The Stereo Singles Project, Part 4
Roulette & Related Labels Stereo 45s (1968-70)

By Mike Callahan, Dave Edwards, Patrice Eyries, Randy Watts, and Tim Neely
Last update: February 7, 2016

The Roulette Labels...

Roulette avoided commercial stereo singles during 1968-70, and their distributed labels had few, also.

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Label Scan

Number - Release Date - Artist - Songs


Roulette did not issue any commercial stereo singles until 1974, but began issuing mono/stereo promotional singles in early 1970.

Promotional Mono/Stereo Singles:
R-7067 - 1/70 - Panco Boys - Very Nice Indeed (M/S)
R-7075 - 4/70 - Charisma - What's It Like? (M/S)
R-7080 - 6/70 - Don Cooper - Bless The Children (M/S)
R-7084 - 7/70 - Tommy James - Ball And Chain (M/S)
R-7087 - 9/70 - Alive 'n Kickin' - Just Let It Come (M/S)
R-7089 - 9/70 - Aleph - Toccata (M/S)
R-7091 - 10/70 - Hog Heaven - Theme From A Thought (M/S)
R-7093 - 12/70 - Tommy James - Church Street Soul Revival (M/S) [see note 1]
R-7094 - 12/70 - Alive 'n Kickin' - London Bridge (M/S)
R-7097 - 12/70 - Three Degrees - You're The One (M/S)

1. Flip of the commercial single was "Draggin' The Line." Roulette reissued the song in May, 1971, with "Bits and Pieces" as a flip. The reissue, which had a different master number because of added vocals, guitar and brass, went to #4.


B.T. Puppy Records was run by the Tokens, and was one of the Roulette Group of Labels, distributed by Roulette. It released singles from 1964 to 1971. We found no stereo singles, either commercial or promotional, for this label.


Calla was an independent label distributed by Roulette and included in the "Roulette Group" of record labels.

Calla had an interesting mixture of stereo singles from 1968-1970: one stereo commercial single, one half-stereo commercial single, one mono/stereo promo, and one stereo/stereo promo. It's as if they were trying things out. They apparently didn't like the stereo pressings, because except for a few mono/stereo promos, the next stereo commercial single was in 1976.

Promotional stereo singles:
C-165 - 7/69 - Billy Mitchell Group - Oh Happy Day (S/S)
C-171 - 7/70 - Charlie Hodges - The Day He Made You (M/S) [see note 1]

Commercial stereo singles:
CS-154/C-154 - 8/68 - Los Pop Tops - Oh Lord, Why Lord (S)/The Voice Of A Dying Man (M)
C-165 - 7/69 - Billy Mitchell Group - Oh Happy Day/The Chokin' Kind

1. Commercial copy is mono.


The Josie label was owned and distributed by Roulette. We found no stereo singles, either commercial or promotional, during 1968-1970. In fact, we found no stereo singles up until the time Josie discontinued releasing singles in late 1971.


Jubilee was a Roulette subsidiary. We found no commercial stereo singles, but Jubilee released a number of mono/stereo promos in 1969 and 1970.

Promotional mono/stereo singles:
45-5661 - 6/69 - Sonoma - It Was A Very Good Year (M/S)
45-5673 - 8/69 - Child - You'll Never Walk Alone (M/S)
JB 5672 - 8/69 - Baltimore And Ohio Marching Band - Little Arrows (M/S)
45-5686 - 12/69 - Happenings - Answer Me, My Love (M/S)
JB 5695 - 5/70 - Mary Wells - Sweet Love (M/S)
JB 5702 - 6/70 - Happenings - Crazy Love (M/S)


Moon Shot Records was distributed by Calla. It operated between 1966 and 1969. We found no stereo singles for this label.


ZEA was a short-lived label distributed by Roulette. They issued singles from 1970 to 1972. We found no stereo singles from 1970.

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