Musicor Album Discography, Part 4:
Miscellaneous Series

By Dave Edwards, Patrice Eyries, and Mike Callahan
Last update: November 27, 2006

Most of these albums had the black Musicor label.

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Number - Title - Artist - [Release Date] (Chart) Contents

Musicor International MM 4000/MS 6000 Latin Series:

MM 4035/MS 6035 - Invitation to Love - Bobby Capo with Tito Puente & His Orchestra [1967]

MM 4036/MS 6036 - Live It Up - Kako & Orchestra, Vocals by Azuquita [1967] Aunque No Tengo Dinero (Guaguanco Boogaloo)/La Chica Del Barrio Obrero (Mambo)/Shingaling Shingaling (Shingaling)/A Golpe De Timbal(Jala Jala)/Panamas Boogaloo (Boogaloo)//El Guapo (Mambo)/Ritmo Melon (Ritmo Melon)/Live It Up [with Bobby Marin] (Boogaloo/Lo Que Sea (Guajira)/Cool Jerk (Boogaloo)

MM 4037/MS 6037 - Do Their Thing - Orquestra Broadway [1967] Black Is Black/I Wanna Love You/Gozando El Boogaloo/(others)

MM 4038/MS 6038 - Cuban Roots - Mark Weinstein [1967]

MM 4039/MS 6039 - Two Too Much - Willie Rosario & His Orchestra featuring Frank Figueroa [1968]

MM 4040/MS 6040 - Con Pimienta - Dioris Valladares and His Orchestra [1968]

MM 4041/MS 6041 - Instrumentals a la Tito - Tito Rodriquez [1968]

MM 4042/MS 6044 - Sounds of Puerto Rico - La Playa Sextet [1968]

MM 4043/MS 6043 - Songs of Love - Tito Rodriquez [1968]

From approximately this point, releases were stereo only.

MS 6044

MS 6045 - Heart and Soul - Tato Diaz [1968]

MS 6046

MS 6047

MS 6048 - Big Band Latino - Tito Rodriquez [1968] Esta Es Mi Orquesta (Concierto)/Tirate Que Esta Bajito (Mambo)//Oye Mi Consejo (Mambo)/Mi Guajira Si (Guajira)/Kalamary (Mambo) 4. Sacando Candela (Son Montuno)/El Bigoton De Danilo (Mambo)

MS 6049 - Sock It To Me Latino - Kako [1968]

MS 6050

MS 6051 - Yo Quiero ser tu Juguete - Orquestra Broadway [1968]

Musicor MM 5000 Children's Series: Monaural only.

MM 5000 - Songs From Birthday House - Paul Tripp with Ray Carter [1966] Make a Wish/Everybody Up/Hi Mike/Oom Pa Song/others

MM 5001 - More Fun at Birthday House - Paul Tripp with Ray Carter [1966]

MM 5002 - Mr. I. Magination Meets Billy on a Bike and Rip Van Winkle - Paul Tripp with Ray Carter [1966] Billy On A Bike And Rip Van Winkle

MM 5003 - Party Time - Paul Tripp with Ray Carter [1968]

Musicor MM 9000/MS 10000 Jazz Series:

MM 9001/MS 10001 - Mi Saxophone - Al Hurricane [1968]

MM 9002/MS 10002 - Roberto Martinez Y Los Reves De Albuquerque - Roberto Martinez [1968]

Miscellaneous Issues:

SP-1 - Musicor Musicale - Various Artists [1965] It Hurts To Be In Love - Gene Pitney/Sweet Bye And Bye - Les Barnett/Goldfinger - Ralph Marterie/La Novia - Los Hispanos Quartet/The Sea Between Our Hearts - George Jones//Caravan - Vinnie Bell/I've Got Five Dollars And It's Saturday Night - George Jones & Gene Pitney/Ya Son Las Doce - Tito Rodriguez/Medley #4 - Al Soyka/Fiddler On The Roof - Gus Vali/Born To Lose - Gene Pitney
TASLP 2 - For Once In My Life - Dick Cramer [??]

Musicor/Columbia House (Columbia Record Club) Issues:
These are two-album sets, with the regular black Musicor label, but with a Columbia Record Club catalog number.

P2M 5025/ P2S 5025 - This Is Gene Pitney - Gene Pitney [1966] 2-LP set. Looking Through The Eyes Of Love/If Mary's There/Down In The Subway/I Can't Run Away/Born To Lose/Every Breath I Take/I Lost Tomorrow Yesterday/That Special Way/Last Chance To Turn Around/Plain And Simple/I'm Afraid To Go Home/There's No Livin' Without Your Lovin'/Follow The Sun/I Can't Stop Loving You/I'm Gonna Find Myself A Girl/Who Needs It/That Girl Belongs To Yesterday/I'm Gonna Be Strong/Lips Are Redder On You/It Hurts To Be In Love/Remind My Baby Of Me/You Could Change Your Mind/Walk

P2M 5094/P2S 5094 - Country Heart - George Jones [1966] 2-LP set. Four-O-Thirty-Three/Let a Little Loving Come In/How Proud I Would Have Been/We're Watching Our Step/Old Brush Arbors/Race Is On/Take Me/Ships of Love/I Can't Get Used to Being Lonely/Walk Through This World with Me/Flowers for Mama/We Must Have Been out of Our Minds/Things Have Gone to Pieces/If You Believe/Gonna Take Me Away from You/Till I Hear It from You/I'm Wasting Good Paper/White Lightning/From Here to the Door/Don't Keep Me Lonely Too Long/Sea Between Our Hearts/Developing My Pictures (with Melba Montgomery)/I Just Lost My Favorite Girl/Selfishness of Man


K-TEL (Canada)
NC 487 - The Fabulous Gene Pitney - Gene Pitney [1977] The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance (S)/Only Love Can Break A Heart (S)/Town Without Pity (E)/Twenty-Four Hours From Tulsa (S)/True Love Never Runs Smooth (S)/(I Wanna) Love My Life Away (E)/Every Breath I Take (E)/If I Didn't Have A Dime (S)/Half Heaven-Half Heartache (E)/Mecca (S)//It Hurts To Be In Love (E)/I'm Gonna Be Strong (S)/Last Chance To Turn Around (S)/I Must Be Seeing Things (S)/Princess In Rags (S)/Billy You're My Friend (S)/Yesterday's Hero (S)/Backstage (I'm Lonely) (S)/Looking Through The Eyes Of Love (S)/She's A Heartbreaker (S)

Thanks to Ron Sterbenz.

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