Colpix/Colgems Album Discography
By David Edwards and Mike Callahan Last update: October 31, 2005

Colpix Records was established in 1958, headquartered in New York City. Colpix was a division of Columbia Pictures Corporation and much of their output consisted of soundtracks from Columbia Pictures movies and television shows.

They were able to parlay two of the teen stars from Columbia's "Donna Reed Show" into singing stars. Shelley Fabares had several hits including "Johnny Angel" and "The Things We Did Last Summer" and two albums on Colpix (SCP-426, SCP-431). Paul Peterson had two albums (SCP-429, SCP-442) and some hits with "She Can't Find Her Keys" and "Lollipops and Roses". They also took a young Columbia Picture star, James Darren and got a few hits including "Gidget", "Goodbye Cruel World" and "Her Royal Majesty". James Darren had four albums on Colpix (CP-406, CP-418, CP-424, CP-428).

For the rock and roll collector, there are a few issues of note, Colpix CP 416 "Blue Moon" by the Marcels, SCP-486 by the Ronettes, recorded before they became famous on the Philles label (but issued after they became famous), SCP-493 by David Jones, prior to becoming a Monkee, and SCP-461 by Freddie Scott including his hit "Hey Girl". Duane Eddy had two albums on Colpix (SCP-490, SCP-494) but he was long past his hit-making days. There were also albums by pop hitmakers Sandy Stewart ("My Coloring Book", SCP-441), Teddy Randazzo (SCP-445), and even Lou Christie (SCP-4001). For comedy lovers, Woody Allen's first two albums are also on Colpix (CP-518 and CP-488), and for jazz lovers, there are many Nina Simone albums.

In 1965, Columbia Pictures purchased Don Kirschner's publishing company, Aldon Music, and their in-house label, Dimension. Colpix itself closed a mere year later, in 1966. At the same time, Screen Gems, which was Columbia Pictures' television production arm, formed an association with RCA and started the Colgems label. The Colgems label picked up the slack from Colpix and issued soundtrack albums from Columbia motion pictures until it closed in 1970.

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