982] I Believe In You (You Believe In Me) - Johnnie Taylor/If You're Ready (Come Go With Me) - Staple Singers/Lovin' On Borrowed Time - William Bell/Hearsay - Soul Children/Hey You Get Off My Mountain - Dramatics/I Got To Be Myself - Rance Allen/Walk On By - Isaac Hayes/Knock On Wood - Eddie Floyd/Show Me How - Emotions/That's What The Blues Is All About - Albert King/Do The Funky Chicken - Rufus Thomas/others

MPS-8517 - Lovejoy - Albert King [1982] Reissue of Stax STS-2040.

MPS-8518 - Blues n' Soul - Little Milton [1982] Reissue of Stax STS-5514.

MPS-8519 - It's Christmas Time Again - Various Artists [1982] Please Come Home For Christmas - Little Johnny Taylor/White Christmas - Rance Allen Group/Santa Claus Wants Some Lovin' - Mack Rice/I'll Be Your Santa Baby - Rufus Thomas/Christmas Comes But Once A Year - Albert King/Santa Claus Wants Some Lovin' - Albert King/Who Took The Merry Out Of Christmas? - Staple Singers/What Do The Lonely Do At Christmas - Emotions/The Mistletoe And Me - Isaac Hayes/It's Christmas Time Again (The Christmas Song) - Temprees. CD version has bonus tracks: Black Christmas (vocal) - Emotions/Winter Snow - Isaac Hayes

MPS-8520 - Super Hits - Johnnie Taylor [1983] Who's Making Love/Take Care Of Your Homework/Testify (I Wonna)/Love Bones/Steal Away/Cheaper To Keep Her/I Am Somebody, Part 2/We're Getting Careless With Our Love/I Believe In You (You Believe In Me)/Jody's Got Your Girl And Gone

MPS-8521 - Melting Pot - Booker T. & MG's [1983] Reissue of Stax STS-2035. CD version issued 1991.

MPS-8522 - Years Gone By - Albert King [1983] Reissue of Stax STS-2010.

MPS-8523 - Dramatically Yours - Dramatics [1984] Reissue of Volt VOS-9501.

MPS-8524 - The Best of the Temprees - Temprees [1984] Dedicated To The One I Love/My Baby Love/Love...Can Be So Wonderful/I'm For You You For Me/Explain It To Her Mama/Love's Maze/A Thousand Miles Away/(Girl) I Love You/You Make The Sun Shine/At Last/Come And Get Your Love/I Love I Love.

MPS-8525 - The Best of the Mad Lads - Mad Lads [1984] So Nice (S)/Make Room (S)/Seeing Is Believing (M)/Make This Young Lady Mine (S)/Love Is Here Today And Gone Tomorrow (S)/Cry Baby (S)/By The Time I Get To Phoenix (S)/Gone The Promise Of Yesterday (S)/Did My Baby Call (S)/No Strings Attached (S)/These Old Memories (S)/I Forgot To Be Your Lover (S)/I'm So Glad I Fell In Love With You (S)/Let Me Repair Your Heart (S). CD version released 1991.

MPS-8526 - The Best of the Dramatics - Dramatics [1984] Whatcha See Is Whatcha Get/Thankful For Your Love/Get Up And Get Down/Fall In Love/Lady Love/And I Panicked/In The Rain/Toast To The Fool/Hey You Get Off My Mountain/Fell For You/The Devil Is A Dope

MPS-8527 - Soul Street - Eddie Floyd [1984] Reissue of Stax STS-5512.

MPS-8528 - Stax Blues Masters: Blue Monday - Various Artists [1984] Things That I Used To Do - Little Sonny/Blues With A Feeling - Little Sonny/Driving Wheel - Albert King/Bad Luck- More Bad Luck - Albert King/Born Under A Bad Sign - Albert King/The Creeper - Freddie Robinson/I Wonder - Freddie Robinson/After Hours - Freddie Robinson/Open The Door To Your Heart - Little Milton/Blue Monday - Little Milton. CD version has bonus tracks: River's Invitation - Freddie Robinson/It's Hard Going Up (But Twice As Hard Coming Down - Little Sonny

MPS-8529 - Grits Ain't Groceries - Little Milton [1984] Let Me Down Easy/Grits Ain't Groceries (All Around The World)/Blind Man/I Can't Quit You Baby/That's What Love Will Make You Do/Walking The Back Streets And Crying

MPS-8530 - Joy - Isaac Hayes [1984] Reissue of Enterprise ENS-5007.

MPS-8531 - The Booker T. Set - Booket T. & MG's [1987] Reissue of Stax STS-2009.

MPS-8532 - We'll Get Over - Staple Singers [1986] We'll Get Over/Give A Damn/Everyday People/The End Of Our Road/Tend To Your Own Business/Solon Bushi (Japanese Folk Song)/The Challenge/God Bless The Children/Games People Play/A Wednesday In Your Garden/The Gardner/When Will We Be Paid. CD version has bonus tracks: Brand New Day/Who Took The Merry Out Of Christmas

MPS-8533 - The New King of Blues Harmonica - Little Sonny [1986] Reissue of Enterprise ENS-1005.

MPS-8534 - The Lost Session - Albert King [1986] She Won't Gimme No Lovin'/Cold In Hand/Stop Lying/All The Way Down/Tell Me What True Love Is/Down The Road I Go/Money Lovin' Women/Sun Gone Down (Take 1)/Brand New Razor/Sun Gone Down (Take 2)

MPS-8535 - Stax: 15 Original Big Hits, Volume 4 - Various Artists [1986]

MPS-8536 - I Wanna Get Funky - Albert King [1987] Reissue of Stax STS-5505.

MPS-8537 - Taylored in Silk - Johnnie Taylor [1987] Reissue of Stax STS-3014.

MPS-8538 - Memphis Queen - Carla Thomas [1987] Reissue of Stax STS-2019.

MPS-8539 - Only For The Lonely - Mavis Staples [1987] Reissue of Volt VOS-6010.

MPS-8540 - The Best of the Rance Allen Group - Rance Allen [1988] Ain't No Need Of Crying/Just My Imagination (Just My Salvation)/There's Gonna Be A Showdown/That Will Be Good Enough For Me/Hot Line To Jesus/Gonna Make It Alright/I Belong To You/I Give My All To You/Heaven Is Where The Heart Is/Smile/I Got To Be Myself/I Know The Man Who

MPS-8541 - The Best of William Bell - William Bell [1988] I Forgot To Be Your Lover (S)/Private Number [with Judy Clay] (S)/Born Under A Bad Sign (S)/My Kind Of Girl (S)/Lonely Soldier (S)/Save Us (S)/A Penny For Your Thoughts (S)/My Baby Specializes [with Judy Clay] (S)/My Whole World Is Falling Down (S)/All For The Love Of A Woman (S)/'Til My Back Ain't Got No Bone (S)/I'll Be Home (S)/A Smile Can't Hide (A Broken Heart) (S)/Gettin' What You Want (Losin' What You Got) (S). CD version released 1990.

MPS-8542 - The Best of the Bar-Kays - Bar-Kays [1988] Son Of Shaft/Montego Bay/Humpin'/Sang And Dance/Midnight Cowboy/A.J. The Housefly/In The Hole/Holy Ghost/I Thank You/Don't Stop Dancing (To The Music), Parts 1 & 2/Copy Cat

MPS-8543 - The Stax Soul Sisters - Various Artists [1988] It Ain't No Fun - Shirley Brown (S)/Short Stopping - Veda Brown (S)/You Made Me A Woman - Barbara Lewis (S)/What A Man - Linda Lyndell (M)/Guide Me Well - Carla Thomas (S)/Since I Fell For You - Mavis Staples (S)/Carry On - Jean Knight (S)/Mr. Big Stuff - Jean Knight (S)/Running Out - Mabel John (M)/Your Sweet Lovin' - Margie Joseph (S)/You've Got A Cushion To Fall On - Carla Thomas (S)/The Time - Inez Foxx (S)/You Think You're Hot Stuff - Jean Knight (S)/Bed Of Roses - Judy Clay (S)

MPS-8544 - Jammed Together - Steve Cropper, Pop Staples & Albert King [1988] Reissue of Stax STS-2020.

MPS-8545 - The Dramatics Live - Dramatics [1988] Get Up And Get Down/Thankful For Your Love/This Guy's In Love With You/Respect Yourself/That's The Way I Feel About Cha/Toast To The Fool/In The Rain/Whatcha See Is Whatcha Get

MPS-8546 - Blues at Sunrise - Albert King [1988] Don't Burn Down The Bridge (‘Cause You Might Wanna Come Back Across)/I Believe To My Soul/For The Love Of A Woman/Blues At Sunrise/I'll Play The Blues For You/Little Brother (Make A Way)/Roadhouse Blues

MPS-8547 - The Stax Blues Brothers - Various Artists [1988] Cold Sweat - Albert King (S)/Rock Me Baby - Mighty Joe Hicks (S)/Slow And Easy - John Lee Hooker (M)/Think - Jimmy McCracklin (S)/Steal Away - Johnnie Taylor (S)/Tupelo, Parts 1 & 2 - Albert King, Steve Cropper, & Pop Staples (S)/Tryin' Time - Roebuck "Pop" Staples (S)/Little Bluebird - Little Milton (M)/You're The One - Jimmy McCracklin (S)/Doin' My Own Thing - Johnnie Taylor (S)/Drownin' On Dry Land - Albert King (S)/Honest I Do - Little Sonny (S)

MPS-8548 - The Stax Soul Brothers - Various Artists [1988] We're Getting Careless With Our Love - Johnnie Taylor (S)/Love's Gonna Tear Your House Down, Parts 1 & 2 - Chuck Brooks (S)/Behind Closed Doors - Little Milton (S)/I've Been Lonely For So Long - Frederick Knight (S)/The Whole Damn World Is Going Crazy - John Gary Williams (S)/Too Many Lovers - Shack (S)/For Sentimental Reasons - Rufus Thomas (M)/I'm Afraid The Masquerade Is Over - David Porter (S)/Bring It On Home To Me - Eddie Floyd (S)/My Whole World Is Falling Down - William Bell (S)/Part Time Love - Isaac Hayes (S)

MPS-8549 -Sweet Soul Music: The Stax Groups - Various Artists [1988] Since I've Been In Love (M)/The Echo - Epsilons (S)/All Because Of You - Limitations (M)/Since I Fell For You - Lords (S)/Mannish Boy - Newcomers (M)/Which Way - Leaders (S)/Too Much Going On To Say Good-Bye - Newcomers (S)//I Love You You Love Me - Temprees (S)/Let Me Repair Your Heart - Mad Lads (S)/Anyone Can - Leaders (M)/Girl This Boy Loves You - Newcomers (S)/Peaceful Journey - Fat Larry's Band (S)/I'll Be Your Anything - Ollie & Nightingales (M)

MPS-8550 - What it Is - Little Milton [1989?] Spring/Let Me Down Easy/We're Gonna Make It/Blind Man/Tell Me It's Not True/That's What Love Will Make You Do/What It Is

MPS-8551 - Superblues: All Time Classic Blues Hits, Volume 1 - Various Artists [1990] The Thrill Is Gone - B.B. King (S)/Down Home Blues - Z.Z. Hill (S)/It's Gonna Work Out Fine - Ike & Tina Turner (M)/I'll Play The Blues For You, Parts 1 & 2 - Albert King (S)/Killing Floor - Howlin' Wolf (M)/Honest I Do - Jimmy Reed (E)/Wang Dang Doodle - Koko Taylor (S)/Part Time Love - Little Johnny Taylor (S)/Part Time Love - Johnnie Taylor (S)/I Pity The Fool - Bobby "Blue" Bland (M)/Blue Monday - Little Milton (S)/Got To Move Your Baby - Lightnin' Hopkins (M)/Wish Someone Would Care - Irma Thomas (S)/Mercy Mercy Mercy - Johnny "Guitar" Watson & Larry Williams (M)

MPS-8552 - McLemore Avenue - Booker T. & MG's [1990] Reissue of Stax STS-2027.

MPS-8553 - Be What You Are - Staples Singers [1990] Reissue of Stax STS-3015.

MPS-8554 - Mr. Big Stuff - Jean Knight [1990] Reissue of Stax STS-2045. Mr. Big Stuff/A Little Bit Of Something (Is Better Than All of Nothing)/Don't Talk About Jody/Think It Over/Take Him (You Can Have My Man)/You City Slicker/Why I Keep Living These Memories/Call Me Your Fool (If You Want To)/One-Way Ticket To Nowhere (It's The End of The Ride) Your Six-Bit Change. CD version has bonus tracks: Do Me/Helping Man/Carry On/Save The Last Kiss For Me/Pick Up The Pieces/You Think You're Hot Stuff

MPS-8555 - With a Little Help from My Friends - Steve Cropper [1990] Reissue of Volt VOS-6006.

MPS-8556 - Wednesday Night in San Francisco - Albert King [1990] Recorded live at the Fillmore. Watermelon Man/Why You So Mean To Me/I Get Evil/Got To Be Some Changes Made/Personal Manager/Born Under A Bad Sign/Don't Throw Your Love On Me So Strong

MPS-8557 - Thursday Night in San Francisco - Albert King [1990] Recorded live at the Fillmore. San-Ho-Zay/You Upset Me Baby/Call It Stormy Monday/Everyday I Have The Blues/Drifting Blues/I've Made Nights By Myself/Crosscut Saw/I'm Gonna Move To The Outskirts Of Town/Oo-Wee Baby

MPS-8558 - Little Bluebird - Johnnie Taylor [1990] Little Bluebird/Toe Hold/I've Got To Love Somebody's Baby/Just The One (I've Been Looking For)/Outside Love/You Can't Get Away From It/I Had A Dream/Somebody's Been Sleeping In My Bed/I Ain't Particular/Steal Away (live)/Stop Doggin' Me (live)/Jody's Got Your Girl And Gone (live)

MPS-8559 - Superblues: All Time Classic Blues Hits, Volume 2 - Various Artists [1991] The Things That I Used To Do - Guitar Slim (M)/Chains Of Love - Joe Turner (M)/Please Send Me Someone To Love - Percy Mayfield (M)/Lawdy Miss Clawdy - Lloyd Price (M)/Standing At The Crossroads - Elmore James (E)/Reconsider Baby - Lowell Fulson (M)/No More Doggin' - Roscoe Gordon (M)/Dirty Work Goin' On - Little Joe Blue (M)/You Can Make It If You Try - Gene Allison (M)/Next Time You See Me - Little Junior Parker (E)/Don't Start Me To Talkin' - Sonny Boy Williamson (M)/Will You Ever Be Mine - Donnie Elbert (M)/You're Gonna Make Me Cry - O.V. Wright (M)/Steal Away - Jimmy Hughes (M)/Steal Away - Johnnie Taylor (S)/You'll Need Another Favor - Little Johnny Taylor (S)/Funny - Joe Hinton (M)/Breaking Up Somebody's Home - Albert King (S)

MPS-8560 - I'm in a Phone Booth Baby - Albert King [1991] Phone Booth/Dust My Broom/The Sky Is Crying/Brother Go Ahead And Take Her/Your Bread Ain't Done/Firing Line/The Game Goes On/Truck Load Of Lovin'/You Gotta Sacrifice

MPS-8561 - Soul Folk in Action - Staples Singers [1991] Reissue of Stax STS-2004.

MPS-8562 - Uptight - Booker T. & MG's [1991] Reissue of Stax STS-2006.

MPS-8563 - The Johnnie Taylor Philosophy Continues - Johnnie Taylor [1991?] Reissue of Stax STS-2030.

MPS-8564 - I've Been Lonely for So Long - Frederick Knight [1991?] Reissue of Stax STS-3011.

MPS-8565 - Estelle, Myrna and Sylvia - Sweet Inspirations [1991?] Reissue of Stax STS- 3017. Wishes And Dishes/You Roam When You Don't Get It At Home/Slipped And Tripped/All It Takes is You And Me/Pity Yourself //Emergency/Call Me When All Else Fails/The Whole World is Out/Why Marry. CD version has bonus tracks: Sweet Inspiration/Why Am I Treated So Bad

MPS-8566 - A Little Something Extra - William Bell [1991?] She Won't Be Like You (M)/All That I Am (M)/Let's Do Something Together (M)/Forever Wouldn't Be Too Long (M)/You Got Me Where You Want Me (M, slow version)/Quittin' Time (M)/That's My Love (M)/You Need A Little Something Extra (M)/There's A Love (M)/Never Let Me Go (M)/We Got Something Good (M)/You Got Me Where You Want Me (M, fast version)/Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow (M)/Love Will Find A Way (M)/What Did I Do Wrong (M)/Sacrifice (M)/Love Is After Me (M)/The Life I Live (M)/Wait (M)/You're Never Too Old (S)

MPS-8567 - Funky Broadway: Stax Revue Live at the 5/4 Ballroom - Various Artists [1992] Green Onions - Booker T. & MG's (S, live)/Can't Sit Down - Booker T. & MG's (S, live)/Summertime - Booker T. & MG's (S, live)/Soul Twist - Booker T. & MG's (S, live)/Boot-Leg - Booker T. & MG's (S, live)/Don't Have To Shop Around - Mad Lads (S, live)/Candy - Astors (S, live)/Last Night - Mar-Keys (S, live)/Any Other Way - William Bell (S, live)/You Don't Miss Your Water - William Bell (S, live)/Every Ounce Of Strength I Have - Carla Thomas (S, live)/Do The Dog - Rufus Thomas (S, live)/Walking The Dog - Rufus Thomas (S, live)

MPS-8568 - Hidden Gems - Carla Thomas [1992] I'll Never Stop Loving You (S)/I Wonder About Love (M)/Little Boy (M)/Loneliness (M)/(Your Love Is A) Life Saver (M)/Sweet Sensation (M)/You'll Lose A Good Thing (S)/I've Made Up My Mind (M)/My Man Believes In Me (M)/I Like It (M)/Run Around (M)/Good Good Lovin' (S)/That Beat Keeps Disturbin' My Sleep (M)/If It's Not Asking Too Much (M)/It Ain't No Easy Thing (M)/Toe Hold (S)/Good Man (M)/I Can't Hide It (S)/Thump In My Heart (M)/Goodbye My Love (M)

MPS-8569 - Can't Get Away from This Dog - Rufus Thomas [1992] Promo For Rufus Thomas (S)/Can't Get Away From This Dog (M)/44 Long (M)/Strolling Beale No. 1 (M)/Cherry Red Blues (M)/Walking The Dog (M, alternate version)/Carry Me Back To Old Virginny (M)/Bearfootin' (S, with false start and countoff)/A Story That Has Never Been Told (M)/Last Clean Shirt (M)/Show Me The Way To Go Home (M)/Jump Back (M, alternate version)/My Girl (M)/We're Gonna Make It [with Carla Thomas] (M)/Don't Mess Up A Good Thing [with Carla Thomas] (M)/I Wanna Hold You (M)/Can Your Monkey Do The Dog (M, alternate version)/Stop Kicking My Dog Around (M)/Wang Dang Doodle (M)/Reconsider Baby [with Carla Thomas] (M)

MPS-8570 - The Blues Don't Change - Albert King [1992?] Reissue of Stax STX-4101.

MPS-8571 - Crosscut Saw: Albert King in San Francisco - Albert King [1992?] Honey Bee/Ask Me No Questions/I'm Gonna Move To The Outskirts Of Town/They Made The Queen Welcome/Floodin' In California/I Found Love In The Food Stamp Line/Matchbox Blues/

MPS-8572 - Remember Me - Otis Redding [1992?] Trick Or Treat/Loving By The Pound/There Goes My Baby/Remember Me/Send Me Some Lovin'/She's Alright/Cupid/The Boston Monkey/Don't Be Afraid Of Love/Little Old Me/Pounds And Hundreds/You Got Good Lovin'/Gone Again/I'm Coming Home/(Sittin' On) The Dock Of The Bay (Takes 1 & 2)/Respect/Open The Door To Your Heart/I've Got Dreams To Remember/Come To Me/Try A Little Tenderness/Stay In School

MPS-8573 - The Staple Swingers - Staple Singers [1992?] Reissue of Stax STS-2034.

MPS-8574 - Starting All Over Again - Mel & Tim [1992?] Reissue of Stax STS-3007.

MPS-8575 - Black & Blue - Little Sonny [1992?] Reissue of Enterprise ENS-1018.

MPS-8576 - The Many Grooves of Barbara Lewis - Barbara Lewis [1993?] Reissue of Enterprise ENS-1006.

MPS-8577 - The MG's - MG's [1993?] Essentially a reissue of Stax STS-3024. Sugarcane/Neck Bone/Spare Change/Leaving The Past/Leftovers (Bucaramanga)/Blackside/One Of A Kind (Love Affair)/Frustration. CD version has bonus tracks: Jamaica This Morning/Breezy

MPS-8578 - Stay Out of the Kitchen - Mable John [1993?] Stay Out Of The Kitchen/Leftover Love/Able Mable/Shouldn't I Love Him/Catch That Man/Ain't Giving It Up/Running Out/Love Tornado/Bigger And Better/Sweet Devil/It's Catching/Drop On In/That Woman Will Give It A Try/That's What My Love Can Do/I Love You More Than Words Can Say/Have Your Cake/Be Warm To Me/I Taught You How/If You Give Up What You Got (See What You Lost)/Don't Get Caught/That Man's Too Busy/I'm A Big Girl Now-Slate-I'm A Big Girl Now/To Love What I Want And Want What I Love/Sorry About That/I Need Your Love So Bad

MPS-8579 - Good to Me (Live at the Whiskey a Go Go, Volume 2) - Otis Redding [1993] Introduction/I'm Depending On You/Your One And Only Man/Good To Me/Chained And Bound/Ol' Man Trouble/Pain In My Heart/These Arms Of Mine/I Can't Turn You Loose/I've Been Loving You Too Long/Security/A Hard Day's Night

MPS-8580 - I'll Run Your Hurt Away - Ruby Johnson [1993] I'll Run Your Hurt Away/What More Can A Woman Do/It Won't Be Long/The Love Of My Man/Why Not Give Me A Chance/It's Not That Easy/You Know You Lied/Come To Me Darling/It's Better To Give Than Receive/Keep On Keeping On/How Strong My Love Is/I Need Your Love So Bad/Come To Me Darling/Left Over Love/I'd Better Check On Myself/I'd Rather Fight Than Switch/No No No/If I Ever Needed Love/When My Love Comes Down/Weak Spot

MPS-8581 - Blues at Sunset (Live at Wattstax and Montreux) - Albert King [1993] Wattstax: Match Box Blues/Got To Be Some Changes Made/I'll Play The Blues For You/Killing Floor/Angel Of Mercy; Montreux: Match Box Blues/Watermelon Man/Breaking Up Somebody's Home/Call It Stormy Monday

MPS-8582 - Tin Pan Alley - Little Milton [1993] If That Ain't A Reason (For Your Woman To Leave You)/Mr. Mailman (I Don't Want No Letter)/I'm Living Off The Love You Give/That's What Love Will Make You Do/I'm Gonna Cry A River/Rainy Day/Lovin' Stick/Tin Pan Alley/Let Me Back In/Let Your Loss Be Your Lesson/If You Talk In Your Sleep/Packed Up And Took My Mind

MPS-8583 - Super Taylor - Johnnie Taylor [1993] Reissue of Stax STS-5509 with tracks added: It's September/Darling I Love You/Try Me Tonight/Free/I've Been Born Again/At Night Time (My Pillow Tells A Tale On Me/It Don't Pay To Get Up In The Morning/Just One Moment/Stop Teasin' Me/Don't You Fool With My Soul, Parts 1 & 2/Love Depression/Poor Make Believer

MPS-8584 - Duets - William Bell [1993?] Let Me Ride/Lonely Soldier/Get It While It's Hot/Love-Eye-Tis [with Judy Clay]/Leftover Love [with Judy Clay]/Private Number [with Judy Clay]/My Baby Specializes [with Judy Clay]/Love's Sweet Sensation [with Mavis Staples]/Strung Out [with Mavis Staples]/Leave The Girl Alone [with Mavis Staples]/I Need You Woman [with Carla Thomas]/I Need You Woman [with Carla Thomas]/All I Have To Do Is Dream [with Carla Thomas]

MPS-8585 - Wonderful - Isaac Hayes [1993?] Ain't No Sunshine/Rollin' Down A Mountainside/I Can't Help It (If I'm Still In Love With You)/Wonderful/Someone Made You For Me/Ain't That Loving You (In More Ways Than One) [with David Porter]/Baby I'm A Want You [with David Porter]/The Mistletoe And Me/Winter Snow

MPS-8586 - Funky London - Albert King [1994] Cold Sweat/Can't You See What You're Doing To Me/Funky London/Lonesome/Bad Luck/Sweet Fingers/Finger On The Trigger/Drivin' Wheel/Lovingest Woman In Town

MPS-8587 - Sugar - Carla Thomas [1994] Never Be True/(I'm Going Back To) Living In The City/I Loved You Like I Love My Very Life/Hi-De-Ho (That Old Sweet Roll)/Sugar/I May Not Be All You Want (But I'm All You Got)/Love Among People/I Have A God Who Loves/I Like What You're Doing (To Me)/Gee Whiz (Look At His Eyes)/It's Unbelievable (How You Control My Soul) [with Pervis Staples]/I'm Trying [with Pervis Staples]/I've Just Been Feeling Bad [with Johnnie Taylor]

MPS-8588 - Taylored in Silk - Johnnie Taylor [1995] Reissue of Stax STS-3014. We're Getting Careless With Our Love/Starting All Over Again/Cheaper To Keep Her/Talk To Me //I Believe In You (You Believe In Me)/One Thing Wrong With My Baby/I Can Read Between The Lines/This Bitter Earth. CD version has bonus tracks: Hijackin' Love/Love In The Streets (Ain't As Good As Love At Home)/Standing In For Jody/Shackin' Up/Doin' My Thing, Parts 1 & 2

MPS-8589 - Straight from the Heart - Rance Allen Group [1995] Reissue of Stax STX- 4109. CD has bonus tracks: White Christmas/Lying On The Truth/I Know Who/Reach Out/Candle In The Dark

MPS-8590 - Sunshine - Emotions [1995] Reissue of Stax 4100. Shouting Out Love/Gee Whiz (Look At His Eyes)/I Really Miss You/Ain't No Sunshine/Runnin' Back (And Forth)/Any Way You Look At It/Baby I'm Through/Innocent/Put A Little Love Away. CD has bonus tracks: I've fallen In Love/I Wanna Come Back/Peace Be Still/What Do The Lonely Do At Christmas/I Call This Loving You

MPS-8591 - Ghetto: Misfortune's Wealth - 24-Carat Black [1995] In The Ghetto/God Save The World/Poverty's Paradise/Brown Baggin'/Mother's Day/Foodstamps/Ghetto: Misfortune's Wealth/24-Carat Black (Theme)

MPS-8592 - Victim of the Joke?: An Opera - David Porter [1995] Reissue of Enterprise ENS-1019.

88000 Series:

STX-88001 -

STX-88002 - Shaft (Soundtrack) - Isaac Hayes [11/78] Reissue of Enterprise ENS-2- 5002 (2-LP set)

Gospel Truth Series (released by Fantasy):

14001 - Rance Allen Group - Rance Allen Group [8/78] Reissue of Gospel Truth GTS- 2701.

14002 - In Concert - Rev. Maceo Woods [8/78] Reissue of Gospel Truth GTS-2703.

14003 - Jesus People - Rev. Maceo Woods [8/78] Reissue of Gospel Truth GTS-2704.

14004 - God Save Your People - Rev. Maceo Woods [8/78] Reissue of Gospel Truth GTS-2706.

14005 - Truth Is Where It's At - Rance Allen Group [8/78] Reissue of Gospel Truth GTS- 2709.

14006 - Henry Jackson Company - Henry Jackson Company [8/78] Reissue of Gospel Truth GTS-2719.

14007 - A New Dawning - Rev. Maceo Woods [8/78] Reissue of Gospel Truth GTS- 2722.

14008 - Brothers - Rance Allen Group [8/78]] Reissue of Gospel Truth GTS-3502.

14009 - Goodbye Loneliness Hello Happiness - Rev. Maceo Woods [8/78] Reissue of Gospel Truth GTS-3506.

14010 - I Am Determined - Howard Lemon Singers [8/78] Reissue of Gospel Truth GTS- 3503.

14011 - Do Your Best - Walter Hawkins & Family

14012 -

14013 -

14014 - We've Come This Far By Faith - The Capitol City Stars [1979] Reissue of Trusound TRU-60003. Another Day/We've Come This Far By Faith/There'll Be Rest For The Weary/It's Gonna Rain/Lord Guide My Hand/It's Alright/Friends Talk About Me/Jesus I Love To Call Your Name/Gonna Walk Right Out/I Love The Lord/I'm So Glad/My God Called Me This Morning

14015 - ? - Clefs of Calvary [1979] Reissue of Trusound TRU-60007.

44000 Series:

44001 - Our Best to You: A Collection of Gospel Gems - Various Artists

44001 - Our Best to You: A Collection of Gospel Gems - Various Artists

...Continued in Part 5...

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