Fantasy Album Discography, Part 8:
5000 Vista Series (1957-1966) & 9000 Classical Series

By David Edwards, Mike Callahan, Patrice Eyries, Randy Watts and Tim Neely
Last update: November 21, 2010

The Fantasy 5000 Vista Series was a originally and primarily a classical music series, although some of the later albums stretched that definition.

Original issues used the red Fantasy label for mono (far left) and the blue Fantasy "Full Radial Stereo" label for stereo issues (near left). As with the Main Series, in the early years (before 1963), mono records were originally pressed on red vinyl, with the stereo counterparts on blue vinyl.
Promotional albums used a white label with black print, the mono label (far left) having "LONG PLAYING MICROGROOVE" around the bottom, while the stereo version having "Full Radial Stereo" around the bottom. Some early stereo promotional labels used the mono blank with a stereo overprint to the left of the center hole.

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Number - Title - Artist - [Release Date] (Chart) Contents

Fantasy 5000 (mono)/8000 or 85000 (stereo) Vista Series:

5001 - Paul Hindemith: Concerto for Harp, Woodwinds and Orchestra (and others) - Little Symphony of San Francisco, Gregory Millar, Conductor [1957] Originally issued on red vinyl in monaural only. Paul Hindemith: Concerto For Harp, Woodwinds and Orchestra/Kammermusik, Op 24 No 1 (1922)/Herold: Concerto for Trumpet, Bassoon and Orchestra

5002 - Nikos Skalkottas: Twelve Greek Dances - Little Symphony of San Francisco, Gregory Millar, Conductor [7/57] Originally issued on red vinyl in monaural only.

5003/8009 - Bartok: Two Portraits for Orchestra, Op. 5, Rhapsodies for Violin & Orchestra - Little Symphony of San Francisco, Gregory Millar, Conductor [10/57] Mono originally issued on red vinyl; stereo originally issued in 1958 on blue vinyl.

5004 - Handel: Faithful Shepherd Suite, Royal Fireworks Music - Little Symphony of San Francisco, Gregory Millar, Conductor [1958] Originally issued on red vinyl in monaural only.

5005/8008 - Flamenco - C. De Triana, M. Cordoba, C. Ruiz, L. Garcia [1958] Mono originally issued on red vinyl; stereo originally issued on blue vinyl. Tiempes de Jose Maria/La Salvadora/El Polo/La Tani/Adios Granada/Alegrias Rosas/Aires de Huelva/La Canta/Tientos Flamencos/Seguirillas Gitanas

5006/8015 - Roland de Lassus: Sacred and Secular Works - Dessoff Choirs, Boepple [1/59] Mono originally issued on red vinyl; stereo originally issued on blue vinyl. Ave Regina Coelorum/Christe, Dei Soboles/Timoret Tremor/Pulvis Et Umbra Sumus/De Profundis/Christ Ist Erstanden/Bon Jour Mon Coeur/La Nuict Froide Et Sombre/Gallans, Qui Par Terre/O Doux Parler/Wohl Kommt Der Mai/Ich Waiss Mir Ein Meidlein/Ardo, So/Passan Vostri Triomphi/Occhi, Piangete/O La, O Che Bon Eccho

5007/8036 - Chopin Ballades; Fantasie in F - Morton Estrin [1959] Mono originally issued on red vinyl.; stereo originally issued on blue vinyl.

5008 - Composers Forum - Various Artists [1959] Originally issued on red vinyl in monaural only. Selections of Jonathan Elkus, Gordon Cyr and Charles Cushing.

5009 - Composers Forum - Various Artists [1959] Originally issued on red vinyl in monaural only. Andrew Imbrie: Sonata For Piano (Andrew Imbrie, piano)/Jerome Rosen: Sonata For Clarinet And Violincello (Jerome Rosen, clarinet; Helen Stross, cello)/Roger Nixon: Six Moods Of Love (Dorothy Renzi, soprano; Reylene Pierce, piano)

5010 - Composers Forum - Various Artists [11/59] Originally issued on red vinyl in monaural only. Nathan Rubin (violin), Mary James (viola), Bonnie Hampton (cello), Dorothy Renzi (soprano), Nathan Schwartz (piano), and Lawrence Moe (organ). Laurence Clarke: Chamber Music, Five Songs To Texts Of James Joyce (1955)/William Denny: Partita For Organ (1958)/Leland Smith: String Trio (1953)

5011/8035 - Spanish Church Music of the 16th Century - Dessoff Choirs [1959] Mono originally issued on red vinyl; stereo originally issued on blue vinyl. Victoria: Gaudent In Coelis, Motet, 4 Voices/O Magnum Mysterium, Motet, 4 Voices (Christmas Day)/Missa Pro Defunctis, Requiem, 6 Voices/Magnificat In The 6th Mode, 12 Voices

5012/8037 - Schubert: Sonata in D for Piano, Op. 53, D 850 - Abramowitsch [1959]

Note: At this point, the stereo issues begin using the last four digits of the mono number with an "8" in front. This was sometimes given as "8-50xx" or at other times "850xx". For simplicity, we have listed the stereo numbers as one five-digit number, without the hyphen, in the discography below. It is also at this point that the albums are no longer pressed on colored vinyl.

5013/85013 - Farewell to the Fox, Volume One - Tiny James and Everett Nourse at the Mighty Wurlitzer [1963] Gatefold cover. The Fox Theatre in San Francisco, which opened June 28, 1929, was a movie theater with over 4600 seats, located at 1350 Market Street. It was demolished shortly after it closed on February 16, 1963. Everett Norse and Tiny James were the last to play the organ there before the theater closed permanently. According to the liner notes, "The Fox Theatre was one of five theatres in the world to have a four manual, three hundred and fourty-nine stop console with its own independent elevator and thirty six ranks. The pit organ was installed at a cost of one hundred and twenty five thousand dollars and is a four manual theatre pipe organ installed in five chambers known as Foundation, Main, Side, Orchestral, Percussion. These chambers were rooms full of pipes from thirty two feet long to a tiny inch platinum pipe. The organ also had a marimba, a piano, and many sets of drums and special effects." The Best Things In Life Are Free/Wonderbar/Alley Cat/3 O'Clock In The Morning/Cuban Serenade/Naughty Waltz/London Suite/Ida, Sweet As Apple Cider/Anniversary Waltz/Love Letters In The Sand/Evelina/Ramona/Cherry Blossom Time

5014/85014 - Farewell to the Fox, Volume Two - Tiny James and Everett Nourse at the Mighty Wurlitzer [1963] El Choclo/Carolina In The Morning/Peggy O'Neil/Cuddle Up A Little Closer/Grandpa's Spells/Waltzing In The Clouds/Sent For You Yesterday/Teddy Bears Picnic/On Miami's Shore/My Blue Heaven/Falling In Love With Love/Cynthia's In Love/It's Been A Long, Long Time

5015/85015 - Joan Baez In San Francisco - Joan Baez [5/64] Recorded in June, 1958. Fantasy was sued by Vanguard Records on behalf of Joan Baez for issuing this album. She claimed the songs were "experimental material for which she was not paid", that it was recorded when she was a 17-year-old minor, that the material did not represent her present ability, and that she had no contract with Fantasy Records. By October, 1964, the Superior Court in San Francisco sided with Baez and issued a permanent injunction against Fantasy selling the record, directing that all master tapes and other related materials be turned over to Baez. The record had already sold some 40,000 copies, and was nearing the end of its sales run by that time. The stereo version of this album is electronically rechanneled. Island In the Sun/Water Boy/Annie Had A Baby/Oh Freedom/Man Smart, Woman Smarter/Scarlet Ribbons//Dark As A Dungeon/Told My Captain/Young Blood/I Gave My Love A Cherry/La Bamba/Every Night

5016/85016 - Blues Over Bodega - Lu Watters Jazz Band featuring Wally Rose & Barbara Dane [7/64] San Andreas Fault/See See Rider/The Villain/Some Of These Days//Willie The Weeper/Pork & Beans/Sand Francisco Bay/Emperor Norton's Hunch

5017/85017 - Jazz Impressions of "A Boy Named Charlie Brown" (Soundtrack) - Vince Guaraldi Trio [12/64] Oh, Good Grief!/Pebble Beach/Happiness Is/Schroeder/Charlie Brown Theme//Linus And Lucy/Blue Charlie Brown/Baseball Theme/Freda (With The Naturally Curly Hair)/Fly Me To The Moon

5018/85018 - Farewell to the Fox, Volume Three - Everett Nourse and Tiny James at the Mighty Wurlitzer [1965] A Precious Litttle Thing Called Love/I Love You/I Don't Know Why/Beautiful Ohio/Sleepytime Gal/The Object Of My Affections//Rosalie/When I Take My Sugar To Tea/Beautiful Lady/Pietro's Return/Beautiful Vienna/I Can't Believe That You're In Love With Me

5019/85019 - "A Charlie Brown Christmas" Featuring the Famous PEANUTS Characters - Vince Guaraldi Trio [11/65] O Tannenbaum/What Child Is This/My Little Drum/Linus and Lucy/Christmas Time Is Here (instrumental)//Christmas Time Is Here (vocal)/Skating/Hark, The Herald Angels Sing/Christmas Is Coming/Für Elise/The Christmas Song

5020/85020 - Poems of the Sea - Roy Bogas, Pianist [1966] Bloch: Poems Of The Sea/Absil: Passacaille/Bloch: In The Night//Seriabin: Two Etudes/Chopin: "Cello" Etude/Chopin: Scherzo #3

5021/85021 - Nathan Rubin and Naomi Sparrow - Nathan Rubin (violin) & Naomi Sparrow (piano) [1966] Ravel: Sonata For Violin And Piano (1927): Allegretto-Blues-Perpetuum Mobile//Satie: Things Seen From Left And Right/Poulenc: Sonata For Lorca

9000 Classical Series:

9001 - Zador: Csardas Rhapsodie - Hollywood Pops Orchestra [196?]

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