ABC-Paramount Album Discography, Part 12
ABDP 4000 Series (1974-1975)

By David Edwards, Patrice Eyries, and Mike Callahan
Last update: November 5, 2005

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Number - Title - Artist [Release Date] Contents

ABDP 4000 Series:

ABDP 4001 - 16 Great Performances - Count Basie [1974]

ABDP 4002 - 16 Great Performances - Liberace [1974]

ABDP 4003 - 16 Great Performances - Andrews Sisters [1975]

ABDP 4004 - 16 Great Performances - Mills Brothers [1975]

ABDP 4005 - 16 Great Performances - Billy Vaughn [1975]

ABDP 4006 - 16 Great Performances - Pat Boone [1975] Don't Forbid Me (S, rerecording)/Friendly Persuasion (S, rerecording)/Bernadine (S, rerecording)/I Almost Lost My Mind (S, rerecording)/April Love (S)/Ain't That A Shame (S, original 1955 single rechanneled with instruments added to make it stereo)/I'm Waiting Just For You (S, rerecording)/Why Baby Why (S, rerecording)//Love Letters In The Sand (S, rerecording)/Speedy Gonzales (S)/Anastasia (S, rerecording)/Stagger Lee (S)/He's Got The Whole World In His Hands (S)/Tenderly (S)/Remember You're Mine (S, rerecording)/There's A Gold Mine In The Sky (S, rerecording)

ABDP 4007 - 16 Great Motion Picture Themes - Various Artists [3/75] Love Theme (From "The Godfather")/What'll I Do (From "The Great Gatsby")/Overture (From "Oh What A Lovely War!")/Theme (From "The Odd Couple")/Love Theme (From "Chinatown"), Theme (From "Borsalino")/I'm Easy (From "Nashville")/Wand'rin Star (From "Paint Your Wagon")//Theme (From "Love Story")/Theme (From "Serpico")/Opening (From "Song Of Norway")/The Overture (From "The Ten Commandments")/Main Title Theme (From "The Dove")/Born To Be Wild (From "Easy Rider")/Are You Man Enough (From "Shaft In Africa")/Main Title: The Immigrant (From "The Godfather, Part II")

ABCP 4008 - 16 Great Performances - Six Fat Dutchmen [3/75]

ABDP 4009 - 16 Great Performances - Mac Wiseman [1975]

ABDP 4010 - 16 Great Banjo Hits - Eddie Peabody [3/75]

ABDX 4011 - 16 Great Performances - Steppenwolf [1975]

ABCX 4012 - 16 Great Performances - Ike and Tina Turner [2/75]

ABCX 4013 - 16 Great Performances - Dixie Hummingbirds [3/75]

ABCX 4014 - 16 Great Performances - Ike & Tina Turner [1975]

Thanks to Peter Preuss.

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