Paula Album Discography, Part 1:
LP-2190 Pop/Country Series & LP-4000 Jazz Series

By Mike Callahan, Dave Edwards, and Patrice Eyries
Last update: February 4, 2007

Paula was started in 1965 as a pop/country outlet for Jewel Records. Stan Lewis started the catalog numbering sequence with 219, Stan and Paula's home address (the first LP was numbered 2190).

Uniques The first Paula single and first Paula hit was the Uniques' "Not Too Long Ago" [Paula 219], which reached #66 nationally. The Uniques featured keyboardist/vocalist Joe Stampley, who later had a solo career with Dot Records. The Uniques also charted in 1966 with "All These Things" [Paula 238, #97] and made the Christmas charts in 1967 with "Please Come Home For Christmas" [Paula 255]. The first album put out by Jewel/Paula was the Uniques debut, Uniquely Yours [Paula 2190], which was manufactured by Stan Lewis' friends at Chess Records. The group recorded three additional albums for Paula, who also issued a greatest hits compilation. Although the group didn't have tremendous national chart success, they were very popular with the college crowd, especially in the southeast part of the country. Group members were Joe Stampley (organ, lead vocals), Ray Mills (lead guitar), Bobby Sims (rhythm guitar), Bobby Stampley (bass), and Mike Love (drums).

Other singles from the first year of Paula Record's existence included offerings from the Team Mates, Bill Dunham, Skip Stewart, and Peggy Paxton. There were also singles by artists that Stan Lewis had moved from his Jewel label, namely Bobby Charles, Cookie and His Cupcakes, and John Fred and His Playboy Band.

John Fred and His Playboy Band, 1967 John Fred had made several singles for Jewel to little avail nationally. Starting with Paula 225, "Fortune Teller"/"Making Love To You," John Fred continued with five more singles without national chart action. The singles did, however, get local and regional airplay, and by the summer of 1967, John Fred and His Playboy Band were touring around the southeast at college campuses and dances. The photo of the band in 1967 (see right) has them looking every bit the band who you'd like to have play at a frat party (much like the Swingin' Medallions, also on the same circuit). John Fred and fellow band member Andrew Bernard wrote a song called "Agnes English" [Paula 273], full of trumpets, spy-story mystery, and great hooks ("with the lips I like to trace, to trace-uh"). In the summer of 1967, it was doing quite well in the southeast (it was a legitimate hit in cities like Washington, DC, for example), so the group recorded an album [LPS 2197] of the same name to follow up on the success of the single.

One of the album cuts was a song Fred considered a throwaway. He and the band had been playing a beach town in Florida when he noticed that the girls on the beach were all wearing big sunglasses. He also noticed that one particular girl looked great until she removed the sunglasses. "Judy in Disguise (with Glasses)" was quickly penned about the situation, wryly using a play on "Lucy in the Skies with Diamonds," the Beatles Sergeant Pepper LP-cut that was getting a lot of airplay. They had some fun with the recording, even borrowing an electric sitar to give it a more "psychedelic" sound for just a few notes at the end. When the promo album was shipped to radio stations, the deejays picked up on "Judy in Disguise" immediately. The group didn't particularly like the song, and were surprised when it was virtually forced out as their next single [Paula 282]. But, as they say, they learned to like it a lot more, as it finally knocked a Beatles tune ("Hello Goodbye") out of the national #1 spot. Paula reissued the album with a new cover as Judy in Disguise with Glasses.

Members of John Fred and His Playboy Band were John Fred (vocals), Andrew Bernard (baritone sax), Ronnie Goodson (trumpet), Charlie Spinosa (trumpet), Jimmy O'Rourke (guitar), Harold Cowart (bass), Tommy DeGeneres (organ), and Joe Miceli (drums).

John Fred and His Playboy Band had several more singles for Paula, but their main sound was not the bubblegum sound of "Judy in Disguise." Rather, they were more comfortable with blues-rock, like covers of the Wildweeds' "No Good to Cry," which they did really well. The public, looking for more cutesy bubblegum, didn't understand, so they never repeated their major success. Their followup single, "Hey Hey Bunny" [Paula 294] only made #57 nationally, although it reached #11 in Shreveport. After a few years, John Fred moved to the production end of the business. He produced records not only for Stan Lewis but also for his own RCS label, where he put out an album by famous New Orleans vocalist Irma Thomas. John Fred Gourrier died on April 15, 2005 at the age of 63.

Nat Stuckey When Stan Lewis started Paula as a "pop/country" label, the "country" part he had in mind initially was Nat Stuckey. Stuckey had grown up in Atlanta, Texas, which was near the border where Texas, Arkansas, and Louisiana all meet. After getting a degree in the communications field in the Dallas area, Stuckey moved to the "nearest big city" to Atlanta, Texas, which was Shreveport, Louisiana. There, he became an radio announcer and performer for the Louisiana Hayride. He and Stan Lewis obviously crossed paths often, and Lewis invited him to sign with his record label. After a couple of singles that didn't chart, Stuckey hit it big with "Sweet Thang" [Paula 243], which went to #4 on the country charts. His first album, which contained "Sweet Thang," also contained "Pop a Top," a song that would be taken to the top 10 on the country charts twice, first by Jim Ed Brown in 1967 [RCA 9192, #3] and then again by Alan Jackson in 1999 [Arista Nashville, #6]. Stuckey's connection with the Hayride also led to a collaboration on a song with Buck Owens that Owens rode to #1, "Waitin' in Your Welfare Line."

Nat Stuckey had a number of further successes on Paula after "Sweet Thang," including "Oh! Woman" [Paula 257, #17, 1967], "All My Tomorrows" (#27)/"You're Puttin' Me On (#67) [Paula 267, 1967], "Adorable Woman" [Paula 276, #41, 1967], "My Can Do Can't Keep Up with My Want To" [Paula 287, #17, 1967], and "Leave This One Alone" [Paula 300, #63, 1968]. With his success in 1967, Stuckey signed with the major label RCA, where he led off with one of his best-known songs, "Plastic Saddle." He eventually racked up a long list of national country chart hits that would last into the late 1970s. Stuckey died of cancer on August 24, 1988, at the age of 54. His widow, Ann, has established a website with more information about him.

In mid-1966, Paula also signed Charlie Daniels and the Jaguars, who did "The Middle of a Heartache"/"Skip It" [Paula 246]. Other new artists on Paula in 1966 included the Five String Swingers, Maylon D. Witt, the Chaps, Sonny Joe Dupain, Billy Joe Young (also on Jewel that year), Tom & the Cats (another Jewel transfer), Vernon Jacobs, the Bad Boys, Jimmy Fautheree, and Cheryl Poole.

Cheryl Poole Cheryl Poole was a country singer from Tyler, Texas. Her first single, "Every Chance You Get"/"Throwing in the Crying Towel" [Paula 251], released in 1966, was not particularly successful, but she pressed on. After three more non-charting singles, she finally scored with the first of four country chart hits, "Three Playing Love" [Paula 309], which reached #39 in 1968. It was about this time that Stan Lewis decided to start a country music series, so he switched the country artists to the Paula 1200 series. Poole's three other hits were "The Skin's Gettin' Closer to the Bone" [Paula 1207, #70, 1969], "Walk Among the People" [Paula 1214, #57, 1969], and Everybody's Gotta Hurt" [Paula 1219, #70, 1970]. Paula also issued an album by Cheryl Poole, called Cheryl [Paula LPS 2205] in 1969.

Mickey Gilley Perhaps the best known country singer on the Paula label was Mickey Gilley. Gilley was a cousin of Jerry Lee Lewis and had a similar frenetic piano style. Although his chart career started on the Paula label, it wasn't until he had left Paula that things really started picking up for him. His first chart single was "Now I Can Live Again" in 1968 [Paula 1200, #68], although he had been putting out singles and even an album for some time on Paula. His first single for Paula was in 1966 with "Make Me Believe"/"Say No to You" [Paula 256], the first of five non-chart singles before "Now I Can Live Again." After recording three albums worth of material for Paula, he left for Playboy Records in 1974, where he had much success.

Five By Five (l to r): Andrew, Milam, Plants,
Merritt, Green In 1967, a group called Five By Five, from Magnolia, Arkansas, signed with Paula. They were typical of the "cover bands" that played in clubs, doing the R&B dance songs popular at the time. Their first single was "Shake a Tail Feather" [Paula 261], issued in early 1967. They followed that with "Harlem Shuffle" [Paula 283] later that year. Although they were probably able to sell a number of copies to the folks who saw them appear live, there wasn't much interest outside the region. But in the summer of 1968, they covered a song, "Fire," off the Jimi Hendrix album Are You Experienced?. Since Hendrix' record company, Reprise, did not put the song out as a single, Five By Five was in luck. Theirs was the single version that was available when kids went to the store and asked for the song. The single entered the national charts in November, 1968 and made it up to #52. Like the group Underground Sunshine, who similarly filled a gap when they covered the Beatles' "Birthday," the cover version provided a short-term spotlight for the group, their so-called "15 minutes of fame." Today, their version of the song is rarely played as an oldie, because the original is usually played instead. As a cover band, they were certainly competent and their album is in some demand with collectors, but at best they're a footnote in rock and roll history, a band in the right place at the right time. The group was made up of Ronnie Plants (lead singer, guitar), Larry Andrew (guitar), Tim Milam (organ, vocals), Bill Merritt (bass), and Doug Green (drums). Five additional singles all failed to chart, and the group finally called it quits.

Other artists on the Paula label included New Orleans musician Ronnie Kole, Tony Douglas, Bobby Patterson, the Montclairs (who had several chart singles), Cash McCall, Joy, and others. In 1971, Stan Lewis signed Fontella Bass, who had some singles and an album on Paula, and a 1970s version of the Ink Spots, who incongruously did country songs. Many of the albums during the later years of the label's LP output were by Cajun comedian Justin Wilson.

The majority of the releases on Paula featured a pink label with black print. At the top was the Paula logo, which was "Paula Records" written in fancy cursive, with a drawing of a cameo between the two words. LPS-2201 had a blue label with the same graphics, and LPS-2214 had a red label. Very late issues in the mid-1970s and later had labels that were either dark pink or a pink-violet color. The MCA-distributed MGD-37500 series had a dark pink label with a red cameo.

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Number - Title - Artist - [Release Date] (Chart) Contents

LP-2190 Pop/Country Series:

LPM/LPS 2190 - Uniquely Yours - Uniques [1966] You Ain't Tuff/From Heaven To A Heartbreak/Midnight Hour/All These Things/Not Too Long Ago/Fast Way Of Living//Treat Her Right/Georgia (On My Mind)/Strange/Never Been In Love Before/Don't Be A Fool/House Of The Rising Sun

LP/LPS 2191 - John Fred & His Playboys - John Fred & His Playboys [1966] Boogie Children/When I Meet My Girl/How Can I Prove It/Can't I Get (A Word In)/Out Of Sight/My Babe/Don't Fight It/Wrong To Me/Making Love To You/Play With Fire/Night Owl/Harlem Shuffle

LP/LPS 2192 - Nat Stuckey Sings - Nat Stuckey [1966] Don't You Believe Her/I Wonder/Wall Climber/Sadness Follows Me Home/Sweet Thang/Tears Tears//On The Other Hand/Paralyze My Mind/Just Leave The Door Open/Oh Woman/Round And Round/Pop A Top

LP/LPS 2193 - 34:40 of John Fred & His Playboys - John Fred & His Playboys [1967] Outta My Head/Knock On Wood/You're On My Mind/Down To The Boogaloo/Loves Come On Time/Something's Going On//We Gotta Get Out Of This Place/Sun City/Leave Her Never/I've Been Loving You Too Long (To Stop Now)/Doing The Best I Can/Got To Get You Into My Life

LP/LPS 2194 - Happening Now - Uniques [1967] Every Now and Then I Cry (S)/Double Shot of My Baby's Love(S)/And I Love Her(S)/Sugar Bee(E)/Oh, Pretty Woman(S)/96 Tears(S)//Run and Hide(E)/Don't Let the Sun Catch You Crying(S)/Time Won't Let Me(S)/Look to Me(S)/Don't Bring Me Down(S)/You'll Never Walk Alone(S)

LP/LPS 2195 - Down The Line - Mickey Gilley [1967] Down The Line/Is It Wrong (For Loving You)/Susie Q/Mohair Sam/My Babe/I'm To Blame/Lotta Lovin'/Breathless/I'm Gonna Put My Love In The Want Ads/She's Still Got A Hold On You/Turn Around/I'll Make It All Up To You/Without You/Don't Do It Darlin'/Forgive/Night At The Night

LP/LPS 2196 - All My Tomorrows - Nat Stuckey [1967] Waitin' In Your Welfare Line/All My Good Times Are Gone/You're Puttin' Me On/Will's Crossing/Anywhere I Am/All My Tomorrows//Adorable Women/Walk Through This World With Me/I Knew Her When/Social Obligations/I Can't Stop Loving You/There's A Lot More

LP/LPS 2197 - Agnes English - John Fred & His Playboy Band [1968] (2-68, #154) Reissued with a different cover as Judy In Disguise (With Glasses). Up And Down (S)/Judy In Disguise (S)/Off The Wall (S)/Out Of Left Field (S)/She Shot A Hole In My Soul (S)/Most Unlikely To Succeed (S)//Agnes English (S)/When The Lights Go Out (S)/No Good To Cry (S)/Sometimes You Just Can't Win (S)/Sad Story (S)/Achenall Riot (S)

LPS 2197 - Judy in Disguise with Glasses - John Fred & His Playboy Band [1968] Reissue of Agnes English with a different title and cover. Up And Down (S)/Judy In Disguise (S)/Off The Wall (S)/Out Of Left Field (S)/She Shot A Hole In My Soul (S)/Most Unlikely To Succeed (S)//Agnes English (S)/When The Lights Go Out (S)/No Good To Cry (S)/Sometimes You Just Can't Win (S)/Sad Story (S)/Achenall Riot (S)

LP/LPS 2198 - Heart - Tony Douglas [1968] Heart/Driven By Loneliness/Mention My Name/Curtain In The Window/Me And My Lonely/Seasons Of My Heart//There Goes My Everything/Familiar Heartaches/I'm A One-Woman Man/Keep Your Little Eyes On Mine/Yesterday's Ashes/The Hurt Hurts

LP/LPS 2199 - Playtime - Uniques [1968] I'll Do Anything/It's All Over Now/To Love Somebody/It's Happening Now/Love Is A Precious Thing/Fool #1/Come On Up/Groovin' Out Tonight/Let's Spend The Night Together/Knock On Wood

From approximately this point, the releases are stereo only.

LPS 2200 - Ronnie Kole Plays for (You Alone) - Ronnie Kole [1968] You Alone/Life Time Of Happiness/Ode To Billie Joe/Impossible Dream/Lena/(others)

LPS 2201 - Permanently Stated - John Fred & His Playboy Band [1968] Blue label. We Played Games (S)/Surprise, Surprise (S)/What Is Happiness (S)/Lonely Are The Lonely (S)/Mary Jane (S)/Tissue Paper (S)//Hey, Hey, Bunny (S)/Who Could Love You (More Than I) (S)/Little Dum Dum (S)/Before The Change (S)/Permanently Stated (S)

LPS 2202 - Next Exit - Five by Five [1969] Fire (S)/Share Your Love (S)/Fruitstand Man (S)/Ain't Gonna Be Your Fool No More (S)/Soul Man (S)/She Digs My Love (S)//Shake A Tail-Feather (S)/Too Much Tomorrow (S)/Nothing You Do (S)/7 And 7 Is (S)/Hush (S)

LPS 2203 - Country Favorites Stuckey Style - Nat Stuckey [1969] Welcome To My World/Gentle On My Mind/That's All That Matters/My Can Do Can't Keep Up With My Want To/Together Again//With Pen In Hand/Son Of Hickory Holler's Tramp/By The Time I Get To Phoenix/Oh Lonesome Me/She Thinks I Still Care

LPS 2204 - The Uniques - Uniques [1969] Neon Rainbow/Sometimes/No Good to Cry/You Know/How Lucky//My Babe/By the Time I Get to Phoenix/The Middle Of A Heartache/You Don't Miss Your Water/I Sure Feel More

LPS 2205 - Cheryl - Cheryl Poole [1969] Three Playing Love/Daddy's Little Girl/Ruby's Stool/I'm Not Your Woman/Kansas City/If You're Gonna Be My Man//The Skin's Getting Closer To The Bone/You Ain't No Friend Of Mine/Swinging Blue/I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry/Walk Among The People/You Haven't Read The Book

LPS 2206 - The Versatile Tony Douglas - Tony Douglas & Shrimpers [1969] Did I Say Something Wrong/In The Time It Takes To Leave/I Don't Like I Did/Portrait Of A Fool/Conscience/Love Is The Reason/Black Mountain Rag/That's What I Get/Artificial Happiness/Why Baby Why/Strangers/Fastest Gun Alive/Family Bouquet/Shrimpsey

LPS 2207 - New Orleans' Newest Sound - Ronnie Kole Trio [1969] Dark pink label. Aquarius/Summer Breeze/Spinning Wheel/God Bluess Bu-Butz/Love Theme From Romeo And Juliet/Just A Feelin'//Galveston/Happy Is Love/Mac Arthur Park/I Want To Be With You/Just A Closer Walk/Lonely Waltz

LPS 2208 - Golden Hits - Uniques [1970] Reissued on CD in 1991 as Paula PCD-2208. All These Things/Not Too Long Ago/How Lucky (Can One Man Be)/Every Now And Then (I Cry)/You Don't Miss Your Water//You Ain't Tuff/Toys Are Made For Children/I'll Do Anything/Sometime/Groovin' Out/Fool No 1

LPS 2209 - New Orleans...Today - Ronnie Kole Trio [1970] Close to You/On a Clear Day You Can See Forever/Love Story/Yellow Bird/My Rhapsody/Exodus//Secret of My Soul/Great Stone Bottle/Sesame Street/He Ain't Heavy He's My Brother/Tennessee Waltz/My Sweet Lord

LPS 2210 - Pass a Good Time with Justin Wilson - Justin Wilson [1970] Comedy album. Introduction and what is a Cajun/How High is a Telephone Pole?/How Long are 4X2s?/The Green Horse/The US & DA Inspector/The Talking Dog/The Reluctant Saint/The White Mule/The Wrecked Policeman/The Bigshot Lawyer/The Sick Cajun/The Confessor/Closing

LPS 2211 - Dinner and Joy on the Ground - Kell Street Camp Meeting [1971] Group includes former members of Mouse & the Traps. Revive Us Again/Kneel At The Cross/Commentary/The Great Speckled Bird/Farther Along/Will The Circle Be Unbroken/Commentary/I Shall Not Be Moved/If We Never Meet Again (This Side Of Heaven)/Precious Memories/Commentary/Oh! Why Not Tonight/God Be With You (Till We Meet Again)

LPS 2212 - George E. Brooks & The Ink Spots Sing Country and Their Own Hits - George E. Brooks & the Ink Spots [1971] If I Didn't Care/Ain't No Big Thing/He'll Have to Go/Your Cheatin Heart/I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry//We Three/Truck Stop/Cold Cold Heart/Do I Worry/Green Green Grass of Home

LPS 2213 - Free - Fontella Bass [1971] To Be Free/Hold On This Time/I Want Everyone To Know/I Need To Be Loved/Talking About Freedom/I Need Love/Wiping Tears/Now That I Found A Good Thing/Who You Gonna Blame/My God, My Freedom, My Home/Rescue Me (new version)

LPS 2214 - Hunting with Justin Wilson - Justin Wilson [1972] Red label. Comedy album. Introduction & What Is A Cajun?/A Retriever Named Phideaux/The Sacred Cow/The Dog That Couldn't Swim//The Disobedient Pointer/Chicken Hawk Gumbo/The Illiterate Duck Hunter/The Alligator With No Shoes/The 10-Year-Old Who Saw A Miracle/The Hard-Shelled Opossum/Closing

LPS 2215 - It's Just a Matter of Time - Bobby Patterson [1972] If You Took A Survey/I Get My Groove From You/Make Sure You Can Handle It/Everything Good To You (Don't Have To Be Good For You)/How Do You Spell Love?/Recipe For Peace/Quiet! Do Not Disturb/She Don't Have To See You (To See Through You)/Right On Jody/I Just Love You Because I Wanted To/One Ounce Of Prevention/This While Funky World Is A Ghetto

LPS 2216 - Dreaming Out of Season - Montclairs [1972] Prelude To A Heartbreak/Do I Stand A Chance/Dreaming's Out Of Season/Make Up For Lost Time/Beggin' Is Hard To Do/Just Can't Get Away/Unwanted Love/Grand Finale/Baby (You Know I'm Gonna Miss You)

LPS 2217 - Thunderfoot - Joy [1972] Mother Nature/Sea Green Symphony/Your Friend And Mine/Dreams/Cross-Country Woman//Ride The World/Things Are Gonna Be Alright/Ragged Old Man/Brothers/Hasufel: Skybound-Journey-Arrival

LPS 2218 - Has Anybody Seen the Superstar - Rod St. James [1972] Has Anybody Seen The Superstar/Three Quarters Of An Hour/Let It Shine/Mr. Coffey/Im Going Home//Dream Chain/Wandering Minstrel/Now Is The Time/Pisces Child/Born To Ride The Restless Wind

LPS 2219 - The Old Master Story Teller - Justin Wilson [1972] Comedy album. Introduction And What Is A Cajun?/The Coastguard Trainee/The Hunting Lamb/New Kind Of Plow Horse/The Reluctant Student/The Real Weigh/Chicamauga//The Thunderstorm Sanctuary/The Lost Wallet/The Saleable Horse/The Winless Candidate/Fear Motivation/Out Of Gas/Closing

LPS 2220 - Omega Man - Cash McCall [1972] Omega Man/Why Can't We Live Together/Love Me Baby/Junkie For Your Love/Mojo Woman//Hard Attack/Hard Head/I Need Your Love/New Orleans/Blues 99

LPS 2221 - Justin Wilson Meets Jean (John) Barleycorn - Justin Wilson [1973] Comedy album recorded May 25, 1973 at the Marriott Hotel, Houston. Introduction And What Is A Cajun?/The Cold Cold Cajun/The Corageous Cajun/(others)

LPS 2222 - A Cajun Christmas with Justin Wilson - Justin Wilson [1973] Comedy album, with backing by Bert Peck & the Kings of Dixieland. I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus/Chipmunk Song/White Christmas/Jingle Bells/All I Want For Christmas Is My Two Front Teeth/Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer/Silent Night/(others)

LPS 2223 - Keep It Clean - Justin Wilson [1974] Comedy album. Introduction And What Is A Cajun?/The Preoccupied Cajuns/The Modest Old Maiden/The Smart Cajun/The Very Bright Nine Year Old/The Useless Disguise/The Vonurable Aggressor/The Very Big Truck//The Six Feet 3-3/4 Inch 78 Pound Redhead/The Cajun Journalist/The Dreamer/The language Barrier/Closing

LPS 2224 - Mickey Gilley at His Best - Mickey Gilley [1974] I'm To Blame/Night After Night/Susie Q/I'll Make It All Up To You/Breathless/Is It Wrong//Lonely Wine/Down The Line/Forgive, My Babe/Turn Around/Lotta Lovin'

LPS 2225 - New Orleans Beat - Bert Peck & Kings of Dixieland [1974] When The Saints Go Marching In/Black And Blue/Panama/Do You Know/Milneberg Joys/Just A Closer Walk With Thee//Tiger Rag/I'm Satisfied With My Gal/Saint Louis Blues/Figidy Feet/Muskrat Ramble/That's A Plenty

LPS 2226 - Souvenirs of Yesterday - Jimmie Davis [1974] Don't Let The Green Grass Fool You/Shackles And Chains/I'm Losing My Mind Over You/Four Walls/Today I Started Loving You Again//Welcome To The Club/Just One Split Second/Crying Time/I Can't Stop Loving You/Souvenirs Of Yesterday

LPS 2227 - The Sport - Justin Wilson [1974] Comedy Album. Introduction And What Is A Cajun?/The Snake Eating Alligators/The Quick Thinkin' Umpire/The Right Handed Cajun Hunter//Wash. Biol. Surv./Five Assorted Short Cajun Stories/The Long, Long Football Field/The Well Prepared Football Spectator/Closing

LPS 2228 - One Song - One Song [1975] Christian rock band based in Texas.

LPS 2229 - Justin Wilson in Orbit - Justin Wilson [6/75] Introduction & What Is A Cajun/Safety Expert-Space Workers/The Cajun From Texas A&M/The Smart Egg Buyer/Innovative Chicken Farmer/Hoping For A Full Moon/Sheriff's Dispatcher//The Diplomat/The Biographer/Keen Eyed Witness/Frugal Husband/Inquiring Optometrist/Police Radio Dispatcher/Smart Barber/Closing

LPS 2230 - Sunshine - Jimmie Davis [1975] Unlock My Mind/Jenny Is Afraid Of The Dark/Love Isn't Love (Till You Give It Away)/I Can't Stand Pain/Country Sunshine//I Never Go Around Mirrors/You Are My Sunshine/Like Old Times Again/Lay It On Line/Congratulations

LPS 2231 - Justin Wilson Reading Christmas Stories - Justin Wilson [1975] The Littlest Angel/The Night Before Christmas/Santa Claus And The Mouse/The Year Without Santa Claus/The Little Engine That Could

LPS 2232 - For True - Justin Wilson [11/76] Comedy Album. Introduction And Definition Of A Cajun/The Truthful Sheriff's Dog/Sure Cure For A Sick Mule/The Canine Bouree Player/Challenging The Jury/A Solution For A Problem Drinker/A Fisherman's Helper/Murphy Brown's Hunting Dog/A Free Cajun Electrician/An Honest Driver/Uncle Jean Pierre/The Paintin' Mill-Wright/The Obedient Quarter Back/A Room Enlarger/Closing

LPS 2233 -

LPS 2234 - Mickey Gilley - Mickey Gilley [6/78] She's Still Got A Hold On You/Running Out Of Reasons/World Of Our Own/That Heart Belongs To Me/(I'm Gonna Put My Love) In The Want Ads/Without You//It's Just A Matter Of Making Up My Mind/Now I Can Live Again/There's No One Like You/You Can Count Me Missing/New Way To Live/Watching The Way

MGD 37500 series (Distributed by MCA):

MGD-37500 - Mickey Gilley at His Best, Volume 1 - Mickey Gilley [1981] Reissue of Paula LPS-2224. I'm To Blame/Night After Night/Susie Q/I'll Make It All Up To You/Breathless/Is It Wrong//Lonely Wine/Down The Line/Forgive, My Babe/Turn Around/Lotta Lovin'

MGD-37501 - Mickey Gilley at His Best, Volume 2 - Mickey Gilley [1981] Abridged reissue of Paula LPS 2234 with a new title and cover. She's Still Got A Hold On You/Running Out Of Reasons/World Of Our Own/That Heart Belongs To Me/I'm Gonna Put My Love In The Want Ads//It's Just A Matter Of Making Up My Mind/Now I Can Live Again/There's No One Like You/You Can Count Me Missing/New Way To Live/Watching The Way

MGD-37502 - Mickey Gilley - Mickey Gilley [1981]

LPS 4000 Jazz series (all issued in stereo only):

LPS 4001 - Chi-Conga - Art Ensemble of Chicago [1973] Chi-Congo/Enlorfe, Part 1//Enlorfe, Part 2/Hippparippp

LPS 4002 - Young-Holt Unlimited Plays Super Fly - Young Holt Unlimited [1973] Freddie's Dead/Give Me Your Love/Pusher Man/Superfly/Hey Pancho//Could It Be I'm Falling In Love/(They Long To Be) Close To You/People Make The World Go Round/Mystical Man

LPS 4003 - Sax and Flute Man - James Moody [1973] Don't Let Me Be Lonely/Good Sense Of Humor Man/First Thing In The Morning/Country City Country//World Is A Ghetto/Trilby/You're Right As Rain/Moody's Mood

LPS 4004 - Soul Girl - Sonny Stitt [1974] Got To Get Over/Soul Girl/Jeep Blues/I Know That You Know/I Should Care/Eight Track Blues/Gone With The Wind

LPS 4005 - Odell Brown - Odell Brown [1974] I Love Every Little Thing About You/Tasha/South Of 63rd/Song Theme/Simizzoke

LPS 4006 - Isaac, Isaac, Isaac - Isaac "Redd" Holt Unlimited [1974] Listen To The Drums/Love Story/Let The Spirit In/Flo/Slow Funk/Two People In Love/Takers

LPS 4007 - The Other Side of the Moon - Redd Holt Unlimited [1975] I Shot The Sheriff/Do It Baby/Gimme Some Mo/Nothing From Nothing//The Other Side Of The Moon/Tica Chita/Beware Little Girls Of The Cannibals/Rhu

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