Loma Album Discography
By David Edwards, Patrice Eyries, and Mike Callahan
Last update: July 25, 2004

Loma Records was a Warner Brothers subsidiary run by Bob Krasnow. The original office in 1964 overlooked Loma Avenue, hence the label name. It was started as an entry into the R&B market. The label lasted until 1968.

The label had some interesting artists, but most of them didn't make it to LP status until the release of the two-CD set in 1995 called The Best of Loma Records. Several of James Brown's backup group, the Famous Flames, recorded solo efforts for Loma. There were also hard-hitting soul vocals by J.J. Jackson, Linda Jones and Lorraine Ellison. Ike and Tina Turner had some tunes on the label (one of the seemingly dozens of labels for whom they recorded). There were Philadelphians Ben Aiken and the Three Degrees. They had the Enchanters and Lonnie Youngblood. And the Olympics had the original version on Loma of "Good Lovin'," which the Young Rascals snapped up. But apparently, it wasn't enough to survive, as they made very little impact on the best seller charts, and Warner Brothers eventually lost interest.

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Number - Title - Artist - [Release Date] Contents

LM/LS 5901 - Both Sides of Redd Foxx - Redd Foxx [1966]

LM/LS 5902 - Bowl of Soul - Richard "Groove" Holmes [1966] In the Dark/I'm Gonna Move/Night Train/R.F.K. Flies Home/How Long How Long Blues/Roll 'Em Pete


*LM/LS 5904 - Live! The Ike & Tina Turner Show - Ike & Tina Turner [1966] (Reissue of Warner W/WS 1579?) Down In The Valley - Jimmy Thomas/Finger Poppin'/Good Time Tonight - Vanetta Fields/Good Times/High Heel Sneakers (Tight Pants)/I Can't Stop Loving You/I Know (You Don't Want Me No More)/My Man, He's A Lovin' Man - Jessie Smith/Something's Got A Hold On Me/Tell The Truth/Twist And Shout/You Are My Sunshine

LS 5905 - On the Loose - Redd Foxx [1967]

LS 5906 - Live in Las Vegas - Redd Foxx [1967]

LS 5907 - Hypnotized - Linda Jones [1967] Hypnotized/I Can't Stop Lovin' My Baby/Give My Love A Try/You Can't Take It/What I've Done (To Make You Mad)/I Can't Stand It//The Things I've Been Through (Loving You)/If Only (We Had Met Sooner)/Make Me Surrender (Baby, Baby Please)/A Last Minute Miracle/Seeing Is Believing

LS 5908 - Foxx-A-Delic - Redd Foxx [1968]

Related CD:

Loma/Warner Archives 9 45711-2 - The Best of Loma Records: The Rise and Fall of a 1960's Soul Label - Various Artists [1995] (2-CD set) Finger Poppin' - Ike & Tina Turner (M)/I'm The Lover Man - Little Jerry Williams (M)/A Fool For A Fool - Ike & Tina Turner (M)/I Wanna Thank You - Enchanters (M)/Heart Full Of Love - Invincibles (E)/Tell Her I'm Not Home - Ike & Tina Turner (M)/Rainin' In My Heart - Olympics (M)/I Want To Be Loved - Enchanters (M)/I Paid For The Party - Enchanters (M)/Good Lovin' - Olympics (M)/(I'll Do Anything) Just To Be With You - Ike & Tina Turner (M)/Somebody (Somewhere) Needs You - Ike & Tina Turner (M)/Your Search Is Over - Walter Foster (M)/There Is Something On Your Mind, Part 1 - Baby Lloyd (M)/Soul Jerk, Parts 1 & 2 (M)/Lock Me In Your Heart - Apollas (M)/Something's Burnin' - Maevellos (M)/You're Absolutely Right - Apollas (M)/We Go Together - Marvellos (M)/Can't Win - Invincibles (M)/Don't Come A-Knockin' - Mary Lee Whitney (M)/Why Do You Want To Hurt The One That Loves You - Marvellos (M)/You're Such A Sweet Thing - Marvellos (M)/I Can't Stand It - Invincibles (M)/Stay With Me - Lorraine Ellison (M)//But It's Alright - J.J. Jackson (M)/Don't Hold On To Someone (Who Don't Love You) - Lukas Lollipop (M)/If I Told You Once (I Told You A Million Times) - Ben Aiken (M)/We Need To Be Loved - Teen Turbans (M)/Ain't That Terrible - Roy Redmond (M)/A Change Is Gonna Come - Roy Redmond (M)/Hypnotized - Linda Jones (S)/Don't Play With My Heart - Marvellos (M)/God Bless My Girl (But Don't Forget About Me) - Ben Aiken (M)/Heart Be Still - Lorraine Ellison (M)/You Don't Know Anything About Love - Carl Hall (M)/That Old Time Feeling - Roy Redmond (M)/I Can't Stand It - Linda Jones (S)/Who Would Want Me Now - Apollas (M)/What Have I Done (To Make You Mad) - Linda Jones (S)/Good Day Sunshine - Roy Redmond (M)/Give Me A Try - Linda Jones (S)/Down But Not Out - J.J. Jackson (M)/Somebody In The World For You - Mighty Hannibal (M)/Roll With The Punches - Lonnie Youngblood (M)/Get In The Groove - Mighty Hannibal (M)/If That Guy Walks Out Of My Life - Three Degrees (M)/Too Late - J.J. Jackson (M)/Try (Just A Little Bit Harder) - Lorraine Ellison (M)/What Can I Do (Without You) - Linda Jones (M)

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