Musicor Album Discography, Part 2:
Main Series MM 2100/MS 3100 to MS 3199

By Mike Callahan, Dave Edwards, and Patrice Eyries
Last update: November 27, 2006

These albums all had the black Musicor label.

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Number - Title - Artist - [Release Date] (Chart) Contents

*MM 2100/MS 3100 - Nessuno Mi Puo Giudicare - Gene Pitney [1966] A Nome Moi/Amici Miei/Con Te Verso L'Amore/I Tuio Anni Piu Belli/Innamorata/La Spia/Le Ragazze Come Te/Lei Mi Aspetta/Non Tornare Piu/Saro Forte/Verro

MM 2101/MS 3101 - Tonight in Person: The Gene Pitney Show - Various Artists [1966] An engineering disaster. This is a simulated live album, with fake crowd noise crudely and obnoxiously overdubbed onto studio recordings, crashing in unexpectedly from time to time during the song. And of course, there's Joe O'Brien's everpresent intros and outros over the records. Kind of a waste of good vinyl if not for the stereo versions of songs that are unavailable elsewhere. Introduction - Joe O'Brien (E)/Backstage - Gene Pitney (S)/Georgianna - Critters (S, Musicor version)/Let Me In Or Keep Me Out - Bitter End Singers (S)/Once Upon A Time - Teddy & Pandas (E, with crowd and O'Brien added in various places in the stereo field to simulate stereo. Here you can even hear the crowd sound effects record start up and gain speed instead of being cued up properly.)/I Love You 1,000 Times - Platters (S)/Glitter & Gold - Danny & Diego (S)//There's No Living Without Your Loving - Gene Pitney (S)/I'm Gonna Give - Critters (S)/I'm On The Run - Bitter End Singers (S)/Bye Bye (Out The Window) - Teddy & Pandas (E)/My Alphabet Of Tears - Steve Rossi (S)/Cry Me A River - Marie Knight (S)

MM 2102/MS 3102 - Gene Pitney's Greatest Hits of All Times - Gene Pitney [1966] (12- 66, #61) Town Without Pity (E)/The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance (S)/Only Love Can Break a Heart (S)/Every Breath I Take (E)/Looking Through the Eyes of Love (S)/I Must Be Seeing Things (S)//Twenty-Four Hours from Tulsa (S)/It Hurts to Be in Love (E)/Backstage (S)/Half Heaven-Half Heartache (S)/I'm Gonna Be Strong (S)/Last Chance to Turn Around (S)

MM 2103/MS 3103 - Papas Fritas - La Playa Sextette [1966] Papas Fritas/El Gato/Turn It Around/Verde/"D" Train/Come on Seven/Bag of Beans/Eco De Noche/Simpatico/Expresso

MM 2104/MS 3104 - The Country Side Of Gene Pitney - Gene Pitney [1966] For Me This Is Happy/ I'm Gonna Listen To Me/She Thinks I Still Care/I'm Up To My Neck In IOU's/More I Saw Of Her (The Blinder I Became)//A Thousand Arms (Five Hundred Hearts)/Drinking From The Well Of Your Love/Life To Go/I'd Like To See Me Stop You/Won't Take Long

MM 2105/MS 3105 - Sing and Skate Along - George Stone at the Organ accompanied by the Vocalaires [1966]

MM 2106/MS 3106 - We Found Heaven Right Here On Earth at "4033" - George Jones [1966] (11-66, #3 C&W) Four-O-Thirty-Three/Don't Keep Me Lonely Too Long/Walk Through This World With Me/Ain't Nothin' Shakin' (But The Leaves)/Please Don't Let That Woman Get Me/From Here To The Door/Back Into My Baby's Arms Again/Developing My Pictures/Your Steppin' Stone/In Person

MM 2107/MS 3107 - En Escenario - Tito Rodriguez [1966] La Casa (The House)/Mientras Tu No Llegas (While I wait For You)/En Tu Memoria ( In Memory of You)/Mio (Mine)/No Es Preciso (It Is Not Precise)//Llevatela (Take Her With You)/Como (How)/Lo Mismo Que A Usted (Same as You)/La Mentira (You Lie to Me)/Cancion De Orfeo (Black Orpheus)

MM 2108/MS 3108 - Young and Warm and Wonderful - Gene Pitney [1966] Young and Warm and Wonderful/Golden Earrings/Serenade Of the Bells/Moulin Rouge/Silver Bracelets/On a Slow Boat To China/Far Away Places/Hey There/South Of the Border/Till the End of Time/I'll Be Seeing You/Two Sleepy People

MM 2109/MS 3109 - Close Together (As You and Me) - George Jones & Melba Montgomery [1966] (11-66, #28 C&W) Close Together (As You And Me)/From Here To The Door/Living On Easy Street/As Of Now/Feudin' And Fightin'/Long As We're Dreaming/Developing My Pictures/Let's Both Have A Cry/Heartaches For A Day/Simply Divine

MM 2110/MS 3110 - Would You Believe - Frank Gallop [1966]

MM 2111/MS 3111 - The Platters Have The Magic Touch - Platters [1966] Reissued on CD as Musicor/King 3111-2. (You've Got) the Magic Touch/I Love You Yes I Do/One in a Million/I'm Sorry/Alone in the Night (Without You)/My Prayer/Wish It Were Me/Love Letter/What Name Shall I Give You My Love/All My Love Belongs to You/Devri

MM 2112/MS 3112 - Honey Stuff - Judy Lynn with the Jordanaires [1966]

MM 2113/MS 3113 - Melba Toast - Melba Montgomery [1966] My Number Of Heartaches Is Unknown/You Put Me Here/Your Tears Are Telling On You/Won't Take Long/Tell Me Your Troubles//He Wrote Forgive Me For Loving Her/Things You Mean To Me/We're Two Broken Hearts/Twilight Years/Plenty To Go Around

MM 2114/MS 3114 - Don't Keep Me Lonely So Long - Melba Montgomery [1966] Won't Take Long/Too Much Of Nothing/The Day Your Memory Came To Town/Heart Remind Me/My Tiny Music Box//Don't Keep Me Lonely Too Long/Great Big Hurtin' Heart/I Don't Have Enough Faith In Me/Baby's Coming Home/I'm Learning How To Live Alone

MM 2115/MS 3115 - Dommage, Dommage - Steve Rossi [1966] Till Melinda/If I Ruled The World/More Than One Way/If You Are But A Dream/In Love With You//Like Someone In Love/Since My Love Has Gone/Dolce Amore/Pathfinder/Love Is A Many Splendored Thing

MM 2116/MS 3116 - George Jones' Greatest Hits - George Jones [1967] (5-67, #16 C&W) Take Me (S)/I'm a People (S)/I'm Wasting Good Paper (S)/Old Brush Arbors (S)/Close Together (As You and Me) [with Melba Montgomery] (S)/Love Bug (S)//The Race Is On (instrumental) (S)/Walk Through This World With Me (S)/Things Have Gone To Pieces (S)/My Favorite Lies (S)/White Lightning (S)/Four-O Thirty Three (S)

MM 2117/MS 3117 - Just One Smile - Gene Pitney [1967] Just One Smile/The Boss's Daughter/Leave My Laurie Alone/Losing Control/(In The) Cold Light of Day/Lonely Drifter//The Comedian/Rising Tide of Love/Another Page/In Love Again/She Believes In Me/Ask Me How Much I Love You

MM 2118/MS 3118 - Los Grandes Exitos de Tito Rordiguez - Tito Rodriguez [1967] Nuestro Balance/Toda Una Vida/Un Cigarillo La Lluvia Y Tu/Naufragio/Palabras De Mujer/Olvidame//Ya Son Las Doce/Ausencia/El Dia Que Me Quieras/Besar/Desconfianza/Tres Veces Te Amo

MM 2119/MS 3119 - Walk Through This World with Me - George Jones [1967] (4-67, #2 C&W) Walk Through This World With Me/Shoe Goes On The Other Foot Tonight/Sweet Thang/Am I That Easy To Forget/Apartment No 9/There Goes My Everything/Life Turned Her That Way/Almost Persuaded/Lonely Street/Don't Do It Darlin'

MM 2120/MS 3120 - New Sound Of Chano Scotty - Chano Scotty [1967]

MM 2121/MS 3121 - Te Amo - Hispanos Quartet [1967] Los Colores De La Felicidad/Besame Mas/Regalame Esta Noche/Extraños En La Noche/Que Dirias De Mi/Me Voy Pa'l Pueblo/Alma Adentro/Angustia/Sin Fe/Solo

MM 2122/MS 3122 - Todas Bailan - Orquesta Broadway [1967]

MM 2123/MS 3123 - Aqui Estan - Montemar Quartet [1967]

MM 2124/MS 3124 - Cup Of Loneliness - George Jones [1967] Cup Of Loneliness/The Unclouded Day/Small Time Laboring Man/Wandering Soul/Give Me Just One Day Lord//Take The World But Give Me Jesus/Taggin' Along/The Good Old Bible/Bringin' It Home/Family Bible

MM 2125/MS 3125 - Going Back To Detroit - Platters [1967] With This Ring (S)/Get A Hold Of Yourself (S)/Shing-A-Ling-A-Loo (S)/Run While It's Dark (S)/Going Back to Detroit (S)//Love Must Go On (S)/I Can't Get Used To Sharing You (S)/Why Do You Wanna Make Me Blue (S)/On The Top Of My Mind (S)/We Ain't What We Was (S)

MM 2126/MS 3126 - Golden Nuggets - Judy Lynn [1967] Baby Him Some/If I Were Me/Little Shoes/Mr. and Mrs. Minus The Kisses/My Heart Gets In The Way//On Smoke Not Fire/Making Believe You Don't Love Her/Walk On Me/Tell Me Your Troubles/Yellowstone

MM 2127/MS 3127 - Boy Meets Girl [aka Let's Get Together] [aka Party Pickin'] - George Jones And Melba Montgomery [1967] (9-67, #37 C&W) First released with the title Boy Meets Girl. When the single "Party Pickin'" hit, the cover was changed to Party Pickin', but the back slick gave the title as Let's Get Together. The label copy and liner notes never were changed, so they always gave the title as Boy Meets Girl. Songs are duets unless noted otherwise. Party Pickin' (S)/The Day I Lose My Mind (S)/Living On Easy Street (S)/From Here To The Door [George Jones solo] (S)/I'll Be Loving You (S)//Long Walk Off A Tall Rock (S)/We Must Have Been Out Of Our Minds (S)/Everybody Ought To Sing A Song (S)/They Bought The House Next Door [Melba Montgomery solo] (S)/Let's Get Together (One More Time) (S)

MM 2128/MS 3128 - Hits By George - George Jones [1967] (8-67, #9 C&W) White Lightnin'/Accidentally On Purpose/Talk To Me Lonesome Heart/Window Up Above/Tender Years/When My Heart Hurts No More/Poor Man's Riches/Time Lock/Treasure of Love/She Thinks I Still Care

MM 2129/MS 3129 - I'm Just Living - Melba Montgomery [1967] I Love To Put Me On/Little Man/I Hold The Record/World Didn't Cost Me A Dime/What Can I Tell The Folks Back Home/Right Time To Lose My Mind/I'm Just Living/He's Gone/Lonelier And More In Love Each Day/South Of Lonesome

MM 2130/MS 3130 - Grandes Exitos - Hispanos Quartet [1967]

MM 2131/MS 3131 - Quartet of Soul Volume 1 - Various Artists [1967] I Love You 1000 Times - Platters/Tightrope - Inez & Charlie Foxx/The Biggest Man - Tommy Hunt/If I'm Hurt You'll Feel the Pain - Barbara & Brenda/With This Ring - Platters//Come By Here - Inez & Charlie Foxx/Shing-a- Ling-a-Loo - Platters/Never Love a Robin - Tommy Hunt/Too Young To be Fooled - Brenda & Barbara/Baby Take It All - Inez & Charlie Foxx

MM 2132/MS 3132 - Los Grandes Exitos de Tito Rodriguez, Los Hispanos Quartet, Orquesta Broadway, Chano Scotty, La Playa Sextet, Montemar Qartet - Various Artists [1967] Llevatela/Besame Mas/Oye Mi Bajo/Selecciones De Guajira/Ya Nada Sabe a Ti/Como/Solo/Winchester Cathedral/Papas Fritas/Carino Tu Diras

MM 2133/MS 3133 - Great New Motion Picture Themes - Sounds Spectacular [1967]

MM 2134/MS 3134 - Golden Greats - Gene Pitney [1967] Groovy Kind Of Love/Cryin'/Cara Mia/Stop In The Name Of Love/Time Won't Let Me/You've Lost That Lovin' Feelin'/Mission Bell/Count Me In/Bus Stop/Baby I Need Your Lovin'/Green Green Grass Of Home

MM 2135/MS 3135 - Solitario De Amor - Tato Diaz [1967] Solitario De Amor/Un Beso Foe Bastante/Te Aconesjo Que Me Olvoes/Fatalmente Nada/Lo Que Ye Llevastes/Por Que Llorar/Poma En Tu Mebar/Ame Tanto/Confidencia/Solo Se

MM 2136/MS 3136 - Floyd Tillman's Country - Floyd Tillman [1967]

MM 2137/MS 3137 - Llamado De Amor - Hispanos Quartet [1967] Llamado De Amor/No Pienses En Mi/Vereda Tropical/Tu, Mi Adoracion/Analizandolo/No Podre Olvidarte/Asi/Amor/La Cortina/Copacabana

MM 2138/MS 3138 - Bailando El Boogaloo - La Playa Sextet [1967]

MM 2139/MS 3139 - Favoritos Bailables - Chano Scotty [1967]

MM 2140/MS 3140 - Mas Exitos - Montemar Quartet [1967]

MM 2141/MS 3141 - New Golden Hits - Platters [1967] With This Ring/I Love You 1000 Times/Washed Ashore/Great Pretender/My Prayer/Only You/You've Got the Magic Touch/Harbor Lights/Smoke Gets in Your Eyes/I'm Sorry/Twilight Time/Heaven on Earth/Devri

MM 2142/MS 3142 - Quartet Of Soul Volume 2 - Various Artists [1967]

MM 2143/MS 3143 - En Puerto Rico Isla de Amor - Tito Rodriguez [1967]

MM 2144/MS 3144 - 51 Favorites - George Stone [1968]

From this point, mono issues were mostly radio station promos, not commercial releases.

MS 3145 - 51 Country Club Favorites - Sounds Spectacular Orchestra [1968]

MS 3146 - 15 Favorites - Sam Makia [1968]

MS 3147 - 51 Belly Dancer Favorites Volume 2 - Gus Vali [1968]

M2M 2148/M2S 3148 - The Gene Pitney Story - Gene Pitney [1968] Two record set. There is a monaural promo version of this album. Town Without Pity/I Wanna Love My Life Away/Tower Tall/Angelique/Just One Smile/Blue Gene/Boss' Daughter/(The Man Who Shot) Liberty Valance/E Se Domani/Backstage (I'm Lonely)/24 Sycamore Street/Country Dancing/Flower Girl/My Sweet Kentucky Rose/Something's Gotten Hold Of My Heart/Never Had No Toys/Playing Games Of Love/Where Did The Magic Go/That's What Sends Men To The Bowery/I Can't Make It Without You

MS 3149 - George Jones Sings the Songs of Dallas Frazier - George Jones [1968] (2- 68, #14 C&W) I Can't Get There From Here/Looking For My Feel Good/When Love Was Green/Hangin' On To One/Half Of Me Is Gone/Honky Tonk Downstairs/My Baby Left Her Jinglin' John For Foldin' Fred/The Girl I Almost Knew/There Ain't No Grave Deep Enough/There's Nothing Left For You

MM 2150/MS 3150 - Broadway Goes Honky Tonk - Lou Stein [1968]

MS 3151 - Great Motion Picture Themes, Volume 2 - Sounds Spectacular Orchestra [1968]

MM 2152/MS 3152 - Quartet of Soul Volume 3 - Various Artists [1968] Artists: Platters, Inez & Charlie Foxx, Toys, & Tommy Hunt.

MS 3153 - 51 Viennese Waltzes - Sounds Spectacular Orchestra [1968]

MS 3154 - Espanol, Volume 2 - Gene Pitney [1968]

MM 2155/MS 3155 - Music For Belly Dancers, Volume 3 - Gus Vali [1968]

MM 2156/MS 3156 - Sweet, Sweet, Lovin' - Platters [1968] Sweet Sweet Lovin'/Pledging My Love/The More I See You/How Beautiful Our Love Is/The Great Pretender//Doesn't It Ring A Bell/Twilight Time/Baby Baby/The Wonder Of You/Sonata

MM 2157/MS 3157 - Dream On - Floyd Tillman [1968]

MM 2158/MS 3158 - If My Heart Had Windows - George Jones [1968] (6-68, #12 C&W) If My Heart Had Windows/Between My House and Town/On Second Thought/Possum Holler/Unwanted Babies//Say It's Not You/Wrong Side of the World/Stranger's Me/Your Angel Steps Out of Heaven/The Poor Chinee

M2S 3159 - The George Jones Story: The Musical Loves, Life and Sorrows of America's Great Country Star - George Jones [1968] (10-68, #18 C&W) Two record set. Original contains a photo of George. Reissued as The Star with the same catalog number and content but without the photo. Am I That Easy Too Forget/I Threw Away the Rose/Back Into My Baby's Arms/Run Em Off/Man That You Once Knew/Seasons of My Heart/Lonely Street/Ruby/Soldier's Last Letter/Ain't Nothin' Shakin'/Green, Green Grass/That Heart/I'll Sail My Ship Alone/Please Don't Let That Woman Get Me/Worst of Luck/Color of the Blues/Even the Bad Times/Shoe Goes on the Other Foot/Swinging Doors/Your Steppin' Stone

M2S 3160 - All Time Movie Greats - Hugo Winterhalter [1968] Two record set. Sound Of Music/Exodus/Zorba The Greek/Chim Chim Cher-ee/Maria/To Sir With Love/If Ever I Would Leave You/Something In Your Smile/Lawrence Of Arabia/Lara's Theme/Hawaii/Born Free/Shadow Of Your Smile/Three Coins In The Fountain/Never On Sunday/Alfie/Ruby/Love Is A Many-Splendored Thing/A Man And A Woman/Tara's Theme

MS 3161 - Gene Pitney Sings Burt Bacharach & Others - Gene Pitney [1968] Baton Rouge Or Frisco/If I Never Get To Love You/True Love Never Runs Smooth/Little Betty Falling Star/Twenty-Four Hours From Tulsa//Somewhere In The Country/(The Man Who Shot) Liberty Valance/Fool Killer/Only Love Can Break A Heart/Donna Means Heartbreak

MS 3162 - The Federal Duck - Federal Duck [1968] Knowing That I Loved You/Easy Virtue Blues/Tomorrow Waits For Today/Just Like The Snow/Bird/Hello//While You're Away/Pace In My Mind/Just A Band/Friday Morning/Dawn Comes Slow/Ain't Gonna Be Somebody To Sing The Blues/Circus In The Sea

MS 3163 - How to Play Honky Tonk Piano - Lou Stein [1968]

MM 2164/MS 3164 - She's A Heartbreaker - Gene Pitney [1968] (9-63, #193) She's a Heartbreaker/Hate/(1-2-3-4-5-6-7) Count the Days/Run Run Roadrunner/Small Town, Bring Down//Yours Until Tomorrow/Somewhere In the Country/Love Grows/Heaven Held/If I Only Had Time

From approximately this point, releases were stereo only.

MS 3165 - Kay Tolliver - Kay Tolliver [1968]

MS 3166 - Jackie Clark - Jackie Clark [1968] Never Hit Your Grandma With a Shovel-It Makes An Impression/I Have A Cousin/Who Am I/The Taft Hotel/Fannie Stein/(others)

MS 3167 - A Circus of the Mind - Tingling Mother's Circus [1968] 90 Magic Wonders/Sky Diver/New York Mining Disaster 1941/Positively Negative/Flowers On The Wall //I Found A New Love/Sunday Kind Of Feeling/Happy Bubble/Yellow Submarine/Epilogue

M2S 3168 - Romanceable & Danceable - Hugo Winterhalter [1969] Two record set.

M2S 3169 - My Country - George Jones [1969] (2-69, #36 C&W) Two record set. How Proud I Would Have Been/Green Grass Grows All Around/I'm Wasting Good Paper/Tell Me Something I Don't Know/Let A Little Loving Come In/Beneath Still Waters/My Favorite Lies/New Man In Town/How Wonderful A Poor Man's Life Can Be/I Stopped Living Yesterday/As Long As I Live/Let It Rain Let It Shine/Developing My Pictures/I Can't Go Home/Blue Side Of Lonesome/A Loser Likes To Dream/Small Time Laboring Man/Mansion Hill/Till I Hear It From You/The Stranger's Me

MS 3170 - Classical Gas - Hugo Winterhalter with Eddie Heywood [1968]

MS 3171 - I Get The Sweetest Feeling - Platters [1968] I Get the Sweetest Feeling/Why/Fear of Losing You/Devri/Think Before You Walk Away/Hard To Get A Thing Called Love/Wish It Were Me/Alone in the Night/So Many Tears/Sonata

MS 3172

*MXS 3173 - Beware Of Greeks Bearing Gifts - Bob Booker & George Foster [1968] Big Fix/Bride To Be/Chairman Of The Board/Games People Play/Getting Ready For The Wedding/Gratitude/Man Of Action/Momma/My Husband, The Captain/Press Conference/Quiet Evening At Home/Sisters/Telephone Call/The Diner/The Disagreement/The Paparazzi/The Taylor/The Wedding/Typical Morning/Visit To New York

MS 3174 - The Greatest Hits of Gene Pitney - Gene Pitney [1969] She's A Heartbreaker (S)/Mecca (S)/Just One Smile (S)/Billy You're My Friend (S)/True Love Never Runs Smooth (S)/Hawaii (S)//I Wanna Love My Life Away (E)/Something's Gotten Hold Of My Heart (E)/Nessuno Mi Puo Giudicare (E)/If I Didn't Have A Dime (S)/Yesterday's Hero (S)/Louisiana Mama (E)

MS 3175 - The Paper Garden Presents - The Paper Garden [1969]

MS 3176 - Rebecca & The Sunnybrook Farmers - Rebecca & The Sunnybrook Farmers [1969]

MS 3177 - I'll Share My World With You - George Jones [1970] (8-69, #185; 6-69, #5 C&W) Cover photo shows George Jones with his wife Tammy Wynette, although Wynette does not sing on this album. I'll Share My World with You (S)/I Don't Have Sense Enough (To Come In Out Of The Pain) (S)/Do What You Think's Best (S)/Heartaches And Hangovers (S)/Milwaukee Here I Come (S)//When The Grass Grows Over Me (S)/You've Become My Everything (S)/When The Wife Runs Off (S)/Our Happy Home (S)/The Race Is On (S)

MS 3178

M2S 3179 - The Beautiful New Sounds of Strings - Xavier Cugat & His Orchestra with Strings [1969] Two record set. Red label. A Dream Of Love (Liebestraum)/By The Time I Get To Phoenix/Don't Go Breaking My Heart/Can't Take My Eyes Off You/The Fool On The Hill/The More I See You/It Must Be Him/I'll Get By/Unforgettable/Alfie/Lonely Is The Name/Never My Love/Spanish Flea/Melody Of Love/My Reverie/Estrellita/The World We Knew/Up Up And Away/Love After Midnight/(one other)

MS 3180

MS 3181 - Where Grass Won't Grow - George Jones [12/69] (1-70, #15 C&W) Where Grass Won't Grow/For Better Or For Worse But Not For Long/If Not For You/Until I Remember You're Gone/Barbara Joy/No Blues Is Good News/Same Old Boat/Old Blue Tomorrow/Shoulder To Shoulder/She's Mine

MS 3182 - My Boys, The Jones Boys - George Jones & Jones Boys [1970]

MS 3183 - This Is Gene Pitney Singing the Platters' Golden Platters - Gene Pitney [1970] Only You/The Great Pretender/My Prayer/Twilight Time/The Magic Touch//I'm Sorry/Harbor Lights/One In A Million/Smoke Gets In Your Eyes/Heaven On Earth

MS 3184 - My Favorite Broadway/Hollywood Music - Hugo Winterhalter [1970]

MS 3185 - Singing The Great Hits Our Way - Platters [1969] Red Sails In The Sunset/Delilah/Unchained Melody/Try 'N Understand/Catch The Wind//(Goodbye My Foolish) Sayonara/My Way/Uncle Sam Ain't No Woman/If You Need Me/Sentimental Journey

MS 3186 - Newies But Oldies - Royal Teens [1970] Although it is possible this is the remnants of the umpteenth personnel change from the original Royal Teens, there were apparently no original members left. These songs were recent hits played in the manner of 1950s rock and roll. Rock And Roll Music/Build Me Up Buttercup/Smile A Little Smile For Me/Sugar Sugar/Proud Mary//Suspicious Minds/Traces/Games People Play/Honky Tonk Women/Hey Jude

MS 3187

MS 3188 - Will You Visit Me on Sunday - George Jones [1970] (6-70, #44 C&W) Will You Visit Me On Sunday/All I Have To Offer You Is Me/Rosie Bokay/How Much Rain/I'm Finally Over You//The Fortune I've Gone Through/She's As Close As I Can Get/I Stayed Long Enough/These Hands/Image Of Me

MS 3189 - Jennifer Tomkins - Street People [1970] Studio group including future solo artist Rupert Holmes ("Pina Colada Song", etc.). Jennifer Tompkins (S)/She Lets Her Hair Down (Early In The Morning) (S)/Gingersnap (S)/All The Young Women (S)/I Remember (S)//Thank You Girl (S)/I Wonder What Happened To Sally (S)/Rainy Night In Georgia (S)/All Night Long (S)/The World Doesn't Matter Anymore (S)

MS 3190 - Applause - Hugo Winterhalter [1970] Everybody's Talkin'/The Long and Winding Road/Company/Visa For the Stars/Bridge Over Troubled Waters/others

MS 3191 - The Best of George Jones - George Jones [1970] (10-70, #10 C&W) Tell Me My Lying Eyes Are Wrong (S)/When The Grass Grows Over Me (S)/Say It's Not You (S)/Your Angel Steps Out Of Heaven (S)/No Blues Is Good News (S)//I'll Share My World With You (S)/Where Grass Won't Grow (S)/She's Mine (S)/Developing My Pictures (S)/If My Heart Had Windows (S)

MS 3192 - The Best Of Vincent Bell - Vincent Bell [1970]

MS 3193 - Gene Pitney Super Star - Gene Pitney [1970] She Lets Her Hair Down (Early In The Morning) (S)/Shady Lady (S)/A Street Called Hope (S)/Think Of Us (S)/I Remember (S)//Playing Games Of Love (S)/California (S)/All The Young Women (S)/Maria Elena (I'm Going Away To War) (S)/The French Horn (S)

MS 3194 - George Jones with Love - George Jones [1970] (2-71, #9 C&W) A Good Year For The Roses/I'll Follow You (Up To Our Cloud)/Playing Possum/Try/Going Life's Way//I Know/Divorce Or Destroy/Loving You Makes You Mine/A Day In The Life Of A Fool/Never Grow Cold

MS 3195 - What Is It? - S.O.U.L. [1970] Down In the Ghetto/Get Ready/Burning Spear/Express Yourself//Soul/Message From a Black Man/Memphis Underground

MS 3196 - Love at First Sight - Hugo Winterhalter [1970]

MS 3197

MS 3198

MS 3199

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