Word Album Discography, Part 7
WST 8500-8599 (1970-1973)

By Mike Callahan, David Edwards, and Patrice Eyries
Last update: April 17, 2003

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Number - Title - Artist [Release Date] Contents

WST-8500-LP - Cliff Barrows Now! - Cliff Barrows [1970?]

WST-8501-LP - Hymns - Mennonite Hour Singers [1970?]


WST-8503-LP - Goin' Somewhere - The Young and Free [1971] Goin' Somewhere/I Can't Live That Way/Love's The Answer/Love/Hey Little Girl/Lost And Found//I Heard About Him/It Means Love/A Day Like Today/Wooden Cross/Help Me Care

WST-8504-LP - People Get Ready - Jones Sisters [1971]


WST-8506-LP - Pass It On - Jamall Badry [1971]

WST-8507-LP - Good News - Cliff Richard [1971]

WST-8508-LP - The Country Road - Bob Dalrymple [1971]

WST-8509-LP - The Cowboy Church - Stuart Hamblen [1971]

WST-8510-LP - Sweet, Sweet Spirit - Jamall Badry [1971] Sweet Sweet Spirit/Put Your Hand In The Hand/Lonely Voices/I Hear Thy Welcome Voice/His Gentle Look//Love Is Surrender/He Touched Me/He's Always With Me/Grace So Amazing/Reach Out And Touch/Take Up Thy Cross

WST-8511-LP - We Love You, Call Collect - Art Linkletter [1971]

WST-8512-LP - Radio Bible Class - Men of Music [1971]

WST-8513-LP - Hello Rock - Wayne Philpott [1971]

WST-8514-LP - Today's Mann - Bill Mann [1971] I'm Gonna Go Back/A Living Circle/I Heard About Him/Master Designer/Softly And Tenderly//Sweet, Sweet Spirit/A Quiet Place/That's For Me/Somebody's Calling My Name/Pass It On

WST-8515-LP - Songtime Praises - Ed Lyman [1971]

WST-8516-LP - Precious Memories - Fred Lowery [1971]

WST-8517-LP - Blessed Be the Name - Old Fashioned Revival Hour Quartet with Rudy Atwood [1972] Blessed Be The Name/Son Of My Soul/He Leadeth Me/My Faith Has Found A Resting Place/I With Thee Would Begin//In Heaven Is All Gladness/Honey In The Rock/He Tenderly Looked At Me/O Love That Wilt Not Let Me Go/Do You Love My Lord

WST-8518-LP - Lively Ones - Lively Ones [1971]

WST-8519-LP - New Kind of Happiness - Vonda Kay Van Dyke [1971]

WST-8520-LP - Glory To His Name - Haven of Rest Quartet [1971]


WST-8522-LP - Crown Him with Many Crowns - Jimmie McDonald [1971] Crown Him With Many Crowns/How Tedious And Tasteless the Hours/It Is Well With My Soul/Majestic Sweetness/In Native Worth//Oh Lord Most Holy/Thy Way Oh Lord/Thou Shalt Break Them/The Lord's My Shepherd/Oh Could I Speak

WST-8523-LP - To the World - Korean Children's Choir [1971]

WST-8524-LP - Let the Whole World Know - Revivaltime Choir [1970] Let The Whole World Know/I Stood At Calvary/No One Ever cared For Me Like Jesus/Trusting Jesus/He Never Changes/Song Of The Soul Set Free//Gonna Lose My Burdens/The Love Of God/One Touch/The Longer I Serve Him/Why Should I Worry Or Fret/A new day For America

WST-8525-LP - Truitt Ford with Haven of Rest Quartet - Truitt Ford [1971]


WST-8527-LP - Love Songs - Robert Hale & Dean Wilder [1971]


WST-8529-LP - Gloria - Gloria Roe [1971] The Moment Of Truth/Joyful, Joyful, We Adore Thee/Fear Thou Not/Reach Out To Jesus/Instrumental medley: The Impossible Dream-He's Everything To Me//Bridge Over Troubled Water/See The Light/New World Coming/Soft Winds Of Summer/May We Know Peace


WST-8531-LP - Ventures in Variety - Talleys [1971]

WST-8532-LP - Abide with Me - Anita Bryant [1970] Original album has a fold-open Unipak cover. Farther Along/He Touched Me/Someday/Blessed Assurance/Abide With Me//If Your Heart Keeps Right/Bring Back The Springtime/A Cathedral Of Peace/What A Friend We Have In Jesus/When I Kneel Down To Pray

WST-8533-LP - He Wants You to Fly - Jimmy Owens [1971] With Michael Omartian.

WST-8534-LP - Reflection - Sonny Salisbury [1971]

WST-8535-LP - Original Splendor Production - Spurrlows [1971]

WST-8536-LP - The Pat Boone Family - Pat Boone Family [1971]

WST-8537-LP - How Great Thou Art - Burl Ives [1971]

WST-8538-LP - Reach Out and Touch - Norma Zimmer [1971]

WST-8539-LP - Too Beautiful For Words - Spurrlows With Regeneration [1971]

WST-8540-LP - Love Lifted Me - Anita Bryant [1972]

WST-8541-LP - His Name is Wonderful - Norma Zimmer & Jim Roberts [1972] His Name Is Wonderful/Every Moment Of Every day/He Lifted Me/When I Kneel Down To Pray/I Would Be Like Jesus//Sweet Sweet Spirit/His Gentle Look/Take Up Thy Cross/He Touched Me/Beyond The Sunset



WST-8544-LP - Don Hustad Plays Rodgers Organ - Don Hustad [1972]


WST-8546-LP - It's Real - Dale Evans [1971]

WST-8547-LP - Wish We'd All Been Ready - Randy Matthews [1971]

WST-8548-LP - Best of Frank Boggs - Frank Boggs [1971]

WST-8549-LP - Give Me a Vision - Beverly Terrell [1971] Give Me A Vision/He Touched Me/If God/Ring The Bells/Sweet Sweet Spirit//Reach Out And Touch/Lost And Found/My Savior First Of All/Medley: All Your Anxiety-Without Him/Grace So Amazing

WST-8550-LP - Chuck Ohman Presents the Calvary Singers - Calvary Singers [1972]

WST-8551-LP - Revivaltime Choir - Revivaltime Choir [1972]

WST-8552-LP - Best of J.T. Adams & the Men of Texas - J.T. Adams & the Men of Texas [1971] When The Roll Is Called Up Yonder/The Lost Penny/The Three (Chapel) Bells/Shall I Crucify/Follow Me/My God Is Real//Great Gettin' Up Mornin'/Chapel Bells/In The Garden/I May Never Pass This Way Again/The Ninety And Nine/The Last Trump

WST-8553-LP - He Makes a Way - Palermos [1972]

WST-8554-LP - Best of the White Sisters - White Sisters [1972]

WST-8555-LP - Best of Alan McGill - Alan McGill [1972]

WST-8556-LP - Alleluia - Bison Glee Club with Angell [1972]

WST-8557-LP - Right On! - Royalheirs [1972]

WST-8558-LP - Miracle of Christmas - Anita Bryant [1972]

WST-8559-LP - Best of Bill Mann - Bill Mann [1972]


WST-8561-LP - He Just Loves Me More and More - Mary Jayne [1972]

WST-8562-LP - Pass It On - Kurt Kaiser [1972]

WST-8563-LP - Blind Whistler - Fred Lowery [1972]



WST-8566-LP - Faith, Hope & Charity - Dale Evans [1972]

WST-8567-LP - Fork In the Road - Ken Medema [1972] Fork In The Road/Come Let Us Reason Together/Listen/Touching/On A Day Like Today//Don't Play The Game/Is There A Hidden Teardrop/Lord, Are You Looking For Me?/Treasures/Running Away

WST-8568-LP - Bless This House - Norma Zimmer [1972]


WST-8570-LP - Dave Boyer Live - Dave Boyer [1973]

WST-8571-LP - Battle Hymn of the Republic - Anita Bryant [1973]

WST-8572-LP - Singin' a New Song - Young Church Singers [1973]

WST-8573-LP - Lightshine - Buryl Red [1973]

WST-8574-LP - Lord, Make Me an Instrument - Robert Hale & Dean Wilder [1972]


WST-8576-LP - A New Song - Revivaltime Choir [1972]

WST-8577-LP - Willa Dorsey - Willa Dorsey [1972]

WST-8578-LP - Sing N' Celebrate! - Various Artists [1972] Two record set.

WST-8579-LP - Incomparable - Rudy Atwood [1972]


WST-8581-LP - Love Led the Way - Jimmy Owens [1972]

WST-8582-LP - Beautiful - Regeneration [1972]

WST-8583-LP - Sweeter As the Years Go By - Swan Silvertones [1972]

WST-8584-LP - The Real Thing - Various Artists [1972]

WST-8585-LP - God Is So Wonderful - Old Fashioned Revival Hour Quartet [1973] In The Garden/You Must Open The Door/Keep On Praying/Jesus Is Always There/A New Name In Glory//No Hiding Place/Just When I Need Him Most/Beyond The Sunset/Blessed Assurance/Keep On Believing

WST-8586-LP - Only Believe - Wayne Newton [1972]

WST-8587-LP - The Best of Pearce & Anthony - Bill Pearce & Dick Anthony [1972] God Is So Wonderful/There's A New Song In My Heart/The Last Mile Of The Way/Sun Of My Soul/Beyond The Sunset/A New Name In Glory//Thine Be The Glory/The Old Rugged Cross/Someday When The Shadows Flee Away/Over The Sunset Mountain/This Tender Moment/Be Thou My Vision

WST-8588-LP - Dave Boyer - Dave Boyer [1972]

WST-8589-LP - Roy Rogers & Dale Evans - Roy Rogers & Dale Evans [1972]


WST-8591-LP - Wonderful Old Chestnuts - Rudy Atwood [1973] Beyond The Sunset/All That Thrills My Soul/Great Is Thy Faithfulness/He The Pearly Gates Will Open/Dwelling In Beulah Land/Some Golden Daybreak//Face To Face/His Eye Is On The Sparrow/Our Great Saviour/How Great Thou Art/Amazed/If I Gained The World

WST-8592-LP - Piano - Gloria Roe [1973]

WST-8593-LP - The King is Coming - J.T. Adams & the Men of Texas [1973] I'll Tell The World/Redeemed/Via Dolorosa/Where's God/He Touched Me/Praise The Lord/Medley: Here's One-Ezekiel Saw De Wheel/Stranger Of Galilee/Goin Home To Glory/The King Is Coming

WST-8594-LP - So Long Joey (Soundtrack) - Various Artists [1973]

WST-8595-LP - Reflection Volume 2 - Sonny Salisbury [1971]

WST-8596-LP - Down a New Road - Frank Boggs [1973] Wayfaring Stranger/Reach Out And Touch Somebody's Hand/Pass It On/Come Let Us Reason Together/Will You Stay/Just A Closer Walk//I Wish We'd All Been Ready/Sweet, Sweet Spirit/My Little World/He Touched Me/They'll Know We Are Christians By Our Love

WST-8597-LP - The Rick Powell Choir Book - Rick Powell [1974]


WST-8599-LP - John McKay Sings Bill Gaither - John McKay [1973]

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