Gene Norman Presents/
GNP-Crescendo Album Discography, Part 1:
GNP Vol. 1 to GNP/GNPS-99 (1954-1964)

By Dave Edwards, Patrice Eyries, and Mike Callahan
Last update: August 24, 2007

First GNP LP The first ten or so albums issued on the label were 10-inch LPs, as was customary for the time (1954). Starting with GNP-11, all the albums were pressed in the 12-inch format. The first ten or so albums also used an odd numbering system. The record numbers were just designated as "Vol. 1", "Vol. 2," etc., with the matrix numbers were also on the label, causing confusion as to which was the actual album number. For example, GNP-2 is billed as "Gene Norman Presents, Vol.2: Buddy DeFranco Takes You to the Stars," with "Vol. 2" on the cover and label, but GNP-103 on the label, also. This "Volume" designation instead of the more common GNP- numbering system continued at least until GNP-11.

In early 1962, the label name changed from Gene Norman Presents to GNP-Crescendo, at approximately album number 71. At that time, the logo also changed, from the multicolor circles to a rectangular logo in block letters.

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Number - Title - Artist - [Release Date] (Chart) Contents

Gene Norman Presents Series:

Vol. 1 (GNP-101/102) - Charlie Ventura and His Band in Concert - Charlie Ventura [1954] Charlie Ventura (tenor & baritone sax), "Boots" Mussilli (alto sax), Jackie Cain (vocals), Roy Kral (piano), Conte Candoli (trumpet), Benny Green (trombone) Kenny O'Brien (bass), and Ed Shaughnessey (drums). Birdland/Flamingo/Body & Soul/Lullaby In Rhythm/Boptura/Over The Rainbow/Dark Eyes/High On An Open Mike

GNP-1 - Charlie Ventura and His Band in Concert - Charlie Ventura [196?] Reissue of above album in 12" format with a new cover. Birdland/Flamingo/Body & Soul/Lullaby In Rhythm/Boptura/Over The Rainbow/Dark Eyes/High On An Open Mike

GNPD 1 - Charlie Ventura in Concert - Charlie Ventura [1990] Reissue of the above album on CD, with additional tracks. Introduction (with Gene Norman)/Birdland/Flamingo/Body & Soul/Lullaby In Rhythm/Boptura/Over The Rainbow/Dark Eyes/High On An Open Mike/Jersey Bounce/Sweet Georgia Brown/Basin Street Blues/Charley's Parley

Vol. 2 (GNP 103/104) - Buddy DeFranco Takes You to the Stars - Buddy Defranco Quartet with Herman McCoy's Swing Choir [1954] 10" LP. Handful Of Stars/Star Sapphire/Stella By Starlight/It Wasn't In The Stars/Starway To The Stars/Star Eyes/Star Of Africa

Vol. 3 - Gerry Mulligan with Chet Baker - Gerry Mulligan & Chet Baker [1954] 10" LP. Varsity Drag/Swing House/Love Me Or Leave Me//Half Nelson/Speak Low/Ladybird

Vol. 4 - Dizzy Gillespie and His Orchestra Featuring Chano Pozo - Dizzy Gillespie [1954] 10" LP. Kmanon/Ool-Ya-Koo/Stay On It//Good Bait/One Bass Hit/Manteca

Vol. 5 - Clifford Brown & Max Roach, Volume 1 - Clifford Brown & Max Roach [1954] 10" LP. Cover shown is Japanese reissue. All God's Children Got Rhythm/Tenderly/Sunset Eyes/ Clifford's Axe

Vol. 6

Vol. 7 - Clifford Brown & Max Roach, Volume 2 - Clifford Brown & Max Roach [1954] 10" LP. Cover shown is Japanese reissue. Jor-Du/I Can't Get Started/I Get A Kick Out Of You/Parisian Thoroughfare

Back Cover Vol. 8 (GNP 149/150) - Bob Keene & His Orchestra - Bob Keene & His Orchestra [1954] 10" LP. Bob Keene later founded Del-Fi Records. Dancing On The Ceiling/Dancing Tambourine/They Didn't Believe Me/The Lady Is A Tramp/Mimi/It Ain't Necessarily So/Isn't It Romantic/Jug Stop

Vol. 9 (GNP 151/152) - Four Saxophones in Twelve Tones - Lyle Murphy [1954] 10" LP. These tracks were issued on CD as part of GNP 9056. Lost In A Fugue/Tone Poem/I Only Have Eyes For You/Frantastic//Frankly Speaking/Illusion/Caleta/Crazy Quilt

Vol. 10 - Marty Paich Octet - Marty Paich Octet [1955] 10" LP, available in red wax.

From this point, albums are in 12" format.

Vol. 11 - Frank Bull and Gene Norman Present Dixieland Jubilee - Teddy Buckner [1955] With Art Edwards, Joe Darensbourg, Harvey O. Brooks, and Jesse Sailes. This is numbered "Gene Norman Presents, Vol. 11," but the label is the Dixieland Jubilee label. Issued on red vinyl.

GNP 12 - Frank Morgan - Frank Morgan [1955] Bernie's Tune/My Old Flame/I'll Remember April/Neil's Blues/The Champ/Chooch/Nearness Of You/Whippet/Milt's Tune/Get Happy

GNP 13

GNP 14 - Rene Touzet & His Orchestra - Rene Touzet & His Orchestra [1956] Laura/Mambo Guaguancho/Que Pasa Con El Cha Cha Cha/Malaguena/Summertime/Love For Sale/Manengue/Flamingo/Peanut Vendor/Mambo Crescendo

GNP 15/GNP 15ST - Lionel Hampton & the Just Jazz All Stars - Lionel Hampton [1957] Perdido/That's My Desire/Central Avenue Breakdown//Kaba's Blues/Hamp's Boogie Woogie/Flying Home

GNP 16/GNP 16S - Billy Daniels at the Crescendo - Billy Daniels [1957] Stereo version released in 1959. Them There Eyes/Love Is A Many-Splendored Thing/Sway/Autumn Leaves/'Deed I Do/Easy To Love/My Blue Heaven/It's All Right With Me/My Yiddishe Momme/You Were Meant For Me/Lady Of The Evening/If I Should Lose You/How Deep Is The Ocean/I Can Dream I Live For You/That Old Black Magic

GNP 17 (GNP-181/182) - Corky Hale - Corky Hale [1957] Foggy Day/Somebody Loves Me/Soon/But Not For Me/What Is There To Say/Taking A Chance On Love/There's An Island In The West Indies/April In Paris/Cabin In The Sky/I Can't Get started/London In July/Autumn In New York

GNP 18 - The Best of Max Roach and Clifford Brown in Concert - Max Roach-Clifford Brown Quartet [11/56] Jor-Du/I Can't Get Started/I Get A Kick Out Of You/Parisian Thoroughfare/All God's Chillun Got Rhythm/Tenderly/Sunset Eyes/Clifford's Axe

GNPD 18 - The Best of Max Roach and Clifford Brown in Concert - Max Roach-Clifford Brown Quartet [199?] CD reissue of above. Jor-Du/I Can't Get Started/I Get A Kick Out Of You/Parisian Thoroughfare/All God's Chillun Got Rhythm/Tenderly/Sunset Eyes/Clifford's Axe

GNP 19 - Mr. Bongo - Jack Costanzo and the Afro-Cuban Band [1957] Caravan/Bongo Festeris/La La La (Curbelo)/El Resbaloso/Coco May May/Just One Of Those Things/Goza Negra/Chopsticks Mambo/Abaniquito/Melado De Cana

GNP 20 - Be Our Guest - Various Artists [1957] Dark Eyes - Charlie Ventura/Star Sapphire - Buddy DeFranco/Half Nelson - Gerry Mulligan/Sunset Eyes - Max Roach & Clifford Brown/Manteca - Dizzy Gillespie/Caleta - Lyle Murphy/Kaba's Blues - Lionel Hampton/Mambo Guaguanco - Rene Touzet/London In July - Corky Hale/I Live For You - Billy Daniels/Tenors West - Marty Paich/Bernie's Tune - Frank Morgan

GNP 21 - Tenors West - Bob Cooper, Jimmy Giuffre, Harry Klee, Bob Enevoldsen with the Marty Paich Octet [1957] Reissue of GNP 10 with the addition of 4 songs. Tenors West/Dragon/There's No You/At The Mardi Gras/Shorty-George/Paichence/Take The "A" Train/Ballet Du Bongo/Line For Lyons/Jacqueline/Con-Spirto

GNP 22/GNP 22ST - From Broadway to Havana - Rene Touzet Orchestra [1957] El Loco Cha Cha/My Music Is For You/Leo's Mambo/Manhattan/Cherry Pink/La Comparsa/Midnight Sun/Too Marvelous For Words/Bolero Time/Porter Cha Cha

GNP 23 - Dizzy Gillespie & His Big Band in Concert - Dizzy Gillespie & His Big Band [1957 ] Reissue of GNP Vol. 4 with additional tracks. Issued in mono only. Emanon/Ool-Ya-Koo/'Round About Midnight/Stay On It/Good Bait/One Base Hit/I Can't Get Started/Manteca

GNPD 23 - Dizzy Gillespie & His Big Band in Concert - Dizzy Gillespie & His Big Band [1990] Reissue of GNP 23 on compact disc with a new cover. Emanon/Ool-Ya-Koo/'Round About Midnight/Stay On It/Good Bait/One Base Hit/I Can't Get Started/Manteca

GNP 24 - Josephine Premice Sings Calypso - Josephine Premice [3/57] Siesta/Mommy, Out De Light/Boy Days/Hollywood Calypso/Sambas Do Braxil/Sweetie Joe/Lost Watch/Choucoune/Lady Want Rent/Tierra Va Tembla

GNP 25 - Afro Drum Carnival - Various Artists [1957] Manteca/Star Of Africa/Ballet Du Bongo/Bongo Festeris/Cueras/Love For Sale/Bernie's Tune/Tierra Va Tembla

GNP-26 - Chet Baker with Gerry Mulligan and Buddy DeFranco - Chet Baker/Gerry Mulligan/Buddy DeFranco [1957] Varsity Drag/Speak Low/Half Nelson/Love Me Or Leave Me/Swing House//Star Eyes/Stella By Starlight/Stairway To The Stars/Star Sapphire/Handful Of Stars/Star Of Africa

GNP 27 - Escape - Paul Smith Trio , Corky Hale, Jimmy Jones Trio [1957] Chicago/Manhattan/Moon Over Miami/La Jolla Leap/There's An Island In The West/Indies/Foggy Day/Moonlight In Vermont/Autumn In New York/April In Paris/Cool In Cuba/London In July/Cabin In The Sky

GNP 28 - In the Dark - Ernie Andrews [1957] In The Dark/Sunset Eyes/'Round About Midnight/Squeeze Me/Lover Come Back To Me/Song Of The Wanderer/Make Me A Present Of You/But Now I Know/Don't Lead Me On/Peace

GNP 29/GNP 29ST - Cha Cha Cha for Lovers - Rene Touzet Orchestra [1957] Lover's Cha Cha Cha/Moon Over Miami/Oye Lo Que Tiene El Mambo/Mambo Inn/Danza Negra/Besame Mucho/Manuel/Ticklish Mambo/Desconfianza/Lover's Lullaby/Pedazo De Mi Vida

GNP 30/GNP 30ST - High-Fi Road to Romance - Mark Hunter [1957] Stereo version released in 1959. Brazil/In A Little Spanish Town/April In Portugal/Blue Danube/Paris In The Spring/Manhattan Serenade/My Wild Irish Rose/Sorrento/Limehouse Blues/Japanese Sandman/Song Of India/Hawaiian War Chant

GNP 31/GNP 31ST - Solemn Meditation - Paul Bley Quartet [1957] Stereo version released in 1959. Birk's Works/Zero Plus One/Porgy/Solemn Meditation/I Remember Harlem/Drum Two/Everywhere/Beau Diddley/Persian Village

GNP 32/GNP 32ST - Strike a Match - April Ames [1957] Stereo version released in 1959. Romance In The Dark/Smoke Rings/Kiss In The Dark/Under A Blanket Of Blue/Two Cigarettes In The Dark/Moonlight Love/Whispers In The Dark/Strike A Match/Where There's Smoke There's Fire/I Don't Want To Set The World On Fire/My Old Flame/I'm Beginning To See The Light

GNP 33/GNP 33ST - New Orbits in Sound - Lyle Murphy [1/58] Reissued on CD in 1999. Misty Rose/I Only Have Eyes For You/Lost In A Fugue/Tone Poem/Frantastic/Slightly Off Center/Daily Double/Illusion/Caleta/Crazy Quilt/Frankly Speaking

GNP 34/GNP 34ST - Hawaii: A Musical Memento of the Islands - Various Artists [1959] Ke Kali Nei Au (Wedding Song) - Pokipalas/Kuuipo Onaona - Pua Almeida/Lani - Benny Kalama/Pua Tuberose - Andy Cummings/Love Song Of Kalua - Haunani Kahalewai/To You Sweetheart, Aloha - Ray Kinney//Hawaiian War Chant - Bill Akamuhou/Kaena - Pua Almeida/Old Plantation - Andy Cummings/White Ginger Blossoms - Haunani Kahalewai/Mahina Hoku - Pua Almeida/I Left My Heart Back In The Islands - Kalani Bright

GNP 35/GNP 35ST - Hukilau Hulas - Various Artists [1959] Hukilau Song - Mel Peterson/Blue Lei - Bill Akamuhou/My Little Grass Shack In Kealakekua Hawaii - Kalani Bright/The Cockeyed Mayor Of Kaunakakai - Andy Cummings/E Naughty Mai Nei - Mel Peterson/ Lovely Hula Hands - Ray Kinney/A Song Of Old Hawaii - Mel Peterson/Hapa Heole Hula Girl - Andy Williams/Dance The Hula (If You Wanna) - Kalani Bright/Hawaiian Hospitality - Ray Kinney/Little Brown Gal - Bill Akamuhou/Across The Sea - Ray Kinney

GNPD 35 - Hukilau Hulas - Various Artists [1992] CD issue containing both volumes of Hukilau Hulas [GNP 35 and GNPS/2003]. Hukilau Song - Mel Peterson/Blue Lei - Bill Akamuhou/My Little Grass Shack In Kealakekua Hawaii - Kalani Bright/The Cockeyed Mayor Of Kaunakakai - Andy Cummings/E Naughty Mai Nei - Mel Peterson/ Lovely Hula Hands - Ray Kinney/A Song Of Old Hawaii - Mel Peterson/Hapa Heole Hula Girl - Andy Williams/Dance The Hula (If You Wanna) - Kalani Bright/Hawaiian Hospitality - Ray Kinney/Little Brown Gal - Bill Akamuhou/Across The Sea - Ray Kinney/Keep Your Eyes On The Hands - B. Kaai/Sweet Someone V. Akina/Maui Girl - E. Tavares/Island Moon - B. Kaai/Paul Pilikia - B. Kaai/To Make You Love Me - B. Kaai/Hii Lawe - F. Tavares/He Ono La - Trio/Pupu O Nii Hau - V. Akina/Hano Hano Hanalei - E. Tavares/Minoi Minoi E - Trio/Hui Mawaho O Ka Waa - Trio

GNP 36/GNP 36ST - Mr. Cha Cha Cha - Rene Touzet Orchestra [1959] Stormy Weather/Mi Amor Se Fue/Que Emocion/Andalucia/Tea For Two/La Criticona//Mulata/Red Dress/Perfidia/Julie Is Her Name/Mi Guajira

GNP 37/GNP 37ST - Joe Moshay & His Debutante Ball Orchestra - Joe Moshay [1959] Zing Went The Strings Of My Heart/Anything Goes/Just One Of Those Things/You Made Me Love You/It's Been A Long, Long Time/I Don't Know Why/Jada/Glow Worm Cha Cha Cha/Maxixe/It's A Most Unusual Day/This Can't Be Love/I Won't Dance/Sheik Of Araby/Love Nest/I'm In The Mood For Love/Josie/Dansero/Cumbanchero/You're The Cream In My Coffee/When My Sugar Walks Down The Street/Put Your Arms Around Me Honey/Lady Of The Evening/Gimme A Little Kiss, Willya Huh?/Swingin' Down The Lane/Dance With Me/Mamo Yo Quiero/Cheek To Cheek/I'm In A Dancing Mood/Doin' The Astaire/Darktown Strutters Ball/Linger Awhile/We Just Couldn't Say Goodbye/After You've Gone/Vacilion/Manana

GNP 38/GNP 38ST - Hollywood Themes in Cha Cha Cha - Bobby Montez Orchestra [1959] The Bad And The Beautiful/Picnic/A Place In The Sun/The Third Man Theme/For Whom The Bell Tolls/Invitation/Arrividerci, Roma/Laura/The Song From Moulin Rouge/Street Scene/Autumn In Rome/An Affair To Remember

GNP 39/GNP 39ST - Lightning Fingers of Ben Light (In the Limelight) - Ben Light [1/59] Sheik of Araby/You're My Everything/I Ain't Got Nobody/Ain't She sweet/I'll See You Again/One Rose/One Alone/Sweet Georgia Brown/At Sundown/It's a Sin to Tell a Lie/Isle of Capri/Popularity

GNP 40/GNP 40ST - Rene Touzet at the Crescendo - Rene Touzet [1959] Birth Of The Blues/Pa' Bailar/Amor De Pelicula/Moonlight In Vermont/Tenderly/Ye Yo/That's All/La Noche De Anoche/Los Barbudos/Mariana/Nearness Of You/Mi Guaguanco

GNP-41 - Caught in the Act - Frances Faye [1959] Recorded live at the Crescendo. The Man I Love/Just In Time/Maleguena/Fever/Barney Google/Frances And Her Friends/I Wish I Could Shimmy Like My Sister Kate/Tipperary/Night And Day/Drunk With Love

GNPD-41 - Caught in the Act, Parts 1 & 2 - Frances Faye [199?] Reissue of GNP-41 and GNP-92 on one CD. The Man I Love/Just In Time/Maleguena/Fever/Frances And Her Friends/I Wish I Could Shimmy Like My Sister Kate/It's A Long Way To Tipperary/Night And Day/Drunk With Love/Lonesome Road/My Babe/I Loves You, Porgy/A Good Man Is Hard To Find/Do Nothing Till You Hear From Me/You're Nobody Till Somebody Loves You/Unchain My Heart/Blueberry Hill/Tonight You Belong To Me/Finale

GNP 42/GNP 42ST - Importance of Being Ernest - Ernie Andrews [1959] Just You-Just Me/Travelin' Light/Outskirts Of Town/Slide Mr. Trombone/Until The Real Thing Comes Along/Masquerade Is Over/Bernie's Tune/Someone In Love/Don't Be Afraid of Love/Julie Is Her Name

GNP 43/GNP 43ST - Pleasures of Paris - Pierre Dorsey [1959] Julie La Rousse/Incroyablement/Square Severine/Machine A Ecrire/Magicien/Pres De Toi Tout Un Dimanche/Bain/Amour Et /Mon Copain L'Amour/Mimi Fleur Bleue/Tais Toi Marseille/Connaisez Vous Mon Village

GNP 44/GNP 44ST - Dancing at the Crescendo - Tony Martinez [1960] Blue Moon/Besame Mucho/'S Wonderful/Mambo Crescendo/Continental/Babalu/Tenderly/Rhumba Rhapsody/How High The Moon/Cueros

GNP 45/GNP 45ST - Jack Sheldon Arrives - Jack Sheldon [1959] I Had The Craziest Dream/Green Dolphin Street/I'm Also A Person!/Brown Cow/Arrividerci/Sunset Eyes/Julie Is Her Name/J.S./Aplomb/Anyhow

GNP 46/GNP 46ST - Gigi & My Fair Lady (In Latin Fashion) - Montez Orchestra [1960] Thank Heaven For Little Girls/She's Not Thinking Of Me/Night They Invented Champagne/I'm Glad I'm Not Young Anymore/Parisians/On The Street Where You Live/I Could Have Danced All Night/I've Grown Accustomed To Her Face/Wouldn't It Be Loverly/Show Me/Get Me To The Church On Time

GNP 47/GNP 47ST - The Heart of Cuba: Pachangas & Charangas - Orquesta Nuevo Ritmo de Cuba [11/59] Reissued on CD as part of GNPD-2264. Aguardiente/Ilumina Mi Camino/Ritmo de Azucar/Hasta Decir No Mas/Triana/No Se Que Siento/Jumpy Cha Cha/Baila Lo Con Alegria/Descarga/Linda/Cuban Jungle

GNP-48/GNP 48ST - Afro-Cool - Wild Bill Davis, Conde Candoli and Frank Morgan [1960] Reissue of Whippet WLP-704. Bernie's Tune/I'll Remember April/Chooch/Whippet/My Old Flame/Neil's Blues/Champ/Nearness Of You/Milt's Tune/Get Happy

GNP 49/GNP 49ST - Touzet Too Much - Rene Touzet [1960] Con Sabor Latino/The Continental/No Te Vuelvas Loco/S' Wonderful/La Virgen De La Macarena/Amalia Batista/Blue Moon/Malanga/Mucho Mucho Mas/Cha Cha Cha Para Becerra/Totiri Mondachi/Siboney

GNP 50/GNP 50ST - Incendiary Piano of Peruchin - Peruchin [1961] Reissued on CD as part of GNPD-2264. Mulata Rumbera/All The Things You Are/Pa Gozar/Laura/Tres Lindas/Cubanas/Out Of Nowhere/Rhapsody In Blue/Redencion/Tenderly/Que Te Pasa/Minuet/Guahira Melodica

GNP 51/GNP 51ST - Juanita - Juanita Cruse [1961] Alone Together/Teach Me Tonight/I Love Paris/Midnight Sun Will Never Set/Fine & Mellow/You'd Be So Nice To Come Home To/God Bless The Child/Sunset Eyes/Don't Explain/Stop Teasin' Me

GNP 52/GNP 52ST - Timeless Ones a la Touzet - Rene Touzet [1961] I'll Take Romance/Embraceable You/I'll Remember April/Bewitched/September Song/Poinciana/Stardust/They Can't Take That Away From Me/My Reverie/Imagination/Autumn Leaves/Temptation

GNP 53/GNP 53ST - Heart of Mexico - Various Artists [1961] Guadalajara - Rondalla De Tijuana/Rayando El Sol - Rondalla De Tijuana/Cancion Mixteca - Rondalla De Tijuana/Altefitas - San Martin Trio/Malaguena - Gloria Quintet/Ay! Jalisco, No Te Rajes - Maricela, Mariachi Corral/Me He De Comer Esa Tuna - Maricela, Mariachi Corral/Cuando Vuelva A Tu Lado - Ensueno Trio/Cecilia - Mariachi Corral/Cocula - Mariachi Corral/Cascabel - Quartet Boca Del Rio/Adelita - Pajaritos Trio

GNP 54/GNP 54ST - Heart of Hawaii - Charles "Kaipo Miller" Serenaders & Ray Kinney [1961] Hana/Hapa Haole Hula Girl/Hawaiian Wedding Song/Manuwai Opuna/Hawaiian Paradise/On This Our Parting Day/Keep Your Eyes On The Hands/Sweet Someone/Kaulana O Hilo Hana Kahi/Leihuanani/Pua Carnation My Tani

GNP 55/GNP 55ST - My Happiness - Mulcays [1961] Reissue of GNP 1001. Near You/Saber Dance/You Can't Be True Dear/Now Is The Hour/If I Had You/Drifting & Dreaming/Beer Barrel Polka/Dream/It's Been A Long, Long Time/Alabamy Bound/Diane/Wabash Blues/Bye Bye Blues/Echoing Hills/Beatin' The Bee

GNP 56/GNP 56ST - Gerry Mulligan with Chet Baker & Buddy DeFranco - Gerry Mulligan With Chet Baker & Buddy DeFranco [1961] Varsity Drag/Speak Low/Half Nelson/Lady Bird/Love Me Or Leave Me/Swing House/Star Eyes/Stella by Starlight/Stairway To the Stars/Star Sapphire/Handful Of Stars/Star Of Africa

GNPD 56 - Gerry Mulligan with Chet Baker & Buddy DeFranco - Gerry Mulligan With Chet Baker & Buddy DeFranco [199?] Compilation CD drawing from GNP Vo.3, GNP-26, and GNP-56. Westwood Walk/Simbah/Walkin' Shoes/Rocker/A Ballad/Taking a Chance on Love/Flash/Ontet/Varsity Drag/Speak Low/Half Nelson/Lady Bird/Love Me or Leave Me/Swinghouse

GNP 57/GNP 57ST - La Pachanga - Rene Touzet Orchestra [1961] Calculadora/Son Montuno Son/Incertidumbre/Dime Que Si/Pachangureo/Pachangueando/Levantate/Mango Mangue/Total/Pa' Chimoso Tu/Piano Pachanga

GNP 58/GNP 58ST - Machito at the Crescendo - Machito Orchestra [1961] Pachanga A La Crescendo/Mangos/Maggie's Mambo/Cosas Del Alma/Varsity Drag Mambo/Cuban Fantasy/No Tiene Telarana/Candilejas/Ven Conmigo Guajira/Bernie And The Wolf

GNPD 58 - Machito at the Crescendo - Machito Orchestra [199?] Compact disc compilation from GNP 58 and GNP 72. Pachanga A La Crescendo/Mangos/Maggie's Mambo/Varsity Drag Mambo/Cuban Fantasy/No Tiene Telarana/Ven Conmigo Guajira/Bernie And The Wolf/Columpio/Tenderly/Ayer Lo Vi Llorar/Todo Es/Jamaicuba/Alma Con Alma/Mi Otono/Almendra/Pent-Up House

GNP 59

GNP 60/GNP 60ST - Jack's Groove - Jack Sheldon [1961] On Green Dolphin Street/I'm Also A Person/I Had The Craziest Dream/Arrivederci/Brown Cow/Anyhow/Julie Is Her Name/Aplomb/Sunset Eyes/J.S.

GNP 61/GNP 61ST - Pachanga Differente - Rene Touzet Orchestra [1961] Pachanga Differente/Nadie Baila Como Yo/Pomona Cha Cha/Misty/Pachanga Pa'ti Y Pa'mi/Buscando Chamba Pachanga/Por Todas Mis Locuras/Mambo Guajiro/Tanga La Pachanga/Delirio/Pachanga Maracibo

GNP 62/GNP 62ST - Calimbo Steel Band - Calimbo Steel Band [1962] Limbo/Mambo No. 5/Yellow Bird/Bedbug/Ice Man/Ciribiribin/Jamaica Farewell/Island In The Sun/Blue Danube/Taconazo/Land Of The Sea And Sun/Merecumbe/South Of The Border/When The Saints Go Marching In

GNP 63

GNP 64/GNP 64ST - Poco Loco with Joe Loco - Joe Loco [1962] Teach Me Tonight/Tabu/When Your Lover Has Gone/Montana/Let Me Love You Tonight/Pretty Girl Is Like A Melody/Guitarra Romano/Piel Canela/Si Eres Tu/Yellow Bird/Sway/To Each His Own

GNP 65

GNP 66/GNP 66ST - Mucho Piano - Eddie Cano [1962] Guara Cha Cha/Adios/Hava Nagilah/Pachanga/Casita/Panchero Mambero/Line For Lyons/Bernie's Tune/Tin Tin Deo/Baila Pachanga/Nightingale/Ican

GNP 67

GNP 68/GNP 68ST - Midnight in Moscow - Teddy Buckner Orchestra [1962] Midnight In Moscow/Avalon/Lonesome Road/Fidgety Feet/Ballin' The Jack/Somebody Stole My Gal/Bill Bailey/Jada/My Gal Sal/South/Sister Kate/My Blue Heaven

GNP 69

GNP 70/GNP 70ST - Exciting Tito Puente Band in Hollywood - Tito Puente [1962] Baila Pachanga/Midnight Sun/Ven Morena/April In Paris/Negra Bon Bon/T.P. On The Strip/Pachanga Flute/Ojos Negras/Carnival From Black Orpheus/Pajaro Cho Gui/Ah-Vah

At approximately this point, label name changes from Gene Norman Presents to GNP-Crescendo.

GNP-Crescendo GNP/GNPS -1 Popular Music Series:

GNP 71/GNPS 71 - Greatest Banjo Hits - Excelsior Banjo Band [1962] World Is Waiting For The Sunrise/Lonesome Road/Avalon/It's a Long Way To Tipperary/Heart Of My Heart/Dixieland Jubilee March/San Francisco/Coney Island Washboard/I'm Just Crazy About Dixieland/Somebody Stole My Gal/California Here I Come/Alabama Jubilee

GNP 72/GNPS 72 - World's Greatest Latin Band - Machito Orchestra [1962] Reissued on CD as part of GNPD-58. El Columpio/Tenderly/Ayer Lo Vi Llorar/Mi Otoño/Todo Es/Bernie's Tune//Jamaicuba/Moonlight In Vermont/Alma Con Alma/Almendra/Pent-Up House

GNP 73/GNPS 73 - Golden Hawaiian Hits - Duke Kamoku Islanders [1962] Harbor Lights/Song Of The Islands/On The Beach At Waikiki/Moon Of Manakoora/Lovely Hula Girl/Hawaii Nei/Sweet Leiani/Blue Hawaii/Pagan Love Song/Hawaii Calls/Ukulele Lady/Hills Of Honolulu

GNP 74/GNPS 74 - Greatest Latin Hits - Rene Touzet [1962] Tea For Two/Cherry Pink And Apple Blossom White/Poinciana/Siboney/Pachanga/Mambo Inn/Besame Mucho/The Breeze And I/Perfidia/Malaguena/Peanut Vendor/Virgen De La Macarena

GNP 75/GNPS 75 - Joe & Eddie - Joe [Gilbert] & Eddie [Brown] [1962] Roll On/I've Got Shoes/Every Night When The Sun Goes Down/Water Boy/Dehlia/All My Trials/Green Grass/Ox Driver's Song/The Fox/Moritat/Jerry

GNP 76/GNPS 76 - Salute to Glenn Miller - Billy May Orchestra [1962] Moonlight Serenade/Anvil Chorus/Little Brown Jug/Too Little Time/American Patrol/String of Pearls/Pennsylvania 6-5000/Song Of The Volga Boatmen/Tuxedo Junction/In The Mood

GNP 77/GNPS 77 - Taste of Cano - Eddie Cano [1963] Tin Tin Deo/Adios/Bernie's Tune/Hava Nagilah/Panchero Mambero/Guara Cha Cha/Line For Lyons/Nightingale/Casita/Ican/Baila Pachanga

GNP 78

GNP 79/GNPS 79 - Wildest Drums Yet! - Les Brown Jr. [1962] Surfin' & Swingin'/Baby Elephant Walk/Night Train/Bernie's Tune/Woodchopper's Ball/One Mint Julep/Drum's Safari/Swingin' Safari/Drum City One O'Clock Jump/Loco-Motion

GNP 80/GNPS 80 - 5002 Pipes! - Ivan Ditmar with Alex Lasker [1962] Mexican Hat Dance/Tenderly/Under Paris Skies/Beyond The Sea/Hawaiian Wedding Song//What Kind Of Fool Am I/I'll Never Smile Again/Harbor Lights/Ebb Tide/Comme Ci Comme Ca

GNP 81/GNPS 81 - Touzet Goes to the Movies - Rene Touzet [1962] Brothers Grimm Theme/Tender Is The Night/Small World/Maria/Baby Elephant Walk/Moon River/Mutiny On The Bounty-Follow Me/El Cid/My Romance/Never On Sunday/Till There Was You/Tonight/Invitation/Exodus

GNP 82

GNP/GNPS 83 - Surf Crazy - Bob Vaught & Renegaids [1963] Exotic/Surfin' Tragedy/Makaha/Delano Soul Beat/Revellion/Latinia/Tor-Chula/Blue Moon/Malibu Mash/Intoxica (Soul)/Rin Con/Surfin' Safari

GNP/GNPS 84 - Original Surfin' Hits - Various Artists [1963] Latin'ia - Sentinels/Tor-Chula - Sentinels/Blue Soul - Rhythm Kings/Exotic - Rhythm Kings/Swingin' Piper Soul - Soul Kings/Pachuko Soul - Soul Kings/Intoxica - Jim Waller & Deltas/Soul Beat Part 2 - Jim Waller & Deltas/Let's Go Surfin' - Jim Waller & Deltas/Surfin' Tragedy - Bob Vaught & Renegaids/Surf Bird - Breakers/Church Key - Dave Myers & Surftones

GNP/GNPS 85 - Winners of the 18 Band Surf Battle! - Various Artists [1963] Friday Night Winner: The Rhythm Kings; Saturday Night Winner: Dave Myers & The Surftones. Recorded live at the Deauville Club, Santa Monica California, March 22-23, 1963. Church Key/Pipeline/Pachuko Soul/(others)

GNP/GNPS 86 - There's a Meetin' Here Tonite: Joe & Eddie in Concert - Joe & Eddie [1963] Issued by Capitol Record Club as GNP/Crescendo T/ST-90034. There's A Meetin' Here Tonite/The Drinking Gourd/Lonely And A Lonesome Traveler/Scarlet Ribbons/Mariah/Children Go!/I Laid Around/The Old Man/The Work Song/Muddy Old River/Kisses Sweeter Than Wine/Summer's Over

GNP/GNPS 87 - Bossa Nova (Brazil to Hollywood) - Rene Touzet Orchestra [1963] Samba Bossa/Lawrence Of Arabia-Theme/Desafinado/Bossa Nova Holiday/Ho-Ba-La-La/Little Bird/Meditacao/Days Of Wine & Roses/One Note Samba/Watermelon Man/Dime With A Halo-Theme/Bossa Nova Di Qualquiera

GNP/GNPS 88 - Folk Hits of the Sixties - Johnny Dennis & Netta Rogers [1963] Walk Right In/Puff/If I Had A Hammer/Blowin' In the Wind/Little Bitty Tear/This Land Is Your Land/Greenback Dollar/Green Fields/Lemon Tree/Blue Water Line/Michael/Cotton Fields

GNP/GNPS 89 - Glorious Greeks - Hrach Yacoubian (& Company) [1963] Holiday In Greece/Ko-Ko-Ko/Misirlou/Rambe-Rambe/Hasapiko/Nina Nai/Speak Not A Word/Sultan's Circus/Aspres Corthellis/Shish Kebab/Belz, Mein Shtetle Belz/Shein Vi Di L'vone/Katifeh

GNP/GNPS 90 - Jack Costanzo Meets Eddie Cano - Jack Constanzo & Eddie Cano [1963]

GNP/GNPS 91 - Don Adams Meets the Roving Reporter - Don Adams [1963] Bank Robber/Movie Star/Hitler/News Round-Up/Big Mouthpiece/Airline/Mt Everest/Killer/Finkston Trio/Columbus/Football/Prison Break

GNP/GNPS 92 - Caught in the Act, Volume 2 - Frances Faye [1963] Recorded at the Thunderbird, Las Vegas. Reissued on CD as part of GNPD-41. Opening/Lonesome Road/My Babe/I Loves You Porgy/A Good Man Is Hard To Find/Do Nothing Till You Hear From Me/You're Nobody Till Somebody Loves You/Unchain My Heart/Blueberry Hill/Tonight You Belong To Me/Gotta Go Go Go/I'm Goin' To Kansas City

GNP/GNPS 93 - Sleep with Pat Collins (Hip Hypnotist) - Miss Pat Collins [1963]

GNP/GNPS 94 - 12 String Guitar - Billy Strange [1963] Walk Right In/Blowin' In The Wind/Wabash Cannonball/16 Tons/Silver Threads And Golden Needles/The Battle Of New Orleans/Green, Green/Tom Dooley/Wildwood Flower/If I Had A Hammer/Stranger In Town/Cotton Fields

GNP/GNPS 95 - Jack Linkletter Presents a Folk Festival - Various Artists [1963] Ride Up - Balladeers/Midnite Special - Balladeers/Baiion - Balladeers/Linin' Track - Balladeers/Drivin' Wheels - Yachtsmen/Land Of Odin - Yachtsmen/Billy - Yachtsmen/Futza Mutza Clutz - Yachtsmen/Alabama Bound - Jim & Jean/What's That I Hear - Jim & Jean/3 Blind Mice - Jim & Jean/I Wish I Was Single - Chloe/Buffalo Boy - Linkletter & Jean/Hootenanny - Entire Cast/Banks Of The Ohio - Entire Cast

GNP/GNPS 96 - Coast to Coast - Joe & Eddie [1963] What's That I Hear? (Freedom Calling)/The First Time/Farewell My Cindy/Laurie/Crawfish/Amen!/San Francisco Bay Blues/The Water Is Wide/Joshua/I Loved a Lass/Make A Long-Time Man Feel Bad/Sing Halellujah

GNP/GNPS 97 - Mr. Guitar - Billy Strange [1964] Saturday Night/Dominique/Charade/Washington Square/There I've Said It Again/500 Miles From Home/Deep Purple/Kansas City/Great Escape March/Maria Elena/"The Third Man" Theme/Where Baby's Gone

GNP/GNPS 98 - Bluegrass and Folk Blues: Five String Banjo & 12-String Guitar - Don Parmley with Billy Strange [1964] This Land Is Your Land/Flint Hill Special/Arkansas Traveler/Gotta Travel On/400 Miles/Ruben's Train/My Old Kentucky Home/Red Wings/Greenback Dollar/Cripple Creek/Ballad Of Jed Clampett/Cottonfields

GNP/GNPS 99 - Vol. 4 - Joe & Eddie [1964] Swing Down, Chariot/Wild Is The Wind/Gonna Build a Mountain/New Frankie & Johnny Blues/Danny Boy/This Land Is Your Land/Gonna Be Singin'/Shenandoah/Tzena/Down By The Riverside/Willie Jean/Didn't It Rain

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