The Stereo Singles Project, Part 4
Independent Labels Stereo 45s (1968-70)

By Mike Callahan, Dave Edwards, Patrice Eyries, Randy Watts, and Tim Neely
Last update: February 7, 2016

The Independent Labels...

This page collects the smaller independent labels from 1968-70.

The following are small labels releasing a few singles during the 1968-70 period. We found no stereo singles, either commercial or promotional, for the following labels: Alegre, Aphrodisiac, Ariel, Banyan Tree, Barry, Cameo, Canyon, Carnival (New Jersey label), Commonwealth United, Crimson, Double Shot, Duke, Equinox, Event, Fantasy, Giant (Chicago label), Happy Tiger, Heart & Soul, Independence, Innis, International Artists, Ivanhoe, JAD, Kent, Keymen, Life, Lizard, Marquee, Original Sound, Renee, Revilot, Soul Clock, Sport Records, Toddlin' Town, TRX, Turntable (Lloyd Price's), Venture, Yew, and Zodiac.

Below are better-known independents, many of which issued stereo singles.

We would appreciate any additions or corrections to this discography. Just send them to us via e-mail. Both Sides Now Publications is an information web page. We are not a catalog, nor can we provide the records listed below. We have no association with any of these record labels. Should you be interested in acquiring the 45s listed in this discography (which are all out of print), we suggest you see our Frequently Asked Questions page and follow the instructions found there. This story and discography are copyright 2016 by Mike Callahan.


Label Scan

Number - Release Date - Artist - Songs


Abnak was an independent label from Dallas, TX, run by businessman John Abdnor. Their biggest hitmakers were the Five Americans and Abdnor's son Jon in a duo called Jon & Robin. They were notable for issuing promo records on colored vinyl.

Abnak started releasing stereo singles in 1970. Since the label stopped issuing singles after March, 1971, we have included the few months in 1971 in the lists below.

Promotional stereo singles:
AB-147 - 5/70? - John Howard Abdnor - She Is/Mama Do
AB-148 - 7/70? - Errol Sober - What Do You Say To A Naked Lady/I'll Come Running To You
AB-149 - 10/70? - Every Day People - I Think I'm Gonna Rain/Half And Half [see note 1]
AB-150 - 1/71? - Everyday People - Half And Half (S/S) [see note 2]
AB-152 - 3/71 - Justis Tarmar - Jesus Made Me Higher/May The Circle Be Unbroken

Commercial stereo singles:
AB-147 - 5/70? - John Howard Abdnor - She Is/Mama Do
AB-148 - 7/70? - Errol Sober - What Do You Say To A Naked Lady/I'll Come Running To You
AB-152 - 3/71 - Justis Tarmar - Jesus Made Me Higher/May The Circle Be Unbroken

1. Commercial copy is mono.
2. Mono promo also exists. "Half and Half," originally the B-side of AB-149, was reissued as the A-side of AB-150 (with "You're In Love" as the flip). The commercial 45 was mono.


Audio Fidelity's claim to fame is the first stereo LP in 1957. They released singles sporadically over the years, putting out a couple of stereo singles starting in 1958, then marking their singles "MONO" until 1964, as if everyone else's weren't.

Commercial stereo singles:
AF 150 - 1/69 - Hubbels - Hippy Dippy Funky Monkey Double Bubble Sitar Man/City Woman
AF 156 - 4/69 - Jeanne Ewing - San Francisco Is A Lonely Town/And Say Goodbye

Promotional stereo singles:
AF-155 - 5/69 - Cloud - Cool Jane (M/S) [see note 1]
AF-157 - 7/69 - Gershon Kingsley & The Moog Synthesizer - Nowhere Man/Sunset Sound [see note 2]
AF-160 - 9/69 - Ann Booth - Woman/First Impressions [see note 2]
AF-163 - 3/70 - Jeanne Ewing - Wax Museum (S)/But You Know I Love You (M)

Audio Fidelity Notes:
1. Commercial copy is mono.
2. Possibly promo only.


Avco Embassy Records was started by Hugo & Luigi along with Joseph E. Levine. They dropped the "Embassy" from their name in 1971 and became just Avco Records. In 1976, Hugo & Luigi bought out their partners and renamed the label "H&L Records."

Promotional stereo single:
AVE-4551 - 12/70 - Pastor Brothers - Don't Leave Me Baby (M/S)

Commercial stereo single:
AVE-4554 - 12/70 - Young Hearts - Oo La We/Change Of Mind [see note 1]

Avco Embassy Notes:
1. Commercial copy is not marked stereo, but has a stereo master number.


Bang Records issued no commercial stereo singles from 1968-70, nor did they have any promotional stereo singles.


Big Tree started in 1970. In 1970, it was distributed by Ampex, and later was distributed by Bell (1972-74) and then Atlantic starting in 1974. During 1970, the label was red and yellow (Top left, a promo stereo single released in 1971).

There was one stereo promo released in 1970, and we are unsure that it ever made it to commercial pressings. That promo had a white label with black print (lower left).

Stereo promotional single:
BT-108 - 10/70 - Monks And Nuns - Theleme's Aria/Ad Cantus


Cotique was a George Goldner label started in the mid-60s and specializing in "Latin Soul". Although their albums were released in both mono and stereo, there were no stereo singles found on this label until 1976. After Goldner's death in 1970, Cotique was eventually purchased by Fania Records, a big name label in the Latin genre.


De-Lite began issuing singles in 1968. The label is best known as the home of Kool & The Gang. Although most De-Lite singles were mono during 1968-1970, they issued a Kool & The Gang mono/stereo promo in early 1970, then began releasing Kool & The Gang singles in "compatible stereo" in late 1970.

Promotional stereo single (stock copy mono):
DE 529-OS - 3/70 - Kool & The Gang - Let The Music Take Your Mind (M/S)

Commercial stereo single:
DE 538-O - 12/70 - Kool & The Gang - Who's Gonna Take The Weight (Part One)/(Part Two)


Diamond Records was a New York-based independent. They issued singles from October, 1961 to January, 1970, then after a seven-year hiatus, issued a few more in 1987 and 1988. They used the same label design from 1961 to 1988.

There were no known commercial stereo singles from 1968-1970, and only one promotional stereo single found.

Promotional stereo single:
D-271 - 1/70 - Ronnie Dove - Chains Of Love (M/S) [see note 1]

Diamond Notes:
1. Commercial copy is mono.


Fraternity was the "other" label in Cincinnati besides King Records. They put out a few singles a year over several decades. We found only the single below to have been issued in stereo from 1968-70.

Commercial stereo single:
F1230 - 1970 - Roger Bowling - I Want To See You (One More Time)/Sweet Lovin' Woman


GNP (Gene Norman Presents) issued no commercial stereo singles we can find until 1971.

Promotional stereo singles:
GNP-405 - 6/68 - Don Fardon - (The Lament Of The Cherokee) Indian Reservation (M/S)
GNP-425 - 5/69 - Les Baxter - Flame Tree/Girl From Uganda [see note 1]

GNP Crescendo Notes:
1. Possibly promo only.


Gordo was a Los Angeles-based label. They put out one stereo single from 1968-1970. "Viva Tirado" was stereo on both the promotional and commercial copies.

Promotional/Commercial stereo single:
703 - El Chicano - Viva Tirado, Part One/Part Two


Hickory was an independent label out of Nashville. In the 1970s, they were distributed by MGM then ABC, but during the 1968-70 period, they were still independent.

Hickory put out very few singles during 1968-70, and none of them were stereo, not even the promotional copies.


Laurie was gearing up for stereo singles about the time the 1968-70 period ended. Many of their singles in 1971 or later were stereo, but the only ones from 1970 we could find may be promo only. Promo copies from this era had the same red-and-black classic Laurie label, with "Advance Release" in the red fields (see left).

LR 3553 - 11/70 - Herb Oscar Anderson - Mama, Call Me Home/I'm Going Home [see note 1]
LR 3556 - 12/70 - Nancy Freedom & The Yellow Brick Road - God's Only Daughter/I'm Thinking Of You [see note 1]

Laurie Notes:
1. May be promo only; we have not seen a commercial copy.


Mainstream was founded by Bob Shad as a jazz component of his Time-Brent group. In 1993, it was sold to Columbia/Legacy, but during 1968-70, it was an independent.

Mainstream converted to routine stereo releases on singles in late 1970.

Promotional stereo singles (probably promo only):
MRC 731 - 11/70 - Lacewing - Paradox (S/S)
MRC 732 - 12/70 - Freeport - Now That She's Gone/Misunderstood


Musicor was an independent label, and Dynamo was a subsidiary. We found no stereo singles, either commercial or promotional, for either label from 1968-1970.


Polydor started a US label in 1969, and right away went to stereo singles. The first ten or so singles on the 14000 and 15000 series were stereo (at least at the promo stage), but after that, stereo became sporadic as singles were mostly mono until the end of 1970.

A large percentage of their early releases never got past the promo stage here, although many of the US promo-only discs were released commercially in Europe or Canada.

Commercial stereo singles:
PD 14002 - 6/69 - Cat Mother & The All Night Newsboys - Good Old Rock 'N' Roll/Bad News
PD 14004 - 8/69 - John Mayall - Don't Waste My Time/Don't Pick A Flower
PD 2-14006 - 8/69 - Jake Holmes - How Are You?-Part 1/How Are You?-Part 2
PD 2-14007 - 9/69 - Cat Mother & The All Night Newsboys - Can You Dance To It?/Marie

PD 15004 - 8/69? - James Last - Happy Heart/A Man And A Woman (Un Homme Et Une Femme)

Stereo promo discs [see note 1]:
2-14001 - 6/69 - Golden Earrings - It's Alright But I Admit It Could Be Better/Where Will I Be
PD 14003 - 8/69? - Wondrous Joy Clouds - Give Peace A Chance/Lay Down Your Weary Tune
PD 2-14005 - 8/69? - Mark And Sumley - Sincere Replies/She Gonna Fly
PD 2-14008 - 9/69? - Chris Farlowe - Circles Round The Sun/Save Your Tears
PD 2-14009 - 10/69? - Jerry Corbitt - Delight In Your Love/Country Girl
PD 2-14010 - 11/69? - John Mayall - Room To Move/Saw Mill Gulch Road
PD 2-14048 - 12/70 - Arthur Fiedler & Boston Pops - Eight Oh Oh Three Two Five Three Five Three Five/Aquarius
PD 2-14049 - 12/70 - Mississippi Rain - Mississippi Rain/Older Younger Man
PD 2-14051 - 12/70 - John Mayall - Nature's Disappearing (M - 3:18)/Nature's Disappearing (S - 5:50)

PD 15002 - 6/69 - Gary Joe Cooper - Lovin' Is Believin'/Wouldn't You Really Rather Have Me
PD 15003 - 6/69 - Life - Hands Of The Clock/Ain't I Told You Before
PD 15005 - 8/69? - Aphrodite's Child - I Want To Live/Magic Mirror
PD 2-15007 - 11/69 - Savage Rose - Long Before I Was Born/Ride My Mountain
PD 2-15009 - 2/70 - Berlin Philharmonic - Theme Music From The Film "2001" A Space Odyssey/Elvira Madigan Theme

Polydor Notes:
1. Promos are stereo, but we could not find US commercial copies. Some of these are mono/stereo A-side promos, but most are two-sided promos.


Shout was a subsidiary of Bang Records. Shout issued no stereo singles, either commercial or promotional, during 1968-70.

In late 1973, Shout changed label designs (from top left to bottom left). Their first stereo single was the Naturals' "Crystal Blue Persuasion"/"Color Him Father", released on Shout S-307 in December, 1974. The A-side of that single was also released on a mono/stereo promo. Subsequent singles were also stereo.


Steady Records was primarily a Reggae/Jamaican music label operating in New York City. There were many promotional singles but many fewer commercial releases.

Promotional stereo singles (possibly promo only):
S-004 - 5/70 - Eddie Lovette - Boomerang/Together
S-005 - 8/70 - Eddie Lovette - Look At Me/Unemployed Heart


Tetragrammaton began issuing singles in 1968 and lasted until late 1969. Their first stereo single was a promo stereo single of Deep Purple's "Kentucky Woman," released in November, 1968 (the commercial version was mono).

Beginning in January, 1969, Tetragrammaton released most of their commercial singles in stereo, with promo copies the same.

Promotional stereo single (commercial copy mono):
T-1508-S - 11/68 - Deep Purple - Kentucky Woman (3:57 edit)/Hard Road

Commercial stereo singles (promos same):
T-1513 - 1/69 - Rhetta Hughes - Light My Fire/Sooky
T-1514 - 1/69 - Deep Purple - River Deep-Mountain High (2:35 edit)/Listen, Learn, Read On
T-1515 - 1/69 - Incredibles - Standing Here Crying/All Of A Sudden
T-1516 - 2/69 - Pat Boone - July, You're A Woman/Break My Mind
T-1517 - 2/69 - Bobby Paris - Let The Sunshine in (The Flesh Failures)/You
T-1518 - 2/69 - Flora Purim - Why Can't I Cry/Les Biches
T-1520 - 3/69 - Rhetta Hughes - His Happiness/Hip Old Lady On A Honda
T-1521 - 4/69 - Elyse Weinberg - Oh, Deed I Do/Simpleminded Harlequin
T-1522 - 4/69 - Elyse Weinberg - Meet Me At The Station/If Death Don't Overtake Me
T-1525 - 4/69 - Tom Ghent - Merri-Go-Round/Pack My Things
T-1527 - 5/69 - Joshua Fox - Moontime Bore/Goin' Down For Big Numbers
T-1528 - 6/69 - Summerhill - The Last Day/Soft Voice
T-1529 - 6/69 - Pat Boone - What's Gnawing At Me/Never Goin' Back
T-1530 - 6/69 - Johnstons - The Wherefore And The Why/My House
T-1532 - 7/69 - Joshua Fox - It's Just Meant To Be/Don't Tell Me A Story
T-1533 - 7/69 - Lalo Schifrin - Theme From Che (La Columna)/Emboscada
T-1534 - 8/69 - Gene & Francesca - Hello Love/On My Own
T-1535 - 8/69 - Carol Burnett & Martha Raye - Watch What Happens/Let Go
T-1537 - 7/69 - Deep Purple - Hallelujah (I Am The Preacher)/April (Part 1) [4:00 instrumental edit]
T-1539 - 7/69 - Bill Cosby - Golf/Football
T-1542 - 9/69 - Captain Milk (Edwin Hubbard) - Hey Jude/The Impossible Dream
T-1546 - 9/69 - Rhetta Hughes - I Can't Stand Under This Pressure/You're Doing It With Her (When It Should Be Me)
T-1547 - 10/69 - George Soule - Mississippi River/Talkin' About Love

Tetragrammaton Notes:
1. Both the promo and commercial copies of T-1519 (Deep Purple's "Emmaretta"), T-1526 (Kingston Trio's live "Scotch And Soda"), T-1538 (The Cups' "Good As Gold"), T-1540 (Pat Boone's "Good Morning, Dear"), and T-1543 (Biff Rose's "Take Care Of My Brother") are mono.
2. The following catalog numbers were not issued: T-1523, T-1524, T-1531, T-1536, T-1541, T-1544 and T-1545.


Twinight was a Chicago-based soul label. We found only one stereo single, a promo where the commercial counterpart was mono.

Promotional stereo singles:
120 - 7/69 - Guild - The Sun Shines For You/You've Got The Cutest Smile [see note 1]

Twinight Notes:
1. Commercial copy is mono.


U.S.A. was a Chicago-based label best known as the Buckinghams label. They had no stereo singles before the Jackie Ross single shown from 1971.


Vegas was a small label that operated for less than a year in 1967-68. Vegas was distributed by White Whale. They issued no stereo singles, either commercial or promo.


VMC's claim to fame was Duke Baxter's minor hit "Everybody Knows Matilda." Although we could find no commercial stereo singles, Baxter's followup "John Q. Citizen" was issued as a mono/stereo promo.

Promotional stereo single:
V 750 - 10/69 - Duke Baxter - John Q. Citizen (M/S) [see note 1]

VMC Notes:
1. Commercial copy is mono.


All commercial White Whale singles were mono, but starting in May, 1968, they put out quite a few mono/stereo promo copies.

The master numbers for mono started with "W-" (e.g., W-400), while the stereo masters on the stereo promos started with "STW-" (e.g., STW-400). "I'll Hold Out My Hand" by the Clique is reported stereo on both sides, but the label copy indicates mono and even the dead wax has a mono master number.

Stereo promotional copies, 1968-1970:
WW-270 - 5/68 - Rockets - Let Me Go (M/S)
WW-317 - 7/69 - Evelyn Freeman Exciting Voices - I Heard The Voice (M/S)
WW-351 - 5/70 - Dillards - One Too Many Mornings (M/S)
WW-359 - 9/70 - Dillards - Comin' Home Again (M/S)
WW-360 - 9/70 - Reivers - Revolution In My Soul (M/S)

Commercial stereo single (not marked):
WW-333 - 10/69 - Clique - I'll Hold Out My Hand/Soul Mates

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