Jubilee Album Discography, Part 5: Comedy Series
by David Edwards and Mike Callahan
Last update: July 28, 2012

Almost all the albums in this series were released in mono only. Only the last few albums may have been stereo. "Saucy Sylvia" Stoun (JGM 2060, 2063) has recently set up her own web site.

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Number - Title - Artist [Release Date] (Chart) Contents

2000 (Comedy) Series:

JGM-2000 - Sophisticated Songs - Nan Blackstone

JGM-2001 - Comedy of Errors - Kermit Schafer [?] Issued in mono only.

JGM-2002 - Slipped Disks - Kermit Schafer [?] Issued in mono only.

JGM-2003 - Prize Bloopers - Kermit Schafer [?] Issued in mono only.

JGM-2004 - Super Bloopers - Kermit Schafer [?] Issued in mono only.

JGM-2005 - Off the Record - Kermit Schafer [?] Issued in mono only.

JGM-2006 - Station Breaks - Kermit Schafer

JGM-2007 - Funny Boners - Kermit Schafer [?] Issued in mono only.

JGM-2008 - Foot 'N Mouth Club - Kermit Schaerer [?] Issued in mono only.

JGM-2009 - Penny Malone Sings? - Penny Malone

JGM-2010 - Michael Brown Sings His Own Songs - Michael Brown

JGM-2011 - Bloopers Volume 4 New Edition - Kermit Schafer [?] Issued in mono only.






JGM-2017 - Over Sexteen: Prudes Won't Think It Funny! [Volume 1] - Various Artists [?] Issued in mono only.

JGM-2018 - Prof. Irwin Corey at Le Ruban Bleu - Prof. Irwin Corey [?] Issued in mono only.

JGM-2019 - Over Sexteen, Volume 2 - Various Artists [?] Issued in mono only.

JGM-2020 - Love Letters - John Fostini [12/57]

JGM-2021 - Baby Face Nelson (Soundtrack) - Van Alexander [1957]

JGM-2022 - Carlton Fredericks, Volume 1 - Carlton Fredericks

JGM-2023 - Carlton Fredericks, Volume 2 - Carlton Fredericks

JGM-2024 - Songs for Sinners - Rusty Warren [1/59] Issued in mono only. Songs For Sinners, Part 1//Songs For Sinners, Part 2. Includes songs "Bananas," and "God Created Woman."

JGM-2025 - Songs That Never Made the Hymnal - Bob Peck [?] Reissue of Jubilee JLP-1035. Issued in mono only. Moth in a Gray Flannel Suith/Dog Song/Thank You Mr. Bell/The Unsung Heroes/Cigarette girl/Playboy Undertaker/The Old Ball Game/Sweet Sixteen/Nam Daer Bregnig/Abercrombie and Fitch/T.V. Cowboy (Ballad of Wyatt Urp)/Breakfast My Dear/I Remember Mau Mau/Baghdad Beguine

JGM-2026 - Tongue with Cheek - Dwight Fiske & Nan Blackstone [?] Issued in mono only.


JGM-2028 - Censored! Martha Wright Sings Cole Porter, Irving Berlin, Rodgers & Hart and Others - Martha Wright with the Joe Harnell Trio [1959] Issued on red vinyl. Issued in mono only.

JGM-2029 - Knockers Up - Rusty Warren [1960] Issued in mono only. Red River Sally [early record jackets show "I Wish I Could Shimmy Like My Sister Kate" instead]/In The Family Way//Frankie And Johnny/Knockers Up!/You're Nobody Til Somebody Loves You

JGM-2030 - My Fairfax Lady - Original Cast [1960?] Issued in mono only.


JGM-2032 - Ill Will - Will Jordan [1961] Issued in mono only.

JGM-2033 - Larry Storch at The Bon Soir - Larry Storch [?] Issued in mono only.

JGM-2034 - Sin-Sational - Rusty Warren [1961] Issued in mono only. Let Me Entertain You/Mother-Daughter Talk: "Don't Do It"/Technical Improvements Be Hanged/"I Like It" Girls/It's Mine/A Good Man Is Hard To Find//Those Stairs Are Killing Me/Rusty For President/Growing Pains/Life Is Just A Bowl Of Cherries

JGM-2035 - Smith and Dale at The Palace - Smith & Dale [1961] Issued in mono only.

JGM-2036 - Other Side - Lee Tully [1961]

JGM-2037 - Bottoms Up with the Richie Brothers - Richie Brothers [1961] Issued in mono only.

JGM-2038 - Roy Awbrey's Cock 'N Bull Tales - Roy Awbrey [1961] Issued in mono only.

JGM-2039 - Rusty Warren Bounces Back - Rusty Warren [1961] Issued in mono only. Thank You-For a Lovely /When a Women Waits For The Signal To Be Wanted/Hey, Baby/Knockers Up/Make Someone Happy

JGM-2040 - Sing Along - Al Alberts & The Lifers [?] Issued in mono only.

JGM-2041 - Harry Hershfield - Harry Hershfield [1962] Issued in mono only.

JGM-2042 - Back to College - Don Sherman [1962] Issued in mono only.

JGM-2043 - Introducing Peter Wood - Peter Wood [1962] FCC Hearings/The Censor/The Drunk/The Producer/Surprise Celebrities//Juvenile Delinquent/The Puerto Rican/The Stripper/Punch Drunk Fighter/Fallout Professor

JGM-2044 - Rusty Warren in Orbit - Rusty Warren [1962] Issued in mono only. Recorded live at the Chariot Room, Anaheim Bowl, Anaheim, California. Funnyside/Missles/Do It Now/The Secretary/Learn To Laugh At Yourself

JGM-2045 - Laugh-Cajun-Laugh - J.B. Kling Jr. [1963] Issued in mono only.

JGM-2046 - You're What? - Bernie Gould [1963] Issued in mono only. Parents Of The World Unite/Preparing For The Baby/Picking The Doctor/The Fontanel/Toilet Training/Bottle Feeding/Teething/Thumb Sucking/Your Baby's Development/Walking And Talking/The One-Year Old/Eating Habits/Toys For The Older Child/Dawdling And Discipline/Fears Of The Child/Nail Biting And Bed Wetting/Lying/Where Do Babies Come From?

JGM-2047 - Bernie Berns Goes to Washington - Bernie Berns [1963] Issued in mono only. Ladies Luncheon/Bar-Mitzvah Speech/A Plain Girl/Fox Hunting/Hebrew Home Of Hyannisport/The Barber Shop/Summit Meeting//Please Move Ma/Cousins Club/It's An Emergency/Taxi, Taxi/The Butcher/Dinner & Dance Chairman/Send Mr. Salinger

JGM-2048 - This Is a City? - Steve Karmen [1963] Issued in mono only. Give Me That Old Unemployment/On the Island of Coney/Green Stamps/The Ballad Of Dr. Zorba/Credit Card/Office Party/Sam MacDonald/Slenderfella/Home With A Range/Subways Go Rolling Along/The Twelve Days Of Vacation

JGM-2049 - Banned in Boston? - Rusty Warren [1963] Issued in mono only. I Like Everybody/Pay TV//Green Back Dollar/Never Grow Too Old To Be Young

JGM-2050 - Spice Is Right - Ruth Wallis [1963] Dinghy Sing/Down In The Indies/Johnny Had A Yo-Yo/All Night Long/Admiral's Daughter/Ubangi/Queer Things Are Happening/Psycho Mambo/Pull Down The Shade Marie/Drill Em All

JGM-2051 - The Funny Side of Rudy Vallee - Rudy Vallee [1964] Recorded in 1963 at the N.C.O. Club, Kindley Air Force Base, Kindley Field, Bermuda. The Funny Side Of Rudy Vallee, Part 1//The Funny Side Of Rudy Vallee, Part 2

JGM-2052 - A Wet Bird Never Flies At Night - Jackie Vernon [1964]

JGM-2053 - In Pow-Wow - Richie Brothers [1964] Issued in mono only.

JGM-2054 - Sex-X-Ponent - Rusty Warren [1964] Issued in mono only. Rusty Is Here/Ask The Kids//Pill Song/Madam President

JGM-2055 - Riscotheque Saturday Night - Autry Inman [1965] Issued in mono only.

JGM-2056 - Riscotheque, Part 2 - Autry Inman [1966] Issued in mono only.

JGM-2057 - Dial that Telephone - Effie Smith [1966]

JGM-2058 -

JGM-2059 - More Knockers Up! - Rusty Warren [1965] More Knockers Up!, Part 1//More Knockers Up, Part 2. Includes songs "I'm Glad I'm Here With You," "We Used To Dance Together," and "The Knockers Up March."

JGM-2060 - Agent 0069 - Saucy Sylvia Stoun [1966] I'm Saucy Sylvia/Agent 0069//Ace In The Hole/She Had To Go And Lose It At The Astor

JGM-2061 - Stories Our Jewish Mother Forgot to Tell Us - Barton Brothers [1966]

JGM-2062 - Keep the Faith, Baby! - Adam Clayton Powell [1967] Keep The Faith, Baby/My Dear Colleagues/Handwriting On The Wall//Burn, Baby, Burn/Death Of Any Man/One Day

JGM-2063 - Sex Is the Thing (That Started It All) - Saucy Sylvia Stoun [1967] Recorded live at the 24-Karat Club, Detroit. I'm Saucy Sylvia/Sex Is The Thing (That Started It All)/Oh How The Money Rolls In/The Fairway/Saucy's Protest Song

JGM-2064 - Rusty Rides Again - Rusty Warren [1967] Recorded live in Las Vegas. Tonight Is Gonna Be Tonight/Timing//Knockers Are Very Big This Year/Roll Me Over



JGM-2067 - Boy! Am I Glad We Joined the Indians!! - Various Artists [1968] Artists include Joe Bologna, Rudy Dale, Fred Levinson, Robin Lorring, Bobby Alto, and others.

JGM-2068 - LBJ Menagerie - Various Artists [1968] Interview-Ladybird/Interview- LBJ/Interview-Humphrey/Interview-R. Kennedy//Interview-Goldwater/Interview-Nixon/Interview- Rockefeller/Interview-Reagan/Interview-Dirkson

JGS-2069 - Bottoms Up - Rusty Warren [1969]

JGS-2070 - Join the Love In - Lee Tully [1969] Sex And The Pill/Sex In The Schools/Sex In The Kindergarten (with Patricia Charmichael)/Sex In The Future/Sex In Reverse//Sex In The Toy Department/Sex In The Movies/Sex In The Living Room/Sex In Style/Sex In The Freezer (An EP was also issued with same title, as JGM-EP 2070 with some songs from the album).

JGS-2071 - A Laughing Matter - Will Jordan [1969]

JGS-2072 - Al Capp on Campus - Al Capp [1969] Al Capp, artist who created Lil Abner comics and invented "Sadie Hawkins Day," talks to students at Fresno State College, and has a question and answer period.

JGS-2073 - Presenting Lee Sutton: A Near "Miss?" - Lee Sutton [1969] Recorded At The Union Tavern, Camberwell New Rd, London. Lee Sutton is a female impersonator. Open The Show With A Bang (S)/Navy Blues (S)//The Lady's A Fake (S)/ Let's Go Commercial (S)/Coffee Without (S)/Tavern In The Town (S)

JGS-2074 - Look What I Got For You - Rusty Warren [1969]

Assorted Specially Numbered Comedy Albums:

JLP-101 - Campus Capers, Vol. 1 - Various Artists [?] Issued in mono only.

GP-1 - Golf-O-Mania - (Artist not known) [?] Issued in mono only.

BL-1 - Blooperama - Kermit Schafer [?] Issued in mono only.

KS-1 - The Best of Bloopers - Kermit Schafer [1/59] (2-LP set) Issued in mono only.

KS-2 - Candid Camera - Alan Funt [?] Issued in mono only.

PMB-1 - Pardon My Blooper, Volume 1 - Kermit Schafer [1958]

PMB-2 - Pardon My Blooper, Volume 2 - Kermit Schafer [1958]

PMB-3 - Pardon My Blooper, Volume 3 - Kermit Schafer [1958]

PMB-4 - Pardon My Blooper, Volume 4 - Kermit Schafer [1958]

PMB-5 - Pardon My Blooper, Volume 5 - Kermit Schafer [1959]

PMB-6 - Pardon My Blooper, Volume 6 - Kermit Schafer [1959]

PMB-7 - Pardon My Blooper, Volume 7 - Kermit Schafer [1959]

PMB-8 - Pardon My Blooper, Volume 8 - Kermit Schafer [11/59]

SPMB-9 - Pardon My Sports Blooper - Kermit Schafer [?] Issued in mono only.

QPMB-10 - Quiz Blooper - Kermit Schafer [?] Issued in mono only.

WPMB-11 - Washington Blooper - Kermit Schafer [?] Issued in mono only.


GNP 2-2079 - Knockers Up/Songs For Sinners - Rusty Warren (2-LP set) Reissue of JGM-2029 and JGM-2024 in a fold-out cover with original graphics.

GNP 2-2080 - Rusty Warren Bounces Back/Sin-Sational - Rusty Warren [1973] (2-LP set) Reissue of Jubilee JGM-2039 and Jubilee JGM-2034 in a fold-out cover with original graphics.

Thanks to Steve Coan, Miss Saucy Sylvia, Steven Braitman, Desoto Joe, and J.D. Doyle.

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