Sun International Album Discography, Part 2
by David Edwards and Mike Callahan
Last update: July 18, 1999

The Sun International 1000 series was a late bloomer, starting almost a decade after the 100 series. Many of the albums in this series were issued on both gold vinyl and black vinyl. The series started with the controversial Elvis album called The Sun Years, and after a minor bit of legal manoeuvering, the series settled down to the usual stuff.

Interestingly, almost all the albums in the 100 and 1000 series (as well as albums in Singleton's sister Plantation and SSS labels) had the following promise on the back cover: "This record is guaranteed against all defects including breakage, wearing out, or any dissatisfaction on the part of the purchaser. If this recording should become unsatisfactory in any manner, it is guaranteed for life. You may return this record to The Shelby Singleton Corporation, 3106 Belmont Blvd., Nashville, Tennessee 37212 with one dollar for postage and handling and we shall replace it free of charge." It is not known how many customers took them up on this offer, but it was probably not very many. Whether the guarantee is still in force is unknown. "Lifetimes" tend to be relative, these days.

We would appreciate any additions or corrections to this discography. Just send them to us via e-mail. Both Sides Now Publications is an information web page. We are not a catalog, nor can we provide the records listed below. We have no association with Sun Records, which is currently owned by Shelby Singleton. Should you want to contact Sun, or should you be interested in acquiring albums listed in this discography (which are all out of print), we suggest you see our Frequently Asked Questions page and follow the instructions found there. This story and discography are copyright 1997, 1999 by Mike Callahan.


Number - Title - Artist [Release Date] Contents

1000 Series:

SUN-1000 - Golden Rock and Roll - Jerry Lee Lewis [1977] Issued on both gold and black vinyl. Whole Lotta Twistin' Goin' On/Rock and Roll Ruby/Sick and Tired/When I Get Paid/The Return of Jerry Lee/Milk Shake Mademoiselle/Pumping Piano Rock/Let the Good Times Roll/Livin' Lovin' Wreck/Feel So Good/High Powered Woman/Hello Hello Baby/My Bonnie/Ubangi Stomp/Hong Kong Blues/I've Been Twistin'/Ooby Dooby/My Quadroon/Rockin' the Boat of Love/Lewis Boogie

SUN-1001 - The Sun Years - Elvis Presley [1977] This record was forced off the market by a lawsuit by RCA Victor. There are at least 2 versions of this album. One has a creme colored cover that contains a record with the original 50's design of Sun labels, another version has a yellow cover with the standard Sun International labels. Side 1 Contains parts from actual recording sessions with the voice of Sam Phillips and Elvis Presley/Side 2 Contains interviews by Jay Thompson at Wichita Falls, Texas, Charlie Walker at San Antonio, Texas talking to Elvis Presley.

SUN-1002 - Superbilly - Johnny Cash [1977] Also issued in gold vinyl. I Walk the Line/Folsom Prison Blues/Guess Things Happen That Way/Ballad of A Teenage Queen/Big River/There You Go/Give My Love to Rose/Hey Porter/Get Rhythm/Cry, Cry, Cry/Luther Played the Boogie/Katy Too/You're the Nearest Thing to Heaven/So Doggone Lonesome/Train of Love/Country Boy/Rock Island Line/The Wreck of the Old 97/The Ways of a Woman In Love/Home of the Blues

SUN-1003 - Twenty Golden Hits - Charlie Rich [1977] Another Place I Can't Go/Break Up/C.C. Rider/Caught in the Middle/Gentle as a Lamb/You're Gonna Be Waitin'/Jeannie with the Light Brown Hair/Lonely Weekends/My Baby Done Left Me/My Heart Cries for You/Philadelphia Baby/School Days/Sittin' and Thinkin'/Stay/That's How Much I Love You/There Won't Be Anymore/Unchained Melody/The Weddings Over/Whirlwind/Who Will the Next Fool Be

SUN-1004 - Rockabilly - Sleepy LaBeef [1977] Let's Turn Back the Years/Good Rockin' Boogie/From A Jack to A King/Stay All Night, Stay a Little Longer/Blue Moon of Kentucky/Send Me Some Lovin'/Corina, Corina/Long Tall Texan/You Can Have Her/Raining in My Heart/I'll Keep On Lovin' You/Baby Let's Play House/Mathilda/Matchbox/I'm the Man/Young Fashion Ways/What Am I Living For/Put Your Arms Around Me/Polk Salad Annie

SUN-1005 - The Original Jerry Lee Lewis - Jerry Lee Lewis [1977] Also issued on gold vinyl. Crazy Arms/End of the Road/It'll Be Me/Whole Lotta Shakin' Going On/You Win Again/Great Balls of Fire/Down the Line/Breathless/High School Confidential/Fools Like Me/Break Up/I'll Make It All Up to You/Lovin' Up a Storm/Big Blon Baby/Livin' Lovin' Wreck/What'd I Say

SUN-1006 - The Original Johnny Cash - Johnny Cash [1977] Don't Make Me Go/Next in Line/Home of the Blues/Give My Love to Rose/Guess Things Happen That Way/Come My Stranger/The Ways of a Woman in Love/You're the Nearest Thing to Heaven/I Just Thought You'd Like to Know/It's Just About Time/You Tell Me/Good-bye Little Darling/The Story of a Broken Heart/down the Street to 301/Blue Train/Born to Lose

SUN-1007 - The Original Charlie Rich - Charlie Rich [1977] Whirlwind/Philadelphia Baby/Rebound/Big Man/Lonely Weekends/Everything I Do is Wrong/Sad News/Red Man/Who Will the Next Fool Be/Caught in the Middle/Easy Money/Midnite Blues/Sittin' and Thinkin'/I Finally Found Out/There's Another Place I Can't Go/I Need Your Love

SUN-1008 -

SUN-1009 -

SUN-1010 - Sun Rockabilly's Volume 1 - Various Artists [1978] How Come You Do Me - Junior Thompson/Jukebox, Help Me Find My Baby - Rhythm Rockers/Truckin' Down the Avenue - Sonny Burgess/Listen to Me Baby - Smokey Joe Baugh/Your Lovin' Man - Vernon Taylor/Blues Blues Blues - Hayden Thompson/Fairlane Rock - Hayden Thompson/Willing and Ready - Ray Smith/Shake Around - Ray Smith/Baby That's Good - Edwin Bruce/Miss Pearl - Jimmy Wages/Fine Little Baby - Dick Penner/I'll Change My Ways - Danny Stewart/Never Did - Don Hosea/John Henry - Don Hosea

SUN-1011 - Duets - Jerry Lee Lewis and Friends [1978] This record is very deceptive, it tries to give the impression that these recordings are by Jerry Lee Lewis and Elvis Presley, actually they are the standard released versions of the Jerry Lee Lewis songs with Elvis imitators (actually Jimmy Ellis and Charlie Rich) singing along. Save the Last Dance For Me/Sweet Little Sixteen/I Love You Because/C.C. Rider/Am I To Be the One/Sail Away//Cold Cold Heart/Hello Josephine/it Won't Happen With Me/What'd I Say/Good Golly Miss Molly

SUN-1012 - Orion Reborn - Orion (Jimmy Ellis) [1978] Also issued on gold vinyl. First cover is white ("Coffin cover") and second is blue. Honey/Lover Please/Got You On My Mind/Mona Lisa/Before The Next Teardrop Falls//Ebony Eyes/Washing Machine Baby/Baby I Still Love You/You Can Have Her/Lonesome Angel

SUN-1013 -

SUN-1014 - Downhome Rockabilly - Sleepy LaBeef [1979]

SUN-1015 - Desert Rock - Rodney Lay & Wild West [1979]

SUN-1016 - Don't Mess With My Ducktail - Hank C. Burnette [1979]

SUN-1017 - Sunrise - Orion (Jimmy Ellis) [1979] Also issued on gold vinyl. Secret Love/You Can't Judge A Book/San Francisco Is A Lonely Town/Then I'll Be Over You/I Heard You Talkin' With Your Eyes/Stranger In My Place/I Hear You Knocking/Turn Around Look At Me/Baby You Got It/It Ain't No Mystery

SUN-1018 - Trio+ - Jerry Lee Lewis, Carl Perkins & Charlie Rich [1978] Also issued on gold vinyl. Features standard records by the artists mentioned, plus overdubs during the instrumental breaks, probably by Jimmy Ellis (Orion). Be Bop A Lula - Jerry Lee Lewis (E, with stereo overdub)/On My Knees - Charlie Rich (S)/Dixie Fried - Carl Perkins (E, with stereo overdub)/Gentle As A Lamb - Charlie Rich (S)/Money - Jerry Lee Lewis (S)//Breakup - Charlie Rich (S)/Matchbox - Carl Perkins (E, with stereo overdub)/Good Rockin' Tonight - Jerry Lee Lewis (E)/Gone Gone Gone - Carl Perkins (E, with stereo overdub)/Sittin' And Thinkin' - Charlie Rich (S)

SUN-1019 - Orion Country - Orion (Jimmy Ellis) [1980] Also issued on gold vinyl.

SUN-1020 - Interstate Gold - Dave Dudley [1980] Also issued on gold vinyl.

SUN-1021 - Rockabilly - Orion (Jimmy Ellis) [1980] Also issued on gold vinyl.

SUN-1022 - Rockabilly Nuggets - Rodney Lay & Wild West

SUN-1023 -

SUN-1024 - Diesel Duets - Dave Dudley & Charlie Douglas [1980]

SUN-1025 - Glory - Orion (Jimmy Ellis) [1980] Also issued on gold vinyl.

SUN-1026 - King of the Road - Dave Dudley [1981]

SUN-1027 - Silent Partners - Rodney Lay [1981]

SUN-1028 - Fresh Orion - Orion (Jimmy Ellis) [1981] Also issued on gold vinyl.

SUN-1029 -

SUN-1030 -

SUN-1031 -

SUN-1032 - Special Collector's Edition Album from Rockin' Records - Various Artists [1986] Heaven or Fire - Dusty Brooks and His Tones/Gonna Dance All Night - Hardrock Gunter/The Woodchuck - Billy "The Kid" Emerson/Every Night - Jones Brothers/Movie Magg - Carl Perkins/I Feel So Worried - Sammy Lewis and the Willie Johnson Combo/Sitting By My Window - Five Tinos/There's No Right Way to Do Me - Miller Sisters//Ooby Dooby - Roy Orbison/Welcome to the Club - Jean Chapel/Fools Hall of Fame - Rudi Richardson/Your Honey Love - Dick Penner/Dreamy Nights - Dickey Lee/Right Behind You Baby - Ray Smith/I Was a Fool - Ken Cook/Open the Door Richard - Ernie Barton

SUN 1033 - Rockin' Records, Vol 2 - Various Artists [1986] Limited edition, only 1,000 made.

SUN 1034 - Rockin' Records, Vol.3: R&B Special: - Various Artists [1986] Includes: Prisonaires; Five Tinos; Vel-Tones; Four Dukes; Rosco Gordon; Bill Pinkney & Turks; Ed Kirby; Hunki Dori; others. Limited edition, only 1,000 made.

SUN 1035 - Rockin' Records, Vol.4: Memphis Blues Special - Various Artists [1986] Includes: Walter Horton; Howlin' Wolf; Joe Hill Louis; Willie Nix; B.B. King; Bobby 'Blue' Bland; Rufus Thomas; Tiny Kennedy; Billy Love; Ike Turner; Jackie Brenston Limited edition, only 1,000 made.

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