Carol Album Discography
By Mike Callahan, David Edwards, and Patrice Eyries
Last update: April 20, 2009

J. T. Adams This particular Carol Records (there were other labels with this name) was located in Sulphur Springs, Texas. It was run by J.T. Adams, a wonderful tenor who had long recorded as J.T. Adams and the Men of Texas.

J.T. Adams (He was actually named J.T.; the initials did not stand for anything) was born on July 17, 1926 and grew up in Sulphur Springs, Texas. He served in the Navy Air Corps in World War II, then returned to Texas for college. He earned a Bachelor of Music Education degree from Texas Christian University, then a Master of Music Education from East Texas State University (now Texas A&M University-Commerce, near Sulphur Springs). After graduation from East Texas State, he joined their faculty.

J.T. Adams and his group the Men of Texas (a glee club made up from men drawn from all over the state) burst on the scene in 1952 with the song "My God Is Real," which was recorded for Republic, a country label based in Nashville. Although Adams' output for the label was overtly Christian, songs like "My God Is Real" found their way onto the secular country music airwaves. He spent about four years (1952-1955) recording for Republic while he was also teaching at East Texas State.

By 1956, he had moved to the Word label in Waco, Texas, where he and his Men of Texas put out may albums over the next two decades. In the mid-1960s, he started Carol Records and Carol Press Publishing Co. His first wife, Virginia, was a high school teacher in Sulphur Springs, and it is for their daughter, Virginia Carol Adams (known as Carol), that the label was named. During this time, he was also Director of Music and Youth at the First Baptist Church of Sulphur Springs, and it is through this connection that many of the artists on the Carol label were found.

Judy Partridge By the early 1960s, Adams was writing cantatas and getting into stage productions as well as recorded music. In the early 1970s, he was leading the singing at Beverly Hills Baptist Church in Dallas, although still commuting from Sulphur Springs. Sometime in the mid-1970s, Adams moved to the Fort Worth area. He and Virginia divorced in 1976. He remarried, on Valentine's Day, 1977, to Judy Gaye Partridge, who had recorded a solo album for Adams' Carol Records as well as being the soprano soloist in his Christmas Cantata, The Prince of Peace. By the early 1980s, J.T. and Judy were living in the Greensboro, NC area, where he continued to write and direct stage productions. His credits include Worthy Is the Lamb, Something Extra-Special, Time Out, Prince of Peace, and Gethsemane. From August, 1990, until his death in September, 1993, he was Director of Music and Drama at the Cathedral of His Glory in Greensboro. His wife, Judy, continued as Executive Director of the Productions Staff of Worthy Is the Lamb after his death. The production also included involvement by two of J.T and Judy's children, sons Joel and John. They also have a daughter, Holly.

The Carol albums were undoubtedly pressed and manufactured by Word, and show definite Word label influence in their graphics. For example, they use the same stereo banner, have word-for-word the same warnings about defective needles on the back, and use a slogan ("Sacred Music at it's Best," which was later corrected to "Sacred Music at its Best"; compare Word's slogan "The Finest Name in Sacred Music") under the label name. If Carol albums were distributed outside Texas, it was probably by Word. I found several of them in a Goodwill store in McKinney, Texas, about 50 miles from Sulphur Springs; that may be all the farther they traveled.

Gene and Kris Kitterman The recording artists also appear to be local. Ricky Loy was a high school student at Sunset High at the time his album was recorded. Adams wrote some of the songs on the albums. The Kittermans (Gene and his wife, Kris), unlike Ricky Loy, had some previous "fame," albeit fairly local. Gene sang bass with a Dallas youth group called "Four Hits and a Miss" in his earlier days, and later ran the Paris Chapel Choir as Minister of Music at the First Baptist Church in Paris, Texas, not far from Sulphur Springs. Adams apparently sold enough copies of the Gene and Kris Kitterman album to have issued it twice. Both Gene and Kris were part of a larger group (The J.T. Adams Chorale) that provided backing vocals on many of the records. Other Chorale members were Linda and Judy Partridge, Harold Slack, Jack Thompson, Judy Owens, Hazel Pogue, Ann Williamson, and John Sharber, with Paula Easton as the accompanist. The Chorale was of course directed by J.T. Adams.

Apparently, Carol was a custom label, with albums issued when the need arose. There doesn't seem to be any set series, as the albums we've found on this label have largely unrelated numbers except that some have a similar prefix. The labels also seem to have changed on an ad hoc basis. The Ricky Loy album used a very basic orange colored label with silver print and no graphics. The Judy Partridge album used black and multicolor stock with the same silver print as the Loy label.
The Kittermans album label was black with silver print, with no graphics or even special fonts. The David Taylor album used an orange label, but with black print and a large "CAROL" around the top edge of the label.

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Number - Title - Artist - [Release Date] Contents

CST-100 Series:

CST-107 - My God and I - Judy Partridge [197?] Fill My Cup Lord/The Last Trumpet Sound/Lord, Take My Life/Sweet Little Jesus Boy/Peace For Our Restless World//The Savior Is Waiting/I Met The Master/Jesus Walked This Lonesome Valley/I'm Not Alone/Somedays

CST-109 - What a Day That Will Be - James Rhoads with the J.T. Adams Chorale [197?] We've Come This Far By Faith/I Met The Master/Swing Low Sweet Chariot/What A Day/How Long Has It Been//It Is No Secret/Angels Watching Over Me/Jesus Walked This Lonesome Valley/Have I Done My Best For Jesus/The Savior Is Waiting/Amen

MN-1000 Series:

MN 1002 - Lord Take My Life and Use It for Thy Glory - Monty Hunt with the J.T. Adams Chorale [197?]

CST-2000 Series:

CST 2001 - Jim Landrum Sings - Jim Landrum with the J.T. Adams Chorale [197?] Jim Landrum was the Minister of Music at the First Baptist Church of Altus, Oklahoma. Chapel Bells/Angels Watchin' Over Me/How Long Has it Been/We've Come This Far By Faith/I Met The Master/Just A Closer Walk With Thee//Lord, Is It I/Jesus Walked This Lonesome Valley/Remember Me/In Times Like These/Seek And Ye Shall Find/Great Judgment Morning

CST 2003 - Luther Burney Sings Gospel Songs - Luther Burney and the J.T. Adams Chorale [197?] Without Him/Amen/I'll Tell The World/I Shall Know Him/In Times Like These/How Great Thou Art//My Lord Is Near Me/I Know The Lord/His Way, Mine/It Took A Miracle/Why/Until Then

CST 2011 - "Sing"-Cerely Yours - Gene & Kris and the J.T. Adams Chorale [197?] Gene and Kris Kitterman. Possibly previously issued as CST-2222. This record was definitely pressed by Word. The Last Trumpet Sound/Peace For Our Restless World/Where Is God/Just A Closer Walk/We've Come This Far By Faith/Sweet Little Jesus Boy//Via Dolorosa/What A Day/Angels Watching Over Me/Lord, Take My Life/Fill My Cup, Lord/Without Him

JTA-5000 Series:

JTA-5001 - Ricky Loy Sings It's Real - Ricky Loy [1971] Back slick of the album jacket has the number 1205 in the upper right corner, although the record label gives the record number as JTA-5001. It's Real/Does Jesus Care/I Believe In A Hill Called Mt. Calvary/Ten Thousand Angels/But Still He Loved Me/He Died Of A Broken Heart/Lord, Take My Life//When The Roll Is Called Up Yonder/He Touched Me/Reach Out To Jesus/When We See Christ/Without Him/The Last Trump

5926 - His Eye Is on the Sparrow - Jake Simpson [197?] The King Is Coming/His Eye Is On The Sparrow/Fill My Cup, Lord/He Looked Beyond My Faults/Ten Thousand Angels/I'll Tell The World//Praise The Lord/When They Ring Those Golden Bells/Via Dolorosa/I Believe In A Hill Called Mt. Calvary/Holy, Holy Is What The Angels Sing/He Touched Me/Why

CST-10000 Series:

CAROL 10003 - I'll Tell the World - David Taylor [197?] The King Is Coming/Praise The Lord/We've Come This far By Faith/I'll Tell The World That I'm A Christian/Fill My Cup Lord/His Eye Is On The Sparrow//The Stranger Of Galilee/Lord take My Life/Swing Low/More So Much More/He Touched Me/In The Garden

CST-15000 - I Met the Master - Glynda Carter [197?] I Met The Master/Swing Low/I'd Rather Have Jesus/Without Him/I Saw A Man//It Is No Secret/Just A Closer Walk With Thee/Angels Watching Over Me/We've Come This Far By Faith/What A Day/How Long Has It Been?

CST-19000-LP - Peace from a Restless World - H.T. Wright [197?]


Republic 7005 - J.T. Adams & Men of Texas - My God Is Real/Dear Lord, Remember Me [1952]
Republic 7017 - J.T. Adams & Men of Texas - Your God Is Near/Faith Is The Key [1952]
Republic 7020 - J.T. Adams & Men of Texas - Christmas Time Is The Best Time/It's Christmas Time [1952]
Republic 7028 - J.T. Adams & Men of Texas - The Love Of God/His Tender Love [1953]
Republic 7052 - J.T. Adams & Men of Texas - Crying In The Chapel/Rock-A-My Soul [1953]
Republic 7061 - J.T. Adams & Men of Texas - Rock-A-My Soul/Take Up Thy Cross [1953]
Republic 7072 - J.T. Adams & Men of Texas - The Hand Of God/Precious Love [1954]
Republic 7075 - J.T. Adams & Men of Texas/Jay Ward - Waltzing Melody/Pine Tree, Pine For Me [1954]
Republic 7088 - J.T. Adams & Men of Texas - Little Mustard Seed/Taller Than Trees [1954]
Republic 7104 - J.T. Adams & Men of Texas - In That Great Gettin' Up Morning/Heavenly Love [1955]
Republic 7113 - J.T. Adams & Men of Texas - In The Garden/Wonderful [1955]
Faith 1004 - J.T. Adams & Men of Texas - Take Up Thy Cross/The Love Of God


Number - Title - Artist - [Release Date] Contents


Word W-3007-LP - J.T. Adams & Men of Texas - J.T. Adams & Men of Texas [1957] Reissued in rechanneled stereo in 1964 as Word WST-8161-LP. My God Is Real/Amazing Grace/I'd Rather Have Jesus/Dear Lord Remember Me/The Three (Chapel) Bells//When the Roll Is Called Up Yonder/Lord I'm Coming Home/Safely Through Another Week/The Cross Medley: When I Survey The Wonderful Cross-I Saw The Cross Of Jesus-Must Jews Bear The Cross Alone-Take Up Thy Cross

Word WLPD-2 - The Word in Review, Volume 2 - Various Artists [12/57] Ninety & Nine - Frank Boggs/Little David Play On Your Harp - Pearce/Open My Eyes - Calvary Radio Choir/There Is A Fountain - Baker & Hustad/O Love That Wilt Not Let Me Go - Al Illick/Guide Us Through The Night - Baylor Choir/Let Him In - L. Morrison/Rock of Ages - Serenaders/Amazing Grace - J.T. Adams & Men Of Texas/Ivory Palaces - Moody Chorale/Jesus Is The Sweetest Name I Know - Lew Charles/Others - J. Barnes/When The Shadows Flee Away - Pearce & Anthony/I Saw A Man - Jack Holcomb/O For A Thousand Tongues - Religious Hour Choir/Open Thy Merciful Arms - H. Hoover

Word W-3038-LP - Voices Skyward - J.T. Adams & Men of Texas [1958] Onward Christian Soldiers/Jesus Took My Burden/Joshua Fit De Battle Of Jericho/My God & I/Grace Greater Than Our Sin/Ninety & Nine/How Great Thou Art/Swing Down Chariot/In The Sweet By & By/Lord's Prayer/Precious Lord/Take My Hand/In The Garden

Word W-3071-LP - With Hearts Aflame - J.T. Adams & Men of Texas [1959] Issued in stereo as WST-8017-LP. Great Gettin' Up Mornin'/Lead Me To Some Soul Today/Great Physician/Send the Light/Dry Bones/Old Rugged Cross/Pass Me Not/Kum By Ya/Softly and Tenderly/O Lord Is It I/Take Up Thy Cross/Lost Penny

Word W-3097-LP - Music for America - Various Artists [1960] There Is a Green Hill Far Away - Bill Carle/I'll Walk With God - Bill Carle/Thanks Be to God - Beth Farnum/Come Thou Fount - C. Magnuson & K. Kaiser/O Master Let Me Walk With Thee - Frank Boggs/Only Trust Him - Paul Mickelson Orchestra/Singing - Ronnie Avalone/There's a Rainbow In the Sky - White Sisters/Just a Closer Walk With Thee - Ethel Waters/When the Roll Is Called Up Yonder - J.T. Adams & Men of Texas/Over the Sunset Mountain - Pearce & Anthony/Forward To Christ - Music For America Choir/Saviour Like a Shepherd Lead Us - Music For America Choir

Word WSTD-50 - Calvacade of Word Artists - Various Artists [1960] Battle Hymn Of The Republic - Paul Mickelson/I Never Walk Alone - Bill Mann/Jesus Is All The World To Me - Melody Four Quartet/He's Got The Whole World In His Hands - Frank Boggs/Jesus Is The Sweetest Name I Know - Lew Charles/He Heals Every Heartache - Flo Price/Jesus Paid It All - Kurt Kaiser/The Lord's Prayer - Fague Springman//Lead Me To Some Soul Today - Dick Anthony Choirsters/How Big Is God - Bill Carle/At The Cross - Lew Charles & Charles Magnuson/I Do, Don't You - Ethel Waters/Just When I Need Him Most - Claude Rhea/To God Be The Glory - Les Barnett/Great Gettin' Up Mornin' - J.T. Adams & Men Of Texas/Beyond The Sunset - Bill Pearce & Dick Anthony/Singing - Ronnie Avalone

FRC 100 - Guide to Family Record Club Artists - Various Artists [1960] Spoken Introduction - Jarrell McCracken/In The Secret Of His Presence - Paul Mickelson Orchestra/Roll, Jordan, Roll - Frank Boggs/Yes, He Did - White Sisters/Beyond The Sunset - Bill Pearce & Dick Anthony/Travel On - Melody Four Quartet/O Love That Wilt Not Let Me Go - Moody Chorale/Open Mine Eyes - Bob Anderson/Come Unto Me - Ronnie Avalone/God Will Take Care of You - Flo Price/Soldiers Of Christ, Arise - Light & Life Hour Choir/He Died For Us - Dick Baker/If I Gained The World - Jack Holcomb/My Song - Dick Anthony/Assurance March - Youth for Christ/After - Jerry Barnes/Jesus Is The Sweetest Name I Know - Lew Charles/Joshua Fit De Battle of Jericho - Bill Jackson/I Love Thy Kingdom, Lord - Baylor Chapel Choir/Redeemed - Les Barnett/I Have Found A Hiding Place - Lorraine Morrison/Take Up Thy Cross And Follow Me - J.T. Adams & Men Of Texas/Beyond The Sunset - Lew Charles/I May Never Pass This Way Again - Bill Mann/O Perfect Love - Bill Pearce/He Lifted Me - Claude Rhea/He's Got The Whole World In His Hands - Carl Olivebring/It's Just Like His Great Love - Camp Of The Woods Band & Choir

Word W-3155-LP - A Decade of Dedication: Word's 10th Anniversary Album - Various Artists [1961] Issued in stereo as WST- 8092. Springs of Living Water - White Sisters/I Surrender All - Magnuson/Jesus the Very Tho't of Thee - Anthony Chorus/God Will Take Care of You - Frank Boggs/My Sins Are Gone - Haven of Rest Quartet/Prayer From Stradelia - Mickelson Orchestra/Here's One - Mann/Saved, Saved - Pearce & Anthony/Medley: Scale of Life, Everything To Me, Happy Am I - Revivaltime Radio Choir/Lead Kindly Light - Lew Charles/He Hideth My Soul - Shelton/I've a Home Beyond the River - Melody Four Quartet/My Lord Is Mighty - Loren/O Worship the King - Abilene Christian College Choir/Jesus Walked This Lonesome Valley - Springman/Go Tell It On the Mountain - Magnuson & Kaiser/Great Gettin' Up Mornin' - J.T. Adams & Men of Texas/In the Garden - Ralph Carmichael/Prayer Perfect - Rhea/When Little Children Pray - Carle/Some Bright Morning - Pearce/Great Is Thy Faithfulness - Avalone

Word W-3178-LP - In Times Like These... - J.T. Adams & Men of Texas [1963] Issued in stereo as WST-8113-LP. Have I Done My Best/Medley: Longing For Jesus-Come Unto Me/Rock-A My Soul/I May Never Pass This Way Again/What A Day That Will Be/In Times Like These//Medley: Where Shall I Be?-I'll Be Somewhere Listenin'/But This I Know/Somebody's Knockin'/Chapel Bells/Follow Me/Every Man has A Price

Word W-3268-LP - Glory to God - J.T. Adams Chorale [1964] Issued in stereo as WST-8147-LP.

Word W-3307-LP/WST-8307-LP - Wonderful World of Word - Various Artists [1965] Sunlight - White Sisters/Everytime I Feel The Spirit - Frank Boggs/Onward Christian Soldiers - Don Hustad & Tedd Smith/We've A Story To Tell The Nations - Melody Four Quartet/Heaven Medley - Revivaltime Choir/What A Friend We Have In Jesus - Lew Charles/Wonderful And Marvelous - Cam Floria's Continentals/Crying Holy Unto The Lord - Ethel Waters/How Tedious And Tasteless The Hours - Fague Springman//Revive Us Again - Burl Ives & Korean Orphan Choir/Roll Call march - Salvation Army Band/Day By Day - Bill Pierce & Dick Anthony/He Keeps Me Singing - Spurrlows/The Great Physician - J.T. Adams/Blessed Assurance - John Charles Thomas/Fill My Cup Lord - Bill Mann/This Is My Father's World - Kurt Kaiser

Word W-3311-LP/WST-8311-LP - Worthy Is the Lamb - J.T. Adams Chorale [1966] Narrated by Gregory Walcott. Soloists include Martha Brenham and David Soloman.

Word W-3350-LP/WST-8350-LP - We've Come This Far By Faith - J.T. Adams & the Men of Texas [1966] We've Come This Far By Faith/I Met The Master/Love Comes A-Tricklin' Down/Just A Closer Walk With Thee/Angels Watchin' Over Me/Jesus Walked This Lonesome Valley//The Great Judgment Morning/Life's Railway To Heaven/Hol' De Light/Shall I Crucify/Amen

Word W-3389-LP/WST-8389-LP - Prince of Peace: An Original Christmas Cantata - J.T. Adams with the J.T. Adams Chorale [1966] Narrated by Gregory Walcott. Featuring Judy Partridge, soprano soloist, Martha Dobson, alto soloist, J.T. Adams, tenor soloist, and Judy and Linda Partridge, soprano/alto duet.

Word W-3424-LP/WST-8424-LP - Time Out!: A Christian Folk Musical - J.T. Adams With the Fireside Singers [1968] Sing Out The Good News/Time/What Is Life All About?/Via Dolorosa/Sinner Man/Happiness//I've Got A Reason/Don't Let 'Em Down/Stand Tall/Let There Be Love/Where Is God?/He Lives

WST-8441-LP - Christ the Lord Is Risen - Various Artists [19??] I Know That My Redeemer Liveth - Beth Farnam/Alas And Did My Savior Bleed? - Korean Orphan Choir/Beautiful Savior - Jim Roberts and Norma Zimmer/Jesus Paid It All - Old Fashioned Revival Hour Quartet/Crucifixion - Ethel Waters/Lead Me To Calvary - Don Hustad & Tedd Smith/Prepare Me One Body - Fague Springman/When I Survey The Wondrous Cross - Scottish Festivals Of Male Voice Praise//Redemption - Hugh Ross/Wounded For Me - Crusader Men/Must Jesus Bear The Cross Alone? - White Sisters/Christ Arose - MBI Glee Club/He Lives - Ralph Carmichael Singers/Shall I Crucify? - J.T. Adams & Men Of Texas/Christ Is Arisen - Lutheran Hour Choir/Christ We Do All Adore Thee - Abilene Christian College Choir

Word WST-8432-LP - It Is No Secret - J.T. Adams & the Men of Texas [1969] The Last Trump/Swing Low Sweet Chariot/Without Him/Sweet Little Jesus Boy/Lord, Take My Life/Peace For Our Restless World//Fill My Cup, Lord/I Saw A Man/No, Not One/My Lord Is Near Me All The Time/It Is No Secret

WTV 502 - America's Best-Loved Hymns - Various Artists [1969] TV offer, part of a box set. The Old Rugged Cross - Ronnie Avalone/A Mighty Fortress - Lutheran Hour Choir/Were You There? - Russell Newport/Onward Christian Soldiers - Salvation Army Band/Jesus Is All The World To Me - Baptist Hour Choir/His Eye Is On The Sparrow - Ethel Waters/Pass Me Not O Gentle Savior - J. T. Adams & The Men of Texas/Leanin On The Everlasting Arms - John Charles Thomas/There Is A Fountain - Burl Ives & Korean Children's Choir/Amazing Grace - The Spurrlows/Lead Kindly Light - Paul Mickelson Orchestra//How Great Thou Art - Bill Mann/Deep River - Melody Four Quartet/He's Got The Whold World In His Hands - Jerome Hines/We're Marching To Zion - Dan Hustad & Tedd Smith/Shall We Gather At The River? - Burl Ives/Just As I Am - Billy Graham Choir/All The Way My Savior Leads Me - Kurt Kaiser/Wayfaring Stranger - Jones Sisters/Blessed Assurance - Anita Bryant/Lead Me Gently Home - Alan McGill/Day Is Dying In The West - Cliff Barrows & The Gang

Word WST-8552-LP - Best of J.T. Adams & the Men of Texas - J.T. Adams & the Men of Texas [1972] When The Roll Is Called Up Yonder/The Lost Penny/The Three (Chapel) Bells/Shall I Crucify/Follow Me/My God Is Real/Great Gettin' Up Mornin'/In The Garden/I May Never Pass This Way Again/The Ninety And Nine/The Last Trump

Word WST-8593-LP - The King is Coming - J.T. Adams & the Men of Texas [1973] I'll Tell The World/Redeemed/Via Dolorosa/Where's God/He Touched Me/Praise The Lord/Medley: Here's One-Ezekiel Saw De Wheel/Stranger Of Galilee/Goin Home To Glory/The King Is Coming

Word/Capitol Special Markets SL-6895 - Country Sunday - Various Artists [1973] TV offer. People Get Ready - Glen Campbell/Will The Circle Be Unbroken - Pat Boone/Life's Railway To Heaven - Patsy Cline/Lonesome Valley - Ernest Tubb/Great Speckled Bird - Roy Acuff/Farther Along - Anita Bryant/Just A Closer Walk With Thee - Ferlin Husky/Peace In The Valley - Red Foley/I Saw A Man - Johnny Cash/Old Camp Meetin Time - Loretta Lynn/Shall We Gather At The River - Wayne Newton/Redeemed - J.T. Adams & Men Of Texas/He's Got The Whole World In His Hands - Wanda Jackson/When They Ring Them Golden Bells - Sonny James/What God Has Done - Marty Robbins/I Can, I Will, I Do Believe - Burl Ives/In The Sweet By And By - Roy Rogers & Dale Evans/He'll Understand And Say Well Done - Tennessee Ernie Ford/Where Could I Go - Jimmie Davis/The Old Rugged Cross - Ray Price

Modern Sound SOF-115 - Golden Years of Gospel Greats - Various Artists [1975] My God Is Real - J.T Adams & Men Of Texas/How Great Thou Art - Wally Fowler/Just A Rose Will Do - John Daniels Quartet/Suppertime - Speer Family/Battle Hymn Of The Republic - Florida Boys/Precious Memories - Sons Of Song//Just A Closer Walk With Thee - Sego Brothers & Naomi/Whole World In His Hands - Wendy Bagwell/His Tender Love - J.T. Adams & Men Of Texas/A Little More Like Jesus - Jake Hess/Lead Me To The Rock - Wally Fowler & Oak Ridge Quartet/Wasted Years - Florida Boys

Word WST-8609-LP - Great Gospel Songs - Various Artists [1975] Two record set. Disc 1: The Old Rugged Cross - Amen Choir/On The Wings Of A Snow White Dove - Roy Rogers & Dale Evans/How Great Thou Art - Frank Boggs/He Pilots My Ship - Happy Goodmans/Sweet, Sweet Spirit - Kurt Kaiser/Sweet Hour Of Prayer - Wayne Newton//Faith Of Our Fathers - Anita Bryant/I Believe In A Hill Called Mt. Calvary - Dave Boyer/It Won't Be Long - Andrae Crouch/I Won't Have To Worry Anymore - Inspirations/Fill My Cup, Lord - Revivaltime Choir/He Touched Me - J.T. Adams & Men Of Texas; Disc 2: Beyond The Sunset - Norma Zimmer & Jim Roberts/Peace In The Valley - Willa Dorsey/After Calvary - Blue Ridge Quartet/Day "I Do" - Ray Hildebrand/The Cowboy's Prayer - Roy Rogers/Nothing But The Blood - Ken Medema//He Just Loves Me More And More - Mary Jane/O Love That Wilt Not Let Me Go - Old Fashioned Revival Hour Quartet/The Moment Of Truth - Pat Boone Family/Amazing Grace - Florida Boys/Now I Belong To Jesus - Ralph Carmichael Orchestra/Only Believe - Burl Ives

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