Warner Brothers Album Discography, Part 4:
WS-1800 to 2WS-1966 (1969-1972)

By David Edwards, Patrice Eyries, and Mike Callahan
Last update: August 21, 2005

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Number - Title - Artist - [Release Date] (Chart) Contents

WS 1800 - The Association - Association [1969] (10/69, #32) Look At Me, Look At You/Yes, I Will/Love Affair/The Nest/What Were The Words/Are You Ready//Dubuque Blues/Under Branches/I Am Up For Europe/Broccoli/Goodbye Forever/Boy On The Mountain

WS 1801 - In The Jungle, Babe - Watts 103rd Street Rhythm Band [1969] (10/69, #145) Till You Get Enough/I'm A Midnight Mover/Light My Fire/Comment/Everyday People (In The Jungle)//Must Be Your Thing/Love Land/Oh Happy Gabe (Sometimes Blue)/Twenty-Five Miles/The Joker (On A Trip Through The Jungle)

*WS 1802 - Sweet Moments - Blue Velvet Band [1969] Fond Affection/Hitch Hiker/Knight Upon The Road/Little Sadie/My Sweet Love Ain't Around/Nobody Else Knows About My Cares And Nobody Cares About My Nose Rage/Ramblin' Man/Sittin' On Top Of The World/Somebody Else You've Known/Sweet Moments/Weary Blues From Waitin'/You'll Find Her Name Written There

WS 1803 - Classical Current - Laurindo Almeida [1969] Breeze And I/My Reverie/Till the End of Time/Lamp Is Low/Baubles, Bangles And Beads/Full Moon/Moon Love/My Prayer/My Moonlight Madonna/Our Love/When I Write My Song/Warsaw Concerto-Theme

WS 1804 - The Neon Philharmonic - Neon Philharmonic [1969] Are You Old Enough To Remember Dresden?/Forever Hold Your Peace/You Lied/Harry//No One Is Going To Hurt You/Long John The Pirate/F. Scott Fitzgerald And William Shakespeare/The Mordor National Anthem

WS 1805 - The Madwoman of Chaillot (Soundtrack) - Various Artists [1969] Opening Title- Aurelia's Theme/Bois de Boulogne Music/Caf‚ Francis Music/Palais/Fantasy/Irma's Theme/Romance/Conservatory Music-Barrel Organ/Cellar Scene/Irma's Room/Finale

WS 1806 - Eric Andersen - Eric Andersen [1970] Don't Leave Me Here/It Wasn't a Lie/Sing of a Desperate Man/I Will Wait/What Is It Like?/She Touched Me/Lie With Me/I Was the Rebel/Secrets/Go Now/Deborah

WS 1807 - Loving in the Country - Levitt & McClure [1969]


WS 1809 - Fused - Mike Post Coalition [1969] Briarwood Express/Lovingly/Big Mouth Harp/Not A Blade Of Grass/The Great Guitar Hoax/Country Ode//Bubblegum Breakthrough/Shady Groove/Afternoon Of The Rhino/Noble Underground/Overground Fusion

WS 1810 - Ike and Tina Turner's Greatest Hits - Ike & Tina Turner [1969] Tell the Truth/Good Times/You Are My Sunshine/It's All Over/All I Can Do/Something's Got a Hold On Me/Early In the Mornin'/I Can't Stop/Somebody Needs You/Fool For You

WS 1811 - You Only Love Once (Soundtrack) - Various Artists [1969] Generique/Ballet Photo Rouge/Ballade Dans Paris Ia Nuit/Poursuite Jaguar/Promenade Au Luxenbourg/Kam-Tcha- Tia/Baiser/Leglie's Jerk/Sortie Metro/Clara's Jerk/Top Cover Girl/Ballade Dans Paris/Robe Rose

WS 1812 - Learning Tree (Soundtrack) - Various Artists [1969] Main Title/From Storm To Calm/Bluebird/Swimming Hole/Concerto/Birthday Present/Chorale/Poor tuck/Questions And Answers/My Baby's Gone/Fight/Confrontation/Hymn-Oh Lord/End Title


*WS 1814 - The Wild Bunch (Soundtrack) - Various Artists [1969] (10/69, #192) Adelita/Adventures On The High Road/Assault On The Train And Escape/Aurora Mi Amor/Bodega El Bodega De Bano/Dirge/Drinking Song/End Credits (La Golondrina)/Main Title/Wild Bunch (Song)



WS 1817 - Yarbrough Country - Glenn Yarbrough with Bowen Orchestra [1969] In Tulsa/Sundown/Ribbon of Darkness/Jean/Give Your Best/Honey Drippin' Times/Wisconsin/Walkin' Down the Line/Abilene/Everybody's Talkin'


WS 1819 - Seduction through Witchcraft - Louise Huebner [1969] Introduction-Gods/Self Fascination Ritual/isis Full Moon Ring/Demon spell/Orgies-Tool of Witchcraft/Sun Sign Amulets/Coleopterous Charm/Turkish Bean Spell/Seduction Spells/Emotional Bondage Spell/Earthquake Spell/Witches And Wizards

WS 1820 - The Cajun Way - Doug Kershaw [1969] Diggy Liggy Lo/If We Don't Stop Rushing (We'll Never Get There)/Bayou Teche/Come Kiss Your Man/Papa Died Old/Feed It To The Fish//You Fight Your Fight And I'll Fight Me/Papa And Mama Had Love/When I'm Fully Grown/Rita, Put Your Black Shoes On/Sweet Jole Blon'/Louisiana Man

WS 1821 - Stay with Me - Lorraine Ellison [1969] Only Your Love/Try (Just a Little Bit Harder)/I'm Gonna Cry Till My Tears Run Dry/I Want to Be Loved/Hurt Came Back Again/Stay With Me//You Don't Know Nothing About Love/You're Easy On My Mind/No Matter How It All Turns Out/A Good Love/Heart Be Still

WS 1822 - Denny Brooks - Denny Brooks [1969] Life Is A Season/Tremble If You Must/Wherefore And Why/Both Sides Now/Light The Light Within You/I Wish I Knew How It Would Feel To Be Free//The Good Side/Not To Know/Rose Of The Mountain/Home/When Will You Be Coming Home

WS 1823 - Just Pet - Petula Clark [1969] (12/69, #176) The Lights Of Night/Fill The World With Love (With The Jimmy Joyce Singers & Boys Chorus)/Houses/Happy Together/Things Bright And Beautiful/Hey, Jude//For Those In Love/Butterfly/If I Only Had Time (Je N'Aurai Pas Le Temps)/The Fool On The Hill/No One Better Than You

WS 1824 - The Arrangement (Soundtrack) - Various Artists [1969] Anatolia/Love Is Never Out of Style/Mountain Snow/Sunny Days/Blue Tomorrow/Zephyr March/Old Country Soul/Other Dreams/Childhood Dreams/Definitely Blue/Ancestral Dreams/Kazoo Story/Anatolia

WS 1825 - Jesus Is a Soul Man - Lawrence Reynolds [1969] Life Goes On/Love Of The Common People/Jesus Is A Soul Man/The Snow's Gonna Fly/I Wanna Live/I'm A Stranger And Afraid/Workin' Man Blues/The Chokin' Kind/The Key's In The Mailbox/Don't It Make You Want To Go Home/Skip A Rope/If God Is Dead

WS 1826 - Sit Down Old Friend - Dion [1969] Natural Man/I Don't Believe My Race Is Run/Jammed Up Blues/Little Pink Pony/You Can't Judge a Book By the Cover//If We Only Have Love/Sweet Pea/Just a Little Girl/Let Go, Let God/King Con Man/Sit Down Old Friend

*3WS 1827 - The Complete Sea - San Sebastian Strings [1969] (1/70, #162) Three- Record Set. Reissue of Warner W/WS 1670, Warner WS 1764 & Warner WS 1839. Afternoon Shadows/Another Evening With The Gypsies/Bathtub Surging/Beyond The Bend Ahead/Body Surfing With The Jet Set/Come On In, The Water's Fine/Days Of The Dancing/Do You Like The Rain?/Dragonflies/Ever Constant Sea/Ever Constant Sea/Floating Past The Fields/Gifts From The Sea/Gypsy Camp/Home To The Sea/Monotony Of Games/Moonlight Swim/My Friend The Sea/Naked In The Sunlight/Night Watch/No Islands Left/November Resolution/Oh Yes, The Wind/One In The Same/Overture To The Soft Sea/Part Of Every Ocean/Passage Home/Pushing The Clouds Away/Running Out Of Strangers/Sailing Through The Sun/Saving Sea Shells/So Much For The Pipers/The Sea/The Storm/There Are No Beaches In Magic City, Texas/Time Of Noon/Wake Up/We Two Are Drifting/What About Tomorrow?/While Drifting/You Even Taste Like The Sun

WS 1828 - Alma-Ville - Vince Guaraldi Trio [1970] Masked Marvel/Cristo Redentor/Detained/Eleanor Rigby/Uno Y Uno/Rio/Watch What Happens/Jambo's

WS 1829 - The Damned (Soundtrack) - Various Artists [1969]

2WS 1830 - Live/Dead - Grateful Dead [1970] (1/70, #64) (2-LP set) Dark Star//Saint Stephen/The Eleven//Turn On Your Lovelight//Death Don't Have No Mercy/Feedback/And We Bid You Goodnight

WS 1831 - Rock 'N' Roll Revival - Bill Haley & His Comets [1970] Rock Around the Clock/Blue Suede Shoes/Whole Lotta Shakin' Goin' On/Kansas City/No Letter Today/Shake, Rattle and Roll//Crazy Man, Crazy/There's a New Moon Over My Shoulder/I'm In Love Again/Detour/Blueberry Hill/Stagger Lee

WS 1832 - Let Me Choose Life - Glenn Yarbrough [1969]

WS 1833 - Candlestick Maker - Ron Elliott [1969]

WS 1834 - Fat Albert Rotunda - Herbie Hancock [1969]

WS 1835 - Moondance - Van Morrison [1970] (3/70, #29) And I Stoned Me/Moondance/Crazy Love/Caravan/Into The Mystic//Come Running/These Dreams Of You/Brand New Day/Everyone/Glad Tidings

*WS 1836 - More of the Best of Bill Cosby - Bill Cosby [1970] (3/70, #80) Conflict/Dogs And Cats/Hofstra/Karate/Oops!/Shop/Smoking/The Apple/Toss Of The Coin/Two Daughters

*WS 1837 - New Ballads - Rod McKuen [1970] (3/70, #126) All I Need/And Tonight/As I Love My Own/Before I Loved No One/Gone With The Cowboys/Hit 'Em In The Head With Love/I Looked At You A Long Time/I'm Not Afraid/In Someone's Shadow/Philadelphia/Rock Gently/Thank You For Christmas/Tomorrow And Today/While More With You

WS 1838 - Hand Made - Mason Williams [1970]

*WS 1839 - The Soft Sea - San Sebastian Strings [1970] (9/70, #171) Body Surfing With The Jet Set/Come On In, The Water's Fine/Ever Constant Sea/Monotony Of Games/Naked In The Sunlight/No Islands Left/Oh Yes, The Wind/Overture To The Soft Sea/Saving Sea Shells/So Much For The Pipers/Wake Up/We Two Are Drifting/What About Tomorrow?

WS 1840 - Pretties for You - Alice Cooper [1970] Reissue of Straight STS 1051. Titanic Overture/Ten Minutes Before The Worm/Sing Low, Sweet Cheerio/Today Mueller/Living/Fields Of Regret//No Longer Umpire/Levity Ball/B.B. On Mars/Reflected/Apple Bush/Earwigs To Eternity/Changing, Arranging

WS 1841 - Penrod - Tim Dawe [1970] Reissue of Straight STS 1058.

*WS 1842 - Blue Afternoon - Tim Buckley [1970] Reissue of Straight STS 1060. Blue Melody/Cafe/Chase The Blues Away/Happy Time/I Must Have Been Blind/So Lonely/The River/The Train

WS 1843 - Sweet Baby James - James Taylor [1970] (3/70, #3) Sweet Baby James/Lo And Behold/Sunny Skies/Steamroller/Country Road/Oh, Susannah//Fire And Rain/Blossom/Anywhere Like Heaven/Oh Baby Don't You Loose Your Lip On Me/Suite For 20G

WS 1844 - John Randolph Marr - John Randolph Marr [1970]

WS 1845 - Easy Action - Alice Cooper [1970] Reissue of Straight STS 1061. This album has a Straight label.

WS 1846 - Performance (Soundtrack) - Various Artists [1970] Gone Dead Train - Randy Newman/Performance - Merry Clayton/Get Away/Powis Square/Rolls Royce And Acid/Dyed, Dead, Red - Buffy Sainte-Marie/Harry Flowers//Memo From Turner - Mick Jagger/The Hashishin/Poor White Hound Dog - Merry Clayton/Natural Magic/Turner's Murder - Merry Clayton Singers

WS 1847 - A Brand New Me - Liberace [1969]

WS 1848 - Pride - Pride [1970] Proud Sorrow/A Hope/The Death Of Juan Diaz/The Truth//In The Wilderness/Worthless Pleasures/Returning Home/Song Of The Pirate

WS 1849 - Railroad Train Runnin' Up My Back - John Simon [1970]

*WS 1850 - In a Wild Sanctuary - Beaver & Krause [1970] And There Was Morning/Another Part Of Time/Aurora Hominis/People's Park/Salute To The Vanishing Bald Eagle/Sanctuary/So Long As The Waters Flow/Spaced/Walking Green Algae Blues

WS 1851 - First Step - Faces [1970] (4/70, #119) Wicked Messenger/Devotion/Shake, Shudder, Shiver/Stone/Around The Plynth//Flying/Pineapple And The Monkey/Nobody Knows/Looking Out The Window/Three Buttons Hand Me Down

*WS 1852 - Hard Meat - Hard Meat [1969] Most Likely You'll Go Your Way, I'll Go Mine/Run Shaker Life/Space Between/Through A Window/Time Shows No Face/Universal Joint/Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow

WS 1853 - The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie (Soundtrack) - Various Artists [1970]

*WS 1854 - Stormbringer - John & Beverley Martyn [1970] Can't Get The One/Go Out And Get It/John The Baptist/Stormbringer/Sweet Honesty/The Ocean/Tomorrow Time/Traffic Light Lady/Woodstock/Would You Believe Me


WS 1856 - Concerto for Head Phones and Contra-Buffoon in Asia Minor - Bill Martin [1970]


WS 1858 - The Everly Brothers Show - Everly Brothers [1970] (2-LP set) Mama Tried/Kentucky/Bowling Green/('Til) I Kissed You/Wake Up Little Susie/Cathy's Clown/Bird Dog/Maybelline//Rock and Roll Music/The End/Aquarius/If I Were a Carpenter/The Price of Love/The Thrill Is Gone/Games People Play//Baby What You Want Me To Do/All I Have To Do Is Dream/Walk Right Back/Medley: Susie Q, Hey Jude//Lord of the Manor/I Wonder If I Care As Much/Love Is Strange/Medley: Let It Be Me, Give Peace a Chance


WS 1860 - Concerto for Group and Orchestra - Deep Purple With The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra [1970] (5/70, #149) Reissue of Tetragrammaton T 131. First Movement: Moderato- Allegro/Second Movement: Andante (Part 1)//Second Movement: Andante Conclusion/Third Movement: Vivace-Presto

*WS 1861 - Spanish Moss - Doug Kershaw [1970] Cajun Joe/Cajun Stripper/Dans La Louisiana/Fais Do Do/I've Got Mine/Mama Rita In Hollywood/My Uncle Abel/Orange Blossom Special/Pirogue/Spanish Moss/Swamp Rat

WS 1862 - Memphis - Petula Clark [1970] (8/70, #198) I Wanna See Morning With Him/Nothing's As Good As It Used To Be/Goodnight Sweet Dreams/Right On/Neon Rainbow/I Doesn't Matter To Me//How We Gonna Live To Be A Hundred Years Old Together?/When The World Was Round/That Old Time Feeling/That's What Life Is All About/People Get Ready

WS 1863 - Vehicle - Ides Of March [1970] (6/70, #55) Vehicle/Factory Band/The Sky Is Falling/Home/Wooden Ships-Dharma For One//Bald Medusa/Aire Of Good Feeling/Time For Thinking/One Woman Man/Symphony For Eleanor (Eleanor Rigby)

WS 1864 - Express Yourself - Charles Wright & Watts 103rd Band [1970] (8/70, #182) Road Without an End/I Got Love/High As Apple Pie-Slice I/Express Yourself//I'm Aware/Tell Me What You Want Me To Do/High As Apple Pie-Slice II

WS 1865 - Palance - Jack Palace [1970]


WS 1867 - Nilsson - George Tipton [1970]

2WS 1868 - Live - Association [1970] (7/70, #79) (2-LP set) Dream Girl (Dressing Room)/One Too Many Mornings/Along Comes Mary/I'll Be Your Man/Goodbye Columbus/Last Flower (Poem)/Let's Get Together//Wasn't It A Bit Like Now/Never My Love/Goodbye Forever/Just About The Same/Babe, I'm Gonna Leave You//Seven Man Band/The Time It Is Today/Dubuque Blues/Blistered/What Were The Words/Remember//Are You Ready/Cherish/Requiem For The Masses/Windy/Enter The Young

WS 1869 - Workingman's Dead - Grateful Dead [1970] (6/70, #27) Uncle John's Band/High Time/Dire Wolf/New Speedway Boogie//Cumberland Blues/Black Peter/Easy Wind/Casey Jones

WS 1870 - Turley Richards - Turley Richards [1970] But Came The Dawn, And Then Goodbye/Maybe I Can Change My Mind/Softly/I'm Not Sayin'/Then I'll Go Away//I Heard The Voice Of Jesus/One Too Many Mornings/Love Minus Zero-No Limit/Gone From Yesterday

WS 1871 - Black Sabbath - Black Sabbath [1970] (8/70, #23) Black Sabbath/The Wizard/Behind The Wall Of Sleep/N.I.B.//Evil Woman, Don't Play Your Games With Me/Sleeping Village/Warning

WS 1872 - You're Not Alone - Dion [1970] Close To It All/Sunniland/Windows/The Visitor/Peaceful Place//Let It Be/The Stuff I Got/Blackbird/Josie

WS 1873 - Alternatives - Various Artists [1970]

WS 1874 - Going Home - Various Artists [1970]


WS 1876 - Jubilee - Glenn Yarbrough [1970]

WS 1877 - Deep Purple in Rock - Deep Purple [1970] (9/70, #143) Speed King/Bloodsucker/Child In Time//Flight Of The Rat/Into The Fire/Living Wreck/Hard Lovin' Man/Blistering Hot

WS 1878 - Rock Festival - Youngbloods [1970] (10/70, #80) This album is on the Raccoon label. It's A Lovely Day/Faster All The Time/Prelude/On Beautiful Lake Spenard/Josiane//Sea Cow Boogie/Fiddler A Dram/Misty Roses/Interlude/Peepin' 'N' Hidin' (Baby, What You Want Me To Do)/Ice Bag

WS 1879 - Through a Window - Hard Meat [1970] On The Road/New Day/Free Wheel/Smile As You Go Under//I Want You/From The Prison/A Song Of Summer/Love/The Ballad Of Marmalade Emma And Teddy Grimes

WS 1880 - For You - Jeffrey Cain [1970] This album is on the Raccoon label. Saw A Man/Heavenly Blue/Moonshine Is The Sunshine/Not I The Seed/Houndog Turkey//Color Blind/Mr. Governor/Poem For My Friends/Aubrey/Lost In Space/Run On Along/For You

*WS 1881 - Starsailor - Tim Buckley [1971] Reissue of Straight STS 1064. Come Here Woman/Down By The Borderline/I Woke Up/Jungle Fire/Monterey/Moulin Rouge/Song To The Siren/Starsailor/The Healing Festival

WS 1882 - The Road to Ruin - John & Beverley Martyn [1970] Primrose Hill/Parcels/Auntie Aviator/New Day//Give Us A Ring/Sorry To Be So Long/Tree Green/Say What You Can/Road To Ruin

WS 1883 - Love It to Death - Alice Cooper [1971] (3/71, #35) Reissue of Straight STS 1065. This album has a Straight label.

WS 1884 - His Band and Street Choir - Van Morrison [1970] (12/70, #32) Domino/Crazy Face/Give Me A Kiss/I've Been Working/Call Me Up In Dreamland/I'll Be Your Lover, Too//Blue Money/Virgo Clowns/Gypsy Queen/Sweet Jannie/If You Ever Needed Someone/Street Choir

*WS 1885 - Warm and Tender - Petula Clark [1971] (4/71, #178) Beautiful/Couldn't Sleep/Cry Like A Baby/Don't Say I Didn't Tell You So/For Free/I Just Can't Wait To Hold You/I've Got My Eyes On You/Let Me Be The One/Loss Of Love/Maybe I'm Amazed/Song Of My Life/Time And Love

WS 1886 - Robert William Scott - Bobby Scott [1971]

WS/WS4 1887 - Paranoid - Black Sabbath [1971] (2/71, #12) Quadraphonic issued 5/74. War Pigs/Paranoid/Planet Caravan/Iron Man//Electric Funeral/Hand Of Doom/Rat Salad/Fairies Wear Boots

WS 1888 - No B.S. - Brownsville Station [1970] Reissue of Palladium P 1004, with same cover. Be-Bop Confidential/Guitar Train/Rockin' Robin/Blue Eyed Girl/City Life/Do The Bosco//Roadrunner/Hello, Mary Lou/Cadillac Express/My Boy-Flat Top/Rumble

WS 1889 - Love and Music Festival Live - Liberace [1970]

WS 1890 - Little Feat - Little Feat [1971] Snakes On Everything/Strawberry Flats/Truck Stop Girl/Bridges Of Jesus/Willing/Hamburger Midnight//Forty Four Blues-How Many More Years/Crack In Your Door/I've Been The One/Takin' My Time/Crazy Captain Gunboat Willie


WS 1892 - Long Player - Faces [1971] (3/71, #21) Bad 'N' Ruin/Tell Everyone/Sweet Lady Mary/Richmond/Maybe I'm Amazed//Had Me A Real Good Time/On The Beach/I Feel So Good/Jerusalem

WS 1893 - American Beauty - Grateful Dead [1970] (12/70, #30) Box Of Rain/Friend Of The Devil/Sugar Magnolia/Operator/Candyman//Ripple/Brokedown Palace/Till The Morning Comes/Attics Of My Life/Truckin'

*2WS 1894 - Pastorale - Rod McKuen [1971] (3/71, #182) (2-LP set) Before The Monkeys Came/Fields Of Wonder/Find Another Rainbow/Fly Me To The Moon/Green Fields Of England/He Ain't Heavy, He's My Brother/I Think Of You/I'll Fly Northward/I've Saved The Summer/Kill The Wind/Long, Long Time/Love, Let Me Not Hunger/Make It With You/Moving Day/Nothin's Going To Change My World (Across The Universe)/Pastorale (Part 1)/Pastures Green/Pavements Grey/Railroad Song/Silver Apples Of The Moon/Single Man/Some/Something/Three/When Am I Ever Going Home?/Wind Of Change/Yet Another Sunset

WS 1895 - Stoneground - Stoneground [1971] Looking For You/Great Change, Since I've Been Born/Rainy Day In June/Added Attraction (Come And See Me)/Dreaming Man//Stroke Stand/Bad News/Don't Waste My Time/Colonel Chicken Fry/Brand New Start

WS 1896 - Common Bond - Ides Of March [1971] Friends Of Feeling/Ogre/L.A. Goodbye/Hymn For Her/Mrs. Grayson's Farm//Superman/We Are Pillows/Prelude To Freedom/Freedom Sweet/Tie-Dye Princess

WS 1897 - Going Back to Colorado - Zephyr [1971] Going Back To Colorado/Miss Libertine/Night Fades Slowly/The Radio Song/See My People Come Together//Showbizzy/Keep Me/Take My Love/I'll Be Right Here/At This Very Moment

WS 1898 - Mwandishi - Herbie Hancock [1971]

WS 1899 - Blue Memphis - Memphis Slim [1971]

WS 1900 - Tony Joe White - Tony Joe White [1971] (3/71, #167) They Caught The Devil And The Put Him In Jail In Eudora, Arkansas/The Change/My Kind Of Woman/The Daddy/Black Panther Swamps//Five Summers For Jimmy/A Night In The Life Of A Swamp Fox/Traveling Bone/I Just Walked Away/Copper Kettle/Voodoo Village

WS 1901 - Moonset - Joe Bauer [1971] This album is on the Raccoon label. Explosion/Five Ten/Old Shoe/Cat Gone/Moonset/Frogs//Swallows/Pelicans/Earthquake Blues

WS 1902 - Bad Rice - Ron Nagle [1970] 61 Clay/Marijuana Hell/Frank's Store/Party In L.A./That's What Friends Are For//Dolores/Capricorn Queen/Sister Cora/Somethin's Gotta Give Now/Family Style/House Of Mandia

WSX 1903 - Air Conditioning - Curved Air [1970] It Happened Today/Stretch/Screw/Blind Man/Vivaldi//Hide And Seek/Propositions/Rob One/Situations/Vivaldi With Cannons

WS 1904 - You're So Beautiful - Charles Wright & Watts 103rd Street Rhythm Band [1971] (5/71, #147) Express Yourself II/Let's Make Love Not War/Just To Settle My Nerves//What Can You Bring Me?/Your Love Means Everything To Me/You're So Beautiful/I Got Your Love

WS 1905 - Earth, Wind and Fire - Earth, Wind & Fire [1971] (5/71, #172) Help Somebody/Moment Of Truth/Love Is Life/Fan The Fire//C'mon Children/This World Today/Bad Tune

*WS 1906 - Doug Kershaw - Doug Kershaw [1971] Battle Of New Orleans/Colinda/Mama Said Yeah/My Books And Julie/Natural Man/Play, Fiddle, Play/Son Of A Louisiana Man/That Don't Make You Better Than Me/Trying To Live/Who Needs That Kind Of Friend/You'll Never Catch Me Walking In Your Tracks

WS 1907 - Mary - Mary Travers [1971] (4/71, #71) The Song Is Love/I Guess He'd Rather Be In Colorado/Children One And All/The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face/I Wish I Knew How It Would Feel To Be Free/Erika With The Windy Yellow Hair/Rhymes And Reasons//Follow Me/On The Path Of Glory (La Colline Au Whisky)/Circus/Song For The Asking/Indian Sunset


*WS 1909 - Gandharva - Beaver & Krause [1971] Bright Shadows/By Your Grace/Gandharva/Good Places/Nine Moons In Alaska/Saga Of The Blue Beaver/Short Film For David/Soft-White/Walkin'/Walkin' By The River

WS 1910 - Hexagram 16 - Russ Giguere [1971]

WS 1911 - Bend Down and Touch Me - Glenn Yarbrough [1971]

WS 1912 - Paul And - Paul Stookey [1971] (8/71, #42) Gabriel's Mother's Hiway Ballad No. 16/Been On The Road Too Long/Hey Sad Sack/Wedding Song (There Is Love)/Meanings Will Change/Give A Damn//Sebastian/Lucy/Ju Les Ver Negre En Cheese (Ed's Tune)/Tiger/Tender Hands/John Henry Bosworth

WS 1913 - What Was, What Is, What Will Be - Kenny Gill [1971] This album is on the Raccoon label.

WS 1914 - Home Is in My Head - Jackie Lomax [1971] Give All You've Got/A Hundred Mountains/When I Miss You The Most/Or So It Seems/Home Is In My Head/Nothin' Ever Seems To Go My Way//She Took Me Higher/Don't Do Me No Harm/Higher Ground/Helluva Woman/Turning Around/You Within Me

WS 1915 - Armchair Boogie - Michael Hurley [1971] This album is on the Raccoon label. Werewolf/Grand Canyon Line/English Nobleman/Be Kind To Me/Troubled Water/Red Raveager's Reel/Sweedeedee/Open Up (Eternal Lips)/Jocko's Lament/Light Green Fellow/Get The Best Of Me/Biscuit Roller/When The Swallows Come Back To Capistrano/Penguins

*WS 1916 - Aero-Plain - John Hartford [1971] (11/71, #193) Back In The Goodle Days/Because Of You/Boogie/First Girl I Loved/Holding/Leather Britches/Presbyterian Guitar/Station Break/Steam Powered Aereo Plane/Steamboat Whistle Blues/Symphony Hall Rag/Tear Down The Grand Ole Opry/Turn Your Radio On/Up On The Hill Where They Do The Boogie/With A Vamp In The Middle

WS 1917 - Esso Trinidad Steel Band-July 1971 - Esso Trinidad Steel Band [1971] Apeman/If You Let Me Make Love To You Then Why Can't I Touch You/Ride On Sammy/Simple Calypso/Cecilia/I Want You Back//Sabre Dance/Come To the Sunshine/Erasmus B. Black/If I Had the Wings (Like a Dove)/Singer Man/Aquarium

WS 1918 - Expressions - Turley Richards [1971]

WS 1919 - The Doobie Brothers - Doobie Brothers [1971] Nobody/Slippery St. Paul/Greenwood Creek/It Won't Be Right/Travelin' Man//Feelin' Down Farther/The Master/Growin' A Little Each Day/Beehive State/Closer Every Day/Chicago

WS 1920 - Cross Between - Lamb [1971] Flying/Now's Not The Time/Cross Between/Sleepwalker/Reach High//Ku/While Waiting/Flotation/Milo And The Travellers

*WS 1921 - It Ain't Easy - Long John Baldry [1971] (7/71, #83) Black Girl/Don't Try To Lay No Boogie-Woogie On The King Of Rock And Roll/Flying/I'm Ready/It Ain't Easy/Let's Burn Down The Cornfield/Morning, Morning/Mr. Rubin/Rock Me When He's Gone

WS 1922 - Volume I: Elloree - John D. Loudermilk [1971] Ricky's Tune/When I Was Nine/Abilene/Ma Baker's Little Acre/Google Eye/Tobacco Road//The Lament Of The Cherokee Reservation Indian/The Wind Knows The Truth/The Jones/Lord Have Mercy/The Habit/I Wanna Live

W 1923 - The Sounds of Hinduism - Alan Watts [1971]


*WS 1925 - Summer of '42 (Soundtrack) - Various Artists [1971] (9/71, #34) And All The Time/Awakening Awareness/But Not Picasso/Entrance To Reality/Full Awakening/High I.Q./La Guerre/Lonely Two/Los Manos De Muerto/Summer Knows/Summer Of '42 (Theme)/Summer Song/The Bacchanal/The Dancer

*WS 1926 - Billy Jack - Various Artists [1971] (10/71, #135) All Forked Tongue Talk Alike/Ceremonial Dance/Flick Of The Wrist/Freedom Over Me - Gwen Smith/Hello Billy Jack/I Think You Always Knew/Indina Dance/It's All She Left Me/Johnnie - Teresa Kelly/Look, Look To The Mountain - Teresa Kelly/Most Beautiful Day/Old And The New/One Tin Soldier, The Legend Of Billy Jack - Coven/Rainbow Made Of Children - Lynn Baker/Ring Song - Katy Moffatt/Say Goodbye, Cause You're Leavin'/The Challenge/Thy Loving Hand/When Will Billy Love Me - Lynn Baker/You Shouldn't Do That

WS 1927 - Stop Your Motor - Association [1971] (8/71, #158) Bring Yourself Home/Funny Kind Of Song/That's Racin'/P.F. Sloan/Silver Morning//It's Gotta Be Real/The First Sound/Along The Way/Travelers Guide (Spanish Flyer)/Seven Virgins



*WS 1930 - Songs - Paul Parrish [1971] A Poem I Wrote For Your Hair/Cello/I Once Had A Dog/Jaynie/Many Years Ago/Nathan/Numbers/Pink Limousine/Time/When They Return

WS 1931 - Kindred - Kindred [1971] Captain Bobby Stout/Sweetness/Movin' On/Too Many People/Great Day//Lullabye/All Night Woman/Everything Is For Now/Hang-Ups/Pablum  (We Can Serve Ourselves)


WS 1933 - Grooves Volume 1 - Various Artists [1971]

WS 1934 - Ronnie Milsap - Ronnie Milsap [1971]

2WS 1935 - Grateful Dead - Grateful Dead [1971] (10/71, #25) (2-LP set) Bertha/Mama Tried/Big Railroad Blues/Playing In The Band//The Other One//Me And My Uncle/Big Boss Man/Me And Bobby McGee/Johnny B. Goode//Wharf Rat/Not Fade Away-Goin' Down The Road Feelin' Bad

WS 1936 - Dusty and Sweets McGee (Soundtrack) - Various Artists [1971] Blue Moon - Marcels/Locomotion - Little Eva/Don't Leave Me - Harry Nilsson/Night Train - Jimmy Forrest/Hey, Baby - Bruce Channel/Into The Mystic - Van Morrison//Runaway - Del Shannon/Ride Captain Ride - Blues Image/Duke Of Earl - Duke Chandler/Book Of Love - Monotones/So Close - Jake Holmes

*WS 1937 - High Country - High Country [1971] This album is on the Raccoon label. Big River/Blue Night/California Blues/Grey Eagle/Have Mercy On Me/Hello City Limits/I Cried Again/John Hardy/Old, Old House/Pow-Wow/Skip, Hop And Wobble/Stone Walls And Steel Bars/Sugar-Coated Love/Tennessee Blues


*WS 1939 - Quiver - Quiver [1971] Back On The Road/Barnes Country/Cool Evening/Down Your Way/Glad I Came Around/Just Loving You/Killer Man/Reason For Staying/Take A Train

WS 1940 - Klute (Soundtrack) - Various Artists [1971]

WS 1941 - Sharepickers - Mason Williams [1971]

2WS 1942 - Colosseum Live - Colosseum [1971] (11/71, #192) (2-LP set) Rope Ladder To The Moon/Walking In The Park//Skelington//Tanglewood '63/Encore... Stormy Monday Blues//Lost Angeles

WS 1943 - Labelle - Labelle [1971] Morning Much Better/You've Got A Friend/Baby's Out Of Sight/Time And Love/Too Many Days//Running Out Of Fools-If You Gotta Make A Fool Of Somebody/Shades Of Difference/Heart Be Still/Wild Horses/Time/When The Sun Comes Shining Through (The Ladder)

WS 1944 - Crab Tunes/Noggins - Youngbloods-Related Artists [1971] This album is on the Raccoon label. Side A is credited to "Banana, Joe Bauer, Michael Kane, Bill Mitchell,and Earthquake." Side B is credited to "Banana, Joe Bauer, Michael Kane, and Kenny Gill." Crab Tune #1/Noggin Attempt #1/Crab Tune #2/Noggin Attempt #2/Crab Tune #3/Noggin Attempt #3/Crab Tune #4/Ole Jasper Cybelle/Crab Tune #5/Noggin Attempt #4/Crab Tune #6/Noggin

WS 1945 - Sanctuary - Dion [1971] (1/72, #200) Sunshine Lady/Sanctuary/Willigo/Harmony Sound/Gotta get Up/Please be My Friend-Take a Little Time//The Wanderer/Abraham, Martin and John/Almond Joy/Ruby Baby/Brand New Morning

WS 1946 - Spilt Milk - Laurie Styvers [1972]

*2WS 1947 - Rod McKuen Grand Tour - Rod McKuen [1971] (11/71, #177) (2-LP set) And To Each Season/April People/Beautiful Strangers/Before The Monkeys Came/Children One And All/Each Of Us Alone/El Monte/First Encounter/Friendly Sounds/Gone With The Cowboys/Hit 'Em In The Head With Love/I Think Of You/If You Go Away/Jef/Kelly And Me/Mister Kelly/Not So Greatest Hits Medley/Of Monarchs And Pretenders/One Day Soon/Pastures Green/Round, Round, Round/Royal Albert Hall Overture Medley/So Many Others/Soldiers Who Want To Be Heroes/Some Of Them Fall/Song From The Earth/Summer Come Down Easy/Themes From Scandalous John/Three Poems From Sea Cycle (Numbers 1, 4 & 14)/Up/Vienna/Without A Worry In The World/Zangra

WS 1948 - Lonesome Picker Rides Again - John Stewart [1971] (1/72, #195) Just An Old Love Song/The Road Shines Bright/Touch Of The Sun/Bolinas/Freeway Pleasure/Swift Lizard//Wolves In The Kitchen/Little Road And A Stone To Roll/Daydream Believer/Crazy/Wild Horse Road/All The Brave Horses


WS 1950 - Tupelo Honey - Van Morrison [1971] (10/71, #27) Wild Night/(Straight To Your Heart) Like A Cannonball/Old Old Woodstock/Starting A New Life/You're My Woman//Tupelo Honey/I Wanna Roo You (Scottish Derivative)/When That Evening Sun Goes Down/Moonshine Whiskey

WS 1951 - Second Album - Curved Air [1971] Young Mother/Back Street Luv/Jumbo/You Know/Puppets//Everdance/Bright Summer's Day '68/Piece Of Mind

WS 1952 - Bring out the Sun - Barbara Mauritz & Lamb [1971] Old Fashioned Remedy/The Wish/Rap With Rhyme/River Boulevard/How Am I Gonna Manage?//Visions Of Blackbirds/Salty/The Vine/Live To Your Heart

WS 1953 - Bonnie Raitt - Bonnie Raitt [1971] Bluebird/Mighty Tight Woman/Thank You/Finest Lovin' Man/Any Day Woman//Big Road/Walking Blues/Danger Heartbreak Dead Ahead/Since I Fell For You/I Ain't Blue/Women Be Wise



2SX 1956 - Family Album - Stoneground [1971] (2-LP set) Get Rhythm/Passion Flower/Corrina/Big River//Won't Be Long/Super Clown/Richland Woman/Queen Sweet Dreams/Precious Lord//It Takes A Lot To Laugh (It Takes A Train To Cry)/I Can't Help It/No Doreen/It's Not Easy/If You Gotta Go/Total Destruction To Your Mind//You Must Be One Of Us/All My Life/Where Will I Find Love/Gonna Have A Good Time/Jam It


WS 1958 - The Need of Love - Earth, Wind & Fire [1971] (1/72, #89) Energy/Beauty//I Can Feel It In My Bones/I Think About Lovin' You/Everything Is Everything








2WS 1966 - Bootleg Him! - Alexis Korner [1972] (2-LP set)

Thanks to Bob Brainen.

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