Tollie Album Discography
by Mike Callahan and David Edwards
Last update: December 15, 2006

The Tollie label was started as a subsidiary label to Vee-Jay Records in late February, 1964. In the March 7, 1964 issue of Billboard, Vee- Jay's Jay Lasker was quoted as saying, "We plan to concentrate heavily on the current type of pop single for Tollie. This will differentiate Tollie from Vee-Jay's policy of being r&b oriented."

Tollie 9008 picture sleeve They started the label with a huge hit, the 45 of the Beatles' "Twist And Shout"/"There's A Place" [Tollie 9001], taken from the Vee-Jay Beatles album [LP-1062]. Initial orders for the single reportedly topped 428,000 copies. A second Beatles single, "Love Me Do"/"P.S. I Love You" [Tollie 9008] was also a huge hit. Besides the Beatles, Tollie issued chart singles by Canadian singer Terry Black ("Unless You Care," Tollie 9026) and the unforgettable macabre novelty "I Want My Baby Back" by Jimmy Cross [Tollie 9039]. The label signed several talented artists who had hits elsewhere, such as Billy Joe Royal, the Big Three [with Cass Elliot], Rick & the Keens, Barrett Strong, the Sensations, Ray Smith, and the Daylighters. Chicago-based guitarist Kal David with his group the Exceptions were also on the label. Other releases included singles by the Dowlands, the Angelos, Moses Davis, Gary Sommers, Them Other Brothers, Sam Fletcher, Sugar & the Spices, the Rhythm Kings, Johnnie Walker, Peggy Sams, the Prodigals, the Clinger Sisters, Judy Thomas, the Sunbeams, the BRATTS, Joey Paige, the Ragamuffins, Ray Godfrey, Eddie McDuff, Peanut Montgomery, Eddie Wilson, James Sturr, Jimmy Velvet, Twinkle, the Chips, Scott Douglas, and the Fallen Angels.

Ultimately, Tollie issued two albums and almost 50 singles. The label was re-absorbed into the Vee-Jay operation in May, 1965.

The usual Tollie label (far left) was purple with silver printing, with "tollie RECORDS" in yellow above the center hole in a box made up of four pink lines. The Tollie promotional label for the albums (near left) was white with black printing, with "tollie RECORDS" above the center hole in a box, and "Disc Jockey Advance Sample" to the left of the logo and "NOT FOR SALE" to the right of the logo.

Tollie also used a different label that was yellow with black print, with a basic design and no graphics. Since at the time, Vee-Jay had their printing done at several different places, it is possible that both albums might be found with this label (it is a known variation on 56001). (Certainly the early singles on the label had a multitude of different looks, from "TOLLIE" in block lettering to a simple logo to a more artful logo, with either yellow or black labels with various color printing. Later, the singles label evolved to a multicolor label.)

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Number - Title - Artist - [Release Date] Contents

T/TS-56001 - Live At The Whiskey A-Go-Go - Don And Alleyne Cole [1964] Searchin'/Whole Lot Of Shakin'/Mean Woman Blues/Midnight Special/Try Me/Something's Got a Hold Of Me//Don't Let The Sun Catch You Cryin'/I Can't Help It/Woke Up This Morning/High Heel Sneakers/Stormy Monday/Poor Fool

T/TS-56002 - Welcome to Le Discoteque - Alberto Cortez [1964] April In Portugal/Heartaches/Ti-Pi-Tin/La Paloma/Oh Marie/Medley: Ciao Ciao Bambina-Arrivederci Roma-Happy Journey//Manana/Amor Amor Amor/Amapola/Mack The Knife/South Of The Border/Medley: When The Saints Go Marchin' In-Down By The Riverside-Auf Wiedersh'n

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