Word Album Discography, Part 10
WSB-8800 to WSB-8878 (1978-1982)

By Mike Callahan, David Edwards, and Patrice Eyries
Last update: April 17, 2003

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Number - Title - Artist [Release Date] Contents


WSB-8801 - Breakfast in Galilee - Sonny Salsbury [1978]


WSB-8803 - Totally Free - Dale Evans [1978]

WSB-8804 - Very Best of the Very Best - Bill Gaither Trio [1978] I Am Loved/There's Something About That Name/Joy Comes In The Morning/Plenty Of Room In The Family-The Family Of God/The Church Triumphant//God Gave The Song/He Touched Me/I Am A Promise/I Will Serve Thee- Jesus Is Lord Of All/The King Is Coming


WSB-8806 - Never the Same - Evie [1979]

WSB-8807 - The Cowboy Church Choir, Volume 2 - Charles F. Brown [1979]

WSB-8808 - Hallelujah Voices - Anita Kerr [1979]

WSB-8809 - The Artestry of Randy Atcheson - Randy Atcheson [1979]

WSB-8810 - Song for All Seasons - Sonny Salsbury [1979]


WSB-8812 - Back to Our Start - Doug Tutmarc [1979]

WSB-8813 - A Friend Like You - Dave Boyer [1980] Produced by Dony McGuire. We Might Live Forever Together/It's Time We Be One/So Satisfied/Teach Us To Pray-I Love To Tell The Story/All The Way Home//With A Friend Like You/Thanks For Just Being You/Forever Free/We Owe It All To You/Because Of Whose I Am



WSB-8816 - Pilgrim's Progress - Bill Gaither Trio [1979]

WSB-8817 - Moments for Forever - Bill Gaither Trio [1979]

WSB-8818 - My Heart Will Sing - Bill Gaither Trio [1979]

WSB-8819 - Praise - Bill Gaither Trio [1979]

WSB-8820 - Jesus, We Want to Thank You - Bill Gaither Trio [1979]

WSB-8821 - Something Beautiful - Bill Gaither Trio [1979]

WSB-8822 - I'm a Promise - Bill Gaither Trio [1979]


WSB-8824 - Let's Just Praise the Lord - Bill Gaither Trio [1979]


WSB-8826 - Because He Lives - Bill Gaither Trio [1979] Reissue of the 1974 album. Because He Lives/Something Beautiful/Get All Excited/I Could Never Outlove The Lord/King Of Kings//My Faith Still Stands/What Did You Say Was The baby's name/There's Something About A Mountain/Look What's Happened To Me/This Could Be The Dawning Of That day/Even So, Lord Jesus, Come

WSB-8827 - He Touched Me - Bill Gaither Trio [1979]

WSB-8828 - Thanks for the Sunshine - Bill Gaither Trio [1979]

WSB-8829 - We Are Persuaded - Bill Gaither Trio [1979]

WSB-8830 - Early in the Morning - George Beverly Shea [1979]

WSB-8831 - Robert Hale & Dean Wilder In Performance - Robert Hale & Dean Wilder [1980]



WSB-8834 - Lookin' Back - Ken Medena [1980]




WSB-8838 - The Praises of His People: Bill, Gloria & Danny/The Early Years - Bill Gaither Trio [1981] Reissue of recordings made 1969-1976. Contented/The Longer I Serve Him (The Sweeter He Grows)Even So, Lord Jesus, Come/Gentle Shepherd/I Could Never Outlove The Lord/Joy Comes In The Morning//Someday/I Will Serve Thee/Getting Used To The family Of God/Jesus, We Just Want To Thank You/Let's Just Praise The Lord/Peace Shall Come

WSB-8839 - Great Gospel Songs, Volume 1 - Various Artists [1980] Here He Comes - Micki Fuhrman/Praise The Lord - Imperials/This Is Why I Sing - Frank Boggs/Hold On - Jessy Dixon/We Have Come Into His House (Let's Forget About Ourselves) - Maranatha Singers//The Lord Has A Will - Amy Grant/O The Deep Deep Love Of Jesus - Robert Hale & Dean Wilder/In His Love And In His Pity - Kurt Kaiser/Come Let Us Reason - Ken Medema/Home Where I Belong - Dale Evans & Roy Rogers

WSB-8840 - Brush Arbor Meeting - Gene Bartlett [1980]

WSB-8841 - Tell Me the Old, Old Story - Tennessee Ernie Ford [1980]

WSB-8842 - The Word Family Christmas Album - Various Artists [1980] Medley: O Come, O Come Emmanuel-O Little Town Of Bethlehem-Joy To The World - Bill Gaither Trio/Why Isn't Everybody Singing Allelu - Tom Netherton/Away In A Manger - Evie/Carol Of Christmas - Dave Boyer/Silent Night - B.J. Thomas//O Holy Night - Evie/Do You Hear What I Hear? - Mike Douglas/O Come All Ye Faithful - Robert Hale & Dean Wilder/What Child Is This? - Anita Bryant/He's Still The King Of Kings (And Lord Of Lords) - Bill Gaither Trio

WSB-8843 - Great Gospel Songs, Volume 2 - Various Artists [1980] The Cornerstone - Tom Netherton/Blessed Assurance-Jesus Is Mine - Anita Kerr/Without A Doubt - B.J. Thomas/Amazing Grace - Billy Preston/Live For Jesus - Honeytree//Special Delivery - Evie/Am I A Soldier Of The Cross - Tennessee Ernie Ford/I'd Rather Have Jesus - George Beverly Shea/Because He Lives - Bill Gaither Trio/My Tribute - Dave Boyer

WSB-8844 - Father Lift Me Up - Kurt Kaiser [1980]

WSB-8845 - Favorites, Volume One - Evie [1979]

WSB-8846 - Family Portrait - John & Vickijo Witty [1980]

WSX-8847 - Live Across America - Bill Gaither Trio [1980] (2-LP set)

WSB-8848 - Teach Us Your Way - Evie [1980]


WSB-8850 - Totally Yours - Dana [1980]


WSB-8852 - Reflection - Tom Netherton [1981]

WSB-8853 - The Best of Dave Boyer - Dave Boyer [1981]



WSB-8856 - Joni's Song - Joni Eareckson [1981] My Little Tune (Intro)/Journey's End/The Part You Wrote For Me/I Am Willing Lord/Father Lift Me Up/It Is Well With My Soul//Lord You've Given Me So Much/Joni's Waltz/I Am A Servant/We Are The Reason/My Little Tune



WSB-8859 - My Favorite Songs - George Beverly Shea [1981]

WSB-8860 - Howard & Vestal Goodman - Howard & Vestal Goodman [1981]

WSB-8861 - Big Little Lunch - Sonny Salsbury [1981]

WSB-8862 - It Must Me Love - Latinos [1981]


WSB-8864 - The Word Family Album, Volume Two - Various Artists [1981]

WSB-8865 - Vincente - Vincente Montana [1981]

WSB-8866 - New Born Feeling - Howard & Vestal Goodman [1981]

WSB-8867 - Unfailing Love - Evie [1981]



WSB-8870 - Bless the Lord Who Reigns in Beauty - Bill Gaither Trio [1981]

WSB-8871 - The Best of Larnelle Harris - Larnelle Harris [1981]


WSB-8873 - The Secret of Love - JoySong [1982] Never Turnin' Back/The Secret Of Love/We Are The Reason/Star Of The Morning/Home Where I Belong//I'm Forgiven/Farther And Higher/Only For The Love Of The Lord/The Trumpet Of Jesus/Nobody Knows Me Like You

WSB-8874 - The Pleasure's Mine - Dave Boyer [1982] The Pleasure's Mine/If I Could Pretend/One Talent One Savior And Me/Filling Our Days With Love/I'm Gonna Wait Right Here//I'm Ready To Go/You Loved Me Back To Life/Small Change/Reborn/Does Jesus Care-Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus




WSB-8878 - Spirit Wings - Joni (Eareckson Tada) [1982]

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