Casablanca West Album Discography
By Patrice Eyries, David Edwards, and Mike Callahan
Last update: February 15, 2006

Casablanca West was a Casablanca subsidiary for Snuff Garrett productions. The label is the same the Casablanca one with "West" written in neon-light lettering under "Casablanca". As far as we know, there was only one album released by this label.

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Number - Title - Artist - [Release Date] Contents

CWLP 6001 - Sexy Songs - Carol Chase [1979] This Must Be My Ship/Let's Say Goodbye Like We Said Hello/Sexy Song/Orient Express/For The First Time In My Life//Disco Devil/Burning A Hole In My Mind/Is She Taking The Love/It Always Takes A Fool To Fool Around/Dream

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