Stax-Related Album Discography: Hip/Respect/Koko/Gospel Truth/Truth/We Produce/Partee
by David Edwards and Mike Callahan
Last update: March 25, 2002

Stax had many subsidiary and related labels.

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Number - Title - Artist [Release Date] (Chart) Contents

The Hip label is pink and red with black printing. "HIP" in large blue letters lined with black above the center hole. Promo copies use the same label with "PROMOTION COPY" added.

7001 - Smell Of Incense - Southwest F.O.B. [1969] Smell Of Incense/Tomorrow/Rock ‘N Roll Woman/Downtown Woman/Nadine//All One Big Game/On My Mind/Bells Of Baytown/And Another Thing

7002 - Candy Coated Goodees - Goodees [1969] Condition Red (S)/Sad Song For Harry (S)/A Little Bit Of You (S)/Double Shot (S)/Worst That Could Happen (S)/Girl Crazy (S)//Jilted (S)/Didn't Know Love Was So Good (S)/My Boyfriend's Back (S)/Promises (S)/He's A Rebel (S)

7003 - Knowbody Else - Knowbody Else [1969] The Knowbody Else later recorded as Black Oak Arkansas on Atco Records. Hold Me Down/In Your Quiet Home/Fools And Friends/No One And The Sun/Vieux Carre//Flying Horse Of Louisiana/After I Smoke I Like To Sleep/One Life Two Live/Black Blues

7004 - Paris Pilot - Paris Pilot [1972] The Beat Goes On/Winter's Child/Shades Of Doubt/Temptations ‘Bout To Get Me/Long Way To Go//Overton Park Flip/Miss Rita Famous/Roses And Rainbows/Don't Let It


The Ardent label was a joint effort between John Fry of Ardent Recording Studio and Al Bell of Stax to try to capture some of the white rock market. Ardent was established in late 1971.

ADS-2801 - Not issued

ADS-2802 - Cargoe - Cargoe [3/72] Cargoe was Bill Phillips, Tommy Richard, Max Wisley, and Tim Benton. Come Down (S)/Feel Alright (S)/Horses And Silver Things (S)/Scenes (S)/Things We Dream Today (S)/Time (S)//Feelin Mighty Poorly (S)/Thousand Peoples Song (S)/Heal Me (S)/I Love You Anyway (S)/Leave Today (S)

ADS-2803 - #1 Record - Big Star [4/72] Feel (S)/The Ballad Of El Goodo (S)/In The Street (S)/Thirteen (S)/Don't Lie To Me (S)/The India Song (S)//When My Baby's Beside Me (S)/My Life Is Right (S)/Give Me Another Chance (S)/Try Again (S)/Watch The Sunrise (S)/ST 100-6 (S)

ADS-2804 - Wringing Applause - Brian Alexander Robertson [1973] Moira's Hand (S)/In The Limelight (S)/These Fantasies (S)/After The Theatre (S)/Carnival (S)//Cowboys (S)/To My Star (S)/Coatails (S)/Baby Nuts (S)/Myths And Illusions (S)

ADS-2805 - Say What You Mean - Hot Dogs [10/73] Say What You Mean (S)/Morning Rain (S)/When I Come Home Again (S)/Time Is All (S)/Another Smile (S)//Thanks (S)/Take The Time To Let Me Know (S)/Feel Real Fine (S)/Let Me Look At The Sun (S)/Way To Get To You (S)/Lowdown (S)

ADS-1501 - Radio City - Big Star [1974] O My Soul (M)/Life Is White (S)/Way Out West (S)/What's Going Ahn (S)/You Get What You Deserve (S)//Mod Lang (S)/Back Of A Car (S)/Daisy Glaze (S)/She's A Mover (S)/September Gurls (S)/Morpha Too (S)/I'm In Love With A Girl (S)


The first Respect label is yellow with black printing. The center is orange with a large "R" in yellow. "RESPECT" is in black above the center hole. The second label is yellow with black printing, on the right side is an orange block with a large "R" with "RESPECT" under it. Below the orange block is "Tell it like it is" in black letters.

2601 - The Country Preacher I Am Somebody - Rev. Jesse Jackson [1970]

2602 - Color Me Human - John KaSandra [1972] (What's Under) The Natural Do/You God/Tired Old Subject/Walk Tall (In This Here Land)/Poor Black Woman Poor Black Man//Mose Part III

2603 - Beautiful New World - John KaSandra [1972] Don't Cloud Up My Sky/Help Me To Be Wrong/Make Me Believe You'll Stay/That's What Life Is All About/The Nanny//Mulatto Baby/Love Is Not The Answer/Freedom Of Speech/Wings On Our Minds

2604 - True Genius - John KaSandra [1972] Down Home Ups (monologue)/Good Whiskey And Bad Women/Ain't I Good?/The Other Brother (monologue)/We Gotta Go On/That Woman (The Masterpiece)/Ain't No Sin To Have Some Fun//Love Will Never Go Out Of Style/What's The Good In Making Lovers Cry/You Can Go Now/Love Consultation (monologue)/I'll Take Time (To Love You)/My Home (monologue)/We Can't Go And Stay (At The Same Time)

2605 - The Mod Messiah - John KaSandra [1974] Take It All/Follow Your Heart/(Baby Don't You Worry) I Still Love You/Just One Minute More/There's Always A Morning Sun/Ou Est L'Amour//A House Divided/I Wanna Do What's On Your Mind/Lay Our Axes Down (And Come Together)/Hollywood Star/Bring Ol' Glory Home (A Bicentennial Tribute)

2606 - Drum Beat - Jim Ingram [1974] Home Brew/I Remember America/Walk ‘Round Heaven//Black Woman/Drumbeat/America The Bootyful/Jim Ingram Live

2607 - Pushing On Holy Day/Memphis U.S.A. - Rev. Jesse Jackson [1974] In Commemoration Of Reverend Martin Luther King Jr.


The Koko label was white with "KOKO" in colored letters on both the left and right side of the center hole.

KOS-2201 - I've Been Here All The Time - Luther Ingram [1971] (1-72, #175) Ain't That Loving You (For More Reasons Than One)/You We're Made For Me/Oh Baby You Can Depend On Me/My Honey And Me/I'll Just Call You Honey/Since You Don't Want Me//Missing You/I'll Love You Until The End/Be Good To Me Baby/Pity For The Lonely/To The Other Man/Ghetto Train

KOS-2202 - If Loving You Is Wrong I Don't Want To Be Right - Luther Ingram [1972] (9- 72, #39) Original pressings of this album had the title track in mono. A second pressing was issued with the song in true stereo. (If Loving You Is Wrong) I Don't Want To Be Right (M)/I'll Be Your Shelter (In Time Of Storm) (S)/Always (S)/Dying And Crying (S)/Help Me Love (S)//I'm Trying To Sing A Message To You (S)/I Remember (S)/I'll Love You Until The End (S)/Love Ain't Gonna Run Me Away (S)/I Can't Stop (S)

KOA-1300 - Let's Steal Away To The Hideaway - Luther Ingram [1976] This record was not distributed by Stax Records. Let's Steal Away To The Hideaway/That's The Way Love Is/Sweet Inspiration/I'm Gonna Be The Best Thing/I Like The Feeling//All That Shines/What Goes Around Comes Around/It's Too Much/Your Love Is Something Special/I've Got Your Love In My Life

KOA-1301 -

KOA-1302 - Do You Love Somebody? - Luther Ingram [1977] Do You Love Somebody/How I Miss My Baby/Get To Me/Sorry/Time Machine//Do You Think There's A Chance/Trying To Find My Love/Ain't Good For Nothing/Funny People/Faces


The first Gospel Truth label is green with black printing. Above the center hole is a white oval with the words "the gospel Truth Records" in red. This label was used on the 2700 series and the 3500 series. The second Gospel Truth label was similar, except the white oval is smaller and the word "Records" was eliminated, this label may have been used on reissues or an alternate at the same time the other was used. Promo labels were the same except "PROMOTION COPY" was added. A third label was green with black printing. On the third label, there is no white oval and the logo printed on the label is "the Truth Records" in black (Even though the cover still has "The Gospel Truth" logo.) The only record that we have that uses this label is Blue Aquarius GTS-2725, although at least some of the later issues in the 4200 series were also called "Truth Records".

2700 Series:

Note: All records in this series were issued in stereo, although promo monaural copies may have been issued.

GTS-2701 - The Rance Allen Group - Rance Allen Group [1971] Up Above My Head/Just My Imagination (Just My Salvation)/What Is This?/Greatness Of God//Love Power/Put Your Hand In The Hand/Make My Life Shine/Everything Is Gonna Be Alright

GTS-2702 - At Calvary - Rev. Lee Jackson [1971] Jesus Will Fix It/At Calvary//At Calvary (Continued)/Only Believe/It's Amazing

GTS-2703 - In Concert - Rev. Maceo Woods & Christian Tabernacle Choir [1971] Reissue of Volt VOS-6009. Hello Sunshine/I Know God Cares For Me/I'm Mighty Grateful/The Name Of Jesus/What Does God Mean To You?/We See God With The Eyes Of Our Soul//Try God And See/Surrender To His Will/I'm Going To Live The Life I Sing About In My Songs/The Lord's Prayer/Amazing Grace

GTS-2704 - Jesus People - Rev. Maceo Woods & Christian Tabernacle Concert Choir [1972] Reissue of Volt VOS-6013. Step To Jesus/I'll Get Home Someday/It Pays To Serve Jesus/It's Been A Mighty Good Day/Reach Out And Touch (Somebody's Hand)//Think Of His Goodness/Let My People Go/Beams Of Heaven/Bringing In The Sheaves/One Is Missing/Hear My Prayer

GTS-2705 - God's Newspaper - Rev. Montgomery [1972] Jesus/Late In The Evening/God's Newspaper//God's Newspaper

GTS-2706 - God Save Your People - Rev. Maceo Woods & Christian Tabernacle Concert Choir [1972] The Magnificent Sanctuary Band (Marching For The Man)/There Is A God/Jesus Is Waiting/Why Don't You Trust Jesus/I'm Gonna Get Alright (Made It Up In My Mind)/Servant Come Home//Everytime I Feel The Spirit/Just Another Day/I Believe In The Trinity/Waiting On The Lord/Power Of The Holy Ghost/Eyes On The Sparrow

GTS-2707 - Message For Today - Howard Lemon Singers [1972]

GTS-2708 - [Unreleased]

GTS-2709 - Truth Is Where It's At - Rance Allen Group [1972] There's Gonna Be A Showdown/That Will Be Good Enough For Me/God Is Wonderful/See What You Have Done/Look Around//God Is Where It's At/If I Could Make The World Better/Mama/To The Other Man/Heartaches

GTS-2710 - And The St. James Gospel Choir - Rev. Bernard Avant [1972] Lead Thou The Way/God Really Cares For You/My Living Shall Not Be In Vain/Save All Day/Jesus Loves Me/I'll Go With Jesus//Just My Imagination (Just My Salvation)/Pass Me Not/The Lord God Is On My Side/Jesus Saves/In Jesus I Find All I Need

GTS-2711 - Tribute To Mahalia Jackson - Louise McCord [1972] Better Get A Move On/I'm His Child/Jesus Remembers/When You're Alone/My Hope Is Build//Soon It Will Be Done/Let's Break Bread Together/Be Still And Know He's God/There's No Need To Cry/How I Got Over/I Serve The Lord

GTS-2712 - Walk with Me - Commanders [1972]

GTS-2713 - This Too Is Gospel - Marion Gaines Singers [1972] Are You Ready/If You Need A Friend/You Can't Stop Me Now/Wade In The Water/Grandma's Hands/Pass Me Not//Oh Mary Don't You Weep/The Storm Is Passing Over/When Will We Be Paid/It Will Soon Be Over/I've Been Talked About

GTS-2714 - A Message from the Ghetto - Sons of Truth [1972] Son Of The Deacon/I Feel Good/Close To Him/The Ghetto/Give It Up/It's You (You're The One)//Call On Him/He's All We Need/God Help Us All/With Jesus You're Free/I Don't Know Where We're Headed/God Bless The Children

GTS-2715 - Songs Our Father Used To Sing - Charles May & Annette May Thomas [1973] Search Me Lord/There Is Nothing Else On My Mind/In The Nick Of Time/Medley Of Brother Joe May Hits: Do You Know Him?-I'm Gonna Live The Life I Sing About-Working On A Building-What Is This?-What Do You Know About Jesus?-You've Got To Move-Going Home/Satisfied/Please Have Mercy/God Is/Keep My Baby Warm/I Thank You For The Lift/More Faith Is What It Takes/Lead Me! Guide Me!

GTS-2716 - Whatever Happened To Love - Clarence Smith [1973] Whatever Happened To Love/I Don't Know Why Jesus Loves Me (Oh Yes I Love Him)/I Believe In Music//Don't Take Your Love Away/Sometimes I Feel Like A Motherless Child/I'll Just Keep On Trying/A Lot To Be Thankful For/Jesus Is A Friend

GTS-2717 - The Gospel Artistics - Gospel Artistics [1973] Time Shall Be No More/Never Have To Say Good-Bye/Let's Get It Together/Lore Is It I?/To Be Like Jesus//Lord Remember Me?/Message To A Troubled Nation/No Not One/Hard To Get Along/Jesus I Love You

GTS-2718 - I Found the Answer - Rev. T.L. Barnett [1973] I Don't Know How Long (He'll Wait For You)/I Came To Jesus/What Would You Give/I Am So Glad/Pray Pray Pray//I Found The Answer/Trouble And Strife/He Rose (From The Grave)/Shine On Me/Turn On With Jesus

GTS-2719 - What's the Matter - Henry Jackson Company [1973]

GTS-2720 - Peoples Choir of Operation Push - Operation Push [1973]

GTS-2721 - [Unreleased]

GTS-2722 - A New Dawning - Maceo Woods & Christian Tabernacle Concert Choir [1973] He'll Make Everything Alright/I Come That You Might Have Life/I Want To Be Holy/Stretch Out On His Word/Take Your Burdens/God Never Fails//I Serve A Living God/The Blood Of The Lamb Jesus/I Don't Want To Be Lost/Brighten The Corner/He Knows (Just How Much We Can Bear)

GTS-2723 - [Unreleased]

GTS-2724 - [Unreleased]

GTS-2725 - Blue Aquarius - Blue Aquarius [1973] God Is Love/Rock Me Maharaj Ji/Know Him While You Can/At The Feet Of The Master/Arti//How Many Lifetimes/Oh Maharaj Ji/Foxfire/Alive And Well/Satguru Has Come

3500 Series:

GTS-3501 -

GTS-3502 - Brothers - Rance Allen Group [1973] Get Your Lives Together/We're The Salt Of The Earth/Thank You Lord/Time For Playing/For Once In My Life//Be True/Hot Line To Jesus/I Know A Man Who/Heaven Is Where The Heart Is/He Will See You Through

GTS-3503 - I Am Determined - Howard Lemon Singers [1973] Stop Look Listen To Your Heart/Trade Winds/I Remember Yesterday/I Am Determined/Anytime You Need Him//I Know God Is Real/Let Him Come In/Glory Glory Since I Laid My Burden Down/Put Your Trust In Jesus

GTS-3504 - Leaning On The Everlasting Arms - Marion Gaines Singers [1974] Leaning On The Everlasting Arms/The Lord Is Blessing Me/Children Let's Get Together/Jesus Is All The World To Me/The Man//Open Your Heart/Something's Wrong/Jesus Is On The Main Line/Do Your Thing


GTS-3506 - Goodbye Loneliness - Rev. Maceo Woods & Christian Tabernacle Concert Choir [1974] Good-Bye Loneliness/Jesus When Troubles Burden Me Down/I Trust In Him/More And More Like Jesus//Through It All/Jesus Can Work it Out/If You Ever Needed The Lord/Jesus Brought Me Out/I'm Satisfied

4200 Series (Truth Records): The Truth label was orange with black printing, with "Truth RECORDS" on two lines in a white oval above the center line.

TRS -4201 - Alpha - The Round Robin Monopoly [1974] Alpha/Average Man/I'd Rather Loan You Out/Life is Funky/Peace of Mind//Little People/People Do Change/Dreamers/Prayer of the Prisoner/Omega

TRS -4202 - John Gary Williams - John Gary Williams [1974] Reissue of Stax STS- 5503. I See Hope/I'm So Glad Fools Can Fall In Love/Honey/Loving You (It Ain't Easy)//Ask The Lonely/How Could I Let You Get Away/Open Your Heart (And Let Love Come In)/The Whole Damn World Is Going Crazy

TRS -4203 - Steppin' Stones - Joshie Jo Armstead [1975]

TRS -4204 - [Unreleased]

TRS -4205 - [Unreleased]

TRS-4206 - Woman To Woman - Shirley Brown [1974] (1-75, #98) Between You And Me/I Can't Give You Up/I Need You Tonight/I've Got To Go On Without You/It Ain't No Fun/Long As You Love Me/Passion/So Glad To Have You/Stay With Me Baby/Woman To Woman

TRS-4207 - A Soulful Experience - Rance Allen Group [1975] Ring My Bell/Ain't No Need of Crying/What a Day/The Painter//Talk That Talk Part I/Talk That Talk Part II/Just Found Me/I Give My All To You/Harlem Heaven


The We Produce label is yellow with black printing. Above the center hole is "WE PRODUCE" in green with the "P" in red with green stripes. The promo label was the same with the addition of "D.J. COPY".

XPS-1901 - Lovemen - Temprees [1972] Explain It To Her Mama/If I Could Say What's On My Mind/(Girl) I Love You/I Love You You Love Me/We've Only Just Begun//Dedicated To The One I Love/My Baby Love/I'm For You You For Me/Love… Can Be So Wonderful

XPS-1902 - Electrified - Ernie Hines [1972] Electrified Love/Come On Y'All/Your Love (Is All I Need)/What Would I Do//Sugar Plum (Gimme Some)/A Better World (For Everyone)/A Change Is Gonna Come/Explain It To Her Mama/Our Generation

XPS-1903 - Love Maze - Temprees [1973] Love's Maze/Wrap Me In Love/Something So Right/At Last//You Make The Sunshine/You Make Me Love You/Come On Y'All/Trust In Me/People Make The World Go Round

XPS-1904 - Lou Bond - Lou Bond [1974] Lucky Me/Why Must Our Eyes Always Be Turned Backwards/To The Establishment//Let Me Into Your Life/That's The Way I've Always Heard It Should Be/Come On Snob

XPS-1905 - Temprees 3 - Temprees [1974] Mr. Cool That Ain't Cool/Your Love (Is All I Need)/Loving You Is So Easy/I Love I Love/The Whole Bit Of Love//Come And Get Your Love/You Make Me Feel So Good Baby/Medley: Don't Let Me Be Lonely Tonight-Love Song/I'll Live Her Life


The first Partee label was pink with black printing. Above the center hole is a white circle with "PARTEE" in blue, and a red Champagne glass. The second label was orange with a green circle above the center hole, the circle is split and "PARTEE" is in the middle, "RECORDS" in green is under the circle.

2401 - Laugh Your Ass Off - Clay Tyson [1973] Side I 17:44, Side II 21:01

2402 - I Like 'Em Young - Moms Mabley [1972] Monologue I/Monologue II

2403 - Super Soul Brother Alias "Clark Dark" - Timmie Rogers [1974] Super Soul Brother/Watergate/The Ghetto/The College Students/Super Message/The Bank Loan/Fla-Ga-La- Pa//Fla-Ga-La-Pa And Clark Dark/Soul Food/Chicken Back/Inflation/A Visit To The President/Politics/The Black Astronaut/If The World Should End Tomorrow

2404 - That Nigger's Crazy - Richard Pryor [1974] I Hope I'm Funny/Nigger With A Seizure/Have Your Ass Home By 11:00/Black And White Life Styles/Exorcist/Wino Dealing With Dracula//Flying Saucers/The Back Down/Black Man-White Woman/Niggers Vs. Police/Wino And Junkie

2405 - At Last Bill Cosby Really Sings - Bill Cosby [1974] Train To Memphis/Kiss Me/No One Can Love The Way You Do/Dedicated To Phyliss//It's Strange/Put Love In It's Proper Place/Dance Of The Frozen Lion/Special Lady Sweetness/Take Your Time

Thanks to Leif Sandsjo, Patrick Montier, Ray Ellis, Max Wisley, and Stephane Rebeschini.

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