Warner Brothers Album Discography, Part 10:
2WB-3500 to 7599-2 3699-1 (1980-1982)

By David Edwards, Patrice Eyries, and Mike Callahan
Last update: June 25, 2004

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Number - Title - Artist - [Release Date] (Chart) Contents

2WB 3500 - Live - Fleetwood Mac [1980] (12/80, #14) (2-LP set) Monday Morning/Say You Love Me/Dreams/Oh Well/Over And Over//Sara/Not That Funny/Never Going Back Again/Landslide//Fireflies/Over My Head/Rhiannon/Don't Let Me Down Again/One More Night//Go Your Own Way/Don't Stop/I'm So Afraid/The Farmer's Daughter

BSK 3501 - Savin' It Up - Debby Boone [1980] (3/81, #49CW)

BSK 3502 - Radioland - Nicolette Larson [1980] (1/81, #62) Radioland/Ooo-Eee/How Can We Go On/When You Come Around//Tears, Tears And More Tears/Straight From The Heart/Been Gone Too Long/Fool For Love/Long Distance Love

BSK 3503 - One-Way Love Affair - Mark Sadane [1981] (4/81, #50RB)

BSK 3504 - You Must Believe in Spring - Bill Evans [1980]

*BSK 3505 - Superman II (Soundtrack) - Various Artists [1981] (7/81, #133) Aerial Battle/Clark Exposed As Superman/Clark Fumbles Rescue/Clark To Fortress/End Title March/Honeymoon Hotel/Lex And Miss Teschmacher To Fortress/Lex Escapes/Lift Into Space/Lovers Fly North/Main Title March/Mother's Advice/Release Of Villains/Sad Return/Superman Saves Spire/T.V. President Resigns/Ursa Flies Over Moon



BSK 3508 - Evangeline - Emmylou Harris [1981] (2/81, #22) I Don't Have To Crawl/How High the Moon/Spanish Johnny/Bad Moon Rising/Evangeline//Hot Burrito #2/Millworker/Oh Atlanta/Mister Sandman/Ashes By Now

BSK 3509 - I'll Be There - Gail Davies [1981] (1/81, #27CW) I'll Be There/It's A Lovely, Lovely World/Mama's Gonna Give You Sweet Things/Kentucky/Honky Tonk Waltz/Farewell Song/Object Of My Affection/Get That Feelin' Inside/I'm Hungry, I'm Tired/Grandma's Song/No One To Welcome Me Home

WHK 3510 - On the 1 - Mammatapee [1980] This album is on the Whitfield label.

BSK 3511 - The Right Place - Gary Wright [1981] (6/81, #79) Intro/Heartbeat/Really Wanna Know You/Got The Feelin'/Love Is A Rose//The Right Place/More Than A Heartache/Close To You/Comin' Apart/Positive Fellins

*WHK 3512 - Golden Touch - Rose Royce [1981] (1/81, #160) This album has a Whitfield label. And You Wish For Yesterday/Funkin' Around/Golden Touch/Help Yourself/I Wanna Make It With You/Love Is In The Air/Would You Please Be Mine/You're A Winner

*BSK 3513 - Don't Give Up - Andrae Crouch [1981] (11/81, #208) Don't Give Up/Handwriting On The Wall/Hollywood Scene/I Can't Keep It To Myself/I'll Be Good To You, Baby (A Message To The Silent Victims)/I Love Walking With You/Save The People/Start All Over Again/Waiting For The Son

BRK 3514 - Some People - Johnny Average Band Featuring Nikki Wills [1980] This album is on the Bearsville label. Thermostat/Whatcha Gonna Do (When The Reggae Breaks Your Heart)/Shake Your Shake/Some People/Wake Up Call/Ch Ch Cherie/Gotta Go Home/Heaven Bound/Public Image/Give Us All The Money

BSK 3515 - Don't Follow Me, I'm Lost Too - Pearl Harbour [1980] (2/81, #170) Alone In The Dark/Fujiyama Mama/Everybody's Boring But My Baby/You're In Trouble Again/Do Your Homework/Cowboys And Indians/Losing To You//Filipino Baby/Let's Go Upstairs/Rough Kid/Out With The Girls/Heaven Is Gonna Be Empty/At The Dentist

HS 3516 - Face Dances - Who [1981] (4/81, #4) You Better You Bet/Don't Let Go The Coat/Cache Cache/The Quiet One/Did You Steal My Money//How Can You It Alone/Daily Records/You/Another Tricky Day

BSK 3517 - Cat Trick - Lauren Wood [1981] Breakin' Too Many Hearts/In The Dark/Work On It/Half As Much/Never Been So In Love//What I'd Give For Love/Fallen/We're On To Something/Ain't Got Nothin' For Me/Dark December Night

BSK 3518 - Let Your Fingers Do the Talking - Billy Karloff & Extremes [1981] Let Your Fingers Do The Talking/Encore/Moanin'/Sloppy Song/Don't Keep Me Down/Here//Headbangers/Picture Of You/It's Too Hot/Readers' Wives/I'll Be There


BRK 3520 - Listen Dance - Willie Mitchell [1981] This album is on the Bearsville label.

BRK 3521 - Come Alive - O'Conner [1981] This album is on the Bearsville label.

BRK 3522 - Healing - Todd Rundgren [1981] (2/81, #48) This album is on the Bearsville label. Healer/Pulse/Flesh/Golden Goose/Compassion/Shine//Healing (Part I)/Healing (Part II)/Healing (Part III)

SRK 3523 - Love's Melodies - Searchers [1981] This album has a Sire label. Silver/Infatuation/She Made A Fool Of You/Almost Saturday Night/Little Bit Of Heaven/You Are The New Day//Love's Melody/Everything But A Heartbeat/Radio Romance/Murder In My Heart/September Gurls/Another Night

2BS 3524 - Performance - Ashford & Simpson [1981] (10/81, #125) (2-LP set) Bourgie Bourgie (Instrumental)/Nobody Knows/Medley: You're All I Need-Ain't Nothing Like The Real Thing-Ain't No Mountain High Enough/It Seems To Hang On//Don't Cost You Nothing/Medley: Landlord-Clouds-The Boss-Is It Still Good To Ya//I Need Your Light/Love Don't Make It Right/Gimme Something Real (Personal Testimony)/Found A Cure//It Shows In The Eyes/It's The Long Run/Come On, Pretty Baby

HS 3525 - Dedicated - Marshall Tucker Band [1981] (5/81, #53) Rumors Are Raging/Tonight's The Night (For Making Love)/Love Some/Silverado/Something's Missing In My Life//This Time I Believe/Tell The Blues To Take Off The Night/Special Someone/The Time Has Come/Ride In Peace

HS 3526 - What Cha' Gonna Do for Me - Chaka Khan [1981] (5/81, #17) We Can Work It Out/What Cha' Gonna Do For Me/I Know You, I Live You/Any Old Sunday/We Got Each Other//And The Melody Still Lingers On (Night In Tunisia)/Night Moods/Heed The Warning/Father He Said/Fate/I Know You, I Live You (Reprise)

BSK 3527 - Still Feels Good - Tom Johnston [1981] (5/81, #158) Madman/Wastin' Time/Baby, Take Me In/Last Desperado//Up On The Stage/Excuse Me Ma'am/Wishing/One-Way Ticket

*BSK 3528 - I Love 'Em All - T.G. Sheppard [1981] (4/81, #7CW) This release is on the Warner-Curb label. Face The Night Alone/I Love 'Em Every One/Party Time/Silence On The Line/State Of Our Union/Touch Me All Over Again/Troubled Waters/We Belong In Love Tonight/What's Forever For/You Waltzed Yourself Right Into My Life

BSK 3529 - Dakota - Stephanie Winslow [1981] (4/81, #45CW) This is on the Warner- Curb label.

BSK 3530 - Cat's in the Cradle - Rex Allen Jr. [1981]


*PAK 3532 - The Live Album - Leon Russell & New Grass Revival [1979] (4/81, #187) This album is on the Paradise label. Caribbean/Georgia Blues/I Believe To My Soul/I've Just Seen A Face/I Want To Be At The Meeting/Jambalaya (On The Bayou)/Jumpin' Jack Flash/One More Love Song/Over The Rainbow/Prince Of Peace/Roll In My Sweet Baby's Arms/Stranger In A Strange Land/Wild Horses

BSK 3533 - Early Damage - Urban Verbs [1981] When The Dance Is Over/Jar My Blood/Acceleration/Early Damage/Promise//For Your Eyes Only/Business And The Rational Mind/In The Heat/Terminal Bar

SRK 3534 - Fresh Fruit in Foreign Places - Kid Creole & Coconuts [1981] This album has a Sire label. Going Places/In The Jungle/Animal Crackers/I Stand Accused/Latin Music/Musica Americana//I Am/Schweinerei/Gina, Gina (The Year Of The Centaur)/With A Girl Like Mimi/Table Manners/Dear Addy

BSK 3535 - Word of Mouth - Jaco Pastorius [1981] (8/81, #161)

BSK 3536 - The Flowers of Romance - Public Image Ltd. [1981] (5/81, #114) Four Enclosed Walls/Track 8/Phenagen/Flowers Of Romance/Under The House//Hymie's Him/Banging The Door/Go Back/Francis Massacre

BSK 3537 - Imitation Life - Robin Lane & Chartbusters [1980] (4/81, #172) Send Me An Angel/What The People Are Doing/Imitation Life/Say Goodbye/No Control//Rather Be Blind/Solid Rock/Pretty Mala/Idiot/For You

2BSK 3538 - Hoy-Hoy! - Little Feat [1981] (8/81, #39) (2-LP set) Rocket In My Pocket/Rock And Roll Doctor/Skin It Back/Easy To Slip/Red Streamliner//Lonesome Whistle/Front Page News/The Fan/Forty-Four Blues//Teenage Nervous Breakdown/Teenage Nervous Breakdown (Live Version)/Framed/Strawberry Flats/Gringo//Over The Edge/Two Trains/China White/All That You Dream/Feets Don't Fail Me Now

BSK 3539 - Dreamtime - Tom Verlaine [1981] (10/81, #177) There's A Reason/Penetration/Always/The Blue Robe/Without A World//Mr. Blur/Fragile/A Future In Noise/Down On The Farm/Mary Marie

HS 3540 - Fair Warning - Van Halen [1981] (5/81, #5) Mean Street/Dirty Movies/Sinner's Swing!/Hear About It Later//Unchained/Push Comes To Shove/So This Is Love?/Sunday Afternoon In The Park/One Foot Out The Door

BSK 3541 - Secret Combination - Randy Crawford [1981] (5/81, #71) You Might Need Somebody/Rainy Night In Georgia/That's How Heartaches Are Made/Two Lives/You Bring The Sun Out//Rio De Janeiro Blue/Secret Combination/When I Lose My Way/Time For Love/Trade Winds


BSK 3543 - Broadway Hi-Life - Tazmanian Devils [1981] Dirty Bop Party/She's A Rocker/Little Sister/Kids/Rockers Die Young//Lords Of Frisco/Giveaway/Don't Hold Back/Dub-Ble Up (Instrumental)/Breakdown

BSK 3544 - Dangerous Curves - D.B. Cooper [1981] Breakin' Out/Bad Guy's Winnin'/Dangerous Curves (Instrumental)/When This Day Is Over/Tonight//Small Twon Talking/Modeling School/Bad Scene/I've Gotta Gun/For Whom The Bell Tolls


BSK 3546 - Voyeur - David Sanborn [1981] (4/81, #45) Let's Just Say Goodbye/It's You/Wake Me When It's Over//One In A Million/Run For Cover/All I Need Is You/Just For You

BSK 3547 - John Anderson 2 - John Anderson [1981] (5/81, #25CW)

Mini 3548 - Dev-O Live - Devo [1980] (4/81, #50) Freedom Of Choice Theme Song/Whip It/Girl U Want//Gates Of Steel/Be Stiff/Planet Earth

HS 3549 - Computer-World - Kraftwerk [1981] (6/81, #72) Computerworld/Mini Calculateur/Numbers/Computerworld 2//Computer Love/Homecomputer/It's More Fun To Compute

BSK 3550 - Live - David Grissman & Stephane Grappelli [1979] (6/81, #108) Shine/Pent- Up House/Misty/Sweet Georgia Brown/Tiger Rag/Satin Doll/Swing '42/Medley

HS 3551 - Outland (Soundtrack) - Various Artists [1981]

BSK 3552 - Three Quartets - Chick Corea [1981] (8/81, #179) Quartet No. 1-3

BSK 3553 - Urubamba - Urubamba [1981] This is a Reissue of Columbia KC 32896, produced by Paul Simon. This Peruvian musical group originally recorded under the name Los Incas. Urabamba is the name of the river that runs past Machu Pichu in Peru. Urubamba/El Corazon Del Inca/Canten Cantores/Fugitivo En El Altiplano/El Eco/Caballo de Madera//Kachapari/Campanas De Santa Cruz/Buena Nueva/Para Pelusa/Una

BSK 3554 - Just Be My Lady - Larry Graham [1981] (8/81, #46) Just Be My Lady/Loving You Is Beautiful/Guess Who/Our Love Keeps Growing Strong/Can't Nobody Take Your Place//No Place Like Home/Baby, You Are My Sunshine/I Just Love You/Feels Like Love/Remember When

BSK 3555 - Carryin' on the Family Names - David Frizzell & Shelly West [1981] (5/81, #6CW) This album is on the Viva Label. Carryin' On the Family Names/A Texas State of Mind/You're the Reason God Make Oklahoma/Darling, Will You Marry Me Again/Yours For the Asking/Three Blind Hearts/Love and Only Love/Lefty/Husbands and Wives/We're Lovin' On Borrowed Time


BSK 3557 - Force 10 - Force 10 [1981]

BSK 3558 - Power of Love - Arlo Guthrie [1981] Power Of Love/Oklahoma Nights/If I Could Only Touch Your Life/Waimanalo Blues/Living Like A Legend//Give It All You Got/When I Get To The Border/Jamaica Farewell/Slow Boat/Garden Song

BSK 3559 - Messina - Jim Messina [1981] (6/81, #95) Money Alone/Sweet Love/Break The Chain/Child Of My Dreams/Whispering Waters//Lovin' You Every Minute/Stay The Night/It's All Right Here/Move Into Your Heart

7599-23560-1 - World Radio - Leo Sayer [1982] Heart (Stop Beating In Time)/Paris Dies In The Morning/Have You Ever Been In Love/Rumours/Heroes//'Til Your Let Your Heart Win/The End Of The Game/Wondering Where The Lions Are/We've Got Ourselves In Love/World Radio

BRK 3561 - Beat of Love - Randy Vanwarmer [1981] This album is on the Bearsville label. Suzi Found A Weapon/Always Night/Babel/Don't Hide/Amen/I Guess It Never Hurts To Hurt Sometimes//Frightened By The Light Of The Day/Hanging On To A Dream/The Beat Of Love/When I'm Dead And Gone/Don't Make Me Up

BSK 3562 - Sue Ann - Sue Ann [1981] Let Me Let You Rock Me/I Wanna Be The One/Company/Close Dance/Really Not That Ready//My Baby, My/Don't Treat Me Like A Fool/Sweet Talk/Heartdreams/Don't Throw It All Away

MINI 3563 - Extended Play - Pretenders [1981] This album is on the Sire label. Message Of Love/Talk Of The Town/Porcelain//Cuban Slide/Precious


BSK 3565 - Solid Gold - Gang Of Four [1981] (6/81, #190) Paralysed/What We All Want/If I Could Keep It For Myself/Outside The Trains Don't Run On Time/Why Theory?//Cheeseburger/The Republic/In The Ditch/A Hole In The Wallet/He'd Sent In The Army

BSK 3566 - Lumia - Hilly Michaels [1981] Look At That Face/Our Love Will Last Forever/I've Got No Right To Love You/Assembly Line/In The City//Reach For The Vitamins/I Still Think About You/Russian Girls/Institutional Home/One

SRK 3567 - Wha'ppen? - English Beat [1981] This album has a Sire label. Doors Of Your Heart/All Out To Get You/Monkey Murders/I Am Your Flag/French Toast (Soleil Trop Chaud)/Drowning//A Dream Home In New Zealand/Walk Away/Over And Over/Cheated/Get-A-Job/The Limits We Set

BSK 3568 - Bobby King - Bobby King [1981] Fool For The Night/Having A Party/A Fool And His Love/Make It This Time//Summer Nights/Mind Reader/If You Don't Want My Love/Lovers By Night/Heart To Heart

SRK 3569 - Heaven Up Here - Echo & Bunnymen [1981] This album has a Sire label. Show Of Strength/With A Hip/Over The Wall/It Was A Pleasure/A Promise//Heaven Up Here/The Disease/All My Colours/No Dark Things/Turquoise Days/All I Want

BSK 3570 - Eye to Eye - Eye to Eye [1982] (6/82, #99) Hunger Pains/Life In Motion/Nice Girls/Move Hopeless Knowledge//Progress Ahead/Physical Attraction/Time Flys/On The Mend

SRK 3571 - Pleasant Dreams - Ramones [1981] This album has a Sire label. We Want The Airwaves/All's Quiet On The Eastern Front/The Kkk Took My Baby Away/Don't Go/You Sound Like You're Sick/It's Not My Place (In The 9 To 5 World)//She's A Sensation/7-11/You Didn't Mean Anything To Me/Come On Now/This Business Is Killing Me/Sitting In My Room

SRK 3572 - Pretenders II - Pretenders [1981] This album has a Sire label. The Adultress/Bad Boys Get Spanked/Message Of Love/I Go To Sleep/Birds Of Paradise/Talk Of The Town//Pack It Up/Waste Not Want Not/Day After Day/Jealous Dogs/The English Roses/Louie Louie

*BSK 3573 - Yellowjackets - The Yellowjackets [1982] Imperial Strut/It's Almost Gone/Matinee Idol/Priscilla/Rush Hour/Sittin' In It/The Hornet

BSK 3574 - Excalibur (Soundtrack) - Various Artists [1981]

BSK 3575 - Ten out of 10 - 10cc [1982] Don't Ask/The Power Of Love/Les Nouveaux Riches/Memories/We've Heard It All Before//Don't Turn Me Away/Notell Hotel/Overdraft In Overdrive/Tomorrow's World Today/Run Away

BSK 3576 - Breakin' Away - Al Jarreau [1981] (8/81, #9) Closer To Your Love/My Old Friend/We're In This Love Together/Easy/Our Love//Breakin' Away/Roof Garden/(Round, Round, Round) Blue Rondo A La Turk/Teach Me Tonight

2HS 3577 - The George Benson Collection - George Benson [1981] (11/81, #14) (2-LP set) Turn Your Love Around/Love All The Hurt Away - With Aretha Franklin/Give Me The Night/Cast Your Fate To The Wind//Never Give Up On A Good Thing/On Broadway/White Rabbit/This Masquerade//Love Ballad/Nature Boy/Last Train To Clarksville/Livin' Inside Your Love//Here Comes The Sun/Breezin'/Moody's Mood/We Got The Love - With Chaka Khan/The Greatest Love Of All

BRK 3578 - Girls to Chat and Boys to Bounce - Foghat [1981] (7/81, #92) This album is on the Bearsville label. Wide Boy/Let Me Get Close To You/Live Now-Pay Later/Love Zone//Delayed Reaction/Second Childhood/Weekend Driver/Sing About Love

BSK 3579 - History of the World, Part 1 (Soundtrack) - Various Artists [1981]

BSK 3580 - Cannonball Run (Soundtrack) - Various Artists [1981]

BSK 3581 - Special Forces - Alice Cooper [1981] (9/81, #125) Who Do You Think You Are/Seven And Seven Is/Prettiest Cop On The Block/Don't Talk Old To Me/Generation Landslide '81//Skeletons In The Closer/You Want It, You Got It/You Look Good In Rags/You're A Movie/Vicious Rumours

BSK 3582 - Arthur (The Album) (Soundtrack) - Various Artists [1981] (9/81, #32) Arthur's Theme (Best That You Can Do) - Christopher Cross/Fool Me Again - Nicolette Larson/Poor Rich Boy - Ambrosia/It's Only Love - Stephen Bishop//Touch/It's Only Love/Money/Moving Pictures/Arthur's Theme (Best That You Can Do)

7599-23583-1 - Zapp II - Zapp [1982] (8/82, #25) Dance Floor/Playin' Kinda Ruff/Doo Wa Ditty (Blow That Thing)//Do You Really Want An Answer?/Come On/A Touch Of Jazz (Playin' Kinda Ruff, Part II)


BSK 3585 - Full Moon Featuring Neil Larsen and Buzz Feiten - Full Moon [1982] Phantom Of The Footlights/The Visitor (Instrumental)/Twilight Moon/Sierra (Instrumental)//Brown Eyes/Hero's Welcome (Instrumental)/Standing In Line/Little Cowboys (Instrumental)

BSK 3586 - Wanderlust - Mike Mainieri [1981]

BSK 3587 - Rodney Crowell - Rodney Crowell [1981] (10/81, #105) Stars On The Water/Just Wanta Dance/She Ain't Going Nowhere/Don't Need No Other Now/Shame On The Moon//Only Two Hearts/Victim Or A Fool/All You've Got To Do/'Til I Gain Control Again/Old Pipeliner

BSK 3588 - Heart and Soul - Exile [1981] This release is on the Warner-Curb label.


2SR 3590 - The Name of This Band Is Talking Heads - Talking Heads [1981] (4/82, #31) (2-LP set) This album has a Sire label. New Feeling/A Clean Break/Don't Worry About The Government/Pulled Up/Psycho Killer//Artists Only/Stay Hungry/Air/Building On Fire/Memories (Can't Wait)//I Zimbra/Drugs/Houses In Motion/Life During Wartime//The Great Curve/Crosseyed And Painless/Take Me To The River

QWS 3591 - Every Home Should Have One - Patti Austin [1981] (10/81, #36) This album is on the Qwest label. Do You Love Me?/Love Me To Death/The Way I Feel/Every Home Should Have One/Baby, Come To Me - With James Ingram//The Genie/Stop, Look, Listen/Symphony Of Love/Oh No, Margarita/The Island

BSK 3592 - Torch - Carly Simon [1981] (10/81, #50) Blue Of Blue/I'll Be Around/I Got It Bad And That Ain't Good/I Get Along Without You Very Well/Body And Soul//Hurt/From The Heart/Spring Is Here/Pretty Strange/What Shall We Do With The Child/Not A Day Goes By

BSK 3593 - El Loco - ZZ Top [1981] (8/81, #17) Tube Snake Boogie/I Wanna Drive You Home/Ten Foot Pole/Leila/Don't Tease Me//It's So Hard/Groovy Little Hippie Pad/Heaven, Hell Or Houston/Party On The Patio

BSK 3594 - The Many Facets of Roger - Roger [1981] (10/81, #26) I Heard It Through The Grapevine/So Ruff, So Tuff/A Chunk Of Sugar//Do It Roger/Maxx Axe/Blue (A Tribute To The Blues)

BSK 3595 - New Traditionalists - Devo [1981] (10/81, #23) Includes A 7" Single. Through Being Cool/Jerkin' Back 'N' Forth/Pity You/Soft Things/Going Under//Race Of Doom/Love Without Anger/The Super Thing/Beautiful World/Enough Said//Working In The Coal Mine//Working In The Coal Mine

Mini 3596 - Party Mix! - B-52's [1981] (8/81, #55) Party Out Of Bounds/Private Idaho/Give Me Back My Man//Lava/Dance This Mess Around/52 Girls

*2QW 3597 - Lena Horne: The Lady and Her Music - Lena Horne [1981] (2-LP set) This album is on the Qwest label. As Long As I Live/Bewitched, Bothered And Bewildered/Can't Help Lovin' Dat Man/Deed I Do/Fly/From This Moment/I Got A Name/I Want To Be Happy/I'm Glad There Is You/I'm Gonna Sit Right Down And Write Myself A Letter/If You Believe/Just One Of Those Things/Lady Is A Tramp/Lady Must Live/Lady With The Fan/Life Goes On/Love/Push De Button/Raisin' The Rent/Stormy Weather (Part I & II)/Surrey With The Fringe On Top/That's What Miracles Are All About/What What Happens/Where Or When/Yesterday When I Was Young

BSK 3598 - The Time - Time [1981] (9/81, #50) Get It Up/Girl/After Hi School//Cool/Oh, Baby/The Stick

BSK 3599 - I Just Came Here to Count the Memories - John Anderson [1981] (11/81, #40) I Just Came Home To Count The Memories/Would You Catch A Falling Star/One Of Those Old Things (We All Go Through)/Girl, For You/When Lady Is Cloudin' Your Vision//Stop In The Road/I Danced With The San Antone Rose/Don't Think Twice (It's All Right)/Jessie Clay And The 12:05/Trail Of Time

*BSK 3600 - Finally! - T.G. Sheppard [1982] (2/82, #4CW) This release is on the Warner- Curb label. All My Cloudy Days Are Gone/Crazy In The Dark/Finally/I Wish You Could Have Turned My Head (And Left My Heart Alone)/In Another Minute/Only One You/She's Got Everything It Takes (To Make Me Stay)/Wasn't It A Short Forever/We're Walking On Thin Ice/You're The First To Last (This Long)

BSK 3601 - Controversy - Prince [1981] (11/81, #21) Controversy/Sexuality/Do Me, Baby//Private Joy/Ronnie, Talk To Russia/Let's Work/Annie Christian/Jack U Off

BSK 3602 - Tonight I'm Yours - Rod Stewart [1981] (11/81, #11) Tonight I'm Yours (Don't Hurt Me)/How Long/Tora, Tora, Tora (Out With The Boys)/Tear It Up/Only A Boy//Just Like A Woman/Jealous/Sonny/Young Turks/Never Give Up On A Dream

BSK 3603 - Cimarron - Emmylou Harris [1981] (12/81, #46) Rose Of Cimarron/Spanish Is The Loving Tongue/If I Needed You/Another Lonesome Morning/The Last Cheater's Waltz//Born To Run/The Price You Pay/Son Of A Rotten Gambler/Tennessee Waltz/Tennessee Rose


BSK 3605 - Mob Rules - Black Sabbath [1981] (11/81, #29) Turn Up The Night/Voodoo/The Sign Of The Southern Cross/E5-150/The Mob Rules//Country Girl/Slipping Away/Falling Off The Edge Of The World/Over And Over

BSK 3606 - The Marshall Tucker Band - Marshall Tucker Band [1982] Reissue of Capricorn Cp 0112. Take The Highway/Can't You See/Losing You//Hillbilly Band/See You Later, I'm Gone/Ramblin'/My Jesus Told Me So/Ab's Song

7599-23607-1 - Mirage - Fleetwood Mac [1982] (7/82, #1) Love In Store/Can't Go Back/That's Alright/Book Of Love/Gypsy/Only Over You//Empire State/Straight Back/Hold Me/Oh Diane/Eyes Of The World/Wish You Were Here

2WS 3608 - Where We All Belong - Marshall Tucker Band [1982] (2-LP set) Reissue of Capricorn 2cp 0145. This Ol' Cowboy/Low Down Ways/In My Own Way//How Can I Be Slow Down/Where A Country Boy Belongs/Now She's Gone/Try One More Time//Ramblin'/24 Hours At A Time//Everyday (I Have The Blues)/Take The Highway

BSK 3609 - Searchin' for a Rainbow - Marshall Tucker Band [1982] Reissue of Capricorn Cp 0161. Fire On The Mountain/Searchin' For A Rainbow/Walkin' And Talkin'/Virginia//Bob Away My Blues/Keeps Me From All Wrong/Bound And Determined/Can't You See

BSK 3610 - Carolina Dreams - Marshall Tucker Band [1982] Reissue of Capricorn Cpk 0180. Fly Like An Eagle/Heard It In A Love Song/I Should Have Never Started Lovin' You/Life In A Song//Desert Skies/Never Trust A Stranger/Tell It To The Devil

*BSK 3611 - Greatest Hits - Marshall Tucker Band [1982] Reissue of Capricorn Cpn 0214. Can't You See/Fire On The Mountain/Heard It In A Love Song/Long Hard Ride/Ramblin'/Searchin' For A Rainbow/This Ol' Cowboy/24 Hours At A Time

BSK 3612 - Best of the Doobies, Volume II - Doobie Brothers [1981] (11/81, #39) Little Darling (I Need You)/Echoes Of Love/You Belong To Me/One Step Closer/What A Fool Believes//Dependin' On You/Here To Love You/One By One/Real Love/Minute By Minute

BSK 3613 - Brasil - Joao Gilberto [1981]

*BSK 3614 - Cheech and Chong's Greatest Hit - Cheech & Chong [1981] Basketball Jones/Blind Melon Chitlin'/Cruisin' With Pedro De Pacas/Dave/Dave (Cont.)/Earache My Eye/Let's Make A New Dope Deal/Pedro And Man At The Drive-Inn/Sargent Stadanko/Sister Mary Elephant/The Continuing Adventures Of Pedro De Pacas And Man/Trippin' In Court

BSK 3615 - Shock Treatment (Soundtrack) - Various Artists [1981]

BSK 3616 - Blue Nun - Carlene Carter [1981] Oh How Happy/Love Is A 4-Letter Verb/That Boy/300 Pounds Of Hongry/Tougher Stuff/I Need A Hit/Rockababy//When You Comin' Back/Me And My .38/Do Me Lover/Too Many Teardrops/Billy/Born To Move/Think Dirty

BSK 3617 - Ask Any Woman - Con Hundley [1982] (1/82, #59CW)

BSK 3618 - Mondo Mando - David Grisman [1981] (10/81, #174)

*BSK 3619 - Belo Horizonte - John McLaughlin [1981] (12/81, #172) Belo Horizonte/La Baleine/Manitas D'Oro/One Melody/Stardust On Your Sleeve/Very Early/Waltz For Katia/Zamfir

WHK 3620 - Jump Street - Rose Royce [1981] This album has a Whitfield label. Jump Street/Illusions/R.R. Express//Famous Last Words/Tell Me That I'm Dreaming/Please Return Your Love To Me/Fight It


BSK 3622 - Renegade - Thin Lizzy [1981] (2/82, #157) Angel Of Death/Renegade/The Pressure Will Blow/Leave This Town//Hollywood (Down On Your Luck)/No One Told Him/Fats/Mexican Blood/It's Getting Dangerous

BSK 3623 - Lucky for Some - Climax Blues Band [1981] Victim/Cuttin' Up Rough/Shake It Lucy/Oceans Apart/Breakdown//Darlin'/This Time You're The Singer/Last Chance Saloon/They'd Never Believe Us

*FMH 3624 - Peter Cetera - Peter Cetera [1981] (1-82, #143) This album is on the Full Moon Label. Evil Eye/Holy Moly/How Many Times/I Can Feel It/Ivy Covered Walls/Living In The Limelight/Mona Mona/Not Afraid To Cry/On The Line/Practical Man

*FMH 3625 - Grand Funk Lives - Grand Funk (Railroad) [1981] (10-81, #149) This album is on the Full Moon Label. Can't Be With You Tonight/Good Times/Greed Of Man/No Reason Why/Queen Bee/Stuck In The Middle/Testify/Wait For Me/We Gotta Get Out Of This Place/Y.O.U.


BRK 3627 - Combat Zone - Brian Briggs [1982] This album is on the Bearsville label.

SRK 3628 - Tom Tom Club - Tom Tom Club [1981] This album has a Sire label. Wordy Rappinghood/Genius Of Love/Tom Tom Theme/L'el‚phant//As Above, So Below/Lorelei/On, On, On, On.../Booming And Zooming

BSK 3629 - Discipline - King Crimson [1981] (10/81, #45) Elephant Talk/Frame By Frame/Matte Kudasai/Indiscipline//Thela Hun Ginjeet/The Sheltering Sky/Discipline

BSK 3630 - Green Light - Bonnie Raitt [1982] (3/82, #38) Keep This Heart In Mind/River Of Tears/Can't Get Enough/Willya Wontcha/Let's Keep It Between Us//Me And The Boys/I Can't Help Myself/Baby Come Back/Talk To Me/Green Lights

SRK 3631 - The Red and the Black - Jerry Harrison [1981] This album has a Sire label. Things Fall Apart/Slink/The New Adventure/Magic Hymie//Fast Karma-No Questions/Worlds In Collision/The Red Nights/No More Reruns/No Warning, No Alarm

BSK 3632 - Bill LaBounty - Bill LaBounty [1982] This release is on the Warner-Curb label. Livin' It Up/Didn't Want To Say Goodbye/Dream On/Slow Fade/Comin' Back//Look Who's Lonely Now/Never Gonna Look Back/It Used To Be Me/Nobody's Fool/Secrets

*BSK 3633 - Shadows - Gordon Lightfoot [1982] (2/82, #87) All I'm After/Baby Step Back/Blackberry Wine/14 Karat Gold/Heaven Help The Devil/I'll Do Anything/In My Fashion/Shadows/She's Not The Same/Thank You For The Promises/Triangle

BSK 3634 - Maxus - Maxus [1981] The Higher You Rise/Nobody's Business/What You Give/Keep A Light On/Your Imagination//They Danced/Part Of You/Don't Try To Stop Me Now/Where Were You

BSK 3635 - Sleepwalk - Larry Carlton [1982] (1/82, #99) Last Nite/Blues Bird/Song For Katie/Frenchman's Flat//Sleepwalk/Upper Kern/10:00 P.M./You Gotta Get It While You Can

BSK 3636 - Givin' Herself Away - Gail Davies [1982] (3/82, #41CW)

*QWS 3637 - Chariots of Fire - Ernie Watts [1982] This album is on the Qwest label. Abraham's Theme/Chariots Of Fire (Theme)/Chariots Of Fire (Theme)/Five Circles/Gigolo/Hold On/Lady/Valdez In The Country

BSK 3638 - Road Island - Ambrosia [1982] (5/82, #115) For Openers (Welcome Home)/Still Not Satisfied/Kid No More/Feelin' Alive Again//How Can You Love Me/Fool Like Me/Ice Age/Endings

*BSK 3639 - Pennies from Heaven (Soundtrack) - Various Artists [1982] (1/82, #188) Clouds Will Soon Roll By - Elsie Carlisle/Did You Ever See A Dream Walking? - Bing Crosby/Fancy Our Meeting - Jack Buchanan & Elsie Randolph/Glory Of Love - Lew Stone/I Want To Be Bad Helen Kane/I'll Never Have To Dream Again - Connie Boswell/It's A Sin To Tell A Lie - Dolly Dawn/It's The Girl - Boswell Sisters/Let's Face The Music And Dance - Fred Astaire/Let's Misbehave - Irving Aaronson/Let's Put Out The Lights And Go To Sleep - Rudy Vallee/Life Is Just A Bowl Of Cherries - Walt Harrah, Gene Merlino & Vem Rowe/Love Is Good For Anything That Ails You - Ida Sue McCune/Pennies From Heaven - Arthur Tracy/Roll Along Prairie Moon - Fred Latham/Serenade In The Night - Ronnie Hill/Yes, Yes! - Sam Browne


BSK 3641 - Mesopotamia - B-52's [1982] (2/82, #35) Loveland/Deep Sleep/Mesopotamia//Cake/Throw That Beat In The Garbage Can/Nip It In The Bud

SRK 3642 - Speak and Spell - Depeche Mode [1981] This album has a Sire label. New Life/Puppets/Dreaming Of Me/Boys Say Go!/Nodisco/What's Your Name?//Photographic/Tora! Tora! Tora!/Big Muff/Any Second Now (Voices)/Just Can't Get Enough

BSK 3643 - The David Frizzell and Shelly West Album - David Frizzell & Shelly West [1982] (2/82, #8CW) This album is on the Viva Label. Wasn't That Love/Two Sides/Another Honky-Tonk Night On Broadway/Just before dawn/I Came Here To Dance/Three Act Play/Being A Man, Being A Woman/Our Day Will Come/Dark Side Of The Moon/Breaking Up A Good Thing

*BSK 3644 - Precious Friend - Arlo Guthrie With Shenandoah & Pete Seeger [1982] (2-LP set) Amazing Grace/Celery-Time/Circles/Do Re Mi/Garden Song/Hills Of Glenshee/How Can I Keep From Singing/I'm Changing My Name To Chrysler/If I Had A Hammer/In Dead Earnest/Kisses Sweeter Than Wine/Ladies Auxiliary/Ocean Crossing/Old Time Religion/Please Don't Talk About Me When I'm Gone/Precious Friend You Will Be There/Pretty Boy Floyd/Raggedy Raggedy/Run, Come See Jerusalem/Sailin' Up, Sailin' Down/St. Louis Tickle/Tarantella/The Neutron Bomb/Wabash Cannonball/Will The Circle Be Unbroken?/Wimoweh

SRK 3645 - The Catherine Wheel - David Byrne [1981] This album has a Sire label. Big Blue Plymouth (Eyes Wide Open)/Big Business/Cloud Chamber/Eggs In A Briar Patch/His Wife Refused/Light Bath/My Big Hands (Fall Through The Cracks)/Poison/Red House/Two Soldiers/What A Day That Was [*]

*MINI 3646 - Another Day/Another Dollar - Gang Of Four [1982] (2/82, #195) Capital (It Fails Us Now)/Cheeseburger/History's Bunk!/To Hell With Poverty/What We All Want

SRK 3647 - Non-Stop Erotic Cabaret - Soft Cell [1981] (1/82, #22) This album has a Sire label. Frustration/Tainted Love/Seedy Films/Youth/Sex Dwarf//Entertain Me/Chips On My Shoulder/Bedsitter/My Secret Life/Say Hello, Wave Goodbye

BSK 3648 - Objects of Desire - Michael Franks [1982] (1/82, #45) Jealousy/Ladies' Nite/No-Deposit Love/Laughing Gas/Wonderland//Tahitian Moon/Flirtation/Love Duet/No One But You

BSK 3649 - Happy Hour - Deodato [1981]

7599-23650-1 - As We Speak - David Sanborn [1982] (7/82, #70) Port Of Call/Better Believe It/Rush Hour/Over And Over/Back Again//As We Speak/Straight To The Heart/Rain On Christmas/Love Will Come Someday

BSK 3651 - The Slide Area - Ry Cooder [1982] (6/82, #105) A UFO Has Landed In The Ghetto/I Need A Woman/Gypsy Woman/Blue Suede Shoes//Mama, Don't Treat Your Daughter Mean/I'm Drinking Again/Which Came First/That's The Way Love Turned Out For Me

BSK 3652 - Beautiful Vision - Van Morrison [1982] (3/82, #44) Celtic Ray/Northern Muse (Solid Ground)/Dweller On The Threshold/Beautiful Vision/She Gives Me Religion//Cleaning Windows/Vanlose Stairway/Aryan Mist/Across The Bridge Where Angels Dwell/Scandinavia

*BSK 3653 - Sharky's Machine (Soundtrack) - Various Artists [1982] (1/82, #171) Before You - Sarah Vaughan & Joe Williams/Dope Bust - Flora Purim & Buddy Defranco/8 To 5 I Lose - Joe Williams/High Energy - Doc Severinsen/Let's Keep Dancing - Peggy Lee/Love Theme - Sarah Vaughan/My Funny Valentine - Chet Baker/My Funny Valentine - Julie London/Route 66 - Manhattan Transfer/Sexercise - Doc Severinsen/Sharky's Theme - Eddie Harris/Street Life - Randy Crawford

2BSK 3654 - The Concert in Central Park - Simon & Garfunkel [1982] (3/82, #6) (2-LP set) Mrs. Robinson/Homeward Bound/America/Me And Julio Down By The Schoolyard/Scarborough Fair//April Come She Will/Wake Up Little Susie/Still Crazy After All These Years/American Tune/Late In The Evening//Slip Slidin' Away/A Heart In New York/Kodachrome-Mabellene/Bridge Over Troubled Water//Fifty Ways To Leave Your Lover/The Boxer/Old Friends/The 59th Street Bridge Song (Feelin' Groovy)/The Sounds Of Silence

FMH 3655 - Riggs - Riggs [5/82] This album is on the Full Moon Label.

7599-23656-1 - Tell Me - Nicole Wills [1983] This album is on the Bearsville label.


BSK 3658 - Gary Morris - Gary Morris [1982] (5/82, #39CW)

BSK 3659 - Atkins - (Reliant) Atkins [1982]

*BSK 3660 - Richard Pryor Live on the Sunset Strip - Richard Pryor [1982] (4/82, #21) Africa/Freebase/Hospital/Mafia Club/Mudbone/Prison/Women


BP 3662 - A New Life - Marshall Tucker Band [1982] Reissue of Capricorn Cp 0124. A New Life/Southern Woman/Blue Ridge Mountain Sky/Too Stubborn//Another Cruel Love/You Ain't Foolin' Me/24 Hours At A Time/Fly Eagle Fly

BP 3663 - Long Hard Ride - Marshall Tucker Band [1982] Reissue of Capricorn Cp 0170. Long Hard Ride/Property Line/Am I The Kind Of Man/Walkin' The Streets Alone//Windy City Blues/Holding On To You/You Say You Love Me/You Don't Live Forever

BP 3664 - Together Forever - Marshall Tucker Band [1982] Reissue of Capricorn Cpn 0205. I'll Be Loving You/Love Is A Mystery/Singing Rhymes//Dream Lover/Everybody Needs Somebody/Change Is Gonna Come/Asking Too Much Of You

BSK 3665 - Patty Weaver - Patty Weaver [1982] One Love Too Late/Somebody's Gonna Get Hurt/Shot In The Dark/I Wanted It All/Part Time Man//It's Your Move/Don't Want A Heartache/Line Of Fire/The Best Is Yet To Come

BRK 3666 - Swing to the Right - Utopia [1982] (3/82, #102) This album is on the Bearsville label. Swing To The Right/Lisistrata/The Up/Junk Rock (Million Monkeys)/Shinola//For The Love Of Money/Last Dollar On Earth/Fahrenheit 451/Only Human/One World

BSK 3667 - The One Giveth, The Count Taketh Away - William Bootsy Collins [1982] (5/82, #120) Countracula (This One's You)/Excon (Of Love)/Funky Funktioneer/Landshark (Just When You Thought It Was Safe)/Music To Smile By/#1 Funkateer/Play On Playboy/Shine-O-Myte (Rag Popping)/So Nice You Name Him Twice/Take A Lickin' And Keep On Kickin'/What's W-R-O-N-G Radio

BSK 3668 - Sooner or Later - Larry Graham [1982] (6/82, #142) Sooner Or Later/Still Thinkin' Of You/Don't Stop When You're Hot/You're My Girl/I Feel Good//Walk Baby Walk/Let Me Come Into Your Life/Hold Up Your Hand/Easy Love/Sooner Or Later (Instrumental)

7599-23669-1 - Happy Hour - Deodato [1982]

QWS 3670 - Long Time Friends - Alessi [1982] This album is on the Qwest label. Jagged Edge/You Got The Way/As Far As I'm Concerned/Rise Up/I'm Gonna Tell Her Tonight//Put Away Your Love/What A Way To Go/Still In Love/How Long, How Much/Forever/Long Time Friends

BSK 3671 - The Singing Cowboy - Rex Allen Jr. [1982]

SRK 3672 - Famous Last Words - Robin Scott [1982] This album has a Sire label. Double Talk/The Bridge/Love Life/Honolulu Joe/Yellow Magic//Smash The Mirrors/Neutron/Dance On The Ruins/Here Today, Gone Tomorrow/To Be Is To Buy

BSK 3673 - Marshall Crenshaw - Marshall Crenshaw [1982] (5/82, #50) There She Goes Again/Someday, Someway/Girls.../I'll Do Anything/Rockin' Around In N.Y.C./The Usual Thing//She Can't Dance/Cynical Girl/Mary Anne/Soldier Of Love/Not For Me/Brand New Lover

BSK 3674 - Big Science - Laurie Anderson [1982] (5/82, #124) From The Air/Big Science/Sweaters/Walking And Falling/Born, Never Asked//O Superman (For Massenet)/Example #22/Let X=X-It Tango

BSK 3675 - Exciting - Mark Sadane [1982]

7599-23676-1 - Walk On - Karen Brooks [1982] (2/83, #38CW) Country Girl/New Way Out/Shame On The Moon/Every Beat Of My Heart/Shores Of White Sand//If That's What You're Thinking/Walk On/Anyone Who Had A Heart/Candy Man/Under The Stars

BSK 3677 - Diver Down - Van Halen [1982] (5/82, #3) Where Have All The Good Times Gone!/Hang 'Em High/Cathedral/Secrets/Intruder/(Oh) Pretty Woman//Dancing In The Street/Little Guitars (Intro)/Little Guitars/Big Bad Bill (Is Sweet William Now)/The Full Bug/Happy Trails

BSK 3678 - All Dressed Up and No Place to Go - Nicolette Larson [1982] (8/82, #75) I'll Fly Away (Without You)/I Only Want To Be With You/Just Say I Love You/Nathan Jones/I Want You So Bad//Two Trains/Love, Sweet, Love/Say You Will/Talk To Me/Still You Linger On

7599-23679-1 - Rufus & Chaka Khan Live: Stompin' at the Savoy - Rufus & Chaka Khan [1982] (9/83, #50) (2-LP set) You Got The Love/Once You Get Started/Dance Wit Me/Sweet Thing//Tell Me Something Good/Stop On By/Pack'd My Bags/I'm A Woman (I'm A Backbone)/At Midnight (My Love Will Lift You Up)//Ain't That Peculiar/Stay/What Cha' Gonna Do For Me/Do You Love What You Feel//Ain't Nobody/One Million Kisses/Try A Little Understanding/Don't Go To Strangers

BSK 3680 - The Blasters - Blasters [1982] (1/82, #36)) This album is on the Slash label and is a reissue of Slash SR 109. Marie Marie/No Other Girl/I'm Shakin'/Border Radio/American Music/So Long Baby, Goodbye//Hollywood Bed/Never No More Blues/This Is It/Highway 61/I Love You So/Stop The Clock

SRK 3681 - Wise Guy - Kid Creole & Coconuts [1982] (7/82, #145)This album has a Sire label. Annie, I'm Not Your Daddy/I'm A Wonderful Thing, Baby/Imitation/I'm Corrupt//Loving You Made A Fool Out Of Me/Stool Pigeon/The Love I Have/No Fish Today


7599-2 3683-1 - Songs of the Free - Gang Of Four [1982] (6/82, #175) Call Me Up/I Love A Man In A Uniform/Muscle For Brains/It Is Not Enough/Life, It's A Shame//I Will Be A Good Boy/The History Of The World/We Live As We Dream, Alone/Of The Instant

HS 3684 - Tuckerized - Marshall Tucker Band [1982] (6/82, #95) Reachin' For A Little Bit More/If You Think You're Hurtin' Me (Girl You're Crazy)/Even A Fool Would Let Go/Sea, Dreams And Fairy Tales/Anyway The Wind BloWS Rider//Mr. President/Heartbroke/Unforgiven/Sweet Elaine/Ace High Love

BSK 3685 - Words from the Front - Tom Verlaine [1982] Present Arrived/Postcard From Waterloo/True Story/Clear It Away//Words From The Front/Coming Apart/Days On The Mountain

7599-2 3686-1 - Avalon - Roxy Music [1982] (6/82, #53) More Than This/The Space Between/Avalon/India/While My Heart Is Still Beating//The Main Thing/Take A Chance With Me/To Turn You On/True To Life/Tara

7599-2 3687-1 - Windsong - Randy Crawford [1982] (6/82, #148) Look Who's Lonely Now/I Have Ev'rything But You/He Reminds Me/Letter Full Of Tears/This Night Won't Last Forever//One Hello/Windsong/When I'm Gone/Don't Come Knockin'/I Don't Want To Lose Him/We Had A Love So Strong

7599-2 3688-1 - The Family's Fine, But This One's All Mine - David Frizzell [1982] (7/82, #7CW) This album is on the Viva label. Lost My Baby Blues/As Soon As a Waltz Ain't 3-4 Time/I'm Gonna Hire a Wino to Decorate Our Home/Maybe There's Love After You, After All/Lone Star Lonesome/I Wish That I Could Hurt That Way Again/She's Up To All Her Old Tricks Again/Sweet Sweet Sin/Single and Alone/Let's Have a Party

7599-2 3689-1 - Chicago 16 - Chicago [1982] This album is on the Full Moon label. What You're Missing/Waiting For You To Decide/Bad Advice/Chains/Hard To Say I'm Sorry-Get Away//Follow Me/Sonny Think Twice/Rescue You/What Can I Say/Love Me Tomorrow

7599-2 3690-1 - Change of Heart - Positive Noise [1982] This album is on the Sire label. Feel The Fear/Get Up And Go!/Inhibitions/Obsession/Hanging On//Positive Negative/Waiting For The 7th Man/Out Of Reach/Tension/Change Of Heart

7599-2 3691-1 - Trap Door - T-Bone Burnett [1982] Hold On Tight/Diamonds Are A Girl's Best Friend/I Wish You Could Have Seen Her Dance//A Ridiculous Man/Poetry/Trap Door

7599-2 3692-1 - Beat - King Crimson [1982] (7/82, #52) Neal And Jack And Me/Heartbeat/Sartori In Tangier/Waiting Man//Neurotica/Two Hands/The Howler/Requiem

7599-2 3693-1 - Oh Girl - Con Hunley [1982] (8/82, #56CW)

7599-2 3694-1 - Non Stop Ecstatic Dancing - Soft Cell [1982] (8/82, #57) This is on the Sire label. Memorabilia/Where Did Our Love Go/What//A Man Could Get Lost/Chips On My Shoulder/Sex Dwarf

*7599-2 3695-1 - Summer Lovers - Various Artists [1982] (8/82, #152) Crazy In The Night - Tina Turner/Do What Ya Wanna Do - Cage & Nona Hendryx/Hard To Say I'm Sorry Chicago/If Love Takes You Away - Stephen Bishop/Johnny And Mary - Tina Turner/Just Can't Get Enough - Depeche Mode/Play To Win - Heaven 17/Sea Cave - Basil Poledouris/Search For Lina - Basil Poledouris/Summer Lovers - Michael Sembello/Take Me Down To The Ocean - Elton John

7599-2 3696-1 - The Nightfly - Donald Fagen [1982] (10/82, #11) This album is on the Sire label. I.G.Y./Green Flower Street/Ruby Baby/Maxine//New Frontier/The Nightfly/The Goodbye Look/Walk Between Raindrops

7599-2 3697-1 - Greatest Hits - Bellamy Brothers [1982] (9/82, #9CW) This album is on the Curb label. Let Your Love Flow/If I Said You Have A Beautiful Body Would You Hold It Against Me/You Ain't Just Whistlin' Dixie/Sugar Daddy/Dancin' Cowboys//Lovers Live Longer/Do You Love Azs Good As You Look/For All The Wrong Reasons/Get Into Reggae Cowboy/Redneck Girl


*7599-2 3699-1 - Touchstone - Chick Corea [1982] Compadres/Dance Of Chance/Duende/Estancia/The Yellow Nimbus/Touchstone: Procession-Ceremony-Departure

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