The Stereo Singles Project, Part 4
The Shelby Singleton Labels Stereo 45s (1968-70)

By Mike Callahan, Dave Edwards, Patrice Eyries, Randy Watts, and Tim Neely
Last update: February 6, 2016

The Shelby Singleton Labels...

Shelby Sumpter Singleton, Jr., longtime producer in Nashville for Mercury Records, left that label in 1966 to start his own group of record labels, including Plantation, SSS International, and Amazon. In 1969, he bought Sun Records from Sam Phillips and began reissuing material on his newly-formed Sun International label. He avoided commercial stereo singles until 1971, when they began appearing on his labels. Singleton was also known for pressing promos on (blue, green, and gold) colored vinyl.

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Label Scan

Number - Release Date - Artist - Songs


The Amazon label was a division of Shelby Singleton Corporation. During 1969 and 1970, they put out 12 singles, but no stereo singles or stereo promos. These were numbered #1 to #12, and included their biggest hit, "You, I" by the Rugbys [Amazon #1]. After several years of inactivity, in 1976 they released one more "retro" promotional single, "Jungle Rock" by Hank Mizell, which was on a mono/stereo promo.

There's retro, and then there's exhuming zombies. The rockabilly song was first reviewed as EKO 506 in Billboard in their November 10, 1958, issue, then again on August 24, 1959, on King 5236. In 1971, it was included in a Dutch bootleg LP called Rock 'n' Roll, Vol. 1. British Deejay Roy Williams started playing the song in clubs, and soon it became popular enough that bootleg singles appeared. Both Charly Records in England and Shelby Singleton's Amazon label picked up the song in early 1976. In England, where it was already known, it jumped on the Top 50 by late March, eventually reaching a suprising #3 there. Here in the US, but it didn't make the charts at all (was barely played on the radio), so it may not have reached the commercial pressing stage.

Promotional stereo single:
AM-711 - 1/76 - Hank Mizell - Jungle Rock (M/S) [see note 1]

Amazon note:
1. The "stereo" side of this promo is not true stereo, but mildly rechanneled, almost mono.


Honor Brigade was a label that operated in 1969, distributed by SSS. We found no stereo singles, either promotional or commercial, for this label.


Plantation, another of Shelby Singleton's labels, was best known for being Jeannie C. Riley's label, who hit with the huge crossover "Harper Valley P.T.A." in late summer, 1968.

We found no commercial stereo singles between 1968 and 1970, although they started releasing commercial singles in stereo in 1971. Before 1971, they issued two mono/stereo promotional singles as noted below.

Promotional stereo singles:
PL-66 - 10/70 - Sleepy LaBeef - Asphalt Cowboy (M/S)
PL-68 - 11/70 - Dee Mullins - Remember Bethlehem (M/S)

Plantation Note:
1. Promos on Plantation were often on green vinyl.


Silver Fox was a subsidiary of Shelby Singleton Corp. Although they did not issue any stereo singles between 1968 and 1970, they did exhibit a bit of good-natured triskaidekaphobia. Their 13th release was numbered #12+1.


We found no commercial stereo singles from 1968-1970 for SSS International. They did put out quite a few mono/stereo promos, many on blue vinyl.

Promotional stereo singles:
SSS-796 - 4/70 - Bergen White - It's Over Now (M/S)
SSS-797 - 5/70 - Johnny Adams - Georgia Morning Dew (M/S)
SSS-806 - 7/70 - Tennessee Guitars - The Ballad Of Morgan (M/S)
SSS-810 - 9/70 - Debbie Lori Kaye - Taste Of Tears (M/S)
SSS-812 - 10/70 - Clifford Curry - Soul Ranger (M/S)
SSS-813 - 11/70 - Rex Allen, Jr. - Wake Up Morning (M/S)
SSS-814 - 12/70 - Sweet Revival featuring Don Hill - Will The Real Jesus Please Stand Up (M/S)
SSS-820 - 12/70 - Doris Allen - Hanging Heavy In My Mind (M/S)

SSS International Note:
1. Many of the promos from 1970 are on blue vinyl.


Sun International began releasing singles in July, 1969. Most of their releases were from the back-catalog of Sun Records, which had few stereo masters. They released some new material, however, with groups such as the Gentrys, and two of the Gentry's 1970 singles were released on mono/stereo promos. They began issuing commercial singles in stereo in early 1972.

Promotional stereo singles:
SI-1114 - 3/70 - Gentrys - Cinnamon Girl (M/S)
SI-1120 - 11/70 - Gentrys - Goddess Of Love (M/S)

Sun International Note:
1. Sun promos were often pressed on gold vinyl.

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