The Stereo Singles Project, Part 4
Jamie/Guyden & Related Labels Stereo 45s (1968-70)

By Mike Callahan, Dave Edwards, Patrice Eyries, Randy Watts, and Tim Neely
Last update: January 2, 2016

The Jamie Labels...

Jamie Records was not much into stereo, even on their albums. Oh, almost all their albums were released in stereo, but the hits were often rechanneled. It wasn't until the 1990s that we got the Bear Family/Tom Moulton remixes in stereo on CD.

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Label Scan

Number - Release Date - Artist - Songs


We could only find one single in stereo on Jamie from 1968-70. Jamie 1385, "Rain" by the New Hope, was issued as a mono/stereo promo. Supposedly there was a commercial copy backed with "Let's Get Lost On A Country Road," but we haven't found a copy to check whether it's stereo. ["Let's Get Lost..." was a Jamie favorite. They released it by the Kit Kats on Jamie, by New Hope (the Kit Kats) on Jamie later, and by the Tak Tiks (Kit Kats) on Guyden, not to mention releases by some of their other artists.]

Promotional mono/stereo single:
1385 - 4/70 - New Hope - Rain (M/S)


Guyden Records existed issuing singles from 1953-1975, but the during the 1968-70 years that we are interested in here, the label issued no singles. The Tak Tiks single "Let's Get Lost On A Country Road", issued in September, 1967 [Guyden 2130], was the instrumental backing music to the Kit Kats single on Jamie. It was the last single issued on Guyden until 1971. Jamie held onto the imprint, however, and used it when CD releases were made.

Only a few singles were issued from 1971-75, but one of them was stereo (see listing below and illustration at left).

Commercial stereo single:
G-TWE-6004 - 1975 - Roland Eaton - Separate Ways/Beer Drinking Daddy


Arctic was one of Jamie's R&B labels, featuring Barbara Mason, Honey & The Bees, the Volcanos, and others. They issued singles during 1968-69, were inactive during 1970, and resumed releases in 1971. We know of no stereo singles, either promos or commercial singles, on Arctic.


Another of Jamie's R&B labels was Dionn, whose biggest hitmakers were Brenda & The Tabulations. They operated between December, 1966, and spring of 1969, issuing about a dozen singles and one album. We know of no stereo singles, either promo or commercial, on the Dionn label. The LP, Brenda & The Tabulations' Dry Your Eyes, was issued in true stereo.


"Phil-L.A. of Soul" was supposed to indicate the Philadelphia-Los Angeles connection for this music, but the lasting impression after looking at the label was just "dead fish." They released singles throughout the 1968-70 period, but we found no stereo singles, either promotional or commercial. Their biggest hit, "The Horse" by Cliff Nobles and Company, was released in stereo on the stereo album of the same name.


Sundi was a Florida-based label owned by Gil Cabot. When Mercy's "Love (Can Make You Happy)" was doing well on Florida radio, Cabot struck a deal with Jamie/Guyden for distribution. A lot of legal wrangling ensued, with the result being that Jamie only distributed a very few singles for Sundi, none of them stereo.


Top And Bottom was a label owned by deejay Georgie Woods and his wife Gilda, and had Van McCoy doing songwriting and production. It was primarily a label for Brenda & The Tabulations after Dionn folded. Starting in late 1969, they released singles until 1972, but we found no commercial or promo stereo singles.

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