Time-Life Album Discography, Part 1:
The Early Years

By Mike Callahan, David Edwards, and Patrice Eyries
Last update: January 31, 2008

Time-Life, Inc. was established in 1961 as Time, Inc.'s book division. Time, of course, was (and still is) a popular newsmagazine. Time also owned LIFE Magazine, which specialized in photo journalism. Even before Time-Life was formed, LIFE had been occasionally issuing LP records as supplements to their magazine. The LIFE Treasury of American Folk Music, issued in 1961, was one of these audio supplements. So was The Sounds of History.

The 12-volume Sounds of History collection was a supplement to the LIFE Magazine "History of the United States" series. The first side of each LP contains excerpts from historical documents, speeches, and literature of the period. These were narrated by Frederic March and Florence Eldridge. The second side of each volume contains music from the period. The label used for these records was red, white, and blue, with the top being red, a broad white stripe through the center hole, and the bottom blue.

By 1963, Time-Life was issuing records under their own logo in addition to the books they were selling. One such LP offering was the jazz compilation Urban Sprawl and All That Jazz. Other early offerings were historical discs following in the LIFE Magazine tradition. An example is Hitler's March on Czechoslovakia.

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Number - Title - Artist - [Release Date] Contents

LIFE Magazine Issues (issued as supplements to books):

Life L-1001 label Life L-1001 - The LIFE Treasury of American Folk Music - Various Artists [1961] Issued in Monaural only. This was a supplement to the book "The LIFE Treasury of American Folklore." Skada At America - Gene Bluestein/Song Of Happiness - Fort Wingate Indian School Children/Riding Song - Navajo Chorus/Ballad Of New Scotland - Alan Mills/Ah, Si Mon Moine Voulait Danser - Gene Bluestein/Constitution And Guerriere - Hermes Nye/The Knickerbocker Line - Pete Seeger/Lowlands - Alan Mills & Shanty Men/The E-R-I-E Canal - Cisco Houston/Rio Grande - Alan Mills & Shanty Men/Rosewood Casket - Mickey Miller & Bess Hawes/Shenandoah - Alan Mills & Shanty Men//I'm A Good Old Rebel - Hermes Nye/Ha Ha This A-Way - Huddie (Leadbelly) Ledbetter/Bonnie Blue Flag - Hermes Nye/Drill Ye Tarriers, Drill - Cisco Houston/Billy The Kid - Woody Guthrie/Sacramento - Logan English/Hard Work - Woody Guthrie/Bonnie And Clyde - Hermes Nye/Gettysburg March - "Kid" Clayton & His Orchestra


LHS-001 - The Sounds of History, Volume 1: The New World (Prehistory to 1774) - Various Artists [1963] Side 1 (Documents: From "Passage To India" By Walt Whitman (1871)/From Columbus' Journal. Although The original journal has been lost, a condensation (written in the third person singular) was made by Bartolome de las Casas in the 16th century and still survives. This is the version which, in translation, is used in this recording/From Captain John Smith's "The Needs Of The Virginia Colony" (1610)/From Captain John Smith's "A Description Of New England" (1616)/From Governor William Bradford's "Of Plymouth Plantation" (1630-1650)/From Sir Walter Raleigh's "Book Of The Ocean To Scinthia" (c. 1590)/From "The Generall Considerations For The Plantation In New England" (1629) a summation of Puritan discussion preceding the emigration to the new world (Part 1)/From "The Generall Considerations For The Plantation In New England" (1629) a summation of Puritan discussion preceding the emigration to the new world (Part 2)/Poem By Anne Bradstreet (1687) New England's first professional poet/From An Indentured Servant's Letter (September 22, 1756)/From "The New England Primer" (1727)/From Mary Rowlandson's Account Of Her Capture By The Indians (1682)/From William Penn's Letter To The Indians (October 18, 1681)/From A Sermon By Jonathan Edwards, The Great Calvinist Preacher (1741)/From Charles Townshend's Speech In The House Of Commons (Feb. 11, 1765)/From Colonel Isaac Barre's Rebuttal In Commons To Charles Townshend (Feb. 11, 1765)/From Patrick Henry's Speech To The Virginia Convention (March 1775), as reported by his biographer, William Wirt//Side 2 (Music): The Seeds Of Life/Felix The Soldier/Springfield Mountain/The Quaker's Courtship/What A Court Hath Old England/The Liberty Song/John Come Kiss Me Now/My Thoughts Are Wing'd With Hope/Fine Companion -Newcastle/Make Yee A Joyfull Sounding Noyse/When Jesus Wept/Gloria From The "Magnificat"

LHS-002 - The Sounds of History, Volume 2: The Making of a Nation (1775-1789) - Various Artists [1963]

LHS-003 - The Sounds of History, Volume 3: The Growing Years (1789-1829) - Various Artists [1963]

LHS-004 - The Sounds of History, Volume 4: The Sweep Westward (1829-1849) - Various Artists [1963] Side 1 (Documents): From Daniel Webster's Speech To The Senate (January 26, 1830)/From "The Life Of John Marshall" By Albert J. Beveridge (1916)/From Andrew Jackson's Proclamation To The People Of South Carolina (December 10, 1832)/From John C. Calhoun's Speech To The Senate (Febuary 6, 1837)/From Angelina Grimke's Speech To The Woman's Antislavery Convention In Philidelphia (May 16, 1838)/From William Lloyd Garrison's Editorial In The First Issue Of The Liberator (January 1, 1831/From "Self-reliance" By Ralph Waldo Emerson (1841)/From The Onondaga County Teachers' Institute Committee Report On Free Schools (October 1844)/From "Woman In The Nineteenth Century" By Margaret Fuller (1845)/From "Society In America" By Harriet Martineau (1837)/From "Domestic Manners Of The Americans" By Fances Trollope (1832)/From "Sam Houston And His Republic" By Charles Edwards Lester (1845)/From "Davy Crockett : American Comic Legend" By Richard M. Dorson (1939)/From "The Bigelow Papers" By James Russell Lowell (1848)/From Narcissa Whitman's Journal In Marcus Whitman, Pathfinder And Patriot By Myron Eells (1909)/From "The Americans In Their Social, Moral And Political Relations" By Francis J. Grund (1837)/From "White Jacket: Or, The World Is A Man-Of-War" By Herman Melville (1850)//Side 2 (Music): Old Dan Tucker/Lubly Fan/Come Where My Love Lies Dreaming/The Glendy Burk/Salangadou/Bamboula/Tyler And Tippecanoe/The Single Girl/California/Old Folks Quadrilles/Mississippi/Hebrews Children

LHS-005 - The Sounds of History, Volume 5: The Union Sundered (1849-1865) - Various Artists [196?]

LHS-006 - The Sounds of History, Volume 6: The Union Restored (1871-1876) - Various Artists [196?]

LHS-007 - The Sounds of History, Volume 7: The Age of Steel and Steam (1877-1890) - Various Artists [196?]

LHS-008 - The Sounds of History, Volume 8: Reaching for Empire (1890-1901) - Various Artists [196?]

LHS-009 - The Sounds of History, Volume 9: The Progressive Era (1901-1917) - Various Artists [196?]

LHS-010 - The Sounds of History, Volume 10: War Boom and Bust (1918-1932) - Various Artists [196?]

LHS-011 - The Sounds of History, Volume 11: New Deal and Global War (1933-1945) - Various Artists [1964]

LHS-012 - The Sounds of History, Volume 12: Great Age of Change (1945 - ) - Various Artists [1964]

Early Time-Life Issues

Time-Life/Decca DL 34313 - Urban Sprawl & All That Jazz - Various Artists [1965] Oh, Didn't He Ramble - Louis Armstrong/Chinatown My Chinatown - Red Nichols/Lullaby of Birdland - Ella Fitzgerald/New Central Avenue Breakdown - Lionel Hampton/Memphis Blues - Fletcher Henderson/Davenport Blues - Adrian Rollini/Jumpin' at the Woodside - Count Basie/St. Louis Blues - Roy Eldridge//Beale Street Blues - Eddie Lang & Joe Venuti/Friar's Point Shuffle - Eddie Condon/Kansas City Stomp - Lawson Haggart Jazz Band/Easy Living - Billie Holiday/East St. Louis Toodle-oo - Duke Ellington/My Buddy - John Graas Quartet/Chicago - Muggsy Spanier/When the Saints Go Marching in - Louis Armstrong

TC201 - The March of Time: Hitler's March on Czechoslovakia/The United States' First Week of War - Various Artists [1968] From 1931 to 1945, the editors of Time Magazine presented radio re-enactments (done by actors and commentators) of major news stories days after they actually happened, in a series of broadcasts called The March of Time. This LP has two of those broadcasts, " Hitler's March on Czechoslovakia," aired March 17, 1939, and " The United States' First Week at War," aired December 11, 1941.

STL-163 - To the Moon: The Dramatic Story of Man's Boldest Venture Told in the Voices of Those Who Achieved It - Various Artists [1969] (6-LP set with 192-page book)

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