Reprise Album Discography, Part 6:
MS-2200 to FS-2305 (1974-1981)

By David Edwards, Patrice Eyries, and Mike Callahan
Last update: July 25, 2004

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Number - Title - Artist - [Release Date] (Chart) Contents

2000 Series, Part 2:

MS 2200 - Rejuvenation - Meters [1974] People Say/Love Is For Me/Just Kissed My Baby/What'cha Say/Jungle Man//Hey Pocky A-Way/It Ain't No Use/Loving You Is On My Mind/Africa

DS 2201 - Look at the Fool - Tim Buckley [1974] This album is on the Discreet label. Look At The Fool/Bring It On Up/Helpless/Freeway Blues/Tijuana Moon//Ain't It Peculiar/Who Could Deny You/Mexicali Voodoo/Down In The Street/Wanda Lou

2DS 2202 - Roxy and Elsewhere - Frank Zappa & Mothers [1974] (10/74, #27) Two- Record Set. This album is on the Discreet label. Preamble/Penguin In Bondage/Pygmy Twylyte/Dummy Up//Preamble/Village Of The Sun/Echidna's Arf (Of You)/Don't You Ever Wash That Thing?//Preamble/Cheepnis/Son Of Orange County/More Trouble Every Day//Preamble/Be-Bop Tango (Of The Old Jazzmen's Church)

DS 2203 - Tooth, Fang and Claw - Ted Nugent's Amboy Dukes [1974] This album is on the Discreet label. Lady Luck/Living In The Woods/Hibernation//Free Flight/Maybelline/The Great White Buffalo/Sasha/No Hold Barred

MS 2204 - Crash Landing - Jimi Hendrix [1975] (3/75, #5) Message To Love/Somewhere Over The Rainbow/Crash Landing/Come Down Hard On Me//Peace In Mississippi/With The Power/Stone Free Again/Captain Coconut


MS 2206 - Cold on the Shoulder - Gordon Lightfoot [1975] (3/75, #10) Bend In The Water/Rainy Day People/Cold On The Shoulder/The Soul Is The Rock/Bells Of The Evening/Rainbow Trout//A Tree Too Weak To Stand/All The Lovely Ladies/Fine As Fine Can Be/Cherokee Bend/Now And Then/Slide On Over

*FS 2207 - Sinatra: The Main Event Live - Frank Sinatra [1974] (12/74, #37) All The Way/Angel Eyes/Autumn In New York/Bad, Bad Leroy Brown/House I Live In/I Get A Kick Out Of You/I've Got You Under My Skin/It Was A Very Good Year/Lady Is A Tramp/Let Me Try Again/My Kind Of Town/My Way/You Are The Sunshine Of My Life

DS 2208 - Boogie Bands and One Night Stands - Kathy Dalton [1974] (11/74, #190) This album is on the Discreet label. Boogie Bands And One Night Stands/Pour Your Wine All Over Me/Ride, Ride, Ride/Gypsy Dancer/The Light That Shines/At The Tropicana/I Need You Tonight/Musical Chairs/Justine/Cannibal Forest/Midnight Creeper

DS 2209 - Growl - Growl [1974] This album is on the Discreet label. Shake Your Money Maker/Young And Crazy/I Wonder/Working Man/Sadie//Hound Dog/Take My Life/Things Ain't Better/Who's This Man/I Just Want To Make Love To You

MS 2210 - Bachman-Turner Overdrive as Brave Belt - Bachman-Turner Overdrive [1975] (3/75, #180) Too Far Away/Dunrobin's Gone/Can You Feel It/Put It In a Song/Summer Soldier/Goodbye, Soul Shy//Never Comin' Home/Be a Good Man/Long Way 'Round/Another Way Out/Waterloo Country

DS 2211 - Like Gold Wine - Brenda Patterson [1975] This album is on the Discreet label.


MS 2213 - Pieces of the Sky - Emmylou Harris [1976] (3/75, #45) Bluebird Wine/Too Far Gone/If I Could Only Win Your Love/Boulder To Birmingham/Before Believing//Bottle Let Me Down/Sleepless Nights/Coat Of Many Colors/For No One/Queen Of The Silver Dollar

*2RS 2214 - Together in Concert - Pete Seeger & Arlo Guthrie [1975] (6/74, #165) Two- Record Set. City Of New Orleans/Declaration Of Independence/Deportee (Plane Wreck At Los Gatos)/Don't Think Twice, It's All Right/Estadio Chile/Get Up And Go/Golden Vanity/Guantanamera/Henry My Son/Joe Hill/Lonesome Valley/May There Always Be Sunshine/Mother, The Queen Of My Heart/On A Monday/Presidential Rag/Quite Early Morning/Roving Rambler/Stealin'/Sweet Rosyanne/Three Rules Of Discipline And The Eight Rules Of Attention/Walkin' Down The Line/Way Out There/Well May The World Go/Yodeling

DS 2215 - Denis Bryant - Denis Bryant [1975] This album is on the Discreet label.

DS 2216 - One Size Fits All - Frank Zappa & Mothers [1975] (7/75, #26) This album is on the Discreet label. Inca Roads/Can't Afford No Shoes/Sofa No. 1/Po-Jama People//Florentine Pogen/Evelyn, A Modified Dog/San Ber'dino/Andy/Sofa No. 2


MS 2218 - Follow My Mind - Jimmy Cliff [1975] (11/75, #195) Look At The Mountains/The News/I'm Gonna Live, I'm Gonna Love/Going Mad/Dear Mother/Who Feels It, Knows It//Remake The World/No Woman, No Cry/Wahjahka Man/Hypocrites/If I Follow My Mind/You're The Only One


MS 2220 - Geoff Muldaur Is Having a Wonderful Time - Geoff Muldaur [1975]

MS 2221 - Tonight's the Night - Neil Young [1975] (7/75, #25) Tonight's The Night/Speakin' Out/World On A String/Borrowed Tune/Come On Baby Let's Go Downtown/Mellow My Mind//Roll Another Number (For The Road)/Albuquerque/New Mama/Lookout Joe/Tired Eyes/Tonight's The Night (Part II)

MS 2222 - Half in Half Out - John Renton [1975]

MS 2223 - Good Vibrations: Best of the Beach Boys - Beach Boys [1975] (7/75, #25) This album is on the Brother label. Add Some Music To Your Day/Caroline, No/Darlin'/Do It Again/Friends/God Only Knows/Good Vibrations/Heroes And Villains/Sail On Sailor/Sloop John B/Surf's Up/Wouldn't It Be Nice

MS 2224 - We Got By - Al Jarreau [1975] Spirit/We Got By/Susan's Song/You Don't See Me//Lock All The Gates/Raggedy Ann/Letter Perfect/Sweet Potatoe Pie/Aladin's Lamp

MS 2225 - Fleetwood Mac - Fleetwood Mac [1975] (8/75, #1) First album from the "new lineup" of Fleetwood Mac including Lindsey Buckingham and Stevie Nicks. Monday Morning/Warm Ways/Blue Letter/Rhiannon/Over My Head/Crystal//Say You Love Me/Landslide/World Turning/Sugar Daddy/I'm So Afraid


*MS 2227 - Is It Something I Said? - Richard Pryor [1975] (8/75, #12) Cocaine/Eulogy/Good Night Kiss/Just Us/Mudbone-Little Feets/New Niggers/Our Text For Today/Shortage Of White People/When Your Woman Leaves You/Women Are Beautiful

MS 2228 - Fire on the Bayou - Meters [1975] (9/75, #179) Out In The Country/Fire On The Bayou/Love Slip Upon Ya/Talkin' 'Bout New Orleans/They All Ask'd For You//Can You Do Without?/Liar/You're A Friend Of Mine/Middle Of The Road/Running Fast/Mardi Gras Mambo

MS 2229 - Midnight Lightning - Jimi Hendrix [1975] (11/75, #43) Trashman/Midnight Landing/Hear My Train A Coming/Gypsy Boy (New Rising Sun)//Blue Suede Shoes Blues/Machine Gun/Once I Had A Woman/Beginnings

MS 2230 - The Art of Tea - Michael Franks [1975] (7/76, #131) Nightmoves/Eggplant/Monkey See-Monkey Do/St. Elmo's Fire/I Don't Know Why I'm So Happy I'm Sad//Jive/Popsicle Toes/Sometimes I Just Forget To Smile/Mr. Blue

MS 2231 - Ray Wylie Hubbard and the Cowboy Twinkies - Ray Wylie Hubbard & Cowboy Twinkies [1975] West Texas Country Western Dance Band/Portales/$60 Ford/Bordertown Girl/The Lovin' Of The Game//Compromise/Blackeyed Peas/Jazzbo Dancer/He's The One (Who Made Me #2)/Belly Of Texas

MS 2232 - Phil Cody - Phil Cody [1975]


DS 2234 - Bongo Fury - Frank Zappa, Captain Beefheart & Mothers [1975] (11/75, #66) This album is on the Discreet label. Debra Kadabra/Carolina Hard-Core Ecstasy/Sam With The Showing Scalp Flat Top/Poofter's Froth Wyoming Plans Ahead/200 Years Old//Cucamonga/Advance Romance/Man With The Woman Head/Muffin Man

MS 2235 - Sweet Harmony - Maria Muldaur [1976] (3/76, #53) Sweet Harmony/Sad Eyes/Lying Song/Rockin' Chair/I Can't Stand It//We Just Couldn't Say Goodbye/Back By Fall/Jon The Generator/Wild Bird/As An Eagle Stirreth In Her Nest

MS 2236 - Elite Hotel - Emmylou Harris [1976] (1/76, #25) Amarillo/Together Again/Feelin' Single-Seein' Double/Sin City/One Of These Days/Till I Gain Control Again//Here, There And Everywhere/Ooh Las Vegas/Sweet Dreams/Jambalaya/Satan's Jewel Crown/Wheels

2RS 2237 - Gord's Gold - Gordon Lightfoot [1975] (11/75, #34) Two-Record Set. I'm Not Sayin'-Ribbon Of Darkness/Song For A Winter's Night/Canadian Railroad Trilogy/Softly/For Lovin' Me-Did She Mention My Name//Affair On 8th Avenue/Steel Rail Blues/Wherefore And Why/Bitter Green/Early Morning Rain//Minstrel Of The Dawn/Sundown/Beautiful/Summer Side Of Life/Rainy Day People/Cotton Jenny//Don Quixote/Circle Of Steel/Old Dan's Records/If You Could Read My Mind/Cold On The Shoulder/Carefree Highway

MS 2238 - Rockin' Chair - Jonathan Edwards [1976] How Long/Hearts Overflowing/Favorite Song/White Line/Ain't Got Time//Hello/Song For The Life/Rockin' Chair (Gonna Get You)/The Christian Life/Lady

MS 2239 - Amigo - Arlo Guthrie [1976] (10/76, #133) Guabi, Guabi/Darkest Hour/Massachusetts/Victor Jara/Patriots' Dream//Grocery Blues/Walking Song/My Love/Manzanillo Bay/Ocean Crossing/Connection


MS 2241 - That Nigger's Crazy - Richard Pryor [1975] Reissue of Reprise MSK 2287.

MS 2242 - Zuma - Neil Young With Crazy Horse [1975] (11/75, #25) Don't Cry No Tears/Danger Bird/Pardon My Heart (With Tim Drummond)/Lookin' For A Love/Barstool Blues//Stupid Girl/Drive Back/Cortez The Killer/Through My Sails (With Crosby, Stills & Nash)

MS 2243 - Peter Pringle - Peter Pringle [1975]

MS 2244 - Back Stairs of My Life - Dianne Brooks [1975]

*2RS 2245 - The Essential Jimi Hendrix - Jimi Hendrix [1978] (8/78, #114) Two-Record Set. All Along The Watchtower/Are You Experienced?/Bold As Love/Castles Made Of Sand/Dolly Dagger/Drifting/Ezy Rider/Freedom/Gypsy Eyes/Have You Ever Been (To Electric Ladyland)/House Burning Down/If 6 Was 9/Izabella/Little Miss Lover/Little Wing/Purple Haze/Room Full Of Mirrors/Stepping Stone/Still Raining, Still Dreaming/The Burning Of The Midnight Lamp/Third Stone From The Sun/Voodoo Chile (Slight Return)

MS 2246 - Summertime Dream - Gordon Lightfoot [1976] (6/76, #12) Race Among The Ruins/The Wreck Of The Edmund Fitzgerald/I'm Not Supposed To Care/I'd Do It Again/Never Too Close//Protocol/The House You Live In/Summertime Dream/Spanish Moss/Too Many Clues In This Room


MS 2248 - Glow - Al Jarreau [1976] (8/76, #132) Rainbow In Your Eyes/Your Song/Agua De Beber/Have You Seen The Child/Hold On Me//Fire And Rain/Somebody's Watching You/Milwaukee/Glow

MS 2249 - Welcome Back - John Sebastian [1976] (5/76, #79) Hideaway/She's Funny/You Go Your Way And I'll Go Mine/Didn't Wanna Have To Do It/One Step Forward, Two Steps Back//Welcome Back - Stone Warblers/I Needed Her Most When I Told Her To Go/A Song A Day In Nashville/Warm Baby/Let This Be Our Time To Get Along

*MS 2250 - Happy Days - Pratt & McClain [1976] (7/76, #190) California Cowboy/Devil With A Blue Dress/Happy Days/Midnight Ride/One Way Or The Other/Our Last Song Together/Raised On Rock/Summertime In The City/Tonight We're Gonna Fall In Love/Whachersign/Who Needs It

MS 2251 - 15 Big Ones - Beach Boys [1976] (7/76, #8) This album is on the Brother label. Rock And Roll Music/It's O.K./Had To Phone Ya/Chapel Of Love/Everyone's In Love With You/Talk To Me/That Same Song/The T M Song//Palisades Park/Susie Cincinnati/A Casual Look/Blueberry Hill/Back Home/In The Still Of The Night/Just Once In My Life

MS 2252 - Trick Bag - Meters [1976] Disco Is The Thing Today/Find Yourself/All These Things/I Want To Be Loved By You/Suite For 20 G//(Doodle Loop) The World Is A Little Bit Under The Weather/Trick Bag/Mister Moon/Chug-A-Lug/Hang 'Em High-Honky Tonk Woman

MS 2253 - Long May You Run - Stills-Young Band [1976] (10/76, #26) Stephen Stills and Neil Young of Buffalo Springfield, and CSNY. Title song is about a car. Long May You Run/Make Love To You/Midnight On The Bay/Black Coral/Ocean Girl//Let It Shine/12/8 Blues (All The Same)/Fontainebleau/Guardian Angel

MS 2254 - Chicken Skin Music - Ry Cooder [1976] (10/76, #177) The Bourgeois Blues/I Got Mine/Always Lift Him Up/He'll Have To Go//Smack Dab In The Middle/Stand By Me/Yellow Roses/Chloe/Goodnight Irene

MS 2255 - Motion - Geoff Muldaur [1976]

MS 2256 - In Concert: The Best of Jimmy Cliff - Jimmy Cliff [1976] You Can Get It If You Really Want/Vietnam/Fountain Of Life/Many Rivers To Cross/Wonderful World, Beautiful People//Under The Sun, Moon And Stars/Wild World/Sitting In Limbo/Struggling Man/The Harder They Come

3RS 2257 - Decade - Neil Young [1976] (11/77, #43) (3-LP set) Down To The Wire/Burned/Mr. Soul/Broken Arrow/Expecting To Fly/Sugar Mountain//I Am A Child/The Loner/The Old Laughing Lady/Cinnamon Girl/Down By The River//Cowgirl In The Sand/I Believe In You/After The Goldrush/Southern Man/Helpless//Ohio/Soldier/Old Man/A Man Needs A Maid/Harvest/Heart Of Gold/Star Of Bethlehem//The Needle And The Damage Done/Tonight's The Night (Part 1)/Tired Eyes/Walk On/For The Turnstiles/Winterlong/Deep Forbidden Lake//Like A Hurricane/Love Is A Rose/Cortez The Killer/Campaigner/Long May You Run

MSK 2258 - The Beach Boys Love You - Beach Boys [1977] (4/77, #53) This album is on the Brother label. Let Us Go On This Way/Roller Skating Child/Mona/Johnny Carson/Good Time/Honkin' Down The Highway/Ding Dang//Solar System/The Night Was So Young/I'll Bet He's Nice/Let's Put Our Hearts Together/I Wanna Pick You Up/Airplane/Love Is A Woman

MS 2259 - Here's to the Ladies - Frank Sinatra [1977]

MS 2260 - King Kong (Soundtrack) - Various Artists [1976] (1/77, #123)

MSK 2261 - American Stars 'N Bars - Neil Young & Crazy Horse [1977] (7/77, #21) The Old Country Waltz (Neil Young & Crazy Horse & Bullets)/Saddle Up The Palomino (Neil Young & Crazy Horse & Bullets)/Hey Babe (Neil Young & Crazy Horse & Bullets)/Hold Back The Tears (Neil Young & Crazy Horse & Bullets)/Bite The Bullet (Neil Young & Crazy Horse & Bullets)//Star Of Bethlehem (Neil Young)/Will To Love (Neil Young)/Like A Hurricane/Homegrown

MSK 2262 - Smokin' O.P.'s - Bob Seger [1977] Reissue of Reprise MS 2109.

MSK 2263 - Back in '72 - Bob Seger [1977] Reissue of Reprise MS 2126.

MSK 2264 - Seven - Bob Seger [1977] Reissue of Reprise MS 2184.


MSK 2266 - Ode to the Wind - Neil Young [Unissued] Eventually issued with a new title with the same catalog number (see below). Goin' Back/Comes A Time/Look Out For My Love (With Crazy Horse)/Peace Of Mind/Lotta Love (With Crazy Horse)//Human Highway/Already One/Field Of Opportunity/Motorcycle Mama (Featuring Nicolette Larson)/Four Strong Winds

MSK 2266 - Comes a Time - Neil Young [1978] (10/78, #7) Goin' Back/Comes A Time/Look Out For My Love (With Crazy Horse)/Peace Of Mind/Lotta Love (With Crazy Horse)//Human Highway/Already One/Field Of Opportunity/Motorcycle Mama (Featuring Nicolette Larson)/Four Strong Winds

MS 2267 - Once in a Lifetime - Dean Martin [1978]

MSK 2268 - M.I.U. Album - Beach Boys [1978] (10/78, #151) This album is on the Brother label. She's Got Rhythm/Come Go With Me/Hey Little Tomboy/Kona Coast/Peggy Sue/Wontcha Come Home Tonight//Sweet Sunday Kinda Love/Belles Of Paris/Pitter-Patter/My Diane/Match Point Of Our Love/Winds Of Change






FSK 2274 - Frank Sinatra's Greatest Hits - Frank Sinatra [1978] Reissue of Reprise FS 1025. Strangers In The Night/Summer Wind/It Was A Very Good Year/Somewhere In Your Heart/Forget Domani/Somethin' Stupid (With Nancy Sinatra)//That's Life/Tell Her (You Love Her Each Day)/The World We Knew (Over And Over)/When Somebody Loves You/This Town/Softly As I Leave You

FSK 2275 - Greatest Hits, Volume 2 - Frank Sinatra [1978] Reissue of Reprise FS 1034. My Way/A Man Alone/Cycles/Bein' Green/Love's Been Good To Me/I'm Not Afraid//Goin' Out Of My Head/Something/What's Now Is Now/Star!/The September Of My Years

MSK 2276 - Smash Hits - Jimi Hendrix Experience [1978] Reissue of Reprise MS 2025.

MSK 2277 - Harvest - Neil Young [1978] Reissue of Reprise MS 2032.

MSK 2278 - Bare Trees - Fleetwood Mac [1977] Reissue of Reprise MS 2080.

MSK 2279 - Mystery to Me - Fleetwood Mac [1977] Reissue of Reprise MS 2158.

MSK 2280 - Good Vibrations: Best of the Beach Boys - Beach Boys [1978] Reissue of Brother MS 2223. This album is on the Brother label.

MSK 2281 - Fleetwood Mac - Fleetwood Mac [1977] Reissue of Reprise MS 2225.

MSK 2282 - Everybody Knows This Is Nowhere - Neil Young With Crazy Horse [1978] Reissue of Reprise RS 6349.

MSK 2283 - After the Gold Rush - Neil Young [1978] Reissue of Reprise RS 6383.

MSK 2284 - Pieces of the Sky - Emmylou Harris [1977] Reissue of Reprise MS 2213.

MSK 2285 - Is It Something I Said? - Richard Pryor [1977] Reissue of Reprise MS 2227.

MSK 2286 - Elite Hotel - Emmylou Harris [1977] Reissue of Reprise MS 2236.

MSK 2287 - That Nigger's Crazy - Richard Pryor [1977] Reissue of Partee 2404. I Hope I'm Funny/Nigger With A Seizure/Have Your Ass Home By 11:00/Black And White Life Styles/Exorcist/Wino Dealing With Dracula//Flying Saucers/The Back Down/Black Man-White Woman/Niggers Vs. Police/Wino And Junkie

DSK 2288 - Over-Nite Sensation - Mothers [1977] Reissue of Discreet MS/MS4 2149. This album is on the Discreet label.

DSK 2289 - Apostrophe (') - Frank Zappa [1977] Reissue of Discreet DS 2175. This album is on the Discreet label.

2DS 2290 - Zappa in New York - Frank Zappa [1977] (4/78, #57) Two-Record Set. This album is on the Discreet label. Titties And Beer/I Promise Not To Come In Your Mouth/Punky's Whips//Sofa/Manx Needs Women/The Black Page Drum Solo-Black Page #1/Big Leg Emma/Black Page #2//Honey, Don't You Want A Man Like Me?/The Legend Of The Illinois Enema Bandit//The Purple Lagoon

DSK 2291 - Studio Tan - Frank Zappa [1978] (10/78, #147) This album is on the Discreet label. Greggery Peccary//Let Me Take You To The Beach/Revised Music For Guitar And Low Budget Orchestra/Redunzl

DSK 2292 - Sleep Dirt - Frank Zappa [1979] (2/79, #175) This album is on the Discreet label. Filthy Habits/Flambay/Spider Of Destiny/Regyptian Strut//Time Is Money/Sleep Dirt/The Ocean Is The Ultimate Solution

RS 2293 - The Essential Jimi Hendrix Volume Two - Jimi Hendrix [1979] (8/79, #156) Hey Joe/Fire/Foxey Lady/The Wind Cries Mary/I Don't Live Today/Crosstown Trafic//Wild Thing/Machine Gun/The Star Spangled Banner

DSK 2294 - Orchestral Favorites - Frank Zappa [1979] (6/79, #158) This album is on the Discreet label. Strictly Genteel/Pedro's Dowry/Naval Aviation In Art//Duke Of Prunes/Bogus Pomp

HS 2295 - Rust Never Sleeps - Neil Young & Crazy Horse [1979] (7/79, #8) My My, Hey Hey (Out Of The Blue) - Neil Young/Thrasher - Neil Young/Ride My Llama - Neil Young/Pocahontas - Neil Young/Sail Away - Neil Young//Powderfinger/Welfare Mothers/Sedan Delivery/Hey Hey, My My (Into The Black)

2RX 2296 - Live Rust - Neil Young & Crazy Horse [1979] (12/72, #15) Two-Record Set. Sugar Mountain/I Am A Child/Comes A Time/After The Gold Rush/My My, Hey Hey (Out Of The Blue)//When You Dance I Can Really Love/The Loner/The Needle And The Damage Done/Lotta Love/Sedan Delivery//Powderfinger/Cortez The Killer/Cinnamon Girl//Like A Hurricane/Hey Hey, My My (Into The Black)/Tonight's The Night

HS 2297 - Hawks and Doves - Neil Young [1980] (11/80, #30) Little Wing/The Old Homestead/Lost In Space/Captain Kennedy//Stayin' Power/Coastline/Union Man/Comin' Apart At Every Nail/Hawks And Doves


*HS 2299 - Nine to the Universe - Jimi Hendrix [1980] (4/80, #127) Drone Blues/Easy Blues/Jimi-Jimmy Jam/Nine To The Universe/Young-Hendrix

3FS 2300 - Trilogy: Past Present Future - Frank Sinatra [1980] (4/80, #17) Three-Record Set. The Song Is You - With Billy May/But Not For Me - With Billy May/I Had The Craziest Dream - With Billy May/It Had To Be You - With Billy May/Let's Face The Music And Dance - With Billy May//Street Of Dreams - With Billy May/My Shining Hour - With Billy May/All Of You - With Billy May/More Than You Know - With Billy May/They All Laughed - With Billy May//You And Me (We Wanted It All) - With Don Costa/Just The Way You Are - With Don Costa/Something - With Don Costa/Macarthur Park - With Don Costa/Theme From New York, New York - With Don Costa//Summer Me, Winter Me - With Don Costa/Song Sung Blue - With Don Costa/For The Good Times - With Don Costa & Eileen Farrell/Love Me Tender - With Don Costa/That's What God Looks Like To Me - With Don Costa//What Time Does The Next Miracle Leave? - With Gordon Jenkins/World War None! - With Gordon Jenkins/The Future - With Gordon Jenkins//The Future (Continued)-I've Been There - With Gordon Jenkins/The Futre (Conclusion)- Song Without Words - With Gordon Jenkins/Finale: Before The Music Ends - With Gordon Jenkins




HS 2304 - Re-Ac-Tor - Neil Young & Crazy Horse [1981] (11/81, #27) Opera Star/Surfer Joe And Moe The Sleaze/T-Bone/Get Back On It//Southern Pacific/Motor City/Rapid Transit/Shots

FS 2305 - She Shot Me Down - Frank Sinatra [1981] (12/81, #52) Good Thing Going/Hey Look, No Crying/Thanks For The Memory/A Long Night/Bang Bang (My Baby Shot Me Down)//Good Morning Quarterback/South-To A Warmer Place/I Loved Her/The Gal That Got Away-It Never Entered My Mind (Medley)

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