Warner Brothers Album Discography, Part 6:
BS-2700 to BS-2899 (1973-1976)

By David Edwards, Patrice Eyries, and Mike Callahan
Last update: June 25, 2004

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Number - Title - Artist - [Release Date] (Chart) Contents

BS 2700 - The Thief Who Came to Dinner (Soundtrack) - Henry Mancini [1973]

2WS 2701 - Made in Japan - Deep Purple [1973] (4/73, #6) (2-LP set) Highway Star/Child In Time//Smoke On The Water/The Mule//Strange Kind Of Woman/Lazy//Space Truckin'

BS 2702 - Evolution - Malo [1973] (4/73, #101) Moving Away/I Don't Know/Merengue//All For You/Dance To My Mambo/Entrance To Paradise/Street Man

BS 2703 - Andy Goldmark - Andy Goldmark [1973]

*BS 2704 - Bareback Rider - Mason Proffit [1973] (5/73, #198) Belfast/Black September/Cottonwood/Dance Hall Girl/Five Generations/I Saw The Light/Lilly/Sail Away/Setting The Woods On Fire/Stoney River/To Be A Friend

*2BS 2705 - Sondheim: A Musical Tribute - Various Artists [1973] (2-LP set) A-Me-Ri- Ca/A Parade In Town/Anyone Can Whistle/Beautiful Girls/Broadway Baby/Buddy's Blues/Could I Leave You?/Do I Hear A Waltz?/Entr'acte/Getting Married Today/I'm Still Here/I Remember/If Mama Was Married/Losing My Mind/Love Is In The Air/Me And My Town/Medley: Happily Ever After-Being Alive/Medley: Pleasant Little Kingdom-Too Many Mornings/One More Kiss/Overture/Side By Side By Side/Silly People/So Many Poeple/Take Me To The World/The Little Things You Do Together/Two Fairy Tales/We're Gonna Be Alright/You Could Drive A Person Baby/Your Eyes Are Blue

BS 2706 - Maldoon - Maldoon [1973] Ballad Of Lots/You Were My Friend/Still Feels Sore/It All Begins/Clouds In My Hair/Sit And Talk About It//One Way Ticket/Nobody Knows/On My Own Again/All The Time/Monkerwollick/Too Many People Going Down

BS 2707 - Summer - Rod McKuen with the San Sebastian Strings [1973]

BS 2708 - Home Made Ice Cream - Tony Joe White [1973]


BS 2710 - O Lucky Man - Alan Price [1973] (8/73, #117) O Lucky Man!/Poor People/Sell Sell/Pastoral/Arrival//Look Over Your Shoulder/Justice/My Home Town/Changes/O Lucky Man!

BS 2711 - Kootch - Danny Kortchmar [1973] Put Your Dancing Shoes On/Up Jumped The Devil/Got To Say So Long/For Sentimental Reasons/Burnt Child//You're So Beautiful/My Mind Made Itself Up About You/Don't Jump Salty/Come Strollin' Now

BS 2712 - Hard Nose The Highway - Van Morrison [1973] (8/73, #27) Snow In San Anselmo/Warm Love/Hard Nose The Highway/Wild Children/The Great Deception//Green/Autumn Song/Purple Heather

BS 2713 - Israel: Official 25th Anniversary Commemorative Album - Various Artists [1973]

BS 2714 - Forward Motion - Section [1973]


BS 2716 - Back Door - Back Door [1973]

BS 2717 - Gemini Suite - Jon Lord & London Symphony Orchestra Featuring Tony Ashton, Yvonne Elliman, Roger Glover, Albert Lee & Ian Paice [1973] Reissue of Capitol St 870. Guitar/Piano/Drums//Vocals/Bass Guitar/Organ

BS 2718 - Chip Taylor's Last Chance - Chip Taylor [1973] (I Want) The Real Thing/Son Of A Rotten Gambler/I Read It In Rolling Stone/(The Coal Fields Of) Shikshinny/I Wasn't Born In Tennessee//(The Likes Of) Louise/It's Still The Same/101 In Cashbox/Family Of One/Clean Your Own Tables/Last Chance

*BS 2719 - Cleopatra Jones - Various Artists [1973] (8/73, #109) Airport Flight/Cleo And Reuben/Desert Sunrise/Emdee/Go Chase Cleo/Goin' To The Chase/Hurts So Good - Millie Jackson/Love Doctor - Millie Jackson/Theme From Cleopatra Jones - Joe Simon/Theme From Cleopatra Jones (Instrumental)/Wrap Up/Wrecking Yard

BS 2720 - Rural Free Delivery - Eric Weissberg & Deliverance [1973] (10/73, #196) Uncle Pen/Hard Hearted/Thanks For Bein' You And Lovin' Me/Somewhere In Time/Concrete Canyon Boogie//Ride In The Country/Scalded Cat/Blessed Is The Man/Lend Me Your Heart/Opening Day/'Til The End Of The World Rolls Around

BS 2721 - History of the Grateful Dead, Vol. I (Bear's Choice) - Grateful Dead [1973] (7/73, #60) Katie Mae/Dark Hollow/I've Been All Around This World/Wake Up Little Susie/Black Peter//Smokestack Lightnin/Hard To Handle

BS 2722 - Exposed - Strider [1973] Flying/Ain't Got No Love/Woman Blue/Higher And Higher//Esther's Place/Straddle/Get Ready


BS 2724 - Sweet Freedom - Uriah Heep [1973] (10/73, #33) Dreamer/Stealin'/One Day/Sweet Freedom//If I Had The Time/Seven Stars/Circus/Pilgrim

BS 2725 - James Douglas Kershaw - James Douglas Kershaw [1973] The Best Years Of My Life/Mardi Gras/Willie's Shades/Play That Old Sweet Song Again/You're Gonna Be Impressed//Tricks/You'd Best Believe You've Heard/A Song Called Jeannie/I Had A Good Woman But She Married Lawrence/Louisiana Love Song

BS 2726 - Kung Fu (TV Soundtrack) - Various Artists [1973]

BS 2727 - Enter the Dragon - Lalo Schifrin [1973]

BS 2728 - Hat Trick - America [1973] (11/73, #28) Muskrat Love/Wind Wave/She's Gonna Let You Down/Rainbow Song/Submarine Ladies/It's Life//Hat Trick/Molten Love/Green Monkey/Willow Tree Lullaby/Goodbye

BS 2729 - Takin' My Time - Bonnie Raitt [1973] (10/73, #87) You've Been In Love Too Long/I Gave My Love A Candle/Let Me In/Everybody's Cryin' Mercy/Cry Like A Rainstorm//Wah She Go Do/I Feel The Same/I Thought I Was A Child/Write Me A Few Of Your Lines-Kokomo Blues/Guilty

*BS 2730 - That's Enough for Me - Peter Yarrow [1973] Groundhog/Isn't That So?/Just One Pass/Love's Way/O Happy Day/Old Father Time/That's Enough For Me/The Harder They Come/Wayfaring Stranger/Whispered Words

2WS 2731 - Back to Carnegie Hall - Rod McKuen [1973] (2-LP set)

*BS 2732 - Happy Children - Osibisa [1973] Adwoa/Bassa Bassa/Fire/Happy Children/Kotoku/Somaja/Take Your Trouble-Go/We Want To Know (Mo)


BS 2734 - Song for Juli - Jesse Colin Young [1973] (10/73, #51) Morning Sun/Song For Juli/Ridgetop/Evenin'//Miss Hesitation/T-Bone Shuffle/Lafayette Waltz-Jambalaya (On The Bayou)/Country Home

BS 2735 - Love Has Got Me - Wendy Waldman [1973] Train Song/Thinking Of You/Gringo En Mexico/Horse Dream/Can't Come In/Pirate Ships//Old Time Love/Vaudeville Man/Lee's Traveling Song/Natural Born Fool/Waiting For The Rain/Love Has Got Me

3XX 2736 - 50 Years of Film Music - Various Artists [1973] (3-LP set)

3XX 2737 - 50 Years of Film - Various Artists [1973] (3-LP set)

BS 2738 - Silverbird - Leo Sayer [1973] Innocent Bystander/Goodnight Old Friend/Drop Back/Silver Bird/The Show Must Go On/The Dancer//Tomorrow/Don't Say It's Over/Slow Motion/Oh Wot A Life/Why Is Everybody Going Home

BS 2739 - Gimme Something Real - Ashford & Simpson [1973] (11/73, #156) Bend Me/Time/Have You Ever Tried It/Gimme Something Real (Personal Testimony)//Can You Make It Brother/I'm Determined/Ain't That Good Enough/I Need Your Light/Anywhere

BS 2740 - Montrose - Montrose [1973] (5/74, #133) Rock The Nation/Bad Motor Scooter/Space Station #5/I Don't Want It//Good Rockin' Tonight/Rock Candy/One Thing On My Mind/Make It Last

*BS 2741 - 2000 and Thirteen - Carl Reiner & Mel Brooks [1973] (11/73, #150) America's Economic Plight/Ancient Poetry/Asparagus/Dolly Madison/Fig Leaf/Generals/Great Inventions/Greatest Invention/Hope For Mankind/Jesus And The Apostles/Jolson/Lord Byron/Ma And Pa/Miracle Fruits/Natural Food/Origin Of Words/Paul Revere/Phil/Slow Growth/Strawberries/21,000 Doctors/War Of The Roses/Will To Live/Winston Churchill



3XX 2744 - The Incomplete Works of Reiner and Brooks - Carl Reiner & Mel Brooks [1973]

BS/BS4 2745 - Clear Light - Mystic Moods [1974]

2LS-2746 - Come and Gone - Mason Proffit [1974] Reissue of Happy Tiger HT-1009 and Happy Tiger HT-1019 as a 2-LP set. This album was reissued on CD in 2000 as One Way OW 33638. Voice of Change/A Rectangle Picture/You Finally Found Your Love/Sweet Lady Love/Stewball/Two Hangmen/Buffalo/Walk on Down the Road/It's All Right/Till the Sun's Gone/Johnny's Tune//Michael Dodge/Hard Luck Woman/Children/Hokey Joe Pony/Flying Arrow/Old Joe Clark/Let Me Know Where You're Goin'/Melinda/Good Friend of Mary's/He Loves Them/Everybody Was Wrong


BS/BS4 2748 - Muscle of Love - Alice Cooper [1973] (12/73, #10) Big Apple Dreamin' (Hippo)/Never Been Sold Before/Hard Hearted Alice/Crazy Little Child//Working Up A Sweat/Muscle Of Love/Man With The Golden Gun/Teenage Lament '74/Woman Machine

BS 2749 - Back to Oakland - Tower of Power [1974] (3/74, #26) Oakland Stroke.../Don't Change Horses (In The Middle Of A Stream)/Just When We Start Makin' It/Can't You See (You Doin' Me Wrong)/Squib Cakes//Time Will Tell/Man From The Past/Love's Been Gone So Long/I Got The Chop/Below Us, All The City Lights/..Oakland Stroke

W/W4 2750 - What Were Once Vices Are Now Habits - Doobie Brothers [1974] (3/74, #4) Song To See You Through/Spirit/Pursuit On 53rd Street/Black Water/Eyes Of Silver/Road Angel//You Just Can't Stop It/Tell Me What You Want (And I'll Give You What You Need)/Down In The Track/Another Park, Another Sunday/Daughters Of The Sea/Flying Cloud


M5/M8 2752 - "Live" - Rod Stewart & Faces [1973] 8-track and cassette release only.

BS 2753 - Eighth Street Nites - Back Door [1973]

4WS 2754 - Seasons - San Sebastian Strings [1973] Four-Record Set.

BS 2755 - Richard Greene and the Zone - Richard Greene & Zone [1974]

BS 2756 - Media Push - Quacky Duck & His Barnyard Friends [5/74] The Barnyard Song/For Someone/I Have Loved You/Wishing It Was You/Conguez/Tango//Tightrope Walker/Thinking Of Her/Yvonne/Lonely Eyes/Media Push/Nightingale




2BS 2760 - ...It's Too Late to Stop Now... - Van Morrison [1974] (3/74, #53) (2-LP set) Ain't Nothin' You Can Do/Warm Love/Into The Mystic/These Dreams Of You/I Believe To My Soul//I've Been Working/Help Me/Wild Children/Domino/I Just Wanna Make Love To You//Bring It On Home/Saint Dominic's Preview/Take Your Hand Out Of My Pocket/Listen To The Lion//Here Comes The Night/Gloria/Caravan/Cypress Avenue

BS4/W 2761 - Unborn Child - Seals & Crofts [1974] (3/74, #14) Prelude/Windflowers/Desert People/Unborn Child/The Story Of Her Love/Dance By The Light Of The Moon//Rachel/King Of Nothing/29 Years From Texas/Ledges/Follow Me/Big Mac

BS 2762 - Badfinger - Badfinger [1974] (3/74, #161) I Miss You/Shine On/Love Is Easy/Song For A Lost Friend/Why Don't We Talk?/Island//Matted Spam/Where Do We Go From Here?/My Heart Goes Out/Lonely Out/Give It Up/Andy Norris

BS/BS4 2763 - Graham Central Station - Graham Central Station [1974] (2/74, #48) We've Been Waiting/It Ain't No Fun To Me/Hair/We Be's Gettin' Down/Tell Me What It Is//Can You Handle It?/People/Why?/Ghetto

*BS 2764 - The Best of the Grateful Dead/Skeletons from the Closet - Grateful Dead [1974] (3/74, #75) Casey Jones/Friend Of The Devil/Mexicali Blues/One More Saturday Night/Rosemary/St. Stephen/Sugar Magnolia/The Golden Road (To Unlimited Devotion)/Truckin'/Turn On Your Love Light/Uncle John's Band


BS 2766 - Burn - Deep Purple [1974] (3/74, #9) Burn/Might Just Take Your Life/Lay Down, Stay Down/Sail Away//You Fool No One/What's Goin' On Here/Mistreated/A 200

BS 2767 - The Talbot Bros. - Talbot Bros. [1974] Contemporary Christian singer/guitarists John Michael Talbot and Terry Talbot were formerly in the group Mason Proffit. Easy To Slip/Comin' Home To Jesus/In My Dreams/And The Time/Trail Of Tears//Over Jordan/Moline Truckin'/Come And Gone/Over Again/Carnival Balloon/Hear You Callin'

BS 2768 - Bouquet: The Best of the San Sebastian Strings - San Sebastian Strings [1974]

BS 2769 - Ascension - Malo [1974] (3/74, #188) Offerings/A La Escuela/Everlasting Night/Latin Woman/Chevere//Love Will Survive/Think About Love/Tiempo De Recordar/Close To Me/No Matter

BS 2770 - Stomp Your Hands, Clap Your Feet - Slade [1974] (3/74, #168) Just Want A Little Bit/When The Lights Are Out/My Town/Find Yourself A Rainbow/Miles Out To Sea/We're Really Gonna Raise The Roof//Do We Still Do It/How Can It Be/Don't Blame Me/My Friend Stan/Everyday/Good Time Gals

2771 - Hot and Sweet - Mighty Sparrow [5/74]


*BS 2773 - Mame (Soundtrack) - Various Artists [1974] (4/74, #196) Bosom Buddies/Finale/Gooch's Song/If He Walked Into My Life/It's Today/Loving You/Main Title/Mame/Man In The Moon/My Best Girl/Open A New Window/The Letter/We Need A Little Christmas

BS 2774 - The Exorcist (Soundtrack) - Various Artists [1974]



BS 2777 - Red Pump Special - Rab Noakes [5/74] Pass The Time/As Big As His Size/Tomorrow Is Another Day/The Sketcher And The Last Train/Diamond Ring//Branch/Wrong Joke Again/Sittin' In A Corner Blues/Clear Day/Frisco Dpt

BS 2778 - First of the Big Bands - Tony Ashton & Jon Lord [5/74] This album is on the Purple label. We're Gonna Make It/Downside Upside Down/Band Of The Salvation Army Band/Silly Boy- Surrender Me//Celebration/I Been Lonely/Shut Up/Ballad Of Mr. Giver


BS 2780 - Lorraine Ellison - Lorraine Ellison [1974] Walk Around Heaven/Country Woman's Prayer/Do Better Than You're Doin'/If Only I Could See Him//No Relief/I'll Fly Away/The Road I Took to You/Stormy Weather/Many Rivers to Cross

BS 2781 - Blazing Saddles (Soundtrack) - Various Artists [1974]


BS 2783 - Between Today and Yesterday - Alan Price [1974] Left Over People/Away, Away/Between Today And Yesterday/In Times Like These/Under The Sun/Jarrow Song//City Lights/Look At My Face/Angel Eyes/You're Telling Me/Dream Of Delight/Between Today And Yesterday

BS 2784 - Feats Don't Fail Me Now - Little Feat [1974] (9/74, #36) Rock And Roll Doctor/Oh Atlanta/Skin It Back/Down The Road/Spanish Moon//Feats Don't Fail Me Now/Wait Till The Shit Hits The Fan/Cold Cold Cold-Tripe Face Boogie (Medley)

BS 2785 - Seasons in the Sun - Rod McKuen [1974]

*BS/BS4 2786 - Erogenous - Mystic Moods [1974] Any Way You Want It/Down Easy/Fallen Angel/Get It While The Gettin' Is Good/Honey Trippin'/Keep Me Warm/Midnight Snack/The Magician/The Other Sound Of Midnight/The Sound Of Love/Your Place Or Mine

BS 2787 - Muleskinner - Geoff & Maria Muldaur [5/74]

BS 2788 - The Storm and the Sea - Sound Effects [5/74]

BS 2789 - I Wanna Be Selfish - Ashford & Simpson [1974] (7/74, #195) Spoiled/Everybody's Got To Give It Up/I Wanna Be Selfish/I Had A Love/Main Line//Ain't That Somethin'/Don't Fight It/Ain't Nothin' But A Maybe/Over To Where You Are/Take All The Time You Need

BS 2790 - Light Shine - Jesse Colin Young [1974] (4/74, #37) California Child/Grey Day/Light Shine//Pretty And The Fair/Barbados/Motorcycle Blues/The Cuckoo/Susan

BS 2791 - I Survive - Adam Faith [1974] I Survived/I Believe In Love/Honey/Foreign Lady/Change//Maybe/Never Say Goodbye/Goodbye/In Your Life/Star Song

BS 2792 - Gypsy Symphony - Wendy Waldman [1974] My Love Is All I Know/You Got To Ride/The Good Love/My Name Is Love/Cold Back On Me//Studio Song/Baby Don't You Go/Northwoods Man/Come On Down/Mad Mad Me/The Road Song

BS 2793 - Mama Kershaw's Boy - Doug Kershaw [5/74] (7/74, #14CW)

W 2794 - Walking Man - James Taylor [1974] (7/74, #13) Walking Man/Rock 'N' Roll Is Music Now/Let It All Fall Down/Me And My Guitar/Daddy's Baby//Ain't No Song/Hello Old Friend/Migration/The Promised Land/Fading Away

*BS 2795 - Circles - Mary Travers [1974] (7/74, #200) Catch The Rain/Circles/Goin' Back/House At Pooh Corner/I Am Your Child/I'll Have To Say I Love You In A Song/Is It Really Love At All?/Light Of Day/Simple Song/So Close


BS 2797 - Pray for the Lion - Lenny Williams [1974] Compared To What/Open Book/Sometimes Love/There's Always Mystery (When You're Making History)/We're Gonna See It Through//River/Problem Solver/All That's Love/Money/Keep On Keeping On

2WS 2798 - Another Time - Earth, Wind & Fire [1974] (9/74, #97) (2-LP set) Reissue of Warner WS 1905 & Warner WS 1958. Help Somebody/Moment Of Truth/Love Is Life/Fan The Fire//C'mon Children/This World Today/Bad Tune//Energy/Beauty//I Can Feel It In My Bones/I Think About Lovin' You/Everything Is Everything


BS 2800 - Wonderworld - Uriah Heep [1974] (7/74, #38) Wonderworld/Suicidal Man/The Shadows And The Wind/So Tired/The Easy Road//Something Or Nothing/I Won't Mind/We Got We/Dreams

BS 2801 - Operas - Waldo De Los Rios [1974]

*BS 2802 - Osibirock - Osibisa [1974] (9/74, #175) African Jive/Atinga Bells/Home Affairs/Kangaroo/Kelele/Komfo (High Priest)/Osibirock/We Belong/Who's Got The Paper/Why

BS4/W 2803 - Alice Cooper's Greatest Hits - Alice Cooper [1974] (8/74, #8) I'm Eighteen/Is It My Body/Desperado/Under My Wheels/Be My Lover/School's Out//Hello Hooray/Elected/No More Mr. Nice Guy/Billion Dollar Babies/Teenage Lament '74/Muscle Of Love

BS 2804 - Terminal Love - Peter Peter Ivers Band [1974] Alpha Centauri/Sweet Enemy/Terminal Love/My Grandmother's Funeral/Modern Times//Deborah/Oo Girl/Audience Of One/Felladaddio/Holding The Cobra/Even Stephen Foster

BS 2805 - Veedon Fleece - Van Morrison [1974] (11/74, #53) Fair Play/Linden Arden Stole The Highlights/Who Was That Masked Man/Streets Of Arklow/You Don't Pull No Punches, But You Don't Push The River//Bulbs/Cul De Sac/Comfort You/Come Here My Love/Country Fair

BS 2806 - Lydia - Cold Blood [1974] Ready To Live/Simple Love Life/Under Pressure/When My Love Hand Comes Down/When It's Over//Consideration/I Only Wanted Someone To Hear Me/You're Free Lovin' Me/Come Back Into My Life Again/Just Like Sunshine

2WS 2807 - Treasure Chest - Herbie Hancock [1974] (10/74, #158) (2-LP set)

BS/BS4 2808 - Holiday - America [1974] (7/74, #3) Miniature/Tin Man/Another Try/Lonely People/Glad To See You/Mad Dog//Hollywood/Baby It's Up To You/You/Old Man Took/What Does It Matter/In The Country

2WS 2809 - Seals & Crofts 1 & 2 - Seals & Crofts [1974] (8/74, #86) (2-LP set) Reissue of T-A TA 5001 & T-A TA 5004. See My Life/Sea Of Consciousness/Seldom's Sister/Not To Be Found/Birthday Of My Thoughts//In Tune/Cows Of Gladness/Earth/7 Valleys/Jekyll And Hyde/Ashes In The Snow/See My Life (Reprise)//Ridin' Thumb/Hand-Me-Down Shoe/Purple Hand/Robin/Hollow Reed//Gabriel Go On Home/Tin Town/Today/Cotton Mouth/Granny Will Your Dog Bite?/Leave

BS 2810 - Groover's Paradise - Doug Sahm [1974] Groover's Paradise/Devil Heart/Hosuton Chicks/For The Sake Of Rock 'N' Roll/Beautiful Texsas Sunshine//Just Groove Me/Girls Today (Don't Like To Sleep Alone)/La Cacahuata (Peanut)/Her Dream Man Never Came/Catch Me In The Morning

*BS 2811 - Dory Previn - Dory Previn [1974] Atlantis/Brando/Coldwater Canyon/Did Jesus Have A Baby Sister?/Lover Lover Be My Cover/Mama Mama Comfort Me/New Rooms/The Crooked Christmas Star '73/The Empress Of China/The Obscene Phone Call

BS 2812 - Hooked, Hogtied and Collared - Paul Kelly [1974] (9/74, #55RB)

BS 2813 - Tasty - Good Rats [1974] Back To My Music/Injun Joe/Tasty/300 Boys/Papa Poppa//Fireball Express/Fred Upstairs And Ginger Snappers/Phil Fleish/Klash-Ka-Bob/Songwriter

BS 2814 - Release Yourself - Graham Central Station [1974] (10/74, #51) G.C.S./Release Yourself/Got To Go Through It To Get To It/I Believe In You//'Tis Your Kind Of Music/Hey Mr. Writer/Feel The Need/Today



BS 2817 - Alone - Rod McKuen [1974]

BS 2818 - Streetlights - Bonnie Raitt [1974] (11/74, #80) That Song About The Midway/Rainy Day Man/Angel From Montgomery/I Got Plenty/Streetlights//What Is Success/Ain't Nobody Home/Everything That Touches You/Got You On My Mind/You Got To Be Ready For Love (If You Wanna Be Mine)

BS 2819 - I've Got My Own Album to Do - Ron Wood [1974] I Can Feel The Fire/Far East Man/Mystifies Me/Take A Look At The Guy/Act Together/Am I Grooving You//Shirley/Cancel Everything/Sure The One You Need/If You Gotta Make A Fool Of Somebody/Crotch Music

BS 2820 - Come on in Love - Jay Dee [1974]

BS 2821 - Another Goodbye Song - Rex Allen Jr. [1974] (11/74, #45CW)

BS 2822 - Sabotage - Black Sabbath [1975] (8/75, #28) Hole In The Sky/Don't Start (Too Late)/Symptom Of The Universe/Megalomania//Thrill Of It All/Supertzar/Am I Going Insane (Radio)/The Writ

BS 2823 - Paper Money - Montrose [1974] (11/74, #65) Underground/Connection/The Dreamer/Starliner//I Got The Fire/Spaceage Sacrifice/We're Going Home/Paper Money

BS 2824 - Some of Us - Chip Taylor [1974] Me As I Am/Early Sunday Morning/(It's A Long Way) Back To The Heart/Something 'Bout The Way This Story Ends/Funny Songs//Comin' From Behind/If You're Ever In Warsaw/If I Can't Be In Austin/Here Again/Some Of Us

BS 2825 - McGear - Mike McGear [1974] McGear is Paul McCartney's brother. Sea Breezes/What Do We Really Know?/Norton/Leave It/Have You Got Problems?//The Casket/Rainbow Lady/Simply Love You/Givin' Grease A Ride/The Man Who Found God On The Moon

BS 2826 - The Good Earth - Manfred Mann's Earth Band [1974] (11/74, #157) Give Me The Good Earth/Launching Place/I'll Be Gone//Earth Hymn/Sky High/Be Not Too Hard/Earth Hymn (Part 2)

BS 2827 - Wish You Were Here - Badfinger [1974] (11/74, #148) Just A Chance/You're So Fine/Got To Get Out Of Here/Know One Knows/Dennis//In The Meantime-Some Other Time/Love Time/King Of The Load (T)/Meanwhile, Back At The Ranch-Should I Smoke

BS 2828 - Hot Wire - Trapeze [1974] Back Street Love/Take It On Down The Road/Midnight Flyer/Wake Up, Shake Up//Turn It On/Steal A Mile/Goin' Home/Feel It Inside


BS 2830 - Candi - Candi Staton [1974] (12/74, #54RB)


PR4/PRK 2832 - Stormbringer - Deep Purple [1974] (12/74, #20) This album is on the Purple label. Stormbringer/Love Don't Mean A Thing/Holy Man/Hold On//Lady Double Dealer/You Can't Do It Right (With The One You Love)/High Ball Shooter/The Gypsy/Soldier Of Fortune


BS 2834 - Urban Renewal - Tower of Power [1975] (1/75, #22) Only So Much Oil In The Ground/Come Back, Baby/It's Not The Crime/I Won't Leave Unless You Want Me To/Maybe It'll Rub Off//(To Say The Least) You're The Most/Willing To Learn/Give Me The Proof/It Can Never Be The Same/I Believe In Myself/Walkin' Up Hip Street

BS/BS4 2835 - Stampede - Doobie Brothers [1975] (5/75, #4) Sweet Maxine/Neal's Fandango/Texas Lullaby/Music Man/Slat Key Soquel Rag//Take Me In Your Arms (Rock Me)/I Cheat The Hangman/Precis/Rainy Day Crossroad Blues/I Been Workin' On You/Double Dealin' Four Flusher

BS 2836 - Just a Boy - Leo Sayer [1974] (2/75, #16) Telepath/Train/The Bells Of St. Marys/One Man Band/In My Life//When I Came Home This Morning/Long Tall Glasses/Another Time/Solo/Giving It All Away

BS 2837 - With Love - San Sebastian Strings [1975]

BS 2838 - Bonaroo - Bonaroo [1974] Sally Ann/Dream On/Life's Sweet Song/Nobody Knows/Don't Tread On Me//I See The Light/Melody Maker/Let's Go Down To The River/Spirit Of A Dead Man/Physical Fitness/Decided Today


*BS 2840 - The Towering Inferno (Soundtrack) - Various Artists [1975] (2/75, #158) Architect's Dream/Helicopter Explosion/Lisolette And Harlee/Main Title/Planting The Charges/Something For Susan/Susan And Doug/Trapped Lovers/We May Never Love Like This Again - Maureen McGovern

BS 2841 - Duce of Hearts - Chris Ducey [1975] Duce Of Hearts/Blue-Eyes Blues/Carmelita's Kharma/Hula Rocka Hula/Drive Back The Shadow//March Of The Ants/Seeds/Sundance/Skyboat

BS 2842 - The Beau Brummels - Beau Brummels [1975] (7/75, #180) You Tell Me Why/First In Line/Wolf/Down To The Bottom/Tennessee Walker//Singing Cowboy/Goldrush/The Lonely Side/Gate Of Hearts/Today By Day

BS 2843 - James Dean - James Dean [1975]


BS 2845 - Songbird - Jesse Colin Young [1975] (3/75, #26) Songbird/Before You Came/Daniel/Josianne//Again/Slick City/'Til You Come Back Home/Sugar Babe/Motorhome

BS/BS4 2846 - Then Came You - Dionne Warwicke [1975] (3/75, #167) Take It From Me/We'll Burn Our Bridges Behind Us/Sure Thing/Then Came You/How Can I Tell Him//Move Me No Mountain/I Can't Wait To See My Baby's Face/It's Magic/Who Knows/Getting In My Way

BS 2847 - Commander Cody and His Lost Planet Airmen - Commander Cody & His Lost Planet Airmen [1975] (3/75, #58) Southbound/Don't Let Go/California Okie/Willin'/The Boogie Man Boogie//Hawaii Blues/House Of Blue Lights/Keep On Lovin' Her/Devil And Me/Four Or Five Times/That's What I Like Abouth The South

BS/BS4 2848 - I'll Play for You - Seals & Crofts [1975] (4/75, #30) I'll Play For You/Golden Rainbow/Castles In The Sand/Blue Bonnet Nation/Ugly City//Wayland The Rabbit/Freaks Pet/Truth Is But A Woman/Fire And Vengeance


BS 2850 - Stars - Cher [1975] (5/75, #153) Love Enough/Bell Bottom Blues/These Days/Mr. Soul/Just This One Time//Geronimo's Cadillac/The Bigger They Come The Harder They Fall/Love Hurts/Rock And Roll Doctor/Stars

BS 2851 - Alive and Pickin' - Doug Kershaw [1975] (4/75, #32CW) Introduction/Diggy Liggy Lo/Battle Of New Orleans/Medley: Orange Blossom Special-You Are My Sunshine/Natural Man/Alive And Pickin'//Cajun Joe (The Bully Of The Bayou)/The Cajun Stripper/Dixie Creole/Louisiana Man/Uncle Pen

BS/BS4 2852 - Hearts - America [1975] (4/75, #4) Daisy Jane/Half A Man/Midnight/Bell Tree/Old Virginia/People In The Valley//Company/Woman Tonight/The Story Of A Teenager/Sister Golden Hair/Tomorrow/Seasons



*BS 2855 - Dr. Demento's Delights - Various Artists [1975] (11/75, #198) Ballad Of Ben Gay - Ben Gay & Silly Savages/Boobs A Lot - Holy Modal Rounders/The Cockroach That Ate Cincinnati - Possum/Eleanor Rigby - Doodles Weaver/Friendly Neighborhood Narco Agent - Jef Jaisun/Get A Load Of This - R. Crumb & His Cheap Suit Serenaders/Hello Muddah, Hello Faddah! (A Letter From Camp) - Allan Sherman/If You're A Viper - Jim Kweskin's Jug Band/They're Coming To Take Me Away, Ha-Haaa! - Napoleon XIV/Who Put The Benzedrine In Mrs. Murphy's Ovaltine - Harry The Hipster Gibson/Ya Wanna Buy A Bunny? - Spike Jones & His City Slickers


BS 2857 - One Pitcher Is Worth a Thousand Words - Hillman Hall [1975]

BS 2858 - Come as You Are - Ashford & Simpson [1976] (5/76, #189) It'll Come, It'll Come, It'll Come/One More Try/Believe In Me/Caretaker//Somebody Told A Lie/Tell It All/Sell The House/It Came To Me

BS 2859 - Wendy Waldman - Wendy Waldman [1975] Western Lullaby/Racing Boat/Explain It/Wings/Mr. Boat Man/Sundown//Spring Is Here/Constant Companion/Secrets/Wild Bird/Listen To Your Own Heart/Green Rocky Road

BS 2860 - Hard Times - Peter Yarrow [1975]

BS 2861 - Good Time Music - Rod McKuen [1975]

BS 2862 - Kate and Anna McGarrigle - Kate & Anna McGarrigle [1975] Kiss and Say Goodbye/My Town/Blues In D/Heart Like a Wheel/Foolish You/(Talk To Me Of) Mendocino//Complainte Pour Ste-Catherine/Tell My Sister/Swimming Song/Jigsaw Puzzle of Life/Go Leave/Travelling On For Jesus

BS 2863 - Eager to Please - Ken Hensley [1975] Eager To Please/Stargazer/Secret/Through The Eyes Of A Child/Part Three/The House On The Hill//Winter Or Summer/Take And Take/Longer Shadows/In The Morning/How Shall I Know

BS 2864 - Home Plate - Bonnie Raitt [1975] (10/75, #43) What Do You Want The Boy To Do?/Good Enough/Run Like A Thief/Fool Yourself/My First Night Alone Without You//Walk Out The Front Door/Sugar Mama/Pleasin' Each Other/I'm Blowin' Away/Your Sweet And Shiny Eyes

BS 2865 - Slade in Flame - Slade [1975] (7/75, #93) How Does It Feel?/Them Kinda Monkeys Can't Swing/So Far So Good/Summer Song (Wishing You Were Here)/O.K. Yesterday Was Yesterday//Far Far Away/This Girl/Lay It Down/Heaven Knows/Standin' On The Corner

BS/BS4 2866 - Gorilla - James Taylor [1975] (5/75, #6) Mexico/Music/How Sweet It Is (To Be Loved By You)/Wandering/Gorilla/You Make It Easy//I Was A Fool To Care/Lighthouse/Angry Blues/Love Songs/Sarah Maria

BS 2867 - Hirth from Earth - Hirth Martinez [1975] Altogether Alone/Winter Again/Djinji/Be Everything/Comin' Round The Moon/It//That's The Way It's Gotta Go/Silent Movies/Pity On The Fool/I Don't Know Why The Hell/Saturday Night/Cold Dark Mornin'/You Are A Star

BS 2868 - The Dream Weaver - Gary Wright [1975] (8/75, #7) Love Is Alive/Let It Out/Can't Find The Judge/Made To Love You/Power Of Love//Dream Waver/Blind Feeling/Much Higher/Feel For Me

BS 2869 - Return to Fantasy - Uriah Heep [1975] (8/75, #85) Return To Fantasy/Shady Lady/Devil's Daughter/Beautiful Dream//Prima Donna/Your Turn To Remember/Showdown/Where Did You Go/A Year Or A Day

BS 2870 - A Rose By Any Other Name - Ronnie Milsap [1975] (10/75, #23CW)


BS 2872 - Now Look - Ronnie Wood [1975] (7/75, #118) I Got Lost When I Found You/Big Bayou/Breathe On Me/If You Don't Want My Love/I Can Say She's Allright//Carribean Boogie/Now Look/Sweet Baby Mine/I Can't Stand The Rain/It's Unholy/I Got A Feeling

*BS 2873 - Taking Off - David Sanborn [1975] Black Light/Blue Night/Butterfat/Duck Ankles/Flight/Funky Banana/It Took A Long Time/The Whisperer/'Way 'Cross Georgia

BS 2874 - Symphonies for the 70's - Waldo De Los Rios [1975]

BS 2875 - Atlantic Crossing - Rod Stewart [1975] (9/75, #9) Three Time Loser/Alright For An Hour/All In The Name Of Rock 'N' Roll/Drift Away/Stone Cold Sober//I Don't Want To Talk About It/It's Not The Spotlight/This Old Heart Of Mine/Still Love You/Sailing

BS/BS4 2876 - Ain't No 'Bout-A-Doubt It - Graham Central Station [1975] (8/75, #22) The Jam/Your Love/It's Alright/I Can't Stand The Rain//It Ain't Nothing But A Warner Brothers Party/Ole Smokey/Easy Rider/Water/Luckiest People

BS 2877 - Nightingales and Bombers - Manfred Mann's Earth Band [1975] (9/75, #120) Spirit In The Night/Countdown/Time Is Right/Crossfade//Visionary Mountains/Nightingales And Bombers/Fat Nelly/As Above So Below

*BS 2878 - Clang of the Yankee Reaper - Van Dyke Parks [1975] Another Dream/Cannon In D/City On The Hill/Clang Of The Yankee Reaper/Iron Man/Love Is The Answer/Pass That Stage/Soul Train/Tribute To Space/You're A Real Sweetheart


BS 2880 - In the Slot - Tower of Power [1975] (10/75, #67) Just Enough And Too Much/Treat Me Like Your Man/If I Play My Cards Right/As Surely As I Stand Here/Fanfare: Matanuska/On The Serious Side//Ebony Jam/You're So Wonderful, So Marvelous/Vuela Por Noche/Essence Of Innocence/The Soul Of A Child/Drop It In The Slot


BS 2882 - This Side of the Big River - Chip Taylor [1975] (9/75, #36CW) Same Ol' Story/Holding Me Together/Gettin' Older, Lookin' Back/John Tucker's On The Wagon Again/Big River//May God Be With Me/Circle Of Tears/Sleepy Eyes/I've Been Tied/You're Alright, Charlie

BS 2883 - Lost in the Ozone - Commander Cody & His Lost Planet Airmen [1975] (10/75, #168) Minnie The Moocher/It's Gonna Be One Of Those Nights/Connie/I Been To Georgia On A Fast Train/Honky Tonk Music/Lightnin' Bar Blues//Paid In Advance/Cajun Baby/Tina Louise/The Shadow Knows/Roll Your Own/Gypsy Fiddle

BS 2884 - The Last Record Album - Little Feat [1975] (11/75, #36) Romance Dance/All That You Dream/Long Distance Love/Day Or Night//One Love Stand/Down Below The Borderline/Somebody's Leaving/Mercenary Territory

BS 2885 - Another Year - Leo Sayer [1975] (10/75, #125) Bedsitterland/Unlucky In Love/The Last Gig Of Johnny B. Goode/On The Old Dirt Road/I Will Not Stop Fighting//Moonlighting/Streets Of Your Town/The Kids Grown Up/Only Dreaming/Another Year

BS 2886 - Greatest Hits - Seals & Crofts [1975] (11/75, #11) When I Meet Them/Diamond Girl/Hummingbird/Castles In The Sand/East Of Ginger Trees//I'll Play For You/Ruby Jean And Billie Lee/King Of Nothing/Summer Breeze/We May Never Pass This Way Again

BS 2887 - Trapeze - Trapeze [1975] Star Breaker/It's Alright/Chances/The Raid/Sunny Side Of The Street//Gimme Good Love/Monkey/I Need You/Soul Stealer/Nothin' For Nothing

BS 2888 - On the Track - Leon Redbone [1975] (7/76, #87) Sweet Mama Hurry Home Or I'll Be Gone/Ain't Misbehavin' (I'm Savin' My Love For You)/My Walking Stick/Lazybones/Marie//Desert Blues (Big Chief Buffalo Nickel)/Lulu's Back In Town/Some Of These Days/Big Time Woman/Haunted House/Polly Wolly Doodle

BS 2889 - Sleep Warm - Rod McKuen [1975]

BS 2890 - Welcome - Ronee Blakley [1975] American Beauty/I Was Born To Love You (Naci Para Amarte)/Please/Young Man/Idaho Home/She Lays It On The Line//Nobody's Bride/If I Saw You In The Morning/Tapedeck/Need A New Rising Sun/Locked Behind My True Love's Door/Welcome

BS 2891 - Peter Yarrow - Peter Yarrow [1975]

BS 2892 - Warner Bros. Presents Montrose! - Montrose [1975] (10/75, #79) Matriarch/All I Need/Twenty Flight Rock/Whaler//Dancin' Feet/O Lucky Man/One And A Half/Clown Woman/Black Train

BS 2893 - Track of the Cat - Dionne Warwicke [1975] (12/75, #137) Track Of The Cat/His House And Me/Ronnie Lee/World Of My Dreams//Jealousy/This Is Love/Love Me One More Time/Once You Hit The Road

BS 2894 - History: America's Greatest Hits - America [1975] (11/75, #3) A Horse With No Name/I Need You/Sandman/Ventura Highway/Don't Cross The River/Only In Your Heart//Muskrat Love/Tin Man/Lonely People/Sister Golden Hair/Daisy Jane/Woman Tonight

PRK 2895 - Come Taste the Band - Deep Purple [1975] (12/75, #43) This album is on the Purple label. Comin' Home/Lady Luck/Gettin' Tighter/Dealer/I Need Love//Drifter/Love Child/This Time Around-Owed To G (Instrumental)/You Keep On Moving

BS 2896 - Alice Cooper Goes to Hell - Alice Cooper [1976] (7/76, #27) Go To Hell/You Gotta Dance/I'm The Coolest/Didn't We Meet/I Never Cry//Give The Kid A Break/Guilty/Wake Me Gently/Wish You Were Here/I'm Always Chasing Rainbows/Going Home

BS 2897 - Snakes and Ladders: The Best of Faces - Faces [1976] Pool Hall Richard/Cindy Incidentally/Ooh La La/Sweet Lady Mary/Flying/Pineapple And The Monkey//You Can Make Me Dance, Sing Or Anything/Had Me A Real Good Time/Stay With Me/Miss Judy's Farm/Silicone Grown/Around The Plynth

BS 2898 - I'd Rather Believe in You - Cher [1976]

BS 2899 - Takin' It to the Streets - Doobie Brothers [1976] (4/76, #8) Wheels Of Fortune/Takin' It To The Streets/8th Avenue Shuffle/Losin' End//Rio/For Someone Special/It Keeps You Runnin'/Turn It Loose/Carry Me Away

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