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Compact-33 Little LPs (Juke Box EPs): Monument

By Mike Callahan, Tim Neely, Dave Edwards, Patrice Eyries, Randy Watts, and Thomas Reed
Last update: February 25, 2014

Monument was into Little LPs early, and had several series, both stereo and mono.

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Label Scan

Number - Artist - Title [Date of Release] Songs [LP Number, if significantly different]


The First Series (1962)

In 1962, when Little LPs first appeared, Monument was being distributed by London Records, and their LPs used the SM-14000 series. Monument crafted three Little LPs in fall, 1962, under the London SBG- series. Unlike London and the other London-distributed labels, who used a dark blue label, Monument used their current gold and white "swirl" label, with "GOLDEN STEREO" across the top edge. These were pressed using the London numbers and the again shortly thereafter using a Monument series, MSP-1 through MSP-3, because just about the time these were being prepared for Seeburg, Monument broke from London in favor of their own distribution.

MSP-1 (SBG-10) - Bob Moore & His Orchestra - Mexico [1962] (From the 1961 LP SM-14005.) Mexico/Corazon D'Oro/Mexicali Rose//South Of The Border/El Picador/Vaya Con Dios

MSP-2 (SBG-11) - Roy Orbison - Crying [1962] (From the 1962 LP SM-14007.) Crying/Our Summer Song/Let's Make A Memory//Lana/Loneliness/Night Life

MSP-3 (SBG-12) - Jerry Byrd - Memories of Maria [1962] (From the 1962 LP SM-14008.)

The "Promotional Six-Pac" Mono Little LPs (1963)

When Monument left London as a distributor, the changed their catalog LP numbering system from the M-4000/SM-14000 series to the new LP-8000/SLP-18000 series. They took most of the ten LPs they had released under the old series and reissued them with new numbers in the new numbering system. In order to publicize these re-issues to deejays, they put out a series of 14 mono Little LPs in a promotional MSP-001 series (remember, at that time jocks were on mono-only AM radio). These were called "Promotional Six-Pacs." The numbers corresponded to the last three digits of the new album numbers, and some numbers had two Little LPs issued. The first label for the series was the full-color swirl label.

MSP-001 - [not issued?] This would have corresponded to Grandpa Jones' Yodeling Hits, but we found no indication it was ever issued.

MSP-002 [mono] - Boots Randolph - Yakety Sax [1963] Yakety Sax/If You've Got The Money (I've Got The Time)/I Can't Stop Loving You//Smoke Gets In Your Eyes/Lonely Street/Cacklin' Sax

At this point, the Monument label changed from the full-color swirl to a green label with a yellow band around the edge. This change was made in the LPs at SLP-18005, but the LLPs were running a bit later, so the change took place earlier in this series.

MSP-003 No. 1 [mono] - Roy Orbison - In Dreams [1963] In Dreams/Lonely Wine/Shahdaroba//Dream/Blue Bayou//(They Call You) Gigolette

MSP-003 No. 2 [mono] - Roy Orbison - In Dreams [1963] All I Have To Do Is Dream/Beautiful Dreamer/My Prayer//No One Will Ever Know/Sunset/House Without Windows

MSP-004 No. 1 [mono] - Tupper Saussy - Discover Tupper Saussy, Vol. 1 [1963] (5 tracks) Yellow Summer/On Reading The Seven Pillars Of Wisdom/Venice//Siciliano/Loop De Loo

MSP-004 No. 2 [mono] - Tupper Saussy - Discover Tupper Saussy, Vol. 2 [1963] Melissa/Londonderry Air/Vana Petite/Contrary Waltz/Lawdy Me/Too Very Soon

MSP-005 No. 1 [mono] - Rusty Draper - Rusty Draper's Greatest Hits, Vol. 1 [1963] (Includes remakes of 1950s Mercury hits.) Shifting Whispering Sands/Are You Satisfied?/Freight Train//Blue Eyes (How Could You)/I've Been Thinking/Middle Of The House

MSP-005 No. 2 [mono] - Rusty Draper - Rusty Draper's Greatest Hits, Vol. 1 [1963] (Includes remakes of 1950s Mercury hits.) Gambler's Guitar/Just Because/No Help Wanted//Goober Peas/Muskrat Ramble/Seventeen

MSP-006 No. 1 [mono] - Jimmy Driftwood - Voice of the People [1963] What Is The Color Of The Soul Of A Man/I Heard The Voice Of The People/The Lonesome Ape//Standing On The Left Hand Of God/Battle Hymn Of Peace/My Church

MSP-006 No. 2 [mono] - Jimmy Driftwood - Voice of the People [1963] Mixed Up Family/I Remember Her Still/Straighten Out My Leg//My Mammy's Miss America And My Daddy's Uncle Sam/Equality/My Get Up And Go (Got Up And Went)

MSP-007 [mono] - Boudleaux Bryant - Boudleaux's Bestsellers [1963] (6 tracks)

MSP-008 [mono] - Bob Moore - Mexico [1963] Mexico/La Paloma/Nuevo Loredo//El Picador/Ninita Linda/Blue Tango

MSP-009 [mono] - Jerry Byrd - Byrd of Paradise [1963] Hawaiian Wedding Song/Bird Of Paradise/Beyond The Reef//Rainbows Over Paradise/Serenade To Nalani/Sleepy Serenade

MSP-010 No. 1 [mono] - Various Artists - Demand Performances [1963] Gotta Travel On - Billy Grammer/China Nights - Jerry Byrd/Tonight (Could Be The Night) - Velvets//Theme From My Three Sons - Bob Moore/Love Hurts - Roy Orbison/What'd I Say - Jack Eubanks

MSP-010 No. 2 [mono] - Various Artists - Demand Performances [1963] Uptown - Roy Orbison/Mexico - Bob Moore/Bonaparte's Retreat - Billy Grammer//Theme From Adventures In Paradise - Jerry Byrd/Lucky Old Sun - Velvets/I Can't Stop Loving You - Roy Orbison

MSP-011 [mono] - Jerry White - Honky Tonkin' [1963] Frankie & Johnny/Chinatown My Chinatown/When The Saints Go Marching In//Down Yonder/Darktown Strutter's Ball/Tiger Rag

The SSP-500 Series of Stereo Little LPs

Monument started a new series of stereo Little LPs in 1964. The label was the same green label with the yellow band.

SSP 501

SSP 502

SSP 503 - Roy Orbison - In Dreams [1964]

SSP 504 -

SSP 505 - Rusty Draper - Night Life [1965] Crazy/The Party's Over/Don't Take Your Love From Me//Look Down That Lonesome Road/I Gotta Have My Baby Back/I Miss You So [Monument SLP 18018]

SSP 506 No. 1 - Roy Orbison - More of Roy Orbison's Greatest Hits, Vol. 1 [1965] (LP rel. 1964) It's Over/Blue Bayou/Pretty Paper//Falling/Working For The Man/Indian Wedding

SSP 506 No. 2 - Roy Orbison - More of Roy Orbison's Greatest Hits, Vol. 2 [1965] (LP rel. 1964) Mean Woman Blues/Lana/In Dreams//Leah/Borne On The Wind/What'd I Say [Monument SLP 18024]

SSP-507 - Boots Randolph - 12 Monstrous Sax Hits, Vol. 1 [1965] Walkin' With Mr. Lee/Night Train/(others)

SSP-508 - Boots Randolph - 12 Monstrous Sax Hits, Vol. 2 [1965]

SSP-509 - Boots Randolph - Boots Randolph Plays Yakety Sax, Vol. 1 [1965] (LP rel. 1963) [Monument SLP 18002]

SSP-510 - Boots Randolph - Boots Randolph Plays Yakety Sax, Vol. 2 [1965] (LP rel. 1963) I Can't Stop Loving You/It Keeps Right On A-Hurtin'/I Fall To Pieces//If You've Got The Money/Cotton Fields/Charlie Brown [Monument SLP 18002]

SSP-511 - Lloyd Price - Lloyd Swings for Sammy, Vol. 1 [1965] (Titles for side 1 not available)//Meet Me In The Bottom/Love You/Amen [Monument SLP 18032]

SSP-512 - Roy Orbison - Orbisongs, Volume One [1965] Oh, Pretty Woman (LP version)/Dance/Let The Good Times Roll//(I Get So) Sentimental/Wedding Day/I'd Be A Legend In My Time

SSP-513 - Boots Randolph - Boots Randolph Plays More Yakety Sax, Vol. 1 [1965] (From the 1965 album SLP18037.) Y'All Come/Waterloo/Gotta Travel On//I'm Gonna Be A Wheel Someday/I'm Walking The Floor (Over You)/The Race Is On

SSP-514 - Boots Randolph - Boots Randolph Plays More Yakety Sax, Vol. 2 [1965] You Don't Know Me/Last Date/He'll Have To Go//Here Comes My Baby/Funny How Time Slips Away/A Fool Such As I [Monument SLP 18037]

SSP-515 - Roy Orbison - Roy Orbison's Greatest Hits [1965]

SSP-516 - Rusty Draper - Rusty Draper's Greatest Hits, Vol. 1 [1965] (Remakes of 1950s Mercury hits.) Shifting Whispering Sands/Are You Satisfied/Goober Peas//Gambler's Guitar/Just Because/Seventeen [Monument SLP 18005]

SSP-517 - Rusty Draper - Rusty Draper's Greatest Hits, Vol. 2 [1965] (Remakes of 1950s Mercury hits.) [Monument SLP 18005]

SSP-518 -

SSP-519 -

SSP-520 -

SSP-521 - Jerry Byrd - Byrd of Paradise, Vol. 1 [1966] (From the 1963 LP SLP-18009) Bird Of Paradise/Hawaiian Wedding Song/Rainbows Over Paradise//Beyond The Reef/Serenade To Nalani/Sleepy Serenade

SSP-522 -

SSP-523 -

SSP-524 -

SSP-525 -

SSP-526 - Roy Orbison - Early Orbison [1967]

SSP-527 - Roy Orbison - More of Roy Orbison's Greatest Hits [1967]

SSP-528 -

SSP-529 -

At about this point, the label changed to a swirl label without the edge ring, combining the green label with the early swirl designs.

SSP-530 - Boots Randolph - The Sound of Boots, Vol. 1 [1968] Gentle On My Mind/Jackson/Crackety Jacks//By The Time I Get To Phoenix/I'll Just Walk Away/Green Green Grass Of Home [Monument SLP-18099]

SSP-531 (LLP #122) - Boots Randolph - Hit Boots 1970 [11/70] Love's Been Good To Me/Rainy Night In Georgia//Proud Mary/Both Sides Now/Raindrops Keep Fallin' On My Head [Monument SLP- 18144]

SSP-532 - Kris Kristofferson - Kristofferson [1971] To Beat The Devil/Blame It On The Stones//Casey's Last Ride/Sunday Morning Coming Down [Monument SLP-18139]

At this point, Monument concluded a deal to be distributed by CBS, ending their era of self-distribution. The label changed here to the brown CBS/Monument label.

ZS7 30964 - Boots Randolph - The World of Boots Randolph, Vol. II [10/72] Who Can I Turn To/You Don't Know Me/Love Is Blue//Theme From Black Orpheus/Wichita Lineman/King Of The Road [Monument KZ-31908]

Z7-31909 - Kris Kristofferson - Jesus Was a Capricorn [1973] (Also issued in Quadraphonic as Monument Z8Q 31909) Jesus Was A Capricorn/Out Of Mind, Out Of Sight/Give It Time To Be Tender//It Sure Was (Love)/Nobody Wins/Enough For You [Monument KZ-31909]

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