The Stereo Singles Project, Part 4
Jewel/Paula Stereo 45s (1968-70)

By Mike Callahan, Dave Edwards, Patrice Eyries, Randy Watts, and Tim Neely
Last update: February 6, 2016


Jewel/Paula was an independent record company out of Shreveport, Louisiana. Jewel dates back to the 1964 as a blues and gospel label, while Paula was established in 1965 for country, rock and roll, and other types of music. They started issuing "compatible stereo" singles in October, 1968, but stopped in April, 1970. They resumed issuing stereo singles in 1971.

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Label Scan

Number - Release Date - Artist - Songs


Jewel had two concurrent series going in 1968-1970. The blues series, which was in the 700s-800s during this time, did not have any stereo singles we could find. The "Devotional Series" of gospel music issued three stereo singles.

Commercial singles had a blue label, with promos on a white label. To our knowledge, the promos and their corresponding commercial singles were the same as far as mono/stereo.

Jewel 100 "Devotional Series":
143 - 11/69 - Clarence Fountain - This Little Light Of Mine/Last Mile Of The Way
144 - 1/70 - Brother Herbert Sims & The Dynamic Sons Of The South - Somebody's Gonna Miss Me/Lord I'm Your Child
145 - 2/70 - Willie Morganfield - Serving The Lord/I Surrender

Jewel Notes:
1. Dates assigned to the Devotional Series singles are approximate.


During the 1968-70 era, Paula had two series that ran concurrently: the original series, which by that time was in the 300s, and a new 1200 series. Most of the stereo singles were in the 1200 series, which started in 1968 with a Mickey Gilley record. The stereo in the 300 series was limited, apparently, to three singles by the Ronnie Kole Trio.

Commercial singles had a pink label, with promos on a white label. The promos and their corresponding commercial singles were the same as far as mono/stereo, to our knowledge. Some of the singles listed below may have been promo only.

Stereo singles (1200 Series):
1203 - 10/68 - Tony Douglas & The Shrimpers - Did I Say Something Wrong/In The Time It Takes To Leave
1204 - 11/68 - Nat Stuckey - She Thinks I Still Care/Two Together
1208 - 4/69 - Mickey Gilley - She's Still Got A Hold On You/There's No One Like You
1209 - 1/69 - Kenny Hart - One More Time Around/Forever And Ever And A Day
1210 - 1/69 - Tillman Franks Singers - Sweet Lovin'/Tell Me Darlin' Would You Care
1211 - 12/68 - Gene Wyatt - My Story Of Love/Evangeline
1212 - 4/69 - Tony Douglas & The Shrimpers - That's What I Get/Family Bouquet
1213 - 3/69 - Shrimpers - Black Mountain Rag/Shrimpsey
1214 - 5/69 - Cheryl Poole - Walk Among The People/(I'll Always Be) Daddy's Little Girl
1215 - 8/69 - Mickey Gilley - It's Just A Matter Of Making Up My Mind/Watching The Way
1217 - 9/69 - Nat Stuckey - Pop A Top/Love Of The Common People
1219 - 1/70 - Cheryl Poole - Everybody's Gonna Hurt/You Haven't Read The Book
1220 - 2/70 - Tony Douglas - His And Hers/Your Goodbye

Stereo singles (300 series):
316 - 11/68 - Ronnie Kole Trio - San Antonio Rose/Impossible Dream
323 - 6/69 - Ronnie Kole Trio - Happy Is Love/Aquarius
330 - 4/70 - Ronnie Kole Trio - God Bless Bu-Butz/R.K.'s Boogie


Ronn was one of the Jewel/Paula labels, releasing well over 100 singles from October, 1966 to the 1990s. We found no stereo singles between 1968 and 1970. Judging from the label at left, however, they probably needed to hire a better copy proofreader at their label printer's office.

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