The Stereo Singles Project, Part 4
Buddah & Related Labels Stereo 45s (1968-70)

By Mike Callahan, Dave Edwards, Patrice Eyries, Randy Watts, and Tim Neely
Last update: February 6, 2016

The Buddah Labels...

Buddah released the first "Dual 45," that is, compatible mono/stereo single, in February, 1968. They hyped this fact at the top of the accompanying picture sleeve (see below right).

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Label Scan

Number - Release Date - Artist - Songs


Buddah singles used the then-current multi-color Buddah label. Stereo singles on Buddah up to BDA 135 all say "'Dual 45' Playable Stereo As Well As Mono". BDA 145 says "'Dual 45' playable on both stereo and mono". BDA 162 and later just say "Dual 45". Buddah did not routinely issue stereo singles until about June, 1973, in the 360s.

Commercial stereo singles:
BDA-31 - 2/68 - Lemon Pipers - Rice Is Nice/Blueberry Blue
BDA-32 - 3/68 - Timothy Wilson - Say It Again (Say I Love You)/Pigtails
BDA-33 - 2/68 - Judy White - (Tell Me) Who I Am/Building A World For Two
BDA-34 - 3/68 - Teddy Randazzo - Girl On My Mind (Maggie's Theme)/Maggie's Theme [see note 1]
BDA-35 - 4/68 - 5 Stairsteps & Cubie - The Shadow Of Your Love/Bad News
BDA-37 - 4/68 - Salt Water Taffy - Finders Keepers/He'll Pay
BDA-39 - 4/68 - 1910 Fruitgum Co. - May I Take a Giant Step/(Poor Old) Mr. Jensen [see note 3]
BDA-40 - 4/68 - J.C.W. Ratfinks - Pop Goes the Weasel/Magic Windmill
BDA-135 - 8/69 - Melanie - Beautiful People/Any Guy
BDA-145 - 10/69 - Edwin Hawkins Singers - Blowing in the Wind/Pray for Peace
BDA-162 - 2/70 - Brooklyn Bridge - Free as the Wind/He's Not A Happy Man
BDA 167 - 4/70 - Melanie - Lay Down (Candles in the Rain) [with Edwin Hawkins Singers]/Candles In The Rain
BDA-168 - 4/70 - Johnny Winter - Bad News/Out Of Sight

Buddah Notes:
1. BDA-34 may have been a promo-only release.
2. BDA-36, BDA-38, and BDA-41 and later were mono.
3. BDA-39 says "Dual 45" but plays mono on most copies. Some copies, pressed at Columbia's plant in Pitman, NJ, play stereo with a different mix from what is on the LP. The dead wax for the stereo copies says "BUC-5075-1C p"
4. Buddah began making mono/stereo promos available for mono 45s in 1971.


Kama Sutra was originally distributed by MGM, who used the yellow label. That distribution agreement lasted until the summer of 1969, when distribution was taken over by Buddah, who used a pink label.

In April, 1968, about the time that MGM was putting out stereo singles using their "SS" notation, they issued a single by The Legionnaires on Kama Sutra in stereo, at least at the promotional stage (see top left). Near the end of the MGM distribution agreement, Kama Sutra released a mono/stereo promo disc to try to squeeze one last single out of the Lovin' Spoonful's catalog (see middle left), using Joe Butler's name as the artist.

Buddah took over distribution and began issuing singles in November, 1969. It didn't take long for them to make another try at mining the Lovin' Spoonful back catalog, issuing "Younger Generation" from the John Sebastian days in February, 1970 (bottom left). This was a "Dual 45," which was Buddah's notation for compatible stereo. No other stereo singles until 1971, when more "Dual 45s" were forthcoming.

Promotional stereo singles (MGM Distribution):
KA243SS - 4/68 - Legionnaires - Horse/Monsoon Mud [see note 1]
KA 264 - 5/69 - Joe Butler - Revelation: Revolution '69 (M/S) [see note 2]

Commercial stereo single (Buddah distribution):
KA 505 - 2/70 - Lovin' Spoonful featuring John Sebastian - Younger Generation/Boredom

Kama Sutra Notes:
1. Possibly promo only.
2. Possibly promo only. This song was released on Kama Sutra KA 251 in September, 1968, as a 2:05 flip side of "(Till I) Run With You." On that record the artist was billed as "The Lovin' Spoonful featuring Joe Butler." The mono/stereo promo version runs 2:29 and has an alternate vocal from the LP version.


Curtom was distributed by Buddah. We found no stereo singles (commercial or promotional) before 1971. Starting in summer, 1971, Curtom put out mono/stereo promos for certain singles. Stereo commercial singles were not found until 1973. The illustration at left is from a 1972 mono/stereo promotional single.


Eleuthera was a short-lived label distributed by Buddah. Eleuthera only released three singles, one album, and a promotional LP sampler, all by Bert Sommer. The hit "We're All Playing In The Same Band" was on a "Dual 45," which is Buddah's label for compatible stereo. The two followup Bert Sommer 45s were both mono, as apparently was the four-song LP sampler. The album, Inside Bert Sommer, was true stereo. After the label folded, Sommer was transferred to Buddah for additional releases.

Commercial stereo single:
EL 470 - 6/70 - Bert Sommer - We're All Playing In The Same Band/It's A Beautiful Day


Harbour was a short-lived label distributed by Buddah. It operated from February, 1969, to its demise in the summer of 1969. We found no stereo singles, either commercial or promotional, for this label.


Hot Wax was distributed by Buddah. It started operations in the summer of 1969. We found no commercial or promotional stereo singles during 1969 or 1970. Promotional mono/stereo singles began in 1972, with commercial stereo singles following in 1973.


Pavilion singles had a blue label with a dark blue oval logo on top (shown, bottom left). Early "Oh Happy Day" singles, however, were issued with a plain white or light blue label with just the label name in block letters at the top (shown, top left). Promotional singles were white with black lettering and had the same no-graphics design as the early pressing.

Pavilion was a label owned by Buddah Records. The huge hit "Oh Happy Day" was released as a "Dual 45" single, like the other Buddah compatible mono/stereo singles. There were only two singles on this label, both by the Edwin Hawkins Singers, and both released in stereo as "Dual 45s."

Commercial stereo singles:
PBS 20,001 - 5/69 - Edwin Hawkins Singers - Oh Happy Day/Jesus, Lover Of My Soul
PBS 20,002 - 7/69 - Edwin Hawkins Singers - Ain't It Like Him/Lord, Don't Move That Mountain


Royal American was a country label started in late 1968. For the first year, they were distributed by Buddah. We found no stereo singles for Royal American during 1968-1970.


Skye Records started as an independent in 1968, but was sold to Buddah Records in 1970. As a jazz label, they decided right away that stereo singles were the way to go, so only four of the 27 known releases were mono. We have included a 1972 issue below for completeness.

The commercial label was black (top left) while the promotional label was gold. Promotional copies were usually the same as commercial copies as far as stereo. The first single, 451, as well as 455, had mono promos.

Commercial stereo singles:
451 - 5/68 - Gabor Szabo - (Theme From) "Valley Of The Dolls"/Sunshine Superman
452 - 1968 - Cal Tjader - Solar Heat/Ode To Billie Joe
453 - 1968 - Gary McFarland - Flea Market/By The Time I Get To Phoenix
454 - 1968 - Gabor Szabo - Bacchanal/The Look Of Love
455 - 1968 - Grady Tate - The Windmills Of Your Mind/A Little At A Time
456 - 1968 - Grady Tate - All Around The World/T.N.T.
457 - 1968 - Armando Peraza - Wild Thing/Funky Broadway
458 - 1969 - Grady Tate - And I Love Her/Don't Fence Me In
459 - 1969 - Gabor Szabo - Fire Dance/Ferris Wheel
4510 - 1969 - Cal Tjader - Moneypenny/My Little Red Book
4511 - 1969 - Gary McFarland featuring Eric Gale - 80 Miles An Hour Through Beer-Can Country/On This Site Shall Be Erected...
4515 - 1969 - Gabor Szabo - Dear Prudence/Stormy
4516 - 1969 - Gary McFarland - Slaves (Vocal)/Slaves (Instrumental)
4517 - 1969 - Gabor Szabo - Both Sides Now/Sealed With A Kiss [see note 3]
4518 - 1969 - Grady Tate - Nightwind/Lost In The Stars
4520 - 1969 - Grady Tate - Be Black Baby (S/M) [promo only]
4521 - 1969 - Ruth Brown - Yesterday/Try Me And See
4522 - 1970 - Eddie Long - Did You Ever Dream Lucky/It Don't Make Sense But It Sure Sounds Good
4523 - 5/70 - Lena Horne - Rocky Raccoon/Watch What Happens
4524 - 1970 - Grady Tate - After The Long Drive Home/Follow The Path
4526 - 1970 - Gary McFarland - Get Back/Because
4527 - 1970 - Grady Tate - Suicide Is Painless/I Think It's Going To Rain Today
4530 - 1972 - Chuck Rainey Coalition - Got It Together/Eloise (First Love)

Skye Notes:
1. Catalog nujmbers 4512-4514 and 4525 are mono. Catalog numbers 4519 and 4528-4529 may not have been issued.
2. No. 4512 is a two-sided mono promo of "80 Miles An Hour Through Beer-Can Country."
3. Probably stereo, but we have not seen a copy to verify this.


Super K was a Kasenetz-Katz label distributed by Buddah. It operated from 1968 to 1971. We have found no stereo singles (commercial or promotional) for this label.


Team was another Kasenetz-Katz related label distributed by Buddah. They put out a handful of singles between mid-1968 and 1970, none of which were stereo.


Thomas Records was a Chicago-based label distributed by Atco for much of 1968, but they only put out two singles, neither in stereo. By 1969, Thomas entered into a distribution deal with Buddah, changed their label design and put out less than a dozen singles over the next two years. None of the singles were found to be stereo.


T-Neck was the Isley Brothers' label, distributed by Buddah from March, 1969 to March, 1973. There were no stereo singles, either commercial or promotional, that we found put out in 1969 or 1970. In September, 1971, T-Neck started their mono/stereo promotional singles. Commercial stereo singles apparently were not issued until 1973.

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