Abner Album Discography
by Mike Callahan and David Edwards
Last update: December 15, 2006

The Abner label was obviously named for Ewart Abner, then the head of Vee-Jay, although the Brackens owned the label. There are two Abner labels; chronological order is not known. One is black with silver printing, "Abner" above and slightly to the right of the center hole. To the left of "Abner" is a hunting falcon on a glove. The other label is red with silver printing, graphics are identical to the black label. All three of the Abner albums were also eventually reissued with the standard Vee-Jay label with the Abner numbers in an Abner jacket. The Dee Clark albums were both issued in stereo, while the Jerry Butler issue was apparently in mono only.

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Number - Title - Artist - [Release Date] (Chart) Contents

LP-2000/SR-2000 - Dee Clark - Dee Clark [8/59] Just Keep It Up/Blues Get Off My Shoulder/Hey Little Girl/Whispering Grass/Seven Nights/I Can't Dream//Nobody But You/If It Wasn't For Love/Lucky Me/When I Call On You/Nature Boy/Count On Me

LP-2001 - Jerry Butler, Esquire - Jerry Butler [1959] September Song/For Your Precious Love/Don't Take Your Love From Me/Come Back My Love/If You Let Me/The Challenge//Chi Town/Rainbow Valley/I Was Wrong/Lost/No End or Time/You Go Right Through Me

LP-2002/SR-2002 - How About That - Dee Clark [1960] How About That/Cling A Ling/They're Talkin'/At My Front Door/The Convention/I Love You Darling//Senior Blues/Foggy Day/You There/Silently Lovin' You/Moonlight In Vermont/The Time Has Come

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