Interphon Album Discography
by Mike Callahan and David Edwards
Last update: December 15, 2006

Honeycombs The Interphon label was set up in late June, 1964, as a Vee-Jay subsidiary to release foreign masters domestically. At the time, Vee-Jay was planning to re-issue a Belgian album by Argentinian vocalist Alberto Cortez on the label, but as it turned out, that album was released on Tollie instead. The only known album on Interphon was by the Honeycombs. The Honeycombs were a group from London who featured a female drummer, Anne Margot "Honey" Lantree. Other members of the group were bassist John Lantree (Ann's brother), guitarists Allan Ward and (bandleader) Martin Murray, and vocalist Denis D'ell (nee Denis James Dalziel). They started as The Sherabons, but producer Joe Meek signed them and suggested both a name change and that they start recording songs by the successful songwriting team of Ken Howard and Alan Blaikley (sometimes listed as "Howard Blaikley," as if it were one person). "Have I the Right?" [Interphon 7707] was released in the summer of 1964 and made the "Hot 100" by mid- September, eventually peaking at #5, reaching #1 in the UK. A followup single, "I Can't Stop" [Interphon 7713], was issued late in the year, but only reached #48. Martin Murray, disillusioned that they could not repeat their huge debut success, left the group to form the Lemmings, who quickly jumped off the cliff never to be heard from again. His place was taken by one Peter Pye.

In all, Interphon issued 18 singles and one album. Other artists on the label were the Hi-Fis, the Soul Agents, the Chants, Suzanne Doucet, April Byron, John Chester & His Chessmen, Dinah Lee, the Takers, Peter Posa, Philip & Stephan, Sheridan Hollenbeck, the Masonics, the Groundhogs, the Ad Libs, and Ian Crawford, all of them with one-single tries that went nowhere. In addition to the two chart records, the Honeycombs also tried a third 45, "That's The Way" [Interphon 7716], which reached #12 in the UK, but by mid-1965 both the Honeycombs and the label were done in the US, and the single failed to chart here. Martin

The original Interphon label is blue-grey with black print, and a red Interphon logo on the left side of the center hole. Like the other Vee-Jay labels of the time, there were several variations, including a variation with the label name in block letters at the top. The Honeycombs album was also issued on the regular Vee-Jay "brackets" label, with the Interphon catalog number.

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Number - Title - Artist - [Release Date] (Chart) Contents

IN-88001 - Here Are the Honeycombs Singing HAVE I THE RIGHT and Other Hits - Honeycombs [1964] (1-65, #147) Originally issued in mono only. There may have been rechanneled "stereo" versions also issued. Colour Slide/Once You Know/Without You It Is Night/That's The Way/I Want To Be Free/How The Mighty Have Fallen/Have I The Right?//Just A Face In The Crowd/Nice While It Lasted/Me From You/Leslie Anne/She's Too Way Out/Ain't Necessarily So/This Too Shall Pass Away


CMA CD 146 - The Best of the Honeycombs - Honeycombs [1991] Have I The Right (M)/Leslie Anne (M)/Once You Know (M)/That's The Way (M)/Colour Slide (M)/Without You It Is Night (M)/Something Better Beginning (M)/I Want To Be Free (M)/Just A Face In The Crowd (M)/How The Mighty Have Fallen (M)/Nice While It Lasted (M)/She's Too Way Out (M)

RR 4121-WZ - All Systems Go! - Honeycombs [1990] I Can't Stop (S, rerecording)/Don't Love Her No More (S)/All Systems Go (S)/Totem Pole (S)/Emptiness (S)/Ooee Train (S)/She Ain't Coming Back (S)/Something I Got To Tell You (S)/Our Day Will Come (S)/Nobody But Me (S)/There's Always Me (S)/Love In Tokyo (S)/If You Should (S)/My Prayer (S)/Not Sleeping Too Well Lately (M)/How Will I Know (M)/I Fell In Love (M)/Something Better Beginning (M)/ Should A Man Cry (M)/Can't Get Through To You (M)

NEX CD 125 - It's the Honeycombs/All Systems Go! - Honeycombs [1990] Colour Slide (M)/Once You Know (M)/Without You It Is Night (M)/That's The Way (M)/I Want To Be Free (M)/How The Mighty Have Fallen (M)/Have I The Right? (M)/Just A Face In The Crowd (M)/Nice While It Lasted (M)/Me From You (M)/Leslie Anne (M)/She's Too Way Out (M)/It Ain't Necessarily So (M)/This Too Shall Pass Away (M)/I Can't Stop (S, rerecording)/I Don't Love Her No More (S)/All Systems Go (S)/Totem Pole (S)/Emptiness (S, dropouts)/Oo-ee Train (S)/She Ain't Coming Back (S)/Something I Got To Tell You (S)/Our Day Will Come (S)/Nobody But Me (S)/There's Always Me (S)/Love In Tokyo (S)/If You Should (S)/My Prayer (S)

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