The Stereo Singles Project, Part 4
Metromedia Records Stereo 45s (1968-70)

By Mike Callahan, Dave Edwards, Patrice Eyries, Randy Watts, and Tim Neely
Last update: December 12, 2015

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Label Scan

Number - Release Date - Artist - Songs


Metromedia Records began issuing singles in February, 1969. Although their first few commercial singles were mono, they soon turned to stereo for commercial releases. Most of the promo copies were mono, however, so if a record never made it past the promo stage, it would not be available in stereo. For missing numbers after 106 below, mono promos exist in most cases, but we have not seen commercial copies. If commercial copies exist, they are probably stereo. The ones listed here are commercial copies verified to exist in stereo.

Metromedia stereo singles used the regular blue label, with the word "STEREO" at the right side.

MMS-105 - 2/69 - Cartoon Candy Carnival - Everything Is Mickey Mouse/Mickey Mouse Concerto In B- Flat
MMS-106 - 3/69 - Herb Bernstein's New Crusade - Delilah/Land Of 1000 Dances
MMS-110 - 4/69 - Velvet Night - Velvet Night/I'm Sure He'll Come Most Anytime
MMS-111 - 4/69 - Jessie Lee Ferguson & The Outer Limits - New Shoes/Puttin' It Off, Puttin' It Off
MMS-112 - 4/69 - Edna Lee - Full House/Mama's Gonna Take Away Your Toy
MMS-113 - 4/69 - Burris Young'Uns - Funny Papers From Bubblegum/Walk Along, Fall Down
MMS-114 - 4/69 - Betty Jean Robinson - Lonely Figure/Blue Little Girl
MMS-117 - 5/69 - Winstons - Color Him Father/Amen, Brother
MMS-118 - 4/69 - Lester Lanin & His Orchestra - Aquarius/Love Theme From Romeo & Juliet
MMS-119 - 5/69 - Clay Hart - Spring/Child Of The Wind
MMS-121 - 5/69 - Bobby Sherman - Little Woman/One Too Many Mornings [see note 5]
MMS-130 - 7/69 - Mystics - Pain/But It's Alright [See note 6]
MMS-132 - 7/69 - Stephen Crane Village - Hey Summer/(Let's Find A) Tropical Island
MMS-133 - 7/69 - Wayne Fontana - Say Goodbye To Yesterday/Dayton, Ohio
MMS-134 - 8/69 - Marc Copage - Popi/The Thank You Song
MMS-135 - 8/69 - Lester Lanin & His Orchestra - Dizzy/Ob La Di, Ob La Da
MMS-137 - 8/69 - Edna Lee - Men/Misery
MMS-138 - 8/69 - Gary & The New Travellers - Give A Damn/We Can Fly-Up Up And Away
MMS-140 - 8/69 - Clay Hart - Another Day, Another Mile, Another Highway/Penny
MMS-141 - 9/69 - Golddiggers - It's Fun To Be Young/I Wanna Be Loved
MMS-142 - 8/69 - Winstons - Love Of The Common People/Wheel Of Fortune
MMS-146 - 10/69 - Chill Wills - Daddy's Girl/Broad Daylight
MMS-147 - 10/69 - Jamie Kaye - Both Sides Of The Line/I Cry Inside
MMS-148 - 10/69 - Billy Carman - Dark Side Of Loving You/Morning Glory
MMS-150 - 10/69 - Bobby Sherman - La, La, La (If I Had You)/Time
MMS-151 - 11/69 - Winstons - The Greatest Love/Birds Of A Feather
MMS-153 - 11/69 - Bobby Sansom - So Much Love/Molly
MMS-154 - 11/69 - Marc Copage - Santa, Bring My Daddy Home For Christmas/Santa, Please Repair My Toys
MMS-160 - 12/69 - Jerry Foster - Mississippi Bound/One-Thirty Lonesome
MMS-164 - 12/69 - Jimmy Luke - Sweet Marilyn/I Came Too Close To Losing You
MMS-166 - 12/69 - Richard Spencer & The Winstons - Say Goodbye To Daddy/Mama's Song
MMS-168 - 2/70 - Joe Brooks - Special Kind Of Morning/Blue Balloon
MMS-170 - 5/70 - Godfathers - Song From "The Sicilian Clan"/Walk Away Renee
MMS-172 - 4/70 - Clay Hart - If I'd Only Come And Gone/Take Your Precious Love From Me
MMS-175 - 4/70 - Ray Hildebrand - Mr. Balloon Man/Little Old Fashion
MMS-177 - 1/70 - Bobby Sherman - Easy Come, Easy Go/Sounds Along The Way [See note 8]
MMS-179 - 1/70 - Durwood Haddock - I Gotta Get Drunk (And I Sure Do Dread It)/The Thought Of Losing You
MMS-180 - 5/70 - Jimmie Peters - Don't Double Trouble/If I Could Be Where I Want To Be
MMS-181 - 5/70 - Frankie Avalon - Come On Back To Me Baby/Empty
MMS-182 - 6/70 - Elephant's Memory - Mongoose/I Couldn't Dream
MMS-184 - 6/70 - Jerry Foster - I Forgot To Remember To Forget/When My Blue Moon Turns To Gold Again
MMS-186 - 6/70 - Julius La Rosa - Being Alive/Brooklyn Roads
MMS-187 - 6/70 - Cates Gang - We All Got To Help Each Other/Song Man
MMS-188 - 5/70 - Bobby Sherman - Hey, Mr. Sun/Two Blind Minds
MMS-189 - 6/70 - Patti - I Wanna Be Bobby's Girl/Show Me
MMS-190 - 7/70 - Children Of Plenty - (God Save The Soul Of) A Boy Bound For Glory/Try To Catch The Sun
MMS-191 - 8/70 - Sandy Alpert - Is He The Same/Sunshine
MMS-194 - 7/70 - Bobby Sherman - Julie, Do Ya Love Me/Spend Some Time Lovin' Me
MMS-196 - 10/70 - Michael Chain - Mister (You're Going To Lose Her)/Roxy
MMS-198 - 8/70 - Kaye Hart - Bridge Over Troubled Water/Yesterdays
MMS-201 - 10/70 - Jerry Foster - Don't Be Cruel/You're Right, I'm Left, She's Gone
MMS-202 - 11/70 - Gypsy - Gypsy Queen-Part 1/Dead And Gone
MMS-203 - 12/70 - Bobby Trend - Good Day/Judy
MMS-204 - 12/70 - Bobby Sherman - Goin' Home (Sing A Song Of Christmas Cheer)/Love's What You're Gettin' For Christmas

Metromedia Notes:
1. Commercial singles had a blue label with black print and a white logo. Promo copies had a white label with black print and a red logo. Generally, Metromedia numbered their stereo singles with an "MMS-" prefix, as opposed to "MM-" for mono singles.
2. Promo copies of these stereo singles were usually mono with the "MM-" prefix. Starting in June, 1970, some promo copies were mono/stereo A-sides. On these, the prefix was still "MM-", although the stereo side was blue with black print (the commercial label) instead of the usual white promo label.
3. MM-101, MM-103 and MM-104 were released commercially in mono. MM-102 was probably mono, but we have not seen a commercial copy.
4. MM-116 was a purchased master previously released in mono on Whirl World SL 1001, so if commercial copies exist they are probably mono.
5. Copies of MMS-121 pressed at Shelley Products were mono. These can be identified by a star on the right side of the label instead of the word "STEREO," and also by the mono master numbers (ZTSP 144763 and ZTSP 144764) in the dead wax. Shelly Products also released a version of MMS-121 with "Love" as the flip side, also mono. Copies of MMS-121 pressed at Columbia were stereo and marked as such.
6. The "Mystics" on MMS-130 were a Minnesota group, not the more famous do-wop group on Laurie Records.
7. MM-171 was a mono purchased master originally on Banana Records B-4600.
8. MMS-177 was later pressed with "July Seventeen" as the B-side.
9. MM-183, Blizzard's "Lotti Lotti-Loop De Loop" exists on a mono/stereo promo copy.
10. Metromedia 193 and 195 were not issued.

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