The Stereo Singles Project, Part 4
London & Related Labels Stereo 45s (1968-70)

By Mike Callahan, Dave Edwards, Patrice Eyries, Randy Watts, and Tim Neely
Last update: December 22, 2015

The London Labels...

London and its distributed labels were very resistant to stereo singles. Commercial stereo singles were in most cases delayed until after 1970, in some cases to 1974. Stereo promos were available for some labels, but not all, before 1971.

The London subsidiary label Press was discontinued in 1967, so it had no releases during 1968-70.

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Label Scan

Number - Release Date - Artist - Songs


London released only one commercial stereo single during 1968-70 that we have found. They didn't start into commercial stereo singles routinely until December, 1974. A number of stereo promos were issued between 1968 and 1970, including some very rare Rolling Stones singles.

Promotional stereo singles (mono promos also exist):
45-20037-DJ - 4/68 - John Mayall - Jenny/Picture On The Wall
45-LOS-908 - 6/68 - Rolling Stones - Jumpin' Jack Flash (2:42 radio edit)/Child Of The Moon
45-909-DJ - 8/68 - Rolling Stones - Street Fighting Man/No Expectations
45-910-DJ - 7/69 - Rolling Stones - Honky Tonk Women/You Can't Always Get What You Want
45-132-DJ - 4/70 - Margaret Whiting - ("Z" Theme) Life Goes On (M/S)
45-133-DJ - 4/70 - Symphonic Metamorphosis - Creation/Reach Out
45-1027-DJ - 5/70 - Arrival - I Will Survive (M/S)
45-137 - 6/70 - Margaret Whiting - Until It's Time For You To Go/I'll Tell Him Today
45-138 - 6/70 - Z.Z. Top - (Somebody Else Been) Shakin' Your Tree/Neighbor, Neighbor
45-20059 - 7/70 - Marmalade - Rainbow (M/S)
45-139 DJ - 8/70 - Poppy Family featuring Susan Jacks - That's Where I Went Wrong (M/S)
141 - 10/70 - Walter Brennan - Yesterday, When I Was Young/Time

Commercial stereo singles:
45-138 - 6/70 - Z.Z. Top - (Somebody Else Been) Shakin' Your Tree/Neighbor, Neighbor


Deram began issuing stereo promos in March, 1968, but released no commercial singles in stereo until 1971. One commercial single from one pressing plant had an error on the label indicating stereo, but the record was mono.

Promotional stereo singles:
45-85027-DJ - 3/68 - Ten Years After - Portable People/The Sounds [see note 1]
45-DES-85034 - 9/68 - Moody Blues - Ride My See-Saw/Voices In The Sky [see note 1]
45-DES-85034 - 9/68 - World Od Oz - King Croesus/Jack [see note 1]
45-751-DJ - 12/69 - Camarata Contemporary Chamber Group - The Velvet Gentleman (Trois Gymnopedies) (M/S)
45-85060-DJ - 4/70 - Keef Hartley Band - Don't Be Afraid (M/S)
45-7529-DJ - 5/70 - Ten Years After - Love Like A Man (M/S) [see note 2]
45-85062-DJ - 6/70 - Flirtations - Can't Stop Lovin' You (M/S)
45-85065-DJ - 8/70 - Brotherhood Of Man - Where Are You Going To My Love (M/S)
45-85066-DJ - 9/70 - White Plains - Lovin' You Baby (M/S)

Commercial "stereo" single:
45-DEM-85065 - 7/70 - Brotherhood Of Man - Where Are You Going To My Love/Living In The Land Of Love [mono-see note 3]

1. Both mono and stereo promos exist; commercial copy is mono.
2. Both the mono/stereo promo and the commercial single have a 3:05 edit of the 7:41 LP track.
3. Commercial copies pressed at the Pitman, NJ plant inadvertently are marked "STEREO" even though both the record catalog number and master number denote mono (see left). Labels pressed at other plants correctly omit the "stereo" designation.


Hi Records put out no commercial stereo singles until September, 1974. They started issuing mono/stereo promotional singles in late 1971.


Parrot did not put out any commercial singles marked stereo from 1968-70. They did, however, issue quite a few stereo promotional singles (some with mono promos, also). "Delilah" was one of the singles with a stereo promo, and apparently someone used the stereo stamper from the promos to press some unmarked commercial singles in stereo. The stereo version differs slightly from the mono version.

Stereo promotional singles, 1968-1970:
45- PRS-40025 - 3/68 - Tom Jones - Delilah/Smile [see note 1]
45-40034 - 10/68 - Savoy Brown - Shake 'Em Down (Part I)/(Part II)
45-PRS-333 - 10/68 - Jennifer Warren - I Am Waiting/The Leaves
45-40035-DJ - 12/68 - Tom Jones - A Minute Of Your Time/Looking Out My Window
45-40046-DJ - 4/70 - Savoy Brown - A Hard Way To Go (M/S)
45-40048-DJ - 4/70 -Tom Jones - Daughter Of Darkness (M/S)
45-346DJ - 5/70 - Jennifer - Cajun Train (M/S)
45-349DJ - 6/70 - Frijid Pink - Sing A Song For Freedom (M/S)
45-40051-DJ - 8/70 - Tom Jones - I (Who Have Nothing) (M/S)
PRT-352-DJ - 11/70 - Frijid Pink - Heartbreak Hotel (M/S)
45-40056-DJ - 11/70 - Tom Jones - Can't Stop Loving You (M/S)
45-40057-DJ - 11/70 - Savoy Brown - Poor Girl (M/S)

Commercial stereo single (?):
45-40025 - 3/68 - Tom Jones - Delilah/Smile Your Blues Away [see notes 1, 4]

Parrot Notes:
1. Original pressings have the flip title as "Smile", later commercial copies have "Smile Your Blues Away."
2. Stereo masters had a "Z" in front of the master number (e.g. ZCL vs CL; ZDR vs DR).
3. Singles by "Jennifer" or "Jennifer Warren" were early singles by Jennifer Warnes.
4. Only some commercial copies of "Delilah" play stereo; most are mono. Stereo copies have the stereo master number in the dead wax (ZDR 41895). All flip sides play mono.


Only one stereo promo was found; all others and commercial singles seem to be mono.

Promo stereo singles:
45-4119-DJ - 5/70 - Johnstons - Streets Of London (M/S)

Sire Notes:
1. Flip of "Streets of London" on the mono commercial single is "Spanish Lady."


Threshold was the Moody Blues' label, started in late 1969. They began releasing stereo promotional discs almost immediately. The output of the label was meager in the first couple of years, reaching 67006 in January, 1971. But of the previous five numbers, 67002 was not issued, leaving only four singles to reach even the promo stage in 14 months to the end of 1970. The first single, Trapeze's "Send Me No More Letters"/"Another Day" from November, 1969 [Threshold THS-67001], was not issued on a stereo promo, but the others were.

Stereo promotional singles (commercial singles mono), 1969-70:
45-67003DJ - 4/70 - Timon - And Now She Says She Is Young (M/S) [see note 1]
45-TH-67004-DJ - 4/70 - Moody Blues - Question (M/S) [see note 2]
THS-67005-DJ - 6/70? - Trapeze - Black Cloud (M/S) [see note 1]

Threshold Notes:
1. May have been issued as a promo only.
2. The single version on this promo and the mono commercial single have a different mix from the LP version.

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