Light Album Discography
By Mike Callahan, David Edwards, and Patrice Eyries
Last update: April 17, 2003

Light Records started in the late 1960s as a division of Lexicon Music, Incorporated, in Waco, Texas. Since the giant Word Records was nearby, Light used Word as a distributor. This lasted until 1982, when Light switched to Elektra for distribution. This was a short-time deal. Today, light is part of GCI/Light.

Light's mainstays in the early years were Andrae Crouch, Ralph Carmichael, and the Continentals. Later, the label was the home of Contemporary Christian artists Dino, the Archers, John Fischer, the Resurrection Band, the Sweet Comfort Band, and the early Winans.

The first label was yellow with black print. The Light logo was in the center-right, just above the center hole. Later, the label changed to a red color with a picture of a misty sunset.

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Number - Title - Artist [Release Date] Contents

LS-5500-LP - The Searching Generation - Rosemary Nachtigall [1968] I Looked For Love/I Will Tell You Of A Savior/There Is More To Life/Lonely Heart/What Are You Seeking?/Love Is Surrender/When You're Young/Hiding In Thee




LS-5504-LP - Take the Message Everywhere - Andre Crouch [1968] He Never Sleeps/Everywhere/The Broken Vessel/I've Got It/Without A Song/No, Not One/I'll Never Forget/The Blood Will Never Lose Its Power/Wade In The Water/What Makes A Man Turn His Back On God?

LS-5505-LP - Amen! - Amen Choir of First Baptist Church of Van Nuys, California [1969] Amen/Rock Of Ages/All Hail The Power Of Jesus' Name/O For A Thousand Tongues To Sing/The Old Rugged Cross/Peace In The Valley/America The Beautiful//I Want To Be Ready/What Grace Is This/It Is No Secret/Jacob's Ladder/Take My Hand, Precious Lord/Amazing Grace

LS-5506-LP - Keep Me Where Love Is - New Hope Singers [1969] Keep Me Where Love Is/When We're Young/On Jordan's Stormy Banks/Consider Now The Lily/I Believe God Is Real/I Searched The World/I Got The Joy You're Lookin' For/Little Things/The Seed And The Sower/A Better Life

LS-5507-LP - My Father's Favorite Songs - Richard Roberts [1969] God Is A Good God/If I Can Help Somebody/My Song Of Songs/When He Reached Down His Hand/All My Life/How Big Is God/Reach Out To Jesus/He's Everything To Me/Precious The Moment/How Great Thou Art


LS-5509-LP - A City of the King: A Christmas Cantata - Ralph Carmichael Singers & Orchestra [1969] A City Of The King/Caesar Agustus/The Inn/Joseph/The Innkeeper/The Innkeeper's Wife/The Decision/Light Of The Star/Thus Was He Born/Mary's Lullaby/The Announcement/The Prophet/The Adoration

LS-5510-LP - I Looked For Love - Ralph Carmichael & Young People [1969] I Looked For Love/A Quiet Place/You Can Touch Him Now If You Only Try/A Living Circle/One Of These Days/Love Is Surrender/I'm Gonna Go Back/There Is More To Life/The Ballad Of St. Peter/Land Without Tears

LS-5511-LP - Songs My Father Taught Me - Kim Carmichael [1970] Love Is Surrender/Living Circle/The man/The Heart Is A Rebel/Like A Lamb Who Needs A Shepherd/I Looked For Love/Pray/All My Life/Reach Out To Jesus

LS-5512-LP - Tell It Like It Is: A Folk Musical About God - Ralph Carmichael [1970] Tell It Like It Is/Brother Let Me Take Your Hand/Check Him Out/What's God Like?/Master Designer/I Believe God Is Real/Do As I Say/Rosy-Tinted Glasses/Our Turn At Bat

LS-5513-LP - Quiet Place - Bob Shepard & Blue Meadows [1970] I Looked For Love/Love/Happy/My Confidence/What Do You Seek?/Bold And Free/A Reason To Be/I Am Not Alone/I Want Jesus To Walk With Me/On Jordan's Stormy Banks/A Quiet Place

LS-5514-LP - Sunday with the King Family - King Family with Alvino Rey Orchestra [1970] Sunshine In My Soul/Jesus The Very Thought Of Thee/Master The Tempest Is Raging/Lead Kindly Light/others

LS-5515-LP - Sing a New Song - Vernons [1970]



LS-5518-LP - Songs To Live By - Richard Roberts with World Action Singers of Oral Roberts University & the Ralph Carmichael Orchestra [1970] You Can Touch Him If You Try/All My Life/Medley: What Is God To You?-I Believe God Is Real/I'm Gonna Go Back/Tell It Like It Is//Brother Let Me Take Your Hand/One Of These Days/Medley: When It's Gone-Consider Now The Lily/Sometimes I Feel Like A Motherless Child/He's There Waiting

LS-5519-LP - That Old Time Religion - Amen Choir of the First Baptist Church of Van Nuys, California [1970] Old Time Religion/Stand By Me/What A Friend We Have In Jesus/Swing Down Chariot/Lead Me Gently Home/others

LS-5520-LP - Oral Roberts Presents the World Action Singers - World Action Singers [1970] He Keeps Me Singing/Surely Goodness And Mercy/My God Can Do Anything/I Expect A Miracle/Let Me Touch Him/others


LS-5522-LP - Something Good Is Going To Happen To You - - Richard & Patti Roberts [1970]


LS-5524-LP - The Piano I Remember, Volume 2 - Ralph Carmichael [1970]

LS-5525-LP - Walkin' in God's Country - Swordsmen [1970] Walkin' In God's Country/Who Are You/A New Day/God's Word Is Movin'/Sing Of God's Love/Little More Happiness/Let Me Tell You About A Man/Day Of Judgment/O Little Boy/Call Him Anywhere

LS-5526-LP - Soul - Continental Singers [1970] Let The Lower Lights Be Burning/Tell Me The Story Of Jesus/Whiter Than Snow/Pass It On/others



LS-5529-LP - Ravenscroft: Great Hymns In Story & Song - Thurl Ravenscroft [1970] In The Garden/What A Friend/The Old Rugged Cross/Saved By Grace/Let The Lower Lights Be Burning/Sunrise/others

LS-5530-LP - Two a Penny (Soundtrack) - Cliff Richard [1971] Two A Penny/I'll Love You Forever Today/Long Is The Night/Lonely Girl/Daybreak/And Me (I'm On The Outside Now)/Questions/Twist And Shout/Celeste/Wake Up, Wake Up/Cloudy/Red Rubber Ball/Close To Cathy/Rattler

LS-5531-LP - Songs of Living Hope - Bob Ashton With Carmichael Singers [1970]

LS-5532-LP - His Land (Soundtrack): A Musical Journey Through the Soul of a Nation - Ralph Carmichael, with Cliff Richard & Cliff Barrows [1970] Ezekiel's Vision - Cliff Barrows & Ralph Carmichael Orchestra/Dry Bones - Ralph Carmichael Orchestra & Chorus/His Land - Cliff Richard/Jarusalem Jarusalem - Cliff Richard/The New 23rd - Cliff Richard//His Land - Cliff Richard/Hava Nagila - Ralph Carmichael Orchestra & Chorus/Over In Bethlehem - Cliff Richard & Cliff Barrows/Keep Me Where Love Is - Cliff Richard/He's Everything To Me - Cliff Richard & Cliff Barrows/Narration And Hallelujah Chorus - Cliff Barrows & Ralph Carmichael Orchestra & Chorus

LS-5533-LP - Young - Ralph Carmichael & Young People [1971] It's The Young Life/Searching Questions/My Little World/The Giving Song/Natural High/He's Everything To Me/The New 23rd/Get Myself Together/A New Mind/No Greater Love/He's There Waiting

LS-5534-LP - Centurion - Ralph Carmichael [1971]

LS-5535-LP - On a Rugged Hill - Jimmy Owens [1971]

LS-5536-LP - Songs of Living Faith - Bob Ashton With Carmichael Singers [1971] It Took Awhile/Peace/The Greatest Gift/Hide My Soul/Join Hands/others


LS-5538-LP - New Way of Livin' - Living Sound [1970]

LS-5539-LP - Now Hear This - Amen Choir [1970]

LS-5540-LP - Searching Questions - Richard Roberts [1970]

LS-5541-LP - Electric Symphony - Ralph Carmichael [1970] All My Life/Bright New World/The New 23rd/I've Got Confidence/His Land//He's There Waiting/A Quiet Place/Searching Questions/My Little World/The New Hallelujah

LS-5542-LP - Sometimes I Just Feel It This Way - Ralph Carmichael [1970]


LS-5544-LP - Love Is Surrender - Claire Fischer [1971]

LS-5545-LP - Right Now - Bill Cole [1971]

LS-5546-LP - Keep On Singin' - Andre Crouch & the Disciples [1971] I Don't Know Why Jesus Loved Me (Perry Morgan, solo)/I'm Gonna Keep On Singin'/I'm Coming Home, Dear Lord (Bili Thedford & Tremaine Davis, vocals)/Along Came Jesus/Jesus (Every Hour He'll Give You Power)//Take A Little Time/What Ya Gonna Do?/I've Got Confidence/My Tribute (To God Be The Glory) (Bili Thedford, solo)/I Must Go Away


LS-5548-LP - The Joyful Sound - Joyful Sound Choir directed by H. Leland Green [1971] Piano: Rudy Atwood. I Sing The Mighty Power Of God/Jesus' Love/Are Ye Able?/I Am His/My Savior This Is Life/Sing Praise To God//When Morning Gilds The Skies/Why Not Now?/Oh The Deep Deep Love Of Jesus/The Savior Is Waiting/Channels Only

LS-5549-LP - Old Gems/New Settings - Ralph Carmichael & World Action Singers [1971]

LS-5550-LP - Cross and Switchblade (Soundtrack) - Ralph Carmichael [1971]

LS-5551-LP - New Day - Certain Sounds [1970]

LS-5552-LP - Miracle of Pentecost - Ralph Carmichael [1971?]

LS-5553-LP - King Family Christmas - King Family [1971]

LS-5554-LP - All My Life - Anne Criswell Jackson [1972]

LS-5555-LP - My Little World - Ralph Carmichael [1971?]



LS-5558-LP - Natural High - Ralph Carmichael [1971]

LS-5559-LP - The Edge of Drifting - Byron Spradlin & Carl Stanley [1971]

LS-5560-LP - Our Front Porch - Ralph Carmichael [1971]

LS-5561-LP - New Vibrations - Tedd Smith [1971]

LS-5562-LP - Harvest Celebration - World Action Singers [1971]

LS-5563-LP - Love Is... - Richard & Patti Roberts with World Action Singers [1971] Back To Love/Keep Me Where Love Is/The Love Of God/It Seems I've Always Loved You/God So Loved The World-My Little World/Someone Loved Me First//Love Is Surrender/I Looked For Love-No Not One/God Proved His Love On Calvary/No Greater Love-God Loves You/Love

LS-5564-LP - Jim Valley Family - Jim Valley With Schurr [1971]

LS-5565-LP - Songs For Sunday - Jimmy Durante [1971]

LS-5566-LP - Anti-Blues - Delvin Ford [1971]

LS-5567-LP - Brass Choir - Ralph Carmichael [1971]

LS-5568-LP - Let's Build a Bridge - Living Sound [1971]

LS-5569-LP - Amazing Grace - Richard & Patti Roberts with the Ralph Carmichael Orchestra [1971] Amazing Grace (Duet)/Spend A Little Love (Richard)/He Hideth My Soul (Duet)/It's So Simple (Patti)/My Wonderful Lord (Duet)/I Looked Into His face (Richard)//Like A Lamb (Duet)/No One Ever Cared For Me Like Jesus (Patti)/Peace In The Valley (Duet)/I'd Rather Have Jesus (Richard)/My God Can Do Anything (Duet)/My Times Are In Thy Hand (Patti)

LS-5570-LP - Jimmy Owens Conducts - Jimmy Owens [1972]

LS-5571-LP - Sounds of Celebration/Soul Experience - Real [1972] Originally called Sounds of Celebration then renamed Soul Experience.


LS-5573-LP - Ralph Carmichael Presents Paul Johnson and the Sure Foundation - Paul Johnson & Sure Foundation [1972]

LS-5574-LP - In Christ There Is No East or West - Clark Gassman [1972]

LS-5575-LP - Oral Roberts in Hawaii - Oral Roberts [1972]

LS-5576-LP - Requiem - Tedd Smith [1972]

LS-5577-LP - New Wine: A Musical About Kids - Ralph Carmichael with Keith Miller [1972]

LS-5578-LP - Quiet Place - Richard Roberts [1972]

LS-5579-LP - Oh Great God - Richard Roberts [1972]

LS-5580-LP - Song Book - Carol Carmichael [1972]

LS-5581-LP - Soulfully - Andre Crouch & the Disciples [1972] Everything Changed/He Proved His Love For Me/Oh I Need Him/Satisfied/Through It All//I Come That You Might Have Life/You Don't Know What You're Missing/Try Me One More Time/Leave The Devil Alone/It Won't Be Long


LS-5583-LP - Have a Nice Day - Ralph Carmichael [1972]




LS-5587-LP - People Tree - Sue Raney [1972]

LS-5588-LP - The Boy Who Caught the Fish - Narration [1972]

LS-5589-LP - Look Inside - Continental Singers & Orchestra [1972]

LS-5590-LP - God of All of Us - New Hope Singers [1972]

LS-5591-LP - Reaching Out - Homer James Jacksonians [1972]

LS-5592-LP - Come Together - Jimmy & Carol Owens With Pat Boone [1972]

LS-5593-LP - Back Home - Flo Price [1972]

LS-5594-LP - Hymns At Sunset - Ralph Carmichael [1972]

LS-5595-LP - Treasures in Heaven - Richard Blanchard Country Chapel Quartet [1972]


LS-5597-LP - 9 Musical Packages - World Action Singers with Richard & Patti Roberts [1972]

LS-5598-LP - Just Andre - Andre Crouch [1972]

LS-5599-LP - Sunday A.M. - Ralph Carmichael Chorale [1972]

LS-5600-LP - Singing Churchmen - Singing Churchmen With Carmichael [1972]

LS-5601-LP - Living Sound - Living Sound [1972]

LS-5602-LP - Andre Crouch at Carnegie Hall - Andre Crouch & Sonlight [1973]

LS-5603-LP - On Country Roads (Music from a TV Special) - Oral Roberts [1973]


LS-5605-LP - Sunshine Day - The McCrary [1972]

LS-5606-LP - It's Getting Late For the Great Planet Earth - Continental Singers [1973]

LS-5607-LP - Moving - Brooks [1973]


LS-5609-LP - Patti - Patti Roberts [1973]

LS-5610-LP - It's Our World - Richard Roberts [1973]

LS-5611-LP - Mini Musicals - World Action Singers [1973]

LS-5612-LP - SonLight - SonLight [1973]

LS-5613-LP - Christmas with Richard & Patti Roberts - Richard & Patti Roberts [1973]

LS-5614-LP - Let Love In - Jeremiah People [1973]

LS-5615-LP - Living Christmas Tree - C.C. Co. [1973]

LS-5616-LP - Fuller Seminary Student Body Chapel Choir - Fuller Seminary Student Body Chapel Choir [1973]





LS-5621-LP - The Way - Cliff Barrows [1973]

LS-5622-LP - Tell the World in '73 - Jimmy Owens' Come Together Singers [1973] Come Together/Like A Father/He Came In Love/Hallelujah! His Blood Avails For Me/Behold The man//Sweet Dying Lamb/My Prayer For You/If My People Will Pray/Restoration/Tell The World

LS-5623-LP - Vision - Various Artists [1973]

LS-5624-LP - I'm Here, God's Here - Ralph Carmichael [1973]

LS-5625-LP - Sunshine & Snowflakes - Jan Gassman & Children's Chorus [1973] A Sunshine Christmas/Medley: O Come O Come Emmanuel-While The Shepherds Watched Their Flocks At Night-The First Noel-Angels We Have Heard On High-O Come All Ye Faithful-Away In A Manger- Silent Night-God Rest Ye Merry, Gentlemen-We Three Kings-Joy To The World//Over In Bethlehem/Wise Men Still Adore Him/The Very First Christmas Day/Happy Birthday, Baby Jesus

LS-5626-LP - The Apostle - Continental Singers with New Hope and the Jeremiah People [1973] My One Aspiration/Tradition Of Our Fathers/The Gift Of Life/A Quiet Time/That Which I Would Not, That Do I Do/The Fruit Of The Spirit/Paul And Barnabas Preached The Gospel/In A Dream//Psalm 146 (Upside Down)/Believe In Your Heart/You Are Not Alone/Collection Chorus/I Walk Free/"Love" From The Corinthian Anthem/You Are Not Alone (Reprise)/Praise And Greetings/Thank You Lord/My One Aspiration (Finale)


LS-5628-LP - Church Is Singing Again - World Action Singers

LS-5629-LP - Finale! - Richard & Patti Roberts with the World Action Singers and the Ralph Carmichael Orchestra [1975] I'm Living In His Love/Pearl Of Great Price/Leaning On The Everlasting Arms/Miracle Of Faith/Great Is Thy Faithfulness//Joy Is The Center Of His Will/Back To Love/Oh Great God/Amazing Grace/America-America The Beautiful-Battle Hymn Of The Republic


LS-5631-LP - Laughter In - Jamie Owens



LS-5634-LP - Sounds of Peace - Messengers [1974] We've Got A Hold On Peace/May I Introduce You To A Friend/Let Me Be An Instrument Of Your Peace/Would You?/Now We Can Start To Have Peace/Fly Little White Dove, Fly/This Train's Bound For Glory/When The Saints Go Marching In/Where's Christmas?/Spiritual Favorites Medley/Turn Our Hearts

LS-5635-LP - Dino Plays Folk Musical Themes - Dino [1974] My Little World/Jesus Never Forgets/He That Overcomes/Holy, Holy/Let It Ring-God Is Here Right Now//Joy Is The Center Of His Will/New Wine/Trusting Is Believing/Pass It On/My One Aspiration-Thank You, Lord

LS-5636-LP - Buildin' for the Very Third Time - Jeremiah People (Bill Tewson & Larry Holben) [1973] Father Is Searchin'/I've Got To Grow/Gotta Learn/Come To Jesus/My Gift Of Love//How The People Gonna Know.A Quiet Time/I'm Doing Quite Well/By Myself/Live Your Life In Me

LS-5637-LP - Take Me Back - Andre Crouch & the Disciples [1975] Tell Them/Blessin' Me/Take Me Back/He Washed My Sins Away/Praises/The Sweet Love Of Jesus/All I Can Say/Oh Savior/It Ain't No New Thing/They Shall Be Mine/Just Like He Said He Would/I'll Still Love You/You Can Depend On Me

LS-5638-LP - Danniebelle - Danniebelle (Hall) [1974] Holding On/Starting A New Day/Life Begins With Jesus/Work The Works/All Things Work Together//He's All That/Come On, Come On/In Remembrance/He Giveth More Grace/Great Is Thy Faithfulness



LS-5641-LP - The Sixth Day - Sixth Day [1974] I'm Free/My Friend/Resurrection/Nobody Cared/Spiritual Medley/Thank You Lord/Put A Little Love In Your Heart/Gospel Medley

LS-5642-LP - It's About Time - Paul Johnson [1974]


LS-5644-LP - Have You Thought About God? - Jana Wacker [1974] I'm Gonna Keep On Singin'/Have You Thought About God?/Through It All/There's A Light Within Me/Pass It On/Alleluia (Medley)/Little Jesus/What If He Hadn't Come?/I Believe/All God's Children/Battle Hymn

LS-5645-LP - Still Life - John Fischer [1974] Still Life/Open Your Heart/Simple Pleasures/Setting Of The Sun/I'm Human//Matthew's Blues/Brightest And Best/All Day Song/We Are All Together/Rest In Him

LS-5646-LP - Growing Together - Good News Circle [1974] What A Way To Go/Innocent man/The Potter's Clay/Jesus Is Alive And Well/Offering/Here And back Again/Country Faith/Retrospect/Helpless/Growing Together



LS-5649-LP - Word Made Music - Clark Gassman

LS-5650-LP - Spurrlows Sing Carmichael - Spurrlows

LS-5651-LP - Share - Cam Floria & Continentals

LS-5652-LP - The Living Sound Sing Around the World - Larry Dalton & Living Sound [1975] When I Think Of All He's Done/Love So Freely Given/I'm Gonna Stay Right Under The Blood/I Will Rise/He Only Wants To Love You/Oh How I Love Jesus/It's Not Just A Story/Lord, I'm Coming Home Today/Wonderful Words Of Life/The Genesis Song


LS-5654-LP - Christmas Celebration - Richard & Patti Roberts

LS-5655-LP - Tower of Strength - Robbi Hiner [1974] Back To Love/God Proved His Love/Return/Thank You Lord/Trusting Is Believing//I Cannot Hide From God/Pearl Of Great Price/Why Have I Waited/My Tribute/Tower Of Strength

LS-5656-LP - The Church's One Foundation - Johnny Mann Singers [1974] Abide With Me/Fairest Lord Jesus/Faith Of Our Fathers/Hark, Hark My Soul/Hosanna/Nearer My God To Thee/Now The Day Is Over/Shadows Of The Evening/Star Spangled Banner/The Church's One Foundation/We Plow The Fields

LS-5657-LP - If My People... - Jimmy & Carol Owens

LS-5658-LP - New Covenant - John Fischer


LS-5660-LP - We're His Church - Master Design [1975] Let Me Sow Love/Peace Maker/Growing Together/Let Us Be One/Now We Can Start To Have Peace/We're His Church/O To Be Like Thee/I'm A Vessel/We Are All Together/Here And Now I Believe

LS-5661-LP - My Tribute - Dino [1975] My Tribute/If My People/He's Listening/I Cannot Hide From God/Pearl Of Great Price//It Won't Be Long/The Savior Is Waiting/Living Light/Behold The Man/A Quiet Place

LS-5662-LP - Thank You Lord - Dan Burgess [1975] Jesus Is The Solid Rock/Thank You, Lord/He Paid The Price/All You Need/Jesus Won't Disappoint You/By His Grace/Lord, We Lift Our Praise/Give Him What You Have/A Prayer/A Holy Nation

LS-5663-LP - New Song in the Morning - Danny Monk and Friends [1975] People Of The Lord/Turn It Over/New Song In The Morning/Believe In Your Heart/Here And Now I Believe/Wakin' Up Each Morning/It's Not A Child's Game/Follow Me/Jesus Is All I need/Fut Your Faith In God


LS-5665-LP - Think About Livin' - Sixth Day [1975] Come On Everybody/Come, See; Go Tell/Take Me To The Place/Look To Jesus/Thank You Dear Jesus//Think About Livin'/Amazing Grace/A Prayer/In The Morning/Through It All




LS-5669-LP - First Love - Chuck Bolte & the Jeremiah People [1975] Love Will Bring Us back/My Own Way/Numbers/Suffer The Children/Can't Find The Time/Turn Back/That First Love/For He Is Lord/Meeting At The park Bench/The Tired Couple

LS-5670-LP - A Simple Song of Love - Sonshine Circle [1975]

LS-5671-LP - Doug Lawrence - Doug Lawrence with the Ralph Carmichael Orchestra [1975] His Land/No Greater Love/Back To Love/He's There Waiting/I Have A Friend/Pearl Of Great Price/While It Is Day/Thy Will Be Done/All Things Work Together/Grace Medley/Brother, Let Me Take Your Hand

LS-5672-LP - Double Vision - Richard & Patti Roberts [1975] He Keeps Me Singing/Oh How I Love Jesus/Precious The Moments/How Long Has It Been?/The Wonder Of It All/Love Divine/Love So Freely Given/The Savior Is Waiting/Softly And Tenderly/Near The Cross/Campmeeting Medley: By And By-When We All Get To Heaven-When The Roll Is Called Up Yonder

LS-5673-LP - Richard & Patti - Richard & Patti Roberts [1975]

LS-5674-LP - The Savior Is Waiting - Ralph Carmichael Singers [1975] The Garden Of My Heart/Wonderful, Wonderful Jesus/O For A Thousand Tongues/Overshadowed/Sun Of My Soul/Jesus The Very Thought Of Thee/Shadrack/Whispering Hope/Near To The Heart Of God/The Savior Is Waiting/The Peace That Jesus Gives/Church In The Wildwood

LS-5675-LP - This Moment - Danniebelle (Hall) [1975] All Of My Life/In His Presence/What Kind Of Love/I'm Yours/I'm Gonna Go Through//I'd Rather Have Jesus/This Moment/Create In Me/Perfect Submission/Like A Child

LS-5676-LP - I Believe in Heaven - Cam Floria Continental Voices [1975] I believe In Heaven/My Friend And I/It Won't Be Long/Every Knee Shall Bow/Hallelujah, Praise, Selah//He That Overcomes/My Own Way/Jesus Is The Answer/Forgive Me Lord/Believe In Your Heart

LS-5677-LP - The Old Ralph Carmichael Quartet - Ralph Carmichael Quartet [1975] Come Thou Fount/Voice In The Valley/The Haven Of Rest/I'm On The Battlefield/I Never Walk Alone/On The Jericho Road//Holy Ghost With Light Divine/Cleanse Me/This World Is Not My Home/Never Alone/Farther Along/Home Sweet Home

LS-5678-LP - The Best of Andre Crouch and the Disciples - Andre Crouch & Disciples [1975] (2-LP set) You Ain't Livin'/That's What It's All About/It's Not Just A Story/If Heaven Was Never Promised To Me/Bless His Holy Name//I Don't Know Why/I Didn't Think It Could Be/Jesus Is The Answer/It Won't Be Long/Everything's Changed//Oh I Need Him/Satisfied/He Proved His Love/I Came That You Might Have Life/I'm Gonna Keep On Singing//Take A Little Time/I'm Coming Home/My Tribute/I've Got Confidence/Jesus (Every Hour He'll Give You Power)

LS-5679-LP - The Things We Deeply Feel - Archers [1975] Brand New Day/Music (He Brings A New Song)/It Wouldn't Be Enough/You Are My Inspiration/It's Love To Me/If You Can't Believe In Love/I'm With Jesus/Lord, You've Really Been Good To Me/Sit Yourself Down/Giver Of Life

LS-5680-LP - Family of Light - Various Artists [1975]


LS-5682-LP - Four Freedoms - Johnny Mann Singers [1975]

LS-5683-LP - This Is Another Day - Andre Crouch [1976]

LS-5684-LP - Growing Pains - Jamie Owens [1975] Hard Times/I've Never Had To Go This Far Before/The Father's Song/Singin' Hallelujah/New Jerusalem//The Victor/Fly Away With Me/My Prayer For You/Many Times/My Jesus, I Love Thee

LS-5685-LP - Patriotic - Dino [1975]

LS-5686-LP - Love Alive - Walter Hawkins [1975]

LS-5687-LP - Thank Heaven For Love - The Archers [1975]

LS-5688-LP - It Wouldn't Be Enough - Robbie Hiner [1975] Sheltered In The Arms Of God/All Day Song/By His Grace/You Are My Inspiration/All Things Work Together//It Wouldn't Be Enough/Jesus Never Forgets/A Broken Promise/Jesus Is The Answer/Just A Little While

LS-5689-LP - Singing Kolendas - Singing Kolendas

LS-5690-LP - Where the Spirit of the Lord Is...There Is Love - Richard & Patti Roberts [1975] Where The Spirit Of The Lord Is/No One Ever Cared For Me Like Jesus/Jesus, He Is The Son Of God/Holy Spirit/There's Something About That Name//Keep Holding On/Calvary Covers It All/I Just Feel Like Something Good Is Going To Happen/O Come To My Heart, Lord Jesus/Reaching


LS-5692-LP - God's Love - Lynn Mann

LS-5693-LP - Naphtall - John Fischer


LS-5695-LP - Jana - Jana Wacker

LS-5696-LP - Big Story - Ralph Carmichael

LS-5697-LP - Praise - Larry Dalton

LS-5698-LP - Christmas Joys - Ralph Carmichael

LS-5699-LP - Majesty and Glory - Cam Floria & Continentals

At about this point, the numbering system prefixes changed, as did all the other Word-distributed labels. It is also about this time that the label changed from the yellow label to the pink label

LS-5700 - On Tour with Debby - Dino & Debby [1977]

LS-5701 - We Are His People - Good News Circle [1977]

LS-5702 - He Is King - Danniebelle (Hall) [1977]

LS-5703 - New Come - Messenger [1977]

LS-5704 - Robbie Hiner Sings Old-Time Gospel - Robbie Hiner [1976]

LS-5705 - Jesus - Walter Hawkins [1977]


LS-5707 - Fresh Surrender - Archers [1977] I Need You/Fresh Surrender/With Every Breath I Take/Water Into Wine/Give Him Praise//I'm Gonna Rise/Change/Sanctified Life/Make Me An Instrument/You Know The Future


LS-5709 - Festival of Praise - Thurlow Spurr & Spurrlows [1977]


LS-5711 - Inside - John Fischer [1977]

LS-5712 - Never Felt So Free - Children of the Day [1977]

LS-5713 - Come to the Waters - Children of the Day [1977] Reissue of Maranatha! HS- 777/2.




LS-5717 - Live In London - Andre Crouch [1977] Two record set.

LS-5718 - Sing Alleluia - Debby (Kartsonakis) [1977]

LS-5719 - It's All Right Now - Jessy Dixon [1977]







LS-5726 - Portrait - Ralph Carmichael [1977]

LS-5727 - Classic Country - Dino [1977]



LS-5730 - Songs You'll Want to Sing - Dan Burgess





LS-5735 - Walter Hawkins II - Walter Hawkins [1979]

LS-5736 - Love Eyes - Jamie Owens-Collins [1978] Love Eyes/Daniel/Radio man/Hidden Treasure/It's Been Quite A Year//Pleasxure Servin' You/Only You/New day/Waters Of Rest/Mighty River

LS-5737 - Easter Celebration - Ralph Carmichael & Various Artists [1979]


LS-5739 - The Witness - Jimmy Owens With Barry McGuire [1978] (2-LP set)






LS-5745 - Grass Roots Music - Zion Mountain Folk






LS-5751 - Breakin' the Ice - Sweet Comfort Band

LS-5752 - Rise Again - Dino [1979]

LS-5753 - I Love You with the Love of the Lord - Jim Gilbert [1978]

LS-5754 - He's Everything To Me - Tami Chere [1979]

LS-5755 - Stand Up - Archers [1979]


LS-5757 - Johnny's Café - John Fischer [1979]


LS-5759 - Butterfly - Children of the Day [1979]



LS-5762 - Hold on Tight - Sweet Comfort Band


LS-5764 - Look By Faith - Becky (Ugartechea) [1979]

LS-5765 - I Can't Let Go - Kristie Murden [1980]

LS-5766 - White As Snow - Felix James [1980]

LS-5767 - Come Messiah Come: A Musical Drama - John Cowan [1979]

LS-5768 - Just Piano...Praise - Dino [1979] Medley: O Come Let Us Adore Him-We Have Come Into This House-He's The Savior Of My Soul-Oh How I Love Jesus-I Love To Tell The Story- There's Something About That Name-His Name Is Wonderful-My Jesus I Love Thee-What A Friend We Have In Jesus-Jesus Is All The World To Me-All Day Song-To God Be The Glory-O That Will Be Glory For Me-Amazing Grace//Medley: How Great Thou Art-Great Is Thy Faithfulness-Let's Just Praise The Lord- Yesterday, Today, And Tomorrow-I Came To Praise The Lord-'Tis So Sweet To Trust In Jesus-Heavenly Father I Appreciate You-Pass It On-I'd Rather Have Jesus-The Love Of God-No One Ever Cared For Me Like Jesus-Alleluia-Oh How He Loves You And Me-Victory In Jesus-O Come Let Us Adore Him


LS-5770 - Walter Hawkins and the Family - Walter Hawkins



LS-5773 - Celebrate: The Archers Live in Concert - Archers [1980] Celebrate/Wonderful To Feel Your Love/Where Could I Go?/Lord, Keep Your Lovin' Hand On Me/Sunshine On A Cloudy Day//I'm Gonna Rise/It Wouldn't Be Enough/Waitin', Anticipatin'/Fresh Surrender/Stand Up/Celebrate (Reprise)

LS-5774 - Fill My Life - Dan Burgess [1980]


LS-5776 - Rush Hour - Dino (Kartzonakis) [1980]

LS-5777 - Confessions - Reba Rambo [1980]

LS-5778 - The Lord's Prayer: Teach Us To Pray - Various Artists [1980] The Lord's Prayer - Reba Rambo & Dony McGuire/Teach Us To Pray - Cynthia Clawson/Father Which Art In Heaven - Reba Rambo & Dony McGuire/Hallowed Be Thy Name - B.J. Thomas/Thy Kingdom Come - Tremaine & Walter Hawkins//Give Us This day - Archers/Forgive me - Reba Rambo/As We Forgive - Reba Rambo & Dony McGuire/Lead Us Not Into Temptation - Andrae Crouch/Deliver Us - Reba Rambo & Dony McGuire/The Kingdom, The Power, And The Glory - Dony McGuire



LS-5781 - Daniel - Daniel Hawkins

LS-5782 - Rebel to the Wrong - Dennis Agajanian [1981]

LS-5783 - Colours - Resurrection Band


LS-5785 - Gospel Gold - Various Artists





LS-5790 - Just Piano...Praise II - Dino [1981]

LS-5791 - Beyond Words - Allreds [1981]

LS-5792 - Introducing the Winans - Winans [1981]


LS-5794 - Hearts of Fire - Sweet Comfort [1981]

LS-5795 - More of the Best - Andre Crouch [1981]

LS-5796 - Inspiration - Donny McGuire [1981]


LS-5798 - The Best of Ralph Carmichael - Ralph Carmichael [1981]

LS-5803 - Mommy Don't Love Daddy Anymore - Resurrection Band [1981] Stark- Spare/Elevator Muzik/Alienated/Can't Get You Outta My Mind/The Chair/Can't Do It On My Own//First Degree Apathy/Mommy Don't Love Daddy Anymore/The Crossing/Little Children/Lovin' You

LS-5815 - At Their Very Best - Archers [1982]

LS-5816 - DMZ - Resurrection Band [1982]

Elektra Consolidated Series (Distributed by Elektra)

60038 - I Feel Like Singing - Walter Hawkins [1982]

60039 - Lady Live - Reba Rambo [1982]

60040 - Satisfied - Jessy Dixon [1982]

60051 - Take Me Back - Andrae Crouch [1982]

60052 - Danniebelle - Danniebelle [1982]

60053 - This Moment - Danniebelle [1982]

60054 - Things We Feel Deeply - Archers [1982]

60055 - This Is Another Day - Andrae Crouch [1982]

60056 - Jesus Christ Is the Way - Walter Hawkins [1982]

60057 - It's All Right Now - Jessy Dixon [1982]

60058 - Love Eyes - Jamie Owens [1982]

60059 - Stand Up - Archers [1982]

60060 - Hold On Tight - Sweet Comfort Band [1982]

60061 - Take Me Higher - Beverly Glenn [1982]

60062 - Gospel Gold - Various Artists [1982]

60063 - The Gift of God - New Bethel Choir [1982]

60064 - Infinity - Infinity [1982]

60065 - Brothers and Sisters - James Moore [1982]

60068 - Growing Pains - Jamie Owens [1982]

60069 - Live at Carnegie Hall - Andrae Crouch [1982]

60070 - Johnny's Café - John Fischer [1982]

60071 - The Best of Andrae Crouch - Andrae Crouch [1982]

60072 - Fresh Surrender - Archers [1982]

60073 - Live in London - Andrae Crouch [1982]

60074 - Love Alive II - Walter Hawkins [1982]

60075 - You Bring the Sun Out - Jessy Dixon [1982]

60076 - Breakin' the Ice - Sweet Comfort band [1982]

60077 - Tramaine - Tramaine Hawkins [1982]

60078 - I'll Be Thinkin' of You - Andrae Crouch [1982]

60079 - I Can't Let Go - Kristle Murden [1982]

60080 - White as Snow - James Felix [1982]

60081 - Hawkins Family Live - Walter Hawkins [1982]

60082 - Celebrate Live - Archers [1982]

60083 - Confessions - Reba Rambo [1982]

60084 - The Lord's Prayer - Reba Rambo & Dony McGuire [1982]

60085 - Daniel - Daniel Hawkins [1982]

60086 - Rebel to the Wrong - Dennis Agajanian [1982]

60087 - Colours - Resurrection Band [1982]

60088 - Just Give Me Jesus - Jason Alvarez [1982]

60089 - Introducing the Winans - Winans [1982]

60090 - Hearts of Fire - Sweet Comfort Band [1982]

60091 - More of the Best - Andrae Crouch [1982]

60092 - Inspiration - Dony McGuire [1982]

60093 - The Number of the Lord - Jubilant Sykes [1982]

60094 - Mommy Don't Love Daddy Anymore - Resurrection Band [1982]

60095 - Love Alive - Walter Hawkins [1982]

60170 - Finally - Andrae Crouch [1982]

60171 - Messiah, Bright Morning Star - Reba Rambo & Dony McGuire [1982]

60212 - Together - Various Artists [1982]

LS- series continues:

LS-5822 - Jesus: Festival of Praise IV - Festival of Praise Singers [1983] Majesty/I Will Bless The Lord/My Savior's Love-Jesus I'll Always Love You [solo: Bobby Jones]/Celebrate/He Gave His All [solo: Larnelle Harris]/Jesus Be The Lord Of All-Oh Come Let Us Adore Him/One Touch-Rise And Be Healed [solo: Karen Kelley]//They Could Not [solo: Bob Bailey]/He Still Reigns/A Perfect Heart-The Greatest Thing In All My Life-Bless The Lord-The Lord Liveth/Jesus Is Coming/Coming Again/Revival In The Land



LS-5825 - We Sing Praises - Sandra Crouch [1983] Magnify The Lord (We Sing Praises)/Power In The Blood/He's Worthy (Song Of The Redeemed)/He's Worthy (Reprise)/My Soul Loves Only You//Holy Spirit/No Greater Love/We Need To Hear From You/Glad I Hear Your Voice

LS-5829 - Approaching Light Speed - Barnabas [1983]

LS-5832 - A Heritage in Hymns: 200 Years of Worship through Music - United Methodist Festival Chorus & Westminster Philharmonic Orchestra of London [1984] Jubilee Medley: Jesus, The Sinner's Friend To Thee-O For A Heart To Praise My God-Blow Ye The Trumpets, Blow/Jesus, Lover Of My Soul/Come, Thou Long Expected Jesus/Jesus, United By Thy Grace/Christ The Lord Is Risen Today//Spirit Of Faith Medley: Spirit Of faith, Come Down-Come, Holy Ghost, Our Hearts Inspire-A Charge To Keep I Have/O For A Thousand Tongues To Sing/O Love Divine, What hast Thou Done/Love Divine, All Loves Excelling/Rejoice, The Lord Is King

LS-5839 - Hear the Light - Barnabas [1984] Reissue of Tunesmith TS 6004.

LS-5840 - Find Your Hear a Home - Barnabas [1984] Reissue of Tunesmith TS 6009.

LS-5847 - Golden Classics - Archers [1984]

LS-5859 - Cut It Away - Rob Fraizer [1984] Cut It Away/Come On Elaine/He Is All You Need/Stolen Love/You Know What's Right//Tonight/Weight Of The World/Train Up A Child/666

LS-5862 - Great Is the Lord - Dino [1984] Great Is The Lord/Jesu, Joy Of man's Desiring- Fairest Lord Jesus/It Is Well With My Soul/Serenade Of Love/Holy, Holy, Holy//How Majestic Is Your Name/Upon This Rock/More Than Wonderful/How Great Thou Art/Blessed Assurance


LS-5864 - Allies - Allies [1985]

LS-5869 - All Systems Are Go - Archers [1984]

LS-5870 - Proclaim the Glory: Festival of Praise, Part V - Thurlow Spurr [1985]

LS-5871 - Have Yourself Committed - Bryan Duncan [1985] Have Yourself Committed/Darkness Is Falling/Maybe This Time/A Child's Love/Come To Find Out//Livin' On The Bright Side/Sweep Me Away/Talk To Me Gently/Last Graduation

LS-5879 - Regal Reign - Dino [1985] Regal Reign/We Will See Him As He Is/And He Shall Feed His Flock/Crown Him With Many Crowns/Lamb Of Glory//Proclaim The Glory/Via Dolorosa/The Holy City/Doxology-Regal Reign (Reprise)

LS-6023? - Garden of the Heart - Ralph Carmichael

SPCN Series:

711 5708 967 - Little Foxes - Barnabas [1986]

711 5709 068 - This Town - Rob Frazier [1986]

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