Crestview Album Discography
by Mike Callahan, David Edwards, and Patrice Eyries
Last update: September 27, 2007

Crestview was a late-1960s/early 1970s label owned by Randy Wood (the Vee-Jay Randy Wood) and run by Fred Smith. The label was black with silver print, with "CRESTVIEW" in italic caps above the center hole.

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Number - Title - Artist - [Release Date] Contents

Crestview CRS 3050 Pop Series:

CRS 3051

CRS 3052 - The Victims of Chance - Victims of Chance [1968] Produced by Johnny Kitchen. Victims Of Chance, Part 1 (instrumental)/Victims Of Chance, Part 2 (vocal by Torrin Quinn)/Adventures In Tyme/Break Away/Over & Out (Coda, Side One)//Tuesday's Victim/LA to Frisco Four Eleven Flat/Funky Sunshine/Devil's Prayer

CRS 3053 - Brazilian New Wave - Claudio Meranda [1968] My Kind Of Girl/Barquinho/Tem Do De Mim/Corcovado/Samba For Two//It's All Right With Me/Agua De Beber/Favela/Vivo Sonhando/Consolacao

CRS 3054 - Today - Afro Blues Quintet Plus 1 [1969] Produced by Randall Wood and Jack Millman. South Side Habit/Mirror Image/Soul Walk/Mud-Mila/Candie Luv//Twilight Thunder/Evening Of The Beast/My Love Behind The Golden Door/Down With The Downers/Bright Is The Dawn

CRS 3055 - Bob & Earl - Bob & Earl [1969] I'll Keep Running Back/Dancin Everywhere/Send For Me I'll Be There/Ooh Honey Bee/Harlem Shuffle//Baby Your Time Is My Time/Big Brother/Land Of 1000 Dances/I Can't Get Away/My Little Girl

CRS 3056 - Pretty People - Pretty People [1970] Produced by Randall Wood. Just For Today/Bobby s Thing/Merry Go Round Of Love/80 Lower Pike/Going To San Diego/Hard Luck Stories//Goin' Home/Love Can Be Mine/Songrider/Denny/Lady Melinda/Relax And Spend The Night

CRS 3057 - Hard and Heavy - Music Company [1970]

CRS 3058 - Down & Dirty - Larry Bright [1970]

CRS 3059 - Merrill Moore - Merrill Moore [1970]

CRS 3060 - Bob & Earl Together - Bob & Earl [1970] Produced by Rene Hall. Have You Ever Been Lonely/Don't Ever Leave Me/As We Danced/Uptown Shuffle/His And Hers Shuffle/We Go Together//Deep Down Inside/Baby Doll/You Are My Baby/Harlem Shuffle/Society Shuffle/Fancy Free

CRS 3061 - The Best of the Afro Blues Quintet Plus One - Afro Blues Quintet Plus One [1970] Produced by Randall Wood. Liberation/The In Crowd/Let My People Go/Mystic Mambo/Where Did Our Love Go/La La La La La//Alfie/Little Green Apples/People/I Say A Little Prayer/Goin' Out Of My Head

CRS 3062 - The Hawk and the Hunter - Coleman Hawkins & Frank Hunter [1970] Easy Walker/Traumaerei/All The Time/Lazy Butterfly/Not Quite Night/Pebbles//I Knew Dana/Lullaby/Hawk Talk/Misty Morning/Lonely Tenor/Whisper To Me

CRS 3063 - The Fourth Herd - Woody Herman [1970] The Magpie/Blues For Indian Jim/The Swing Machine/Summer Nights/Johnny On The Spot//Panatela/Lament For Linda/In A Misty Mood/Catty Corner/The Thirteenth Instant

CRS 3064 - Easy Like - Billy Taylor Trio [1970] Warming Up/Easy Like/Ya Know What I Mean/Afterthoughts/Don't Bug Me//That's Where It Is/Easy Walker/Coffee Break/Lonesome Lover/No After Taste

CRS 3065 - Latino - Rene Bloch [1970] Jose/Cool Cha Cha/Anoranza/Chatusi/Feitico De Villa//Tumbala Cana/Cuarita De Fiesta/La Pallomilla/Mueve La Cintura/Oye Mi Pregon

CRS 3066 - Bobby Jameson - Bobby Jameson [1970] That's The Way The World Has Got To Be, Part 1/That's The Way The World Has Got To Be, Part 2/I'll Remember Then/Girls From Vernon Mountain/I Got The Blues/Saline/Just One Of Those Days/You Came, You Saw, You Didn't Conquer Me/Girl From The East/Don't Come Looking

CRS 3067 - The Sounds of Today - Afro Strings [1970] Produced by Mike Stone. On The Strip/Around The Bend/Back Home/Good Winds/Theme Of A Golden Girl/Black Lace//March Of The Lyons/Dreamer/Tina Tina/Westways/Afro Delic/Transfusion

CRS 3075 - Jazz From San Francisco - Pat Britt Quintet [1968] Jim Beam Blues/Nancy/Let's Play/Ahmad's Turban/Workin' At The Workshop/Young Bud/Bostwick's Little Bag

CRS 3076 - The Joy of Singing - Link [1971]

Crestview 2-700 Series (2-LP Sets):

CRS 2-700 - Jazz of the Sixties - Various Artists [1970] (2-LP set) Kelly - Buddy Collette/Moonglow - Eddie Harris/Let My People Go - Afro Blues Quintet Plus One/Michelle - Music Company/Swing Machine - Woody Herman/Hawk Talk - Coleman Hawkins/Warming Up - Billy Taylor Trio/I Got Rhythm - Paul Chambers/Someday My Prince Will Come - Wynton Kelly/Victims Of Chance - Afro Blues Quintet Plus One/Coffee Break - Billy Taylor Trio/Blues A La Carte - Wayne Shorter/You Won't See Me - Music Company/I Knew Dana - Coleman Hawkins/Catty Corner - Woody Herman/W.P. - Eddie Harris/Mystic Mambo - Afro Blues Quintet Plus One/Jake - Buddy Collette/It's Only Love - Music Company/Panatela - Woody Herman

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