Word Album Discography, Part 6
WST-8400 to WST-8499 (1968-1970)

By Mike Callahan, David Edwards, and Patrice Eyries
Last update: November 17, 2003

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Number - Title - Artist [Release Date] Contents

W-3400-LP/WST-8400-LP - Favorite Sacred Songs - Various Artists [1968]

W-3401-LP/WST-8401-LP - I'm Following Jesus - Redd Harper [1967] Every Step Of The Way/He The Pearly Gates Will Open/Life's Greatest Adventure/Cowboy Range In Heaven/Amazing Grace/Preachin' Country Style/Beside The Still Waters/Just A Closer Walk With Thee/Closer Than A Brother/Just Smile And Praise The Lord/To God Be The Glory/Up There In The Blue

W-3402-LP/WST-8402-LP - Bright and Wonderful - Revivaltime Choir [1967] Abiding Love/I Have Christ In My Heart/Lonely Road! Up Calvary's Way/They That Sow In Tears/A Bright And Wonderful Day/Everywhere He Went/Jesus Is A Never Failing Friend/The Savior Is Waiting//I've Got A Melody/What A Savior/I Have A Peace In My Heart/Mercy Lord/He Touched Me/The Perfect Will/Melody/Getting To Know God

W-3403-LP - Teen Challenge Addicts Choir - Teen Challenge Addicts Choir [1968]

W-3404-LP/WST-8404-LP - Taiwan Heavenly Melody Singers - Taiwan Heavenly Melody Singers [1967]


W-3406-LP/WST-8406-LP - Glorious Sound of Brass - Ohman Brothers [1967]

W-3407-LP/WST-8407-LP - On a Sunday Evening - Bill Mann & Kurt Kaiser [1968] After Calvary/My Redeemer/Medley: This Was The Day-'Neath The Old Olive Trees/Medley: Take Up Thy Cross-Jesus, Keep Me Near The Cross-When I Survey The Wondrous Cross-The Way Of The Cross//His Name Is Wonderful/Medley: Here's One-God Wants You One Hundred Percent/Medley: Poor Wayfaring Stranger-Amen/Medley: When The Roll Is Called Up Yonder-God Be With You Till We Meet Again

W-3408-LP/WST-8408-LP - Along the Trail - Cliff Barrows [1967]

WST 8409-LP - Rest of the Way - Dick Anthony & Bill Pearce [1969]

W-3410-LP - Favorites From Billy Graham Crusades - Don Hustad With T. Smith [1967] Jesus Shall Reign/He's Everything/Crown Him/In My Heart/When I Survey/Surely, Goodness & Mercy/We're Marching/Come Thou Fount/Near the Cross/There's a New Song/He Leadeth Me/Our Great Saviour

W-3411-LP/WST-8411-LP - He's Everything to Me - Ray Hildebrand [1967] Turn It Over To Jesus/It's Jesus Coming For Me/It's Free/Be Kind Tryin'/What This World Needs/All My Life//He's Everything To Me/Get To Doin'/The Man/I'm Free/Good News, Children Of God Never Die/If I Live, Well Praise The Lord

W-3412-LP/WST-8412-LP - Songs You Love - Russell Newport [1968] Marvelous Grace/More, So Much More/My Lord Is Near Me/Speak To My Heart/Ten Thousand Angels/How Great Thou Art//Let Us Break Bread Together/Give Me A Vision/Precious Lord, Take My Hand/In Times Like These/Ivory Palaces/The Old Rugged Cross



W-3415-LP/WST-8415-LP - Great Hymns from the Great Composers - Mennonite Hour Singers [1967]

W-3416-LP/WST-8416-LP - The Spurrlow Men Sing - Spurrlow Men [1969] Under His Wings/Blessed Assurance/Constantly Abiding/I'll Never Be Lonely Again/The Old Rugged Cross/Near To The Heart Of God//He Hideth My Soul/Stout-Hearted Men/The Solid Rock/Kneel At The Cross/No, Not One/God Knows

W-3417-LP/WST-8417-LP - Beautiful Savior - Jim Roberts & Norma Zimmer [1968]


WST-8419-LP - Splendor of Sacred Song - Frank Boggs [1969]

WST-8420-LP - Frank Boggs with the London Concert Orchestra Volume 2 - Frank Boggs [1969]

WST-8421-LP - Touch of Trumpet - Phill Driscoll with Stockholm Symphony [1969]

WST-8422-LP - Fill My Cup Lord - Jamall Badry [1969]


W-3424-LP/WST-8424-LP - Time Out!: A Christian Folk Musical - J.T. Adams With the Fireside Singers [1968] Sing Out The Good News/Time/What Is Life All About?/Via Dolorosa/Sinner Man/Happiness//I've Got A Reason For Living Again/Don't Let 'Em Down/Stand Tall/Let There Be Love/Where Is God?/He Lives


WST-8426-LP - How Great Thou Art - Jim Roberts [1969]

WST-8427-LP - For the Quiet Hour - Raymond Mosley [1969]


W-3429-LP/WST-8429-LP - Traveling - Talleys [1968]

W-3430-LP/WST-8430-LP - World's Most Exciting Gospel Singer - Willa Dorsey [1968]

W-3431-LP/WST-8431-LP - 176 Keys - Thom Hardwick & Nathalie Haag [1968]

WST-8432-LP - It Is No Secret - J.T. Adams & the Men of Texas [1969]

W-3433-LP/WST-8433-LP - Singing Rage - Randy Paige with Owens Singers & Orchestra [1968]

WST-8434-LP - Youth - Jimmy Owens [1969]

W-3435-LP/WST-8435-LP - Soul of Gospel - Ladies of Song [1968]

W-3436-LP/WST-8436-LP - Stranger of Galilee - Mennonite Hour A Capella Choral Groups [1968]

W-3437-LP/WST-8437-LP - How Wonderful - Mary Jayne with Ralph Carmichael Strings [1968] How Wonderful/How Big Is God?/My Life Began At Calvary/He Touched Me/The Last Mile Of The Way//All My Life/Day After Day/Like A Lamb Who Needs The Shepherd/He Is So Great/To Be Used Of God

W-3438-LP/WST-8438-LP - Old Fashioned Revival Hour Quartet - Old Fashioned Revival Hour Quartet [1969]

W-3439-LP/WST-8439-LP - To Teens With Love - Gloria Roe [1968]

At approximately this point, mono issues were discontinued.

WST-8440-LP - If We Could See Beyond Today - Ron & Patricia Owens [1969]


WST-8442-LP - Anniversary Album - Revivaltime Choir [1969]



WST-8445-LP - Spurrlows Now - Spurrlows [1969]

WST-8446-LP - Would You Believe? - Royal Heirs [1969] Where Could I Go?/What a Friend We Have in Jesus/I Asked the Lord/Until Then/He's Coming Soon/That's What He Did for Me//It Is No Secret/He Touched Me/Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus/I Know Who Holds Tomorrow/The Savior Is Waiting/If You Want Joy

WST-8447-LP - We Will Answer - New World Singers [1969]


WST-8449-LP - Music - Trans World Radio [1969]


WST-8451-LP - Ring of Happiness - Korean Children's Choir [1969]

WST-8452-LP - I Feel the Spirit: Folk Hymns of Joy by the Mennonite Hour Men - Mennonite Hour Men's Choir [1969] Every Time I Feel The Spirit/Let Us Break Bread Together/Jamaican Spirituals/Starry Crown/Broad Is The Road/Bound For The Promised Land//Homeward Bound/Lord, I Want To Be A Christian/When The Saints Go Marchin' In/Steal Away/His Voice As The Sound Of A Dulcimer Sweet/Come Happy Souls

WST-8453-LP - Our Great Savior - John Lundberg Male Choir [1969] O I Could Speak/For The Beauty Of The Earth/Dear Lord And Father Of Mankind/The God Of Abraham Praise/Our Great Savior/The Spacious Firmament//The Lord Has Risen Indeed/Break Thou The Bread Of Life/How Firm A Foundation/Jerusalem The Golden/Glorious Things Of Thee Are Spoken/Now The Day Is Over



WST-8456-LP - Abide With Me - Fred Lowery (The Blind Whistler) [1969] Abide With Me/bringing In The Sheaves/I Love To Tell The Story/No Night There/Where Shall I Run?/Pass Me Not, O Gentle Savior//The Lord's prayer/What A Friend We Have In jesus/Swing Low, Sweet Chariot/My Faith Looks Up To Thee/Work For The Night Is Coming/Rock Of Ages/Goin' Home

WST-8457-LP - Sing Joyfully - Nolen Golden Trio Plus One [1969] On My Journey Home/Only One God/Melody/The Lord Is Beside Me/There Is More To Life/Paradise Island//He's Got The Whole World In His Hands/O What A Day/Make A Joyful Noise/Mommy/Why God?/Give Forth God's Word

WST-8458-LP - Now Instrumentals - Jimmy Owens [1969]


WST-8460-LP - A Quiet Place - Bill Pearce [1969] Master Designer (from "Tell It Like It Is")/The Peace That Jesus Gives/A Quiet Place/Roll, Jordan, Roll/God Is So Wonderful/Fairest Lord Jesus//If I Could Sing/Reach Out To Jesus/He Lifted Me/I'll Never Be Lonely Again/Over My Head/That's For Me (from "Tell It Like It Is")

WST-8461-LP - Palermos - Palermo Brothers [1969]

WST-8462-LP - We've a Story to Tell - Revivaltime Choir [1969] Life Is A Symphony/I Would Not Be Denied/The Haven Of Rest/When I Survey The Wondrous Cross/I Want To Be There/'Tis So Sweet//Happy Am I/Getting To Know God/Deep Down In My heart/We've A Story To Tell/Thou Remainest/Lord Send Me Into My World

WST-8463-LP - Sounds of Fresh Waters - Merv & Merla [1969]

WST-8464-LP - Here's Vonda Kay - Vonda Kay Van Dyke [1969]

WST-8465-LP - I Need You Every Hour - Ray Hildebrand [1969]


WST-8467-LP - On the Move - Melody Four Quartet [1969]

WST-8468-LP - The Lord's My Shepherd - Don Hustad [1969] "All Hail The Power" Medley: Coronation-Miles Lane-Diadem/The Heavens Are Declaring/Guide Me O Thou Great Jehovah/The Lord's My Shepherd/God So Loved The World/A Charge To Keep I Have//Sweet Hour Of Prayer/Jesus Saves/Rock Of Ages/Like A River Glorious/The Savior Is Waiting/Great Is Thy Faithfulness

WST-8469-LP - I Walked Today Where Jesus Walked - Frank Boggs [1969]

WST-8470-LP - At Evening Prayer - Lew Charles [1969]

WST-8471-LP - My Wonderful Lord - Mary Jayne [1969] All That Thrills My Soul/The Lily Of The Valley/I Want To Be Like Jesus/Searching/Everytime I Feel The Spirit//My Wonderful World/Come Along With Me/The Crystal Fountain/I'm Going Back/He Giveth More Grace

WST-8472-LP - Everybody Will Be Happy - Ladies of Song [1969]


WST-8474-LP - That the World May Hear - Jimmie McDonald [1969]

WST-8475-LP - Radio Bible Class - Men of Music [1969]

WST-8476-LP - Electric Church - The Reflection with Sonny Salisbury [1969]

WST-8477-LP - Let Lower Lights Be Burning - Old Fashioned Revival Hour Quartet [1969]

WST-8478-LP - Bright New World - Flo Price with Ralph Carmichael [1969]

WST-8479-LP - Smash & Grab World - Tedd Smith [1969] Vocals by Joan Hettenhouser.

WST-8480-LP - Morning Chimes - Charles Kendall [1969]


WST-8482-LP - Favorites: Organ & Chimes - Charles Kendall [1969]



WST-8485-LP - Here Comes the Bride - Charles Kendall [1969]

WST-8486-LP - Cathedral Organ & Chimes - Charles Kendall [1969]

WST-8487-LP - Great Hymns - Charles Kendall [1969]

WST-8488-LP - Christmas Chimes - Charles Kendall [1969]

WST-8489-LP - Easter Chimes - Dr. Charles S. Kendall [1969]

WST-8490-LP - Morning Chimes - Charles Kendall [1969]

WST-8491-LP - Cathedral Chimes - Charles Kendall [1969]

WST-8492-LP - Chimes of Faith - Charles Kendall [1969]

WST-8493-LP - Wedding Chimes - Charles Kendall [1969]

WST-8494-LP - Chimes of Praise - Charles Kendall [1969]

WST-8495-LP - Patriotic Chimes - Charles Kendall [1969]

WST-8496-LP - Chimes at Eventide - Charles Kendall [1969]

WST-8497-LP - Blowin' a New Mind - Phil Driscoll [1970]

WST-8498-LP - Way of the Cross - Alan McGill [1969]


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