Excello Album Discography
By David Edwards and Mike Callahan
Last update: February 18, 2002

Excello was formed by Ernie Young as a subsidiary of Nashboro Records in 1952 to record blues. Jay Miller was the primary studio producer for Excello. Excello was the first blues label established in Nashville, Tennessee. The label made an important contribution to rock and roll in 1954 when it recorded an answer song to Eddy Arnold's country and western record "I Wanna Play House With You" called "Baby, Let's Play House," by Arthur Gunter. The song was covered by Elvis Presley a year later in one of his finest performances on Sun. Presley's cover version was closely based on the Gunter original.

Excello had a wonderful array of blues singers who even today have a strong following among collectors. Chief among these was Slim Harpo (James Moore), whose unmistakable voice droning "I'm a king bee, buzzin' 'round your hive" was imitated years later by groups such as the Rolling Stones. His inimitable '60s hit "Baby, Scratch My Back" has been recently unearthed in the 1992 motion picture Rush. Other Excello blues masters included Lightnin' Slim, Silas Hogan, Lazy Lester, and Lonesome Sundown.

In 1957, an Excello group (the Gladiolas), featuring a lead singer named Maurice Williams, recorded an original song, "Little Darlin'," in a fairly uptempo r&b arrangement. The song sold well enough to make #11 on the R&B charts, but it was "covered" for the pop market by a Canadian quartet called the Diamonds on Mercury Records. The Diamonds, with a slight change of wording and a lean toward parody, propelled the song to a major pop hit. Today, the original Excello record is obviously worth more to collectors. Williams changed the name of the group to Maurice Williams and the Zodiacs in 1960, and had a top-ten pop hit with "Stay" (on the Herald Label). Most people these days remember Maurice Williams as a one-hit artist, but in addition to his two huge hits "Little Darlin'" and "Stay," his tunes such as "May I" and others have become the foundation for the repertoire of such Carolina Beach Music groups as Bill Deal and the Rhondels.

Jay Miller, the Excello producer, has been the subject of many articles and record reissues for the blues he produced for the label. The sound is sometimes referred to "swamp blues". All of the Excello albums issued in the 1960s are very collectable, although because most of the albums remained in print for years, the cover graphics were changed from time to time over the years.

The Excello material has been reissued several times within the past decade. In the late 1980s and early 1990s, Rhino Records put out several compilations from the Excello masters. In the early 1990s, the masters were sold to AVI entertainment. AVI's Rob Santos retained Tom Moulton to remaster and upgrade virtually the entire Excello catalog, with the result being many CD reissues from 1993 to 1996 in quite excellent sound. By 1997, AVI itself was bought by Hip-O, a label associated with MCA, so the Excello masters are today just starting to be reissued on Hip-O. The Moulton remasters are apparently being used as sources for the Hip-O reissues.

Excello was not a big label for stereo recordings. Several of the late '60s tunes by Slim Harpo (primarily on the album Tip On In) have shown up in true stereo, but not much else. Early LPs were reissued later in rechanneled stereo. For those albums where we have found an indication of a stereo issue, the prefix "LPS-" is used; for others, they may have been issued in mono only.

The first Excello label was orange with blue printing. "EXCELLO" above the center hole in blue. Below the Excello is the notation "33 1/3 RPM", "NONBREAKABLE". At the bottom of the label is "MICROGROOVE LONG PLAYING". This label was used in the early 1960s.

The second label was white with black printing. "EXCELLO" above the center hole with pink and green arrows swirling around the top of the label. This label was used in the late 1960s.

The third label was blue with black printing. "excello" in a black and white box above the center hole. This label was used in the 1970s.

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Number - Title - Artist [Release Date] Contents

LP-8000 - Rooster Blues - Lightnin' Slim [1960] The original cover was yellow with a drawing of a silhouette of a rooster in red, later covers had the picture of a rooster on them. Rooster Blues/Long Leanie Mama/My Starter Won't Work/G.I. Slim/Lightnin's Troubles/Beg Bug Blues/Hoo-Doo Blues/It's Mighty Crazy/Sweet Little Woman/Tom Cat Blues/Feelin' Awful Blues/I'm Leaving You Baby

LP-8001 - Tunes to Be Remembered - Various Artists [1960] Original cover was green with black records, each record had the name of a song and the artist. Oh Julie - Crescendos/Sweetheart Please Don't Go - Gladiolas/Baby Let's Play House - Arthur Gunter/Pipe Dreams - Jimmy Beck/Rollin' Stone - Marigolds/Doin' the Horse - Skippy Brooks Combo //Little Darlin' - Gladiolas/Mama Mama Mama - Warren Storm/Banana Split - Kid King's Combo/I'm a King Bee - Slim Harpo/Mystery of a Kiss - Ray Norman/Congo Mombo - Guitar Gable

LP-8002 - Roscoe Shelton Sings - Roscoe Shelton [1961] Original cover was pink with a picture of Roscoe Shelton. Are You Sure/Think It Over/Pleadin' For Love/I Was Wrong! Played With Love/I've Been Faithful/Say You Really Care //It's All My Fault/Something Wrong/Baby Look What You're Doin' To Me/Miss You So/Is It Too Late/Let Me Believe in You

LPS-8003 - Rainin' in My Heart - Slim Harpo [1961] Original cover was white on the left side and red on the right side, drawings of raindrops dropping to a red heart on the left. Later covers had a multi-colored cover with a heart in the center and "Raining' In My Heart" in it. "Stereo" reissue is rechanneled. Rainin' In My Heart/Blues Hangover/Bobby-Sox Baby/I Got Love If You Want It/Snoopin' Around/Buzz Me Baby //I'm a King Bee/What a Dream/Don't Start Cryin' Now/Moody Blues/My Home is a Prison/Dream Girl

LPS-8004 - Bell Ringer - Lightnin' Slim [1965] Original cover was pink at the bottom, a darker shade of pink at the top, a drawing of a bell on the left side. "LIGHTNIN' SLIM'S' in white at the top, with "BELL RINGER" below it in black. Later covers were black with swirling yellow lines. "Stereo" reissue was probably rechanneled. Love Me Mama/She's My Crazy Little Baby/Have Mercy on Me Baby/Wintertime Blues/If You Ever Need Me/Mean Ole Lonesome Train //Baby Please Come Back/Love is Just a Gamble/Somebody Knockin'/You Give Me the Blues/Don't Start Me Talkin'/You Move Me Baby

LPS-8005 - Baby, Scratch My Back - Slim Harpo [1966] Original covers were yellow and green striped, with "SLIM HARPO BABY SCRATCH MY BACK" in black. "Stereo" reissues are electronic stereo. Shake Your Hips/Midnight Blues/Harpo's Blues/Buzzin'/My Little Queen Bee/I Love the Life (I'm Livin') //Baby, Scratch My Back/I'm Gonna Miss You (Like the Devil)/Rainin' In My Heart/Wonderin' Blues/We're Two of a Kind/I Need Money

LPS-8006 - True Blues - Lazy Lester [1967] Stereo information not available. I'm a Lover, Not a Fighter/I Hear You Knockin'/Sugar Coated Love/I'm So Glad/If You Think I've Lost You/Bye, Bye Baby //Lonesome Highway Blues/I Made Up My Mind/Because She's Gone/Pondarosa Stomp/The Same Thing Could Happen to You/Lester's Stomp

LPS-8007 - Soul - Kelly Brothers [1968] Stereo information not available. That's What You Meant To Me/You Put Your Touch On Me/Hanging In There/Comin On In/If That Will Hold You/Got The Feeling //Can't Stand It No Longer/Cryin Days Are Over/Make Me Glad/How Can True Love Be This Way/Falling In Love Again/I'd Rather Have You

LPS-8008 - Tip On In - Slim Harpo [1968] Stereo information not available. Tip on In/Te-Ni-Nee-Ni-Nu/Mailbox Blues/I've Been a Good Thing For You/Hey Little Lee/I'm Gonna Keep What I Got/I've Got to Be With You Tonight/I'm So Sorry/My Baby/She's Got It/I Just Can't Leave You

LP-8009 - Remaining Awake Through A Great Revolution - Martin Luther King [1968] Sermon

LPS-8010 - The Best Of Slim Harpo - Slim Harpo [1969] Stereo information not available. Mohair Sam/I'm Gonna Keep What I Got/Buzz Me Baby/Baby Scratch My Back/I'm a King Bee/Rainin' In My Heart/Te-Ni-Nee-Ni-Nu/Tip on In/Shake Your Hips/I'm Your Bread Winner Baby

LPS-8011 - The Real Blues - Various Artists [1969] Stereo information not available, but this album is probably rechanneled.. Trouble at Home Blues - Silas Hogan/Frankie and Johnny - Jimmy Anderson/Workin' For My Baby - Arthur Gunter/Death Valley Blues - Lightnin' Slim/Courtroom Blues - Lazy Lester/Loving You the Way I Do - Slim Harpo/I'm Gonna Kill That Hen/It's Love Baby - Earl Gaines/plus 4 others

LPS-8012 - Lonesome Lonely Blues - Lonesome Sundown [1970] Stereo information not available. Love Me Now/Learn to Treat Me Better/Lonesome Lonely Blues/Do What You Did/I'm Glad She's Mine/I Woke Up Cryin'/Please Be On That 519/I Had a Dream Last Night/If You See My Baby/Hoo Doo Woman Blues/When I Had I Didn't Need/I'm a Mojo Man

LPS-8013 - Slim Harpo Knew The Blues - Slim Harpo [1970] Stereo information not available. The Music's Hot/Boogie Chillun/Rock Me Baby/The Hippy Song/Jody Man/Dynamite/others

LPS-8014 - Switched On Blues - Delta Factor [1970] Stereo information not available. See Saw/Drown In My Own Tears/After Hours/others

LPS-8015 - Swamp Blues Volume 1 - Various Artists [1970]

LPS-8016 - Swamp Blues Volume 2 - Various Artists [1970]

LPS-8017 - Black And Blues - Arthur Gunter [1971]

LPS-8018 - High And Low Down - Lightnin' Slim [1971] Stereo information not available. Rooster Blues/Things I Used to Do/Bad Luck Blues/My Babe/G.I. Blues //Oh Baby/That's All Right/Crazy 'Bout You Baby/Good Morning Heartaches/Voodoo Blues

LPS-8019 - Trouble At Home - Silas Hogan [1972]

EX-8020 - Whispering Smith - Whispering Smith [1972] What In The World's Come Over You/Mojo Hand/The Way You Treat Me/I Don't Want No Woman/Everybody Needs Love/I Know I've Got A Sure Thing//Why Am I Treated So Bad/Rock Me Baby/Married Man/I Know You Don't Love Me/It's All Over/You Want To Do It Again

LPS-8021 - Blues Live In Baton Rouge - Various Artists [1971]

LPS-8022 - Funky Music Machine - Maceo & The King's Men [1972] Stereo information not available. Maceo Parker from James Brown's band.

LPS-8023 - London Gumbo - Lightnin' Slim [1972] Just A Little Bit/Miss Sarah' A Good Girl/Too Much Monkey Business/Ain't Nothin' But Trouble/I Won't Give Up/Mama Talk To Your Daughter//Mean Ole Frisco/Hey Little Girl/The Sky Is Crying/Help Me Spend My Gold/I Got A Little Woman/Take It Real Easy

LPS-8024 - Transatlantic 770 - Jimmy Dawkins [1972]

LPS-8025 - The Excello Story - Various Artists [1972] Two record set.

LP-8026 -

LPS-8027 - Right Here Is Where You Belong - Jerry Washington [1972]

LPS-8028 - Thank You - Bobby Powell [1972] Thank You/Try Me/I'm Going to Try You One More Time/Her Love Is All I Need/I'm Going To Win Her Love/All These Things/C.C. Rider/Your Good, Good Loving/Crazy Love/Childhood Days

LPS-8029 - American Folk Blues Festival - Various Artists [1972] We're Gonna Rock - Memphis Slim/I Wanna See My Baby T-Bone Walker/I'm Crazy About My Baby - Sonny Terry/Stewball - Memphis Slim/Let's Make It Baby - John Lee Hooker //Shake It Baby - John Lee Hooker/The Right Time - John Lee Hooker/Hey Baby - Shakey Jake/Crying at the Station - Brownie McGhee/Bye Bye Bady - Memphis Slim/Need Your Love So Bad - John Lee Hooker

LP-2-8030 - Slim Harpo Knew the Blues - Slim Harpo [197?] (2-LP set) Reissue of Excello 8008 and 8013 as a two-record set.

LPS-8031 - Ingram Kingdom - Ingram Kingdom [1976]


R2 70169 - The Best of Slim Harpo - Slim Harpo [1989] A nice package from Rhino, this includes the undubbed (i.e., the original) mono versions of his hits, and three great true stereo tracks from the late 1960s. Baby Scratch My Back (M)/I Got Love If You Want It (M)/I'm A King Bee (M)/Little Queen Bee (M)/Shake Your Hips (M)/Ti-Ni-Nee-Ni-Nu (S)/Buzz Me Babe (M)/Buzzin' (M)/Rainin' In My Heart (M)/Still Rainin' In My Heart (M)/Late Last Night (M)/Tip On In, Part 1 (S)/Bobby Sox Baby (M)/Don't Start Cryin' Now (M)/I Need Money (Keep Your Alibis) (M)/Strange Love (M)/Rock Me Baby (S)/Blues Hang-Over (M)

R2 70896 - The Best of Excello Records, Volume 1: Sound of the Swamp - Various Artists [1990] All tracks mono, some from disc. Baby Scratch My Back - Slim Harpo/I Hear You Knockin' - Lazy Lester/Everybody Needs Somebody - Silas Hogan/Prisoner Song - Warren Storm/One More Chance - Carol Fran/My Home Is A Prison - Lonesome Sundown/Wild Cherry - Leroy Washington/Rooster Blues - Lightnin' Slim/This Should Go On Forever - Guitar Gable/I Would Be A Sinner - Charles Sheffield/Hey Baby - Al Ferrier/Red Sails In The Sunset - Bobby Jay/Congo Mombo - Guitar Gable/Rainin' In My Heart - Slim Harpo/Havin' A Whole Lot Of Fun - Johnny Jano/Baby Give Me A Chance - Joe Hudson & Rockin' Dukes/Bad Luck Blues - Lightnin' Slim/Don't You Wanna Man Like Me - Jay Nelson

R2 70897 - The Best of Excello Records, Volume 2: Southern Rhythm & Rock - Various Artists [1990] All tracks mono, with many taken from records. Little Darlin' - Gladiolas/My Mumblin' Baby - Rudy Green/It's Love Baby (24 Hours A Day) - Louis Brooks & Hi-Toppers/Stealin' Sugar - Ray Batts/Quit My Drinkin' - Robert Garrett/Rollin' Stone - Marigolds/My Next Door Neighbor - Jerry McCain & Upstarts/Baby Let's Play House - Arthur Gunter [loud surface noise]/Now That She's Gone - King Crooners/Calling All Cows - Blues Rockers/Miss You So - Lillian Offitt/I'm Out - Surf Riders/Oh Julie - Crescendos/Fine Young Girl - Hooks Coleman/Mama Doll - Roy Teo/Trying To Please - Jerry McCain & Upstarts/Long Gone - Shy Guy Douglas/You Know Baby - Melo Aires


CD 90025 - Funky Music Machine - Maceo & All The King's Men [1993] All tracks stereo. Funky Music Machine/I Want To Sing/Dreams/Feeling Alright/Something/Born To Wander/T.S.U. (Aristocrat Of Bands)/For No One/Make It With You/A Funky Tale To Tell

2000 Series (2-CD sets):

CD 2001 - Hip Shakin': The Excello Collection - Various Artists [1994] (2-CD set) Outstanding retrospective package of Harpo's Excello material. The EQ on these is better than the Rhino disc, since these have a much more full bass. Disc 1:: I'm A King Bee (M)/I Got Love If You Want It (M)/Wonderin' And Worryin' (M)/Strange Love (M)/You'll Be Sorry One Day (M)/One More Day (M)/Bobby Sox Baby (M)/Buzz Me Babe (M)/Late Last Night (M)/Yeah Yeah Baby (fades in) (M)/Don't Start Crying Now (M)/Blues Hangover (M)/Please Don't Turn Me Down (M)/Moody Blues (M)/Snoopin' Around (M)/Rainin' In My Heart (M)/Lovers Confession (slight noise) (M)/Buzzin' (M)/I Love The Life I'm Living (M)/Little Queen Bee (Got A Brand New King) (M)/I Need Money (M)/Still Rainin' In My Heart (M)/We're Two Of A Kind (M)/What's Goin' On Baby (M); Disc 2: Baby Scratch My Back (M)/I'm Gonna Miss You Like The Devil (M)/Wondering Blues (M)/Rock Me Baby (S)/Shake Your Hips (M)/Tip On In, Part 1 (S)/Tip On In, Part 2 (M)/I'm Gonna Keep What I've Got (S)/I've Got To Be With You Tonight (S)/Te Ni Nee Ni Nu (S)/Mailbox Blues (S)/Mohair Sam (S)/I Just Can't Leave You (S)/Just For You (S)/Jody Man (S)/I've Been A Good Thing For You (S)/Hey Little Lee (S)/My Baby She's Got It (S)/I'm So Sorry (S)/Live Medley (Moody Blues-I Got Love If You Want It-You Know I Love You)(M)

CD 2002 - Blues Hangover: Excello Blues Rarities - Various Artists [1995] (2-CD set) All tracks mono. Disc 1: I'm A King Bee - Jimmy Anderson/Going Through The Park - Jimmy Anderson/Naggin' - Jimmy Anderson/Nothing In This World - Jimmy Anderson/Frankie & Johnny - Jimmy Anderson/Love Me Babe - Jimmy Anderson/Goin' Crazy Over TV - Jimmy Anderson/Ain't Gonna Let Her Go - Jimmy Anderson/Rats & Roaches On Your Mind - Jimmy Anderson/Going Through The Park - Jimmy Anderson (alternate take)/Don't Bring No Friend - Blue Charlie (so-called "breakdown take," but to me it sounds like a mastering error. Song starts and two seconds later abruptly stops, then starts again at 0:08.)/I'm Gonna Kill That Hen - Blue Charlie (slight noise)/Harmonica Twist - Whispering Smith/Please Give Me One More Chance - Whispering Smith/Wake Up Old Maid - Wispering Smith/Death Valley Blues - Lightnin' Slim/Love Shock - Little Sonny/I'll Love You Baby - Little Sonny/No Jive - Little Al (slight surface noise)/Little Lean Woman - Little Al (slight surface noise)/You Better Change - Ole Sonny Boy (slight surface noise)/Blues And Misery - Ole Sonny Boy; Disc 2: I'm Leaving This Morning - Early Drane/I Hate To See You Leave - Early Drane/My New Chevrolet - Early Drane/Evil Ways Blues - Earlly Drane/Find My Little Darlin' - Early Drane (noisy, garbled)/Look On Yonders Wall - Early Drane/Nobody Prayin' - Early Drane/Were You There (When They Crucified My Lord) - Early Drane/My Little Banty - Early Drane/I'm Gonna Scratch Your Back Pt. 1 - Early Drane/Honey Bee Lonely - Early Drane/I'm Gonna Scratch Your Back Pt. 2 - Early Drane/Late In The Evening - Early Drane/Not Welcome Anymore - Baby Boy Warren [with Sonny Boy Williamson]/Bring Me My Machine Gun - Baby Boy Warren [with Sonny Boy Williamson]/Chuck-A-Luck - Baby Boy Warren [with Sonny Boy Williamson]/Hello Stranger - Baby Boy Warren [with Sonny Boy Williamson]/When I Met You Baby - James Stewart/She's Got Me - James Stewart

3000 Series:

CD 3001 - The Best of Excello Records - Various Artists [1994] Nice collection of blues and rockabilly; includes several Excello hits and other tunes of note such as the original versions of "Baby Let's Play House," "Little Darlin'," and "This Should Go On Forever." All tracks mono. Baby Let's Play House - Arthur Gunter/It's Love Baby (24 Hours A Day) - Louis Brooks & Hi Toppers/Rollin' Stone - Marigolds/Calling All Cows - Blues Rockers/My Mumblin' Baby - Rudy Green/Congo Mombo - Guitar Gable/Chicken Hearted Woman - Clarence Samuels/Havin' A Whole Lot Of Fun - Johnny Jano/Little Darlin' - Gladiolas/My Home Is A Prison - Lonesome Sundown (hissy)/My Next Door Neighbor - Jerry McCain/Miss You So - Lillian Offitt (noisy)/Hey Baby - Al Ferrier/Baby Give Me A Chance - Joe Hudson/Wild Cherry - Leroy Washington/This Should Go On Forever - Guitar Gable/I Hear You Knockin' - Lazy Lester/Now That She's Gone - King Crooners (slight noise)/Rooster Blues - Lightnin' Slim/One More Chance - Carol Fran/Don't You Want A Man Like Me - Jay Nelson/Fine Young Girl - Hooks Coleman/Rainin' In My Heart - Slim Harpo/I Would Be A Sinner - Charles Sheffield/Quit My Drinkin - Robert Garret (light surface noise)/Red Sails In The Sunset - Bobby Jay/Everybody Needs Somebody - Silas Hogan/Bad Luck Blues - Lightnin' Slim/Baby Scratch My Back - Slim Harpo/Long Gone - Shy Guy Douglas

CD 3002 - I'm Evil: Rare & Unissued Excello Masters, Volume 1 - Lightnin' Slim [1994 ] This CD is extraordinary, both in content and in sound. Tom Moulton's digital mastering leaves a nice full fidelity sound. Culled from the Excello vaults, this material includes quite a few previously unreleased tracks. Cub Coda's liner notes are amusing and informative, but when I got to "I'm gon' break out just like the measles, girl I'm gon' be all over you" in the song "Nothin' But The Devil," I was definitely hooked. Great stuff. All tracks mono, with some hiss and occasional noise; a high "B." Bad Luck/Rock Me Mama/What Evil Have I Done (with studio talk)/I'm Him/I Can't Understand/Mean Ol' Lonesome Train (alternate take, with studio talk)/Rocky Mountain Blues [aka Lonely Stranger]/Goin' Home (alternate take)/I'm Grown (alternate take)/Bad Luck And Trouble/Lightnin's Troubles (with longer fade)/It's Mighty Crazy (alternate take)/Farming Blues/Have Your Way (with studio talk)/Rooster Blues (alternate take)/I Just Don't Know/My Little Angel Child/Too Close Blues/Nothin' But The Devil/Cool Down Baby/Goin' Away Blues/I'm Tired Of Waitin' Baby/Bad Luck Is Fallin'/I'm Warnin' You Baby/Lonely Stranger/I'm Evil/The Strangest Feelin' (alternate take)

CD 3003 - I Hear You Knockin': Best of the Excello Singles - Lazy Lester [1995] All tracks mono. I'm Gonna Leave You Baby/Lester's Stomp/Go Ahead/They Call Me Lazy/I Told My Little Woman/Tell Me Pretty Baby/I'm A Lover Not A Fighter/Sugar Coated Love/I Hear You Knockin'/Through The Goodness Of My Heart/I Love You I Need You/Late Late In The Evening/Bye Bye Baby/A Real Combination For Love/Patrol Blues/You Got Me Where You Want Me/I'm So Glad/Whoa Now/If You Think I've Lost You/I'm So Tired/Lonesome Highway Blues/I Made Up My Mind/You're Gonna Ruin Me Baby/Strange Things Happen/A Word About Women/The Same Thing Could Happen To You/Take Me In Your Arms/You Better Listen/Because She's Gone/Pondarosa Stomp

CD 3004 - I'm a Mojo Man: Best of the Excello Singles - Lonesome Sundown [1995] All tracks mono. Lost Without Love/Leave My Money Alone/My Home Is My Prison/Lonesome Whistler/I've Got The Blues/Don't Say A Word/Lonely Lonely Me/I'm A Mojo Man/Don't Go/I Stood By/No Use To Worry/You Know I Love You/If You See My Baby/Gonna Stick To You Baby/Love Me Now/Learn To Treat Me Better/Lonesome Lonely Blues/I'm Glad She's Mine/My Home Ain't Here/I Woke Up Crying (Oh What A Dream)/When I Had I Didn't Need/I'm A Samplin' Man/I Wanta Know Why/Guardian Angel

CD 3005 - Trouble: Best of the Excello Masters - Silas Hogan [1995] Great stuff. How can you miss with lyrics like, "I thought these rats and roaches were gone, but people here they are again, walking around in my room just like women and men." All tracks mono. I'm Gonna Quit You Pretty Baby/Trouble At Home Blues/You're Too Late Baby/Airport Blues/Go On Pretty Baby/Here They Are Again/Lonesome La La/Roamin' Woman Blues/I'm Goin' In The Valley/Everybody Need Somebody/Just Give Me A Chance/Dark Clouds Rollin'/Early One Morning/I'm In Love With You Baby/More Trouble At Home/Sittin' Here Wonderin'/So Glad/Every Saturday Night/Baby Please Come Back To Me/If I Ever Needed You Baby/Out And Down Blues/So Long Blues/Lonesome La La (alternate version)/I'm In Love With You Baby (alternate version)/Sittin' Here Wondering (alternate version)/I'm Goin' In The Valley (alternate version)

CD 3006 - Sanctified Southern Soul - Kelly Brothers [1996] R&B/gospel group who with two others recorded also as the King Pins. Falling In Love Again (M)/You're That Great Big Feelin' (M)/My Love Grows Stronger (alternate take) (M)/I've Got My Baby (And That's Enough) (M)/Make Me Glad (M)/I'd Rather Have You (M)/Counting On You (M)/Time Has Made Me Change (M)/Got The Feeling (M)/You're The Most (M)/Love Time (M)/ Can't Stand It No Longer (M)/If That Will Hold You (M)/How Can True Love Be This Way (M)/Ouch! Oh Baby (M)/I'll Be Right There (S)/I Just Walk On (S)/You Put Your Touch On Me (M)/Hangin' In There (M)/That's What You Mean To Me (S)/Comin' On In (M)/That's How I Am (S, with countoff)/I Got This Feelin' (S, with countoff)/Stop These Tears (S, with false start and countoff)/Haven't I Been Good To You (S)/If It Wasn't For Your Love (S)/It Takes You (S)/My Baby Loves Me (S, with countoff)

CD 3007 - Roscoe Shelton Sings! - Roscoe Shelton [1995] This is a reissue of Excello LP 8002, Roscoe Shelton, represented by the first 12 tracks here, plus a few single sides and a lot of unreleased material. Are You Sure/Think It Over/Pleadin' For Love/I Was Wrong (Played With Love)/I've Been Faithful/Say You Really Care/It's My Fault/Something's Wrong/Baby Look What You're Doin' To Me/Miss You So/Is It Too Late Babe/Let Me Believe In You/Crazy Over You/We've Been Wrong/Baby It's True Love/A Fool Wrapped Up In Love/Blue And Miserably Unhappy/I'm So Ashamed But I Didn't Know/I'm Tellin' You Baby That's All/Lonely Heartaches/Why Didn't You Tell Me (For So Long)/Why Do You Worry Me/There Is Nothing I Can Do/Save Me/Want Your Lovin' Sometime

CD 3008 - Dark Clouds Rollin': Excello Swamp Blues Classics - Various Artists [1995] All tracks mono. I'm Evil - Lightnin' Slim/You're Gonna Ruin Me Baby - Lazy Lester/I Got Love If You Want It - Slim Harpo/Going Through The Park - Jimmy Anderson/I'm Warning You Baby - Lightnin' Slim/Lonesome Lonely Blues - Lonesome Sundown/Wild Cherry - Leroy Washington/You're Too Late Baby - Silas Hogan/I'm A Lover Not A Fighter - Lazy Lester/I Love The Life I'm Living - Slim Harpo/Naggin' - Jimmy Anderson/I'm Gonna Quit You Pretty Baby - Silas Hogan/I'm Glad She's Mine - Lonesome Sundown/I'm A King Bee - Slim Harpo/Mean Woman Blues - Whispering Smith/Loving Around The Clock - Lightnin' Slim/My Little Queen Bee - Slim Harpo/I Tried So Hard - Whispering Smith/I'm Goin' In The Valley - Silas Hogan/I Had A Dream Last Night - Lonesome Sundown/She's My Crazy Little Baby - Lightnin' Slim/I Need Money - Slim Harpo/Goin' Crazy Over TV - Jimmy Anderson/Dark Clouds Rollin' - Silas Hogan/You're Playing Hookey - Lonesome Sundown/Raining In My Heart - Slim Harpo/Nothing In This World - Jimmy Anderson/Winter Time Blues - Lightnin' Slim/Cryin' Blues - Whispering Smith

CD 3009 - That's What They Want: The Best of Jerry McCain - Jerry McCain [1995] Nicely restored from some questionable sources, this music really cooks. Excellent liner notes by Cub Coda. All tracks mono. That's What They Want/Courtin' In A Cadillac/If It Wasn't For My Baby/You Don't Love Me No More/Run Uncle John Run/Things Ain't Right/Tryin' To Please/ My Next Door Neighbor/ Listen Young Girls/Bad Credit / The Jig's Up/Groom Without A Bride/A Cutie Named Judy/Geronimo Rock & Roll/It Must Be Love / Rock & Roll Ball/I Want Somebody To Love/Turn Your Damper Down/I'm A Ding Dong Daddy From A Rock & Roll City/Choo Choo Rock/Bell In My Heart/My Next Door Neighbor (alternate, faster version)/Crying Like A Fool

CD 3010 -

CD 3011 - Baby Let's Play House: The Best of Arthur Gunter - Arthur Gunter [1995] Not bad sound for 1955-61 material cleaned up from what were obviously less than perfect sources. All tracks mono. Baby Let's Play House/Blues After Hours /Ludella/No Naggin' No Draggin'/Mind Your Own Business Babe/ Honey Babe/ No Happy Home/ Workin' For My Baby/Baby Can't You See/Little Blue Jeans Woman/You're Always On My Mind/Baby You Better Listen (tracking whoosh)/I Want Her Back/Crazy Me/Don't Leave Me Now/Letter To My Baby/Pigmeat/Falling In Love #1/(Just Another Day) Working For My Baby/Story of Jesse James/She's Mine All Mine /I've Got A Feeling Something Is Wrong (fades in)/Who Will Ever Move You From Me/Just Take It Easy/My Baby's Taking A Day Off/ My Heart's Always Lonesome

CD 3012 -

CD 3013 -

CD 3014 -

CD 3015 - The Scratch: Rare and Unissued, Volume 1 - Slim Harpo [1996] Excellent sound with little hiss, except for the live recordings, which have good sound and are hissy. All tracks mono. The Jay Miller Outtakes: I'm A King Bee/This Ain't No Place For Me/That Ain't Your Business/Strange Love/Late Last Night/Wonderin' & Worryin'/What's Going On/One More Day/One Of These Days/Things Gonna Change (clipped at start)/I Got Love If You Want It/Moody Blues; The Excello Outtakes: Wonderin' & Worryin'/Buzz Me Babe/Late Last Night/Rainin' In My Heart/The Scratch [aka Baby Scratch My Back]/I Don't Want No One; Slim Harpo & The King Bees Live at the Sage Avenue Armory: Startime Theme-I'm A King Bee/Hold Me Tenderly/Everybody Needs Somebody/Big Boss Man/Little Liza Jane/When The Saints Go Marching In/Raining In My Heart

CD 3016 - St. Louis Breakdown: The Best of Oliver Sain - Oliver Sain [1996] Mid-'70s blues/soul/disco funk from the A-bet label. All tracks stereo. Booty Bumpin' (The Double Bump)/Soul Serenade/ Party Hearty/Strollin'/20-75/Mr. King & Mr. Jordan/ St. Louis Breakdown (with countoff)/ Comin' Down Soul/On The Hill/Baby Scratch My Back/ London Express/Country Funk/Night Time/ Harlem Nocturne/ Bus Stop/ The Prayer/ Just A Lonely Man/Going Back To Memphis/ Feel Like Dancin'/ Apricot Splash/Hey Butterfly


HIPD-40072 - The Best of Slim Harpo - Slim Harpo [1997] Wonderful sound quality. Strangely, "Rainin' In My Heart" is an alternate take. I'm A King Bee (M)/I've Got Love If You Want It (M)/Wonderin' And Worryin' (M)/You'll Be Sorry One Day (M)/Strange Love (M)/Bobby Sox Baby (M)/One More Day (M)/Rainin' In My Heart (M, alternate take)/Blues Hangover (M)/Buzzin' (M)/Still Rainin' In My Heart (M)/Snoopin' Around (M)/Te Ni Nee Ni Nu (S)/Tip On In, Part 1 (S)/Shake Your Hips (M)/Baby Scratch My Back (M)


8037 - Raining in My Heart - Slim Harpo [1993] Reissue of Harpo's first LP (Excello LP-8003) plus six rare tracks only previously on 45s. All tracks mono. Rainin' In My Heart/Blues Hangover/Bobby-Sox Baby/I Got Love If You Want It/Snoopin' Around/Buzz Me Baby/I'm A King Bee/What A Dream/Don't Start Crying Now/Moody Blues/My Home Is A Prison/Dream Girl/Wonderin' And Worryin' [dubbed from disc]/Strange Love/You'll Be Sorry One Day [dubbed from disc]/One More Day [dubbed from disc]/Late Last Night/Still Rainin' In My Heart

Thanks to Leif Sandsjo.

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