King/Federal/DeLuxe Discography, Part 3:
King Main LP Series 600-699 (1958-60)

by David Edwards, Mike Callahan and Patrice Eyries
Last update: August 15, 2012

The albums in the King 600s are a good case study in assigning dates to the King albums, since four different logo styles were used in this hundred albums. Since King did all their manufacturing in-house, they did not have a large back inventory of album covers — they just printed them up as needed. As a side benefit, when King wanted to change their logo on the front of the record jacket, it was a fairly quick and clean process, and albums released before a certain date usually had the old logo, and afterwards the new logo.

This is useful for a researcher trying to put a date to releases. In other record companies, often the albums were planned months in advance, and covers printed well in advance of release, so dating an album by the logo is not as useful. But with the quick-turnaround capabilities at King, not only are the logo changes tied to a date, but King also changed the logo when reissuing an album, so it makes dating the reissues a lot easier.

King Long Playing logo The logo used from the first 12" album issued in February, 1956, until January 1, 1959, was a rectangular logo with the name King and "Long Playing" on it, as well as a small box with "Hi-Fi" (Federal and DeLuxe used variations of this logo). We will call this the "King Long Playing" logo.

King large football logo On or about January 1, 1959, King changed their logo, and all albums released after that point had the new logo. About that date, the logo on the record jacket changed from the "King Long Playing" logo to a football-shaped logo. This took place between King 607/608. The James Brown Please Please Please album (610), although later in the catalog sequence, was actually released just before Christmas, 1958, and has the old "King Long Playing" logo.

King small football logo The first version of the football logo has a large logo with "Monophonic High Fidelity" around the logo on mono issues. This large logo lasted until August, 1959, when the logo changed to a smaller-sized football-shaped logo with just "High Fidelity" under it. Some of the albums issued in August, 1959, have the old logo, and some have the new, smaller, logo.

Rectangular King High Fidelity logo The small football logo was used until June, 1960, when it was replaced by a rectangular logo with "High Fidelity" above the word "KING". Some releases in June had the old football logo, and some had the new "high fidelity" logo.

By observing the logos on the jacket front, it is possible to narrow down release dates even when exact dates are not known. For example, the James Brown album Try Me (635) has the small football logo, and was released in 1959. By knowing that the logo was first introduced in August of that year, it is then possible to narrow the release date to August-December, 1959. Since it was numbered in a batch of albums released in August, it was probably released in the early part of that range, maybe September.

Although the sequence of releases in 1959 was not too far off from the catalog sequence, in 1960 that was not the case at all. The 1960 issues can be thought of as a block of catalog numbers that were released randomly throughout the year.

The mono label for the albums in the 600s (far left) was black with silver print, with "KING" above the center hole in letters approximately 1/2 inch high curving around the top of the label, approximately 2 inches across. This is known as the "Small letters" label. The stereo label (near left) was blue with silver print, and the "KING" logo is larger, approximately 3 inches across. This is known as "large letters". Later, the large letters were used for the black mono label, also, or on reissues.
King experimented with releasing stereo singles in 1959. At far left is "Ocean Liner" by Bill Doggett, which hit the WJJD-Chicago top-40 in June, 1959, eventually reaching #17 there, although it did not chart nationally. At near left is Earl Bostic's "Feeling Cool," released about the same time.

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Number - Title - Artist - [Release Date] Contents

King/DeLuxe/Federal Main Series (Continued):

600 - 12 Songs of Christmas - Bill Doggett [10/58] The Christmas Song/Jingle Bells/White Christmas/Winter Wonderland/Silent Night/I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus//I'll Be Home For Christmas/What Child Is This/Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer/Joy To The World/Blue Christmas/Santa Claus Is Comin' To Town

601 - Good Songs, Rare Wine Will Live Forever - Bob Kames [1958] Julida Polka/Henretta Polka/You Are My Only Love/Milwaukee Waltz/Rain Rain Polka/Blue Rose Waltz/Whoopie Shoo-Pie/Circle Waltz/Tic Toc Polka/Helen Polka/To Fat Polka/You Are My One True Love/Beer Barrel Polka/Rosalinda Waltz/Blue Skirt Waltz/Barbara Polka/I'll Never Get Married Again/Just Because

602/602 Stereo - Sweet Tunes of the Fantastic 50's - Earl Bostic [11/58] Stereo information not available. Because Of You/Unchained Melody/Stranger In Paradise/Ebb Tide/Lisbon Antigua/Love Is A Many Splendored Thing//April In Portugal/Blue Tango/Three Coins In The Fountain/Canadian Sunset/Autumn Leaves/The Song From Moulin Rouge

603 - Mister Little Willie John - Little Willie John [12/58] Issued in mono only. You're A Sweetheart/Let's Rock While The Rockin's Good/Look What You've Done To Me/Home At Last/Are You Ever Coming Back/Don't Leave Me Dear//All My Love Belongs To You/Spasms/Will the Sun Shine Tomorrow/You Got To Get Up Early In The Morning/A Little Bit Of Lovin'/Why Don't You Haul Off And Love Me

604 - Blue and Moody - Lula Reed [1958] Watch Dog/I'll Drown In My Tears/Going Back To Mexico/Three Men/Sample Man/Last Night//Rock Love/Let's Call It A Day/Bump On A Log/My Poor Heart/Every Second/Jealous Love

605 - 16 of His Greatest Hits - Ivory Joe Hunter [1958] Jealous Heart/I Quit My Pretty Mama/Waiting In Vain/No Money No Luck Blues/Too Late/I Have No Reason To Complain/I Like It/Lying Woman//Guess Who/In Time/The Code Song/Don't Fall In Love With Me/It's You Just You/Please Don't Cry Anymore/False Friend Blues/Changing Blues

606 - Uptown - Eddie "Lockjaw" Davis [11/58] There's A Small Hotel/Fireball/All Of You/Yesterdays/Together/Night And Day/The Happy Wanderer/Mean To Me/This Can't Be Love/All God's Chillun Got Rhythm/others

607 - Battle of the Blues - Roy Brown and Wynonie Harris [1958] Boogie At Midnight - Roy Brown/Big Town - Roy Brown/Bar Room Blues - Roy Brown/Love Don't Love Nobody - Roy Brown/Miss Fanny Brown - Roy Brown/Lolly Pop Mama - Roy Brown/I've Got The Last Laugh Now - Roy Brown//Bloodshot Eyes - Wynonie Harris/Good Rockin' Tonight - Wynonie Harris/Loving Machine - Wynonie Harris/Shake That Thing - Wynonie Harris/I Feel That Old Age Coming On - Wynonie Harris/All She Wants to Do Is Rock - Wynonie Harris/Good Morning Judge - Wynonie Harris

Note: The logo on the record jacket changes from the "King Long Playing" logo to the football-shaped logo about January 1, 1959. The James Brown album below (610) was issued just before Christmas, 1958, and has the old "Long Playing" logo.

608 - Broadway Beat - Harold "Shorty" Baker [1959] Recorded September 10, 1958. Them There Eyes/In A Little Spanish Town/'s Wonderful/If I Had You/Rosetta/After You've Gone/Marie/Close Your Eyes/World Is Waiting For the Sunrise/Love Me Or Leave Me

609 - Hold It - Bill Doggett [3/59] Hold It/Tanya/Lone Star Blues/Hippy Dippy/Rainbow Riot//Blip Blop/Blues For Handy/Boo-Da-Ba/Pimento/Back Door/Birdie

610 - Please, Please, Please - James Brown & His Famous Flames [12/58] Please Please Please (version 1)(2:41)/Chonnie-On-Chon (2:10)/Hold My Baby's Hand (2:10)/I Feel That Old Feeling Coming On (2:29)/Just Won't Do Right (I Stay In The Chapel Every Night)(version 1)(2:31)/Baby Cries Over The Ocean (2:20)/I Don't Know (2:43)/Tell Me What I Did Wrong (2:18)//Try Me (version 1) (2:28)/That Dood It (2:26)/Begging Begging (2:50)/I Walked Alone (2:39)/No No No No (2:12)/That's When I Lost My Heart (2:46)/Let's Make It (2:22)/Love Or A Game (2:14)

611 - A Date with Pate - Johnny Pate [1/59] Mean to Me/Autumn Leaves/Have You Met Miss Jones/They Can't Take That Away From Me/Flamingo/Huff's Bluff/Broadway/Why Don't You Try/Lonesome Road/A Date With Pate

612 - Songs I'm Sure You Remember - Bob Kames [3/59] Peggy O'Neil/Linger Awhile/Honest And Truly/Peg O' My Heart/Darktown Strutters Ball/Whispering/After The Ball/Five Foot Two Eyes Of Blue/Somebody Stole My Gal/My Blue Heaven/I Don't Know Why I Just Do/Charmaine/Once In Awhile/Three O'clock In The Morning/June Night/Casey Jones

613/613 Stereo - Dance Music from the Bostic Workshop - Earl Bostic [3/59] Stereo information not available. Third Man Theme/The Key/Does Your Heart Beat For Me/El Choclo Cha Cha/Gondola/Sweet Pea//Ducky/Sentimental Journey/Barcarolle/Who Cares/Rose Marie/Up There In Orbit

614 - This Is Otis Williams - Otis Williams & His Charms [5/59] Don't Wake Up The Kids/Could This Be Magic/Dynamite Darling/Let Some Love In Your Heart/Whirlwind/Gypsy Lady/Don't Deny Me/United//Burnin' Lips/Oh Julie/Red Hot Love/My Friends/Miss The Love (That I've Been Dreaming Of)/Blues Stay Away From Me/I'll Remember You/I'm Waiting Just For You

615 - Stanley Brothers and the Clinch Mountain Boys - Stanley Brothers & Clinch Mountain Boys [3/59] How Mountain Girls Can Love/Heaven Seemed So Near/Mastertone March/She's More To Be Pitied/Keep a Memory/Train 45/Think Of What You've Done/Your Selfish Heart/Love Me Darling Just Tonight/Clinch Mountain Backstep/Memory Of Your Smile/Midnight Ramble

616 - The "5" Royales Sing for You - "5" Royales [1959] Your Only Love/The Real Thing/Don't Let It Be In Vain/Do the Cha Cha Cherry/Double Or Nothing/Mohawk Squaw/How I Wonder/I Need Your Lovin' Baby//The Feeling Is Real/Tell The Truth/My Wants For Love/The Slummer The Slum/Do Unto You/I Ain't Gettin' Caught/When I Get Like This/Monkey Hips And Rice

617 - Someone Will Love Me in Heaven - Reno & Smiley [1959] Someone Will Love Me in Heaven/Tree Of Life/Lord's Last Supper/Rose On God's Shore/Springtime In Heaven/How I Miss My Darling Mother/Jesus Answers My Prayer/Some Beautiful Day/He's Coming Back To Earth Again/Pretty Wreath For Mother's Grave/I'm So Happy/Forgotten Men

618 - Singin' and Swingin' - Hank Ballard & Midnighters [5/59] Original cover. Teardrops On Your Letter/Ring A-Ling A-Ling/Let Me Hold Your Hand/Don't Say Your Last Goodbye/Whatsonever You Do/Stingy Little Thing/Ashamed Of Myself//The Twist/That House On The Hill/Sweet Mama, Do Right/Ooh Ooh Baby/Tell Them/Rock And Roll Wedding/I'll Be Home Someday

618 - Singin' and Swingin': The Twist, The Twist, The Twist - Hank Ballard & Midnighters [1960] Reissue of King 618 after "The Twist" became popular. Teardrops On Your Letter/Ring A-Ling A-Ling/Let Me Hold Your Hand/Don't Say Your Last Goodbye/Whatsonever You Do/Stingy Little Thing/Ashamed Of Myself//The Twist/That House On The Hill/Sweet Mama, Do Right/Ooh Ooh Baby/Tell Them/Rock And Roll Wedding/I'll Be Home Someday

619 - Hymns and Sacred Songs - Cowboy Copas [5/59] From The Manger To The Cross/Silver That Nailed Him To The Cross/I'm Glad I'm On The Inside Looking Out/King Of Kings/I Saw The Light/Stone Was Rolled Away//The Man Upstairs/Some Fine Morning/Four Books In The Bible/When Jesus Beckons Me Home/Purple Robe/He Stands By My Window

620/KS 620 - Earl Bostic Play's Sweet Tunes of the Roaring 20's - Earl Bostic [5/59] Pagan Love Song/Manhattan/When Day Is Done/Softly As In A Morning Sunrise/Charmaine/Frasquita Serenade//Deep In My Heart/More Than You Know/Indian Love Call/Amour Toujours L'Amour/I Kiss Your Hand Madame/My Heart Stood Still

621/621 stereo - Good Old Country Ballads - Reno & Smiley [3/59] Also issued in rechanneled stereo (see right). Let's Live For Tonight/Cruel Love/I'm The Biggest Liar In Town/Trail of Sorrow/All I Have Is Just A Memory/Barefoot Nellie/No Longer A Sweetheart Of Mine/Drifting With The Tide/Maybe You Will Change Your Mind/Country Boy Rock N' Roll/Love Call Waltz/I Know You're Married But I Love You Still

622 - Memory Lane - Little Esther [1959] Heart To Heart/I Paid My Dues/Tell Him That I Need Him/Ring A Ding Doo/I'll Be There/Street Lights/Mainliner//Cherry Wine/Aged And Mellow/The Deacon Moves In/Somebody New/Sweet Lips/The Storm/Turn The Lamps Down Low

623 - Dancing on Sunset Strip - Dick Stabile [5/59] We'll Be Together Again/For You/Do I Love You/My Fate Is In Your Hands/Broadway Beat/Oh Baby/Ballet Bleu/Without A Song/Man With A Horn/I Lead A Charmed Life/others

624 - Sweet Love Songs - Bubber Johnson [1959] I Surrender Dear/Drop Me a Line/Butterfly/Dedicated To the One I Love/Confidential/As Long As I Live//I'm Confessin'/Time Was/Finger Tips/Wonderful Thing Happens/Little Girl Don't Cry/One Good Reason

625 - Strictly Country Tunes - Grandpa Jones [1959] What'll I Do With the Baby-O/I Don't Know Gee From Haw/Stay In the Wagon Yard/You Done Me Mean & Hateful/Grandpa's Getting Married Again/Down In Dixie Where They Say You-All/Jennie Get the Hot Cakes Done/Hello Blues/Fix Me a Pallet on the Floor/Rain Is Still Falling/Melinda/Five-String Banjo Boogie

626 - Here's Lookin' Atcha - Johnny "Scat" Davis [1959] The same two models pictured on this cover appear on the cover of 633. Muskrat Ramble/After You've Gone/After Hours/Tasty Pudding/Baby Won't You Please Come Home/Big Girl/C Jam Blues/St. James Infirmary/Body & Soul/That's a Plenty/Tin Roof Blues

627 - Battle of the Blues, Volume 2 - Roy Brown/Wynonie Harris [1959] Hard Luck Blues - Roy Brown/Dreaming Blues - Roy Brown/'Long About Sundown - Roy Brown/Double Crossin' Woman - Roy Brown/Sweet Peach - Roy Brown/Wrong Woman Blues - Roy Brown/Brown Angel - Roy Brown//Man, Have I Got Troubles - Wynonie Harris/I'll Never Give Up - Wynonie Harris/Here Comes The Night - Wynonie Harris/Luscious Woman - Wynonie Harris/Drinking Blues - Wynonie Harris/Nearer My Love To Thee - Wynonie Harris/Tremblin' - Wynonie Harris

628 - Moon Mullican Sings and Plays 16 Favorite Tunes - Moon Mullican [1959] Jambalaya/Mighty Pretty Waltz/So Long/A Thousand And One Sleepless Nights/Short But Sweet/Crushed Rose/I'm Mad With You/Keep A Light In The Window For Me//Heartless Lover/The Lamp Is Burning Low/Love Is The Light That Lead Me Home/Seven Nights To Rock/Southern Hospitality/Leaving You With A Worried Mind/Well Oh Well/Where Beautiful Flowers Grow

629 - The Sensational Donnie Elbert Sings - Donnie Elbert [1959] What Can I Do/Hear My Plea/My Confession Of Love/Let's Do The Stroll/Someone Made You For Me/When You're Near Me/Leona//Have I Sinned/Believe It Or Not/Tell Me So/Just A Little Bit Of Lovin'/I Want To Be Near You/Come On Sugar/I Keep Falling In Love

Note: The logo on the record jacket changes from large football-shaped logo to the small football-shaped logo during August, 1959. Some of the releases below dated 8/59 have the old larger logo and some have the newer logo. Album 626, above, was issued after 8/59.

630 - The Enchanting Organ of Bob Kames - Bob Kames [8/59] Twelfth Street Rag/Careless/Bubbles In The Wine/I'll Always Be In Love With You/Merry Widow Waltz/Dixie/Ting A Ling/Chinatown My Chinatown//Indian Love Call/Waiting For The Robert E. Lee/My Isle Of Golden Dreams/You Are My Sunshine/I'm Gettin' Sentimental Over You/Ain't She Sweet/Home On The Range/I Want A Girl Just Like The Girl Just Like The Girl That Married Dear Old Dad

631 - Battle of the Organs - Luis Rivera and Doc Bagby [1959] Hay Ride - Doc Bagby/Soft One - Doc Bagby/Grinding - Doc Bagby/Deep Purple - Doc Bagby/I Want a Little Girl - Doc Bagby/Memories of You - Doc Bagby/Tangerine - Luez Rivera /Fat Stocking - Luez Rivera/Heavy Hip - Luez Rivera/Bobby Sox - Luez Rivera/Manhattan - Luez Rivera/Milamo Blues - Luez Rivera

632/632 Stereo - Earl Bostic Plays the Sweet Tunes of the Swinging '30s - Earl Bostic [8/59] Stereo information not available. I Cover The Waterfront/In The Still Of The Night/Thrill Is Gone/Night Is Young/My Reverie/Body And Soul/Way You Look Tonight/Dancing In The Dark/Breeze And I/There Is No Greater Love/Stars In My Eyes/All The Things You Are

633/633 Stereo - High and Wide - Bill Doggett [1959] Stereo information not available. The same two models pictured on this cover appear on the cover of 626. Where The Blue Of The Night Meets The Gold Of The Day/Monster Party/I'm Gonna Lock My Heart And Throw Away The Key/Finishing The Unfinished/Scott's Bluff/Carolina Moon/High And Wide/In The Wee Hours/That's My Weakness Now/Please Don't Talk About Me When I'm Gone/Adios Muchachos, Don't You Know I Care

634 - Battle of the Blues, Volume 3 - Jimmy Witherspoon/Eddie Vinson [1959] Person to Person - Eddie "Cleanhead" Vinson/I'm Weak But Willing - Eddie "Cleanhead" Vinson/Somebody Done Stole My Cherry Red - Eddie "Cleanhead" Vinson/Queen Bee - Eddie "Cleanhead" Vinson/Feathered Mama - Eddie "Cleanhead" Vinson/I Trusted You Baby - Eddie "Cleanhead" Vinson/No Good Woman - Eddie "Cleanhead" Vinson/Ashes On My Pillow - Eddie "Cleanhead" Vinson/Last Mill - Jimmy Witherspoon/24 Sad Hours - Jimmy Witherspoon/Blues In Trouble - Jimmy Witherspoon/Sad Life - Jimmy Witherspoon/Foolish Prayer - Jimmy Witherspoon/Highway To Happiness - Jimmy Witherspoon/I Done Told You - Jimmy Witherspoon

635 - Try Me - James Brown & His Famous Flames [1959] Originally issued in mono only. Original cover had drawing of a girl with a cigarette in one hand and a smoking gun in the other. There Must Be A Reason (2:26)/(You Made Me Love You) I Want You So Bad (version 1)(2:41)/Why Do You Do Me (version 1)(2:57)/Got To Cry (2:32)/Strange Things Happen (Why Does Everything Happen To Me)(version 1)(2:09)/Fine Old Foxy Self (2:08)/Messing With The Blues (2:09)/Try Me (version 1)(2:28)//It Was You (2:40)/I've Got To Change (2:25)/Can't Be The Same (2:08)/It Hurts To Tell You (2:50)/I Won't Plead No More (2:27)/You're Mine You're Mine (2:31)/Gonna Try (2:43)/Don't Let It Happen To Me (2:43)

636 - Cha Cha Cha - Freddy Calo And Orchestra [8/59] Ramona/Everything I Have Is Yours/Pega Palo/Around the World In 80 Days/Flores Negras/In a Little Spanish town/Cuban Love Song/Se Acaso Voce Chegasse/Carlinoso/Arrivederci Roma/There's No Tomorrow/Historia De Amor

637 - This And That - Eddie "Lockjaw" Davis [8/59] With A Horn/People Will Say We're In Love/Love For Sale/Little White Lies/Just Friends/Whispering/All The Things You Are/Alone Too Long/Love Is Here To Stay/What Is This Thing Called Love/I Wanna Be Loved/You Are Too Beautiful

638 - All Star Rock and Roll Revue - Various Artists [8/59] Reissue of LP 395-513. Oh Babe - Lucky Millinder/Hearts Of Stone - Charms/Beside You - Swallows/Voo- Vee-Ah-Bee - Platters/24 Hours A Day - Cathy Ryan/Don't Take It So Hard - Earl (Connelly) King//Sixty Minute Man - Dominoes/Walkin' The Chalk Line - Tiny Bradshaw/High Heels - Bill Doggett/Work With Me Annie - Midnighters/All Around The World - Little Willie John/Cocktails For Two - Earl Bostic

639 - Homer & Jethro Will Drive You Nuts with Their Version of the Standards - Homer And Jethro [1959] First cover and title, showing a burlap bag full of walnuts. Five Minutes More/Always/Donkey Serenade/Glow Worm/I'm Glad I Waited For You/For Sentimental Reasons//Night And Day/Symphony/I Wonder Who's Kissing Her Now/Margie/I'll Close My Eyes/Managua Nicaragua

639 - They Sure Are Corny - Homer And Jethro [1963] Reissue of King 639 with a different title and cover. Five Minutes More/Always/Donkey Serenade/Glow Worm/I'm Glad I Waited For You/For Sentimental Reasons//Night And Day/Symphony/I Wonder Who's Kissing Her Now/Margie/I'll Close My Eyes/Managua Nicaragua

640/640 Stereo - Sweet Tunes of the Sentimental '40s - Earl Bostic [8/59] Stereo information not available. Mam'selle/Moonlight In Vermont/Till The End Of Time/While We're Young/La Vie En Rose/I'll Walk Alone//Full Moon And Empty Arms/I Think Of You/It Might As Well Be Spring/Long Ago And Far Away/That Old Black Magic/Autumn Serenade

641/641 Stereo - Big City Dance Party - Bill Doggett [8/59] White Cliffs Of Dover/Makin' Whoopee/Floyd's Guitar Blues/Andantino/Soft Touch/Rain/After Hours/Groove To Remember/Be Anything But Be Mine/Big City Drag/Idaho/Bill Dogs It

642 - Songs That Will Live Forever - Ink Spots [8/59] Reissue of King LP 395-535. When You Come To the End Of The Day/Someone's Rocking My Dreamboat/Command Me/Planting Rice/Flowers Mister Florist Please/Ebb Tide//Melody Of Love/There Is Something Missing/Yesterdays/Changing Partners/Don't Laugh At Me/Stranger In Paradise

643 - Fresh from the Country - Carlisle Brothers [8/59] Rainbow At Midnight/Lost On A Sea of Sorrow/Tramp on the Street/Dollar Bill Mama Blues/Where There's a Will There's a Way/Girl in the Blue Velvet Band/Old Joe Clark/Wedding Bells/Maggie Get the Hammer/Empty Arms/Wheels of Destiny/Love In the First Degree/Rainbow Follows Rain/I Hope You See the Same Star That I Do/Skip To My Lou

644 - Sincerely Yours-Goodbye My Love - Al Grant [1959] Neither the disc nor the front of the album jacket contain an artists' name. After recording these demo records, Al Grant changed his name to Guy Mitchell and went on to some success at Columbia Records. The back of the album jacket has three names: Al Grant (the name under which King recorded this artist), Al Cernick (his real name), and Guy Mitchell (the name under which he achieved fame). The picture on the cover is the artist we all know as Guy Mitchell. Goodbye My Love/I Wish I Had A Record/This Day Is Mine/I Do I Do I Do/Lover's Gold/Cabaret//Forget- Me-Not/I Thought I Was Dreaming/I've Got A Frame Without A Picture/Love Birds/You're The Sweetest Thing

645/645 stereo - Sunday Morning Meeting - Stanley Brothers [10/59] How Can We Thank Him For What He Has Done My Lord's Going To Set Me Free/I'll Meet You In Church Sunday Morning/Wings Of Angels/White Dove/That Home Far Away//Angel Of Death/OldDaniel Prayed/He Said If I Be Lifted Up/Are You Afraid To Die?/Mother's Footsteps Guide Me On/This Wicked Path Of Sin

646 - A Variety of Country Songs - Reno & Smiley [10/59] I'm Gone Long Gone/Always Be Kind To Your Mother/There's Another Baby Waiting For Me Down The Line/Old Home Place/Springtime In Dear Old Dixie/Never Get To Hold You In My Arms Anymore/I Can Hear The Angels Singing/If It Takes Me A Lifetime/It's Grand To Have Someone To Love You/I Could Cry/Your Tears Are Just Interest On The Loan/Since I've Used My Bible For A Road Map

647/KS 647 - Ferlin Husky - Ferlin Husky [8/59] The first cover has a blue background and yellow lettering. His last name is spelled "Husky." The "King" logo is the football logo, consistent with an 8/59 release. Forgotten Heartaches (S)/Wise Guys (S)/Friend Of Mine (S)/Cross-Eyed Gal From The Ozarks (S)/Just Another Face (S)/Cotton Pickin' Heart (S)//Irma (S)/Please Forgive Me (S)/Puxico Polka (S)/Shuffleboard Shuffle (S)/Guilty Feeling (S)/Electrified Donkey (S)

647/647 Stereo - Country Songs from the Heart - Ferlin Husky & Hush Puppies [1961] Reissue of 647 with a new cover. The reissue cover has white background, and his last name is misspelled "Huskey." It has his picture on right side."Country tunes sung from the heart" is on the left, stacked vertically. The lettering is black, red, and pink. "King" is in a rectangular box with "high fidelity" above it, consistent with a release after August, 1960. Forgotten Heartaches (S)/Wise Guys (S)/Friend Of Mine (S)/Cross-Eyed Gal From The Ozarks (S)/Just Another Face (S)/Cotton Pickin' Heart (S)//Irma (S)/Please Forgive Me (S)/Puxico Polka (S)/Shuffleboard Shuffle (S)/Guilty Feeling (S)/Electrified Donkey (S)

648 - The One and Only - Webb Pierce [10/59] New Panhandle Rag/Jilted Love/Heebie Jeebie Blues/Jinx In Love/High Geared Daddy/I'm Happy That You Hurt Me/It's All Between the Lines/Georgia Rag/Lucy Lee/Sweetheart You Know I Love You So/Darkest Hour/English Sweetheart

649 - Hotsy Totsy Organ - George Wright [8/59] Reissue of King LP-395-509. Whistlin' Boogie/Heart Of My Heart/Nagasaki/Ja Da/Red Hot Mama/Black And White Rag//Oh By Jingo/Don't Bring Me Posies/Bye Bye Blues/Tiptoe Though The Tulips/I've Got Rings On My Fingers/Whistlin' Blues

650 - Big "J" in 3-D - Big Jay McNeely & His Orchestra [8/59] Reissue of Federal LP 395-530, with the name changed from Big Jay to Big "J" on the cover. The Goof/Ice Water/Big Jay Shuffle/Rock Candy/Whipped Cream/Hod Cinders//3-D/Hardtack/Nervous Man Nervous/Mule Milk/Let's Work/Beachcomber

651 - The Platters - Platters [1959] Reissue Of Federal 549. Only You/Hey Now/I Need You All The Time/Maggie Doesn't Work Here Any More/You Made Me Cry/Tell The World//Voo Vee Ah Bee/Give Thanks/Shake It Up Mambo/Love All Night/I'll Cry When You're Gone/Roses Of Pacardy

652 - Yesterday's Memories, Tomorrow's Dreams - Bob Kames [10/59] Carolina Moon/Harbor Lights/O Sole Mio/My Happiness/That Old Gang of Mine/When You're Smiling/On Top Of Old Smoky/One Rose That's Left In My Heart/Sheik Of Araby/Silver Moon/Oh Susannah/Ballin' The Jack/Tennessee Waltz/Jealous/Oh Marie/Rock-A-Bye Your Baby

653 - Tribute to a Great Composer - Tiny Bradshaw [1959] Reissue of King LP-395-501 with the addition of 4 songs. Soft/Off And On/Heavy Juice/Well Oh Well/Free For All/Choice/Bushes/Stack Of Dollars//Later/Powder Puff/South Of The Orient/The Train Kept A-Rollin'/Light/Ping Pong/Come On/Cat Fruit

654 - Rock and Roll Revue, Volume 2 - Various Artists [1959] Talk To Me Talk To Me - Little Willie John/Think - 5 Royales/What Can I Do - Donnie Elbert/Ram-Bunk- Shus - Bill Doggett/Please Please Please - James Brown & Famous Flames/It Hurts To Be In Love - Annie Laurie//Annie Had A Baby - Midnighters/Harlem Nocturne - Earl Bostic/Hold Your Lovin' - Titus Turner/Blues Stay Away From Me - Otis Williams & Charms/Big Boy - Bill Jennings/Blowing The Blues Away - Billy Eckstine

655 - Mellow Blues for the Late Hours - Sonny Thompson [10/59] Mellow Blues, Part 1/Palmetto/Clang Clang Clang/Sugar Cane/Cat On The Keys, Parts 1 & 2/Cotton Ball, Part 1/Single Shot//Smoke Stack Blues/Real Real Fine/Let's Move/Behind The Sun/Blues Mambo/First Base/Gum Shoe/Frog Legs

656 - Sacred Songs Volume 2 - Reno & Smiley [1959] New Jerusalem/God's Record Book Of Life/I'll Trade My Cross For A Crown/I Want To Know/Passing Of Time/Sailing Home/He's Not Ashamed Of You/Pray/Keep Me Humble/Get Ready/He Will Forgive You/Brighter Mansion Over There

657/657 Stereo - The Band Swings, Lorez Sings - Lorez Alexandria With Orchestra [10/59] Stereo information not available. You're My Thrill/Don't Blame Me/Ain't Misbehavin'/What is This Thing Called Love/Dancing On the Ceiling/Love Is Just Around the Corner/I'm Gonna Sit Right Down & Write Myself a Letter/Just You, Just Me/All the Things You Are/Thrill Is Gone/My Baby Just Cares For Me

658 - Dance Music that Hits the Spot - Todd Rhodes [8/59] Blues For The Red Boy/Pot Likker/Teardrops/Beet Patch/Blue Autumn/Specks/Echoes/Chicken Strut//Bell Boy Boogie/Rocket 69/Feathers/Thunderbolt Boogie/Red Boy Is Back/Snuff Dipper/Silver Sunset/Gin Gin Gin

659 - For the Evening Hours - Ruby Wright [1959] You're Just A Flower From An Old Bouquet/Sweet Night Of Love/Object Of My Affection/Don't Take Me For Granted/Tennessee Church Bells/Bimbo/Do You Believe/When You're Away/Free-Hearted/I Only Have One Lifetime/I Had The Funniest Feeling/Rummy Dumb Bunny/Pigtails On Parade/What Have They Told You

660 - Music of Mexico - Pepe Villa [10/59] Yo Quiero Que Me Quieras/Quieta Capulina/Bailando Garabato/El Tigre/Rosas De Plata/Apango Lindo/Con Rumbo Perdido/Amor Tempranero/La Censura/Te Lo Digo Francamente/Miramar/Madrecita Linda

661 - The Golden Sound of Joe Howard - Joe Howard [10/59] Tenderly/Ain't Gonna Study War No More/I'll Be Around/My Man's Gone Now//Speak Low/Take Me In Your Arms/Lindy Lou/I Cover The Waterfront

662/662 Stereo - Musical Pearls - Earl Bostic [10/59] Stereo information not available. Don't Blame Me/Dark Eyes/Feeling Cool/Once In Awhile/Anitra's Dance/Tut Strut//April Showers/Hildegard/Song Of India/Thinking Of You/Let's Move Out/La Cucaracha

663 - Favorite Old Melodies - Paul Renard [1959] Till We Meet Again/Put Your Arms Around Me Honey/Down By The Old Mill Stream/You Must Have Been A Beautiful Baby/By A Waterfall/La Cumparsita/In My Merry Oldsmobile/Button Up Your Overcoat/Oh You Beautiful Doll/Daisy Bell/Meet Me Tonight In Dreamland/Cuddle Up A Little Closer/I Don't Know Why I Love You/Orchids In The Moonlight/Two Hearts In 3/4 Time/You're All That I Need/I'll See You In My Dreams

664/664 Stereo - Deck of Cards - T. Texas Tyler [10/59] Stereo information not available. Deck of Cards/Ida Red/Tell Your Lies/Fair Weather Baby/Rough & Rocky/Home In San Antone/Dad Gave My Dog Away/You Were Only Teasing Me/Beautiful Morning Glory/I'm Gonna get Mad/You'll Still Be In My Heart/Old Fashioned Love

665 - A Battle of Saxes - Eddie Davis/Charlie Ventura [1959] Issued in stereo as King KSD-1601 (shown at right). Mean To Me - Eddie Davis/All God's Chillun Got Rhythm - Eddie Davis/This Can't Be Love - Eddie Davis/All Of You - Eddie Davis/If I Were A Bell - Eddie Davis/Out of Nowhere - Eddie Davis/Liza - Charlie Ventura/If I Had You - Charlie Ventura/Give Me The Simple Life - Charlie Ventura/I Can't Give You Anything But Love - Charlie Ventura/Sweet Georgia Brown - Charlie Ventura

666 - Good Ole Mountain Music - J.E. Mainer & Mountaineers [1959] What'll I Do With Baby-O/Workin' On A Buildin'/John Henry/Run Mountain/I'm Not Turning Backward/Lonely Train/Pale Moonlight/Gathering Flowers From The Hillside/Shoot The Turkey Buzzard/Forks Of The Road/Mother's Only Sleeping/Big Ball's In Town/Johnson County Blues/I'll Remember You Love In My Prayers/Lonely Tombs/Yodelin' Mountaineer

667/667 Stereo - On Tour - Bill Doggett [1959] Stereo information not available. Ocean Liner/Madison/Backwoods/Zee/Eagle Speaks/Yocky Dock/Raw Turkey/Shuu/Hometown Shout/Evening Dreams/Mr. Ballard

668 - Battle of the Blues, Volume 4 - Roy Brown/Wynonie Harris/Eddie Vinson [1959] Big Mouth Gal - Eddie "Cleanhead" Vinson/Bring It Back - Wynonie Harris/If You Don't Think I'm Sinking - Eddie "Cleanhead" Vinson/Trouble At Midnight - Roy Brown/Peas And Rice - Eddie "Cleanhead" Vinson/Rock Mr. Blues - Wynonie Harris //Lonesome Train - Eddie "Cleanhead" Vinson/Old Age Boogie - Roy Brown/Bald Headed Blues - Eddie "Cleanhead" Vinson/Grandma Plays The Numbers - Wynonie Harris/Good Bread Alley - Eddie "Cleanhead" Vinson/Queen of Diamonds - Roy Brown

669 - Collection of Standard Sacred Country Songs - Maddox Brothers & Rose [1959] Farther Along/Tramp On The Street/I Just Steal Away And Pray/I'd Rather Have Jesus/When God Dips His Love In My Heart/Unclouded Day/Flowers For The Master's Bouquet/I'll Fly Away/In The Land Where We'll Never Grow Old/Dust On The Bible/I'll Be No Stranger There/He Set Me Free

670 - 20 Good Old Songs - Bob Kames [1960] Du Du Liegst Mir In Herzen Dorfmusik/Mein Hut Der Hat Drei Ecken/You Can't Be True Dear/Lili Marlene/Immer Noch Ein Trepchen/Serenade/On a Sunday Afternoon/In a Shanty In Old Shantytown/Goodbye Girls I'm Thru/Wait Till the Sun Shines Nellie/Let Me Call You Sweetheart/Ach Du Lieber Augustin/Medley: There Is a Tavern In the Town, I've Been Working On the Railroad, I'm Forever Blowing Bubbles/Medley: Chiapanecas, Take Me Out to the Ball Game/Medley: Bob Kames Theme Song, You Tell Me Your Dream

671 - The Late Cecil Gant: The Voice That Has Never Been Copied - Cecil Gant [1960] I Wonder/Solitude/Put Another Chair At The Table/How Can I Sleep/Wake Up Cecil Wake Up/Long Distance//Cecil's Boogie/Hit That Jive Jack/Jump Jack Jump/That's The Stuff You Gotta Watch/Time Will Tell/Midnight On Central Ave.

672 - Best of Hank Locklin - Hank Locklin [1959] Let Me Be The One/Send Me The Pillow You Dream On/I'm Lonely Darling/Born To Ramble/Place And The Time/It's So Hard To Say I Love You/Same Sweet Girl/Our Love Will Show The Way/Crazy Over You/Tho' I've Lost/Midnight Tears/You Burned A Hole In My Heart

673 - The Drummer Man with the Big Beat - Cozy Cole [11/59] "D" Natural Rock/Melody Of A Dreamer/Blop Up/Blop Down/D'Mitri/Stained Glass//Teen Age Ideals/Strange/Soft/International Cha Cha/Marimba Rhythm/Lover's Stroll

674 - The One and Only Hank Ballard and the Midnighters - Hank Ballard & Midnighters [1960] Sugaree/Rain Down Tears/Cute Little Ways/House With No Windows/Everybody Does Wrong Some Time/So Good To Be Home//Kansas City/I'll Keep You Happy/I'm Crying Mercy, Mercy/She's Got A Whole Lot Of Soul/I'll Pray For You/Move Move Move

Note: The logo on the record jacket changes from the small football-shaped logo to the rectangular logo with "High Fidelity" over "KING" at about June, 1960. Albums below with the football-shaped logo were released June, 1960, or before, while those with the rectangular logo were released June, 1960, or later.

675 - Golden Goodies Of Old Hawaii - Paul Blunt & Islanders [1960] Hawaiian Holiday/South Sea Island Magic/My Little Grass Shack In Kealakekua Hawaii/Aloha Oe/To You Sweetheart Aloha/Hawaiian Paradise/My Aisle Of Golden Dreams/Lovely Hula Hands/Song Of Old Hawaii/Blue Horizon/On The Beach At Waikiki/Across The Sea

676 - Standards with a Slight Touch of Jazz - Lorez Alexandria [1960] Just One of Those Things/Then I'll Be Tired of You/Lush Lips/Sometime's I'm Happy/Long Ago and Far Away/But Beautiful/I'm beginning to See the Light/I Can't Believe That You're in Love With Me/Spring is Here/Angel Eyes/Better Luck Next Time/I Didn't Know What Time It Was

677 - Maddox Brothers and Rose - Maddox Brothers & Rose [1960] Philadelphia Lawyer/Chocolate Ice Cream Cone/You've Been Talking In Your Sleep/No One Is Sweeter Than You/Whoa Sailor/Gosh I Miss You All The Time/I Wish I Was A Single Girl Again/I'm Sending Daffydills/Why Don't You Haul Off And Love Me/New Step It Up And Go/Water Baby Blues/Sally Let Your Bangs Hang Down

678 - The "5" Royales - "5" Royales [6/60] I Know It's Hard But It's Fair/Miracle Of Love/My Sugar Sugar/When You Walked Through The Door/School Girl/Get Something Out Of It//Tell Me You Care/Wonder Where Your Love Has Gone/It Hurts Inside/Mine Forevermore/One Mistake/Women About To Make Me Go Crazy

679 - 15 Songs of Christmas - Bob Kames [11/59] Silent Night/The First Noel/O Little Town Of Bethlehem/It Came Upon A Midnight Clear/Joy To The World/O Come All Ye Faithful/Hark The Herald Angels Sing//Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer/The Chipmunk Song/Santa Claus Is Coming To Town/White Christmas/Jingle Bells/Silver Bells/Winter Wonderland/On Christmas Eve

680 - Merry Christmas from... - Various Artists [11/59] Silent Night - King Karoleers/I'll Be Home For Christmas - Bullmoose Jackson/Let's Make Every Day A Christmas Day - Bubber Johnson/Christmas Questions - Joe Ward/Santa's Little Sleigh Bells - Ruby Wright/Christmas In Heaven - Billy Ward & Dominoes/Twinkle Twinkle Little Star - Lillian Brooks/Santa Is On His Way - Al Dexter//Winter Wonderland - Bill Doggett/Nuttin' For Christmas - Joe Ward/It's Christmas Time - Bubber Johnson/Merry Christmas To Michael - Lillian Brooks/It's Christmas - Herb George/Christmas Eve In My Home Town - Roy Stevens/Jingle Bells - Cowboy Copas/Ringin' In A Brand New Year - Billy Ward & Dominoes

681 - Many Moods of Moon Mullican - Moon Mullican [11/60] Moon's Tune/Mexicali Rose/Jole Blon's Sister/Why Don't You Love Me/Don't Ever Take My Picture Down/There Goes The Bride/Oh She's Gone/Good Deal/Lucille/Sweeter Than The Flowers/Pan Handle Rag/My Tears Will Pour Just Like Rain/What My Eyes See My Heart Believes/Good Night Irene/Grandpa Stole My Baby/When Love Dies Where Does It Go/Crippled For Life

682/682 Stereo - Miami March Songs - Miami University Symphonic Band [11/60] Stereo information not available. Miami March Song/Universities On Parade/Proud Heritage March/Men Of Ohio/Wings Of Victory/Invercargill March/American Salute/Procession Of The Nobles/American Plantation Dances/American Salute "When Johnny Comes Marching Home"/Chester Overture

683 - Think! - James Brown & the Famous Flames [1960] Original cover had a picture of a baby in a thinking pose. Think (version 1)/Good Good Lovin' (version 1)/Wonder When You're Coming Home/I'll Go Crazy (version 1)/This Old Heart/(I Found Someone) I Know It's True (version 1)//Bewildered (version 1)/I'll Never Let You Go/You've Got the Power (version 1)/If You Want Me/Baby, You're Right/So Long (version 1)

683 - Think! - James Brown & His Famous Flames [1963] Reissue of King 683 with multiple pictures of James Brown on the cover. Think (version 1)/Good Good Lovin' (version 1)/Wonder When You're Coming Home/I'll Go Crazy (version 1)/This Old Heart/(I Found Someone) I Know It's True (version 1)//Bewildered (version 1)/I'll Never Let You Go/You've Got the Power (version 1)/If You Want Me/Baby, You're Right/So Long (version 1)

684 - Gatemouth Moore Sings Blues - Gatemouth Moore [1960] I'm A Fool To Care/Highway 61 Blues/Gambling Woman/Don't You Know I Love You Baby/Teasin' Brown/Hey Mr. Gatemouth/You're My Speciality Baby/Gotta Walk//Something I'm Gonna Be/I Ain't Mad At You Pretty Baby/Did You Ever Try To Cry/Satisfying Papa/Grave Yand Disposition/Willa Mae/After Loving A Woman/You're Having Hard Luck

685 - Mallets of Four Thought - Jimmy Namaro & His Trio [2/60] With Mallets Toward Some/Venezuela/Love/Cool Fool/When You Grow Too Old to Dream/One of a Kind Mambo/Hammering Home/Nothing In This World/I've Got a Feeling You're Foolin'/Laura/Similau/Late Late Blues

686 - Favorites of Jimmy Dean - Jimmy Dean [1960] Release Me/I'm Feeling For You (But I Can't Reach You)/Sugar Coated Sweetheart/I'll Always Love You/There Stands The Glass/Million Tears From Now/Queen Of Hearts/Bumming Around/Sweet Darling/Why Don't You Shut Your Mouth/Paper Love Affair

687 - The Stewart Family Sings Country Sacred Songs - Stewart Family [8/60] Tattler's Wagon/He'll Do For You/Little Community Church/Will The Circle Be Unbroken/Thirty Pieces Of Silver/Book Of Life/Dear God/Softly And Tenderly/I'll Meet You In The Morning/Sinner Read The Bible/Beautiful Garden Of Prayer/Soldier's Prayerbook

688 - The Five Keys - Five Keys [2/60] Ziggus/How Can I Forget You/When Paw Was Courtin' Maw/You Broke The Only Heart/Dancing Senorita/Dream On//I Took Your Love For A Toy/I Burned Your Letter/Gonna Be Too Late/Rosetta/I've Always Been A Dreamer/Your Teeth And Your Tongue

689 - The Great Texan - T. Texas Tyler [2/60] If I Could Hear My Mother Pray Again/Old Country Church/In The Sweet Bye And Bye/You've Got To Live Your Religion/I Dreamed I Searched Heaven/Didn't They Crucify My Lord/In The Land Where We'll Never Grow Old/This Old Clay House/God Put A Rainbow In The Cloud/What A Friend We Have In Jesus/Praise The Lord (Salvation Has Been Brought Down)/Blessed Jesus Hold My Hand

690 - Stanley Brothers Sing Everybody's Country Favorites - Stanley Brothers [6/60] Shenandoah Waltz/Mountain Dew/Tragic Romance/Sunny Side Of The Mountain/Next Sunday Darling Is My Birthday/I'm A Man Of Constant Sorrow//Sweeter Than The Flowers/Old Rattler/Weeping Willow/Sweet Thing/It's Raining Here This Morning/Shackles And Chains

691 - In Action - Little Willie John [6/60] Leave My Kitten Alone/Let Nobody Love You/I'll Never Go Back On My Word/No Regrets/Write Me A Letter/Made For Me//Let Them Talk/Right There/Need Your Love So Bad/New Thing/Do You Love Me/It Only Hurts A Little

692 - R & B Hits Past and Present - Five Keys [1960] Valley Of Love/I Can't Escape From You/Wrapped Up In A Dream/Will You/Do Something For Me/No Says My Heart//Bimbo/That's What You're Doing To Me/Now I Know I Love You/I'll Never Stop Loving You/Stop Your Crying/Girl You Better Stop It

693 - Hymns and Gospel Songs - Reno & Smiley [4/60] Lord's Last Supper/I Need The Prayers/In The Garden/You Never Mentioned Him To Me/Whispering Hope/Little Country Preacher/Jesus Will Save Your Soul/I'll Meet You In The Morning/Mother's Only Sleeping/I Feel Like Traveling On/Arm Of God/He Will Set Your Fields On Fire

694 - Music for Romantic Moments - Lennie Wilson & His Orchestra [4/60] To Each His Own/Taboo/Love Is A Many Splendored Thing/Unforgettable/When Your Lover Has Gone/Unchained Melody/Secret Love/Too Young/That's All/Lover Man/Without You/Till There Was You

695 - Golden Country Favorites - Stewart Family [1960] Just Out Of Reach/I Don't Have To Tell You/I Wanta Make Sweet Love To You/Don't Go Honky Tonkin'/Jealous Love/Mysteries of Life/Come On In/Sugar Plum Boogie/Lonesome Dollar Bill/Sugar Stealing Baby/Shadows/Brown Eyes Or Blue Eyes

696 - Hawaiian Party - Bob Kames [11/60] Drifting and Dreaming/Blue Hawaii/Song Of The Islands/Yaaka Hula Hickey Dula/On My Island Of Dreams/Sweet Leilani/Ka Lu A/Wishing For Hawaii/Hawaiian Wedding Song/To You Sweetheart/Aloha/Candle A Rose/Hawaiian War Chant

697 - Country and Western Jamboree - Various Artists [6/60] Let Me Be The One - Hank Locklin/Send Me The Pillow That You Dream On - Hank Locklin/That Memphis Train - Grandpa Jones/Old Rattler's Treed Again- Grandpa Jones/Dad Gave My Dog Away - T. Texas Tyler/Deck Of Cards - T. Texas Tyler/Under Your Spell Again - Reno & Smiley/Eight More Miles To Louisville - Reno & Smiley/Tragic Romance - Stanley Brothers/How Far To Little Rock - Stanley Brothers/Tennessee Choo Choo - Delmore Brothers/Trouble Ain't Nothin' But The Blues - Delmore Brothers/Love Me Baby - Slim Willet/Don't Let The Stars Get In Your Eyes - Slim Willet/Philadelphia Lawyer - Maddox Brothers & Sister Rose

698 - For The Good People - Stanley Brothers [1960] When Jesus Beckons Me Home/Purple Robe/I'll Not Be A Stranger/Pass Me Not/Mother Left Me Her Bible/From The Manger To The Cross/Over In The Glory Land/MY Main Trial Is Yet To Come/Jordan/Lonely Tombs/Four Books In The Bible/Jacob's Vision

699 - Swing Your Partner - Doc Journell (Caller) with Grady Heston & the Texsons [1960] Lady 'Round The Lady/Bridie In The Hands Around/Sashay Partner/Half Way Round/Wave The Ocean/Cotton Eyed Joe/Little Brown Jug/Golden Slippers/Put Your Little Foot/Starlight Schottische

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