Word Album Discography, Part 4
W-3200 to W-3299 (1962-1965)

By Mike Callahan, David Edwards, and Patrice Eyries
Last update: April 17, 2002

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Number - Title - Artist [Release Date] Contents

W-3200-LP - I'm Not Alone - Jack Holcomb [1962] Issued in stereo as WST-8127-LP.

W-3201-LP to W-3226-LP - 52 Sermons - Truett [1963] (26-LP set)

W-3227-LP - Enduring Hymns - Bill Mann [1963] Issued in stereo as WST-8129-LP.

W-3228-LP - Were You There? - Peter Marshall [1963]

W-3229-LP - Hear Burl Ives Sing with the Children - Burl Ives [1963] Issued in stereo as WST-8130-LP.

W-3230-LP - True Greatness - J.B. Phillips [1963]

W-3231-LP to W-3237-LP - Evangelical Theology - Karl Barth [1963] Seven record set.

W-3238-LP - Grady Wilson Reads the Bible - Grady Wilson [1963]

W-3239-LP - The Korean Orphan Choir on Tour - Korean Orphan Choir [1963] Issued in stereo as WST-8131-LP. Sweet Hour of Prayer/Alas & Did My Savior Bleed?/How Great Thou Art/He Sent My Sins A'rolling/O Lord Most Holy/Lord Is My Shepherd/And Can It Be/God Be With You/O Susanna/Wild Rose/Dance Of the Hail/Jeannie With The Light Brown Hair/Cradle Song/Trout Song (Schubert)/Song of the Birds

W-3240-LP - Four Sermons - Samuel M. Shoemaker [1963] What Shall We Do With Trouble?/What'll I Do About My Life?//Charismatic People/Suppose He Did Come Back?

W-3241-LP - Jimmie Dodd (Children's Bible Storytime) - Jimmie Dodd [1963]

W-3242-LP - Where Freedom Walks - Gregory Loren [1963] Issued in stereo as WST- 8132-LP.

W-3243-LP - Two Sermons By Billy Graham - Billy Graham [1963]

W-3244-LP - He Is Risen!: Glorious Music of the Resurrection - Various Artists [1963] Issued in stereo as WST-8133-LP. Open The Gates Of The Temple - Frank Boggs/Christ The Lord Is Risen Today - Kurt Kaiser/O Sacred Head Now Wounded - Baptist Hour Choir/The Palms - Claude Rhea/Beneath The Cross Of Jesus - Paul Mickelson/There Is A Green Hill Far Away - Bill Carle/God So Loved The World - New Jersey Oratoria Chorus//Were You There? - Fague Springman/Must Jesus Bear The Cross Alone - Ralph Carmichael Orchestra/The Old Rugged Cross - Bill Pearce & Dick Anthony/Christ Is Risen - Lutheran Hour Choir/Eternal Life - Claude Rhea/Hallelujah Chorus - Moody Chorale

W-3245-LP - Two Sermons - Gerald Kennedy [1963]

W-3246-LP - High Time - Spurrlows [1963] Issued in stereo as WST-8134-LP.

W-3247-LP - Sermons - Donald Grey Barnhouse [1963] Who Died At Calvary?//Your Right To Heaven

W-3248-LP - Two Sermons By Robert J. McCracken - Robert J. McCracken [1963]

W-3249-LP - Two Sermons By Stephen F. Olford - Stephen F. Olford [1963]

W-3250-LP - I'm Gonna Go Back - Jack Holcomb with the Ralph Carmichael Orchestra and Chorus [1963] Issued in stereo as WST-8135-LP. Where No One Stands Alone/Don't Spare Me/The Healer/I'm Gonna Go Back/It Thrills Me So/It Was Jesus/It Matters To Him/The Old Time Religion/I Will Not Question/His Name Is Wonderful

W-3251-LP - Tedd Smith in Concert - Tedd Smith [1964] Issued in stereo as WST-8136- LP.

W-3252-LP - Symphony in Brass - Salvation Army of New York [1963] Issued in stereo as WST-8137-LP.

W-3253-LP - Gospel Songs - Fran Shirley [1963] Issued in stereo as WST-8138-LP.

W-3254-LP - Musical Mushroom - Mildred Krentel [1963]

W-3255-LP - Two Sermons By Norman Vincent Peale - Norman Vincent Peale [1963]

W-3256-LP - For Young Hearts - Alan Davis [1963] Issued in stereo as WST-8139-LP.

W-3257-LP - Two Sermons - Vance Havner [1963] What Makes The Difference//God's Anyone

W-3258-LP - Message to Two Young Ladies - Dr. Thomas A. Fry, Jr. [1963]

W-3259-LP - Burl Ives & Korean Orphans Choir (Sing of Faith and Joy) - Burl Ives [1963] Issued in stereo as WST-8140-LP.

W-3260-LP - NAE-Dynamic Dimensions of Witness - Various Artists [1963] (3-LP set)

W-3261-LP - Two Sermons - Elton Trueblood [1963]

W-3262-LP - Glimpses of a New Life - Various Artists [1963] Issued in stereo as WST- 8141-LP.

W-3263-LP - Lord of Glory - Revivaltime Radio Choir [1963] Issued in stereo as WST- 8142-LP. He Is The Lord Of Glory/Under His Wings [with Denise Power]/He's A Wonderful Saviour/The Wonder Of It All [with Lee Robbins]/Pentecostal Fire Is Falling/What A Day That Will Be [Male Group]/He Belongs To Me//Heaven Medley: Sweet By And By-Dwelling Together-When The Battle's Over/No Name Has Meant So Much/I See Jesus [Duet by Virginia Robbins & Denise Power]/Souls, Lord [with Lee Robbins]/Give Him The Glory/The Great Physician/The New Song



W-3266-LP - Gloria in Person - Gloria Roe [1963] Issued in stereo as WST-8145-LP. Medley: Face To Face-Saved By Grace/Jesus Shall Reign/That's What He Did For Me/Love One Another/He Is Mine/Medley: God Also Promised-Trust And Obey//Blessed Assurance/Miraculous/Have You Given Jesus Your Heart/Medley: The Light Of The World-Brighten The Corner/Then Jesus Came/We Shall See His Lovely Face

W-3267-LP - Billy Sunday - Billy Sunday [1964]

W-3268-LP - Glory to God - J.T. Adams [1964] Issued in stereo as WST-8147-LP.

W-3269-LP - Day By Day - Westmont Collegiate Quartet [1963] Issued in stereo as WST-8148-LP.

W-3270-LP - Sing a Happy Song - Cam Floria & Continentals [1963] Issued in stereo as WST-8149-LP.

W-3271-LP - Lew Charles Plays Eternal Praises - Lew Charles [1964] Issued in stereo as WST-8150-LP. The Nailed Scarred Hand/What A Friend/The Glory Of His Presence/Dear Lord And Father Of Mankind/No One Understands Like Jesus//Is Your All On The Altar?/At The End Of The Road/Lily Of The Valley/Sweet Peace/Medley: Softly Now The Light Of Day-Now The Day Is Over/Jesus Paid It All

W-3272-LP - Two Sermons - Harold Ockenga [1964]

W-3273-LP - Two Sermons - V. Raymond Edman [1964]

W-3274-LP - Two Sermons - John A. Redhead [1964]

W-3275-LP - Sing with Young America - Youth for Christ [1964] Issued in stereo as WST-8151-LP.

W-3276-LP - This I Leave You - John Charles Thomas [1963]

W-3277-LP - Two Sermons - Leslie Weatherhead [1964]

W-3278-LP - Don Lonie Talks Again - Don Lonie [1964] Issued in mono only. Narrative to teenagers.

W-3279-LP - Traveling Together - Palermo Brothers [1964] Issued in stereo as WST- 8158-LP.

W-3280-LP - The Swahili Album - Various Artists [1964]

W-3281-LP - How Great Thou Art - White Sisters [1964] Issued in stereo as WST-8160- LP. How Great Thou Art/Precious Memories/Showers Of Blessing/I Am Not Worthy/The Haven Of Rest/Over The Sunset Mountain/When I Remember/The Old Rugged Cross/Sunshine In The Soul/We Shall See His Lovely Face/Never Alone/Blessed Redeemer

W-3282-LP - Programme - Nathalie Haag & Thom Hardwick [1964] Issued in stereo as WST-8159-LP.

W-3283-LP - Suki and the Invisible Peacock - Joyce Blackburn [1964]

W-3284-LP - Two Sermons - Dr. C. Oscar Johnson [1964] Blessing of Dissatisfaction/Greatest Wooing Mission in History


W-3286-LP - Two Sermons - Helmut Thielicke [1964]

W-3287-LP - Baptist Voices of Yesterday - Southern Baptist Preachers [1965]

W-3288-LP - Two Sermons - Charles Wellborn [1964]

W-3289-LP - Two Sermons - Edmund Steimle [1964]

W-3290-LP - Paul "Tex" Yearout - Paul "Tex" Yearout [1964]

W-3291-LP - Miss America in Teenage Diary - Vonda VanDyke [1965]

W-3292-LP - The Book of Job - Orlin Corey [1965]

W-3293-LP - Two Sermons - James E. Cleland [1965]

W-3294-LP - Un Poco de Español - NV Cruzada Bautista Nueva Vida featuring Rev. José Rivas [1964] Spanish lessons. Includes 8 page study booklet.

W-3295-LP - Two Sermons - Bryant M. Kirkland [1965]

Combined Mono/Stereo 3000/WST 8000 series starts (finally!):

W-3296-LP/WST-8296-LP - Addicts Song - Addicts [1965]

W-3297-LP - Women, Be Women - Gertrude Behanna [1965]

W-3298-LP - The Game of Life - Jarrell McCracken [1965] Reissue of the original from 1952 along with additional tracks from various Christian athletes, including Bobby Richardson, Paul Dietzel, Bob Pettit, Bill Glass, Raymond Berry, Alvin Dark, Bill Wade, Rafer Johnson, and Buddy Dial.

W-3299-LP/WST-8299-LP - Old Testament - Dick Anthony [1965]

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