20th Century Fox Album Discography, Part 6
T 600-T 639

By Patrice Eyries, David Edwards, and Mike Callahan
Last update: February 8, 2006

The T 600s were the end of the line for 20th Century Fox Records. Lots of blank numbers in a catalog usually means the company is in financial trouble and can't afford to release all the albums it has scheduled. In any case, 20th Century Fox Records was sold to PolyGram in early 1982. PolyGram immediately folded the label under the Casablanca logo, and shifted all their contracts to that label, too. And that, as they say, was that.

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Number - Title - Artist - [Release Date] Contents

T 600 - Genetic Walk - Ahmad Jamal [1980] Genetic Walk/Spartacus Love Theme/Chaser/La Costa//Pablo Sierra/Bellows/Don't Ask My Neighbors/Time For Love

T 601 - Uptown, Uptempo: The Best of Randy Edelman - Randy Edelman [1979] Probably released outside the US only. Concrete And Clay/Fresh Out'a Love/You're The One/Slippin' Away/Woman On Your Arm/Don't Let Go To Me/Can't It All Be Love//Uptown, Uptempo Woman/The Night Has A Thousand Eyes/You/Weekend In New England/Take My Hand/ Pistol Packin' Melody/Blue Street

T 602 - Where's My Hero - Rozetta [1980] Pick Me Up/Keep On Fighting/Where's My Hero/Voodo/Paradise Lost/Nothing But A Heartache/On To You/Man Of Steel/Bad News

T 603 - Sweet Sensation - Stephanie Mills [1980] (5-80, #16) Sweet Sensation/Try My Love /I Just Wanna Say /Wish That You Where Mine//D-A-N-C-I-N'/Still Mine/Never Knew Like This Before/Mixture Of Love

T 604 - Photoglo - Photoglo [1980] (5-80, #194) Jim Photoglo. We Were Meant To Be Lovers/The Best That I Can Be/20th Century Fool/Steal Away/Beg Borrow Or Steal//When Love Is Gone/I Don't Want To Be In This Movie/Faded Blue/Young Girl/Don't Be Afraid To Love Somebody

Chi-Sound T 605 - Gene Chandler '80 - Gene Chandler [1980] (6-80, #87) Does She Have A Friend?/Lay Me Gently/All About The Paper/Rainbow '80//Do It Baby/You've Been So Sweet To Me/I'll Be There - With Joni Berlman/Let Me Make Love To You

T 606

T 607

T 608

T 609

T 610

T 611

T 612

T 613 - Naturally - Leon Haywood [1980] (5-80, #92) Don't Push It Don't Force It/Daydream/That's What Time It Is/Love Is What We Came Here For//If You're Lookin' For A Night Of Fun (Look Past Me, I'm Not The One)/Who You Been Giving It Up To?/Lover's Rap

T 614 - Best of Dan Hill - Dan Hill [1980] Sometimes When We Touch/Hold On/City Madness/Let The Song Last Forever/Frozen In The Night//Phonecall/All I See Is Your Face/(Why Did You Have To Go And) Pick On Me/Dark Side Of Atlanta/Growing Up

T 615 - Stronger Than You Think I Am - Edwin Starr [1980] Never Turn My Back On You/Tell-A-Star/Sweet/Upside Of Down/Bigger And Better//Stronger Than You Think I Am/Get Up- Whirlpool/Boop Boop Song

T 616

T 617 - Air Raid - Air Raid [1981] Nowhere Without Your Love/You're Mine/Anything Anytime/Love The Way You Look To Nite/Longships//Love Wave/Mystery Man/Soldiers Of Fortune/Ballad Of Anymore/Air Raid Drill

Chi-Sound T 618 - I Touched a Dream - Dells [1980] (8-80, #137) So You Are Love/All About The Paper/Passionate Breezes//I Touched A Dream/Just A Little Love/Look At Us Now/Your Song

Chi-Sound CHS 619 - Heavenly Body - Chi-Lites featuring Gene Record [1980] (11-80, #179) Heavenly Body/Strung Out/Round & Round/Love Shock//Have You Seen Her/All I Wanna Do Is Make Love To You/Give Me A Dream/Super Mad (About You Baby)

T 620 - Any Minute Now - Chris Montan [1980]

T 621 - Fool in Love with You - Jim Photoglo [1980] (6-81, #119) Fool In Love With You/Tonight Will Last Forever/More To Love/Won't Let You Do It To Me/Ruled By My Heart//Angelina/I Can't Let Go Of You/Run To Me/Try It Again/There's Always Another Chance Left For Love

T 622 - Intervals - Ahmad Jamal [1980]

T 623

Chi-Sound T 624 - Fan the Fire - The Impressions [1981] Fan The Fire/I Don't Wanna Lose Your Love/Love Love Love/Your Mine//I Surrender/Take Everything/I Don't Mind/For Your Precious Love

T 625 - Ear Candy - Various Artists [1980] What'Cha Gonna Do With My Lovin' - Stephanie Mills/Get Down - Gene Chandler/Don't Push It Don't Force It - Leon Heywood/Without Your Love - Cut Glass/Don't Ask My Neighbors - Ahmad Jamal/Just A Little Love - Dells/Contact - Edwin Starr

T 626 - Stunt Man (Soundtrack) - Dominic Frontieri [1980]

T 627 - 9 to 5 (Soundtrack) - Charles Fox [1980] (12-80, #77) Ajax Warehouse/Charlie's Bar/Dora Lee's Fantasy/Easy Time/Hard Tries To Escape/Judy's Fantasy/9 To 5 - Dolly Parton/Office Montage/Pillow Fight/The Intruder/Violet's Fantasy/Violet Steals Body

T 628 - Carl Carlton - Carl Carlton [1981] (8-81, #34) Sexy Lady/Let Me Love You Til' The Morning Comes/Don't You Wanna Make Love/This Feeling Is Rated X-tra //She's A Bad Mama Jama (She's Built She's Stacked)/I've Got That Boogie Fever/I Think It's Gonna Be Alright/Fighting In The Name Of Love

Chi-Sound T 629 - Here's to Love - Gene Chandler [1981] I'm Attracted To You/Love Is The Answer/I've Got To Meet You/Almost All The Way To Love//For The Sake Of The Memories/Almost Daylight/God Bless Our Love/God Sent

T 630 - Phase 1 - Formula V [1981]

T 631 - The Best of Ahmad Jamal - Ahmad Jamal [1981] Black Cow/Don't Ask My Neighbors/Swahililand/Soul Girl/Dynamo/Prelude To A Kiss/Genetic Walk

T 632 - The Elephant Man (Soundtrack) - John Morris [1981] Reissue of album first released on the Pacific Arts label [PAC8143]. Also issued as Twentieth Century Fox T 1000.

Chi-Sound T 633 - Whatever Turns You On - The Dells [1981] Happy Song/It Took A Woman Like You To Make A Man Out Of Me/Whatever Turns You On/How Can We Find The Love We Lost When We Don't Know How It Got Away//Ain't It A Shame/(Every Time I Hold You) Heaven's Just A Step Away/Is It It/Stay In My Corner

T 634 - The Best of Edwin Starr - Edwin Starr [1981]

Chi-Sound CHS 635 - Me and You - Chi-Lites featuring Gene Record [1981] (4-82, #162) Me And You/Tell Me Where It Hurts/Whole Lot Of Good Good Lovin'/Oh Girl//Get Down With Me/Try My Side (Of Love)/Hot On A Thing (Called Love)/Never Speak To A Stranger

T 636 - Hold on to Your Dream - Staple Singers [1981] Ride It On Out/There's Got To Be Rain In Your Life/Message In Our Music/Cold And Windy Night//Stupid Louie/Hold On To Your Dream/Show Off The Real You/Old Flames Can't Hold A Candle To You/Love Came Knocking

T 637

*T 638 - Ear Candy, Volume II - Various Artists [1981] Sexy Lady - Carl Carlton/Rainbow '80 - Gene Chandler/Heavenly Body - Chi-Lites/I Touched A Dream - Dells/For Your Precious Love - Impressions/Sweet Sensation - Stephanie Mills/Real Live #10 - Edwin Starr/Love Came Knocking - Staples Singers

T 639 - Rhyze to the Top - Rhyze [1980] Rhyze To The Top/Give It Up (Give Me Your Love)/What Can I Do About This Feeling /Bizzaar //Tonight's Gonna Be My Night/Having Fun (Everybody's Having Fun)/Overtime /Party Of Parties

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