Jubilee Album Discography, Part 4 (1966-1969): 8000 Series
by David Edwards and Mike Callahan
Last update: July 28, 2012

The fifth Jubilee label is almost the same as the fourth (used for the 5000 series), but the oval logo is much smaller, and the colored spikes reach only half way to the center hole.

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Number - Title - Artist [Release Date] (Chart) Contents

Pop Series continues; Numbering changes to 8000 Series:

JGS-8001 - Hitsville - Joey Dee [1966] Reach Out I'll Be There/Hold On, I'm Coming/See See Rider/Feel Good About It/The Hair on My Chinny Chin Chin//Cherry Cherry/Land of a 1000 Dances/Black Is Black/I Chose To Sing The Blues/Psychotic Reaction/It's Got You

JGS-8002 - First Look at Forever and Ever - Forever And Ever

JGS-8003 - Legend of the Blues - Memphis Slim [1967] Little Lonely Girl/Gone Again/Forty Years Or More/All By Myself/Broadway Boogie/Lend Me Your Love/Ramble This Highway/I Feel Like Ballin' The Jack/Rock Me Woman/This Little Woman

JGS-8004 - Born Free - Aliza Kashi [1967] Born Free/My Cup Runneth Over/A Man And A Woman/What The World Needs Now Is Love/Bill Bailey/Love Me With All Your Heart

JGS-8005 - Ding Dong the Witch Is Dead - Fifth Estate [1967] The song "Heigh-Ho" is not listed on the record jacket (except perhaps as a sticker). The song was added to the album after it was issued as a single, and the title appears on the label. Ding Dong The Witch Is Dead (S)/Kisses For Breakfast (S)/I'm A Believer (S)/Tomorrow Is My Turn (S)/It's Waiting There For You (S)/That's Love (S)//Heigh-Ho (S)/The Goofin' Song (S)/No. 1 Hippie On The Village Scene (S)/Midnight Hour (S)/Rub-A-Dub (S)/The Birds And Bees (S)/Lost Generation (S)


JGS-8007 - The Blades of Grass are Not for Smoking - Blades Of Grass [1967] Happy (S)/Just Ah (S)/Help (S)/The Way You'll Never Be (S)/You Won't Find That Girl (S)/Leap Into The Arms Of Love (S)//Just Another Face (S)/Or Is It The Rain (S)/Walk Away Renee (S)/That's What A Boy Likes (S)/Tomorrow Is My Turn (S)/Satin Slipper (S)

JGS-8008 - Lapland - Baltimore & Ohio Marching Band [1967] Lapland/Do Re Mi/Yellow Rose of Texas Whistle While You Work/Girl Watchers Theme/Bach Minuet/The B&O marching Band Song//The Happy Wanderer/The Col. Bogey March/The Kazoo Special/The Childrens's Marching Song/St. Louie Street March/Seventy-Six Trombones

JGS-8009 - Moe Koffman Goes Electric - Moe Koffman [1968] Released in both mono and stereo.The Swingin' Shepherd blues/Dr. Swahili/Comin' Home Baby/Norwegian Wood (This Bird Has Flown)/Lord Have Mercy/Swingin' Explorer//Battering Ram/Trains and Boats and Planes/Paniano/Forest flower/How is the Time

JGS-8010 - Xiomarea Aefaro Sings International Favorites - Xiomarea Aefaro

JGS-8011 - Enzo Stuarti Sings - Enzo Stuarti [1968] Overture/We're Not Strangers/Yours Is My Heart Alone/Once In A Lifetime/Come Prima/That Wonderful Gal Of Mine/If You Are But A Dream/You Stepped Out Of A Dream/Gigi/I've Grown Accustomed To Her Face/This Is All I Ask/September Song/It Never Entered My Mind/On The Street Where You Live/Smile/Al Di La/The Exodus Song/The Sound of Music/And That Reminds Me/As Long As She Needs Me/If Ever I Would Leave You/If I Loved You/West Side Story Medley: Tonight, Maria, The House I Live In, Somewhere/Sorrento/Vesto La Guibba/We're Not Strangers

JGS-8012 - Hello People! - Aliza Kashi [1968] Recorded Live at Caesar's "Monticello," Framingham, Mass. I Didn't Know What Time It Was/Shtick...by Miss Kashi/Goin' Out Of My Head/Shtick...by Miss Kashi/Mala Femmena/What Now My Love (Et Maintenant)/If I Were A Rich Man// The Whiffenpoof Song/Quando Quando Quando/Shtick...by Miss Kashi/No Regrets/Shtick...by Miss Kashi/Medley:After You've Gone-Rock-A-Bye Your Baby With A Dixie Melody-Swanee-Bill Bailey (Won't You Please Come Home)/Havah Nagilah

JGS-8011 - Enzo Stuarti Sings - Enzo Stuarti

JGS-8013 - Sounds of Modification - Modification [1968] The Balloon Man/I'm Gonna Buy A People/What Is This In The Mist/You/Try And Forget Me//You Are Asking For The Key/Tell Me/Going To A Place Called Love/I'm Painting A Picture/The Toreador

JGS-8014 - Baltimore & Ohio Marching Band Plays Music from the Comics - Baltimore & Ohio Marching Band [1968] Simon Says/Alley Oop/I'm Popeye the Sailor Man/Jubilation T. Cornpone/The Kids Next Door/Barney Google (With the Goo Goo Goggly Eyes)/Snoopy Versus the Red Baron/Little Orphan Annie/Lady Bird/Gogo Togo/Batman Theme/Sgt. Crunch

JGS-8015 - Racket Squad - Racket Squad [1968] The Loser/Let's Dance To The Beat Of My Heart/(Just Like) Romeo And Juliet/We've Got A Groovey Thing Goin'/Higher Than High/Hung Up//Ode To Billy Joe/Sunshine Man/No fair At All/Little Red Wagon/Let It Out (Let It All Hang Out)

JGS-8016 - Personality Aplenty!! - Chiari Quartet [1968]

JGS-8017 - The Look of Love - Vivian Dandridge [1968] Love Is Blue/Try To Remember/Strange Fruit/Sunny/I Cover The Waterfront/Look Of Love/You're My Thrill/A Coat Of Laughter/Lover Man/Travelin' Light/You Don't Know What Love Is/Lover Come Back To Me

JGS-8018 - Servin' Up Some Soul - Mary Wells [1968] Soul Train/Apples Peaches Pumpkin Pie/Stag-O-Lee/Make Me Yours/Two Lovers History/Can't Get Away From Your Love//The Doctor/Don't Look Back/Sunny/Woman In Love/500 Miles/Bye Bye Baby

JGS-8019 - Super Golden Hits - Various Artists [1968] Apparently, this LP was to have originally been issued in mono and stereo, but it was issued in a "stereo only" jacket. The mono master was used, however, as the entire LP is mono. The matrix number scratched in the trailoff wax shows the confusion, with JG-8019, then JGM-8019, then JGS- 8019 all in evidence. The Kind Of Boy You Can't Forget - Raindrops (M)/Speedoo - Cadillacs (M)/Cry To Me - Betty Harris (M)/Something I Want To Tell You - Johnny & Expressions (M)/A Thousand Stars - Kathy Young & Innocents (M)/Do You Want To Dance? - Bobby Freeman (M)//Last Kiss - J. Frank Wilson & Cavaliers (M)/Ding Dong The Witch Is Dead - Fifth Estate (M)/And That Reminds Me - Della Reese (M)/Snap Your Fingers - Joe Henderson (M)/Happy - Blades Of Grass (M)/I Love You - The Volumes (M)

JGS-8020 - Charles Coleman Plays - Charles Coleman [1969] Fly/Once Upon A Summertime/Blues By Candlelight/A Man And A Woman/The Impossible Dream/Mrs. Robinson//Up Up And Away/Alfie/I Say A Little Prayer/I Will Wait For You/Sounds Of Silence/In The Midnight Hour

JGS-8021 - Tell Her You Love Her - Jimmy Ricks [1969] Kansas City/Tell Her You Love Her/Home On The Range/Please Send Me Someone To Love/God Bless The Child/It Won't Be Love//I'm Gonna Sit Right Down And Write Myself A Letter/It's All In The Game/Darling Je Vous Aime Beaucoup/Pledging My Love/Green Eyes/Tomorrow Night

JGS-8022 - Hey Love - Coronados [1969] Hey Love/ My Melancholy Baby/Love is Blue/Legend of the Volcanoes/Peepin' n Hidin/Good Morning New Day//Those Were the Days/The World Belongs to You/Trip to Loveland/Your Love Belongs to Everyone/My Elise/Not at All

JGS-8023 - Super Golden Hits, Volume 2 - Various Artists [1969] All tracks mono. Reissue of Jubilee JGM-5026 with a different title, number, and cover. The Peppermint Twist - Joey Dee & Starlighters (1:58)/Tears On My Pillow - Little Anthony & Imperials/A Thousand Stars - Kathy Young & Innocents/El Watusi - Ray Baretto/Heart And Soul - Cleftones/I Love You - Volumes//Why Do Fools Fall In Love - Frankie Lymon & Teenagers/I Only Have Eyes For You - Flamingos/Dream Lover - Bobby Darin/There Goes My Baby - Drifters/Gee Whiz - Innocents/The Chosen Few - Dion & Timberlanes

JGS-8024 - Autry Inman - Autry Inman [1969] You Don't Live There Anymore/Keep Her Out Of Sight/The Blue Is Next In Line/The Drinks Are On Me/Instrumentally Speaking No. 1/The Volunteer/Mr. Love Has Passed Away/Hurtache/I Don't Believe You've Met My Baby/Instrumentally Speaking No. 2

JGS-8025 - Aliza Kashi - Aliza Kashi [1969] Those Were the Days/Les Bicyclettes de Belsize/All Alone Am I/Moscow Nights/Lo Mucho Que te Qulero/Let It Be Me/Take Me In Your Arms/Quando M'innamoro

JGS-8026 - Corners of Your Mind - Racket Squad [1969] Ain't Nobody Gonna Love You/Sweet Little Smoke/Get Out My LIfe Woman/Suburban Life/Get Out My Life Woman (Reprise)//Corners of Your Mind/You Turn Me On/Little Wing/The Minstrel

JGS-8027 - This Time We Made It - Enzo Stuarti [1969] Didn't We/I Love You Because/Man Without Love/I've Gotta Be Me/Gloves Pictures Dreams Door Mirror & Heartaches/If You Love Me, Really Love Me/I Didn't Know What Time It Was/The Clown/I Told/We're Not Strangers

JGS-8028 - Piece Of Mind - Happenings [1969] (9-69, #181) Album issued in stereo only. Original foldout cover had a geometric sphere puzzle whose pieces fit into the cover. It also came with a lyric sheet insert. Where Do I Go-Be-In (Hare Krishna) (S)/Heartbeat (S)/Living In Darkness (S)/Cold Water (S)/Be My Brother (S)/New Day Comin' (S)//Imagine (S)/Let's Do Something (S)/Piece Of Mind (S)/Don't You Think It's Time (S)/We're Gonna Make Them Care (S)

JGS-8029 - Child - Child [1969]

JGS-8030 - Happenings Greatest Hits - Happenings [1969] I Got Rhythm (S)/Sealed With A Kiss (S)/Breaking Up Is Hard To Do (S)/Go Away Little Girl (S)/You're In A Bad Way (S)/Randy (S)//See You In September (S)/Girl On A Swing (S)/Goodnight My Love (S)/My Mammy (S)/Why Do Fools Fall In Love (S)/Music Music Music (S)

JGS-8031 - Gliding Bird - Emmy Lou Harris [1969] I'll Be Your Baby Tonight/Fugue For The Ox/I Saw The Light/Clocks/Black Gypsy//Gliding Bird/Everybody's Talkin'/Bobbie's Gone/I'll Never Fall In Love Again/Waltz Of The Magic Man

Thanks to Gail Coleman, Mike Mendon, John Anz, and Leif Sandsjo.

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