Colpix Album Discography, Part 2 (Other Series)
By David Edwards and Mike Callahan Last update: October 31, 2005

This part contains the 200, 300, 440, 500, 700, 1000, 2000, and 6000 series.

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Number - Title - Artist [Release Date] (Chart) Contents

100 Series:

CP-129 - George Burns Sings - George Burns [1959]

200 (Children's) Series:

CP-201 - Adventures In Space - Ruff And Reddy [1959]

CP-202 - Huckleberry Hound (TV Soundtrack) - Dawes Butler & Don Messick [10/59] Yogi Bear And The Missing Elephant/It Ain't So Easy To Catch A Meesy/Dinky Dalton And The Showdown

CP-203 - Quick Draw McDraw (TV Soundtrack) - Dawes Butler, Don Messick, Don Young [7/60] In The Picnic Of Time/Slippery Glass Slipper/El Kabong Strikes Again

CP-204 - The Misadventures of Dennis the Menace (TV Soundtrack) - Jay North, Gloria Henry, Herbert Anderson and Joseph Kearns [1960] Tenting Tonight/Dennis Sells Bottles

CP-205 - Yogi Bear and Boo Boo (TV Soundtrack) - Dawes Butler & Don Messick [4/61] Big Brave Bear/Robin Hood Yogi/Brainy Bear/Buzzin' Bear

CP-206 - A Treasury Of Great Stories Presented By Children's Digest Magazine - Larry Storch [4/61] Treasure Island/Pinocchio/Robinson Crusoe/Tom Sawyer

CP-207 - Here Comes Huckleberry Hound (TV Soundtrack) - Dawes Butler & Don Messick [7/61] The Giant Killer/Rah Rah Bear/Jinxie, Trixie, Pixie/Pony Express Ride!

CP-208 - Mr. Jinks, Pixie And Dixie (TV Soundtrack) - Dawes Butler & Don Messick [7/61] Lend Lease Meece/Judo Jack/Sour Puss

CP-209 - Mr. Ed (TV Soundtrack) - Alan Young, Connie Hines, Larry Keating, & Edna Skimmer [1962] Ed The Songwriter/Mr. Ed's Blues

CP-210 - Huckleberry Hound & The Ghost Ship (TV Soundtrack) - Dawes Butler & Don Messick [1962]

CP-211 - Quick Draw McGraw & the Treasure of Sarah's Mattress (TV Soundtrack) - Dawes Butler [1962]

CP-212 - Top Cat (TV Soundtrack) - Show Cast Rosie The Robot/A Date With Jet Screamer

CP-213 - The Jetsons (TV Soundtrack) - Dawes Butler

300 Series:

CP-301 - Tairy Fales - Roy Atwell [7/61] Little Red Riding Hood/Hansel and Gretel/Jack and the Beanstalk/Cinderella/Chicken Little/Repunzel/City Mouse and the Country Mouse/The Shoemaker and the Elves/Puss In Boots/The Ugly Duckling/The Wolf and the Little Lambs/The Three Bears/The Tortoise and the Hare/Tom Thumb/Beauty and the Beast/Three Little Pigs

CP-302 - The Flintstones (TV Soundtrack) - Alan Reed, Jean Vander Pyl, Mel Blanc & Bea Benadaret [1961] The Snorkasaurus//The Big Bank Robbery

440 (Parents Magazine Appreciation Library) Series:

CP-440 - The Story Of Franz Liszt - N. Rose & Campanella [1962] N. Rose: Impromptu Waltz/Un Sospiro/Concert Etude In D Flat; Campanella: Concerti In A/Concerto in E Flat/Hungarian Rhapsodies Nos. 2, 6, 16, 19/Concert Etude in F/Preludes/Liebestraum

CP-441 - The Story Of Ludwig Van Beethoven - N. Rose [1962]

CP-442 - The Story Of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart - N. Rose [1962]

CP-443 - The Story Of Peter Ilyitch Tchaikovsky - N. Rose [1962]

500 (Soundtrack) Series:

CP-501/SCP-501 - World's Greatest Minstrel Show - Show Cast [10/58] Full length Minstrel Show with Jack Benny, Milton Berle, George Burns, Phil Silvers, and Benny Fields

CP-502 - Bell, Book And Candle (Soundtrack) - George Dunning [1/59]

CP-503 - Sound Tracks, Voices And Themes From Great Pictures - Various Artists [1959]

CP-504 - 7th Voyage Of Sinbad (Soundtrack) - Bernard Hermann [1959]

CP-505/SCP-505 - The Naked City (TV Soundtrack) - George Dunning [1959] Pursuit/Song of the City/background score

CP-506/SCP-506 - Song Without End (The Original Story of Franz Liszt) (Soundtrack) - Jorge Bolet [1960] Rakoczy March/Consolation in D Flat/La Campanella/Fantasy On Verdi's Rigoletto/Largo//Les Preludes/Rondo Capricciso Part 2/Pilgrims' Chorus/Liebestraum No. 3/Concerto No 1 In E Flat And Hungarian Fantasy/Un Sospiro

CP-507/SCP-507 - Pepe (Soundtrack) - Various Artists [1961] Pepe - Shirley Jones/Mimi - Maurice Chevalier/September Song - Johnny Green/ Hooray For Hollywood - Sammy Davis Jr./The Rumble - Andre Previn// That's How It Went All Right - Bobby Darin/The Far Away Part Of Town - Judy Garland/Suzy's Theme - Johnny Green/Medley: Pennies From Heaven-Let's Fall In Love-South Of The Border - Bing Crosby/Lovely Day - Shirley Jones

CP-508 - Loss Of Innocence (Soundtrack) - Richard Addinsell [1962] Main Title and Joss' Theme/French Countryside/Lady Love a Lady/Joss-Carpet Dance/Slow Waltz/Zizi and Elliot/Joss and Elliot/Zizi Drinks Alone/Don't Trouble Elliot/Drive In the Country/In Heaven's Name Why?/Joss Runs/Finale

CP-509/SCP-509 - Devil At 4 O'clock (Soundtrack) - George Dunning [1962] Main Title/Theme For Camille/Up the Mountain/Didn't You Know/Wait For a Village/Big Quake and Trek/Lava Trap/Fleur/Dead Child/I Thee Wed/Prayers For Charlie/Farewell To Camille-End Title

CP-510/SCP-510 - Barabbas (Soundtrack) - Mario Nascimbene & Ennio Morricone [1962] Barabbas/(background score)

CP-511/SCP-511 - Damn The Defiant! (Soundtrack) - Clifton Parker [1962] Main Title/Vizard Theme/Midnight On The Defiant/Sailing With The Tide/Unrest Among The Crew/The Defiant Reaches Corsica//Meeting At Rochefort/The Mutineers/Aboard The Defiant/Crawford At Vizard's Deathbed/The French Retreat/End Title

CP-512/SCP-512 - The War Lover (Soundtrack) - Richard Addinsell [1962] Love Theme/White Cliffs Of Dover/In The Blue Of Evening/He Wears A Pair Of Silver Wings/We Could Make Such Beautiful Music/Walking By The River/I Hear A Rhapsody/Moonlight Cocktail/Because Of You/You Walk By/Roll Me Over


CP-514/SCP-514 - Lawrence Of Arabia (Soundtrack) - Maurice Jarre [1962] (3-63, #2) Also issued as Colpix (S)LE-1000. Overture/Main Title/Miracle/Nefud Mirage/Rescue Of Gasim and Bringing Gasim Into Camp//Arrival At Auda's Camp/The Voice Of The Guns/Continuation Of The Miracle/Suns Anvil/Lawrence And Body Guard/That Is The Desert/End Title

CP-515 - Let Freedom Ring - Frederick March & Burgess Meredith [1963] Declaration of Independence/Bill of Rights/18 Bells

CP-516/SCP-516 - The Victors (Soundtrack) - Sol Kaplan [1963] (1-64, #145) Overture/Main Title/The Olive Grove/The Wolf Pack/Signora Maria/ Off Limits/Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas [Frank Sinatra, vocal]// My Special Dream/Jean Pierre/The French Woman/No Other Man/ Magda's Theme/Sweet Talk And Death Fight/March Of The Victors-End Title

CP-517/SCP-517 - The Long Ships (Soundtrack) - Dusan Radic [1964] Main Title/Testing the Long Ships/Midnight In Skandia/Mansuh/Ghazel/In Search of the Golden Bell/Pillars of Hercules/Mare of Steel/Maelstrom/Golden Bell/Ambush In the City/End Title

CP-518/SCP-518 - Woody Allen - Woody Allen [1964] Issued in the UK as PXL-518. Private Life/Brooklyn/The Army/Pets/My Grandfather/My Marriage/Bullet In My Breast Pocket//N.Y.U./A Love Story/The Police/Summing Up

CP-519/SCP-519 - Behold A Pale Horse (Soundtrack) - Maurice Jarre [1964] Main Title/Paco Leaving Spain/Paco At The Frontier/Paco Arrives In Pav/Spanish Street/Manuel's Decision//Manuel And Girl In Cafe/Manuel Crossing Pyrenees/Manuel In San Martin/Father Francisco In Hospital/Father Francisco's Conscience Struggle/Manuel Studies Map

CP-520/SCP-520 - Lilith (Soundtrack) - Kenyon Hopkins [1964] Main Title/Lilith and Vincent/Many Mirrored Room/Lilith's World (Sun, Sky, Water)/Riddle Me This/Before Eve/Because I'm Mad/First Love/Magic World/Rationale/At the Fair March/Puppets and Horses/For Love Of Lilith/Moon Is Dead/Gift Is a Dream/Twangy Tavern/End Title

CP-521/SCP-521 - Lord Jim (Soundtrack) - Bronislau Kaper [1966] Prologue- Theme/Patna/Fire/River Journey/Compassion/Intermission/Girl From Patusan/Sunrise, Victory and Celebration/Man In Search/Father and Son/4 Generations/Color of Love/Epilogue

700 series:

CP-701 - Nautilus - Herb Shriner [12/58] Story of the first atomic submarine, the Nautilus, includes actual sounds and voices of the voyage under the North Pole.

US-1000 Comedy Series:

US-1000/SUS-1000 - Sing Along With Jack - Jack McCann [1963] Vive La Dynasty/I Dream Of Jackie With The Bouffant Hair/I'm Called Little Caroline/The Peace Corps Goes Rolling Along/Newt Minow/Oh Bury Me Not/And The Stocks Came Tumbling Down/Go Away Dixie Land/Oh Dear! What Can The Matter Be?/Home On The Cape

PS-1000 Poetry Series:

PS-1000 - Treasury of 20th Century Poetry, Volume 1 - Oscar Williams [1963] Wallace Stevens/Marianne Moore/John Crewe Ranson/Robinson Jeffers/Conrad Aiken/ee cummings/Archibald MacLeish/J.V. Cunningham Stevens-Certain Phenomena of Sound, Less & Less Human, Bantams In Pine Woods, Questions Are Remarks/Moore-In Distrust of Merits, What Are Years, Mind is an Enchanting Thing/Ransom-Survey of Literature, Painted Head/Jeffers-Oh Lovely Rock, Hurt Hawks/Aiken-Sea Holly, Winter for a Moment Takes the Mind/Cummings-when god decided to invent, spring is like a perhaps hand, pity this busy monster, manunkind, when serpents bargain, what if a much of a which of a wind/MacLeish-L'an Trentiesme de Mon Eage, Poem in Prose, Words in Time, Renovated Temple/Cunningham-Epitaph, Time Will Assuage, True Religion, 4 Epigrams On Sir Thomas More, Lady of Anonymous Flesh, And What is Love, I Write You In My Need

PS-1001 - Treasury Of 20th Century Poetry, Volume 2 - Oscar Williams [1963] William Carlos Williams/Allan Tate/Ogden Nash/Robert Penn Warren/Richard Eberhardt/Gene Durwood/Robert Lonou/Howard Nomerov Williams-Dance, Botticellian Trees, Red Wheelbarrow, Burning the christmas greens/Tate-Wolves, Mediterranean, Ode to the Confederate Dead/Nash-Oh Please Don't Get Up, I Will Arise & Go Now, Caution to Everybody, Private Dining Room, Tune For an Ill-Tempered Clavichord/Warren-Terror/Eberhart-For a Lamb, If I Could Only Live at the Pitch, Fury of Aerial Bombardment, On a Squirrel Crossing the Road/Derwood-N.B. Symmetrians, After Reading St. John the Divine, War's Clown, In the Proscenium/Lowell-Drunken Fisherman, Christmas Eve Under Hooker's Statue, Exile's Return, For George Santayana/Nemerov-Fall Song, Dandelions, I Only Am Escaped Alone, Storm Windows

PS-1002 - Treasury Of 20th Century Poerty, Volume 3 - Oscar Williams [1963] Edwin Muir/Robert Graves/Sir Herbert Reid/William Duden/Sterden Spender/W.R. Rogers/Vernon Watkins/Roy Fuller/George Barker Muir-Wayside station, Labyrinth, Combat/Graves-English Wood, Ogres & Pygmies, Nature's Lineaments, Love Story/Read-To a Conscript of 1940/Auden-Autumn 1940, Blessed Event, Refugee Blues/Spender-Not Palaces, an Era's Crown, Double Shame, Lanscape Near an Airodrome/Rodgers-Christ Walking on the Water/Watkins-Music of Colours, White Blossom/Fuller- Obituary of R. Fuller/Barker-Letter to a Young Poet, To My Son (Part 1)

Special Issue:

SLE-1000 - Lawrence Of Arabia (Soundtrack) - Maurice Jarre [1962] Box set version of SCP-514 with booklets. Overture/Main Title/Miracle/Nefud Mirage/Rescue Of Gasim And Bringing Gasim Into Camp/Arrival At Auda's Camp/The Voice Of The Guns/Continuation Of The Miracle/Suns Anvil/Lawrence And Body Guard/That Is The Desert/End Title

2000 Series:

CP-2000 - Winston Churchill: First Honorary Citizen Of The U.S. - David Perry [1963] (2-LP set)

CP-2500 - John F. Kennedy: Four Days That Shook The World - Reid Collins [1963] President Kennedy Fort Worth Breakfast Speech/Arrival at Love Field, Dallas-Coverage by Jos. Long, KLIF Dallas/At the Scene-At the Moment Motorcade is Fired Upon-Coverage From Texas Book Depository/With a Mobile Radio Unit At the scene With the Motorcade speeding on Trip to Parkland Hospital Nearby the President's Car/On the Spot Coverage Immediately Afterward From Texas Book Depository Actuality Reports from parkland Hospital & Book Depository/Eyewitness Report of the Actual Assassination/Announcement of Last Rites By Father Oscar Huber & of Death of President Kennedy/Eyewitness Account-Ambulance Driver, Mrs. Kennedy Prior to Trip Back To Love Field/Eyewitness Report-Merriman Smith-Scene Aboard Air Force 1 As Mrs. Kennedy Returns With the President's Body/Swearing In of President Johnson & Flight to Washington/Actual Swearing In of Lyndon B. Johnson By Judge Sarah T. Hughts/Arrival At Andrews Air force Base/Firs Public Statement- President Johnson/Dallas Policeman-Eyewitness Report of Capture of Oswald/Lee Harvey Oswald-Actual Voice, Denial of Guilt/Actual Court Charge of Oswald For Assassination/Reports of Investigation/Sunday Morning-Tension Mounts In Dallas/On the Spot Report From basement of Dallas Jail At the Moment Oswald Is Shot by Jack Ruby-Exclusive Coverage-Ike Pappas, WNEW News/Oswald Rushed By Ambulance to Parkland Hospital/Police Identify Killer As Jack Ruby/On the Scene Report-Parkland Hospital/Oswald's Death Announced/President Kennedy's Body Lies In Repose in White House-Nov. 23/President Kennedy's Body Taken From White House to Capitol Rotunda/Final Playing of Hail to the Chief/Chief Justice Warren-Eulogy/Sen. Majority Leader Mike Mansfield-Eulogy/President Kennedy's Body Lies In state In Rotunda/Mrs. Kennedy-Midnight Visit To Rotunda/Funeral Procession From Rotunda to st. Matthews Cathedral/Dignitaries From the Entire World Join Procession/Mass at St. Matthews/Cathedral By Richard Cardinal Cushing/Funeral Procession From St. Matthews Cathedral to Arlington Cemetery/Jet Plane Fly By-Arlington/Richard Cardinal Cushing-Prayer at Graveside/21 Gun Salute/Taps at Arlington

6000 series:

SCP-6000 - Wonderful O - Original Cast [1963] incl. Burgess Meredith

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